Gentle Lady
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Alistair Acorn

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man from a different social class meets a lady and completely changes her dull lifestyle.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  


Until today I was a Royal Marines Commando, My name is Denis Smock. I am 27 years old and extremely fit. I was discharged for striking my superior Officer and for bringing the service in to disrepute.

Well that was what they said. I had been charged for striking S.V Boot Lieutenant of Royal Marines, Fortunately I had two non-Marine witnesses which stated that I had been struck first and only retaliated. What the witnesses didn't know was that I had goaded the long streak of piss, and his two snotty friends, Boot was 6ft 2inand I was only 5ft 9in and thought that he could better me. Granted he managed to hit me on the side of the head with one blow but missed with the other. I on the other hand had landed a kick to his crutch and as he came forward I drove a two-handed punch to the side of his head, crushing his face into the concrete ground.

His two officer buddies immediately arrested me, not knowing of the witnesses, once they came forward with there sworn statements. I knew I could stretch this to my advantage and wanted the charge laid in an open court. Since Boots family was something in the city, it would have looked bad to have this officer and his two friends dragged into an open court. So he got a slap on the wrist and I got thrown out as Services No Longer Required.

I joined the Marines since I was an orphan, and had no home or relations in the country. Now here I was strolling through a posh part of London, with nowhere to go and just strolling in general. I would stay in a hotel somewhere tonight and look for somewhere to stay tomorrow. I had left all my personal belongings in two suitcases at a Left Luggage Office.

As I walked I could smell all the different smells coming from the houses kitchens which were located in the basement of these Victorian houses. The downstairs, as the snobs called them, where you keep the servants until wanted. Anyway I was coming up to this house's stairway, when a car pulled up and the chauffeur got out and was helping this well-dressed lady out the rear door. Three late teen youths just run up and attacked them. One hit the old chauffeur and the other two had the elderly lady on the ground hitting her and trying to pull her handbag from her, but she was holding on to it tightly.

I ran up behind the one with his back to me and kicked him in the balls, jumped over the lady and hit the other one with an open palm under his nose. He went down like a felled tree. The other, seeing the fate of his two mates run away, but shouting obscenities over his shoulder.

The one I had kicked was writhing on the ground; I picked him up and smashed his head into the iron railings.

The chauffeur had got to his feet, and was sitting in the car door holding his chest. I helped the elderly lady to her feet.

"How are you love, "I asked her

She looked at her two attackers and said, "Well I am in a better state than they are thank you very much, I think I have a few bruises and my leg is very stiff."

She then looked at the chauffeur and said, "Henry you go home this young man will help me upstairs I'm sure."

"Of course I will, where is your house?" I asked her.

"This one is mine, but my servant is off today, could you help me up the stairs, please, "she asked

I helped her up the stairs to her front door and she almost collapsed in my arms, trying to save her from falling I grabbed a handful of soft breast. She didn't seem to mind but I moved my hand away as soon as I had her steady.

"Look I better make sure you get in all right you are a bit unsteady on your feet," I said to her.

I held her as she opened the door and I helped her in. There was a second set of doors but they weren't locked and opened at the turn of the knob. I shut the front door for her.

"Which way love," I asked her.

She pointed to the right and then fainted into my arms. I picked her up, she was no weight at all, and carried her into the room she had pointed to. This was a small lounge like room with two low sofas facing into each other, either side of a large gas fireplace.

I laid the lady down on the first one and placed her handbag and gloves on the occasional table.

God I thought what do I do, if someone comes in they will think I have assaulted her. I can't just leave her, I saw that her knees had been scratched and noticed there was blood running down her leg, from her outer thigh. I pulled up her coat and dress and saw she had a deep cut about 2 inches long and bleeding bad. On the occasional table was a white tea-towel like thing so I got it and placed it over the wound and pressed it tight.

The way I was sitting I looked right down to her pubic region and saw she was wearing bright red frilly French knickers type panties. There was no way I could stem the flow of blood and not notice them so I just ignored them and tried to put my eyes elsewhere.

Soon she came too and saw me sitting there with my hand on her thigh, and was about to scream.

"Wait lady! You have a bad cut on your thigh and I am holding a cloth on the cut to stem the flow. I had to lift your dress to get to it, and I didn't know what to do next since you had fainted." I explained to her.

"I am extremely sorry, I have put you in an embarrassing situation and I am very grateful for your help, honestly," she said.

"Are you hurt anywhere else," I asked.

"A few bruises I think here and there, but they should be fine," she went on.

"Where can I get a bandage or plasters, to put on your cut," I asked.

"I have them in my bathroom, but that is upstairs," she replied.

"I will carry you up then, I carried you in here and you were no trouble. But first let's tie that towel on to stop it falling off, or can you hold your hand on it. Otherwise you will be dripping blood all over the place," I said to her.

"You couldn't possible carry me all the way up to the third floor," she said.

"You just watch me," I said.

I laid her handbag and gloves on her stomach and placed her hand on the towel and told her to keep it pressed, I slipped my arms under her and lifted her up. She automatically put her arm around my neck and we made our way up the stairs.

"How very romantic this is, I've never been carried in a man's arms before and it is wonderful," she said to me.

Once we got to the third floor she indicated that I turn right, we walked to the end of a short passage and entered the door at the end. It was a large bedroom, definitely female with all the frills and lace and a wonderful aroma of perfume.

"Through that door there, "she said, pointing to a door on the right.

This led into a large bathroom with a huge bath sitting atop two steps up to it, a shower recess and a three-basin vanity unit. Mirrors running round the walls, door included.

"My you like to look at yourself, with all these mirrors," I said to her.

"You know women, we always like to be looking at ourselves," she replied.

I saw a box on the wall with a red cross on it near the vanity; I sat her on the toadstool seat and went to the box.

All she had was a packet of sanitary pads, two crepe bandages and two small plasters.

I took a sanitary towel and the crepe bandage over to her.

"This will have to do; anyway they are like our field dressings and make excellent wound dressings," I said referring to her sanitary pad.

I got her to ease the towel off the wound and when she saw it. She remarked, "You were right it is rather bloody."

I put the pad over the wound and then went to wrap the crepe bandage around her thigh. But she closed her legs tight.

"Lady if you don't open your legs I can't put the bandage on, I've already seen what you are wearing, so forget the modesty," I said to her.

"I hope I can trust you," she said with a smile.

"You have so far, why stop trusting me now," I said to her.

"Oh go on then," she said and opened her legs wide enough so I could get my hands through.

I just couldn't prevent it but every now and again my hand rubbed against the lips of her pussy as I wrapped the bandage around her thigh.

"You love doing this don't you," she said to me.

"Well I won't deny it but it has been unintentional so far," I said.

"So you intend to touch me there in the future," she returned with a laugh.

"No, the thought never entered my head," I replied.

"Liar!" She laughed.

I started laughing too.

"You see I can read your mind, can't I," she asked.

"I hope not it would get an R rating," I replied.

"Come help me up, please," she asked and as she did her handbag fell to the floor and out poured bundles of fifty pound notes.

"Aren't you glad I chased these louts away, you would have lost that lot," I said to her while repacking them into her bag, and handing it to her.

She put her arm around my shoulder and we managed to walk her to her bedroom. Halfway to the dressing-table she was able to walk on her own, with a slight limp.

"Would you mind staying for a little while, I would like to talk to you, are you in a hurry to go somewhere?" She asked.

"All these questions and the answer is yes to the first and no to the rest," I replied

"You go down to the small lounge you first put me. I want to tidy up and I will come down shortly, don't worry there is a one-person lift that will bring me down, there is a drink in the cabinet if you wish," she said.

I strolled down the stairway and there was an eerie silence one gets from an empty house, I wouldn't like to live in a house this size it is just too big. Maybe in the days when it was built there were servants galore, but nowadays no-one wants to be a servant to anyone else. There were paintings on the wall, but I have no interest or appreciation of art. I was first and foremost a Bootneck and I had been content with my position in life.

I strolled into the small lounge, I lit the fire to cheer the place up a bit, and wandered over to the cabinet. On opening it I found it contained a huge collection of square bottles all labelled with their contents. I saw a Drambuie and took a glass of that. Sat down on the sofa and lay back looking at the ceiling, which was all scrolls and twirls also someone had painted angels all over it. I was content just trying to count how many blond or dark headed angels were there.

The door opened and the lady walked in. "I see you got yourself a drink, would you pour me a port please," she asked.

I remember seeing the port decanter and I took a stemmed glass I wasn't sure if it was the right type or not and filled it and took it over to her.

"You are going to get me tipsy with this amount," she said then having a big sip and sitting on the sofa opposite.

"Please tell me about yourself? My name is Gertrude, but call me Gerry," she said.

So I filled her in with all the details, she sat and listened without interruption all the way through.

"I heard about your case, and I know the Boot's very well, their son is rather a big head serves him right," she smiled at me.

"So you have no place to stay tonight, there is a made up guestroom on the second floor, I would like you to stay there tonight, as it is getting too late now to get proper accommodation. Say no more, I insist, you did say you had nowhere to go; now you have.

"We could have dinner here, this is my Chinese food night, and there is an excellent restaurant near here that I always use. I will order for two, it will be nice to have some company again."

She pulled out her cell phone and spoke for about five minutes, switched off and said the meals would be delivered in ninety minutes.

Gerry had changed and was wearing a silk low-cut dress with what looked like a collar doubled over, with a double gold chain around her neck. I kept looking at the chain for it kept disappearing down the deep cleavage of her large breasts. Her dress went to her ankles so the only thing I had to focus on was her breast cleavage.

She had a pretty face, shoulder-length brown hair parted on her left side, she was wearing medium-sized diamond stud earrings. Her lipstick was a deep red glossy colour and I could see a faint trace of foundation powder. Yes I would say she was pretty.

Even after the meal arrived we sat and talked about everything in general. These few hours we learnt a good deal about one another, we were in a way similar. Alone in the world, no immediate family; she had a few nieces of her age all spinsters or widows, and living one day to another.

Society say respect the elderly, but it is only lip-service, more elderly live a life of loneliness than any other's. They get pushed into nursing homes, or no member of the family visit them from one month to the next.

Gerry says she never married, never had the time, she was always organizing some charity event or another, and the years just slipped by, now she was left suddenly alone. She had her friends of course, and they met almost every day. Or talked on the telephone, but that was no compensation for a family. Her father had been an industrialist and made his money during the WWII. Her only brother and mother had been killed in a car accident and her father had died ten years ago.

She said she couldn't run the company so sold it, now all that remains is the capital which on her death will be divided to all her relatives or the national treasury.

It was almost midnight when Gerry showed me to the spare room on the floor beneath hers. The bedroom had an adjoining bathroom suite the same as hers.

"Good! I'll have a nice shower before I get turned in," I told Gerry.

"You should find a packet of disposable razors in one of the vanity cupboards,"she told me

She wished me a good night, told me she would wake me at seven, and left the room.

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