Vengeance Heart: A Continuation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Follow Roland and his father, Berandal's adventures as they learn and live and make their way in the world of magic, politics, and backstabbing.

Roland finished writing, and looked at the page. It was the last page of his second Spells Workbook, and it was full! He blew on the page to help the ink dry. The Wizard's Guild had been true to their word. He had gotten a tutor to teach him magic; and he was doing much, much better than he had expected. In only three months, he had completed requirements for a 'first year' student's course, at any School of Magic. As a matter of fact, he was close to completing the second year level.

His tutor, Gorman Tantleman, strolled into the room.

"You are an outstanding student, Roland! I was hesitant about becoming your tutor, but now I am glad that I did. You have exceeded my expectations. At this rate, you will be a qualified journeyman magician in another year, perhaps less. That is two and a half years ahead of the normal time needed to advance to that rank!" he said.

"Thank you Master Tantleman. I am pleased I am working and learning to your satisfaction," Roland replied with a grin.

Gorman chuckled at Roland. "False modesty does not become you. Leave it at the door, along with your ego!" Gorman said, but laughed, taking away any sting.

"I have been practicing the spells as you suggested. I think I begin to understand why you wanted me to practice as I do. I saw a challenge in town, yesterday. Now when you have me preparing and holding spells at the ready, I won't moan and groan... as much!" Roland replied with a smile.

"There was a duel? I hadn't heard about it. Who was it?" Gorman asked curiously.

"Well, the party who did the challenging I'd never seen before. He was dressed in dark brown. Everything was dark brown: his shirt, his pants, even his boots. His cloak was dark brown, too.

"The other was Baron Avril Maklin. Witnesses were called for. I was lucky enough to join with three others, to watch. The match lasted perhaps 2 minutes. Baron Maklin fell pretty quickly. I only recognized the spells for the main circle, and the circles of protection that they drew. After that, everything was new to me," Roland said, still awed by the magical duel he had witnessed.

"It can't have been to the death, or I would have heard about it almost as soon as it happened," Gorman said musingly.

"It was until one or the other could not go on. The Baron wanted it to be to the death. The other, the man in brown; said it would be to the first who yielded by voice, or by inability to continue. Since you can't force a duel to the death, the Baron agreed. Just as well. The 'man in brown' took him down quick!" Roland said, still remembering vividly the quick duel.

Roland looked at Gorman Tantleman. He saw a man of about 30 years of age, going gray at the temples, with ice blue eyes. He was a short man, at only 5' 5" tall. He more than made up for his lack of height, with his abilities in magic. He was very powerful, and had made Full Wizard, years ahead of his peers. Roland could not have found a better mentor or friend. Yes, they had become friends in the three months that Gorman had been teaching Roland.

"Strange that Maklin lost so quickly. As much as I despise the man, he is competent with magic. While not at Wizard level, he is well past Magician level. I would have given a lot to have been there when the pompous ass was taken down!" Gorman said with a chuckle.

"It was almost frightening, the way the 'brown man' took him down so fast," Roland said with a slight shiver.

"'Brown Man'? You call him that because of his clothing?" Roland was asked.

Roland nodded.

"I never learned his name. I have taken to calling him 'the brown man', because of his mode of dress," Roland replied.

"Never take anything for granted. This man has already made an impression on you. Rest, this weekend. On the first of next week, I am going to start drilling you in Combat Magic. You have the power and ability to be a good Combat Wizard. That being that inhabited your body may have given you more than you know," Gorman said, slowly stroking his short graying beard.

"Berandal and I will be at the castle this weekend. The roof has finally been repaired. Most of the south tower roof had to be removed and replaced. Now the work is being finished up in the main hall.

"Father says it will be fit to live in, in another month! We are also planning a trip to the valley again, in a couple weeks. I will need lessons for the days I will not be with you. I still can't believe that we own an entire valley!" Roland said excitedly.

"Yes. You and your father came into money differently than most. Both of you were wise to invest as you did. Also, the Guild appreciates the work your father has provided by hiring us to strengthen the castle with spells. I'm sure you will notice benefits over the years with the integration of those spells," Gorman commented.

"I was glad to speak to father on your behalf, or the Guild's, anyway. I hadn't realized there were so many spells that could be used in homes," Roland said thoughtfully.

"You have grasped the basic spells quickly. I have thrown second year spells at you, and you learned those very quickly, also. I am going to start you on spells that will benefit others, such as those spells cast upon your castle.

"I am also going to start training you in Combat Magic, as you are a target, now," Gorman said, holding up his hand when Roland started to speak, "Seriously. You and your father have gotten a lot of attention because of your good fortune.

"Already, two serious attempts on your father's life have been halted by the guards your father hired. You need to learn to protect yourself, and your family. You have access to great power, Roland. Using it correctly and rightly is where your training will focus, now," Gorman finished a bit grimly.

Roland was startled at the tone his teacher took. Was there a hint of jealousy in there, somewhere? No, that wasn't it. There was something, he just couldn't identify it. He shrugged, mentally. It would come to him eventually.

Roland finished his classes for the day. He packed his books and other materials into his bag and started for the Forrester' Inn. That was what he and his father had been calling home, until the castle was ready for them to move into.

The castle already had guards living in the castle's compound, twenty four hours a day. There had been break-ins and sabotage of construction, early in the rebuilding and repairing. One of the first things Berandal had done, was hire the Wizard's Guild to help repair the wall surrounding the castle.

After that, he had hired guards to keep the castle safe from people trying to steal lumber, construction equipment, and tools. There was also a live-in crew of workers who spent 7 days a week working on the castle.

As Roland left his teacher's residence, he picked up the two guards that his father had hired to protect him. Roland was put off at first, but soon realized that his father was correct. He did need guards, if only to keep people from trying to worm money out of him with stories of ill health, disaster, death, illness in family, etc. The requests went on and on.

Roland had become friends with several students at King's Academy Of Magic. That was the school that Roland had been hoping to attend. But, as he grew in magical knowledge, he realized that he was surpassing students who were already a couple years his senior in the study of magic.

He walked towards the inn he had stumbled onto just a few weeks ago. He waited there for the evening bell to ring. It signified the end of the day's lessons at the Academy, which was just a short walk away.

The King's Inn was located in a good section of the city. It was rumored that the King used to frequent the inn, when he had been a young man. Roland looked around. He saw that the table that he and his new friends normally sat at, was empty. He grinned and waved to the innkeeper, as he walked over and took a seat. As was usual, he was the first to arrive.

Roland looked around the great room. The long bar took up one side of the room. When it got really busy, there would be three people behind the bar handing out drinks, and taking in money. There was one long table that was at least 20 feet long in the middle of the room, running its length. Wooden benches were on either side of the long table.

There were twenty tables total, in the room, with four chairs to a table. He ran his hand over the table where he was sitting. The craftsmanship was of a good quality. His guards took up their positions behind him.

The King's Inn was accustomed to guards. Minor nobility and their children used this inn frequently. As a matter of fact, the inn itself had three guards at all times. Roland used his 'mage sight', to look around. He was still unused to this ability. He was always amazed when he did and saw magical things. At least he could control it, now.

He saw and was able to identify most of the spells that were in the main great room. There was a new one though, and he frowned at it. Someone had cast a seeing and hearing spell in the great room. That should have been impossible.

He got up, and walked to the innkeeper.

"Hello, young Roland. Ready for your pitcher of ale already? Still a bit of time before your friends show up," the innkeeper said by way of greeting.

"No. I was wondering about that spell of seeing and hearing, over near the corner," Roland said, pointing at it.

"Spell? There should be no spell there. Are you sure?" asked the innkeeper anxiously.

"Yes. I can recognize such spells when I see them. With all the protection you have on this inn, I would have thought it almost impossible to do, yet there is sits," Roland said, pointing at it again.

Of course, unless you had the sight, you could not see most magic. While that was the rule in general, it was not the only rule. There was magic that everyone could see. This was not one of those, though.

The innkeeper drew an ale, and gave it to Roland.

"On the house," the innkeeper said and gestured to one of his guards. He quietly talked to him for a moment. The guard nodded and left.

Roland returned to his seat, pleased with his free ale. The innkeeper, Morlan, was a big man. He had inherited the inn from his uncle a few years ago. Until that had happened, he had been in the service of the King, as a soldier.

Morlan was a no nonsense kind of innkeeper. He was not above wading into any fights that started, and finishing them. No one wanted to be banned from this inn; so fights, while not rare, were unwelcome. The offenders were unceremoniously tossed out. Thieves were always entering and trying to relieve patrons of their purses. That was why fights broke out with enough frequency to warrant the guards.

Roland was almost done with his ale, when the guard returned with two men in his wake. Roland recognized the older man. He was a Wizard from the Wizard's Guild. He was not sure who the younger man was. The Wizard nodded to Roland, who nodded back in turn. The Wizard talked for a moment with Morlan, then turned and surveyed the room. Roland saw him spot the spell, and the Wizard walked over to it.

Roland watched in interest as the Wizard did a few things that had nothing to do with dispelling it. It took a moment, but Roland realized that the Wizard was trying to discover who had cast the spell.

While this was going on, Roland heard the school bell ring. He got up and went to the bar for his pitcher of ale. Morlan had heard the bell too, and was already getting the pitcher and mugs ready.

Roland mugs and ale back to the table, and waited in anticipation. He had never had friends like these before, and he missed them when they were at school. If truth were known, he was in the throes of 'first love', over Tam.

She was the daughter of a merchant, and a very bright and bubbly person. She had classes with two others who rounded out Roland's close friends in the city. They were Cally, the third son of a minor baron, and Luka, who was the grandson of the Count of Frontek.

Roland fidgeted until he saw the blazing red hair of Tam, as she led the group into the inn. Roland quickly rose and waved. Tam immediately spotted him, as did the rest of the group. Soon all were seated and drinking ale, and regaling Roland of the day's lessons and the antics of their classmates.

"Do you know what the Wizard is doing over there?" Cally asked curiously.

"Yes. There was a spell there that does not belong. I spotted it, and told Morlan. He sent for a Wizard to get rid of it, but I think the Wizard is trying to discover who cast it to begin with," Roland told the group.

All turned to watch the Wizard at his work. He had been going at it for some time, and Roland wondered if he would be able to discover the caster. Finally, the Wizard muttered something and gestured, and the spell was gone, just that quickly!

The Wizard then looked about the room, and laid another spell over the existing ones. Roland watched as the spell came into being. He saw that it would be very difficult, to almost impossible, to cast a spell in here now!

Everyone at Roland's table gasped as the pressure of the spell hit them. That passed, but Roland was angry. So were the other three at the table. What the Wizard had done was totally uncalled for. He could have warned the four that he was going to cast the spell. That would have given them time to set up a small circle of protection and prevent the brief pain that had come with the new spell cast by the Wizard.

Another side effect was that the part of their brain which let them cast or see spells was now numb! They looked at each other in shock! Luka rose and strode over to the Wizard.

"Are you insane, old man? Didn't you see us sitting there? You cast a spell which hurt us, and has numbed our abilities to do magic!" he shouted at the Wizard.

The Wizard sneered at Luka before answering.

"Perhaps if you were properly trained, you would not have been caught in that spell. Now you have learned a lesson. And it is, always expect the unexpected," having said that, he and his assistant turned and left the inn.

The four were still stunned. This was a serious breech of etiquette. Luka went to Morlan and spoke with him for a moment. Morlan answered, and then Luka returned to the group.

"The Wizard's name is Korless. I think we all need to go to the Guild and press a complaint," Luka said grimly.

As the four got up to go, Morlan came over, and asked what the problem was. When it was explained to him what had been done, his face acquired a grim look.

"I apologize for any discomfort or hurt done you in my inn. I will be filing a complaint with the city authorities over this. That was totally uncalled for. For the next two weeks, anything you order here will be free for you," Morlan said grimly.

The group protested and said they did not blame Morlan. He would hear none of it, though. He sent a guard for a carriage, and another one to roust the late shift employees to come to work early. He intended to make the complaint to the civil authorities now, and then go with the group to lodge a protest with the Guild Master at the Wizard's Guild.

So it was that the group, everyone's guards included, was soon transported to city hall. Morlan led the group up the steps, and into the building. He nodded to a few people, and waved to others. Still others he called out to, and stopped to talk, briefly. He seemed to know a lot of people here.

They were going down a large corridor that shone brilliantly from the Westering sun. There seemed to be a window every few feet in the western wall.

"Luka! What are you doing here?" an elderly man asked, who had just stepped out of a door.

"Grandfather, we are here so that this man may file a protest. We are witnesses to what occurred," Luka replied.

"He has it slightly wrong, my Lord Frontek," Morlan said.

Then he launched into what happened. Count Davron Frontek listened without comment. His countenance was that of a man carefully considering all, without letting passion or anger cloud his judgment.

"While not the most serious of charges, this should be settled swiftly. Perhaps we should all go to the Guild and discuss this with the Guild Leader," the Count said.

He motioned all to follow him. Roland and his friends looked at each other with wide eyes, even as they hurried to keep up. The Guild Leader! None dared bother the Leader without an invitation! Yet here they were, a somewhat large group, about to descend like locusts! Roland was nervous and getting more nervous by the minute. The Count sent word to all the guards to meet at the Guild Leader's palace.

They arrived in two carriages. The count waited until all were out of the carriages, and then led the way up the steps, to the Wizard Guild's most powerful mage. The doors opened even as they approached, and they were escorted into a comfortably appointed room. They were told that The Lady would be with them, shortly.

Roland and his friends were very nervous about the meeting. The Count tried to set them at their ease.

"Surely you know that the Guild Leader, Lady Patrise Wilton, is well known to be extremely good with the precognitive abilities? I'd wager she knew we were coming, even before I did," he said with amusement.

Shortly, everyone rose as the Guild Leader herself entered the room. She had two attendants with her. One carried a tray with four small tumblers, each half full of an amber liquid. The other carried a tray with seven crystal goblets, filled with a fine burgundy.

"Please, be seated. The young ones will take the four small tumblers, and drink what they contain. It should restore their abilities, soon enough, then we may all sit and discuss punishments and reparations," the Guild Leader said gently.

Roland and his friends each took one of the small tumblers, and drank off the contents. Almost as soon as they had swallowed the liquid, it seemed that their heads cleared!

"I see by your expressions that the potion has worked. I am glad you are restored. Now then, I will fine the Wizard 5 golds for each of you. He will pay that fine directly to you four. I also see him working for the City for the next two moons, in a capacity that leaves much to be desired. My Lord Count, I had realized you were a devious man, but really!" she ended with a laugh.

Roland and his friends looked confused. The Guild Leader gestured, and soon everyone was holding a goblet, and sipping a very good burgundy. Soon there was a knock on the door, and Korless entered. He took one look at all who were assembled, and paled.

"Ah, do come in dear Korless. You know the Count, of course. These young ones are the victims of your earlier depredations. For that I am fining you 5 golds for each person, to be paid immediately to each of these four magic users, whom you harmed with your thoughtlessness. The Count has other plans for you, for settling your fine which will be levied by the city. You are released from your duties to the Guild, until such time as I deem fit to restore you. Do you understand?" the Lady's voice cracked the last sentence like a whip!

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