The Apprentice
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was a young virgin in my first job when three women offer to further my personal education.

The year was 1968 and a time when England still had a manufacturing industry. I had recently joined one of the large, local companies as a Business Administration Apprentice, which was a glorious title for what was really nothing more than a gofer. I believe the long-term aim was to turn us from gawky young schoolboys into the future management of the company but up until now I'd spent my time either bored, confused, embarrassed or usually, a combination of the three. The job entailed learning all aspects of the company, which invariably meant spending various amounts of time in different offices or production departments over the firm's large site. The boredom came when I was just ignored for hour on end, the confusion when I wasn't. The embarrassment because I'd not long left school, an all boy's school with not one female member of staff and I was now in offices where ninety percent of the staff were female, the majority of which seemed to think it compulsory to embarrass all the young apprentices in their 'care'.

Although the rest of the country was well into the decade of promiscuity, it had yet to reach the Potteries, or at least my part of it. I was yet to kiss a girl, something that I think that each office had quickly worked out and so their teasing of me was that bit more fun for them. There was no maliciousness in what they did; on the contrary, had I been alone with any of the girls I'm sure that I would have enjoyed the attention. For example one of them would 'forget' I was there and remove a top or lift up a skirt to show the others something or other. Of course I couldn't keep my eyes off their bra only covered breasts or the glimpse of panties.

Currently I was working in the print room and this was by far the worst department for teasing. The workers were all female, and most were quite young, though not as young as I was, because the print room was used as a starting point for many future admin staff. I had been here for two weeks and was just about getting used to my treatment, still blushing at many of their antics and comments, but no longer running off to hide. The exception was when I was required to work with Sandra. Sandra was thirty something, long dark red hair, with a slim figure that she emphasised by wearing a fifties style skirt, a tight fitting blouse and a belt around her narrow waist. Even though she was so much older than me (probably close to double my age) I still thought her exceptionally sexy, I say exceptional because to me then just about any female was sexy. Sandra oozed confidence and was always making me, and everyone else laugh; she was well known for playing practical jokes on the rest of the department, especially us apprentices. What made it worse was that Sandra was in charge of the Dark Room and working with her, which I was required to do at least a couple of hours a day, meant that the two of us would be virtually locked into a darkened room together and her only topic of conversation, at least with me, was sex; to be more precise MY sex life. I'm certain that she knew I was still a virgin, something that I was very reluctant to admit, but still asked about my love life. At first I tried to play it calm and make things up, but this couldn't last because she would ask very intimate details, which of course, in my ignorance of a woman's body, I was totally incapable of answering. This brought tears of laughter to Sandra's face and blood rushing to mine.

One lunchtime three of the women were sitting with me in the canteen when Sandra's name came up. Everyone knew how much Sandra teased me and the other young apprentices. Sue, the oldest at the table at about 28, asked me why I didn't stand up to her or at least do something about the teasing. Rachel and Pam both laughed, they both knew me well enough to know that I had no chance of standing up to a young girl, let alone a confident woman in her thirties. I managed not to blush but held out my arms in the universal sign of bewilderment.

Then Pam looked at me, smiled, and said, 'you're a virgin aren't you?'

For an instant I thought about bluffing it out, but realised that I had no chance. 'Afraid so.' I replied with my head bowed in guilt.

Surprisingly the three women didn't laugh. Sue smiled and said 'not many of them around in this place.'

Pam then asked. 'Seriously David! How come a nice looking young man like you hasn't got all the girls queuing up for him?'

I blushed at the compliment and explained how shy I was and how being one of three brothers, going to an all boy's school I had never got the chance to meet any girls. Women were a species beyond my ken. We talked of why I lacked the confidence and Rachel came up with a reason that I would never of thought of, yet in retrospect, knew she was accurate in her assessment. You put women on a pedestal, you think we are something special, even fragile; you don't see us as people, with our own insecurities.

Sue nodded her agreement. 'That's a superb point Rach. It'll make him a perfect husband one day, but it'll take a special girl to see past his innate shyness.'

'Right I've got an idea.' Said Pam. 'David, you go and get us all another brew, whilst I test the water with Rachel and Sue.' The other two looked inquisitively at Pam as I picked up the teacups and headed off to top them all up. 'David!' Pam shouted as I walked away, 'Take your time.'

I liked all the women in the department, even when they were teasing me, but these three and Sandra were the ones I got on with best mainly because they were the ones I worked with most, and the four I thought the most attractive, almost certainly helped by the fact that they tended to include me as one of them. All were slim, probably my only prerequisite, Pam and Rachel were blonde although Pam's undoubtedly came from a bottle, and Sue, the shortest at about 5'3" had mousey coloured hair cut very short and the only one who had fairly large breasts. I wondered what further embarrassment they were planning.

When I finally sat back down with them, all three seemed to be wearing the same inane grin. Pam, whose idea it originally was, spoke first.

'Well David! We've decided to help you stand up to Sandra.' She stated.

I was still puzzled, and it obviously showed, for Sue spoke. 'What we want you to do, is, when you're in the dark room with Sandra, to walk up to her, kiss her and undress her before making love to her.'

My mind kept saying 'you're joking' although I couldn't quite get the words to my mouth. The three looked at the fear on my face and simultaneously burst out laughing.

When I finally managed to speak I managed to squeak. 'You call that helping?'

'No!' said Rachel, before pausing for effect. 'To help you, we're going to teach you what to do.'

My jaw dropped lower and lower as it very gradually dawned on me what they meant, at least what I thought they meant, which brought even more mirth to my colleague's faces.

Sue looked at it me and said to the others. 'It's worth it just to see that look on his face.'

The others agreed. Sue looked at her watch and said we'd all better get back to work but made arrangements that we'd all meet after work in the Gardeners Retreat, our local pub. I just nodded, my mind still not functioning. Throughout the afternoon, I was in a turmoil, half the time I was elated, finally I was going to have a woman, maybe even three, the rest of the time I kept trying to keep my calm, telling myself that it was just another windup, that I was the victim of yet another embarrassing joke. Like all best cons there was enough for me to believe that it just might be genuine. The rest of the shift disappeared in a haze, I'm sure I'd had a few comments about my dreamlike state but if so I have no recollection of them.

I was last into the pub, as I'd had to return to the apprentice's office on the far side of the site where my locker was. I was happy to see that one of the women had bought me a pint. I sat down with them and waited for the laughter that would signal the end of the joke. It didn't come.

'David, we want you to listen carefully, and then tell us if you agree. Ok?' asked Sue.

I nodded not trusting myself to speak.

'The three of us, ' Sue said looking in turn at Rachel and Pam, 'will teach you about sex, but more importantly about women. There are, however, certain conditions that you must agree to first.'

I nodded; I'd have agreed to sell my soul for the chance to have sex with any of the three.

'Ok! First you must agree to do everything we say. Secondly, you must tell no one of this, and I mean no one, not your best mate, not anybody. Understood?'

Again I just nodded.

'Thirdly, and this is what it is all about. In just over two weeks it's Sandra's birthday, Friday, the twenty second to be precise. You must promise that on that day, you will attempt to seduce Sandra. Of course you must not push it too far, against her will or anything, but you must try.'

I was nodding again, but underneath I was pretty certain that I'd chicken out.

Rachel then chipped in. 'Don't look so worried, by then you will have all the skills needed to seduce any woman, including Sandra.' All three looked at each other and smiled.

'One last thing.' Said Pam. 'You will spend some time with each of us. Now its virtually impossible to expect you not to compare the three of us, but you are not to make any comment about any of us to one of the others.' The other two nodded at the wisdom of that.

'And remember, Pam and I have boyfriends, so no word of this had better get out. Ever!' said Sue.

Rachel smiled. 'In fact you can have the first lesson on women now. Women, and girls especially, hate a bragger. If you really want to screw up your chances, then get a reputation for someone who talks about his conquests. Now, do you agree to all the conditions?'

'Yes!' I answered.

'Any questions?' asked Sue.

'Just one! Why?' I answered.

'We are normal healthy women and the idea of screwing a fit, good looking bloke always appeals.' Said Rachel.

I was shocked, to my knowledge, women didn't think things like that, never mind say them, so stunned in fact that I never even noticed the compliment that otherwise would have had me blushing.

Sue laughed at my reaction. 'Rachel's right, but I like the idea of teaching a man to appreciate women, not just to use them.' The others nodded their agreement. 'I'm sure many women in your future will thank us for our efforts.' This time the others laughed quite loudly.

Pam finished the reasons. 'And of course, we want to get Sandra back for all the tricks she's played on us. We have promised her a birthday present she'll never forget and I'm sure that you will deliver it for us.' Once again peals of ribald laughter followed.

'Anything else?' Sue asked me.

Still monosyllabic I asked. 'When?'

This started the laughter off again. 'Typical bloody male, always in a rush!' giggled Rachel, before looking at the other two, winking and added. 'No time like the present I suppose.'

She stood up, looked around the room to check if there was anyone that knew us. Deciding that there wasn't she grabbed my hand and pulled me up. 'Let's go.' She ordered.

Automatically I bent to retrieve my hardly touched beer. Rachel pulled my hand away. 'Oh no! Lesson two, booze is a big no-no in the bedroom stakes.'

I'd heard and understood all the words spoken in the pub, had even acknowledged some of them, but their real meaning was yet to sink in, and still hadn't when we entered Rachel's flat. Any conversation we had during that brief walk left no mark on my memory. Her flat was a typical council property of the period, all built within ten years from the end of the war. This was had two quite large bedrooms, with a kitchen and lounge separated by a pair of glass doors. Draughty steel framed windows gave ample reason for the coal fires all these properties had. I lived with my parents in a three bedroomed house of identical construction.

'Have you ever seen a naked woman or girl?' This was Rachel's first comment that I vividly recall, said as she was removing her coat. The smile on her face, especially in her eyes showed the comment to be genuine, rather than yet more teasing.

'No! Never!' I replied honestly and enthusiastically.

'Seen pictures though.' She stated.

'Health and Efficiency magazine' I confirmed meaning the 'Naturalist' magazine, which by today's standards would be laughed at, but to me at the time, was the only thing available

'Humph! That's not much help.'

Rachel went quiet for a few moments. I shut up, scared that she may be changing her mind. My heart was beating wildly with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. I looked at Rachel as I'd done frequently at work. She was the prettiest in my current department and along with Sandra the most fun to be with. She was about 5'7" tall and weighed about 9 stone (126 pounds) compared to my 6'6" and 14 stone (196 pounds) frame. Her hair was ash blonde, worn just below the neck. I checked out, for the umpteenth time, her shapely legs and her breasts, hidden behind a simple white blouse; I could easily make out her bra below and thought about the wonders that lay hidden behind.

'Ok!' Rachel said, as if she had decided on a course of action. 'For most women, sex is a culmination of physical attraction, romance and sensuality. For most men it's a quick fuck and off down the pub; with or without your partner.'

I didn't comment, but understood immediately that I was probably that typical male.

'To start with, I intend to show you the difference.'

I nodded yet again, not knowing what to say.

'Follow me.' She commanded and headed into her bedroom.

'Now undress.' The orders continued.

Rachel began to undress herself. She had no inhibitions at all about her body, which wasn't too surprising, as she had a great figure. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, as bits of a woman's anatomy I'd only before dreamed of came into view. Her breasts were average, maybe even a little small, in size, but stuck out firmly, just as I'd always pictured a woman's breasts. She had a taut and slim stomach and when she lowered her panties revealing a bush of light blonde hair, I nearly came. It was only then that I realised just how hard I was. I was already into the heavy breathing stage.

'Wow!' was all I could manage.

Rachel had been watching my face throughout her strip, and when she saw and heard my final reaction she said with a grin. 'I'm glad you like what you see, but I thought you were supposed to be getting undressed to.'

Too busy watching Rachel, I'd only got as far removing my shirt, but now the rest followed in double quick time. Rachel lay on the bed with her hand between her legs, her middle finger circling slowly. I stood still, rooted to the floor, my eyes hardly moving from that magical spot between her legs. Rachel let out a slow murmur, looked up to me and I felt my stomach do somersaults as I watched her eyes fasten on my cock. She smiled and motioned for me to join her. I hurried to do so

She positioned me above her spread thighs and reached down to grip me. The intensity of that first woman's touch will remain forever, but even that was nothing to the sensations coursing through me as she guided me into her. Initially I could not move, just revelling in being inside a woman for the very first time. Rachel's hands grabbed by buttocks, forcing them to start their natural task. It took little persuasion and very quickly I began to push my cock into Rachel as fast and as hard as I could; equally quickly I was coming, filling her with my seed. The whole thing must have lasted two minutes and I was extraordinarily proud of myself. That was not to last too long when Rachel pushed my off her and said, the disappointment in her voice obvious.

'I expected it to be quick, but not that quick.'

I didn't know what to say, I thought it had been just fabulous; I was still tingling with the sensation of it all. In the end all I managed was a 'Sorry!' that somehow seemed required.

She saw my face and smiled before pulling me to her and kissing me, only a soft touch of the lips but I was amazed at the effect it had. 'I shouldn't have expected any more I suppose.' She said, the smile carrying over in her voice. She spoke, like me, with a harsh accent, typical of the local area, but of course to me was nothing unusual.

(Authors Note: I have tried to use correct English in speech rather than the Potteries Dialect which was actually spoken, so that readers may at least understand what was said.)

By this time we were lying side by side facing each other, so that my eyes were looking straight into Rachel's. For the first time I noticed, although I'd spent a lot of time looking at her it had been mainly from the neck down, not only that they were blue, but also that they were exceptionally bright, with a sparkle of humour in them.

My left hand had found its way, unaided by my brain, to her breast and I slowly and gently cupped it. It was the feel of her hardened nipple against my palm that made me realise just what I was doing. The thought that this was the first woman's breast I had ever held rushed through my mind, quickly followed by the revelation that it felt nothing like I had imagined. They were soft and firm at the same time, but the thing that amazed me most was the size and hardness of her nipples, I suppose I had been expecting them to be the same as a mans. Rachel was obviously aware of what my hand was up to, but seemed quite happy to let me continue, in fact after a few minutes I was sure that she was even enjoying it. I'd often thought about touching a girl's breasts but only as a preliminary to sex. Now I was lying here, post coital, caressing Rachel's breast and liking it. I tried something slightly different and began to roll her nipple firmly between my fingers and thumb. Rachel's sigh of pleasure, took me unawares, but not as much as when she grabbed my neck and pulled me into a kiss unlike anything I'd ever imagined. Her tongue was in my mouth seeking my own as she pulled me hard against her lips. I squeezed her breast quite hard and was rewarded with a muffled moan. I felt her lower body move up and start to press against mine. I could feel her pubic hair against me and felt myself becoming aroused again. I slid my right hand underneath her and took hold of one of her firm buttocks and pulled her against my erection. I didn't know which part of my body to give the most attention to; our kiss continued, astonishing me in how pleasurable a kiss could be, it was rivalling my hand on her breast and my cock pressed up against her.

Rachel broke the kiss and pushed me onto my back, she didn't say a word as she straddled my hips. She took hold of my cock and began to rub it against her sex. I stared down, watching her hand as it guided my manhood up and down her pussy. The moment when she guided my cock into her was awesome; it was if I could feel every single nerve individually. Then she lowered herself until I was filling her completely. She started to grind against my pubic bone, her hands resting on my chest. I gave up trying to think of superlatives to describe it and just lay back to relish the moment. She began to move up and down, I could feel my cock leaving her heat before being plunged back in as she dropped back down on me. At first, reluctant to leave her pussy for even a moment I tried to raise my hips to follow her. She shook her head and whispered a long 'Nooo!' I started watching her; I had never seen lust on a woman's face yet recognised it instantly. I looked down to where we were joined, watching my hard cock between her golden hairs; I could easily see the magical slit that I was penetrating. Oddly enough it seemed like the first time for me, as if our first coupling was something different. It was only later that I would realise that this is exactly what Rachel meant to demonstrate. A couple of times I felt myself starting to come and would try to speed up my thrusts, Rachel immediately did just the opposite, almost stopping with me still inside her, just moving her hips back and forward. I also looked at her breasts a lot and kept holding them, squeezing them and her nipples. It was when I was rubbing her nipples strongly that I felt her stiffen, at first I thought that maybe I had squeezed too hard and had hurt her but when she started moving faster, pressing harder against me each time and biting her bottom lip I realised that she was close to orgasm. I'd heard about it if not actually seen it before. Of course the faster action is exactly what I needed for my own relief.

I heard myself cry. 'I'm coming!'

Rachel moaned back at me. 'Yes! Just a bit more! Oh yes!'

Then I felt her whole body tremble accompanied by a very long cry of 'Oooohhhh!' That was more than enough to make me reach my climax. With each jet of cum I tried to push my cock deeper into Rachel as I held her hips pulling her down to meet each thrust.

We stayed there for a few moments as we both came down, then Rachel leaned over and kissed me, another gentle kiss, one that was full of tenderness rather than passion.

Her face glowed and her smile seemed to convey so much, especially her beautiful eyes, they held me, at that moment I would have done anything at all for this woman.

'I think the second time was better.' The amusement in her voice was unmistakeable. 'Don't you?'

'Oh yes! Without doubt.' I told her what I had thought earlier about the first seeming as if it was something different.

She looked at my oddly after that, like when I was at school and had said something clever that had surprised the teacher. 'Very perceptive David.' She said. 'I think it confirms what we thought about you.'

I tried to raise my eyebrows in the universal method of asking a question.

Her smile broadened but she just shook her head.

'So what have you learned then?' Rachel asked some time later when we'd both got dressed.

'I'm not sure.' I answered honestly. 'I know that the second time was so much better but I'm not sure exactly why.'

Rachel smiled once more. 'The first time you fucked me, I could have been anyone, and all you were interested in was your own feelings and needs.' I started to disagree but swiftly realised how right she was. She continued. 'The second time we made love, we that is, not just you. We both got satisfaction from it, it lasted longer, it has to for a woman to really enjoy it, and it takes a while to get her aroused, that's what the kissing and touching did. Often it takes me even longer but I was excited about having you and frustrated over the first time, in fact if I wasn't so excited you wouldn't have found it easy the first time.'

I looked puzzled, so she went on. 'A woman is usually dry downstairs so that penetration is often difficult unless she is aroused. That's why you always best to start arousing her well before taking her to bed.'

'How do I do that? I can't very well start feeling her up in the pub.'

Rachel laughed. 'No that's something you can save until you're on your own. What you can do though is to be attentive, pay her little compliments and flirt.'

It was my turn to laugh. 'Boys don't flirt, that's something girls do.' I stated.

'Wrong David! Flirting is about telling the other person that you find them attractive. It can be a look, a few risqué words, a gentle touch on her arm or anything like that. Kissing is always a good way too.'

'Now it's time for you to go, I'm going out soon and I haven't even started to get ready. Think about tonight and we'll talk at work tomorrow.'

She walked me to the door, gave me another tender kiss and sent me home.

I walked home in a daze. I'd left home a complete innocent but would arrive back a man of the world (or at least that's what I thought at the time.) I went over the day's events time and time again.

My mum said I looked like the cat that got the cream. I told her I'd won some money playing cards. Her reply was a knowing 'of course you have son!'

Surprisingly, or maybe not, I fell asleep almost immediately that night and woke up the next morning looking forward to the day in a way I'd never known before.

When I arrived in the print room I immediately looked for Rachel. I saw her talking to Sue and started heading towards them. Rachel saw me and gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head. I knew that she didn't want to talk to me but I wasn't sure why. Only slightly hurt, as there had been no apparent animosity in her look I finally guessed that she would talk when it suited her, Ten minutes later Sue came over to me, carrying some paper for the guillotine, which was my current job.

She laughed as she said.' Got off to a good start I hear then!'

I was dying to tell someone about it and was about to blurt out everything when something made me pause and hold back. I remembered what they had said about bragging or talking about it. My smile was, for once, a confident one, but I said nothing.

Noticing my reticence to talk Sue commented. 'A good sign! You're learning already I see.'

She then told me how she wanted her paper cut and started to leave. Just as she was about to go she turned and whispered. 'Oh! You're mine tonight.'

I was about to comment but she had already walked away. I watched her, enjoying the sight of her cute backside and nice legs. It was something I did often with a lot of the women, irrespective of all the times I'd been caught ogling and the inevitable teasing that came. I felt a sudden tingle of anticipation as I realised that tonight I would be able to do more than just look. I felt myself get hard at the thought. I spent most of the day either thinking back to my time with Rachel or forward to tonight with Sue. Luckily my job on the binding machine required little thought. Even my time in the dark room, with Sandra, passed in a mental haze.

We met up again at lunchtime, when most of the questions were aimed at Rachel, who fielded them all with either a look or smile. The only comment she would make is that she was looking forward to the next time, needless to say, so was I. I followed Rachel's lead and said nothing. Sue told me where she lived and we arranged to meet at seven that night.

The butterflies were turning my stomach into jelly as I knocked on Sue's door. Not only because of what we had planned, but what would I say if Sue's boyfriend answered? He didn't, Sue did and swiftly ushered me into the front room of her house. She explained that it was her parents' house and that her mum and dad were both working until at least ten o'clock. Sue spoke quicker than usual as she greeted me mundanely and I realised, with some surprise, that Sue too, was nervous. This possibility hadn't occurred to me before, especially as Sue was the oldest of the three. Somehow, this nervousness gave me a needed boost in my confidence. We were in the kitchen by the time I had worked all this out, with Sue about to put the kettle on, after all, we all know that a cup of tea is the universal cure all.

I had thought that, like with Rachel, we would just meet and get straight to it but even I could see that Sue was not ready, maybe because of her boyfriend or maybe she didn't really want to go through with it. I remembered what Rachel had said about arousal so I decided to take the initiative and find out.

She was wearing a long flowery skirt, about calf length and a Rolling Stones tee shirt. I walked up to her and began to stroke her naked arm. She turned to face me, her hand still holding the kettle. I took it from her and put it down before reaching out to caress her cheek. For the first time she let her eyes meet mine and even I could see the indecision there. With my thumb I began to trace her lips. When she kissed my thumb I felt it was a sign for me to continue so I pulled her slowly to me and bent down to kiss her. At first, given the height difference, it felt a little awkward, but as I tried to repeat what Rachel had shown me it began to feel right. Sue quickly responded to my probing tongue and almost immediately her hands began to firmly grip my back. I ran my fingers through her short hair and used my fingertips to caress her earlobes and neck, delighted with the reactions I was getting.

Suddenly Sue pulled away and complained. 'You're too bloody tall. You give me neck ache.'

With that she first led me back into the living room and then pushed me to sit on the sofa. Then she sat astride me before saying. 'Now! Where were we?'

'About here.' I replied as I pulled her back to my lips. This time with my back against the sofa Sue began to rub my chest, squeezing as she did so. I pulled slightly back from her to look into her brown eyes and then for some reason kissed each one gently, then her nose and finally each lip individually, tracing my tongue along the edge of her lips. I could taste her lipstick. I ran my fingers through her short-cropped hair, even then realising how much I preferred long hair that I could finger comb. Remembering Sue's reaction, a moment ago, to me caressing her ears, I returned to them and her neck, just below her ears. Once again I was surprised at Sue's reaction, she leaned her head right back and began to squirm and tell me how good it felt. Tentatively I placed my hand on her breast. With no negative response from the breast's owner I began to squeeze it; this did evoke a response but it was far from negative, Sue's moans became even louder. I moved my lips to her throat, kissing gently on the way. Though the Rolling Stones did little to prevent my hand savouring the moment, the heavy bra underneath certainly did, so, with a bravado that was fast becoming real, I put my hand on Sue's back, under her tee shirt and began to feel for her bra fastening. Luckily, for I had very little experience of undoing these contraptions, the clasp undid easily. Swiftly I shifted my hand to her unhaltered breast, pushing the now redundant bra up and out of the way, and began to knead her naked flesh. They were quite a bit larger than Rachel's, certainly more than the proverbial handful, but equally engrossing. I felt her nipple harden against my palm, the thought that I was the one causing this reaction in a woman still had the ability to astound me. The confidence given to me by Rachel was still fragile, easily deflated by my own thoughts.

I pulled away slightly and eagerly removed Sue's top and bra, with her full approval. I could easily use both hands to cup one of her breasts and after a long moment admiring them, this I did bending to suck an engorged nipple, which considering the size of her breast compared to Rachel's was actually a little smaller. Sue's hands were in my dark hair, which was actually longer than hers, alternating between combing and pulling me against her when my lips got it just right. Remembering more of Rachel's wise words I noticed what I was doing when Sue reacted well and tried repeating it, soon I reckoned I knew how best to play with her breasts for her enjoyment. I felt, rather undeservingly, a little a little smug satisfaction at my newfound ability.

After giving both breasts, and nipples of course, their due attention I grew a bit bolder and let my hand stray down her bare stomach and over the thin material of her skirt to rest between her legs; once there, however, my boldness failed and I just kept my hand perfectly still waiting for Sue's response before continuing or retreating. That reaction was an encouraging loud murmur of appreciation, so I began to rub my fingers through her skirt against her pubic mound. The result was an increase in volume and frequency of her moans.

I knew I had heard the words of permission to explore her body it was only now that I was beginning to accept their truth and that Sue DID want me to make love to her.

I moved around so that Sue was lying on the sofa whilst I was kneeling on the floor then pulled her skirt up to her waist and caressed her naked thighs; I'd already noted the lack of tights. After just a few strokes on each thigh I moved my hand to her panties only to find, excitedly, that they were wet. I had managed to excite her, a fully-grown woman. The thought was still a little alien. As I pushed my inexperienced hand against the satin like material, Sue moaned her approval. A few seconds later and that approval was withdrawn. With only a slight show of displeasure, she moved my hand, lifted herself up, removed her panties before replacing my hand and using her own to guide mine in what it should be doing.

Now my hand touched her hairy pussy. I know I'd been told not to compare but I couldn't help but see and feel the difference in Sue's thick, heavy thatch and Rachel's softer, and more sparse golden curls. As soon as my fingers touched her and she emitted a very loud cry of pleasure my mind returned its focus on Sue.

Immediately I felt just how wet Sue was, and also how easily my fingers slipped between her pussy lips and into her sex. I began to push two fingers deep into her, and still displaying my innocence, slowly at first for fear of hurting her. It was Sue herself that told me how hard and fast to push, she was also the one that first introduced my to a woman's clitoris, her hand guiding mine in how to get the most out of her most sensitive organ.

I remembered Rachel's fingers as she'd lain on her bed stroking herself and tried to maintain a similar rhythm with Sue. Something I was doing was right, as Sue's moans of pleasure became more intense. I felt her legs tense a moment before her entire body seemed to arc off the sofa as the pleasures of her orgasm ripped through her body.

I continued rubbing, only to have my hand gently, but firmly removed, with Sue commenting that she was much too sensitive for a few minutes after coming. I remember feeling, still, more than a little surprised, that women talked about sexual things as if they were natural. (I know now, that, that sounds stupid but I offer my immaturity in mitigation.)

Still reluctant to leave a female body alone I leaned over and began to kiss her nipples, while using my hands to squeeze her large breasts. A few minutes of this and I could feel Sue beginning to respond again. My cock was aching with desire but I had nowhere near enough confidence to ask Sue to do anything about it. Fortunately Sue's own needs matched my own and she pushed me away and told me to undress. For the second consecutive evening my clothes hit the floor in double quick time.

Sue pushed me back on the sofa, swiftly removed her few remaining garments and sat astride me once more. My cock was so rampant that it found its way into Sue's wet pussy without any help at all; at least that's what it seemed like at the time, I never considered that Sue had positioned herself properly. My lover leaned in to me and our mouths met and our tongues became entwined as she moved up and down on my grateful cock. I tried to thrust into her eager body but the soft cushions of the sofa gave little help so it was Sue that did nearly all of the work. Not that I was complaining, I was relishing every little moment.

Like the previous evening I was failing to last too long and it was only Sue's skill and my inability to up the tempo that made me last the five minutes that I did. The sheer bliss and physical relief as I emptied my balls into only my second partner was mind blowing. Sue, like Rachel before her, was disappointed, but unsurprised at my initial performance, but was not going to let me leave until I'd done better, much better, as she told me with a gorgeously wicked grin.

We took our clothes and walked naked up the stairs to her bedroom where we lay side by side and passionately kissed, my youthful vigour swiftly showing in another erection. Sue lay on her back and pulled me onto her. This time my aim wasn't quite as accurate and it took Sue's dainty hand to guide me into her. With Rachel's words of wisdom occasionally winning through the lustful haze in my head, I slowly made love to Sue. I noticed that when I was deepest inside her, if I circled my pelvis slightly, she responded with a louder moan. It also made her tighten her virginal muscles around my embedded cock so we both gained. Having noted my two lovers' disapproval of my speedy initial attempts, I was determined to make this last, so it was me that slowed slightly if I felt myself getting close to coming. Sue was rewarded by my efforts with two orgasms before my own climax arrived.

Drained I pulled out of her and return to our initial positions. It was during the next hour that I was to discover I had a natural skill that most women adore — I listened. Sue told me of her life as she saw it, about Tom, her current boyfriend, her inability to fly the nest and much more besides. Whilst she was doing this, we just lay on her bed facing each other, occasionally caressing each other but most of the time just content with the physical contact of a hand or leg. I got the feeling that Sue was talking more to herself than to me but I listened all the same.

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