The Prescription - Fill Generically or Dispense as Written
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man learns his lessons of sex and passion from his fantasy and moves onto use his skills in the world of singles, all the while searching for Mrs. Right. Once he thinks he may have found her, he gets the chance to take on one more fantasy woman with hopes it doesn't ruin everything. Set in a chain pharmacy setting, the story is based on a story a friend related to me as he celebrated 20 years as a pill pusher.

I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist my first day as a stock boy at Friends Pharmacy. They were a 50 store chain out of Manlius, New York, just outside of Syracuse. I just finished my second year of High School and wanted the job to begin saving for a car and insurance. My Dad had aspirations for me to be a doctor but my Mothers brother, who had retired at 50 because of arthritis in his hands and back, swayed me away. His stories of 36 hour shifts as an intern, dependencies on uppers and downers, gnawing guilt even when you lose a patient only a miracle could save were only the tip of the iceberg on his laundry list of why he was glad to be out. The constant hand and finger work, coupled with the constant standing, proliferated his arthritis, which my 40 year old Mom was dealing with. Being in the same bloodline I worried about it.

I had the marks in school to get in any college I wanted and applied for scholarships everywhere. While my parents thought I was aiming at being a doctor, most of the schools offered pharmaceutical to keep my options open.

That first day I was a whirlwind nearly cleaning out the stock room and having the shelves loaded and neat by the end of my shift. The pharmacist on duty told me I should slow down or they would expect me to work like that everyday. When he sent his assistant to get lunch he offered to buy mine and we talked while we ate. I found out you could make 60 to 100K in the right situation as pharmacist and still had the satisfaction of helping people while not having to make one incision, look at one nasty infection, or deal with the private parts of people you didn't want to look at clothed, let alone in the altogether.

The regular manager and the assistants in the store didn't mind my hanging near the pharmacy counters when stock had to be moved, but they always bugged me about not taking care of the front of the store. My other duties were sweeping and cleaning, as well as cashier assistance. By the middle of my junior year in High School management at Friends Drugs had lined me up with programs where I could go to Syracuse University, work at Friends while getting fiscal assistance and make a co-commitment of employment with Friends.

As I entered that summer before my senior year it was a slam dunk that my next 8 years of school would be around a career at Friends working to be a pharmacist. That time of my life was when my sexual being woke up and I had my "Summer of '42". The 2nd assistant manager was a woman named Evelyn who we all called Evvy off the floor but Miss Tucker otherwise. Evvy was 10 years older than me, married once and divorced. She didn't have kids and said she caught her husband cheating early in her marriage. She didn't elaborate except to say that she got right into the management program at Friends and dumped him within the first year. She had apparently proved the infidelity, because she lived in a house way beyond her means as an assistant manager.

Evvy always got a little personal with everyone and became a big sister type to a few of us at the store. We would talk about girlfriends, school, my upcoming college life and lots of things that I wondered about. She was not this way with just me, but most everyone who worked her shifts, usually closing and weekends. Evvy was pretty for sure, but you rarely got to see the rest of her as she was always in a work smock or jacket, either of which always had her "Evelyn Tucker, manager on duty" Friends nameplate on it. She began to ask one of us to park beside her car when she closed so she could walk out with someone and feel safer. I was never elected for a long while until a summer Saturday night when some of the others were on vacation. I waiting in the front of the store for her while she finished closing the back of the store and she said she had to change for a movie date with her sister and girlfriends. She came out of the back room in a tank top and tight jean shorts with her hair down and I near tripped over my tongue. She smiled at my obvious elevator eyes and went to the front of the store to put the deposit bag in the safe before leaving. (An armed bank service came in and opened the safe each morning for a safe deposit of funds) When she bent over to open the safe she had trouble with the combination at first, probably because she was checking me out, checking her out. I had a little sexual experience, but an ass like hers was only in magazines and getting a knowing smile back from her got me stiff instantly.

That particular night I remember now having a date with my girl and whom I thought for sure I could score soon. While I felt her tits in front of her house I only thought of Evvy as I slid my hand down around her ass and squeezed. My mouth locked to hers, one hand on her boob and another on her ass, I wasted time fondling instead of moving forward. Her outside light flashed and we knew we were busted.

"Maybe next time we'll find a better place to park." She said, disgusted at her Dad, but she later told me I wasted too much time, that she was ready. What she didn't know was that I couldn't wait to get home and think about Evvy and wishing it were HER ass I was fondling. As I jerked off that night my first squirt of cum shot 3 feet into the air and landed beside my head on my pillow; I knew Evvy was the incentive.

The following nights and weeks I looked at Evvy a different way and she caught me staring at her many times. Finally another night came where she needed an escort to the parking lot.

"I'll need one of you two to wait and leave with me tonight." She shouted to me and the pharmacy assistant.

Lori the assistant looked at me hopefully. "Please can you stay? I've got a date with a guy I've been dying to go out with and if we miss the movie, he'll never ask me out again."

I smiled and waved her off; glad to escort Evvy out, hoping she would change into something provocative again.

When Evvy came out if the backroom she was still in the skirt and blouse she wore in, but without the coat or smock. The clothes accented her figure nicely as I looked her up and down as she came up the dimly lit aisle to the front safe.

"Good Lord, Dean! Why don't you take a picture? You've been staring at me for weeks and to tell you the truth you're beginning to creep me out."

I was shocked at first, not realizing I was that obvious.

"I'm... uh,... sorry Evvy. You are very pretty." I stammered out.

"Pretty is one thing, but you're looking at me like I have to worry about you raping me!"

Evvy said boldly.

I must have turned white and then red as I almost burst into tears.

"Oh no, Evvy! I'm not like that, it's just, just. " I stammered as I searched for a word to say.

"It's just you can't find a girl your age who excites you like me? I have men stare at me all the time, but not usually younger guys like you. Aren't you spending enough time in the back seat with your girlfriend? You can do better than me with a girl your own age." She blurted out surprising me even more.

Without thinking I looked her in the eyes. "No girls my age look like you Evvy, they're girls, you're a woman and you're beautiful. I can't see how your husband cheated on you."

"My husband was a scum and I was too stupid to know it before I got married." She said as she turned sad and near tears. "He ruined my life and I have to start over."

She was upset and I didn't know what to do, knowing I caused it.

"I'm really sorry Evvy, I didn't... "

"Oh forget it, I guess I'm a little frustrated by life and I'm taking it out on you, but you do stare at me a lot, and I catch you a lot, especially staring at my ass. Do you HAVE a girlfriend?" Evelyn asked.

"Yes, I do, but she's away with her parents on vacation right now, that's why I could stay tonight." I answered a little defensively.

"Since you've gotten pretty personal with me, mapping out my body, let me get personal with you. Are you two doing it?" She boldly asked.

"No, not yet, but soon. We just need the place. She's willing; she says she wouldn't be scared with me." I said proudly.

"Now, DO NOT LIE to me, have you ever had sex with a girl before?"

"Yes," I said embarrassed that I admitted it and a little ashamed I let it happen when I did.

"Are you sure? You're 17; it wouldn't be uncommon if you didn't."

"No, when I was 15 I thought I was in love and we wanted to do the grown-up thing. We both lied about sleeping over with friends and took a tent in the woods. It was OK for me, but a disaster for her. She thought she was pregnant and told her Mom right away. Her Mom was cool in that she never told my parents, but we broke up right after that." I told her.

"So she wasn't pregnant?"

"No, just late. She was scared. Hell, I was scared."

"Listen Dean, why don't we continue talking at my place, and maybe we can find a movie to go to, or one on TV. I don't want you to be afraid of me, but I don't want you staring at me anymore. The company would do me good, unless you have plans. I know you're a good worker and our DM says you're the prodigy of his district. You apparently get good marks in school and line up for our scholarships." Evvy said try to ease my mind and calm my nervousness.

"Follow me in your car, I'm only a few minutes from here, and remember, NO ONE FINDS OUT ABOUT THIS! I can make your career here very short, or long and miserable. I don't want to do that." Evvy said sternly.

"I don't want my girlfriend to find out either, so don't worry." I assured her.

I followed Evelyn to her house not even 10 minutes away. It was a nice split level ranch in a very nice neighborhood. I knew she couldn't afford that on an assistant manager's salary, so I figured she got it in a settlement with her husband. She opened the double garage and after I pulled in the drive she motioned me to pull in beside her car in the garage. As I got out of my old Ford the garage door rolled down.

I tried not to look at her ass as I followed her into the house, but it was a hard task. When she set her keys on the kitchen counter she turned and looked at me, maybe to see if I was ogling.

"What's your girlfriends name Dean?"

"Kayla, but I usually call her Kay."

"Do you stare at HER ass too?"

"You're picking on me now Evvy. If I walk behind you I HAVE to look at your ass sometime, and yes I tell Kay she has a nice butt, but it's not as perfect as yours. I told you, you have a woman's body and I like that. I know someday Kay will too." I said getting a little pissed at her accusations.

"How serious ARE you guys?"

"Well, we both want to go to school around here so we can be together. But if she went away I don't want to be a monk." I admitted.

"So unless you're really hit with the love bug with her, you two might not last if she goes away." She surmised correctly.

"I hate to admit that, but yes."

"So you know that you two shouldn't really have sex unless you have a commitment."

"Well, we both know that, but think of it as part of the excitement. We really like and trust each other." I explained.

"As long as you both understand that." Evvy reiterated.

Then she hit me with the bombshell.

"If I took you in my bed tonight Kay will never know it, but she will owe me for the rest of her life, but I have to hear some thing from you. Is it me, or is it my body? I don't need someone moon-eyed after me."

At first I didn't understand what she meant, but then I came around.

"No, God, you're just a fantasy." I said to convince her.

Evvy stood and twirled in front of me and stopped, facing me. She began to unbutton her blouse as my mouth went agape. She finished unbuttoning and reached between her breasts and undid her bra, letting it fall apart. Her breasts were gorgeous.

"Come with me Dean, and stare at my ass all you like. We're going to the guest room shower stall." She said as she took my hand and I got up.

She pulled me up the stairs to a bedroom and turned on the light to reveal a double bed and bathroom with shower. She stopped short of the bath door and turned.

"Start getting undressed and we'll shower together. We can watch each other wash and maybe I can stare at you for a few minutes." Evvy said as she finished pulling off her blouse and shook off her bra.

She reached behind herself and unzipped the skirt and pushed it over her hips to reveal a mini-slip which she quickly shucked, and very small panties. She turned and bent a bit to push them over her hips and took a step toward the shower.

"You better hurry Dean or you're going to miss the show." She cooed with a grin.

I kicked off my shoes and finished unbuttoning my shirt. Once my belt was unbuckled my pants were off in a flash, but I was embarrassed about my erection. I hoped I was big enough for her (an adolescent worry caused by too many porn movie shots. Now I know I'm a little above average, about 8 inches hard and thick, I'm told).

I was like a kid with 15 free minutes in Disneyland, not knowing what to do first with a big scared grin on my face. She was adjusting the water as I came up behind her.

"Let me set the rules. We'll tease and play, but we'll wash our own selves; that's a little personal. Not that sex isn't, but I have my rules." She said as she looked at me up and down for the first time.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Does Kay know what you're packing? She's going to be a very happy girl."

"She knows, she's uhh,... jerked me off before, well once"

"What did she do when you came?"

"She panicked and had me finish in a Kleenex."

"Ohh Dean, I feel like I'm corrupting a virgin here. I may have to take care of that problem in the shower so we can have some fun before you go out of your mind." She said looking up at me before leading me into the stall.

The door clicked shut and she asked me to stand in the corner of the 4 by 4 stall as she took the soap.

She started to wash herself erotically and asked me if I wanted to touch myself.

I said no, but she saw the exasperation in my words. She stopped her washing and turned her back to keep the spray from me. She reached out with her soapy hands and took my cock in them. She ran her hands up and down a few times before looking me in the eye and smiling.

"Why don't you jerk off while I wash, then by the time we have some real fun you'll be able to last." She said with a knowing eye to mine, adding "I know what I'm doing here, trust me. If you're a real good boy, I'll even suck it for you. Have you ever had a blowjob?"

After her last word she got back to washing herself and I was about ready to shoot right there. I took my cock in my hand and stroked about 10 times up and down and shot off a big load while she stopped and watched.

"Oooooo, you ARE a young one, look at that shot." She said dodging what she could.

She finished washing by turning her ass to me as she washed her round bottom and then ran her hands up and down her crack and washed her butt hole. Then she turned back and washed her vee shape patch over her smooth pussy and then her whole crotch.

She handed me the soap and said "your turn" nonchalantly.

Have you ever tried to wash yourself in front of someone trying to act as if you've done it a hundred times before? As I washed she diddled her pussy a little while she sucked the tip of her other thumb.

"You never answered my question before, have you ever had a blowjob?"

"N - n - n - No" I said.

"Jeez, it's not a crime Dean. There's a first time for everything. I'd love to be your first and to tell you the truth, you should be flattered. I usually wait until I get to know a man a LOT better than this before I want to do that to him. But, you have a fine specimen there and if I show you how nice it can be, you'll try all the harder to get Kay to do it. Once she does, she'll love it too. I've never talked to a woman who didn't. That's why I'll show you how to eat my pussy tonight. One good thing deserves another." She said calmly as I got to my own crotch and washed my cock and balls before reaching back to wash my asshole.

Once I was finished she took the soap from me and I thought we were through but she lathered up her hands once again and I thought for sure she would work me over again but she went straight for her boobs. Once they were soapy she took my hand and pulled and manipulated me awkwardly because I had no idea what she wanted. Finally while the spray ran down my back and some what between us she was leaning into my chest, my hard-on pressed to her back while I was running my hands, at her direction, over and over her soapy slippery boobs. It was then and even now as I think of it, one of the most exciting, erotic moments of my life. After a few minutes she backed me up so the spray rinsed her off and she moved from me to turn off the water. She stepped from the stall and handed me a towel while she dried herself.

"Dean, I don't want you to get the impression I am some whore who does this every weekend; I've only slept with a few men and had sex with but 5. I have no crush on you that I'm acting out tonight. You are simply in the right place at the right time. I feel like I'm doing something to fulfill your fantasy, and something to fill an urge I've had for a long time, to teach a young man how to make love to a woman. You may think that sounds strange, but just imagine the nights you laid in bed jerking off thinking about me, or your girlfriend, or even a girl in a movie or on TV. What do you think I do in this lonely house every night knowing all I have to look forward to tomorrow is going to that damn store and being there for 8 hours. This is my rat race escape, so do me a favor. Quit acting like a scared puppy and show me some affection. I've made some promises to you because I like the equipment you have and I know you're a nice kid, but act like you want me. Show me the lust I saw in your eyes for the last couple weeks.

I finished drying and felt like I was being hollered at for something I was supposed to do for school. As soon as she said for me to show the lust I felt for her, along with keeping in mind the words from earlier at the store where she wondered if I might rape her, I decided to act out my fantasies.

Her dark hair was just combed out from the shower and pushed behind her ears, its curl down the shower stall drain. Her breasts sat up like puppies anxious to be petted and the flare of her hips and flat belly were like a South Pacific vacation ad. I dropped my towel and strode to her in one move planting my mouth on hers, holding her head to mine. My other hand went down to squeeze the ass I coveted so dearly. She stepped into me and put her arms around me and kissed me back like a long lost lover. After intertwining tongues for a few minutes I moved a bit to pick her little body up in my arms and take her from the bathroom. I moved to place her on the guest bed and she whispered "my room" in my ear and I took her there. It was a king size bed and I placed her on it and cover her body with mine. I decided to be the animal I dreamt of being with her when I fantasized about her body.

My knees straddled her hips as I kissed and licked at her mouth with my tongue. My hands pawed her tits as her hips ground up to me. She held my head with both of her hands as we necked and tasted each other. Then she pulled me back a bit so she could speak.

"Kiss my titties, lick my nipples." She said, her words seeming to burn my ears as she pushed my head down.

I already knew what I wanted to do to those beautiful breasts as I moved my head to take her nipples each in my mouth while I squeezed the other. She made the sexiest noises I ever heard a woman make while I played hard with her boobs. She groaned and squealed as I bit and squeezed those nipples and titties, all the while bouncing on the bed under me. Finally she could take no more and put her hands on my shoulders and pushed down whispering, "Close your eyes and find my belly button with your tongue and suck it like a nipple."

I did as I was told and closed my eyes as I ran my tongue down her belly. Just as I got to where I thought her navel might me, she moved and teased me, but I quickly found her little outtie and with eyes closed, I did suck it like a nipple while she giggled at the tickle sensation I gave her.

Shortly she pushed at my head saying "You're going for the jackpot now, don't be bold, just do what I tell you. If you're a good student, Kay will erect a statue to you."

I kissed down her flat belly over her crew cut vee patch to her pussy. I never "really" smelled one before and Evvy's was clean and fresh from the shower.

She gave her first order.

"Kiss the tip-top, that ragged hood is where my clit is."

I followed her order.

"Oooo, that's it. Open the top with your tongue."

I licked and felt the little bundle of skin part. I licked through it again and felt her hardness.

"Ooo, you got it! That's MY hard-on. Lick it."

I passed my tongue over it a few times as she hummed loudly


"You're getting me crazy, now lick lower, open my lips with your tongue."

I licked as requested and tasted her as she was getting wet.

"Use your fingers to open me all the way. Ahh like that, now lick inside me. Lick where your cock is going to go."

I was eating pussy and loving it because I saw how I was in control


"Now lick up to my clit and tickle it with your tongue, then go to the bottom, then inside and to my clit again. Awwwww, yessss."

I began to press my whole mouth to her opening and began to see how I could excite her clit and drive her crazy.

"Get my clit, get my clit Make me cum!"

I pressed my mouth to her clit and licked and massaged it like crazy as it seemed to get harder and she moved her hips with my motions.

"Get me close and make me wait, tease me"

I concentrated hard on her clit and felt her begin to puff hard through her mouth. When I thought she was close I stopped and licked inside her again. She drew her legs back and locked her arms through the knees as I went for her clit. I licked and massaged her there until I felt she was close and went back to inside her again. I felt her hand on top of my head.

"Lick my asshole, get it sloppy wet."

She went out of my realm at this point, I never heard of licking where you shit, but she hadn't led me astray yet. She jumped wildly as I swathed my tongue, ever so tentatively over what was a surprisingly cute little orifice tilted up at me. As she hummed, giggled, and squealed while I tasted her, she pushed herself more towards me and soon I felt her little hole opening up to me. The taste didn't change, but the grip on the back of my head did and her giggles turned to screams.

"Now my clit, my clit!!"

I moved up quickly to her hard clit and licked like a madman as she ground my face into her. She started to hump at me and then stiffen, then fall limp, over and over. Then she got stiff and she began to squeal real loud before almost seeming to swallow her squeal before she grunted a long noise I cannot describe as her legs shook in the air. Quickly she pushed my face away but kept her hand at the back of my head and then quickly pulled me close again. I licked and she repeated the same scenario adding one more request.

"Stick your finger up my asshole, jam it in!"

I was out of my realm of fantasy, but again, I hadn't been led up a wrong path again. I took my middle finger and pressed it to her spit wet asshole and did as I was asked, I jammed it in as I sucked at her clit again.

She screamed loudly and bounced on the bed, almost half sitting up as I instinctively sawed my middle finger in and out of her back hole. She came hard again and then again, this time staying stiff as a board raising her legs right up from the hook of her arms and gently settling them down on either side of me as she shivered and little squeaks and squeals came from her throat. My finger up her ass was totally under her now and catching the flow of her juices and my drool. Suddenly she moved up and out of my mouth or my hands reach in one motion.

"NO MORE, NO, NO, NO MORE." She yelled as both of her hands went to her pussy and held it tightly as she rolled onto her stomach on the bed and then back, repeating this over a few times.

Finally she came back to earth and she opened her eyes and looked at me and began to giggle loudly. "Not only will Kay erect a statue to you, I may do the same. I haven't came that hard in years. I will take good care of you." She said as she began to roll up to a sitting position on the bed.

She asked me to lay down on my back as she sprang to the floor and climbed back onto the bed and crawled between my legs. She bent low and kissed the insides on my thighs until she reached my crotch. She took my cock in her hand and held it back to my belly and kissed my balls.

"Only one man has got this from me, and you're the first to actually deserve it." She said as she felt with her lips and took one of my balls in her mouth. She ran her tongue over it and let it slip out. She sought the other one and repeated the tactic. Over and over she bathed my balls in her mouth and then she pushed at my legs to lift them up, and I folded them back as she did. She licked down my balls and licked at my asshole. I wasn't as prone as she had been but I certainly got the sensational feeling of a tongue dancing on your asshole. I know why she wanted it for herself. She spent but a few moments doing that before she went back to my balls again and then licked up my shaft.

"You have quite a load in those balls and I want it inside my pussy, and I want it soon. I think you're a virile enough man to handle my mouth afterwards. I could never swallow what you have stored up now." She said with a grin as she held my cock beside her mouth.

I was outside all of my fantasies again never dreaming of a blowjob, or even her finishing me in her mouth. She crawled up to my mouth and kissed me hard, tonguing my tongue before whispering. "Fuck me with that big fat cock."

She rolled off me and pulled me onto her while she hunched up her knees and spread her legs. She was going to reach down and place me at her entrance but, I was there waiting to press in. She lifted her hips and drew in a deep breath as I pushed in as well.

"You are so FUCKING BIG in my tiny pussy!" She yelped as I let myself go wild.

I hadn't been inside a woman in a long time and I forgot how really great it felt to have that warmth all around you. Plus, Evvy was tight as hell. Those factors plus my lust for the moment drove me to begin to pile drive my cock up into her as she yelled and screamed for more. I saw her cum at least once before she reached to grab her nipples and then she came again and I felt myself seem to glide in and out of her like she released some slick cream onto me. I thought she was wet before from her own juices and my spittle, but I was stroking like an Indy 500 engine in and out of her pussy as he yelled, squealed and screamed all the while squeezing her tits, hold my arms from time to time with a death grip and rolling her eyes into the back of her head. I could hold off no longer. I would have cum on my third stroke if not for being mesmerized by what I was seeing her body do in reaction.

She felt me hunch up to cum and her arms went around me as our middles slapped like a loose belt on a generator. I half sat up trying to get more friction and dropped my hands to the sweet balls of the ass I had been admiring for the last month, literally holding her as I felt my first shot leave my cock up into her womb.

I wailed loudly as I came in four hard shots inside her, she seemed to suck it from me. I must have oozed for another good 45 seconds to a minute as I pummeled her, finally slowing and letting go of her as I fell forward on her.

We lay exhausted like that for a good 15 minutes before she tried to move from under me.

"I have to pee plus there isn't enough room for your cock and all that cum in me." She said as I backed out of her and fell to her side. She swung to her knees and knelt on the bed saying "Look!". I watched and cum ran from her pussy like she was peeing. The running mess that came from my balls ran to make a puddle in the sheets.

"I'll get a towel from our showers and get that." She said as she put a hand over herself and ran to the bathroom. I heard her pee and wash her hands and then I heard her feet pad from the room and go up the hall to the other shower, fetching the towels. She wiped the cum puddle up and then took the corner of the towel to dab at her pussy, getting the last drops she could from that. Then she lay back beside me.

'There, now do you see HOW to make a woman happy and please her beyond her wildest dreams? You ate me and made me cum like I haven't in years. With a little coaxing, you're a natural. I wish I could keep you forever, but I know you're someone else's, and you're only 17. But, don't let anyone think you're not a man, because you are. I'll never forget this night, but we can never speak of it again, alright?" She asked

I agreed and understood all the reasons why it could never happen again, but I also knew I would never forget it.

"Before you leave I have one more matter I want to take care of." She said as she swiveled her ass over a bit and laid her head on my belly, looking back up at me.

"All men like to get their cock sucked, and any woman with a clit worth licking likes to do it. It's a feeling of animal sex, a feeling of control. It's also a feeling of knowing you are pleasing someone who pleased you. I love the taste of a man, and right now you'll taste like cum and my pussy, two tastes I love. You just relax while I excite you with my mouth and make you cum with my mouth. I want to taste every drop you can give me."

She turned her face toward my cock and kissed the tip as it lay on my belly. As soon as it was stiff enough to rise again she fit the head into her mouth. It was the most wonderful feeling I ever felt as her tongue washed and waved over me, tasting the remnants of our love juices. When I thought of her sitting behind her desk at work looking up a price and now sucking on my cock like a hungry animal I filled with blood and got as hard as I had been a half hour ago. She had to move to her knees to get her mouth over it as she bobbed her head over me, slobbering and sucking.

Being 17 at the time I had no worries about performance, I had jerked off 4 and 5 times in a day and the third time in 90 or so minutes was going to happen easily.

When she said she loved to do this, she made an understatement. She acted like a villager in a backwards country seeing their stone idols come to life. She would slide her mouth up and down over it with both hands throttling it in opposite directions for a few moments and then stop to back off and look at it like secrets of life were going to spew from its tip. I was so taken by her worship of it I lost my concentration of what I wanted to do. Her eye caught mine staring at her devotions and she stopped for a moment.

"If I was 10 years younger I'd lock you in my closet and keep you!" She said before putting her tongue on the underside of my dick and then swallowing me.

"If you were 10 years younger, I'd let you." I sighed as her ministrations were about to bear fruit.

She sensed I was getting close and slid one hand down to cradle my balls while the other hand began longer strokes and her mouth just held the head as she sucked and used her tongue.

The groan from deep in my throat told her I was going to burst and she opened her mouth and laid her tongue under the head ready to catch my cum. I looked at her hungry face and mouth as my first shot hit her tongue and the rest weakly dribbled into her mouth as she stroked. She closed her mouth over me and swallowed while going down on me again. I was in such ecstasy and sexual pain that I could barely control my hips as I tried to pump at her mouth and pull away simultaneously. It was my third shot of the night and I was sure she could have coaxed a fourth. When she finally gave up my cock she kissed my balls then my belly and moved up to kiss my mouth. I turned my head so as not to kiss her lips and grabbed my ear, almost violently.

"If a woman can taste her pussy and a mans cum without a thought, YOU can taste a little of what's left on my lips or tongue. How many more times do you think she'll suck your cock if you won't even kiss her afterwards? You ate your boogers when you were a kid, you bite your fingernails after they've been God knows where. Grow up, be a man and kiss me." She told me emphatically.

I kissed her and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and I did taste a bit of what I deposited there. Guess what, I didn't die or turn into a homosexual. Evvy curled up beside me for a while and then got up and went off to the other room where the shower was and came back with my clothes. She took my underwear and slipped them over my feet and helped pull them up over me saying, "If I look at that cock much longer it will end up in my mouth and pussy again, and I have to get up for work tomorrow, just like you."

I leaned up and looked at the clock; it was just past 1:30.

"I should go. If I called home first they wouldn't worry, but 2 o'clock is my agreement."

Evelyn laughed and mumbled something about having been with a man who had a curfew and I reminded her that I was just 17. She helped me get dressed and told me that if I used what I learned tonight I would make women very happy for a long time. I told her that Kayla was all I was interested in at the moment and she chuckled.

"You say that but if I got on my knees and took that handsome delicious penis from your pants and put it in my mouth and begged for it in my pussy, I would have your screaming MY name in 10 minutes."

I knew she was right and after she buttoned the last button on my shirt she hugged me and looked up at me with her cute face, while she grabbed my cock through my pants.

"Remember, as of tomorrow, tonight never happened. I'm Evvy in the back, and Miss Tucker on the floor. No more staring at my ass. You've licked my asshole and fucked it with your finger, it holds no more mysteries. You have the nicest penis that's ever been in me. Be sure to treat all your conquests as nicely as you did me. Remember sex is a two-way street and if you want to experience everything, make every stop along the way. Now get home before they call the police looking for you." Evvy said as she opened the door to the garage and clicked the door up.

I rode home with a hard on that I had to take care of as soon as I got in the house. I remember the night as if it was yesterday.

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