Roberta and Cousins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual, Cousins, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Events can lead to bigger and better things when you help someone along side an interstate.

My name is Bob Harris and I retired six months ago. I was very lucky — I held 5 patents in robotics and had sold my company for 12 million just before I turned 35 years old. I am 6 feet tall at 185 pounds with hazel eyes and dark blonde hair, which had some gray around the temples. I used to work out three times a week to keep in shape.

Six months before I turned over total control of my company I had bought 350 acres south of Comanche, Texas on the Leon River. I had left the barn and other outbuildings as-is, but had the old house rebuilt for a foreman who I had known for years and who owned some property down the road. Doug and I had reached an agreement that in exchange for taking care of my property and providing me with 2 steers, for meat, per year he could live in the house and make use of the property except for where I was building my new home and shop, which was on a hilltop overlooking the river.

Doug was raised down the road and his mother still lived on his place so he was happy with the deal and he was able to expand his herd with the acreage I leased him. Doug was also the same age as me, but had been injured in a tractor trailer accident when a teenager had blown through a red light. Doug left leg was about half an inch shorter than his right leg after that, so he had a hitch in his stride when he walked.

Three months before I came to the ranch to live I had my house and a detached machine shop built. The house was built into the side of a hill and faced East-Northeast. It was in the shape of an "L" with the base being a 4-car garage/wood shop facing south-southeast, while not built into the hillside did provide protection for the courtyard. The garage was built oversize and I planned to use it as a woodshop as well as for cars. The house itself was long, with the kitchen next to the garage then a great room that formed an "L" extending behind the kitchen. On the backside the utility room came next, then the bathroom, a large study, and a master bath that could be entered from the master bedroom. The master bedroom ran the width of the house from back to front. On the front side of the house were the kitchen, great room with the front door and then three bedrooms, along the hall, which ran to the master bedroom. At the time, the house only had the walls installed and the sheetrock in place. All finish carpentry, trim, and cabinets were going to be built and installed by me.

The machine shop was another story. It too was built into the side of a hill but faced almost due south. It had double car garage doors at each end, with a regular door in the center. I had a complete machine shop installed as I was looking forward to doing some more design work. The biggest problem in getting the shop built was supplying the power. I needed three-phase 220-volt power and this was not readily available in the area. It required the digging and laying of a separate electrical line since I did not want to install utility poles.

I had two wells drilled. One was the return well, which received the water that was run through the AC units. The other was used to supply the water for the AC unit and the buildings. I installed a satellite dish receiver with Internet capabilities and used cell phones, of which I had four. I gave one to Doug, put one each in the house and the shop, and carried one with me.

I moved to the ranch almost a year to the day after I bought the ranch. Doug and I had planted a double row of evergreens just to the north of the house to serve as a windbreak. We had also finished up the courtyard to the house so we would be less likely to track dirt in. I was living with Doug at his place since no furniture or appliance had been delivered to the house yet. The machine shop was set-up and running; I had used the equipment twice to repair tractors on the ranch.

Well now that you know who Doug and I are, I can continue with the rest of the story...

At the ranch we did not get much snow and it did not get bad during the winter. In fact, if it snowed, by the end of the next day all traces were gone. So towards the end of January I decide it was time to go buy some oak lumber I found a lumber mill in central Arkansas that would sell me 1 by 8 inch oak at wholesale if I bought 5000 feet. I had added another 500 feet of 2 by 6 inch oak, so the trailer was really loaded down. Now I did not need that much oak but I had worked a deal with the two local lumber yards in the towns near me to trade half of what I had left with them for plywood and other supplies.

I left on January 27th and started the return tip on the 31st. I had been driving slowly because it had snowed and I was pulling a heavy load. Before I had left the lumberyard we had wrapped the wood in plastic shrink-wrap and then covered it with tarps. I would pull off into a rest area whenever possible and check the load and the tarps to be sure every thing was okay and to stretch. Just outside Hope, Arkansas I was just getting ready to enter the entrance ramp to the interstate when a semi slid to a stop and a girl started to climb out of the passenger side of the cab.

All of a sudden she flew backward landing flat on her back in the snow bank. For some reason I noted the license plate as the semi drove off. I went to check on the girl, who was just starting to sit up, and was still gasping for breath. Apparently, falling on her back had knocked the wind out of her. I noted that she was wearing jeans and a T-shirt only and her back was already soaked through from lying in the snow.

Once she was recovered enough she started crying and it took me a few minutes to calm her down to find out what the problem was. She told me her name was Roberta and that she had been hitchhiking to her Uncle's house in San Antonio, Texas. Roberta also said that everything she owned was still in the cab of the truck. I called the local police on my cell phone and relayed what happened, and they said that they would notify the Texas State Police. They had no one available to stop the semi before it reached the border, so the Texas State Police would stop the semi at the weigh station as it crossed into Texas. They said that we should proceed immediately to there.

In the half-hour it took to get to the Texas border on Interstate 30 I found out that she had been raped, beaten, and hospitalized for a month in Nashville, Tennessee before she went on the road. Roberta had sold every thing she owned of value to pay her hospital bills and her rent before starting for Texas. Her parents had disowned her and she was headed for her uncle's place.

At the border, the Texas State Troopers had the semi already pulled over and the driver was in handcuffs. One of the State Troopers walked over and introduced himself and asked Roberta if the driver was the man who had kicked her out of the truck. The Trooper then continued by asking her age. He seemed disappointed to find out she was 20 years old.

Shortly he had her go to the truck where she recovered her jacket, purse, and knapsack. The trooper asked to see her purse and was happy to find her driver's license and about $150.00. The trooper said that they would not be able to charge him with kidnapping but could charge him with attempted rape, assault, and theft. Roberta started to cry and I explained that Roberta had been raped in Nashville and I doubted that she would press any charges whatsoever given her state of mind.

I suggested that he take her to stand about 50 feet from the driver with her back to him and allow me to talk to him alone. I further suggested that they inform the driver that he would be charged with attempted rape, assault, and theft before I approached him. This was done, and I approached the driver and said, "It looks like you are in a world of hurt!" The driver pretended to ignore me so I continued, "I could make these charges go away if you are willing to cooperate."

"What do you want?" asked the driver sullenly.

I asked, "Do you mind if I look in your wallet?"

"No!" with a bit of anger

I pulled out his wallet and removed the cash leaving the wallet hanging at the end of the chain. I told him, "This squares things unless I happen to see you again! Do we have an agreement?"

"Yes!" he agreed sullenly.

I turned and walked over to the State Troopers and handed the money to Roberta saying, "We will not be pressing charges since the gentleman has decided to apologize and make amends to Roberta here."

The Senior Trooper said, "It will take us another hour to two to check his load before he will be able to leave. That should give you plenty of time to get clear of the area. Roberta, do you want to travel with him or have us arrange transportation?"

"I think I will be safe and I will ride a ways with him. If that is okay?" said Roberta, looking at me...

"I am happy to have the company." I said and the Trooper stated, "I think that he can be trusted given what he has already done for you!"

After we said good-bye and thanks we climbed into my truck and started down the highway. About six miles later, Roberta after counting the money twice said, "I have counted the money twice and there is $497.00!"

"Well, that will be a good addition to your war chest! It will take about three hours to the south side of Dallas and another two for me to get home. I would like you to spend the night in the spare room and in the morning I can give you a ride to your uncle, if you would like that." I explained.

Roberta offered me some money for expenses and I told her it was not necessary. Later she asked me what I did for a living and I told her I was retired. She gave me this 'I don't believe it' look so I told her an abbreviated story of my life. I then asked her what she had been doing in Nashville and she told me she had been trying to start a singing career but without much success. She said that after getting out of the hospital she had not been able to return to the stage because she kept thinking the guys that raped her were out in the audience watching and waiting. I told her I could understand that.

After we passed through Dallas I used my cell phone to call Doug and ask him to get the guestroom ready. Doug kept asking who was coming and I finally said, "I picked up a pretty stray along the side of the road and she will be staying the night!" This stopped his questioning and he said he would have dinner ready when we arrived.

About 5 PM I honked the horn three long blasts and took the turn up the hill towards my place. Doug showed up about ten minutes later and I had back the trailer into the garage and was removing the tarps. I introduced Doug to Roberta and then we all continued removing and folding the tarps.

As Doug used the tractor with fork tines to lift a bundle of wood, I would pull the truck forward then he would stack the wood against the wall. This took us about an hour and a half to complete. Then I took the trailer to the shed, backed it in, and unhitched it. By the time we arrived at the house Doug had the biscuits in the oven and they were starting to smell good.

Dinner was good. Doug had made a stew and with the hot biscuits it was great. After dinner we did dishes then watched a little TV. At 8:30, Roberta said that she was tired and going to bed. Doug and I stayed up and I explained about Roberta. Doug said that as far as he was concerned she could stay as long as she wanted; that Roberta's family must be a bunch of assholes. Little did we know! We went to bed after watching the evening news and weather report.

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