Chapter 1: Alexander Connor

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Alexander Connor - <b>Unfinished</b><br>This is the combined Misty/Cyborg story. it details the situations and what is leading up to an exciting time for all involved! Follow along as Cyborg Eric and his ship CCS-14, Along with Alexander Connor of the Misty overcome and hopefully get things done!

We all watched on the view screens, the approach of the vehicle bearing the mysterious Eric Falstaff. We had been stunned to find, first a derelict ship, then to discover another ship circling a human inhabitable planet!

Finally, the other vehicle (it was not simply a gig) matched with our docking port, and attached to my ship. I was worried about the compatibility of docking ports. Apparently his vehicle had the answer to that, as readings showed the air pressure coming up.

Two minutes later, our 'guest' was aboard, and sitting in the main wardroom. He was an interesting fellow to look at. He was about 6' foot tall, and moved with a grace that was hard to believe. He exuded confidence and... well, danger. He had dark hair and eyes, and the only visible jewelry he had, was a sort of band on one wrist.

"Welcome aboard The Misty," I told him, adding in the names of all the other crew members, as we were all gathered in the wardroom as well. No one wanted to be left out. He reintroduced himself as Eric Falstaff, commander of the CCS-14.

What was astonishing, was the fact there were no other crew members aboard his ship! It was unbelievable! A ship that was six hundred meters long in the TF Navy, had a crew of a several hundred, easy! Yet he was alone!

He was very forthcoming with this information. I am not sure I would have been as open. For some reason, I felt he thought he was safe. I was not sure why he thought that, but I was not going to challenge him. He did have a warship sitting a few hundred meters away after all!

I was hesitant about offering him refreshment, but he said his wristband would tell him if it was dangerous to him or not. With that said, I ordered several different beverages.

"If I might ask, how did you learn our language so quickly? My AI can translate, and some words seem similar to me, but your command of the language is almost perfect," I told him admiringly.

"It was simple really. You language is close to my language. My AI translated what it has from your data base, and downloaded it to my internal computer," Eric responded.

"Internal computer?" I asked him curiously.

"I have an internal computer meshed with my mind. It helps me to run various items aboard my ship. It also allows me to absorb information, and transfers it directly to that portion of my mind that deals with languages, or whatever else I need to understand, as the case may be," he said after a moment's hesitation.

I knew the TF would love to get their hands on this guy. Hell! Any government would! What he had in his head was still years off, according to our own scientists. I was also sure that the TF had made better progress than they admitted to the public, but still, here was a person who HAD it... already engineered, and put into his head!

"Eric, according to all the rules that have been established, you found this planet first. It would be my privilege to officially acknowledge your position for both your and my governments. There should be no legal problems," I told him.

He was silent a moment, then said, " Alex, you are kind to say this. I do have a problem, though. I have no contact with my government. Hell, this isn't even my universe, if our readings are correct. We are lost here without any means to travel the stars."

I was stunned! This was a bombshell, to say the least! What followed was a brief explanation of how he and his ship had been sent on a mission, and had finished their purpose there, when he had been attacked by the unexpected arrival of several enemy ships.

The fight was such that he'd had to 'jump' prior to being in the proper place. The result was, that they 'jumped', but had come out somewhere other than where they had planned, and their 'jump' coils were destroyed, most likely due to jumping from inside a gravitational field.

My mind whirled at the possibilities! They didn't travel in hyper as we did. They JUMPED! This opened a whole new realm of exciting opportunities to me. My crew started to ask questions left and right. Eric held his hand out to stop them.

"While I understand your curiosity, I must insist on speaking with your captain privately. I am not about to reveal what we consider to be classified information to everyone here," Eric said firmly.

Eric was amused and gratified at the reaction of the crew of the Misty. He had been hesitant at first of revealing too much, but now threw caution to the four winds. CCS-14 had urged more caution, but Eric decided to take a chance and lay his cards on the table.

"I am currently stranded on this planet. When we came out of the jump, we only had space normal drive. It took over 10 years to reach this planet. I was in cold sleep the entire time.

"My ship used that time to effect what repairs to itself that it could, but we are in need of a repair facility to fix the remaining damage. The inhabitants of this planet are not advanced sufficiently enough to help me repair my ship.

"I have already started them on the road to building themselves scientifically to the point they can effect repairs, but that is years down the road. You and your ship are a godsend to me. Is there any way you can tow us back with you, to a planet that has the ability to repair my ship?" he asked.

"Raintree certainly has that ability. But I think you will want to be cautious. I hate to say this, but most governments I know of would not hesitate to take your ship away from you. They would pull it, and you, apart; to see what makes you both tick!

"Also, there is the matter of escalating hostilities going on at present. We would have to be extremely careful of where we arrived. Let me think of what is in practical range, and I will give you a list of possible ports, along with an explanation of their political stands and viewpoints," Alex said to Eric.

"I must once again caution you to not reveal technological abilities that they seem to lack," CCS-14 said through his implant.

"Did you have another destination in mind," Eric sub vocalized to his ship.

"Negative. However it is my duty to advise you of possible problems, and you are close to breaking fleet regulations as it is," CCS-14 stated.

"Look. Unless you can tell me that we have a chance of getting back, we are effectively living a code: Alpha-212. You know what that means. No hope of returning to Coalition Space. Alpha-212 authorizes me, with your approval of course, to do what we have to do, to live.

"Alpha-212 was envisioned as a possible, but improbable concept from the start. Yet here we are, living it out, almost to the letter the meaning of a 212. Do you disagree with my assessment?" Eric asked his ship.

There was a pause. "Negative. Your assessment is correct. Recruiting help from the crew of the Misty is the only logical conclusion to a 212 scenario," CCS-14 responded finally.

"Captain, I have detected UHF communications leaving and entering this ship. Internal security puts the transmission point in the vicinity of Commander Falstaff," said the voice of the Misty's AI.

"Yes. That's me talking with my ship. It was telling me I was close to breaking certain regulations. Regulations that don't exist any longer, and I informed my ship we were in a certain situation, that was covered in those same regulations. My AI agreed with me fairly quickly, too!" Eric confessed.

"I agree with you quickly when you are correct in your assessment. Your statements are totally valid and true, therefore my quick agreement," CCS-14 responded.

Eric asked for and got a tour of The Misty. He was impressed and astounded at the speed of this ship in normal space. It was close to what a fighter could pull, and only just short of what his own ship could do.

The look at the hyper engine caused another bit of excitement when Eric said they used 'jump coils' to 'jump' from one location to another, not these bulky hyper drive engines. The captain of the Misty expressed interest in that type of drive. Eric told him that they had a few jump capable probes ready, and if Alex would authorize the transfer and explanation of the charting and mapping systems, as well as designations, math, etc; they could program a probe to jump to anywhere within a limited area.

Eric explained that while the probes were jump capable, they had a limited jump range, and they had to recharge the jump coils between jumps. Eric and Alex both became excited at the possibilities the other presented.

It was hesitantly decided that the Misty would tow the CCS-14 to a port that could effect repairs to the hull, and possibly to the jump coils themselves. Alex knew of a planet that was highly technical, and very independent.

As for the jump coils aboard the CCS-14, that ship had determined that one of the power metals used to power the Misty, would be a good substitute for the elements needed to rebuild the coils that had burned out due to the emergency jump.

Eric was fascinated with the Misty's hyper drive engines. In his own universe, they did not travel through hyper as did the Misty. But there had to be similarities. His ship had detected the breakout of the Misty, before it had materialized in this sector of space! Jump exit produced similarities in readings, according to his ship.

"Alexander," Eric said after the tour was over and they were back in the wardroom, "I am amazed at the level and differences, in our technologies. If we could build one ship that incorporated the best of both our vessels, think of the things it and we could accomplish!" Eric said musingly.

He listened as Alexander outlined the laws on finding and putting an inhabitable planet on the market. That this planet was already inhabited, changed things. But the finder's fee that governments offered even for these, was astronomical!

Several days later, they were still in orbit, and Alex was aboard the CCS-14. He had been very impressed with it from the start. He calculated that it out-gunned just about anything in space as he knew it! He was still amazed that this huge ship was built for just one person, and one person only. A human partner.

It was also during this time, that Alex found out about the psi abilities of certain of the inhabitants of the planet. He was astounded, to say the least! Eric could see that Alex was realizing the possibilities, as he had done.

"Eric? I have an idea. Are the inhabitants willing to let outsiders in?" Alex asked him slowly.

"I could ask. What did you have in mind?" Eric responded curiously.

"Ok. My part of the galaxy is going crazy, and things are getting tense. War is looming on the horizon, and I don't really see a way that it can be avoided. What if we build a port here? On this planet? We would settle it with like minded people. If we used your jump drive, there would be no way for the governments to even guess at where we were! It's perfect!" Alex said, getting very excited!

"I have also been thinking about an alternate to a port. How about a factory ship? They are slow, but huge! We could hire one to meet us at a specific location, and repair your hull for you, as well as your jump coils. What do you think?" Alex asked.

"Well, let's talk about it. I don't want to rush into anything, but it's not like I have anywhere to go, after all," Eric responded.

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