Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Rob gets down and dirty with his mobile phone, his victims plot their revenge!

Cheryl stared in disbelief across the office scarcely able to believe her eyes, had she really just witnessed that? It couldn't be true — could it? Maybe her eyes deceived her, an accident perhaps? An accident — that was ridiculous! Cheryl couldn't be sure, certainly not sure enough to level an accusation, but she sure as hell was going to keep a close eye on Rob Parker from now on.

Cheryl worked in the Customer Service Department of a large clothing manufacturer, it wasn't the best job in the world and at twenty-six she didn't plan on spending her whole life in the job. But it had some concessions, namely the close friendship she shared with two of the other girls in the department, Sonia and Rachel.

Sonia was the fair haired beauty of the department, a firm favourite with the company salesmen who rarely let the opportunity of calling in to say hello to her whenever they visited the company offices. At twenty-seven she was blessed with looks and brains, she was also Rob's unwitting victim, if Cheryl's eyes hadn't deceived her. She watched as Rob moved back toward his desk, leaving Sonia staring at Rachel's computer screen as she bent over Rachel's shoulder.

"Hi Cheryl." Rob called casually as he passed her desk without stopping. She answered him with a cold stare, which he barely noticed as he walked past thumbing his mobile phone. For a moment she contemplated joining her two friends and airing her suspicions, but thought better of it. It might alert Rob that she was on to his games. Better to wait until she was absolutely certain.

Later that morning Cheryl watched as Rob picked-up his mobile and moved across the office with apparent innocence. She looked around, her breath catching in her throat as she spied Sonia talking on the telephone at her desk. Sonia was perched inelegantly on her chair, headphone in place, hands busily shuffling through a pile of papers as she talked, right buttock on the edge of her chair, left leg splayed to maintain her balance and skirt stretched wide at the knees.

Rob took up a seat opposite Sonia, just a short distance away. She looked up at him and smiled before continuing her conversation on the telephone. Cheryl watched and waited. Rob's hand dropped between his knees casually, mobile phone in hand. He remained seated for about thirty seconds before getting up, waving a 'catch-you-later' at Sonia, and walked away. Sonia finished on the telephone and swung her chair around to call after Rob. "Did you want me Rob?"

He turned and smiled disarmingly, "Oh — no... it's okay, I figured it out. Thanks."

Cheryl half rose out of her chair with the intention of going straight across and telling her friend what she suspected. Again she decided to hold back; she would save it until lunch time, when they would be alone. She still couldn't be certain if anything had taken place, but she would certainly bring it to her friend's attention.

Twelve-thirty lunch break arrived. Cheryl finished with her caller, logged off her computer and picked-up her jacket. Sonia and Rachel were already waiting for her at the door. "I think Rob's been taking photos up your skirt!" Cheryl said hurriedly as she walked quickly out of the door with her two friends.

"Whose skirt?" Rachel asked, quickening her pace to keep up.


"Mine?" Sonia answered in astonishment. "How — when?"

"With his mobile phone. I thought I saw him when you were talking to Rachel earlier this morning, but I couldn't be sure. Remember when he came and sat opposite you while you were on the telephone?" Sonia nodded her head as Cheryl continued, "I think he did it again then."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sonia demanded angrily, flicking her blonde hair out of her face.

"Because I couldn't be certain, I'm still not a hundred percent sure now."

Rachel giggled. "Hope you were wearing your underwear."

"That's not funny." Sonia fired at her. "The slimy pig, you just wait 'till we get back — I'll give him photographs, I'll shove that phone so far down his throat it'll be sticking out of his ass!"

Rachel chuckled again. "This should be fun!" Most things were funny to Rachel; she was a plump, jolly kind of person. If anyone could find the funny side of life it was Rachel, and besides her bosom that was her biggest asset. What Rachel lacked in figure and good looks, she more than made up with humour.

"I should report him — the filthy pervert!" Sonia snapped, not sharing in Rachel's humour.

The trio reached Rachel's car and climbed in. "Be careful." Cheryl urged, strapping herself into the rear seat. "He'll probably get the sack."

"Good. He deserves it." Sonia retorted.

"But what if he didn't do anything?"

Sonia twisted round in her seat, her face flush with anger. "You saw him didn't you?"

"I don't know what I saw. I'm only telling you what I suspect."

"You need to see his mobile." Rachel said, pulling out into the traffic. "Check the images on it."

"Great! How do we do that — can't exactly walk up to him and ask him if I can see his mobile to see if there are any pictures up my skirt on it."

"Steal it."

"I can't steal his mobile!" Sonia protested.

"Well borrow it then. I didn't mean you had to take it and keep it!"

"How do I do that?"

"Let's think about it — we'll come up with something."

The three young women returned from lunch and set about their normally routine, save Sonia who went into see Amy Robertson. Amy was the department supervisor. She was in her late thirties and had been employed by the company since forever and was pretty well liked by most of her staff who generally found her supportive, especially in situations concerning the department manager.

Both Rachel and Cheryl looked up as Sonia returned to the main office area, giving her friends the thumbs up. Their plan was set and it didn't take long to hatch. Within ten minutes Rob's computer monitor went blank. At the same time he was talking to a client on the telephone, or so he thought. In actual fact he was talking to Rachel who was doing a pretty good job of disguising her voice whilst pretending to be a fairly irate customer. Rob, a six footer of medium build, rarely got flustered, but as he tried to explain to his caller that his computer had just died, he became increasingly agitated as the caller told him she wasn't about to be fobbed off with some lame legged excuse.

Rob was already checking cables to his screen as he tried talking to his caller. Cheryl waited her opportunity, picking up some files and standing up. Rob pushed his chair back, peering under his desk. Cheryl moved. Rob got off his chair, kneeling on the floor as he reached for the leads running behind his desk. His hand gripped the cable, following them down and he failed to notice Cheryl walk past his desk, picking up his phone as she passed. Moments later Rob's angry caller hung up. He pulled off his headset and checked the cables under his desk on his hands knees.

He pulled himself from beneath his desk and peered at his screen. It was still blank. Cursing, he stood up and fixed his headset back in place just in time to receive another call. It was the department supervisor, would he step into her office for a moment. Removing his headset he reached for his mobile. It wasn't on his desk. He looked around quickly, just as Sonia walked up to his desk. "Amy asked me to tell you she'd like to see you."

"I know — she just phoned me." His eyes continued to look over his desk as he started frantically shuffling files to see if his mobile was underneath any of them.

"I think it was urgent." Sonia insisted, watching him lifting papers.

"Damn it!" Rob swore. "Everything is going pear-shaped. First my screen dies, then I have the client from hell on the phone and now I can't find my mobile!"

"Oh! Do you want me to look for it while you go and see Amy?"

"NO!" He hesitated, looking at Sonia in horror for the briefest of moments. "No... no... it's okay, I'll find it in a minute. Look I'll be back shortly, don't touch anything — important files and stuff." He started backing away from his desk, hands extended, palms down. "Back in a minute!"

Sonia watched him go, convinced of his guilt. She joined Cheryl and Rachel who were huddled together with Rob's mobile. Rachel was amused, but equally concerned for her friend as they viewed the pictures. "Nice thong!" She commented, "Just not much of it..."

"Give me that." Sonia took the mobile and viewed the images herself. They weren't all of her, not that it was of any consolation. In total there must have been about fifteen images, all taken up skirts and apparently showing two different women.

"What do we do?" Cheryl asked with a shrug in her voice.

"We shop him." Sonia answered crossly.

"We could always take revenge on him." Rachel smiled mysteriously. The two women looked at her.

"How do we do that, take pictures up his trouser leg!" Hints of sarcasm edged Sonia's tone.

"What do you think he's doing with those pictures?"

"I don't know, playing with himself I guess."

"Exactly, and as he's taken pictures of you to wank himself off with, you want to see him wank himself!"

"He'll never agree to that!"

"He will if he doesn't have any choice. We confront him. Tell him that if he doesn't do as we say we'll report him."

"I've got to go and tell Amy Robertson what we've found. I can't go and tell her that we found pictures on his mobile and are planning to blackmail him!"

"We have two options, either invite her in or tell her we found nothing."

"Let's put the mobile back before he returns." Cheryl moved away toward her desk.

"And then we'll lose our evidence." Sonia quickly answered, turning after her.

"Not if he doesn't suspect anything — just slip it in his top drawer. I have an idea." Rachel sniggered.

Rob returned to his desk somewhat perplexed at the triviality of the summons to Amy's office, but more concerned about his missing mobile. His screen appeared to be working again and he lost interest in it as he set about searching for his mobile. There was visible relief on his face when he opened his drawer and found it. Slipping the phone into his pocket, his day resumed as normal.

He failed to notice his three colleagues going into the supervisors office shortly after his return, neither did he notice when the three of them went back to Amy Robertson's office five minutes before leaving time. A few minutes later, as he was preparing to leave for the day, Amy Robertson appeared at the door to her office and called him in.

He sensed something was wrong as he walked across to Amy's office. Inside he was surprised to see Sonia, Rachel and Cheryl sitting in Amy's office. Amy was sitting behind her desk looking very business like in her smart business suit, glasses and mousey hair swept back severely off her head. "Close the door Rob." She told him curtly. With nowhere to sit, Rob hovered nervously just inside the door, his eyes jumping from face to face.

"Some very serious allegations have been raised against you Rob..." Amy began. He glanced anxiously around the room, all trace of his usual self-assured calmness gone. "Might I take a look at your mobile phone a moment?"

"Err... I'd rather you didn't."

"Shall I take it that the allegations are true?"

"I'm not exactly sure what those allegations are." Some of his confidence returned.

"I think you do Rob." Amy continued matter-of-factly, "Your mobile phone has a camera, correct?"

The colour started to drain from his face as he nodded his head.

"You have been using the camera on your mobile to take indecent pictures. Up the skirts and dresses of unsuspecting females in this office to be precise, is that right?"

Rob nodded his head solemnly.

"Pervert!" Sonia blurted out abruptly. "Why — that's what I want to know?"

"Thank you Sonia..." Amy intervened. "We can only speculate as to his motives, although I am in little doubt as to his reason. However Rob, you are well aware of the seriousness of these allegations and what the result of your admission means. Whilst I do not see it necessary to involve the police in this matter given that you have come clean, company policy would normally demand that your contract of employment be terminated on the grounds of gross misconduct. But your colleagues here have a different idea and I think you should listen to their proposal carefully unless you want to lose your job."

Amy Robertson sat back in her chair and glanced at the trio as if handing the meeting over to them. For a moment there was silence. "The deal is this — you took pictures up my skirt. We want to see you naked, call it a taste of your own medicine."

He gaped at her in total surprise.

"Not only that, we want to watch you play with yourself." Rachel added with a chuckle.

"In other words, you take off your clothes and do exactly what we tell you." Cheryl completed, struggling to keep the wit out of her voice.

"B-but you weren't naked!" Rob protested.

"You didn't know that at the time." Rachel retorted. "What if she hadn't been wearing any underwear, maybe that's what you were hoping?"

"I didn't take any pictures of you..." Rob fired back at her hotly.

"There's a relief — lucky me! Not that it changes anything, do you accept the deal or not?"

"If I do this I get to keep my job, is that right?" Rob directed his question at Amy and she nodded her head, adding... "You must also agree to remove those images from your phone, here and now, and agree not to bring your mobile onto these premises again."

"No," Sonia objected. "He gives me his mobile to look after until after he has completed his task — that way we don't lose the evidence. When he's done, I will remove the images from his phone myself."

Amy conceded, "Do you accept these terms?"

"Not in front of everyone, I only took pictures of Sonia and Janice!"

Janice. That was who the other pictures were of. This complicated things. Janice was a shy, pretty young girl who had only recently joined the department. At eighteen years of age she was likely to be mortified at the revelation. "We should inform Janice." Amy told the room.

"What will she say?" Rachel asked with concern.

"I'll talk to her." Cheryl offered. She knew Janice better than any of them as she had trained Janice when she first joined the company.

"The deal is all of us or nothing." Sonia told Rob firmly.

He sighed with resignation, dug in his pocket and retrieved his mobile, thrusting it toward Sonia. "You better not break it." He told her gruffly.

"Tonight, half-past-seven at my house, and don't be late." She gave him the address.

"Who'll be there?"

"You'll find out tonight."

Rob left looking angry and perplexed. Cheryl asked Amy for Janice's telephone number and borrowed the office phone. Several minutes later she told them that Janice would be there, although Cheryl hadn't told her what it was about. Amy accepted Sonia's invitation to join them and they too left the building.

The girls were gathered at Sonia's house by seven o'clock. Cheryl broke the news to Janice and just as expected she was upset by the revelation as Sonia showed her the evidence. Then Rachel explained what they had in mind as their revenge. Amy also assured her that steps had been taken to ensure Rob did not repeat his offence. After a while Janice settled down, although she was clearly distressed by what she had been told.

A few glasses of wine passed between them as they plotted their evening of revenge. A knock at the door announced Rob's arrival. He followed Sonia into the room looking markedly different in his jeans and t-shirt to the normal collar and trousers they were use to seeing him in at the office. The five women settled down, Amy sat in an armchair on one side of the sofa where the three friends sat huddled together. On the opposite side, sitting on her own, sat Janice. All eyes stared at Rob as he stood silent and nervous before them.

"Music?" Sonia suggested haughtily, pulling herself back out of the sofa.

"I'm not dancing if that's what you think. I just want to get this over with and then I'm out of here."

"You'll do as you're told." Sonia answered assertively. "Which means you'll dance for us while taking your clothes off and then you'll do anything we say."

Amy sipped her wine, hiding her smile behind her glass. Sonia was proving very apt at dealing with Rob, an ideal candidate for team leader, she thought quietly. The music started and Sonia returned to her seat as all eyes turned back to Rob. With a huff he started moving his feet, trying to find the rhythm of the music whilst doing his best to ignore the women watching him.

They waited patiently for him to settle down, trying not to laugh as Rob moved before them. He started to move his hands, then his arms as he found the beat and calmed into the music. Rob turned in the middle of the room as they sat watching him relax into the rhythm. Rachel nudged Cheryl, "Nice pert bum!" She chortled quietly as they saw Rob's rear swing into view.

"Shoes first." Sonia called to him, "And then your socks."

Rob stopped dancing to remove his shoes and socks, and then he was back on his feet and trying to find the tempo as he moved about in his bare feet. Five pairs of eyes watched him with gleeful anticipation. Janice stared at him from the corner of her eyes, face turned coyly away from him as she looked on.

"Now your shirt!" Cheryl instructed; she was really starting to enjoy this.

Rob folded his arms before himself, grasping the hem of his t-shirt and pulling it up over his head. Rachel gave a little cheer as his shirt came off to reveal a nicely toned chest, nothing too muscular, just your average sort of guy. He continued to move to the music, keeping his eyes closed as if afraid to see his audience. They let him get comfortable again before calling for his belt.

His hands fell to the clasp of his belt. He turned away from them, swinging his backside at them as he unthreaded the belt from his waist. The women started to giggle at his open display. The belt fell to the floor to join his shirt and he was dancing for them again.

"I think it's time you removed your jeans Rob." Amy announced, wanting to participate in the fun.

He faltered for a brief moment as his fingers reached the button at the front of his jeans.

"Come on, off with them!" Sonia pressed with a wide grin on her face.

"Off... off... off..." The women chanted merrily. All except Janice, who sat watching, but saying nothing.

The button popped on his jeans, and they watched, tantalised as he ran the zip down. The two folds at the front of his jeans opened to reveal pubic hairs riding over the top of his briefs. He peeled his tight jeans down his legs and wrestled them off his feet. Leaving them on the floor he continued to dance before them, gyrating his hips as he waved his hands in the air.

Five pairs of eyes fixed on the slim band of cloth concealing his tight little bum. Their gaze followed the fabric round as he turned to reveal the bulging mound of his concealed manhood. His briefs were stretched taut, his coiled cock clearly outlined above the swell of his ball-sack and the five women were fighting to hold back their mirth at the spectacle Rob presented in just his underpants.

It was clear to all that he was getting well into the swing of things as he thrust his hips back and forth for their amusement. Not that the women objected as they watched him cavorting, the occasional hoot of laughter broke across the room, particularly as he ran his hand up from between his legs, over his covered penis.

The bulge in his pants started to grow and the women clapped gleefully. Even Janice had a small smile on her face as she saw the waistband of his underwear pull away from his waist to accommodate the ever increasing swelling in his pants.

"Turn around and pull the back of your briefs down!" Rachel cried out to him in a fit of giggles.

Obligingly he turned, hooking his thumbs into the back of his underwear and tugged them down, baring his naked backside to the women as he hooked the waistband of his pants beneath his buttocks. They watched, clapping and cheering gleefully as he flicked his buttocks from side to side. The small smile on Janice's face widened as she looked on, no longer able to keep her face turned slightly away. A small chuckle rocked her body as his buttocks continued to flip from side to side.

The music died and Sonia got up from her seat. Rob looked back over his shoulder to see what was going on. "Now then ladies," Sonia addressed them all, "when you arrived I gave you a pen and some paper — Rob turn round and face everyone — I want you to take a good hard look at his crotch and then write down your best guess at what you think his size is before we have him undress himself."

"Is that limp or hard?" Rachel asked with giggle.

"Both!" Sonia replied. "Everyone write down what you think he will measure limp and hard."

Everyone took a moment to stare at the straining bulge of cloth before scribbling on her paper. Cheryl extended her thumb toward him, trying to use it as a gauge much as an artist might do as Sonia stepped back to look at the swollen lump pressing out from his waist.

"Now," Sonia continued, "Rob will kneel before each of us in turn, you should pull the front of his underwear out and look down inside. You should then write down your second guess..."

"Oh no!" Rob breathed as Sonia continued...

"No pulling his underwear down, just open it enough to look down!" Sonia turned Rob to face Amy and gave him a little push in her direction.

He walked across to her, his face burning brightly as he knelt before her. "Hands behind your back please Rob, and lean back a bit so I can see properly."

They tittered loudly as Rob grasped his hands behind himself and leaned away from Amy. She moved forward, craning her neck over her knee's as she hooked a finger into the gap at the top of his briefs. She stretched his underwear open and peered down at the semi-hard and thickly veined sausage nestling in the forest of dark hairs in his pants. She eased the elastic back and sent him on his way, watching his bare buttocks as he crawled on his knees to Rachel.

Rachel couldn't stop laughing as she waited for him to kneel up and present himself. A chubby finger extended down and with a quick yank, pulled his underwear open for her to look inside. She sat for several moments, hardly able to contain herself, her head pressing against his chest as she looked down at him. With a snap, the elastic sprang back into place causing him to wince painfully as Rachel picked up her pen.

Rob shuffled sideways to present himself to Cheryl. Her auburn hair tickled him, making him squirm as she leaned forward to inspect him. With a flourish and a wicked smile, she too let the elastic of his underwear snap back against him. He moved on to Sonia.

Sonia looked him in the eye sadistically as he offered his hips toward her. Taking hold of the front of his underwear she continued to meet his gaze as she gave a sharp tug upwards with the waist of his pants. He grunted, blinking away the tear that formed in his eye. "Don't want to miss anything do I?" She told him, raising an eyebrow at him as she extended the front of his underwear to examine him.

He was starting to shrink, his semi-erect penis giving way to the humiliation of facing the sniggering women. He moved across to present himself to Janice. She refused to look him in the eye, giggling nervously she extended a finger gingerly forward, opened the top of his underwear carefully and stole a quick glance down, her relief evident as he shuffled away on his knees.

"Last chance ladies." Sonia announced to everyone.

"Yeah! Get 'em off!" Rachel shrieked with laughter and everyone started laughing.

Poor Rob didn't know where to look as the sniggering women stared directly at him expectantly. He stood in the middle of the room and let his hands fall to the front of his underwear, unceremoniously he pulled the fabric down giving the delighted women a deliciously brief glimpse of naked cock before he bent down, pulling his briefs down his legs. They waited excitedly as he remained doubled over, lifting first one foot and then the other out of his underwear.

He stood up and immediately the room erupted into fits of delighted laughed as he revealed himself totally to them. A quiet voice penetrated the riotous noise, all eyes turned to Janice... "What did you say?" Sonia laughed. Janice went bright red, "Oh my God!" She whispered, glancing nervously among the puzzled expressions of the other women. "I've never seen one before!" She explained quietly.

Sonia leapt to her feet. "Rob, turn round and face Janice. Janice meet Penis — hold your dick up for Janice, Rob." Rob lifted up his limp cock, "That's right - now wave it at her..." Rob waved his cock at Janice and she giggled shyly. "Hello!" Sonia waved back at him. "Now Mr Penis over there can be a wicked little bugger, but when he's good, very, very good, he can be really good, and us girls like Mr Penis when he's very good — don't we girls?"

The room fell about as Rob shifted uncomfortably and they agreed with Sonia. "But when he's bad, he can be very bad..." Sonia looked Rob directly in the eye, "he's what made Rob take those sneaky pictures of you and me, and because of that we are teaching Rob a lesson to keep his dick under control in the future!"

Sonia returned to her seat and told Rob to face everyone again. "Now ladies, your best estimate again please before we measure him up!"

Five pairs of eyes zoomed in on Rob's limp penis, sizing him up as it dangled between his legs. "Are you ready with the tape measure Rachel?" Rachel picked up a fabric tape measure from off the floor beside her and waved it at everyone. "Rob I think it's better that you lie down on the floor for this."

Rob laid himself out on the carpet and Sonia beckoned everyone to gather round. The five women knelt on the floor on either side of Rob. "Where are we measuring from," Rachel enquired with obvious delight at the task. "Underneath, or across the top?"

Rob's penis lolled across to one side, resting against the top of his thigh as they stared down at him. "Along the top — right from the pubic bone to the end!" Cheryl suggested. There was a general consensus of agreement. Sonia picked up his lolling cock and stood it up in front of him as Rachel took the tape and pressed the end hard against Rob's pubic bone. "He could use a haircut..." Rachel murmured to no one in particular, her finger buried in a mass of knotted hairs.

Everyone looked at each other. A small snigger passed between them. Rob rightfully guessed what they were thinking... "No! No way are you going to shave me!"

"Shut up and lie back down." Cheryl told him as she and Amy pressed him back to the floor. "When we want your opinion we'll ask you for it, otherwise you'll do as we say — that's the agreement."

"I didn't agree to let you shave me!"

"Rob," Amy injected forcefully, "as I recall, you agreed to do exactly what you were told. Do you wish to cancel that agreement?"

He slumped back on the floor with a sigh of resignation.

"Five-and-a-quarter inches!" Rachel declared.

"Who guessed right, or got the nearest?" Sonia asked. "I put down five."

"I wrote down five too." Answered Amy.

"I wrote four-and-a-half." Rachel said disappointedly.

"So it's a tie then, between Amy and myself. Unless someone guesses his size correctly when he's hard, we have a tie-break, the closest out of Amy and myself." Sonia rose to her feet. "I'll be back in a moment."

They watched Sonia depart. Rob lay on the floor, not sure exactly of what was going on, just certain that he wouldn't like it. The four remaining women watched over him with amusement. Unlike Rob, they knew what was in store.

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