Testing Whim
Chapter 1: A New Pristine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, BDSM, MaleDom, Body Modification, Needles,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: A New Pristine - What would you do if there was always a beautiful woman eagerly waiting to fulfill your deepest, and often their darkest, fantasy? What if one showed up demanding something you hadn't meant to offer? Submissive by nature, she'd secretly fantasized about being dominated, yet had always been intimidated by the men who could take her there... until the day she showed up in my study and backing out was no longer an option.

Background — Phishing

From birth your skills and natural inclinations help shape the person you will become. To put it mildly, I was born with some very unusual skills. Some would call it mind control, but it started off in a much more subtle way: if I wanted you to do something, you'd want to do it as well. Over the years I've extended and refined my skills. It started with people, gradually expanded to objects, then time would slow down, and eventually whole dimensions would be created for my fantasies to come true.

Phishing: Not consciously selecting a fantasy but letting your subconscious choose for you. For most it's as rudimentary as closing your eyes, stroking yourself, and waiting for your mind to bring forth the perfect situation to get off. For me phishing is more like my gift playing match maker: subconsciously I have a fantasy I'd like to try and subconsciously you have a fantasy aching to be fulfilled.

I've never claimed to be a nice or kind person, but I've found my adventures to be significantly more satisfying if everyone involved wants the fantasy to come true, even if they only want it in the darkest corner of their soul and would never admit it under any other circumstances. I tend to avoid the people that are afraid and of their innermost desires. However, there are plenty of others who lick their lips in anticipation, hoping I'll help make one of their most secret fantasies a reality.

The following is one of my most memorable experiences.

To most I appear to be in my mid-twenties, tall, and in excellent physical condition. I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and have used my gift to remove any unwanted body hair. At first glance I must look like a young professor perched behind an oversized mahogany desk. But most professors do not have a 1" vertical barbell pierced through the head of their cock and have not enjoyed the more extreme sides of sexual play and body modification.

While I may look to be around 25, in reality I am several lifetimes old. I've used my gift to do and see things most people cannot even imagine. However, more and more often I've been using my gift to take me to my study where I sit and reminisce about old conquests and add to my ever expanding library. The study was designed for comfort with bookcases around the perimeter, and a large colorful rug in the middle. Occasionally guest chairs or a fireplace and comfy couches would appear, but neither is present at the moment.

It's been several weeks since my last phishing trip yet for some reason this doesn't really bother me. I try to lie to myself and say that I'm just taking a break and catching up on some reading. But to be perfectly honest, I'm bored. When anything you could ever want is just a wish away, even the most creative individuals will eventually lose interest. Luckily my gift has learned to compensate and while it is not possible to be completely content all the time, these bouts of melancholy are rare and brief.

Leafing carelessly through a novel, it was several minutes before I realized I was not alone. Only a Pristine could find my study unassisted and it had been several years since one last visited. While all the Pristines that visit me are female and no two are exactly alike, most are just blossoming into the women they will eventually become. They tend to be the type of person you could talk to for ten minutes and already be joking around like you've known each other for years. Virginal, while fun on occasion, is often frustratingly synonymous being sexually ignorant. Instead, Pristines have had just enough sexual experience to vaguely know what is possible, to have a rough understanding of the types of things they enjoy, and to take part in even the crudest of conversations.

Curious, I look around and notice the walls of my study have expanded so that every few feet a door that separates the bookshelves. While seemingly identical, each door has a unique shade or pattern to help identify what lies beyond.

In the corner farthest I could see the Pristine facing away from me studying a book from one of the shelves. Most of her features were concealed by the shadows, but as she reached up to replace the book her cut off jean shorts and a tank top stretched enticingly around her lithe body.

Feeling my eyes on her she turned and, with a start, noticed my presence.

"Hello?" she called, cautiously approaching my desk.

"Yes?" I replied while making a show of letting my attention return to the novel still open on the desk in front of me. Perhaps it was my gift, but I sensed now was not the time to stare and chose instead to ignore her. Pretending to read I could feel her eyes checking me out. Apparently she liked what she saw as glancing up I noticed her nipples had hardened and were now plainly visible through the thin material of her shirt.

"Um, where am I?" she asked in a timid voice coming to a stop in front of my desk. She seemed more than a little uncomfortable and was obviously used to guys at least acknowledging if not openly drooling over her.

"Well, obviously you're in my study," I replied make a conscious effort to look her directly in the eyes while reclining back in my chair and gesturing to the room around us.

I could have made a chair for her to sit, but again my gift took over and I sensed it would be best to let her wonder around and work through how she got here on her own.

"What? This is your study? How did I get here?" she pondered aloud. "I remember spending spring break in Mexico with a bunch of other senior English majors. I don't think I had anything to drink once we got back. Am I dead?"

"Far from it," I reassured her with a laugh.

"Man, this is one weird dream ... check out all these books! Have you read all of them?"

"Of course."

I really wasn't all that concerned with making her feel at ease, that was my gift's job after all, but was glad we may have found some common ground so that we could move past this awkward introduction stage.

"Prove it," she challenged before purposely striding to the nearest book case.

Looking over the shelf she prompted "If you prick us... "

"'Do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?' Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice," I replied with a smirk. "Too easy."

Moving further down the wall, she stopped and smiled, "I know this... "

"'A man got to do what he got to do.' John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath."

While still looking for another book to quote she replied, "Impressive."

Spotting another classic she asked, "Those who don't build... "

"'Must burn. It's as old as history and juvenile delinquence.' Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451."

Her eyes narrowed, but I could tell that she was impressed.

"Shall we move on to people?" I asked. "How about this one, 'Only two things are infinite'... "

"'The universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former, ' Albert Einstein," she replied with a smile.

Surprisingly this little exchange, combined with me giving her my full attention, seemed to have relaxed her considerably.

"Apparently, you're almost as well read as me. But something tells me that's not why I'm here."

Still looking into her deep brown eyes I couldn't help but question that very same thing. There was fire in her eyes, something women rarely show when visiting my office. Strangely it only added to her allure.

Sensing I wasn't going to reply in the near future she asked, "So, why am I here?"

"Well, I'm not really sure." Rocking back in my chair I considered how best to answer her and decided to be blunt. "Most only find my study because they have some fantasy they've been unable to fulfill anywhere else."

"Fantasy? You mean, like a sexual fantasy?"

"Of course" I replied with a wink.

"So what, they come into your office and you just throw them over the desk and have your way with them?"

"Sure, if that's what they really want," I replied while struggling to maintain a straight face. "But usually they are a bit more creative."

At her confused look I continued, "If I came to you it's because I have a fantasy in mind that you would like to share. However if you came to me that means that there is some fantasy you haven't been able to achieve that I would enjoy sharing."

"So what you're saying is, I came here because I want to do you, I just haven't figured exactly how?"

"Yeah, pretty much," I agreed while nodding my head slightly.

"Are you out of your freaking mind?!?" she yelled incredulously while stomping her foot and defiantly crossing her arms.

Summoning remarkably more restraint than I previously would have imagined possible I resisted the urge to banish her from my presence.

"How about this: Why don't you go touch one of those doors?" I asked while pointing to doors that line the walls.

Still defiant, she seemed torn between arguing with me and curiosity as to how complying could possibly make any difference. With an annoyed sigh I felt a slight push from my gift force her to obey and she cautiously inched towards the nearest door.

Taking a deep breath she seemed to steel her resolve before reaching out and placing her hand firmly on the door. With a gasp her entire body shuddered before a smile slowly crept its way onto her face.

I know it wasn't strictly necessary, but, recognizing the etchings on the door, I decided to join her. With a slight tug I felt myself slipping into her fantasy.

Opening my eyes I found myself in a dimly lit room with the flickering light of scented candles reflecting off the satin sheets. I'm standing beside an elevated bed with the Pristine lying completely naked on the edge before me. Without any hint of embarrassment she gracefully lifted her legs and pressed her feet against my chest before spreading her knees and smiling enticingly up at me. I could tell she was ready as her pussy was swollen and dripping with desire.

Confidently, I grab my rock hard pierced cock and in one fluid motion thrust it deep into her. With a gasp of pleasure, a beautiful smile bloomed on her face as she reaches between us to massage my balls. I can feel the satin sheets brush against my thighs and know that in at least this brief sample of the fantasy my climax is drawing near.

With a few last desperate thrusts I bury myself completely and erupt in her tight pussy. After a slight push from my gift, her back arches as she screams as her own orgasm begins to pulsate along my cock...

"Wow, that was amazing!" she sighed, drawing away from the door as the fantasy began to fade.

Silently I agreed and was thankful to be sitting down so that she couldn't see the full effect it had on me. Then again, judging by her dazed and well satisfied look I doubt she would have noticed.

"What was that?" she asked once she'd recovered enough to talk.

"That was one of the fantasies you could choose to have me fulfill."

"Wow, at first it felt as though I had just jumped into ice cold water and then I was in a room and you and I were..." abruptly she cut herself off and turned bright red.

"Having a good time?"

"Yeah," she squeaked. "Are they all like that?"

"No, each door leads to a different fantasy. A few will be your favorites, but most are fantasies you've had but would never openly acknowledge. Touching the door allows you to sample what would happen if you actually opened the door."

Still blushing she asked, "So, do they all have ... I mean are you in ... do we?"

"Of course, this is my study after all, I'd hate for you to be fantasizing about someone else. But it's not like they are real. They are just samples of what could happen, not things we've already done or may ever do."

"But what if I don't want to this? What if I just want to leave?"

Growing annoyed with her hesitancy, I decided to end this debate.

"You can leave just as soon as you've sampled every fantasy that lines these walls. But if you leave without opening a door you'll forget this room, these fantasies, and never be able to return."

"But checking all these doors would take forever!"

"We've got time."

"Won't people notice I'm missing?"

"Not likely. Time in here has little to do with the time out there. Years could go by in here while in the 'real world' only seconds pass."

"Oh," she replied sounding more than a little overwhelmed.

Leaning back I studied her as she slowly came to grips with the current situation. Looking around the room she seemed to be mentally counting all of the doors she still had yet to check. Surprisingly, she almost seemed glum at the enormity of the options.

"You know, most people would kill for even a taste of what their fantasies would be like if they ever came true."

"Yeah, well most people wouldn't be offered a taste and then told to choose just one."

It took me a second to realize she'd been pulling my leg, but when she broke into a smile I nearly lost it. However, her tenacity was intriguing and instead I decided to tease back.

"I know it'll be rough, but if you're extra good I just might let you come back for another."

Before she could reply I continued, "Now how about you get started while I finish my book?"

"Oh, okay," she dejectedly replied.

"What now?" I nearly demanded, quickly losing my patience.

"Well," she stammered, "you've all but promised we'll have sex. Yet you haven't even bothered to check me out and seem rather indifferent to the idea. Do you really find sharing a fantasy with me boring?"

Exasperated I stated, "First you come charging into my study and demand answers and now you're fishing for compliments? Look, you came to me; it's up to you to choose."


"I'm sure you're used to guys drooling over you, but it'll take more than a hot body to impress me."

Holding up a hand to stave off her reply, I continued, "Now, that's not to say you don't arouse me. I've been half tempted to bend you over my desk and have my way with you just to relieve the tension. But you came to me, so it's your turn to choose the fantasy."

"Oh," she replied looking rather stunned. "Well, I'd hate to keep you waiting."

A hint of the former fire gleamed in her eyes, but she soon winked and strode purposely towards the next door. It had been years since my will had last been questioned, and frustrating as this conversation had bee, I found it strangely invigorating. However, I wasn't about to let her know that and instead pointedly returned my attention to the book in front of me.

As she strolled around the room I had plenty of opportunities to 'check her out' as with each fantasy her body would stiffen and from experience I knew she was completely oblivious to anything I said or did until she returned. She was quite attractive, but I still had a couple hundred pages left in my book and she really did have quite a few doors to choose from. Not wanting to give her the satisfaction of catching me staring, I purposefully focused on my book.

Several hours later I was startled to feel her gently nudge my arm and got the distinct impression she'd asked something.

"Um, what?" I asked.

"I said, are you sure these are all of my favorites?"

"No, but they should be the most important ones," I replied, unease suddenly knotting my stomach. "Why do you ask?"

"It just feels like I'm missing something," she replied with a far off look to her eyes. "It's as if there was another fantasy that's always been there but that is forever just outside of my reach."

"Well, it's possible. Let's take a look," I stated while standing up.

"Wow, you're tall," she mused, looking up to me for the first time since we met.

"You're not so short yourself."

"Sorry, I'm just not used to looking up to guys," she soothed. "It's actually rather nice," she said while pulling me close and hooking her arm around my waist.

Apparently the sample fantasies had really loosened her up, or perhaps after sharing so many intimate moments together, even it they weren't real, she felt more comfortable around me. Regardless, I approved of the change.

Guiding her to the center of the room, I stepped back and said, "Alright, now I want you to close your eyes and slowly spin in place. Stop turning when you feel where you think the missing door should be."

I watched as she spun around several times before stopping facing the wall farthest from the desk.

"Hmm, let's go check it out."

My sense of dread increased as we approached the far wall. While the doors were not perfectly spaced around the perimeter of the room, there did seem to be a rather large gap between two of the doors on the far wall. With scarcely a thought I used my gift to remove the bookcases that lined the wall. Hidden behind was a massive door. Unlike the others, this looked like it guarded the entrance to a dungeon and seemed to be made of solid wood with intricately crafted cast iron hinges. Just its presence seemed to fill the room with a sense of foreboding and trepidation.

This time, it was my turn to gasp. That was not a door I ever expected a Pristine to reveal. When I said the door 'looked like it guarded the entrance to a dungeon, ' that was actually a rather accurate description of what lay beyond. It had been lifetimes since I'd last opened it.

"Are you sure this is the door you were missing?" I asked with growing unease.

Apparently unable to speak she simply nodded and took a step closer to the door. Hesitantly, she placed her hand on the door and only moments later yanked it back as if it were red hot while her cheeks flushed with arousal.

With a growing sense of dread I asked, "Is this the fantasy you've been missing?"

Apparently something was now very interesting on the ground near her toes as she could no longer meet my eyes as she meekly replied, "Yes."

"And I assume this is the one you choose?" I continued as knots began to develop in my stomach.

Again, I got a weak "Yes" in reply.

Mentally I wanted to scream, but instead I attempted to change her mind.

"Did you know that you must be tested before you can pass through this door?"

"Why?" she asked, briefly looking up, but not quite meeting my eyes.

"Beyond that door lies extraordinary pleasure joined with incomprehensible pain," I explained in a calm, almost monotone voice.

"In order to cross into that fantasy you must first be tested to see not only if your pain threshold is high enough, but also which part of the experience your body responds to more: the pleasure or the pain."

Apparently, this explanation wasn't clear enough as confusion was still written clearly across her face.

Frustrated, I continued, "How your body responds determines whether the fantasy beyond this door is one of painful pleasure or extreme torture. You will have to seek someone else for the latter."

"Oh," she replied making a rather comical 'aha' face before once again staring at her toes.

"That door changes people. The last person who asked me to open that door not only did not pass the test but ... Well, let's just say I promised myself that I would never open it again."

After several long moments of silence I continued, "You do realize what you're asking right? What lies beyond that door is not simply a fantasy; it's a completely different lifestyle. Are you sure?"

"Please," she begged, raising her head to look me in the eye.

I could see tears in her eyes and new this must be something she truly wanted. Cursing my gift for setting me up, I took a deep breath, steeled my resolve, and nodded.

"Alright, let us begin," I replied with significantly more confidence than I actually felt.

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