The Monaliza smile
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, First, Safe Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Liza Johns is a Photographer, she loves taking pictures of nature: the ocean, mountains, everything. One day she was asked to take a colleague's place in a wedding photo session. Liza never knew a groom can be so dangerous.

Lisa stopped walking and turned around to look at her friend Sarah.

"Run that by me again?" Lisa said startling Sarah.

"I said you should really go out with that guy, he is soooo cute." Sarah cooed.

"No thank you very much, I had my share and it wasn't much fun." Lisa answered dryly.

Lisa and Sarah had been friends since like forever, they knew each other when they were five, but even though they were best friends they were quiet the opposite from each other, Sarah was the pretty, outgoing, funny and popular, blue eyes, blonde and a cheerleader, she was everything Lisa wasn't, Lisa on the other hand is tall, brunette, quiet and in a good shape physically, but wear cloths to hide her frame perfectly. She wasn't exactly sociable but wasn't outgoing either, a quiet night with T.V and pizza made her day.

The reason why they became such good friends over the years, was the fact that they practically complete each other, Lisa kept Sarah grounded and Sarah pushed Lisa out of her shell, Lisa is an open minded person, but she had some concepts in life, her father left them behind when she was so young to understand what was going on, so were all her mothers next boyfriends, she never trusted men with anything till Bob.

NO I wont think about this now, Lisa thought stubbornly not after what he did, the bastard.

"You can't spend this life of yours alone you know."

"Oh I can, watch me." Lisa replied dramatically.

"You can't let one bad experience stop you, beside he was a bastard, I mean look at Dean."

"Well it did and I no longer trust men, besides men like dean are rare to find, you just got lucky, I didn't"

"Come on Lisa please, we can make fun of him afterwards." Sarah begged.

"Don't push it Sarah, please." Liz replied quietly.

"Fine Lisa, but remember you are going to break the poor guys heart." Sarah said dramatically.

"Thanks for the guilt, well now I can go to sleep at nigh, with ease." Sarah stuck her tongue out to Lisa who just returned the favour.

Sarah knew what Lisa have been through, and was smart enough not to push the subject; they spent the ride back home chatting about nothing in particular. That night Lisa was in bed thinking about her conversation with Sarah, her mother wasn't successful in her marriage. Lisa didn't want to go through the whole family history again, one in the family is enough. Lisa once was so close to that drama, when she met Bob.

what the hell I have to go through it anyhow, Lisa thought.At least I will remind myself how men really are.

Lisa met Bob in a club, where Sarah had put out a fight to get her there. She thought they clicked immediately and that they were on the same level. He knew she wasn't planning on sleeping with him anytime soon, but he went a long saying he respected her rules and that he can deal with it. At first it was great! he was the perfect gentleman, in every sense of the word, he never once complained about it. For the first three months she was happy and even started to rethink her rule, that maybe he was different and she could trust him with anything. But then things changed, he started trying to change her mind saying "come one Lisa we've been together for three months now, why not? "And she would give him the same answer, "I told you before I don't want that"

So she started to see less of him. Like she would call and get the answer machine, or he would cancel there date on the last second, saying he was working late. She thought that he is angry or something; she decided to drop by his place and see what's wrong.

She knocked for a while and was about to give up when Bob opened the door half naked, with just his boxers on.

"Lisa, what are you doing here?" he said a little above a whisper, and kept glancing back inside his apartment.

Lisa felt that something was wrong but decided she's here anyhow "Well, I came to s..."

"BOB, who is it honey? Come back to bed."

"Lisa, listen I can explain..."

"No Bobby honey, please go back to bed!"

She stormed down the stairs full speed not wanting him to see the tears. Men don't deserve to be loved they are just horny beings, and untrustworthy, and only a few rare great men are worth it, that was Lisa's last thought before she drifted to sleep.

Liza entered her office at 9 o'clock. The second she sat down MR. John Martin her boss called her.

"Liza. I want you in my office please." He said.

She looked at her disk and wondered what does John wants. Liza loved her boss so much he was like the father she never had. He helped her a lot when she had her problem with Bob, he stood by her and told her don't give up and to forget about Bob and continue her life as if nothing happened.

Shed knocked on the door and she heard him say "come in Liza"

"Good morning John. How are you today?" she asked with a wonderful smile. She had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. But it wasn't there all the time.

"Good morning Liza, I'm fine. Sit down please." He asked her nervously.

"What is it John you look nervous. Is there something wrong?" she asked worried. He looked tensed.

"Well Liza I have a job for you." He looked at some papers in front of him and looked back at her.

"Okay. Tell me? Why do you look so nervous?" she asked.

"Look, I know you don't like working with people."

"What do you mean I don't like working with people?" she asked not knowing exactly what he's talking about.

"I mean you like taking pictures of the ocean and the mountains you know stuff like that." He explained slowly.

"So, it's my job I can't see where the problem is??"

"Ah... do you know Jack cooper? Off course you know him you work with him!! You know he is taking next week off and I have this very important assigment and I don't trust anyone else with it except Jack and you. And since Jack is unavailable next week you are going to take his place in a wedding photo session." He said his last words quickly as if he was trying to get them out a fast as he can.

"What?? John you know I hate taking wedding photos and stuff like that. Besides you can give it to Marry she's good. And you can trust her." She said trying to get herself out of this problem. She hates weddings and he's talking about taking pictures of the happy bride and groom NO. She told herself.

"Not possible."


"Because you are the best photographer I have. And the client is one of the most successful business men in New York Logan Gilbert." He lifted a newspaper and shows it to her.

"Yeah I heard about him. Isn't he handsome millionaire everybody talks about? The one who is marring the daughter of Christopher Harrison? But I don't understand why us I mean he is too rich to hire someone from our company, no offence but they have been talking about that wedding for a year now and I never thought he would give a oh... a sort of small company like us the job."

"Well, first of all we are not a small company Liza and there's another reason why he chose us. He didn't hire a famous photographer because he didn't want everyone seeing the wedding photos."

"But wh..."

"Don't ask me why. I don't know. All I know is that a guy named Tom Nilson called me yesterday and asked me to send him our best photographer, a trusted one too. He wants me to send you tomorrow morning to MR. Gilbert's house in order to meet him and his bride-to be."

"I never said I'm going to do it."

"Liza please I need you this time. Do you have any idea how important this is??" He asked.

"Oh, John... okay I'll do it. But just because Jack is not here."

"Give me the address John. I'll take this," she pointed at the newspaper "at least I have to read in order to know what kind of people I'm going to deal with. Don't you have a picture of him or something??"

"No sorry he doesn't like photographers and pictures and all this stuff. Here is the address. Be there at 10 am, tell them you came to see MR. Tom Nilson and he'll tell you what to do." he said wrote down the address on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

"Fine John just remembers this is the first and the last time I'll ever do something like that."

"Okay. Okay the last time. I promise." He said as she walked out of the room.

Okay Liza you're going to do this because John asked you to. You owe him that much. She thought looking at the piece of paper.

Liza looked at the big gate in front of her then looked at the address, then at the big gate again.

"He lives in a castle for god's sack." She said trying to find a way to enter this place.

A tall guy appeared in front of her, he looked good but it looks like he is the gardener or something. She can tell from his clothes!!

"Hey you!" she called for him.

The tall man turned around to look at her.

"Yes?" he asked raising one eyebrow.

Oh, I'm not so happy about the whole thing and I defiantly do not need this gardener and his strange attitude.

"Is this MR. Logan Gilbert's house?" she asked wondering how such a good looking guy can work as a Gardener!!

"Why do you want to know?" he asked sounding a little bit rude.

"Oh, please just tell me is it the right place, I don't thing I'd like to spend all day answering your questions." She said in the exact way he asked his question.

"Well, you can just tell me why you want him and by that you won't wait my time." He said placing his hands on his thighs.

"Oh... your time?? You're just a gardener. I'm the one who's supposed to meet MR. Tom Nilson at 10 am and I'm already late. By the way, if you are always like that, I don't know how come you still work for MR. Gilbert?"

"And I assume you know MR. Gilbert?" he asked ironically.

"Ah... Yes off course I do. I'm... a friend of His." She lied; she just couldn't tell him "no I don't know him I'm going to work for him for the next 5 days"

"I see, but you said you have an appointment with Tom?"

"Did I say Tom?? I meant Logan I have an appointment with Logan." She lied again.

"Hmm, if you really are a friend of MR. Logan then how come you don't know if this is his house??" he asked very rudely.

"I... I..." what a bad situation "hey, I'm not supposed to explain anything to you. Who do you think you are asking me all this questions??" she was so furious.

A man came running from inside the house holding a phone and when he saw them standing there he said quickly "MR. Logan. Sir, Miss Suzan is on the phone. She wants to talk to you."

"Thank you Richard." The tall man said, taking the phone from the other man.

OH GOD!! Liza thought.

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