Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, BDSM, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Incomplete - This story was inspired by the movie saw. If I was ever trapped by such a madman I would not mind being placed in this life or death situation. Perhaps without the pain involved however.

My head is splitting with a massive headache like I was knocked outta the park as a 400 foot homerun. My vision is fuzzy and I'm very disoriented. I think I'm coming out of it though. I reach up to my head and find a massive lump that appears to be the source of the pounding I'm feeling.

My vision clears up a little. As I take in my surroundings I notice a large bed neatly made with nice linnens. I don't have a clue where we are. The room is sparsely lit but I make out what appears to be a female body laying face first in a fetal position in the corner at the head of the bed. As I try to walk over to it I find that I am chained to a pipe protruding from the wall by a big heavy iron medi-evil era chain. I pull at the chain with all my might but the pipe is firmly in place, and a man double my size wouldnt make a dent in this chain holding me. As my wits slowly return to me and I gather my bearings, I notice a TV against the wall to my right. It's just out of reach but there's a clock sitting next to it. Wait a minute, the clock is counting backwards. 15, 14, 13 oh shit, is there a bomb? My GOD what's going to happen!?! 8, 7, 6... I sweat frantically and try to figure a way out of this. I pull at my chain again, nothing. 3, 2... I shelter my head and face as I prepare for the worst and close my eyes trying to distance myself from the TV as much as possible then... a loud siren sounds in the room with flashing lights.

There is such a noise that it is loud enough to cause a stir in the body by the bed and she is starting to come to. I can just make out that it's a female body I've seen before, she appears vaugely familiar. She's also barely clothed, with a lacy white lingerie, familiar as well. She starts to stand up and in my drunken like state I'm hit with the realization of who it actually is. MY WIFE. How in the hell? She slowly comes out of her daze and takes in the surroundings just as I did.

She finds that she's also chained to the wall and panics in much the same way I did. When she finally notices me she starts yelling at me but the sirens are too loud to hear her over them. In her frustration she freaks and starts throwing what can only be described as a tantrum and then I notice it. A small switch protruding from the wall by her head. It's in a weird spot in the room to be for the lights. I get her attention by waving at her. When she notices me I point to the switch. After the realization that anger at our situation will solve nothing, and it subsides, she calms down enough to bring herself to flip the switch.

The siren stops and the TV switches on.

A face comes on painted up like a skeleton. It is no one we recognize. He starts to speak in a computur modified voice.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Connell. You are what's wrong with the world today. People like you are destroying the very fabric of family life and I am sick and tired of watching couples who truely love each other destroy all the lives around them, and hence the society in which we live. So I have decided to do something to correct it.

You once had true love when you first married, but you were stupid and lazy about it. Love like that can never last unless you work at it and I can't sit idly by and watch people like you squander your love the way both of you have been doing for the past 5 years. You are only in your late 20's and you act as if the world has already ended. You go around each day like zombies just waiting for something to happen to make your life better, all the while failing to realize or appreciate how well you actually have it simply by having each other. After tonight, that will end. You will leave here in either 1 of 2 conditions. Dead, or more deeply in love with each other than you have ever been and fully appreciating to the greatest degree possible how lucky you are to have each other. I leave that choice to you.

The room you are in is sealed air tight. The only exit from the room is set to open in exactly 2 and a half hours. You've been breathing a gas that I've distributed through the ventilation system that makes you incredibly horny, unfortunately it has a side effect that will render you unconcious. In precisely 2 hours from the end of this video, the oxygen in this room will be rapidly removed. If you can't find the location and the key to the antidote, and turn on the ventilation system to this room you will die of asphyxsia. A measuring device is on the wall next to the TV on Mrs. O'Connell's side that will let you know how much oxygen you have left. Now, allow me to show you why you are both here.

Just then the video pans to a picture of me in my office. Showing me talking to my secretary. Damn what a hot piece of ass she is. I wish I was trapped in here with her. Then at least I could die happy.

The voice speaks again, "Mr. O'Connell you spend your days drooling and chasing after every woman that crosses your path, but you don't appreciate the beautiful woman you already have at home. You lie to your wife to make excuses for you to support your addiction. I've decided... your addiction will end tonight. And you will never again take her for granted."

The video runs through survailance video of me going through my day. Clips of me groping my female coworkers, ogling them as they walk by. Even one of me walking into a wall as I was checking out the ass of the hot little 16 year old daughter our trouser wearing resident office bitch, who by the way turned me down for a quickie in the file room last month, brought to the office last week for some bring your daughter to work thing my company sponsers.

Then the video pans again to a dark alley way too familiar. The date is in the corner of this scene. A neon sign lights up the background and I immediately feel my heart jump into my throat as I realize what I'm looking at. It's last Friday night. My Wife's birthday. The camera shows me and my buddies walking into the strip joint on the other side of town. And the clip even has audio of me joking with my buddies about how this is better than the stuck up expensive restaurant my wife wanted to go to tonight. Even my friend joking that at least when I spend money on the girls here I know I'll at least get touched by a naked woman. I was utterly humiliated and my wife across the room was boiling with fury.

She started screaming at me from across the room about how much of a bastard I am. I just hung my head in shame as the video even shows the lapdance that I paid for from a tight little barely 18 year old red head with these pert little tits. My wife got a full view of her groping at my rock solid cock in my pants. By the time it was finished I couldn't even look at my wife.

Then the video panned to another sceene. It was my house, the kitchen, looking out to our patio by the pool. The time in the corner reads 9:15am and the date is last Thursday, the day before my wife's birthday. The camera is centered on one of our lounge chairs.

The voice speaks again.

"Mrs. O'Connell, your husband genuinely loves you but you spend your days trying to catch the attention of other men. You wear yourself out sexually and find excuses not to have sex with him when he needs it most. You take him for granted and treat him like a human wallet. After his hard day at work to provide for you all you have to thank him with is endless complaining as you are too tired to give him what a man needs from his wife after the stressful day you know he had while you were home flaunting yourself in front of anyone who will look. After tonight, that will end."

The sceene starts in motion and I can see at least a dozen different tan, and even black muscular, obviously men's legs walking around. I hear a deeply masculine spanish voice order something in Spanish to one of the other men. It then dawned on me. This is the day we had the landscapers and pool repair men over. They were working in my yard and patching my pool up from a brutal winter. Just then my wife comes in and sits on the lounge chair. She's wearing the sexist bikini I've ever seen, though I've never seen her in it. The view switches to a camera that has a wider view of the yard. The men are all doing their assigned tasks, all of them are shirtless showing off their sweaty, perfectly tanned and chisled bodies, as my wife slowly and deIiberately applies sun screen. She takes great pleasure when she notices the men getting distracted from their chores to check her out. Then she asks this large latino fellow to help her put some on her back. She lays on her stomach and I'm shocked to see what a fine ass I never knew she had, but even more shocked that she's wearing a thong. She's always commented on how slutty they look, but here she was showing off her perfectly toned ass to about 15 or so men that I've hired. The latino fellow eagerly accepts her invitation and quickly gets about the business of rubbing the tanning oil into my wifes back. They are both clearly enjoying themselves as he finishes up her back, but yet puts another dollop of lotion in his hand. My wife turns her head over her shoulder with a devilish smile on her face. He proceeds to work the oil into her firm ass cheeks, kneeding them and carressing them. I see a tent form in his shorts and she focuses on it with a wanton lust in her eyes. Just then the black man yells at him and says, hey Pedro, back to work.

Next the screen wipes to a new sceen. The clock is now 5:15pm on the same day. I nearly shit myself as I see that it's our FUCKING BEDROOM. I'm in the middle of yelling to my wife, "How the fuck did this bastard get into..." as my heart jumps into my throat like before, but for a markedly different reason because of what I just witnessed in the previous sequence. I see my wife come into view, completely naked with a towel wrapped around her head. She lays down on the bed giving the camera a full of her neatly trimmed and surprisingly sexy pussy. My fears are eased somewhat as she proceeds to rub her clit and the resolution is such that I can see her juices start to leak out of her slit. She starts to moan and rubs herself more eagerly. Then she reaches into the drawer and pulls out what looks to be a very sophisticated vibrator. She holds it to her clit as she turns it on and moans very loudly as she quickly reaches a very loud and violent orgasm. Then she turns it off and starts wildly shoving it into her sopping snatch. Again she's rapidly approaching another orgasm. We hear her scream loudly this time, oh uh uh oh Pedro fuck me you wild stud, fuck my pussy with that hot Puerto Rican cock of yours, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!! she slams that rubber cock into her cunt as she fantasises about that guy who rubbed the lotion into her ass earlier that day. There followed 5 shorter clips of her working her self to 5 more orgasms in similar fashion each time screaming his name. It was now 6:35 on the camera and the last thing you hear was me walking in our door calling around the house looking for her.

I was in a jealous rage. I was so furious with her I couldnt think straight. I wanted to punch her. I had been working on this huge project at work that, if it paid off, would let me take a full 3 months with her to where ever she wanted to go. That night, Thursday, I had come home from working 14 hours trying to make the deadline for the next day, her birthday. I was completely exhausted, and right away I was hit with why are you late you were supposed to be home a half hour ago. I now know what she was doing a half hour ago. And it continued non stop bitching about how I'm never home to spend time with her and we never go anywhere and never do this and never do that. When are we gonna take a vacation, blah blah blah. She kept me up till 2 am with this bull shit. I had to be in the office at 5am again to put the finishing touches on the project before the big sales pitch that I was anchoring. Around 10:30 after about 4 hours of this constant nagging since I walked in the door I thought, hey maybe she had a rough day too. We're both tired, forgive, forget. Maybe we can salvage the night and have a good night of decent love making before bed and I'd be nice and rested for what could be the biggest day of my professional career the next day. But no, all I did was ask her to wear the sexy white lace lingerie I got her for Valtentine's day when we go out to the $150 a head place she asked me to bring her to for her birthday tomorrow night, and that set off world war 3. I cant believe you actually expect me to wear that, what am I some kind of slut? You're disgusting, what the fuck were you thinking when you bought that ugly thing for me to begin with, you shoulda given it to one of your whores at the office. But our captive has saw fit to dress her in it for this occasion, and I must admit, she looked damn sexy in it. She carried on and on and on that night until i finally got some peace at 2:15 and by then I was too exhausted to even care and I passed out and blam 4:30 and I gotta get back to work. I nearly blew the whole 6 month project because I was a zombie that day. My team really bailed my ass out of that one. When I got my big bonus, I had better ideas on how to spend it than on a nagging bitch of a wife. And after I just witnessed what was on that video I was even more enraged than I was on the night in question. I looked at her entirely disgusted. I tried to open my mouth but she jumped right in on me and started chewing me out like she did a hundred thousand times before. I just blocked it out and waited for more scenes of her using this secret toy I never knew she had to bring herself off with thoughts of the lawn boy, or pool boy, or whoever else i was unknowingly providing for her to fantacise about.

The scene ended and the skeloton comes back on. "This is the life you pretend to live out each day. All that's left is for you to wait to die. You are wasting your lives one minute at a time, but tonight I am forcing you to get it over with and spare the world of your useless lives. Mr. O'Connell, there is a box behind the pipe you are chained to. It has a remote control with 10 buttons on it. Each button will open a hidden door in the room. The combination will be the number of orgasms your wife had on the video, then the number of sex toys she has to keep herself occupied that she hasnt told you about, then the year of your wife's birth. By the way, you now have an hour and fifteen minutes to live. And then the TV shut itself off and the timer switched itself back to 1 hour and 15 minutes and began counting backwards.

I quickly scrambled to find the box. I tried, 6, 1, and 74. Nothing, then I asked my wife if she had any more toys. She yelled back, no you fucking idiot, what did you use for the first number. I answered 6, she retorted, you moron I had 7 orgasms on the tape, then she recoiled when she realized what she just said. so I tried 7, 1, 74. Still nothing. Again I asked her if she was sure about the toys, she said yes godamnit, what year was i fucking born. I said 74, right? Oh my god, she said, we've been together for 7 fucking years, married for 5, and you dont know i was born in 73. Jesus Christ you are an idiot. Uh yeah I guess I shoulda known that. Fine 7,1,73. Once again the box did not open. Now I was pissed so I shouted at her across the room, how many fucking toys. She responded, give me the damn box, you can even work a simple combination lock. HOW MANY!?!?! 7 she said. 7? are you fucking sure this time? uh no wait 8, I mean 9. 9 i'm sure thats it. ARE YOU FUCKING SURE THIS TIME?!?!? yeah 9, i'm sure. 7, 9, 73 still locked. I just glared at her, she surrendered finally and said it's 15, alright? are you happy now you useless bastard? just open the fucking box and get us out of here. 7, 15, 73. Jackpot.

Inside the box was a blank remote control with 10 buttons on it. I studied it, and Mina yelled at me again, just push a fucking button we dont have time for this. So i pushed the middle one on the 3rd row. We heard a bunch of motors come to life in the room and things started to move. We saw some kind of contraption lower itself from the cieling directly over the bed. It looked to be some kind of harness. When it hit the bed the TV came back on.

Mrs. O'Connell you must strap yourself into either the left harness or the right harness. You will either be on your back or your knees with your lower half aimed in the direction of your husband. You will be allowed to move from one side to the other only once, so choose carefully. There is a button on the head board that will release the harness to allow you 30 seconds to change positions and reinsert yourself into the other position. If you dont make it in time, you lose. Get into the harness to recieve further instructions. She quickly did as instructed and strapped herself in. She laid on her back and put her legs into the straps that kept her spread wide but gave her legs a little freedom to move. All I could see was her bare shaven slit as she wasn't wearing any panties. I commented, "I thought you said shaving your pussy was only for sluts." She shot back, "I do think it's for sluts, I'm not the one who shaved it, and stop calling it that nasty word." I asked, "Well who did?" She grunted back that she didn't know who did.

I was about to ask something else but then a door in the wall opened. A very tall, almost 6'5" black man was standing there completely naked with a very impressive cock at full attention. The TV played again.

"Mr. and Mrs, O'Connell, meet Steven. He is in the same perdicamint as you. He is in the same danger you are in. The harness is intended for 2 people to use. It has sensor equipment integrated into it designed to detect the chemicals released in the human brain when the man or woman strapped into the device has an orgasm. The indicator for the sensors is mounted on the wall on Mr. O'Connell's side of the TV. You will now take notice of the panels carved into the headboard of the bed. With each panel you manage to open, you come one step closer to freedom. You must open all 10 of them to be completely free from harm when the doors to this room open. In order for a panel to open both sensors must detect an orgasm from the 2 people strapped into the harness. When the male side of the harness detects an orgasm on that end the man in the harness will be released, and he is free to detach from the harness. You now have 1 hour and 40 minutes to live."

My wife was screaming outloud from her new prison. "How could this happen? You did this you bastard, you fucking did this. Get me out of this fucking thing, GET ME OUT GET ME OUT!!!!"

Purely from impatience, and the need to stay alive I shouted at her, "Shut up Godamnit, I'm in the same mess you are. If we're gonna get out of this you're gonna have to shut up and let Steve here fuck you. Are you up for it Steve?"

"No offense man but I'd gladly fuck your wife there even if I didn't have a gun to my head and enjoy it waaaaay more. I hate taking other dude women though, especially wives. I just want you to know in case you want to kill me later I'm only doing this to keep us alive."

I was too scared of dying right then to even process what he was saying and just said, "Fair enough, I forgive you. Now please get over there and fuck my wife so we can get the fuck out of here before we all pass out."

My wife was screaming and crying out loud as Steven, with his much larger than average cock, went over to the bed and strapped himself into the harness. As soon as he was fastened the last strap we all heard something click, as if locking into place, forcing his bulbous mushroom head clear into my wife's inner labia. Just the the monitors for the sensors they were attached to clicked on. She was still sobbing as Steve started to pump his meat inside her pussy which seemed to be on autopilot. She was choking on her own tears begging him to stop. "Stop fucking me, please stop fucking me. We can get ourselves off."

"I wish I could," panted Steve, "But this damn harness won't let me." As he said this I could see that her dripping cunt was eagerly accepting his more than ample meat pole into her dark folds. As I noticed her start to thrust her hips back up at him while still crying non stop it clicked. The gas we were breathing makes us extra horny whether we're in the mood for it or not. Steve however was having no difficulty in keeping up the pace as his meter slowly started to rise. My wife's however was still strugling to get above 3 bars out of 10. He kept drilling my Mina's fine looking pussy that had to stretch considerably to accomodate him before she got up to 4 bars.

I intervened, "Come on honey we dont have time for this, Steve is about to cum, you have to catch up to him so we can open the panel. You know you love his cock inside you baby, fuck him back, fuck that big black cock." Just then her tears instantly ceased and she started moaning, really fucking him back in earnest now.

I could hear my wife start to say something to Steve for the first time. "Please don't cum inside me, I'm not on the pill. Just pull out for me when you're ready. I can get myself off if you finish before I do."

"I'll try, that's all I can promise." Steve responded.

Just then I saw her meter jump 4 bars and they both only had 1 bar to go. I informed them, "He's about to cum baby, you can do it, cum with him. Cum baby, cum for that black cock."

Frantically my wife pleaded, "Please pull out, please pull out, don't cum insiiiiiiiideeeee meeeeee" My wife's meter finally hit 10 as she came uncontrollably with Steve pumping his charcoal colored cock deep into her cunt.

This was sending Steve over the edge. In his final thrusts, "I'm sorry, i'm sorry, the harness won't let meeeeee errrr ugh ugh ugh I'm cumming i'm fucking cumming in your pussyyyyyyyyyyy"

As his bar also hit 10 I watched helplessly as his nut sack contracted 6 or 7 times as he spewed copious amounts of his sperm deep into my wife's convulsing pussy that seemed to be eagerly accepting it despite her continued protesting.

As he was shaking off the last bits of his orgasm we heard another click and the harness disconnected. As he was dismounting from my wife, and the confines of the device holding him to her, a panel in the headboard opened. Before any of us had a chance to speak my wife quickly reached in to see what was inside.

As she began reading to herself, Steve stood back up and I saw a river of his cum dribble out of her well used hole and start to pool under her asshole. The site of this gave me the hardest, yet unexpected, erection I've felt in a very long time. But this sensation was quickly cut short by a sense of throbing excrutiating pain eminating from between my legs. I quickly undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. To my shock and horror I was presented with an iron device that apparently had my flacid cock folded inside it. Which until seeing this strangers sperm flowing from my wife's cunt, I was completely soft. After feeling this unbelievable pain I quickly went soft again and the pain subsided enough for me to notice a label attached to the device. The label simply said button 3.

Still somewhat on edge about what was in the box, I asked my wife what's it say, what's it say?

She read the attached label allowed, "Steven, you are free to go if you can make it back to your door and lock your feet in place in less than 30 seconds after you finished cumming inside Mrs. OConnell. If you don't make it I will activate the toxin I injected into your brain and you will die instantly.

Being of sound mind, and little words, Steven simply said he was sorry for what he did to Mina and he wished us well at finishing this twisted game but he has to leave now. I wished him luck, my wife screamed at him to stay, but before she could say her 2nd word we heard his foot clamps lock and saw his panel close.

Quieting her down, I persuaded her to keep reading. An antidote for Mr. OConnell is inside this box. The key to open it will be revealed after you complete button 4.

I quickly pushed button 4 repeatedly but all it did was make button 3 light up on the remote. Intuitively, I pushed button 3 knowing that at least I'd have a chance to get out of this god awful clamp on my cock. Another panel in the wall opened. This time, much to our surprise, a woman was standing there. With the 3 of us confused the woman made her way to the bed and looked very puzzled at my wife. She was also wearing something that looked like it belonged to the harness, but she was obviously not meant to fuck her the way Steven just did.

My wife suddenly cried out, "GOOOOD NO!!! Please don't make me do this you sick fucking bastard."

Me and our new guest, who introduced herself as Amy, were utterly confused as I trepiditiously asked, "What is it honey? What is he making you do?"

You moron, look at her harness. Now look at these as she pointed out something attached to the straps just above her face and then it clicked. Again I was instantly aroused and again I was quickly put down by the sharp pain being felt from within my clamp. It just dawned on me, as I noticed similar fasteners as the ones above my wife's head just above her pussy. And the counter parts were attached to the girl around her head and pelvis area.

Before she had a chance to start I spoke to Amy. Please Amy, she needs a little help. Sit in a 69 position with her. You'll have to get each other off in order to pass this phase of it.

Again, my wife was pleading for her not to, but as Amy sat inches above her face and locked herself in, I saw Mina's hips start to gyrate in automatic response to our silent killer in the air we breath.

Just then Amy announced that she was very experimental in college but became a prude when she married her husband. Their sexlife had become very routine as her husband was a misionary only kinda guy. Our captor had told her that if she came out of this alive a video of her eating my wife's pussy would be sent to her husband to give him ideas on how to spice up their love making and breath fire back into their dead relationship.

Upon telling us this she went to work on my wife's pussy. She expertly licked her clit that responed immediately though my wife was still resisting. I checked the monitors and saw that my wife's was rising rapidly but Amy's had remained unchanged. Again I offered encouragement, but I had to be careful not to get too aroused by this obviously arousing site before me of a young woman barely 22 clearly enjoying eating fresh cum out of my wife's spewing slit.

Come on honey, you have to lick her clit. Lick it like an ice cream cone. Amy responded, and so did her meter, letting me know Mina was doing something right as she learned how to eat her first pussy.

Lick it harder baby, trace your tongue up and down her slit. Amy's meter rose another 2 bars. Now back to her clit honey just keep licking it and suck on it a little.

This sent Amy, who needed no instruction on how to eat my wife's pussy, rapidly towards her impending orgasm. In turn she expertly lapped at my wife's cunt as if she had done it 1000 times before and shortly both meters had 1 bar left.

I shouted, that's it girls, keep licking away. You both have one bar to go. EEERRRRRGH AAAAAHHHH Damn that hurts. My clamp decided to reassert it's preseence to me and I had to calm down but still shout encouragement to them.

Eat her pussy baby, make her cum, make her cum. Stick your fingers inside her and rub downwards, and inwards. Clamp your lips on her clit and tongue it inside out. Eat that pussy honey, EAT IT!!!! CLAMP!!! FUCK THAT HURTS!!!

My wife's final efforts were just enough to send Amy raging through a very violent orgasm. This caused her to clamp down on my wife in similar fashion as she fingered Mina to an equally violent and earth shattering orgasm. Both meters past the number 10 mark and the harnesses disengaged. The panel opened up and as Amy caught her breath and tried to stand, Mina reached for the contents of the newly opened panel. It was a key, with a label.

Your husband will know what to do with this key. Tell Amy she has 30 seconds to return to her position in the wall before she dies.

She threw me the key and thanked Amy, wished her good luck on getting out alive, and told her to hurry to the door. Amy locked in place, and her door shut.

1 hour and 10 minutes to go.

The key fit just where I needed it to and my clamp thankfully released a very sore cock. The outer shell fell free but I was still encumbered with the base ring around my shaft and it would not come loose. I noticed a 2nd keyhole and a note inside the outter shell. It read, button 9. Great I thought, now what.

I came back to my senses as I saw button 4 flashing on the remote. I eagerly pressed it and another door opened up. Another man appeared from a new panel. This one appeared to be latino of some sort. He introduced himself to us as Tino. He was every bit as muscular as Steve, and every bit as hung except his cock was a tad thicker, but it was also gnarly and veiny looking. We all submitted that we knew what had to come next.

He locked himself in as the harness forced his cockhead into my wife's now well lubricated pussy. The force of his flared head still made her gasp from the sheer size of it however.

Just then I stared at the wall where the monitors had been showing up. There was 1 for Mina, one for Tino, and a 3rd one... WITH MY NAME ON IT!!!!! I struggled with my chain again and frantically thought of what this meant as Tino started his in and out motion into my wifes pussy that has now lost all pretenses of resistance. I felt my cock hardening unencumbered by the clamp this time and it dawned on me what I had to do...

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