Sweet Eighteen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I met Priya on the train to Madras. Her aunt came to receive her. When I saw her I recognized her immediately. I had met her under similar circumstances a decade ago.

Many years ago, when Madras was still known as Madras and not Chennai, I had to travel to this South Indian city on business. I decided to travel by train instead of flying because for me it meant forty-four hours of relaxing in air-conditioned comfort, far from the daily hustle bustle.

As per my habit, dressed in kurta pajama (men's dress suitable for day and night wear), I reached the railway station early. The train was just pulling in from the yard. I located my compartment and sat next to the window.

A young girl, who looked no more than 15 or 16 years of age, arrived fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of departure. After the coolie (porter) had stowed away her luggage, which consisted of a trunk, a large suitcase and several small pieces, she sat down on the opposite corner i.e. as far as possible from where I was sitting.

I observed her more carefully. She was quite beautiful. She was fair, about 5'4'' tall slim with small perky boobs. She had done up her long hair in two plaits, which were lying lazily on her tight hips. She was wearing a pink salwar kameez. The color suited her very much. The contours of her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her kameez.

Every now and then she glanced nervously at me and then at her wristwatch. She must have looked at her watch twenty or thirty times in five minutes. As the departure time approached she looked at her watch more frequently.

'She is worried at the prospect of spending two nights alone with a stranger, ' I thought.

I smiled to myself at her apparent discomfort and to reassure her, said, 'Miss, there is no need to be nervous. According to the reservation chart a Mr. and Mrs. Sharma are also traveling with us.'

'Who says I am nervous, ' she shot back, putting up a brave front.

'Sorry, I didn't know that you are in the habit of consulting your watch every couple of seconds, ' I laughed.

She blushed but remained silent.

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity outside our compartment and an elderly couple, panting heavily, entered. The girl breathed an audible sigh of relief. The coolie left their luggage in the corridor as the train had started to move.

'Let me, ' I offered and helped them to stow away their suitcases.

When they had settled down the gentleman said, wiping his perspiration, 'Thank God, we just made it.'

'You did cut it very fine, ' I said, 'I make it a point to arrive much before the departure time.'

'We too, but today we had bad luck. The taxi we took broke down half way. We requested the driver to transfer our luggage to another cab. "Two minutes," he said and disappeared under the bonnet. After twenty minutes of tinkering with the engine he managed to start the taxi again. Then he drove like mad. We nearly died of fright, ' the man said.

'On reaching the station he wanted my husband to tip him for bringing us in time, ' the lady said indignantly.

'Forget it, the main thing is that we didn't miss the train, ' the gent said, 'the journey ahead of us is long. I think it is best that we introduce ourselves. My name is Arvind Sharma and this is my wife, Rajni. We are traveling to Jhansi to be with our youngest son.'

'My name is Saheb Sahebji. I am traveling to Madras on business, ' I said.

'My name is Priya. I am planning to do my graduation in Madras, ' the girl said.

'Aren't you a little young to be traveling alone in a train?' Mrs. Sharma asked.

'I am eighteen, ' she said proudly.

'You don't look a day older than sixteen, ' Mrs. Sharma said, 'it is very brave of your parents to let you travel alone. I would have been scared, '

'Usually I fly but this time because I had a lot of luggage, I had to travel by train. My parents thought traveling in 1st class air- conditioned coach would be quite safe, ' Priya explained.

'Safe from vagabonds like me, ' I said laughing, 'you should have seen how nervous she was.'

Priya blushed. 'What is there to be nervous about?' Mr. Sharma asked.

'You didn't turn up and the prospect of spending two nights with a "rogue" like me made her nervous, ' I laughed.

'Mr. Sahebji, I am sure you are a very nice person, ' Mrs. Sharma said.

'I tried to reassure her but... ' I said shrugging,

'Mr. Sahebji, please, you are embarrassing me, ' Priya said blushing.

'I am sorry. I didn't want to... ' I said.

'It is I who should apologize. I am sorry that I misjudged you, ' Priya said interrupting me.

Now that the ice was broken the Sharmas told us that they had three sons. They were posted in three different cities. They spent six weeks with each of them every year. They were now going to Jhansi where their youngest son was a working.'

'His wife is going to have her first baby, ' Mrs. Sharma said proudly, 'they were married last year.'

'I love children. How many grandchildren do you have?' Priya asked.

'We have five. The eldest son has two, a girl and a boy and the second one has three, two girls and a boy. This one in going to our sixth grand child, ' Mrs. Sharma replied smiling.

'Priya, why are you going so far to study?' Mr. Sharma asked.

'I didn't do well in the school leaving exams. Therefore I didn't get admission in any college here. My mausaji (uncle - mother's sister's husband) has arranged for my admission in a college in Madras. Now for the next three years Madras will be my home, ' she said laughing nervously.

'We have never been to Madras, ' Mr. Sharma said then looking at me added, 'Sahebji, have you?'

'Yes, a couple of times but always on business, ' I said.

'Madras and its surroundings are very beautiful. They are worth a holiday, ' Priya said.

'This time I am planning to spend a couple of weeks there, ' I said.

'Really, I know Madras very well. I have spent many holidays there. Please let me show you around to atone for my error of judgment, ' Priya said.

'Of course, it will be my pleasure but you don't have to, ' I said.

'Please let me, ' she said.

'All right, if you insist, ' I laughed.

'Thank you. Do you like to swim in the sea? Madras has some of the finest beaches in the world, ' Priya said, going into great detail of what she was going to show me.

At night the Sharmas slept on the two lower berths and Priya and I on the two upper berths. The next day around lunch time the train reached Jhansi. The Sharmas got off and a young couple got on.

The man was about 25 years old, not very tall slim with a round face and his wife about 20 years old. She was quite pretty; slim with large orange sized boobs. The way she was dressed it was clear that they had married recently.

'Are you going to Madras?' the man asked.

'Yes, have you been there before?' I replied.

'We live in Madras, ' the man laughed, 'we are returning from our honeymoon. By the way my name is Amit and this is my brand new wife, Amita.'

'I am Saheb Sahebji, ' I said introducing myself.

'My name is Priya, ' Priya said, 'where did you go for your honeymoon?'

'To Khajuraho, ' he said.

'The temples in Khajuraho are very interesting, especially for a honeymooning couple, ' I said with a naughty smile.

Amita blushed and lowered her eyes.

'Yes, very interesting. Every morning we chose a sex position and studied it. Then returning to our hotel we practiced it. Isn't it so, darling, ' Amit said laughing loudly putting his arm around his wife's waist and hugging her. Poor Amita, she didn't say anything but her face turned crimson.

'We are very lucky. We think alike and enjoy the same things. As if God made us for each other even our names are similar, Amit and Amita. Isn't it so, darling, ' Amit said.

Amit was quite a jovial person. He talked incessantly. He kept us amused with his anecdotes and jokes till bedtime. At ten we decided to go to bed. I lay on my berth trying to sleep whereas Priya, on the other hand, covering herself with a sheet, promptly went off to sleep. Suddenly my eyes fell on Amita.

In the dim blue night-light I saw that she was shaking her head and pointing upwards. 'Ah, Amit wants her to come to him for a fuck, ' I thought and to see what happens next, pretended to sleep. I watched through half closed eyes. Priya was asleep and Amita kept shaking her head.

Suddenly Amit stood up and peering at Priya and then me said something to Amita, which I could not understand as his back was towards me. She shook her head again.

Amit pushed down his pajamas and exposed his erect cock. Then he caught Amita's hand and pulled her towards his berth. Amita got up and both of them disappeared from my view. I looked at Priya to see if she was still asleep. I was surprised to see that she was awake and watching them with a shocked expression.

As I could not see what was happening below me without giving myself away I kept watching Priya through half closed eyes. After a while her hand disappeared under the sheet and after a minute the sheet started to move. Apparently Amit and Amita were fucking and Priya was masturbating.

She kept looking at the couple and masturbated till she orgasmed with a sigh. I waited to see what happens next. After ten minutes or so Priya started to rub her choot again.

'Ahh, they have started to fuck again, ' I thought.

After twenty minutes or so I saw Amita return to her berth. I looked at Priya. Her eyes were shut. A few minutes later she turned over and went to sleep. Tonight's show was over. I went to sleep also.

'Did you sleep well?' Amit asked nudging his wife when we were having morning tea.

'Very well thank you, I slept like a log, ' I replied.

'Me too, ' Priya said blushing sweetly.

'We slept also very well, didn't we darling, ' Amit said laughing loudly and hugging his wife. Amita blushed. Couple of hours later the train arrived at Madras railway station.

'I am sure my mausi has come to receive me, ' Priya said.

'Go have a look, ' I said, 'I'll take care of your baggage.'

I stepped off the train a few minutes later with two coolies carrying our luggage. I saw Priya talking to a very beautiful lady. I recognized the lady right away. I had met her on the same train nearly a decade ago. We had had a lovely time together (read my story "Fuck in a train").

Ten years had not taken away anything from her. She was still as beautiful as before. She was in her mid thirties, beautiful, tall, slim, very fair with long hair tastefully done up in a bun behind her head.

She wore a deep red silk sari with matching blouse, matching bindi and sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly round her body showing all her curves to their best advantage, the pallu (the upper end of the sari) was pulled tightly across her firm boobs.

Her boobs were not very large but the right size for her physique. She wore a double pearl string around her neck, which enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck, pearl tops and a diamond ring on her fingers. Even today she looked to me like Miss World and Miss Universe both rolled in one.

I walked up to them. 'Mausi (aunt — mother's sister), this is Mr. Sahebji. I met him on the train. I have promised to show him around. May I?' Priya asked.

Her mausi, seeing me, blushed and said hesitatingly, 'I don't know. You must ask your mausa (uncle — mother's sister's husband).'

'She has recognized me also, ' I thought seeing her blush.

'Oh mausi, I can't ask mausa as he is not in town. I've given him my word. Please can I show him around?' Priya insisted.

'All right, you can show him around but... ' mausi said hesitatingly.

'But, what?' Priya asked.

'No, nothing, go ahead you have my permission, ' mausi said.

'Thank you, mausi, ' Priya said, 'Sahebji, come to our flat tomorrow at ten. You have the address already. We'll take it from there, okay?' I nodded.

Next morning, which was a Monday, I reached their flat at ten. Priya was ready but her mausi was still in her housecoat.

'I am sorry but there is a small change in the program. Mausaji rang up. I must go to the college today and fill out the forms etc.' Priya said apologetically.

'That's all right. We can start sightseeing from tomorrow, ' I said and turned to leave.

'Sahebji, don't go. I won't be long. I'll be back in couple of hours. You are an artist so is mausi. She paints, ' Priya said, 'Mausi, show him your paintings maybe he can give you some hints.'

When Priya had left, I said, 'Kiran, how are you?'

'You remember?' she whispered.

'Of course, how can I forget the most pleasant journey of my life, ' I said, 'Are you okay?'

'Yes, thank you, ' Kiran said, 'I am very well.'

'Where is your husband?' I asked.

'He is on tour, ' she replied, 'he'll return in about ten day's time.'

'Have you any children?' I asked.

'Two girls, one is six the other four, ' Kiran replied, 'They have gone to school.'

I noticed that Kiran was tense and ill at ease.

'Why don't you show me your painting?' I said to divert her mind.

'Oh yes, follow me, ' she said leading me to a small room.

The room was apparently her studio. An unfinished painting was on a stand. A divan was also in the room. Seeing that I was looking at the divan, she said, 'Sometimes I paint till late in the night and not wanting to disturb my husband, I sleep here.'

She removed the painting from the stand and replaced it with an abstract painting. She described what it was supposed to depict. She was relaxed and talked enthusiastically about her paintings.

I didn't pay much attention to what she was saying. My thoughts wandered to our train journey together and the desire to fuck her again made my cock rock hard. I kept making appropriate noises, waiting for an opening to get her into bed again. She went on and on. The first canvas was replaced by another and yet another.

After half an hour she placed a painting of woman with fire in her eyes trying to fight off two men, who were trying to snatch her child from her arms by force.

'This is my favorite. I call this painting "The Struggle". You must see it from a distance to really appreciate the color and depth of the painting, ' she said, backing away from the stand and walked right into my erection.

'OH, ' she exclaimed as my hard on poked her in her ass. She tried to pull away but I quickly put my arm around her and pressed her to me.

'Sahebji, please let me go, ' she whispered.

I spun her around and pressing my hard on against her crotch, I kissed her tenderly.

'Sahebji, please don't, I am a married woman, ' she protested.

'You were married then also, ' I replied and kissed her passionately.

Initially she tried to free herself from my hold but a few seconds later she melted into my arms and responded with the same ardor I was kissing her. While kissing her I pushed her towards the divan.

'Sahebji, not here, let's go to the bedroom we'll be more comfortable, ' she said panting.

Once in the bedroom we undressed and lay down on the bed. Her body was as beautiful as I remembered. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

For a few minutes we lay kissing each other then I nibbled her ear and then suckled her erect nipples. 'Oh Sahebji, Oh Sahebji, ' she moaned repeatedly. I kissed and licked my way towards her cunt. I paused briefly, to rotate my tongue in her navel, on the way to her cunt. Reaching her cunt I licked her swollen cunt lips. 'Oh Sahebji, it feels sooooo good, ' she moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against my lips.

I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.

'OWWA, IT HURTS BUT IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON'T STOP. GO ON. Y... HES GO ON. I AM NEARLY THERE. OH OHHH I AMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG, ' she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.

Without a pause I continued to eat her pussy. She raised her legs and held them aloft exposing her gaping choot hole. I moved lower and rimmed her cunt hole. 'OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ' she screamed. Then I shoved my tongue in her lower mouth.

'AGHRR, ' she yelped and with a loud sigh came again.


Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes she was on the boil again.


I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on her. 'Sahebji, please ab mujhe chodo (Sahebji, please fuck me now), ' she said gasping for breath.

I got on top of her. 'As you wish, my love, ' I said and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot pushed the whole of it in one hard stroke.

'OWWWA, it hurts, ' she yelped.

I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans of pleasure became louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly her back arched upwards, pressing her choot against my crotch.


I continued to fuck her with steady strokes.

'Y... HESS Y... HESSS, SAHEBJI, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG, ' she screamed and lay panting. I slowed down to give her time to catch her breath.

'OH SAHEBJI, DON'T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, ' she panted bucking her bottoms from below.

I recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping rhythm with my in and out strokes. I felt my sperm rising and my strokes became shorter and harder.


'Y... hes, I am not far away also, ' I panted.

'FASTER, SAHEBJI, FASTER AND HARDER I AM NEARLY THERE. Y... HESSS, Y... HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH SAAAHEEEEBJIIIII, ' she shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment I also shot my load into her cum thirsty cunt.

For few minutes we lay savoring the intense sensation we had just experienced. As I was about to roll off, she panted, 'No, please don't get off yet. Fuck me one more time.'

I started to move my half-stiff cock in and out of her choot till it was hard again. Then we fucked for the second time. After a long satisfying fuck, in which she came four times, I rolled off her.

'How is your sex life now?' I said lighting cigarettes for both of us.

'Very good, ' she replied laughing, 'we do everything that we did ten years ago in the train.'

'How did you manage it?' I asked.

'Quite easily, ' she giggled.

'I am curious, tell me, ' I said.

About a fortnight after my arrival one night when we were resting after making love, I asked my husband, 'What do the words cunnilingus and fellatio mean?'

My husband was taken aback and asked, 'Who told you these words?'

'No one, I read them in a book, ' I said, 'I know that they have something to do with sex but what?'

'Cunnilingus is cunt licking also known as pussy eating and fellatio means cock sucking or giving head or a blowjob, ' he replied.

'Chi chi, who would want to do these dirty things, ' I asked making a face.

'It is nice and many people enjoy doing it, ' he said.

'You have done it with what's her name, haven't you, ' I said accusing him. Pradeep, my husband, had had an affair with a married neighbor before our marriage.

'Yes, I licked her choot and she sucked my cock, ' he replied, 'if you want we can also do it.'

'I don't know... all right, I'll try it, ' I said.

'If I lick your choot then you'll have to suck my cock, ' he laughed.

I protested but allowed myself be persuaded by him. Then we sixty nined.

'Oh darling, it was wonderful, ' I said after the act, 'why didn't you mention this before?'

'I thought you'll think I am a pervert, ' he laughed.

Few nights later he wanted to fuck me in the asshole. 'You are a pervert, ' I replied.

'I'm telling you it is very pleasurable, ' he said.

'For whom you or me, ' I asked skeptically.

'For both of us, ' he replied.

'Won't it hurt?' I asked.

'Yes but only a little, ' he said, 'don't worry I'll use vaseline on your asshole and my cock. This will mitigate the pain of entry.'

'Okay but promise that you'll stop if is very painful, ' I said.

'Okay, ' he said. Since then Pradeep is fucking me in the asshole.

'You women are too clever for us men, ' I laughed, 'shouldn't you get ready? Priya will return soon.'

'Oh, fuck me one more time then I'll get ready, ' she said.

'Theek hai, ab main teri gaand maroonga (Okay, now I'll fuck you in your asshole), ' I said.

'Gaand kal maar lena. Aaj mujhe chodo (You can fuck me in the asshole tomorrow. Today fuck me), ' she said.

After we had fucked again we had a quick shower together. I went and sat down on the sofa in the drawing room while Kiran went into the dressing room to make herself even more beautiful. After a while she came into the drawing room and sat on the floor near my feet.

'May I ask you something?' she said pulling my zip down.

'Sure, anything you like, ' I replied.

'Kya iss badmash ne Priya ko bhi choda hai? (Has this rogue fucked Priya also?)' She asked pulling my erect cock out of my trousers.

'Come on... we met on the train for the first time, ' I laughed.

'Hum bhi paheli baar train main mille the lakin mujhe tau tumne choda tha (We met for the first time in the train also but you fucked me), ' she said pouting.

'Tumhari baat doosri hai, tum chudwana chahati thi (That was a different matter, you wanted me to fuck you), ' I laughed.

'Whatever the reason but the fact remains that you screwed me, ' she giggled, kissing my cock, 'now back to my original question: have you fucked Priya?'

'No I haven't, ' I said, 'and for your kind information I am not in the habit of fucking all the ladies I meet on a train journey.'

'I am glad that you haven't fucked her, ' she said taking my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob.

I thought it was better not to mention that I'll definitely fuck her if I got the chance.

'My dear, you have learnt a lot since we met last, ' I said praising her after she had swallowed my cum.

'Practice makes perfect, ' she giggled.

Just then the doorbell rang. 'It is Priya, ' she whispered pushing my cock inside my trousers and zipping me up.

Kiran opened the door. It was Priya. 'What took you so long? I hope everything is all right, ' Kiran asked.

'Nothing is all right, ' Priya said with tears in her eyes.

'Priya, don't cry. What happened?' Kiran asked.

'Miss Ruby Abraham, the principal, was busy in a meeting. I waited for nearly two hours then I came to know that she has left and won't be coming back. A gentleman in the Administration Office advised me to see Mrs. Joshi. I met her. She was very rude. She told me that I was too late and the admissions were long over and even the classes had also started, ' Priya said bursting into tears.

'Didn't you tell him that the... ' Kiran said.

'I tried to tell her but she was in no mood to listen. She told me to leave and not waste her time, ' Priya said blowing her nose.

'I'll go with you tomorrow, ' Kiran said.

'They won't listen to you either. I am not going back, ' Priya said stubbornly. Kiran looked towards me for help.

'If you like I'll accompany you, ' I offered.

'What is the use, ' Priya said.

'What is the harm in trying one more time, ' I said.

'He is right. The principal might listen to a man, ' Kiran said.

'All right but this is the last time, ' Priya said.

'Okay, I'll see you at 9.30 tomorrow, ' I said preparing to leave.

'Please stay and have lunch with us, ' Priya said, 'and after lunch we'll go sightseeing.'

Priya was her old cheerful self again. During lunch, she asked, 'Mausi, did you show your paintings to Sahebji.'

Kiran nodded.

'Isn't she a good painter?' Priya said enthusiastically, 'Did you see all her work.'

'Not everything but whatever I saw was very beautiful. I enjoyed myself very much, ' I said winking at Kiran. She blushed and nodded.

'What do you think of "The Struggle", ' Priya asked.

'It is very good. That's when I really started to enjoy her... er works. Didn't I?' I said raising my eyebrow.

'I enjoyed myself also, ' Kiran said, suppressing a smile, 'the rest of my... er works I'll show him tomorrow.'

'But he has promised to go with me tomorrow, ' Priya said pouting, 'haven't you?'

'Of course, I'll see what is left day after tomorrow, ' I said.

In the afternoon Priya took me around. After couple of hours of sightseeing we stopped for a cup of tea. We discussed what all we had seen when suddenly, I asked, 'Priya, tell me what was happening on the berth below me in the train?'

My reason for mentioning it was that her mind will go back to that scene and her choot will become wet and horny. Then she'll be more inclined to surrender her virgin choot to me.

'Nothing happened, ' she said getting red in the face, 'let's go.'

Next day we reached the college at ten sharp. 'Please tell Miss Abraham that we would like see her for a few minutes, ' I said giving my card to the peon on duty outside Miss Abraham's office.

'Madam says to wait, ' he said when he returned.

We waited in the corridor overlooking a courtyard. It must have been break time because the courtyard was full of girls. The girls stood and sat in groups. The sight of their big tits, their body hugging blouses and tight jeans played havoc with my cock. It became hard and then soft alternately.

'She is taking her time, isn't she?' Priya said.

'She must be busy, ' I said as I was in no hurry. I was enjoying watching the girls. Fifteen minutes later the peon appeared and said, 'Madam will see you now.'

'Go ahead Priya, I'll follow, ' I said to gain a few seconds to get my cock under control.

The principal was in her late thirties. She was not a pretty sight to look at. She was dark with pox marks on her face. She had a pronounced squint and wore thick glasses.

'This is my secretary, ' she said pointing to a young girl standing beside her. I looked at her and froze. She was the most beautiful girl I had seen in a long time.

She was about 20 years old, 5' 6" tall with a figure of a goddess and flashing big black eyes, short bobbed hairstyle, which suited her face, fair complexion and beautifully formed features.

She wore a string with green stones round her throat. She was wearing a tight green blouse hugging her big shapely tits and a black skirt with large green buttons from waist to hem and black pumps to match.

I stared at her and blood rushed into my cock. It lurched in my pants and my crotch got bigger and bigger. 'Sahebji, ' Priya said nudging me with her elbow.

'Eh, ' I asked coming back to reality.

'Please sit down and tell me what can I do for you?' Miss Ruby Abraham said smiling.

'Oh yes. I am sorry. I was momentarily distracted, ' I said laughing nervously, 'my name is Sahebji and this is my cousin Priya. We wanted to see you about her admission. The Joint Secretary Education... '

'So you have come. Weren't you supposed to come yesterday?' Miss Abraham said interrupting me.

'She did come... ' I said.

'Mr. Sahebji, please let Priya answer, ' Miss Abraham said, shutting me up.

'I did, ma'am, ' Priya said, 'but you were busy in a meeting. After the meeting you left for the day. I was advised by a gentleman in the Administration Office to see Mrs. Joshi. She said I was too late and the admissions are over.'

'That is what she told, ' Miss Abraham said softly. Priya nodded sniffling in her hanky.

'Nagma, ' Miss Abraham said.

'Yes ma'am, ' replied the paragon of beauty.

'Take Priya to Mrs. Joshi and tell her to give Priya an admission form, ' Miss Abraham said and turning to Priya, added, 'You fill it out and deposit it in the office by 11 o'clock tomorrow. Understood?'

Priya and Nagma left.

'Mr. Sahebji, I would like to talk to you about Priya's admission but I am busy right now. Can you call me at six in the evening at my residence? Here's my card, ' she said.

'Of course, ' I said taking the card.

In the afternoon Priya and I again went sightseeing. During the afternoon I asked her to tell me what happened on the train. 'I told you yesterday that there was nothing to tell, ' she said blushing.

'Are you sure?' I asked.

'Yes, nothing happened, ' she replied.

I called Miss Ruby Abraham at the appointed time. 'If you are not doing anything then come over to my house and we'll talk, ' she said.

I wondered what she wanted to talk about. Maybe she wanted to talk about a donation for the school... or maybe for herself. If I can please her then Priya's admission is a certainty I thought.

Therefore I bought a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of red Beaujolais and reached her flat at sharp eight o'clock. She opened the door. 'Come in Mr. Sahebji, ' she said, 'I'm glad you are punctual. I hate people who are late.'

I had not seen her standing before and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was 5' 6" tall. She was dressed in her housecoat and from what I could see she had a good figure.

'I hope you don't mind me dressed like this, ' she said, 'all day I have to dress formally but at home I like to be comfortable.'

'Not at all, ' I said politely giving her the flowers and the bottle.

She led me to the sitting room. When we were seated, she asked, 'Would you like a glass of sherry or wine?'

'I'll take wine if you'll join me, ' I replied.

'I'll join you. I love wine, ' she laughed, 'but I hope you don't mind if I open the bottle you have brought.'

'It is meant to be opened, ' I laughed.

We talked on many subjects but not once did she mention Priya's admission or anything about donations. I was dying to ask her about Priya's admission but did not lest it gave her an opening for asking for a donation.

After an hour I got up to take my leave. 'Don't go. Have dinner with me, ' she said, 'I have cooked it myself.'

I hesitated but agreed remembering my resolve to please her in every way possible.

'Good, ' she said, 'I'll go and lay the dinner. In the meanwhile if you like you may smoke.'

The dinner was simple but tasty.

'Miss Abraham, the food was delicious, ' I said at the end of the meal.

'Call me Ruby, ' she said, 'thank you. I hope you'll enjoy the dessert too.'

'I have a sweet tooth, ' I said putting on my best smile.

'I can offer you two desserts, one you can eat here and the other in the bedroom. Your choice, ' she giggled.

I thought fast. A choot is a choot and with that face she might be even a virgin, I thought. 'In the bedroom of course, ' I said without hesitation, pushing back my chair.

We adjourned to her bedroom. Suddenly we were in a hurry. We undressed and got into bed. My guess was right. She had an excellent figure. Her breasts were firm with just a little sag and her nipples were hard and pointed with excitement. There was no hair on her cunt.

'Jesus Christ, you are big, ' she exclaimed fisting my cock.

'It is the only one I have, ' I laughed running my fingers through her lower lips, 'now for the dessert.'

'Yeah, eat it before it gets cold, ' she giggled like a teenager and spread her legs wider.

I took her in my arms and gently kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked her breasts and her taut nipples.

'Oh Sahebji, ' she moaned.

Then I kissed my way towards her choot (cunt). On the way I stopped long enough to rotate my tongue in her navel. Reaching her cunt I licked her swollen cunt lips.

'Oh Sahebji, it feels sooooo good, ' she moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against my lips.

I licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it.

'OH GOD, IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON'T STOP. GO ON Y... HES GO ON. I AM ABOUT TO CUM. OH OHHH GOD I AMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG, ' she screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth.

Without a pause I continued to eat her pussy. 'OH JESSUSS, IT FEELS WONDERFUL, ' she screamed and came again

As I licked her offering, she yelled, 'SAHEBJI, STOP. FOR GOD'S SAKE FUCK ME NOW.'

Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes she was on the boil again.


I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on her. 'Sahebji, meri choot kabhie phir chat lena ab mujhe chodo (Sahebji, you can eat my pussy some other time, fuck me now), ' she said gasping for breath.

I got on top of her and placing my cock at the entrance of her choot pushed it in gently thinking that she might be a virgin.

'OWWWA, it hurts, ' she yelped as the head of my cock entered her choot. Slowly the whole length my cock entered her without any resistance. She was not a virgin but her choot was very tight.

I started to move my cock in and out of her dripping choot. I fucked her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed constantly. Her moans of pleasure became louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes.

Suddenly she yelled, 'SAHEBJI, STOP.'

Alarmed, I stopped. 'Is something wrong?' I asked.

'No, open that drawer and give me the white bottle with the blue label, ' she panted pointing to her bedside table's drawer. I complied. She took out a large tablet from the bottle and giving it to me, said, 'Put it in my choot then I can't become pregnant.'

'Aren't you on the pill?' I asked shoving the tablet deep inside her cunt with my cock.

'I am but sometimes I forget. It is better to be safe than sorry, ' she giggled. I recommenced stroking her. Soon her bottoms started to move in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly her body arched.


I continued to fuck her with steady strokes. Soon I felt my seed rising. My strokes became harder and faster. I was now on short strokes. Ruby was on the boil again.

'Y... HESS Y... HESSS, SAHEBJI, DON'T STOP. GO ON. Y... HESSS OH JESUSSS CHRIISST I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG' she screamed and lay panting. Few strokes later I jettisoned my load into her tight choot.

For few minutes we lay kissing savoring the intense sensation we had just experienced then I rolled off and I lit a cigarette. 'Light one for me also, ' Ruby said. For a few minutes we smoked in silence.

'Ruby, did you enjoy yourself?' I asked.

'Oh Sahebji, it was wonderful. I have never enjoyed myself like this before. What about you?' she asked.

'Oh yes. Your choot was very tight, ' I replied, 'Ruby, tell me who deflowered you and when?'

'My friend popped my cherry five years ago, ' she said.

'What a pity I would have loved to deflower you, ' I said.

'You like popping cherries?' she asked.

'Oh yes, I love deflowering girls, ' I replied.

'Well you are too late to take my cherry but are in time to fuck me again, ' she giggled, catching my cock and pulling me on top.

We had a very satisfying fuck. Several times I thought of bringing up the subject of Priya's admission but just couldn't and decided to ask her at the time of leaving.

After fucking her two more times I prepared to leave. 'Ruby, will Priya get admission?' I asked hesitatingly.

'She should with the Deputy Secretary's recommendation but the Admission Committee has the last word, ' she replied.

As I was leaving, she said, 'Sahebji, drop in whenever you like. I'm usually at home in the evenings.'

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