The Misty
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Volentrin

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alexander Connor was starting life as an explorer of the unknown universe. he bought and refurbished an older model explorer/miner mark12 and set off to explore! This is his story of what happens.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction  


I checked my instruments again. Right in the groove. I was number 2 in line for docking to the United Star Lines' Engine 211. While I had a faster-than-light drive in my little Miner/Explorer Mark 12, it was not as fast as the huge FTL engine run by the line.

My best speed was 1 light year every two days. This engine/ship I was hooking up to was much faster. It traveled at a speed of 5 light years per day. So it paid for me and others like me, to buy passage with these huge engines, to transport us to or near our ultimate destination.

I had paid to go all the way through to the end of United Star's route, which was a little over 200 light years away. They ended at the furthest arm of explored space in the direction of galactic east from Earth.

My ship was over 60 years old, but I had paid for upgrades. Since I was an explorer, I could get away with being by myself. But I was required to have an AI Mark 2 at a minimum, to help with running the ship. I'd paid for an AI Mark 3.

Why not? I had the money... 'Had', being the operative word. Buying this ship, getting it licensed, and paying for the upgrades had taken the majority of it. I still had a little in a few accounts. I had two credit transfer chips with 10,000 GSC on each of them, as well as 5,000 GSC cash, in my strong box aboard the ship. I also owned a stock portfolio that would soon be paying very pleasant dividends. (Author's note: GSC = Galactic Standard Credit.)

The engine/ship that was hauling the various ships connected to it, was HUGE! My ship was 120 meters in length. Stocked as it was, I had a 9 month cruising range out and back. The engine that was going to transport us was over 140 meters in length, 22 meters wide, and 31 meters from top to bottom... and that was the engine, alone.

The company had put a hull around it; with life support, cabins, and huge cargo spaces. The result was ship that cost a hell of a lot of money, but could carry enough people and cargo to make it worth while. It also had masts that shot off it for external ships to hook up for rides at a cost. It topped out at 1000 meters in length. Only governments could afford as big or bigger ships that this one.

"Misty, you're now clear to dock and maglock on hull section 109. Place controls in 'repeat mode', and allow Engine 211 Control to bring you in to the dock," I heard over the radio.

"Misty to place controls to repeat mode. Controls now in repeat mode, over," I told Engine Control.

I received a brief acknowledgment, and watched with interest as my ship was maneuvered to a place on the hull of the huge engine/ship. I was small enough that they had decided not to waste mast space on me. Masts were for much larger ships, like the military frigate that was hitching a ride. It was 430 meters in length. There were also three liners filled with tourists, or colonials heading for their new homes.

Docking completed, I started to shut down the systems, and place power and life support on standby. It took about 30 minutes to get everything set for my absence. I had paid a little bit more, to ride in comfort inside the huge engine/ship. No reason to stay inside my little boat, when I had a huge spacious ship to explore. I was assigned cabin 91SD2. That is: cabin 91, starboard side, deck two.

On deck two there were 100 cabins. Deck one had the luxury suites, and first class cabins. Deck three was dorms for the cheapest tickets. 20 persons to a dorm. I'd heard that all 6 dorms were full. Of course, each deck had a mess hall, tables at which to eat, a gym, and an entertainment arcade.

I was lucky in that cabin 91, while a double berth, was not 'filled to capacity'. I had lucked out, and gotten a cabin to myself. In all honesty, I would have paid extra for a single cabin, but now I had a two person cabin to myself. At least, until the first stop, that is.

Most of the people catching a ride would remain in their own ships for the duration. I had the money to get a cabin, so I did. This meant having an officer from the engine/ship come on board, and do a courtesy inspection.

The inspection was cursory. It involved going over my manifest, and a visual inspection of the cargo holds and interior of my ship. I was hauling a small cargo to offset my costs. I had a shipment of medical supplies in sealed containers. Since everything checked, and the containers had been sealed at the port of departure, I got the nod. All that remained was to turn off the lights, and set my security system.

As I followed the officer out the hatch and through the docking tube; I sealed my ship, and clicked on the security system with my remote. I probably had the most state of the art ship security system known. It should be, as I was a stockholder in the company that designed, made, and installed it. I'd traded in a lot of shares back to the company to get an advanced copy of this system, which would not go on sale until late next year.

As soon as I exited the engine/ship's dock, I was welcomed and tagged. I received a wrist band that let the ship know where I was at all times, and granted me access to my cabin, and meals. It also kept a running account of any debts I ran up.

I had brought 500 GSC with me, which I gave to the purser. I received an electronic receipt. Now I had credit, and would receive the change due me at the end of the voyage... if I had any coming. I had another 100 GSC on me, for tips.

The exchange rates for local currencies to GSC were posted. I looked at the currency exchange for where I was headed. While I had not brought a lot of GSC with me, the exchange rate was such that I would be flush, in local currency!

Pleased, I asked for and received the help of a steward, to carry my one bag and take me to my cabin. It took an amazing 6 minutes of walking, and one lift ride, to get there. I tipped the steward a 1 GSC credit piece, and set about unpacking my bag.

While I had been on local Earth time, the ship was on a totally different time schedule. The evening meal had been served already, so I called for a meal to be sent to my cabin. It was lunch time to my stomach. As I ate, I turned on the cabin monitor, read the greetings and checked mail for me. I already had 4 emails!

The first was the standard welcome to the ship. I fast forwarded through it, quickly. I had taken two previous cruises in my life, and they all seemed to say the same thing. The second was of more interest to me as it contained my dining schedule, seat, and table assignment. It also explained some of the various services I could have as a passenger on this ship.

The third email was peculiar. It was from the captain of the Earth frigate, Saunders, and requested the pleasure of my company at my earliest convenience. She was going to be on board the next two weeks, and it would please her to receive me in her cabin within that time period.

The fourth email was from the captain of the engine/ship, requesting the pleasure of my company at the captain's table for supper tomorrow evening. Well, I had half way expected that one. Captains usually invited other ship captains to dine with them at least once, during a voyage. I was a ship owner/captain. A rarer individual.

I answered emails 3 and 4 and then clicked the icon for the ship's news. I read through it fairly quickly, and decided to head to the gym for a work out. I found the gym easily, and started a slow work out. An hour later I was sweating, and ready to call it quits.

I went back to my cabin, and showered. I then checked the mail again, and discovered that the captain of the Saunders had responded to my email already. She was on the same time I was, and asked if I would care to meet with her after breakfast, local ship's time. I sent an email agreeing. I lay down and slept a bit, trying to adjust myself to ship's time.

I woke to the sound of the ship's public address system announcing 0600 ship's time. I had activated this function, in order to help me adjust to the local time. I awoke tired, but well on my way to making the time adjustment. I noticed when I looked at the monitor, that we had already entered hyper space. I hadn't even felt us passing through the interface!

I had an hour before my dining room shift started breakfast, so I cleaned up and shaved. I also sent a message to the captain of the Saunders, Commander Edith Birch, saying I would meet her at her cabin at 0800 local ship's time.

She was on Deck 1, cabin 53. That was definitely a first class cabin, and a single one at that. My current cabin was a first class, but it was a double.

I made it to my seat assignment and had a good breakfast of pancakes, eggs to order, sausage, coffee, and juice.

I checked my watch, and saw I still had about 30 minutes before my meeting with the captain of the Saunders. I excused myself from my mess mates, and headed for the first lift I could find.

While I was a paying first class passenger, I was still a 'deck two' passenger. The concierge checked the validity of my reason for going to deck 1. Since I checked out, I was passed, and allowed to continue to my appointment with the captain of the Saunders. Shortly, I was standing outside cabin 53 with 10 minutes to spare.

It didn't matter, as Captain Edith Birch opened her cabin's hatch to me almost as soon as I arrived.

"Captain Connors, thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I am Commander Edith Birch, captain of the TFS Saunders." Captain Birch told me. (Author's note: TFS stands for Terran Federation Ship.)

"I'm happy to meet you. I am Alexander Connors. I must confess to being a little curious as to why you requested this meeting, though," I said.

"I was most pleased to discover you were joining this engine/ship, Captain Connors. I was able to get the file on you, from Command," she said, smiling at me.

I raised my eyebrows at her. Getting my file would not be hard for someone in her position. The only question remaining was, why? I looked my question at her.

"You have no idea what a favor you can do for me, if you would let me transfer a passenger I have into your keeping. Command has tasked me with delivering a mid-level diplomat's son, to New Walden.

"If you take this person with you, and off of my hands, I can arrive at my duty station much earlier than expected. I am authorized to offer the standard payment, if you would do this. I can also put in a good word for you with all the border officers, and extend to you a few favors if you so desire," she said with a sly look.

We dickered for a while, and finally came to an agreement. She would turn over this cabin to me at the next outbreak from hyper. I could turn my cabin over to my new charge. She assured me he was enough of a trouble maker that I should take this opportunity to get myself mentally ready for stupidity, in all its glory.

"That bad?" I asked amused.

"Let's just say he has worn out his welcome on Earth. I would not let you have him, without you knowing what you're getting into. He would be in prison right now, if not for his father having diplomatic immunity. Through his father, he himself gains that immunity. As it is, we had to settle for terminating his stay on Earth," she said a bit grimly.

"Hmm, you make me want to rethink our deal," I said with a bit of trepidation.

"I don't blame you. I will keep jurisdiction until we hit breakout. Once he is in your care, try not to be too harsh with him. It would be considered a problem if he didn't arrive home in one piece," she said with a grin.

I nodded, and we then talked about other things. She was knowledgeable about a number of things, and she impressed me a lot. She was even able to get my service record, which I would have thought impossible, as it was classified.

I finally left her, and made my way back to my cabin. I napped a bit until lunch, then went to the gym. After working out, I showered and went swimming. They had a nice pool for first class passengers. I then went back to my cabin, and got out my best suit of clothes.

I had the ship's laundry clean and press it. I wanted to look my best at the Captain's mess tonight. I had discovered that Edith would be joining me. I liked Edith. She was an honest, straight forward person.

She could have palmed off this Nevil Danton, without warning me about him. He must be biting his nails, knowing there was a much bigger and friendlier place to be than the TFS Saunders, and not being able to transfer over.

Supper was an interesting event. I am very glad I was not the captain of this engine/ship. The people he was putting up with would have driven a saint to distraction. Still, this was the third stop on his route, and he might have gotten numb to the stupid things high society people were prone to saying. He must have developed a lot of patience, and a very thick skin.

The night before breakout (9 days into the trip, and 45 light years from Earth), there was a dance for luxury and first class passengers. I decided to buy more fitting clothes, and went to the ship's store. I blinked at the prices they wanted. Damn! I was in the wrong business!

I went to the dance dressed in a new suit. It was black, with silver trim on the cuffs and seams of my trousers. The tunic top was also black, with silver trim on the cuffs of the sleeves. It looked very sharp indeed.

I met Edith at the dance, and we danced several dances together. She was very good, and I managed not to step on her toes once. Since we had breakout from hyper scheduled for tomorrow morning at 0930, she was giving her cabin up tonight, and I could move in. She had already taken care of everything.

We spent most of the dance together. She did dance with a few others, as did I, but we seemed to hit it off fairly well. It was a shame we would have no further time together. She had already ordered her executive officer to ready the transfer of their passenger to my cabin. They would pay for the cabin, and I would then take over shepherding him to his destination, which was also my destination.

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