The Adventurous Matilda Tapley
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A girl who knows what she wants meets a man who knows how to give it to her.

Westward rode the wagons, bumping over roots and ruts and rocks, shaking Matilda until her teeth rattled. She hadn't slept properly in days and food was scarce in these parts, but she knew without a doubt that her life was about to take a turn for the better. It must!

She relaxed into her makeshift bed and contemplated her circumstances for the hundredth time since she'd left St. Louis...

Her life had changed so quickly! Last summer she was a care-free girl - her parent's farm was thriving, her family was alive and well, she'd fallen in desperately in love with a man during one night of reckless passion... Then suddenly everything went horribly wrong.

Like so many other young men of that time, her lover had travelled West to build a life in the hope that she would be able to join him within a year or so. Shortly after she said goodbye to him she'd left home to help care for a distant neighbor who was having trouble with her pregnancy, so she wasn't there the night the fire destroyed her farm, and her family.

She bit back the sting of tears. Not only had she lost them, she seemed to have lost Jed now as well. She hadn't been able to contact him, not knowing where he'd settled or even if he'd made it West with his scalp intact. After months with no word from him she assumed the worst, said goodbye to the family that took her in after the fire, and headed West herself to become she knew not what. A maid? A teacher? There were worse fates she supposed, but none worse than the prospect of never seeing Jed again. Never feeling his hands on her skin, the touch of his mouth on her breasts, his softness, his hardness. At the very least she had to try to find out what happened to him.

The memories flooded into her mind...

The world was awash with the golden sunlight of a late summer evening. She had been out picking flowers for her aging aunt and then, realizing how late it had become, turned and started to run home. She knew she would never make it in time if she went around the woods, so she cut right through, daring to think that she was invincible as all young people do.

The light was dim in the forest so she never saw the branch. It was about four inches thick, just at forehead height for her, and she hit it racing at full-speed, knocking herself senseless. How long she lay there she didn't know, but when she came to and got her bearings he was already there next to her holding a lantern to push back the darkness.


"Ma'am, you all right there?" he said quietly, gently.

"I am, thank you sir!" she replied. She chose not to tell him that the Southern drawl in his voice had more of an effect on her than the lump on her forehead. "Where, pray tell, am I?"

"Ah, you were walking home, I assume. You're in the forest."

"Oh, I... I have to go."

"No, no. Not yet. Just sit there. That's a nasty lump on your forehead."

"I'll be in so much trouble."

"Whatever for?"

"My parents. I was late already."

"You live in the big meadow?"

"Yes, on the far side. You know the area?"

"Yes Ma'am. That's too far for you to go now. I have a cabin near here. I could carry you there."

"Oh, you mustn't."

"It's no trouble."

"It's not that. It's... you're..."

"Oh. A man. Of course. Begging your pardon."

"I wasn't suggesting..."

"No of course not. I understand now."

"I don't even know... anything... about you Sir."

"Well, my name is Jedediah. Jedediah Smith."

"Oh, pleased to meet you Sir. Matilda Tapley. I am most grateful for your help."

"I'd shake your hand, Miss Tapley, but I need to hold these branches. Listen, could I please move you into the clearing there?"

"Oh, surely I can walk!"

"Well, I wouldn't advise..."

"Oh, my. I'll just sit back down a moment."

"Well, here Miss. Let me."

"I'm not sure I... well, I guess under the circumstances."

"I'll say you walked."

"You need not lie for me, Sir. I don't need that sort of help."

"I wasn't... my apologies. I was trying to assist."

"I'll thank you not to meddle. Though perhaps I'm being a little scratchy. I don't feel so very well."

"Right, enough arguing then Miss. Stop struggling, you'll hurt yourself. I'll carry you back to the cabin, and then find your parents, and they can come and get you."

"Look, I... Oh, I don't have much choice, do I?"

"You could be a little more graceful about it."

"I plead scratchiness yet again. I apologize, Mr Jedediah. You seem a good man."

"Thank you."

"Oh, is this the cabin?"

"It is."

"I walk near here almost daily, and I have never seen it."

"I value my privacy."

"This is intended to increase my comfort?"

"Sorry Miss Tapley. I mean you no harm."

"I was joking, Sir!"


"I think, could you just put me on that chair there?"

"You need a bed, Ma'am. You are not well."

"This is not the right way to behave, you know."

"I am doing nothing wrong. I... listen, do you need to remove anything?"


"You are hardly dressed for bed. Maybe if I turn around?"

"I think not sir! I shall remove nothing."

"As you wish."

"Indeed, sir!"

"I must go, anyway. It will take me some time to get to your house, and inform your parents of your accident."

"Must you... Look, Mr Smith, do you have to go?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"I'm injured, in a strange bed, a strange cabin, in the forest, late at night. I would have you stay and talk."

"And your parents?"

"I will explain to them tomorrow. I will be able to walk tomorrow, surely."

"I would imagine so. But your..."

"My honour?"

"Well, yes."

"Is it at risk, Sir? Are you, despite your promises, some blackguard, some rapist?"

"No, no. Not at all. I would not touch you. You have my word."

"That then shall suffice."

"I should stay?"

"Yes. Please."

"And talk?"


"What about?"

She couldn't think of a thing! She searched the sparsely furnished cabin with her eyes, her gaze finally settling on a large ornate box on the small table in the middle of the room. It looked very out-of-place. "What, pray tell, is in that box? It's quite beautiful, and must hold something very precious."



"Tokens of affection."

"Tokens of affection?"

"You've an odd habit of repeating everything that I say. Is it your head? Perhaps I should fetch the village doctor."

"No, no, no. I was merely... what... I mean, I don't..."

"You don't understand what a humble woodsman like myself is doing with an ornate box full of gifts from ladies?"


"It really wouldn't be proper for me to say."

"Oh? Why ever not? You must always be frank with me sir."

"I must?"

"You must! Else-wise how am I to learn anything about the world? Certainly not by sitting in my parent's parlor until the day I marry and move away to sit in my husband's parlor. Now please sir, do tell me what is in your lovely box."

"Miss Tapley..."

"Please, call me Matilda."

"Matilda then. I've been to foreign lands and sown my wild oats far and wide..."

"Sown your wild oats?"

"Why yes ma'am."

"What does that mean exactly? And please, be frank."

"I... uh... that is to say that I've known many ladies. Well, women anyway. And that I've, uh, plowed their fields."

"So you have many friends who are lady farmers?"

"Well, when I say I've known them, it is in the biblical sense if you take my meaning."

"I'm afraid I don't. What do you mean you've known them in the... oh. OH! Oh dear!"

"Now don't get riled up, you're safe here. I've given you my word and my word is my bond."

"And each of these... ladies has... you've plowed their fields?"

"Yes ma'am, I have, and they've all been real generous to me. See here? This pretty leather belt with the gold buckle was given to me by a wonderful girl named Mary Ann in Virginia. I was, er, plowing her field when her husband returned home and she gave me her belt to use in my escape. I swung the belt over a guide rope and jumped from her hay loft door, sliding down the rope and onto my waiting horse as easy as kiss-my-hand. And this beautiful hat pin I used to pick the lock on a bedroom door in Boston..."

"To get in and steal something?"

"Well Matilda, it's not stealing if the lady gives it to you freely now is it?'

"She gave you a beautiful faceted hat pin for plowing her field?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Could you explain just a bit more about this plowing of fields sir? And please be quite frank. Perhaps a demonstration would also be in order... ?"

"Oh, I'm not sure that would be appropriate. I wonder though..."

"Yes, yes?"

"Well, I have a book..."

"A book?"

"Yes Ma'am. All about ah... plowing."

"Oh! Might I look at this book?"

"I'm not sure... what if you are offended?"

"I shall not be, and I promise you, if I am, I will take no action. You have my word."

"Well then, I guess that must suffice."

"I should think so!"

"The book, you understand, is mostly pictures."

"Of... plowing?"

"Mostly, yes."

"I hope you can be trusted Mr Jedediah. I think I would be no more pleased at your mention of my reading the book than you would be at the thought of my reporting its existence."

"We have an understanding?"

"We do, Sir."

"One moment."

Jed kept the book securely hidden within the spine of another publication, in a box stored within another. It took a few minutes to locate it. He rather gingerly handed it over.

"Miss Matilda?"

"Yes Jed?"

"Just one word, and I will return it to safekeeping, and never a thing will be said."

"Understood. Hand it over."

Matilda sat quietly in the candlelight, turning the pages of the book, and occasionally looking up at Jed, and blushing. She said nothing, only thoroughly perused the pictures, even turning the book at one stage to more closely examine one explicit illustration. Occasionally she licked her lips. After she had wound her way through the entire book, she closed it, put her hands on top of it, and looked back up at Jed properly.

"Mr Jedidiah, this is an exceedingly indelicate publication."

"Yes Ma'am."

"I would imagine there might be some fuss were it found here."

"I would imagine that, most likely."

"You put a great deal of trust in someone you just met."


"Thank you."

"You are welcome Matilda."

"May I be blunt?"

"Indeed Miss. Any other seems pointless now."

"Indeed. Well then, seventeen."

"I beg pardon?"

"Seventeen. That was the one I most... liked."

"Oh. The... Oh, I should not say."

"No, Sir. I have been bluntly honest. I would thank you to return the favour."

"I see. Well, that particular position is termed 'doggy style'."

"Oh. I see why."

"Miss Matilda, do you speak this directly always?"

"No Jed. But I am curious and I feel safe here. You seem a gentleman."

"Thank you."

"I wonder though..."


"I... I am a maiden, Mr Smith. I am not shy, but... well, aside from the solo activities at the beginning of the book, I have no experience."

"I see. You need not tell me..."

"Oh yes, I need to do so. Jed, would this 'dog style' be suitable for a first experience?"

"Well Miss Matilda, in my experience the, uh, 'plowing' method is usually best for the ladies' first time."

Matilda held the book out toward him. "Would you be kind enough to locate it for me please?"

"There's no need. It's number nineteen."

Matilda flipped to illustration nineteen and gazed at it for a few moments, thoughtfully nibbling on her lower lip.

"Mr. Smith... Jed, as I said I feel very safe with you and I've appreciated your kindness, your honesty, and your trust. I feel that it's only right that you receive something in return for all of this hospitality."

"Thank you ma'am. I'm not doing this for a reward, I'm doing it because you needed help and I was on-hand so to speak."

"You were very kind to help me out of my predicament, but I'd like your help with something else too Jed. I think we'd both benefit greatly if you agree to help me further."

"All right Miss Matilda, what is your request?"

"The book."

"The book? I'm not following..."

"One day I'll have a husband and I want very much to be able to please him. I'd like to learn how to do these things in the book."


"I'd like you to teach me Jed."

Jed stared at her.

"Am I not attractive to you Mr. Smith?"

"Why yes! Yes ma'am! You are a very comely young woman - one of the most beautiful I've had the pleasure to meet - and I would be honored to teach you all that you want to know."

"In that case, I would like to begin with number nineteen. Please commence the plowing of my field."

"Your voice is trembling, are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, I'm quite sure."

"Let it be like the book then. If you but ask me to I will stop, and never a word will be said again."

"All right then."

"The field must be prepared first Miss Matilda."

"And how would you go about preparing my field for plowing Jed?"

"First thing is to uncover the field and warm the soil. Do you think you're able to stand now?"

"Yes, I think so." She took his hand for balance and rose from the bed.

The discussion finished there, for a while, as he took her hand and helped her up. She stood against him, and as she tipped her face up, her arms found their way around his waist. He looked down at her, and his lips met hers. His hands settled on her shoulders, and their mouths melted together. Matilda may have been inexperienced, but she had an instinctive understanding of what to do.

As their kiss progressed, so did Matilda's hands, pulling their bodies closer together, and exploring down over Jed's strong back. She could feel her breasts pressing hard against his chest, and the bulge in his trousers pushing just below her navel. She rubbed their bodies together, encouraging him silently as she explored his mouth with her tongue.

His hands strayed from her shoulders, wandering up to stroke her hair, caressing her ears, sliding over her neck and down her back. Gently stroking, and feeling for the slightest hesitation. There was none.

Matilda loved the feel of his bristly face on her skin, and his wet lips against hers, and could have kissed him forever. Her body had other ideas, however. She could feel the familiar dampness between her legs, a certain tickle that needed to be itched, and she was determined that this time she need not itch it herself. She knew what was going to happen, and wanted it more than anything. Taking her mouth from his for a moment, she whispered to him. "Let me go for a moment, Jed."

"I'm sorry Matilda. I should not have."

"No, no. I just want to remove some obstructions. You would rather stop?"

"Oh, not at all. If you are sure."

"Oh yes, I'm sure."

"I am too. Let me help you with these buttons."

"And these?"

"And these."

Jed worked quickly to gain entry into her blouse, his masculine fingers fumbling a little on the tiny decorative buttons. The sapphire gingham separated bit-by-bit as each button released its hold, eventually revealing a smooth chest that sloped downward to end in an ample bosom tucked into the top of her corset. He leaned down and planted wet kisses on the tops of both globes, eventually working back up her neck to her ear lobe and then her mouth. Matilda returned the passionate kiss and then pushed him away with a smile so that she could work on removing his shirt. The shirt was the last thing on his mind as his cock pressed hard against his trousers.

"Oh! That was very nice Jed..."

"Yes, it was Mattie."

As the buttons gave way to her fingers they revealed his broad chest covered in a thatch of wiry chest hairs. Her itch intensified as she ran her hands up over his chest and down across his shoulders, pushing the shirt off over his back. He smelled like earth and woods soaked with fresh spring rain.

"Mattie?" she said, absentmindedly as she stared at his chest and ran her hands up and down his arms.

"Yes, it suits you."

"All right then, 'Mattie' it is!"

He pulled her close and reached around behind to undo the skirt tie that he knew must be there. As his fingers searched for the tie he felt soft warm lips on his neck and noticed a familiar tightening of his trousers. He found the tie and as soon as he pulled it her skirts slipped to the ground around her feet. He stood back a bit to admire her. Her simple white shift was gathered and defined at the waist by a sapphire blue corset and her long black hair set off the white and the sapphire perfectly. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were sparkling in the firelight. She pulled away a little and twirled in front of him.

As she spun to face him the second time, he pulled her close, watching her eyes, and didn't say another word. Holding her shoulders firmly, he lowered his face to her chest, kissing the visible tops of her breasts lightly as his lips skipped across her skin.

Feeling her shiver in his hands, he looked up at her again. Her eyes confirmed her wishes, and he bent to his task, but it wasn't his lips that were needed this time.

With his hands sliding lightly over Mattie's shoulders, and down her back, he centered his attention on the bow that was visible on the front of her corset. Taking the end of the string between his teeth, he pulled gently, glancing up again at her face, and the tie pulled open. His teeth dropped the cord then, and attached directly on to the now flapping edges of the corset, and pulled. First one and then the other, until the opening was big enough to see and feel the inner surfaces of Mattie's breasts.

He couldn't delay further now, and used his hands to pull the corset open and undo the ties at the top of her shift, freeing her large pale breasts. Mattie pulled him closer then, and he teased her hard nipples with his tongue, nibbled lightly with his teeth. Mattie continue to pull him, pushing her breasts at him, leaving no doubt as to her approval, and he devoted himself to the pale orbs; lips, teeth, tongue, and then hands, stroking and kneading, licking and nibbling, as the corset fell to the floor unnoticed.

The tickling between Mattie's legs had intensified beyond anything she'd felt in the seclusion of her own bed, but she wanted something more. She let out a low groan and pressed Jed's face gently away from her chest. "Jed, ooh, please Jed..."

"Are you having second thoughts... ?"

"No! Not at all! Quite the opposite, in fact. No, I simply... It's just that..." She paused, biting her lower lip.

"You must always be frank with me miss," said Jed with a gleam in his eye.

Her own words. She smiled. "I'd like the opportunity to warm your soil a bit too sir."

Jed smiled at the unusual request and straightened up a bit. He pulled Mattie close and kissed her forehead. "Commence to warming please Miss Tapley."

Suddenly free to explore, Mattie's lips began their journey in the curve where Jed's chin met his neck. Tilting her head a bit she began to kiss and suck ever so slightly, just there in the center beneath his chin and then working around to the side. His earlobe intrigued her and she sucked it carefully into her mouth, inadvertently tilting her head in such a way that the air she was breathing caressed his ear as she sucked. She felt his breath catch in his throat and she smiled inwardly to herself.

Her hands were busy stroking his arms and back. Their journey eventually led them down to the waistband of his trousers, where she found that there was just enough room for her fingers to slip beneath the fabric and run from back to front, coming to rest at the clasp that held them closed. Her hands paused. Her lips continued to suck. Her breath continued to caress his ear. He groaned. She smiled against his neck and undid the clasp.

Keeping her eyes where they were, she relied on her fingertips to tell her what was happening.

The clasp opened easily enough, and the laces holding the front of the trousers spread at the touch, giving her hands the freedom to roam. She encountered skin first of all. Firm, tight, fit skin, smooth and hard, pressing against her hand. She felt around his lower stomach with one hand, daring to venture lower with the other, nervous suddenly, but determined.

The first change she encountered was hair. Her fingertips felt the gradual appearance of it, and she imagined it must look a little like her own, though it felt coarser, and thicker. She looked up briefly at Jed, who was smiling at her, and kept going. Somewhere in the midst of the hair she felt something else. Something more solid protruded from the hair, hard and soft at once, smooth and hairless. She knew what it was, but couldn't feel it properly, her fingers constricted in the space.

Forgetting her nervousness suddenly, she returned both her hands to the rear of his trousers again, slid them down, palms inward, over his taut buttocks, reveling for a moment in the feeling before pushing the trousers out a little, and then down, running her hands forward at the same time, pulling his trousers down over his hips, releasing the pressure, the constriction... and the prize.

Her eyes were still hidden from the sight, but as her hands returned to the front, and felt their way back down, she could feel the protrusion properly. Jed's erection was hardening now, and she could feel around it with her hands, her fingers caressing the length of it, circling around its width, sliding over the tip, and running back to the base.

The solid cock was pointing straight at her body, and as she pressed her body against his again, she could feel it prodding her, bouncing a little with the attention. Somehow she knew what to do with it, and slid her fingers up and down, just enjoying the shape, the reality, the forbiddenness of it all.

As she slid her hand carefully for maybe the fourth or fifth time up his shaft, and gently over the tip, she heard him sigh, and looked up in fright, wondering what she had done. She was soon reassured as he smiled at her.

"Jed?" she asked him, hesitantly.

"Yes Mattie?"

"Jed, could I... may I... take a look?"

"What? Oh, of course. You don't need to ask."

"I was not sure..."

"It's alright Mattie. Do anything you like."



Mattie pulled away from him slightly, and looked down at her hands, still caressing Jed's erection. "Oh, I cannot see from here, Jed." She dropped to her knees. "Oh!" She looked back up at him, smiling. "Jed, your soil looks quite warm."

"Mattie, you know about the mechanics of this, at least a little. You know what happens if you keep doing that."

"You... Oh!" Mattie jumped back, removing her hands from him suddenly. "I didn't realize... I am... I'm sorry Jed."

"No, no. Not yet. It would take longer. But there is no need for that. Stand up again, and let me kiss you some more."

She stood then, kissed him briefly, and then pressed her breasts back into his chest, tucking her head in under his shoulders again. She stood there silently for a while, both of them swaying slightly in the embrace, she as aware of his cock as he was of her breasts, and then she spoke quietly, whispered really, and he had to strain to hear.

"Jed. I... I think... my soil is warmed enough."

"Enough, my dear?"

"For the next step."

"And what should that be, Mattie?"

She whispered back. "Take me, Jed. Take me, please. I would not wait longer. I would have it be you. Now."

"You are sure?"

"Yes Jed."

Jed picked her up then, without another word, and carried Mattie to the bed. She was dressed only in her shift now, opened to reveal her breasts in front, and Jed was completely naked, having removed his boots and kicked his heavy trousers the rest of the way off. He put her down gently on the bed, still more or less covered by the shift, and lay down beside her, and they melted together again, lips locking, arms entwining, legs interlaced.

Jed reached down and slid one hand up Mattie's leg pulling the hem of her shift with it. His broad hand rested in the crease at the top of her thigh and he stroked her downy lips with his thumb. He shifted his hand further toward the center until the thumb lay in the crease of her labia and then pressed it gently inward with a downward stroke, gently grazing her clit, just once. Mattie trembled and gasped at the touch and he moved his hand further down through the valley of her warm slick flesh. His thumb found its mark and he pressed into her several times stopping only when he felt the resistance of her maidenhead.

Somewhere in the back of her mind Mattie was aware of his hard cock as it pressed impatiently into her thigh. She was eager to feel it inside her. She pulled her head back slightly and whispered against Jed's lips, "Jedediah you must do it soon. I can wait no longer!"

"Don't wait Mattie. We have all night here together, and I aim to make sure that you feel this way again very soon." Jed brought his head down and kissed her thoroughly as he stroked his thumb up and across her clit again.

Mattie gasped at the touch and pressed herself to him. After several strokes of his skilled thumb she felt a wave of passion sweep over her and she cried out against his mouth as her release finally came. Her thighs locked around his leg as it rested between them, her hips bucked against his stroking hand, and as she threw her head back in ecstasy she felt Jed's lips on her neck, sending more waves of arousal coursing through her body.

The kisses slowed and the stroking thumb pulled back to pet the lips of her labia again. She could feel throbbing aftershocks in the muscles at her core and a deep sense of relaxation and happiness. Jed lay partly on top of her and to one side, one arm at her most sensitive place and the other cushioning her head as her arm cushioned his. Up until this point her other hand had been engaged in pulling his body as close as possible while she climaxed, but now she moved it downward and wrapped her long fingers around the tip of his cock.

"Jed, that was wonderful, but now you need to do it properly. I want to be a woman. Any girl can do that." As she spoke, her hand stroked carefully up and down his shaft. Her fingers delighted in the feel of it, and she continued speaking quietly. "Your hands are lovely, and I will remember your finger strokes forever, but I need this now. I need something strong, and hard, and solid within me. I need to be spread. I need... I heard this word on the farm. I've never said it before. I need... to be fucked. Now."

"Well you better stop doing that then, my dear." Rolling on top of her, but holding his weight off her with his arms, he pushed her knees apart gently. "You understand Mattie, this might hurt?"

"I understand."

"Only a little, I hope. Only this once."


"There may be some blood."

"Oh. Of course. Should we put..."

"No, worry not." Making the most of his self-control now, he positioned himself above Mattie, his hard cock at her entrance. Her knees were parted in her enthusiasm, any shyness forgotten for now. He lowered himself slightly, allowing the tip of his cock to touch the lovely slipperiness between her lips, and slid it slowly up and down, both coating his skin with lubrication, and provoking shudders of pleasure from Mattie.

Nothing more was said now, as he pressed a little harder on his strokes, and the tip of him dug between her labia. Each stroke went a little further, a little deeper.

Eventually, Jed had adjusted the angle of his body, and his erection had travelled as deeply within her as he could without actually thrusting. They both knew what was next, and he looked down at Mattie's face for confirmation before continuing.

"Now, Jedidiah. Hesitate no more!"

He thrust then, hard and sure, and felt something give, allowing him to sink fully within her. He heard her start with the sharp shock, and he stayed still, revelling in the feeling of her all around him, and lowered himself enough to kiss her lightly on the lips. One kiss led to another, and soon their lips were locked together. Just as Jed was about to ask her if he should move, he felt something shift beneath him as Mattie began to rock gently, her hips moving just a little. He lifted himself up again, and could see the strained look on her face as she looked him in the eyes and nodded.

He started to move then, in time with her rocking movements, his hardness slick but tight inside her, and though she gasped with every gentle thrust, she didn't attempt to stop him, and kept moving, her eyes closed now, and her body busy with the task at hand.

Gradually, the gasps of pain lessened, somehow replaced with grunts and moans of pleasure. Her mind had by some means shut out some feelings in preference for others, and she opened her eyes and smiled again.

Realizing she didn't want to break the silence, she looked at him for a moment, and then mouthed at him "Fuck me Jed," again. She loved the naughtiness of the words, the forbiddenness of the situation. She realized that it was not just the act that mattered. It was the situation, and the partner, and the words, and the timing. Thinking of times, she realized that she had unknowingly climbed that slippery slope of arousal again, and was ready to come at the slightest provocation. The pain was still there, but she held it aside.

Jed was to provide the required provocation in the next few seconds, as he groaned aloud in pleasure, trying to hold himself back just a moment longer. That was all Mattie could take, and she lifted her hips, forcing an even deeper penetration before pushing him almost completely out of her. The next thrust was the last for both of them. She felt the hot slick wetness of his release inside her, heard the final moan escape from his lips, saw the tension in his muscles, and that was the end. She tipped over the top for the second time that evening, and as her lover pumped helplessly inside her, strong muscles clamped on his, and she screamed with pleasure as she came.

They collapsed together then, both exhausted, happy, surprised. Somehow they rolled to their sides without falling apart, and they kissed for a few more moments before both sets of eyelids began to flutter, both bodies began to relax, and they fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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