Queen Mary
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Maiden voyage of HMS Queen Mary, and Elisabeth's awakening.


Her mother was speaking at her again, frowning as she did so. "I don't understand you at all, a young lady in her prime of life and you ignore all the suitors that I introduce you to. You just seem to want to mix with the riff-raff of this country."

Elizabeth sighed at her words; she had heard them all before. 'Nobody understands me. What do riches in this world matter? I prefer friends for their own sake, not for what they can buy me.'

Mother was continuing with her sermon. "We have decided to send you away for a short time. It will be a good opportunity for you to meet some nice young men. We have booked you a ticket on a new liner which is making her maiden voyage to a land overseas."

Elizabeth looked at her in amazement. "Am I going to be chaperoned or will I be alone?"

"Good heavens my girl, this is costing your Father and I a great deal of money. You won't need a chaperone on this trip as all the elite of British society will be there. They will take care of you and make sure that you behave with the social graces that you have been taught."

She smiled at her mother impishly, "Oh, and so where am I going?"

Her mother smiled back, unable to resist her daughter's grin.

"Your father and I have booked you a trip on a new luxury liner that is making her maiden voyage to America. You will be travelling on a new ship called 'RMS Queen Mary' which is owned by the 'Cunard White Star Company'. You are due to leave in two week's time on May 27th, which is a Wednesday. Your Father will escort you down to the docks at Southampton and will see you safely aboard."

Mother continued, "We need to pack your trunk and make sure you have enough suitable attire for the coming voyage. We will go and visit the dressmaker's later, once I have rested for a while."

Elizabeth's mother stood up and with a flourish, left the room.

Elizabeth smiled with delight. 'At last, freedom! Time to do what I want to for a change. I will not be dictated to by my elders.'

The morning of the voyage dawned and Elizabeth had travelled down to the docks with her father. All too soon for him, he was cuddling his daughter and wishing her well. He had a soft spot for her and her unladylike ways. He liked her impulsive streak which she often failed to control. He knew that it was one of his traits that he had passed onto her.

"Take care, my little one and behave yourself. Let your mother believe that you have turned over a new leaf and you have become a lady. Most of all have some fun."

With those parting words, he kissed her on her cheek and stood on the quay, waiting to wave her off on her great adventure.

The Departure

Elizabeth stood on the deck amazed at the sight on the quayside, the people gathered all around to wave the liner off on her inaugural passage. Flags and ribbons fluttering in the wind, all added to the joyful atmosphere of the occasion. A band marched along the seafront playing a rousing tune. She waved to her father as the ship hooters sounded and they finally departed from Southampton's docks.

She looked at her watch, half past four, in four to five hours they would be docking at Cherbourg in France, before setting off again in the early hours of the following morning. She smiled at the people who were milling around her on the deck and nodded to those that smiled back. A young man approached her and introduced himself.

"Good evening, my fair lady. Let me introduce myself, I am Richard, son of Lord Goldsworth. May I persuade you to partake in some refreshment in one of the fine bars aboard?"

She giggled before introducing herself, "I am Elizabeth, daughter of Lord and Lady Saxonby. Yes, I would like some liquid nourishment, thank you, kind sir."

He took her arm and led her along the Promenade Deck to the Observation lounge and cocktail bar. She marvelled at the fine interior, the sparkling ornate lights bouncing their beams via the wooden walls.

"Which refreshment can I get you? A fine tea or would you prefer a stronger beverage?"

"A small sherry would be just fine, thank you Richard."

He guided her to the lounge and sat down next to her as the attendant approached to serve them.

"A small Amontillado sherry for the lady and a whisky for me," he demanded abruptly.

Elizabeth looked at him incredulously, deciding immediately that she didn't like his abrasiveness. 'I have no need for people like this, ' she thought to herself before smiling sympathetically at the attendant. 'I will drink this with him, but that will be it. I will make my excuses and retire to my room."

She sat with him and made small talk while sipping her drink elegantly.

"What brings you here?" He asked her.

She replied, "My mother and father decided that I needed a rest from the countryside. The sea trip would be good for my well-being."

"Oh, have you been unwell, then?" he replied.

"Oh no, not me, I never get ill, this trip is for pleasure. My mother decided that a voyage like this would calm my erratic ways."

She suppressed her giggle which threatened to erupt, as she remembered the reason why she had been sent on the voyage. She took a final sip from her glass and made her excuses.

"Forgive me Richard, but the festivities of the day have tired me. I need to retire to my cabin. I look forward to meeting you again soon."

She held out her hand. He rose to his feet and kissed her hand softly before bading her farewell.

"I will look forward to it," was his reply.

As she passed through the lounge, she nodded and smiled at the attendant who had served them earlier. He bowed towards her, acknowledging her departure.

She rested in her cabin before the grand banquet which was going to be held that night to welcome all the guests on board. She thought about her parent's marriage. Yes, her parents were happy but she didn't want a life like her mother. She was determined that she wasn't going to run a large household with dinner parties and everything that followed. She would much rather have a life that meant she could make something of herself and not just bow and make small talk to the upper classes. No, she wanted a life far removed from that of her parents.

A loud whistle from the liner disturbed her from her thoughts. She realised that the ship was docking in Cherbourg. Glancing at her cabin clock, she noticed the time, ten to nine at night. 'Had she only been on board for four and a half hours? It seemed such a long time ago, that she had waved her father goodbye.' Elizabeth looked at her itinerary. The liner had anchored for a few hours and a grand dinner would be provided shortly. After that, they would be cruising throughout the night.

A tap on the cabin door woke her from her thoughts.

"Appetisers are now being served in the cocktail lounge. Dinner will be available in 45 minutes."

"Thank you, I will be along shortly," she called out, before looking into her trunk for the evening gown that her mother had chosen for her to wear on her first night. She quickly discarded it to one side and pulled out one of her favourite ones instead.

She put it on quickly and smoothed it down over her hips before looking at her reflection in the full length mirror. She quickly brushed her hair and decided to leave it hanging loose over her shoulders. Her mother always liked her to pin it up but she wasn't here to lecture her tonight.

She smiled to herself. 'You'll do, ' and then opened her cabin door and made her way along to the cocktail lounge.

As she stood in the doorway, the attendant who had served her earlier came over. "This way, madam," he said as he escorted her to one of the tables. "What can I get you to drink? A fine wine or would you prefer a fruit juice?"

"Oh, an orange juice please," she replied as she sat down. "Certainly, madam," replied the attendant before he walked towards the bar.

"Is this chair taken?" A voice asked. She looked up at the stranger; his smiling face looked back at her.

"No, I am unescorted tonight. Please, sit down," she replied.

The attendant returned with her drink and placed it on the table in front of her.

"Anything else I can get you, madam?"

She looked over at her new companion, "could I get you a drink?"

"A glass of fine ale, thank you," he replied.

He sat down next to her, introducing himself as he did so. "My name is David, how do you do?" She smiled back, "Very well thank you. I'm Elizabeth," before she extended her hand, which he kissed lightly.

'At least he hasn't the airs and graces of Richard, ' she thought to herself. 'He seems a lot more down to earth, much friendlier.' The attendant returned to their table with the ale.

"Anything else I can get you, madam?"

"No, thank you," she replied.

A gong sounded and a voice rang out throughout the lounge. "Ladies and Gentlemen, dinner is now served." David stood up from his seat and ushered her along the deck and down into the dining room.

Elizabeth gasped with delight when she entered the room. She saw a giant map of the Atlantic Ocean on one of the walls.

"The sea looks so big, I never realised it before."

"Yes, it does," David replied. "But if you look closer, you can see where the liner is, and how much further we have to go."

"Oh, how clever." Elizabeth smiled.

"Could I have the pleasure of dining with you tonight?" David asked her.

"Thank you. The pleasure is mine."

David pulled out a chair for her as they took their seats at one of the smaller dining tables. They sat talking to each other as they waited for the courses to be served. She found his company enjoyable and started telling him more about herself as the banquet progressed. He laughed at her tales and started telling her a few of his own.

She found herself telling David about Richard and his abrasive attitude to the workers on board.

"I wouldn't speak to anyone in that way, but the attendant didn't even seem to notice though."

"Oh, the attendant is probably well trained not to rise to the bait. They selected the crew very carefully for this voyage," replied David.

"Well, I still thought he was very rude."

David nodded, "Yes, I'm afraid some people are nowadays."

As she sipped her coffee at the end of the meal, she looked at David and smiled at him. She was surprised how quickly the time had passed, 'it must be because of David, ' she thought to herself. 'I haven't had such an enjoyable evening for a long time.'

They left the dining room, arm in arm, and walked to her cabin. As they reached the door, a man stepped out of the shadows and spoke to her.

"Have you enjoyed your meal tonight? I am sorry that I could not escort you myself, but as you know, I was otherwise engaged."

Elizabeth glanced at David, pleased that he was by her side.

"Very much thank you. Please let me introduce you to my new companion, David. This is Richard. He was kind enough to buy me a drink just after we departed from Southampton."

David nodded towards Richard, "Pleased to meet you."

Richard replied, "I'm grateful to you for looking after Elizabeth tonight. Tomorrow though, she will be dining with me."

Elizabeth looked at Richard in amazement and found herself saying, "No Richard, you are wrong. I have already made my arrangements for dining tomorrow."

"Well, change them," Richard replied curtly.

She felt herself getting annoyed at Richard's rudeness.

"No, thank you but as I just said, my arrangements have already been made, Sir."

David noticed the sharpness in her voice and took her arm. He looked at Richard, "You heard Elizabeth, now leave her alone. Say goodnight to the lady."

Richard grunted his farewell and walked off moodily along the deck.

Elizabeth smiled at David, "Thank you, do you see what I mean about him?"

David nodded. "Yes, a thoroughly unpleasant chap. Would you like me to see you safely to your cabin?"

She smiled as she replied, "Yes, please. I do feel a bit shaken."

David opened the cabin door for her and escorted her inside. She sat down in one of the chairs beckoning David to sit in the other. She still felt shaken by the rudeness and abruptness that Richard had shown towards her.

"I knew he was unpleasant, but he is even worse than I imagined." She stated.

"I know, now are you feeling alright or would you like a small brandy to calm yourself?" David enquired.

"Oh, I'll be fine in a minute, thank you." She replied.

She looked and smiled at David, grateful that he had been there in her hour of need. The situation would have been a lot more difficult if she had been alone.

"In that case, I will take my leave. I'll see you tomorrow at some point?"

He rose from his seat and kissed her lightly on her forehead, "

Bye Elizabeth, take care." He closed the cabin door quietly behind him. She quickly rose from her seat, removed her clothes and made her preparations for bed.

The liner's whistle's sounded; the adventure to New York had begun. It has been a long day, she thought to herself. She laid her head on her pillow and thought through the events of her day. She wondered about the two men she had met and knew which one she preferred. She hoped that Richard was not going to cause her any trouble; he seemed such a pompous one. David, on the other hand, seemed a lot friendlier. A much more likeable man.

She felt tired but her sexual feelings were aroused. Her fingers stroked along her body. As she stroked her bosom, she felt her nipples harden. Soft strokes along them aroused her feelings even more. She sighed and moved her hands along and down her body. Caressing and touching herself. Wondering how David would touch her. How would she feel? Would he arouse her? Her fingers stroking her stomach and then her inner thighs. Feeling her tender spot before succumbing to her desires.

Her thoughts drifting... Imagining.

A yawn. Soon she was fast asleep. Deep inside her dreams.

The Exploration

The next morning she rose from her slumber early, excited thoughts running through her mind. She sung to herself as she pulled out a skirt and blouse from her trunk. She washed herself quickly and hurriedly dressed before leaving her cabin. She made her way up to the Promenade deck, smiling and nodding at people who acknowledged her presence.

She recalled her thoughts from the night before and sighed. 'Was that the reason why she had been sent on this voyage? Was her Mother trying to find her an eligible suitor?' She wasn't sure if that was what her Mother had been planning. Elizabeth sighed, 'Well, it won't work. I am not looking for a husband yet.'

"Elizabeth," she heard someone calling her.

She looked around and saw Richard walking towards her. She sighed as he approached, and then rebuked herself, 'I was a bit hasty towards him last night, I shouldn't have been so rude with him.' He smiled at her, "I apologise for my behaviour last night, I shouldn't have startled you. Can I accompany you to dinner tonight or tomorrow to make up for my tardiness?"

She smiled at him, still unsure about his motives, "Apology accepted, Richard. I am sorry but I won't be able to accept your invitation tonight. I have a prior engagement."

Richard nodded at her.

"Perhaps we can meet up for a drink later in the bar then."

"Yes," Elizabeth smiled at him politely.

"Sorry, got to rush, see you later."

She watched in amazement as he quickly disappeared, leapfrogging the railing before running back along the deck.

'He must be in a hurry, ' she thought to herself.

She strolled along a bit further, before deciding to relax for a while on the Sun Deck. She made her way up the stairs and sat down in one of the deck chairs. She lazed back into it and as she felt the sunshine beam down on her face, closed her eyes. Her thoughts started to drift again.

"Hello." A voice jolted her back into reality. She opened her eyes slowly to see David gazing down at her. She smiled back at him.

"Hello David, it's nice to see you."

"It's good to see you as well," he replied.

She glanced at her watch. "Goodness, is that the time? I have been out in the sun for far too long. Would you like to accompany me to the bar? David."

"Yes, certainly, Elizabeth, then I can return the drink which you so kindly got for me yesterday."

She rose from her deck chair and they walked down the stairs back to the Promenade deck. As they entered the bar, Elizabeth was surprised to see how lively it was.

"It's only late morning," she whispered to David, "Do these people party all day?"

"It seems that way," David replied, "But remember, it is a celebratory voyage as well."

An attendant approached to serve them. She smiled at him and asked for a small white wine, David requested an ale. While the attendant was serving their drinks, Elizabeth studied David's face. He was certainly good looking and she was attracted to his personality. He made her relax and she certainly didn't do that with most of the men that her mother thought were possible suitors.

She sipped her drink slowly as she started to tell David more about her life at home. David smiled in sympathy as she recounted tales of her mother's efforts to make her more ladylike. He laughed when she told him of her attempts to act like one; she always failed, unable to reach the heights her mother desired.

"Would you like another glass of wine?" David enquired.

"Yes please, after all as you said earlier, we are here to enjoy ourselves," Elizabeth smiled.

David smiled back at her, "That's the idea," he said as he placed his arm around her and hugged her.

A loud roar of laughter erupted from the other side of the room. Elizabeth looked over and was amazed to see the raunchy antics of a couple dancing together. They were touching each other intimately. Elizabeth laughed, before commenting to David, "Perhaps my mother had the wrong idea about this trip, if anything, it's making me more daring than I was."

They finished their drinks and David asked her if she wanted another. She giggled, "I think that I have had more than enough for a while, thank you," before asking mischievously "Would you like to join me for my afternoon nap?"

David looked at her and grinned, "Yes, it would be good to relax my eyes for a while."

They rose from their chairs and departed from the bar. Laughing and talking, they made their way back to her cabin. She opened the door and he escorted her inside, closing the door behind him.

She held him tightly as he smiled at her before pulling her into a loving embrace. His fingers traced along her face, stroking and touching, before kissing her passionately. She responded eagerly as she felt her heartbeats quicken.

He led her to her bed, and started to unbutton her blouse. She responded by taking off his shirt. He slipped off her bra, before unbuttoning her skirt. She reached for his waist and slowly unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. Her fingers stroked along his legs, touching him, feeling him. He lifted her up and laid her down gently.

She gasped with pleasure as she felt his lips on her tender nipples. His tongue stroked down and along her body, kissing and caressing her. She shivered in anticipation of his lovemaking. 'Will it be as good as I have imagined?'

She felt her desire building. Her heart beating faster. Her breathes increasing,

She felt his hardness press against her lips. Pulsing and pushing inside her.

Feeling him deep.


"Ohhhhhhh," she gasped...

His thrusting, faster and harder, sent sensations throughout her body.

She was delirious as his passion gripped her and swam through her.

He held her tight as he gave a final push.

Both exhausted, they lay together, smiling, as their bodies recovered.

Elizabeth spoke first, "That was something I have never experienced before," she smiled, "it was really good."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was good for me as well."

They lay together for a few more minutes before Elizabeth smiled. "I think my afternoon naps have just improved for the better."

David laughed before looking at his watch, "Dinner will be ready soon, perhaps we should prepare for it. Would you like me to help you get ready?"

She smiled, "Of course. You can choose my gown if you like."

David smiled. "Oh, that's your choice; I'll just help to put it on you. Do up the buttons."

They both laughed, sharing their private joke.

Elizabeth quickly pulled out one of her gowns, "Do you like this one?"

He smiled, "Yes, of course."

"That's the one it will be then. Let me just refresh myself and then I'll put it on."

After washing herself, she slipped into the gown, "David, can you just do up those small buttons on my back?" She giggled.

"Certainly, my lady."

Once she was ready, they departed from her cabin and made their way along to the dining room.

As David escorted her back to her cabin after the meal, she felt sure that someone was watching her. She dismissed her thoughts, scolding herself for being so silly.

They entered her cabin and David smiled at her before he kissed her passionately. She responded to his touch, caressing his shoulders and stroking his back. Smiling, she stood in front of him, turned around and asked him to undo the buttons which he had fastened earlier. Afterwards, she let the gown slip off her into a heap on the floor.

David gazed at her. Her sylph-like body aroused him beyond his wildest expectations. He quickly removed his clothes before he knelt down in front of her and started to kiss her ankles. He kissed her up to the top of her legs, over her pants and up her body. His lips touched hers again in another passionate embrace.

His fingers reached around her and undid the clasps on her bra. Massaging and stroking her back, before she felt him removing her pants. She moaned, her passion acknowledging his touch in her most intimate places. She stroked and kissed his nipples, as her fingers ran along his spine. He felt her response and touched her lips lightly, before laying her down on the bed.

Her legs widened, before she wrapped one around his. She felt his manhood brushing against her lips. Her moisture flowed when she felt him stiffen, her muscles stretching to greet him.

His fingers reached down and stroked her slowly, feeling her moisture which he gathered on his fingers and spread along her. His fingers gently touched her clitoris sending spasms of erotic pleasure through her body.

She moaned with pleasure, "Now!"

David hearing her, started to enter her gently. Her muscles tightened around him as he did. He waited, before touching her clitoris again. She relaxed and he pushed further inside her. This time, she did not stiffen but rose up to him, taking him fully.

His passion took hold of him as he felt her deep rhythmic sensations; her passion took over as she felt his responses. Their bodies locked together as their climaxes erupted together.

As their passions subsided, they lay together in each others arms. David held her gently while she fell asleep. He looked at her and saw the smile on her lips. He quietly left her cabin.

The Secrets

Elizabeth woke up late, still dreaming of the events from the day before. She hugged herself tightly as she remembered their passionate love-making. She rose slowly as her thoughts turned to her mother. 'Oh no, my mother. What will she say if she finds out? She has always preached about keeping myself until my wedding night.' Disjointed thoughts tumbled through her mind. 'Would my future husband be able to tell that I'm not a virgin any more? Is there any way they could find out?'

Her thoughts returned to her night of passion. 'That was so good; I don't care what mother thinks. I enjoyed it, I have grown up. I can now live my life as I wish, hopefully with a man like David by my side."

She suddenly noticed that the liner seemed to be moving slowly and left her cabin to enquire why. Her question was soon answered when she stepped out onto the deck and saw the thick, dense fog surrounding it.

Looking around, she noticed Richard standing at the end of corridor. She smiled and waved to him cheerfully. To her surprise, he just nodded at her and then turned and sprinted off around the corner. She wondered, 'Was he watching me? I always see him just lately.' Dismissing her thoughts as absurd, she returned to her cabin.

Mid-morning, Elizabeth visited the library and looked through the display of the latest magazines on the large table in the centre of the room. 'The fog will probably clear later. In the meantime, I'll catch up with the news.' She selected one of the journals and went to sit down on one of the comfortable chairs. She read the latest society gossip, looked at the fashion pages, and then studied the articles.

"Have you got time for that drink now?" A voice enquired. She looked up to see Richard standing in front of her. She nodded and rose from her chair as he took her arm and led her out of the library.

They walked along the deck and into the noisy cocktail lounge. Elizabeth still couldn't believe how busy the place was; it never seemed to matter whether it was night or day.

"What would you like to drink today?"

"It's a bit early in the day for wine," she replied, "so I think I would like a natural juice, orange would be just fine."

"Are you sure? Time here doesn't matter. The days and nights all roll into one. Can't I tempt you into something stronger?"

"No thank you. I have to call my mother later and I will need to be fully aware of her questioning."

Richard smiled. "My mother is also that way inclined."

He called over an attendant, "An orange juice for the lady and a whisky for myself."

"Certainly Sir," the attendant replied.

Richard lounged back in his chair and looked at Elizabeth.

"How are you enjoying the cruise?"

"It's wonderful. I'm having a lovely time." She replied.

The attendant served their drinks, "Will that be all, Sir?"

Richard replied, "Yes," without taking his eyes off of Elizabeth.

"Tell me about your family. Your father is a Lord like mine isn't he? You told me that when we first met."

Elizabeth replied. "Yes, I'm sorry, but I have not heard of your father. Where does he come from?"

"The east side of the country, Cambridge, near to the fens. And you, your good self?"

"Oh, l live just outside London, in Windsor."

Richard nodded before he carried on.

"We have a large family residence in Grantchester, a few miles from the centre of Cambridge. My father is elderly now and I am the sole inheritor of the estate."

Elizabeth nodded as he continued.

"The main hall in the residence is huge; I am looking forward to the banquets that I will be hosting there soon."

He continued to talk about himself as her thoughts started to wander. She decided he was a bore, talking incessantly about himself and his life. 'I should have followed my initial instincts, ' she thought to herself.

Elizabeth sipped her drink slowly, nodding politely at certain intervals and agreeing with him, when he paused for breath.

She finally drained her glass and made her excuses to leave.

"Stay, have another," he urged her.

She shook her head. "Sorry, but duty calls, I must telephone my mother."

Elizabeth smiled politely. "Thank you for the drink. I'll see you later."

Richard replied, "Yes, I will look forward to it. Good bye for now."

Elizabeth sat in her cabin and looked at the telephone. Would it really work? She felt a long way from home and she didn't really believe that a telephone could connect her with her parents over all those miles. She had promised her mother that she would call her at some point and today seemed a good enough day as any, to make that call. She checked her watch. 'Late afternoon in England. I'll make it and see if it works.'

She lifted the receiver and after a few seconds was connected to one of the ship's telephone operator's.

"Good morning, which number do you require?"

Elizabeth replied, "England, Windsor, 294, please."

The operator replied, "One moment please."

The phone made a number of clicks before it started to ring. Shortly afterwards, the ringing stopped and a voice answered, "Windsor 294, the Saxonby residence. How can I help you?"

She replied, "Hello Mary, it's Elizabeth here. May I speak to my mother please, if she is available?"

While Elizabeth was waiting for her mother to come to the phone, she marvelled at this latest piece of technology. She was hundreds of miles away from home, in the middle of the sea, but still able to speak to her parent's as if they were in the same room.

"Hello, Elizabeth and how are you? I trust you are behaving yourself." The line crackled.

Elizabeth smiled to herself before replying, "Of course, Mother. I am fine and yourself?"

"Oh, life is much the same here. Nothing unusual, except of course, we are missing you. Have you met any eligible suitors that I would approve of yet? Lady Goldsmith was asking me the same question earlier."

Elizabeth was bemused by her questioning. 'Nothing ever changes, she still wants me to settle down.'

"Oh, Mother, is that all you ever think and talk about?"

"I only want the best for you, Elizabeth. You should know that."

"Yes, Mother. Is Father at home?"

"He's away today, watching the horse racing, I think he said."

"Oh, as usual then. I had better go Mother, see you soon. Give my regards to my father please, when he returns."

"Of course, Elizabeth, see you soon. Take care."

Elizabeth replaced the receiver and decided that she had got off lightly from her questioning. She knew that Richard would charm her mother totally and gave an involuntary shudder. She wasn't sure what she would think of David, though. He hadn't told her much about his background. Not enough to impress her mother anyway.

Later in the afternoon, as she sat on the Sun Deck waiting for David to join her, a sudden commotion broke out. Someone ran along the deck, fiercely pursued by three of the liner's crew. The man stumbled and fell. One of the crew held the man down while another pulled his arms back and handcuffed him around his wrists. He was then pulled to his feet and led away. She wondered where they were taking him.

At that moment, David appeared. Her heart started to beat faster, as he approached her.

"What was that all about?" he asked. She explained to him what she had just seen.

"Ah, it sounds like a stowaway was caught," he said.

"Yes, where would they take him? What would they do with him?"

"There will be somewhere on the liner to put him. Maybe they will make him work for the rest of the journey and then when we reach America, he will be handed over to the police."

Elizabeth nodded.

David pulled his deck chair close to hers before he settled down into it.

"How are you today, Elizabeth? Feeling tired after yesterday?" He grinned at her.

She smiled at back at him. "No. Why? Are you?"

She laughed.

He reached out with his fingers and gently stroked her hair before he leant forward and kissed her lightly.

"It's good to see you," he whispered in her ear.

They continued to lounge in their deck chairs.

"Are you hungry?" Would you like to go for something to eat?" David asked.

"It will be dinner in two hours." She replied.

"Yes, but if we eat now, we can miss the dinner tonight and I can have you all to myself." He smiled at her.

Her heart started to beat wildly as she realised he wanted her, just as much as she wanted him.

They entered the Verandah Grill and Elizabeth gasped in awe as she saw the paintings which were displayed on the walls. Pantomime and theatre scenes framed with columns of silver and gold.

"Oh, what beautiful pictures." She murmured to David. He agreed with her, "They are all painted by the same artist as well."

They sat at a table by one of the walls and waited to be served. Almost immediately, the wine waiter came over with a selection of wines. David selected a deep red one which the waiter poured for them. Elizabeth smiled as she took a sip from her glass. "Oh, that's really nice." The waiter nodded to her before another waiter came over with the menu.

Elizabeth chose a dish of chicken while David opted for the steak. They enjoyed their quiet dinner together, sharing intimacies before departing for Elizabeth's cabin.

Once inside, David cupped her face with his hands and gently kissed her. His fingers ran along her body sensually and provocatively as he started to remove her clothes. She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his nipples in turn. Her hands reached down to his waist before removing his trousers.

She shivered with pleasure when he kissed her ankles. His tongue licked and stroked her up along her legs before showering them with small, delicate kisses. His mouth caressing as he tasted her inner thighs. She sighed with pleasure when she felt his hot breath on her womanhood, moaning deeply when he kissed it.

His tongue caressed her soft lips, probing gently as he licked along them. She was experiencing deep erotic sensations that she had never known before. Her inner muscles tightened and relaxed frantically as she felt his tongue touch her more intimately that she had ever been touched before.

He sucked her lips gently before his tongue tasted her opening. She groaned as she felt the heat rise up inside her. She had never experienced feelings like this before. She felt his tongue deeper and deeper inside her till she could stand it no more. Her body seemed to freeze for an instant before exploding into her deep orgasmic climax.

"Ohhh, my love." She groaned breathlessly.

He rolled her over and lay underneath her. She felt his hard penis pushing against her entrance. She kissed him passionately before guiding him in. Her muscles pulsated around him, sending spasms and deep erotic sensations along his length.

He moaned as his thrusting became faster and harder. He was no longer in control of his own body as his desire and passion peaked.

They recovered in each others arms before Elizabeth fell asleep. David gently detached himself from her before giving her a light kiss and departing to his cabin.

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