Team Chemistry
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Lesbian, Fiction, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Leanne takes over as Pandas basketball coach and will do just about anything to ensure success with her new team. She realizes team chemistry is vital and finds out just how naïve she really is when Vicki, the team captain, takes advantage of her.

Leanne was the basketball coach of a college girl's team and had planned to build a strong rapport with all the girls. She had been an assistant coach for two years at a rival school in the conference so all the older players knew who she was. Leanne took over as head coach at the end of last season and spent the entire summer getting ready for the upcoming year. Everyone was pumped for the opening tournament which was hosted by the Kodiaks of St. Mary's, and the team had high expectations for the coming season after a year which saw them finish second in the conference.

The team knew of Leanne's reputation as an excellent all-star point guard in her playing days while attending CAL State. At 5'7", she wasn't the tallest player so she had to develop the finer aspects of the game. Her shooting ability was superior and that was one thing her past teams were known for. She stressed this aspect and it had paid huge dividends for her last team, Queens, as they won two straight championships.

Sally Duval who was head coach for the Pandas up until her resignation at the end of the past season, recommended Leanne for her replacement, as the two had known each other for years. They actually played together at CAL and both had pursued coaching careers when their college days came to an end. Sally was a very successful coach and the Pandas were sad to see her leave but felt comfortable with Leanne taking over the reigns. The veteran players knew Leanne was a guiding force at her last school from talking to their players and realized the impending change could improve the team.

This was Leanne's first opportunity as head coach and she was determined to give it all she had to be successful. Everything was dependant on winning and she had a fire in her belly to win the conference championship with her new team. Dreams of raising a banner to the rafters can do weird and wonderful things to a person and Leanne was no different than most. Sacrifices had to be made and she was more than willing to make them. Her husband, Rod, was very supportive of her career and backed her every move, willing to accept the time she had to spend at the gym or on the road.

The bus trip to St. Mary's was a short one and when the Pandas arrived at the hotel, Vicki, the team captain, and Leanne were allotted a room together. All the girls on the team were much closer knit that Leanne could ever envision and this trip would see her find that out. Her new, young assistant coach, Lynn, had graduated two years ago from the Pandas and she knew most of the girls extremely well. In fact, much better than anyone could imagine and she acted with ulterior motives. She was in charge of assigning rooms and making schedules for their daily routines while on the road and Lynn used this task to her advantage.

Vicki, Lynn and three of the older players planned sleeping arrangements weeks in advance and they kept it a secret from Leanne. Vicki was the leader of the pack and it was only natural for her to be named captain of the team. She was a consistent conference all-star forward and had the physical assets to go along with her ability. At 6'2", she was a formidable force and one of the reasons the Pandas were ranked so highly.

Everyone headed off to their rooms after the bus was unloaded and Leanne and Vicki were the last ones in the lobby. "This is wonderful as it will give us a chance to get to know each other better," Vicki said in an attempt to justify the arrangements. "I think the two of us should spend time going over the game plans and discuss how the team should play," she added and then turned to go to the room. Her demeanor sort of gave Leanne the feeling that her team captain was extremely orderly and demanding and a little shiver shot through her head with the thought that this girl was so powerful.

Leanne accepted the facts and thought that Vicki was entirely correct in what she said. The coach and her best player should be on the same page if the team was to have any success at all. In fact, she should have thought of such a thing, as this time together with Vicki would surely add to team unity.

Grabbing her bags, she followed the assertive, team captain. Glancing at Vicki as she led the way, Leanne was mesmerized by the girl's absolute perfect figure. It struck her strange, as normally taller girls didn't have such nicely rounded hips and slim waist. All the exercise she got playing sports probably helped her keep a desirable, fit shape. The one thing about her captain that did sort of frightened her was the over-confident manner she displayed. There was no doubt who was the boss of the Pandas when Vicki was around, as all the other girls did exactly what she demanded. Leanne thought it best to work with the girl rather than try to split the team loyalties between the coach and captain.

Vicki was almost young enough to be her daughter as Leanne was now the ripe age of 35. She still played basketball whenever she could and kept herself in top condition by exercising daily. Being on good terms with her players was paramount in Leanne's thinking and she relished the evening ahead as a chance to further that goal. Besides, Vicki was an extremely friendly and outgoing person and one who made friends easily so Leanne thought it should be easy to get to know her better.

Both women unpacked and settled in for the night. It was extremely important to Leanne to be accepted by Vicki and she was determined to see that they got along well. Glancing across the room at her roommate, Leanne could see that she was what most would call a truly beautiful Amazon girl. Her tall, lean body was extraordinary in almost every way and even for such a tall girl she had fairly large, perky breasts. Vicki was the chosen leader of the team and had molded their success by forming a strong bond among all the players.

It was already past nine o'clock and there was nothing formal planned for the team. Leanne switched on the television to see if anything interesting was playing and waited for Vicki to come out of the washroom, as she was getting comfortable for evening. Hearing her re-enter the room, Leanne's shock was not hidden well when she noticed Vicki's attire. Clad only in bra and panties, she boldly walked to her bed, holding Leanne's bewildered stare for a few seconds.

Suddenly, Leanne realized she was staring and she ripped her eyes away from the almost nude girl, focusing as best she could on the TV. She couldn't explain the shocked feeling and why her heart began racing a mile a minute. Nothing was said as Vicki plunked herself down on the mattress and got comfortable. For some unexplained reason, Leanne felt a magnetism towards this girl and that her captain was a person that would become an influential part of her future.

After what seemed like an eternity, Leanne decided she should also get comfortable and get dressed in something more relaxing. "I, I... think I will change too," she whispered in a soft, meek voice as it seemed hard to even talk. With that, she grabbed her nightgown and went to the washroom. Not that it bothered Leanne to change in front of another woman, it was the fact it didn't seem right in this instance. She was the coach and expected to retain a thoroughly mature and professional attitude at all times.

Unknown to Leanne, the evening was well planned and thought out by the seductive team captain. Vicki smiled at the bemused look on her coaches' face when she entered the room clad in such shear clothing. Her wide-eyed look of surprise was priceless and Vicki hadn't realized how innocent and naïve the woman really was. She was going to enjoy tormenting Leanne and the devilish grin was testament of the fact.

Leanne couldn't believe how her hands were shaking when she donned her nightie. She actually thought it was a positive signal to see her player feel relaxed enough to undress in her presence and felt it was a good sign. After all, she thought, she was almost old enough to be her mother so her actions were probably normal for any player who was on a road trip.

She delayed her stay in the small washroom, as she was a little hesitant to be in the same room as someone so scantily dressed but she reluctantly rejoined Vicki in the bedroom. Keeping her eyes cast in every direction but at Vicki, Leanne proceeded to her bed.

"Let's watch a little television before we discuss what the team should do in our first game," Vicki suddenly announced. "What do you feel like watching?" she asked and quickly twisted her lithe body so that she was lying on her stomach, facing the screen. She began thumbing through the channels with the remote, pausing on each to see what was showing.

With the beds side by side, this left the stunning girl almost completely exposed to the world. Leanne felt pangs of jealously rush through her veins at the sight of such a sexy, adorable girl as her tall stature gave Vicki an extra bit of unique beauty. With Vicki lying towards the TV, she couldn't see Leanne which meant the coach could steal a glance at the nakedness without being seen. The truth was Vicki purposely ignored her coaches' admiration and used every bit of trickery to brazenly show off her body.

Leanne lay on her bed with her head propped up on the pillow, which gave her a pristine view of the sprawling body only a few feet away. In their present positions, it would be too obvious if Leanne did anything to evade the picturesque scenery so she cowered on her bed trying to watch the TV. Vicki had purposely exposed her treasures in hopes of gaining the upper hand. She had figured out to what extent her new coach would go to fulfill her dreams of success and Vicki was determined to take advantage of Leanne's weakness.

Vicki had purposely worn her favorite pair of thong panties and knew the flimsy material, in reality almost non-existent, accentuated her delectable ass cheeks. She kept squirming on the bed, partly because of the intense excitement and partly in an attempt to entice her victim. She would spread her legs seductively every few seconds and could feel the area between her legs getting damper by the minute. Vicki knew the thin strip of material was soaked and would do nothing to conceal her feminine beauty.

Oh gawd, she could hardly wait to get the woman's mouth on her quivering pussy and wondered if she would have to force Leanne to submit. Vicki was normally a dominant person and never had to wait to achieve her goals, which probably spoiled the young woman. This covert foreplay was making her so aroused that the wait was making her mind crazy in anticipation.

Suddenly she turned her head to look at Leanne and noticed how quickly she turned a brilliant shade of red. Quickly, Leanne shifted her eyes from Vicki's nudity and focused on the television, feeling the embarrassment of peeping on someone. "Yes, yes she has noticed my teasing and just wait until I get you undressed," Vicki said to herself with all the confidence in the world.

The girls then chitchatted about nothing in particular and Leanne was thankful it was so light, as she found it hard to concentrate. Vicki's gaze returned to the television and Leanne felt a wave of relief flow through her flustered body as the girl's attention was drawn away to the sitcom. With Vicki's body and the screen in almost the same latitude, it was impossible for Leanne not to see both. Again, the lioness went back to moving her body in such a way to entice the poor coach to notice her shameless nudity.

Leanne's bemused mind was thoroughly confused by what had transpired so far and she really didn't know how to get her mind off the uncomfortable feeling of having her team captain lounge around almost naked. She shuddered at the sight of the gleaming crevice between the gapping thighs and wondered at Vicki's boldness. There was no way she would ever be caught displaying herself in such vulgar fashion.

The talk soon got around to the team and plans for their first opponent. It seemed natural for Vicki to join her coach on one bed so nothing was said when she moved over to Leanne's bed. Vicki jumped onto the soft mattress and sat with her legs crossed directly opposite her coach. It was all Leanne could do to not swallow her tongue at the young girls open, indifferent voyeurism, as she showed no concern of openly exhibiting her womanly attributes.

Leanne did her best to keep her eyes off the woman but it was difficult when Vicki did things to draw her attention. Like every once in awhile, she would pretend to scratch an itchy spot or move her hands to her chest or thighs in an attempt to draw Leanne's attention.

It was becoming exceedingly hot in the room and Leanne was sure her face was flushed a rosy red. Brief glances at the girl's immense treasures gave proof to her possessing perky, pink nipples as they put obvious protrusions in the flimsy bra cups. Leanne certainly blushed when her eyes caught glimpses of the girls nearly naked lower region, as the soaked, white panties did nothing to hide the wet, puffy labia. The thin, narrow strip of curly hair rising above the pink lips could be clearly noticed through the shear material, as the brazen girl sat cross legged on the bed.

Leanne found it difficult to keep her breathing at a normal rate and tried hard to keep her eyes focused on Vicki's smiling face. The grin was not one of happiness but one of pure, tantalizing joy as the team captain tormented the flustered coach. Then she did the most unexpected thing by pulling the bra cup to the side and exposing her erect tit.

"These damn nipples keep driving me crazy as they always get irritated when I wear a bra," she boldly stated to the shocked coach. "See how the bloody things get so erect?" she asked and shamelessly pinched the bud between two fingers. What could Leanne say as the hardened nipple was exposed before her by the blatant hussy. If she mumbled anything in response to Vicki's question, it would not be understood so she sat speechless.

"You don't mind if I take it off so it doesn't bother my nipples, do you?" Vicki asked and knew her question could not be answered with a no. After a few seconds of silence, she went ahead and shucked the lacy bra and Leanne watched in amazement. "There, that feels so much better and I can breath again," she said. "Go ahead, get comfortable as we are both grown women and sure don't have anything to hide from one another," she told Leanne who stammered giving a faint response. "No, I am fine like this," she whispered and blushed, as she knew it was a most feeble answer.

It was not the temperature in the room that was increasing dramatically, but Leanne's internal flames licking away at her insides. This sordid affair was having a profound affect on her reasoning and she was filled with doubts of her ability to control what was happening. She was experiencing emotions, which were foreign and for the first time in her life, noticed another woman's body in a sexual manner. It was so immoral that she felt pangs of guilt and embarrassment fill her head with uncertainty.

Leanne felt a wave of relief wash over her as the talk eventually got back to the Pandas. Vicki was an extremely skilled player and knew much about how to run a high-powered offense. Leanne's prowess was defense for which she had been held in high regard during her playing days. The mix of the two seemed to fit wonderfully and both girls were extremely satisfied by the more than satisfactory results. They went over formations and plays and it was amazing how well everything meshed.

Sensing that no more was going to be accomplished in their conversation, Vicki cleverly switched topics and explained how the girls relaxed before a big tournament. "I hope you don't mind that I arranged for us to be roomies as I thought it was important for us to get to know each other," she said in an easy tone as she was about to show Leanne who was in-charge. "Most of the girls use wrestling as the best method to release pent up pressures and we have found it excellent to rid ourselves of stress," Vicki informed her coach.

As she spoke and told Leanne about wrestling, she almost dared her to take the place of one of her teammates. "I have never wrestled and wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to do it," Leanne said as she offered an excuse for not participating. "I just wouldn't be any good at it," she said in an attempt to justify her refusal.

"I get so worked up before a big game and just need some way to work off steam," Vicki told her roommate. The playful gestures and pushing around started very innocently and it quickly became apparent that Leanne was extremely ticklish. Vicki soon had her laughing so hard that tears filled her eyes and she attacked her tummy and armpits with a vengeance. One thing led to another and in no time the two were rough housing like teenagers on a sleepover.

They rolled and wrestled on Leanne's bed and Vicki's nudity was a forgotten fact. It went on for more than 10 minutes and it became quite evident that Vicki had superior strength and agility as she controlled almost every move. Leanne had to admit that it felt weird wrestling and she hesitated for that split second every time Vicki put her in a hold for fear of inadvertently touching her in an obscene spot.

"I am really glad we have this opportunity to get to know each other. I have talked to the girls at Queens and they all gave raving reviews for your coaching ability and I certainly admire your hard work," Vicki told her coach with the expectation of boasting her image. "It's good we can relax in each others company and I wanted you to like me," she whispered which brought the intended results.

By this time, Leanne felt a little guilty for not agreeing immediately with her young, star player, after all, she was only thinking of what was best for the team. "I know what you mean as I believe it is most important for you and I to get along. I love the way you play, with intensity and heart, and you are the first player I would want on my team," Leanne answered to her player. "Thank you for having the consideration to be my roomie and I will certainly do my part for the team," she said and unwittingly conceded her fate to her young star.

Vicki had a decision to make. She had to choose the right way to seduce her attractive coach to have any chance of success. One method was to be the aggressor and dominate her much weaker and submissive foe. She knew this attack would certainly reap some benefits, as it was the one technique she used extensively in the past with girls her own age. The other was to play a sympathy card and try to garner Leanne's compassion by allowing her to play the mother role. This one offered the biggest challenge and sent a few little shivers up her spine just thinking about it.

Leanne had to admit that it had felt weird wrestling and she wished that Vicki would don a few more clothes. Vicki certainly was strong physically and seemed to be overpowering mentally as well when dealing with her teammates. This challenging demeanor she displayed gave Leanne feelings of doubt and inadequacy to some degree, wondering whether she could fit in as the Pandas' coach.

The devious plan formed in her mind quickly and Vicki grinned with the satisfaction of knowing she was minutes away from tasting a woman's sweet innocence. There was nothing that would give her a bigger thrill than seducing a mature woman and with Leanne being married only added to the allure. She did feel a small tremor of guilt but it passed without leaving any lingering doubts.

The time was getting late and it was bedtime so Vicki excused herself to make a washroom break before retiring. Leanne switched out all the lights except for the one by Vicki's bed and crawled under the covers, snuggling in for a comfortable sleep. This left the room dimly lit and gave it a surreal appearance.

When Vicki came back into the room, she went directly to the side of Leanne's bed and crouched down. In the faintly lit room, the sudden move shocked Leanne and she brought her head up slightly to look at the girl. "I am so sorry to be such a big baby but I just hate sleeping alone. Would you mind if we slept together in your bed as I get so scared all by myself?" she asked her stunned coach.

Time seemed to stand still for a few moments and suddenly Vicki seized the opportunity to gain the advantage. She sobbed and even managed to get a tear to run down her flushed cheek, which made her startling revelation seem so real. The desired motherly feelings filled Leanne's mind and she felt the need to comfort the poor girl.

"Oh of course I don't mind as there is lots of room," she whispered and obediently shifted her body across the mattress to leave room for Vicki. Holding the covers high, it was an invitation that would haunt Leanne for the rest of her life. She held the covers and allowed her player to swiftly slip under them.

A tiny sob erupted from the supposed troubled girl as she played the role to perfection and suddenly hugged her mentor. "Thank you so much as it means a lot to me that we can act without letting inhibitions get in the way," Vicki whispered to her overwhelmed coach. The heat being emitted by the young woman was intense and it caused Leanne's breathing to become a little ragged. No one had come this close to her in years other than her loving husband and the feeling was strange.

"I am so sorry for being such a scary cat and you must think I am such a baby," she said in a voice that drew every motherly ounce of sympathy from Leanne. It had the desired affect as she hugged her player and felt her rub up against her curves as tightly as possible. The forced sobs were intended to make her coach do exactly what she was doing in giving the young woman hugs of compassion.

They remained like that for what seemed like minutes and when Leanne tried to relax her grip so she could move away, another sob shook Vicki's body. Feeling the frightened girls response, she hugged her so that she would feel the motherly love. "There is certainly nothing wrong with showing a girl such love and compassion as she is so distraught," Leanne said over and over to herself, which made her feel relieved.

Lying in her coaches' arms, Vicki whispered small talk and the girls chatted back and forth for a few minutes, which made them both feel more relaxed. It was quite uncomfortable but Leanne really didn't know how to get out of the dilemma. Every time she attempted to gain some distance from the girl, she would utter a few more whimpers, which kept the two bodies against each other.

"I am really grateful for your love and for holding me like this," Vicki said. "You see, normally Lynn and I room together and we can sleep together so I don't suffer these awful feelings of inadequacy," she whispered and was now going for the jugular. "When I am alone, my mind keeps doubting anything I do and I keep wondering if I can be a good team player," she said in a low tone. "Lynn helps me and gives me such confidence and you give me the same kind of feeling," she cleverly stated.

Suddenly, Leanne could feel Vicki's hands taking unapproved liberties and her mind fought for a way to stop the advances. Then she felt the hem of her gown being raised up and shuddered with the fact she was unable to do a single thing to stop the assault. "Your body feels so warm and tender, much the same as Lynn's when we are together," she whispered in a voice that was soft and low. "We always sleep in the nude as it allows us to relax and feel so much closer to each other," she said and promptly slipped her hand onto the velvety mound on Leanne's chest.

Leanne was distressed and her mind worked franticly for a solution. How could she tell this girl not to touch her and risk loosing her affection? How could she stop the unwanted caresses without hurting her feelings?

"You have soft, silky breasts and I wish I had such perfect ones," Vicki whispered. As she said it, her skillful fingers caressed the tip so tenderly and expertly that the bud hardened instantly. For some mysterious reason, Leanne found it impossible to voice a word of protest and she faked drowsiness. The only thing her perplexed mind could come up with was to pretend she was going to sleep and pray like hell that Vicki left her alone.

Then Leanne was allowed to roll over on her side and face the opposite direction of Vicki, which brought a big sigh of relief as she thought her prayers were answered. The respite was short lived however as the much bigger feminine body pressed up tight against the married woman. She curved her body to the exact same posture as Leanne, which left both bodies as one. This position was even worse than facing the young woman as it allowed Vicki to take more liberties with her free hands.

Vicki smiled and could hear the rapid breathing next to her and knew she had the upper hand. Her coach would do almost anything not to displease her star player and she was determined to take complete advantage. "I am going to make you a new woman and show you how much I truly appreciate your love and tenderness," she whispered into her ear. The words didn't register in Leanne's troubled mind and she remained motionless, allowing her young player complete autonomy.

"Your skin is so soft, so smooth and tender," Vicki said in a low tone and her fingers traced a path towards a rendezvous with two milky treasures. Leanne closed her eyes tightly and tried to feign her ignorance of what was happening, hoping the girl would allow her to sleep. Then the skillful fingers reached the lower edges of her soft melons and her world was slowly collapsing around her.

Her temperature must have been over one hundred and her heart was beating so fast that Vicki could feel the rapid pulses. She was going to thoroughly enjoy the long, slow assault and was determined to prolong the sweet, lesbian victory over a married woman. Her competitive spirit saw the affair as a challenge and one, which had to be won on the battlefield by the strongest adversary.

It was almost funny when the deft fingers drew circles around the raised nipples, purposely avoiding the tips until they were like swollen pebbles. Each inadvertent caress of the very tip brought a tiny gasp, as Vicki would touch the nipple every few seconds, but just for a fleeting moment.

Leanne finally decided she had to protest or her battle would be lost forever. "Please, Vicki. I don't think we should be in bed together and we need to get some sleep," she mumbled the most pathetic excuse of all time. Without an ounce of remorse, Vicki's demanding fingers of both hands found the ends of Leanne's universe and pinched with enough force to show her who was in command. She milked the nipples like a baby sucking a mother's tit and it brought them to a most hardened stature.

"Yes, you are right, we should go to sleep as we have to play a game in the morning," Vicki said feigning agreement with her coach. Leanne anticipated a reprieve but nothing could be farther from reality. She could feel her tummy quivering like a little schoolgirl in the midst of her first date and her fingers clutched the sheets like they were going to save her.

It was time for the final sympathy card and Vicki dealt it with a steady hand. "Sometimes I hate myself as I just can't seem to do anything to please a person," she whispered and waited a second before continuing. "You probably hate me and think I am no good," she said with a pleading voice and received the expected results.

Leanne hugged Vicki's arms, which were around her body with a show of affection and in an attempt to show her that she cared. "That's certainly not true as all the girls think you are a great player and they all like you a lot," she said. The next action took all the breath from Leanne's lithe body as Vicki's knowing fingers left a burning trail to the Promised Land. In a futile attempt to save her soul, Leanne grasped the hand as it drew near the sparse forest. Vicki's long, slender fingers intertwined in the curly hair and teased the flesh of the raised pelvis.

Leanne held the hand steady and refused to let it venture any closer to the objective. "Please let me go, let my hand touch you so that I can show you how much I need your love," she whispered to the motionless body. "I need your love and I will show you what ecstasy with a woman is really like. I want to show you how a woman makes love to your pussy and fills your body with desire," Vicki whispered a promise to a woman who was unsure of what to do.

"Oh gawd, she wants to touch me there," Leanne said to herself over and over. Suddenly her naïve mind realized that her young player wanted to have sex with her and she was absolutely shocked by it. "I am a married woman and we can't do this," she moaned and deep down inside, knew that in a mere second or two, she would be enthralled in lesbian lust with her most cherish basketball player. Her heart was racing and her breathing stopped while she waited. What made her release the hand she would never understand, but she removed her hand from Vicki's.

Leanne's demise was complete and the young devil smiled, as she would not encounter any more resistance from the beaten woman. Winning was always sweet but this one was truly memorable as Vicki did have loving feelings for her coach. She understood that Leanne's earlier feelings of motherhood and the compassion she showed towards a troubled girl were sincere. Even with these tender feelings, Vicki was determined to reap the rewards of success.

The dainty fingers dipped into the lust filled pit and slowly pried the puffy lips apart to expose Leanne's mortal being to the world. The blow was lethal as the fingers struck the long, protruding clitoris, pinching it until the breathing resumed and Leanne felt totally alive. It was the strangest feeling in the world. Leanne wanted desperately to stop what this girl was doing but her inner desire wanted her to fulfill the promise of showing her how to love another woman.

Vicki molded her long, slender frame tightly against her prey and reached around the flared hips with her left arm, pilfering the vulnerable clit. The expert fingers rolled the throbbing bud in the abundant juices and Leanne was shocked at the wetness between her legs. She desperately wanted to scream at the girl to stop, stop doing it, as this kind of sex was immoral. There was no way she would ever partake in such perverted activities and her body shuddered as she used every ounce of willpower to halt the rising desire inside her loins.

Instead of protests, or words of challenge to the young woman, Leanne uttered the most incoherent animal sounds, which greatly pleased Vicki. Every nerve and muscle inside Leanne's womanly body could feel the demanding fingers of her young lover as she milked the joy from her body. Quickly, she was reaching a point of no return and instead of resisting Vicki's wishes, she wanted to fulfill a fantasy. Leanne's mind was yearning to experience something that was a dream for so many years and one that was talked about by many involved in the sports program.

The young vixen took control of her coach by using her years of experience but her humiliation was still not complete. Vicki could feel the rounded hips thrusting wildly as she pinched the tenderest bud and knew if she continued, Leanne would be forced to succumb to the rising floodwaters. She took the vulnerable woman to the brink of orgasm, then held her fingers perfectly still until the velvety hips quieted. Leanne could not remember a time when she was more aroused and she secretly wanted her player to take her womanhood without anyone knowing. She actually felt a touch of sadness when the waters, which threatened to drown her in lust, receded from the shores.

Vicki wanted to ensure the total commitment of her coach and relished the thought of having such a gorgeous, willing slave. By the time she and her teammates were done with their coach, she would not be the same woman. It was a known fact that many girls who played on the various teams were lesbian, if not full fledged, practicing ones during the season. Vicki had the occasional boyfriend but seemed to keep coming back to girls, as they were more sensitive and caring.

It was true that she was the master of the team and used many of the players for her own personal enjoyment from time to time. Vicki and Lynn, who was now assistant coach, had played together until Lynn's graduation two years ago. They were best friends and lovers and the fact was well known to the entire Pandas team. They had planned the seduction of their coach and each yearned to taste the rewards of their lovely leader.

Dreams over the past couple of months filled Vicki with much anticipation and she could hardly wait to show Leanne some lesbian delights. She hadn't met a woman yet that didn't blow their mind when getting their pussy licked by a skilled dyke and she was certainly one of the best. Her body quivered with the vision of the coaches shapely hips going through the throes of a violent orgasm. The thought of conquering a married woman who was also a highly ranked status figure in the college was like an intoxicating drug to her youthful mind.

Vicki used every bit of willpower to prolong the seduction and moved her lips close to Leanne's ear. "I want to kiss your pussy, taste your love potion and drink your juices," she whispered loud enough to get her complete attention. "Do you want me to make love to you?" she asked but didn't expect a verbal response. Leanne's body told her everything she needed to know.

"Please remove your gown and turn over, onto your back," Vicki whispered the subtle orders. Leanne was in turmoil, as her mind knew that by submitting to the young girls demands would mean complete disaster but her inner nucleus desperately wanted to surrender. The damning fingers had remained on the control button and they performed magic once again. Rolling the swollen clit, the hips responded as expected and Leanne moaned out of frustration. What to do?

A few tiny sobs escaped her trembling lips as Leanne rolled over and came face to face with destiny. Her eyes closed as she sensed the tender lips closing in on her and her breathing stopped. When the lips touched her, it felt like a million volts of electricity and her body jerked in response. The kiss began and her heart fluttered as she felt her lover consume her soul, which she gave willingly.

"Remove your gown so I can drink from your loins," Vicki whispered, breaking the kiss for just a brief second. Leanne's fingers were shaking so bad it was hard for her to lift the material up her body. She twisted and lifted her body so the gown could be raised up over her head and Vicki moved her body to allow the garment to be removed. The naked woman waited to be taken and knew her demise was only seconds away.

"Have you ever made love to another woman?" Vicki asked the silly question and already knew the answer. "Oh no, never." Leanne whispered in a low almost inaudible voice. To save her dignity, she said, "Please don't do this to me as I am a married woman." It brought a little chuckle from the predator and then Vicki silenced the woman by kissing her on the lips.

Low grunts and moans came from the battered coach as Vicki moved her hands to her shoulders. She pressed Leanne into the soft mattress and breaking the enchanting kiss, admired the absolute beauty of the woman. It was but a brief glance, as she needed to taste the wonderful delights right away as her desire was building deep inside.

Without looking, Leanne knew the girl was going to use her mouth to perform immoral acts but for some unknown reason, she was willing to accept the sin. A wet, burning trail was left across her inflamed flesh as Vicki used her tongue to caress her neck and shoulders, before dropping to her chest. Leanne's body arched and she offered her treasures to the villain, hoping she would stop the throbbing of her nipples. The hungry mouth devoured a swollen bud and the feeling was so intense that Leanne felt light headed.

Leanne had never felt so feverish and the anticipation of what her young team captain would do next was driving her mind crazy with lust. For the first time in her life, she felt like an animal with only one thing on her mind, the impending climax. The mattress shifted with Vicki's weight as she moved into a position directly above her slave and Leanne held her breath waiting for her to strike.

The skilled fingers were magical as they traced patterns over the red-hot flesh and Leanne acted like a woman possessed. Feeling the mature, vibrant coach respond to her every caress was mind-boggling and Vicki's desire rose in unison with Leanne's. She sucked a rose bud deep into her mouth and rubbed her tongue over the hardened nugget. Her right hand went to the neglected nipple while her left hand dropped downward which brought a loud gasp from Leanne.

Leanne's arms stiffened from the ecstasy rushing through her deepest, amorous zones and she flung her limbs out to her sides, digging her clenched fingers into the sheets. Oh gawd, what was happening to her, she wondered?

The dainty fingers teased Leanne's slim stomach and the taunt muscles flinched with every loving caress. "No, no, please don't," she begged, as she knew that Vicki would not be satisfied until she had overcome every barrier. "Oh please, no, not that," she pleaded as the fingers ventured into the neatly trimmed bush, playing with the curly strands of hair along the way. When a finger darted over the wetness and grazed the puffy lips, Leanne's breathing became very labored and rapid. "Oh gawd, what are you going to do, oh please don't touch me there," she begged without a hope of winning a reprieve.

Then the hot, fiery tongue began the trek down her body and Leanne felt the burning flame scorch her flesh even in the cool air. Hitting the depression in the middle of her tummy, Vicki inserted her tongue in the button and pretended to fuck the tiny hole. The simulation worked and Leanne's body jerked violently up and down while uttering incoherent sounds.

When the tongue left the bellybutton, Leanne wasn't prepared for the intense burning left by the probe as it dropped straight down through the sparse covering towards paradise. Leanne's body tensed and stiffened as the tender fingers opened the petals and without looking, she knew her soul lay exposed to the vulture.

The shock was earth-shattering as Vicki's tongue slipped between the puffy labia and licked the protruding clitoris like it was her personal toy. She used her tongue in tickling fashion to flick the very tip of the vulnerable clit. Leanne couldn't remember an orgasm beginning so quickly as her juices flowed, coating the damning tongue with cream. It was nectar from the gods and Vicki drank with a dire thirst.

There was no more begging or pleading for Vicki to stop the molesting as all Leanne's shame was overcome by the erotic passion flowing from the very core of her womanhood. Vicki could not believe how her coaches' body responded to her lesbian caresses as it thrashed madly under her touch. Without being asked, Leanne spread her legs to allow sole access to her most cherished domain and thrust her pussy into the waiting mouth.

The orgasm burst from its shell and it was most remarkable how it skipped from peak to peak. Leanne felt the most violent and rewarding ecstasy of all time as it washed over her body and Vicki's tenderness eroded any feelings of guilt she may have had. Earlier she prayed for help but now she prayed for forgiveness because she was succumbing to the most sinful lust.

Vicki sucked the swollen clitoris like a true veteran and her long, powerful fingers slipped under the rounded hips to squeeze the susceptible butt. The harder she squeezed the cheeks, the louder Leanne moaned, as her emotions were higher than she could endure. Anyone else in the room would have wondered at the sound of beasts during mating season, as there was no pretenses, only pure uninhibited ecstasy.

Leanne had fantasized about sex between two women but never dreamed that it would ever happen to her. The plateau that her mind was swirling through felt like the third dimension as it was in another world. When her hips finally quieted and the eruption ran dry, Vicki slowly caressed her flushed body. Her mouth left the volcano and kissed its way up the burning flesh, leaving a wet trail along the way. Every peck of her lips, every lick of her tongue was a tender, affectionate caress and it made Leanne feel loved. Many times after sex she wished Rod would hold or cuddle with her while the deep, burning desires slowly died away.

Once Vicki was over her lover, she kissed the open lips in a show of compassion. The aroma made Leanne's head spin as she realize that the smell was from her own loins. The tongue's intertwined and the taste was both erotic and sinful which gave the kiss a most enticing affect.

Leanne felt diminutive compared to the Amazon woman over her and realized for the first time her life that another person controlled her destiny. She could feel the coned shaped tits burning holes in her chest and her titties yielded to the harder ones. "Touch me, fuck me as I need you now," the young girl begged her lover.

Obediently, Leanne's arms went around Vicki and her hands caressed the hot skin, which she could reach. This pressed the two bodies tightly against each other and suddenly Vicki spread her legs wide, placing one leg between Leanne's thighs. The position allowed her to use Leanne's left thigh, which was between her legs for her own gratification. She humped the thigh like a bitch in heat and it gave the affair an animal appearance.

"I am so fucking hot and I can't remember being so turned on," Vicki told her partner. "Yes, do that with your leg, press it into my pussy. I can feel you touching my clitty and it's driving me crazy," she confessed to Leanne, which made the coach blush with the fact she was getting another woman aroused.

Suddenly, Vicki shifted her body so that her breast was in Leanne's face and it happened so fast that she didn't stop the assault. The star player cupped her left breast and guided it into her coaches' open mouth and it made a shiver run down her back when the sharp ivories grazed the hardened nipple. "Oh yes, yes, suck my nipple," she begged.

The nipple felt surreal in her mouth and Leanne wasn't sure what to do. That didn't matter, as just touching the aroused body was enough to satisfy Vicki. The tall, lanky girl's body bucked with unbridled lust as the tongue innocently petted the throbbing bud, covering it with saliva and her desires soared higher. The blood rushed to Leanne's head as the thought of having to satisfy her master was scary yet it had an enticing appeal to it.

Leanne could feel the need in the girl's hips as the strong, muscular thighs closed around her leg. The wetness coating her thigh was unmistakable and it gave her a strange feeling to realize where it was coming from.

Vicki knew it would be putting too much stress on her new lover to have her reciprocate and she was far too far up the mountain to suffer through any more foreplay. The seduction of her coach had built a fire deep inside her loins that needed to be doused immediately. She rescued her tit from the hot mouth and moved so that she was lying next to Leanne.

"You're my bitch now and I want you to fuck me. Put your fingers between my legs and feel my hot cunt. I need your fingers in me right now," she whispered to her stunned coach. She was correct, Leanne thought, as she was under the spell of her star player and would be compelled to do whatever she demanded. Leanne shuddered with the thought that she was indeed Vicki's bitch, compelled to fulfill the girl's wishes.

Her mind went into a sort of trance and her hands moved without any direction. The love and affection Vicki had demonstrated moments ago were enough to make Leanne's hand comply with the girl's requests. Rolling onto her side, she felt tiny compared to her much bigger player but to feel the woman quiver from her touch was kind of stimulating. Leanne felt the instant need of her young lover and it gave her a commanding feeling to make Vicki so aroused.

Her doubts were answered when her dainty hand slipped into the wetness. "Oh gawd, touch me there," came the order but it was redundant as the fingers split the puffy lips. The loud, moaning noises were evidence Leanne had hit the mother lode and feeling the elongated clitoris slip out of its hood, she pinched it hard. When the hips thrust up and down without any control, she squeezed the slippery bud between her fingers and stretched it until there was a cry for mercy. Then she rolled the swollen, passion button in the abundant juices and the orgasm exploded with a fury.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," Vicki moaned in utter dismay as she was consumed by the ecstasy. Sensing that a warrior should take advantage of the foes inability to resist, Leanne saw an enlarge nipple and dropped down to devour it. Her teeth nibbling on the vulnerable bud was too much for Vicki to withstand and the coach took her through the throes of a most violent climax.

It took several minutes before the fires had extinguished enough that the two girls could relax. Both felt warm and fuzzy all over and sort of fell into each other's arms, hugging the others flushed body. Nothing had to be said as each drifted off into dreamland, exhausted from the remarkable climaxes. Leanne fantasized about her first lesbian experience and Vicki about sharing her new lover with teammates.

Vicki shivered with the vision of the initiation tomorrow night and how Leanne would be inducted into the team fold. Team bonding is what her coach wanted and that is exactly what would be accomplished tomorrow, although Vicki was sure that Leanne would not expect the bonding she would receive.

The girls slept for hours and remained locked as one for the whole night. Once or twice Leanne woke with a start from being in Vicki's arms. She quickly assessed her situation and easily accepted it by merely snuggling into the Amazon's warm body in loving fashion. As morning neared, Vicki's strong hands began to roam and caressed Leanne's soft, smooth skin, not intending on taking it further but merely wanting to feel the womanly body.

Leanne could feel the daring fingers take bold liberties and actually welcomed the tender caresses. Snuggling into the powerful arms of her young player, she felt protected and safe so it was easy to drift back into dreamland. Sensing that her slave was able to resist the temptation of another erotic encounter gave Vicki the incentive to conquer Leanne one more time. The twilight hours meant they still have another hour before they had to rise so the devil in her made her do it.

Softly and ever so tenderly, she kissed Leanne's face and neck, using her skilled tongue to add a touch of perfection. In sort of a dreamlike state, Leanne felt the affectionate caresses and it was almost like being in paradise as her muscles turned to quicksand. When the sharp, demanding teeth nibbled on her ear lobe, Leanne felt someone entering her sphere of influence and she was obliged to give up her domain.

She tried her utmost to remain asleep and treat the molesting as if it were not happening. Her tight stomach muscles quivered as fingernails raked there way across her flat tummy, threatening to venture lower. "Do you want me to touch you down there?" came the almost inaudible voice as Vicki whispered to her. "Open you legs so I can feel your wet pussy. I am going to make your pussy my very own as I love your body," the player informed her sexy coach.

Without thinking or opening her eyes, Leanne did as her star player demanded, believing it was just a sweet dream. The shock of reality struck very quickly as the skilled fingers dropped into the coveted area of the raised womanhood and Leanne came awake with a sudden start. Before she could utter a protest, the hungry lips closed on hers and a kiss began.

Initially, Leanne held her ground but was soon overcome by the powerful girl as the tongues met midstream. She was no match for the master and the intertwining probes collapsed into Leanne's mouth as she surrendered with a tiny sob. Her will was beaten in their earlier battle and Leanne knew this young girl was her leader. She vowed to succumb to Vicki's desires and knew the rewards were plentiful, as for some unknown reason, the lesbian lust was too hard to resist.

Leanne knew what was next and she opened her legs in anticipation but when the fingers touched her, her body felt like it had been electrocuted. Her hips twitched and like magic, the fingers found the wet slit, which was flowing like a river. She sobbed at her own vulgar display of lost passion and wondered if Vicki knew how aroused she was after only minutes of foreplay. Her mind was inflamed by the very thought that she was without any control and that her entire focus was on what the young woman was doing to her.

It was the most dire, desperate moan that escaped the older woman, as the finger embedded inside her most private love channel robbed the last bit of dignity from her loins. "Oh fuck, fuck I can't stand it when you do that to me," she moaned with a plea for Vicki to take her soul and do with it as she wished. How she could be so lost in desire was a mystery but all she knew was that she needed to be fucked in the worst way.

The fingers were supernatural and it was only seconds before the creamy river flowed from her deepest regions, coating the long fingers. The loud sound of raw, filthy sex filled the room and knowing it was her cunt that was being ravaged made the affair mind-boggling. It brought a contented smile to Vicki's pretty face from seeing her coaches' body thrash violently over the sheets and she milked the tight pussy, prolonging the climax for as long as possible.

Visions of the team initiation that was scheduled for later that day gave Vicki even more satisfaction as she dreamed of seeing Leanne's beautiful, sexy body in the hands of teammates. "Who would be the lucky girl to get to spend the night with the newly inducted coach and what would they do to her?" she wondered as she drew the last spasms from the battered loins.

Locked in each other's arms, the kiss was one of lovers and one that consumed both minds in undaunted lust. For the first time in her existence, Leanne submitted her total being to a lover and she could not remember having such passionate orgasms, which gave her a sense of guilt. She loved Rod but what this young girl did to her brought newness, a difference to her mundane life.

There were only minutes remaining before they had to get ready for the upcoming game so Vicki became desperate. No time for pleasantries or formalities, what Vicki needed was a royal fucking. She was already on a plateau of intense proportions and merely needed Leanne's caresses to bring on her orgasm. "Put your fingers on my cunt and fuck me right now. I need you to do it to me now, no fucking foreplay or pretenses, just fuck me," she ordered her companion and assisted Leanne's hand to the intended target.

Feeling the burning flesh under her fingers, it was only natural to slip a slender finger into the wetness. "Oh gawd, do it, do it to me now," Vicki whispered encouragement to her lover. The pleas gave Leanne a satisfaction of knowing she was pleasing her woman and she stroked the throbbing bud which lay exposed for the taking. Each time she flicked the protruding clit, Vicki's hips thrust madly and it took no time for the spasms to rock her Amazon body.

Leanne was much smaller, much weaker but she was controlling the dream girl. The climax made the naked body quiver and she finger fucked the girl like a pro. Explosions rocked her tall, lanky body and her mind fantasized of the future. Then Vicki thought it better to mention the planned ceremony that would be held following the last game of the day.

"Leanne, the team is having the rookie initiation tonight for Sarah and Doris and we all really want you to be part of the team as well. Everyone goes through the ritual and you did say you wanted to be part of team bonding, didn't you?" she asked. The way Vicki phrased the explanations made it almost impossible for Leanne to refuse the invitation.

"I know you girls have an initiation for rookies but I really don't think coaches should be part of it," Leanne reasoned with her team captain. Even in her confused state of mind Leanne knew that nothing good could come by being part of the induction ceremony.

"All the girls think you are an integral part of the team and we all want you to partake in this," she said, stretching the truth somewhat so that it put more pressure on her coach. "It is not really that much of a big deal and once you go through it, the girls will find it easier to confide in you," again the girl used excuses to benefit her cause. "And besides, it's a tradition and all rookies go through it. I just think by you doing it will make you more a part of the Pandas," Vicki added and despair filled Leanne, as she had to agree with what her star player said.

A tender hug and peck on the lips eroded the last bit of resistance and Leanne again conceded defeat. She would go with the girls as it was important for her to gain their complete confidence and she rationalized that there would be two rookies also going through the same ceremony. Her fate was sealed in a bottle and it drifted slowly out to sea as both women relaxed for the last few moments of bedtime.

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