Chandler's Ride
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Malcolm Charles Chandler is a rather quiet man and good neighbor who occasionally takes a trip through a portal to another world -- Crossroads. His caretaker, Alice, sends him on an adventure to rescue a Damsel in Distress. The rescue goes fine, but the ride home takes a long time.

Malcolm Charles Chandler sat in the backyard of his suburban home watching his next door neighbors raking leaves. It was early November and the fall colors had faded weeks ago. With the loss of color came the shedding of leaves. The few remaining leaves would last until December, falling to the ground below one at a time.

He chuckled at the sight of the teenage girl trying to work in the yard wearing her thick-soled shoes. They were the huge bulky soles that didn't allow her to walk without looking like some sort of stork. She was short and the shoes were a desperate attempt to look tall and thin. The attempt didn't work. Aloud, he said, "The ridiculous fashions these young women follow in an attempt to look sexy."

He glanced down at this watch and saw that it was a little after eleven. Despite his desire to run into the house and dash through the portal, he stayed where he was. Alice Caretaker wouldn't expect him until noon and he wanted her ready for his arrival. A shiver of excitement ran through him at the thought of Alice.

Looking over at the girl next door, he thought about how much she could learn from Alice. The girl wasn't the only woman he knew who could learn a lot from Alice. The women of Cassandra had spoiled him for Earth women. The girl next door could probably be taught how to act like a real woman, but at her age he thought it highly unlikely.

Sighing, he knew that a thirty-two year old man shouldn't be thinking things like that about sixteen year old girls. It was just so tough living a whole month without female companionship. Not having a girlfriend here had some unexpected consequences. More than a few people thought he was gay. Even though he knew the truth of the matter, it bothered him that others had an incorrect impression of him.

He looked back at the house next door and noticed Jack heading his way. From the way his neighbor was approaching, it was clear the man wanted something. Of course, the fact that his neighbor was approaching was sufficient to mean the man wanted something. He stood to greet his neighbor.

"Hello, Jack. I see you're cleaning up leaves."

"Oh, yeah. That time of year, you know," answered the neighbor looking around Malcolm's spotless yard. He didn't know how the man did it, but his yard was always spotless. His wife made it a point to mention the immaculate backyard as part of her campaign to get him to take greater care of their yard.

"Seems you're a little late this year," commented Malcolm looking around at the yards around them. Jack was always the last one on the block to take care of his yard.

"Uh, yeah. You know how it is."

"Yeah," answered Malcolm despite the fact that he didn't know. He didn't understand why anyone would intentionally live an undisciplined life.

"I was wondering..."

'Here it comes, ' thought Malcolm with a mental grin. Jack was nice, but he always asking for favors. He looked up at Jack and asked, "What can I do for you?"

"You teach Karate, don't you?" asked Jack believing that he knew the answer.

"I teach Aikido."

"Same thing," replied Jack with the common assurance with which novices discounted the differences among the various forms of martial arts.

Malcolm smiled at the ignorant remark and said, "Not quite the same thing."

"Yeah, but you teach people how to defend themselves. Right?"

"Among other things," Malcolm answered. Discipline, concentration, self-control, and physical fitness were important lessons, but few students could deny that his primary emphasis was on spiritual growth. Although self-defense was the least of what he taught in his dojo, it was the self-defense aspects of the martial arts that attracted students.

"Well, my kid is dating and I want to make sure that she can rip the testicles off any guy who tries anything with her," Jack said trying to convey an aggressive attitude while making the comment. The fact of the matter was that he was worried about his daughter. As a result of watching a special on the nightly news, he had learned that date rape was very common among teenagers. When he had asked his daughter about it, she had admitted that she knew of some girls who had been forced into doing things they didn't want to do.

Malcolm stared up at the sky for a moment and considered telling him that they didn't teach that until the third year, but resisted the temptation. Instead, he replied, "Hmmm, I don't recall teaching any lessons on ripping testicles off men. Nope, that's not one of the things I teach people in my dojo."

"Shit man, you know what I mean. There are assholes out there that who will hurt my little girl the first chance they get. I want her able to defend herself," Jack argued.

"I only accept students who want to learn. If they are minors, then their parents must understand that the rate a student progresses depends upon the student and not the instructor. I've had too many parents counting the months that a student takes to progress from one level to the next," said Malcolm.

"Oh, she'll learn alright. I'll see to that," Jack said with authority.

"Then I won't accept her as a student," said Malcolm as he checked his watch. He didn't accept students whose parents tried to establish their rate of progress. He didn't like parents watching. Nothing was worse than a parent demanding that their kid drill when it was more appropriate for the student to observe the drill.

"Come on, man. I'm desperate here." Jack was rather surprised by the refusal and resorted to begging.

Malcolm glanced at his watch. It was time for him to leave for Crossroads, he said, "I've got to go in the house for a half an hour. When I come out, have her come over and ask to be admitted to the dojo for a visit. If I am convinced that she will learn, then I will accept her as a guest to my dojo. It will be up to her when she starts training."


Malcolm smiled at his neighbor's confusion and said, "That is the way we learn Aikido. The discipline comes from within rather than imposed from outside."

"Okay," Jack stammered, not understanding what Malcolm was saying. He decided that it was a strange way for the man to run a business. What he didn't understand, was that Malcolm viewed his dojo as a way for him to continue training instead of being a business.

"Now, if you will excuse me, I have something important to do," Malcolm said. He turned and headed towards his house without waiting for a response. It was approaching the time for him to leave for Crossroads and there was no way he would keep Alice Caretaker waiting.

On his way to the door, he spotted a stray leaf and picked up it. He took a short detour to deposit the leaf in a trashcan. The yard was once again leaf-free when he entered the house. Jack stared at the door after it had closed behind Malcolm. For a moment, he wondered if Jack had picked up the leaves one at a time when they had fallen.

Malcolm lived in a three-bedroom house. The master bedroom was used for its intended purpose and its contents reflected that. It contained a king-sized bed and a plain dresser. One wall had two doors; one to a closet and the other to a bathroom. Its Spartan décor would be jarring to any woman who entered the room, but such an occasion had not yet occurred.

Another bedroom was used as a meditation room and was decorated with the intent of providing a tranquil atmosphere. A small table upon which incense could be burned was to one side of the room. A small mat on which he could kneel was placed before the table. Two stands, capable of holding fifty candles each, lined the walls.

The third room, and the most important room of the house as far as Malcolm was concerned, was empty except for his most prized possession -- a full size mirror. The mirror was mounted inside an ornate handmade frame of apple wood. Once each week, he entered the room for the purpose of cleaning it. He entered the room once a month for the purpose of using it for its intended purpose.

Upon entering the house, Malcolm removed his shoes and then went to his special room. He stood in front of the mirror and studied his reflection. The image presented to him was of a thirty- two year old man in good health. Standing at 5'10" in height, he weighed a compact 168 pounds of muscle. His black hair was cut short in a military style and looked appropriate for his square face. Looking at himself, he said, "I have no idea what she sees in me."

He stripped, removing his clothes with care, folded each item, and placed it on a neat pile. Once he was naked, he paused to examine himself in the mirror one last time. He stepped forward and grasped the right edge of the mirror. Pulling on it, the mirror swung away from the frame. Smiling at the thought of what waited for him on the other side of the portal, his hand dropped down to wrap around his cock as it slowly began to get erect. He stepped through the portal even as his cock continued to grow larger.

There was a small delay in the portal room of Crossroads before the door to the main living area swung open. Malcolm stepped through the door as his eyes sought out Alice. It took him less than a second to locate a very naked Alice waiting five paces from the door. His breath caught in his chest at the sight of her. She was a pixie, barely 5' tall and 90 pounds with short black hair. She wasn't a waif in the fashion model sense - her body retained all of the appropriate curves and softness of a woman. It was just that she was a small woman.

Seeing Malcolm, she released her breath in a scream of joy and burst into a smile. She jumped up and down for a second with the result that her pert breasts bounced in a very attractive manner. As she twisted slightly, he was treated to flashes of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. His cock became hard as iron at the sight of the vision of loveliness in front of him.

Giggling at the sight of her naked man, Alice raced across the room and launched herself at him. He caught her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. With the kind of smoothness that came from practice, she lowered herself onto his cock and sighed with pleasure as it filled her. She cooed, "It's so good to feel you in me once again, my Hero."

"I've missed you so much," Malcolm said even as his lips sought hers. They kissed with the passion of lovers kept apart for a month. Their tongues battled like gladiators in a Roman coliseum, but without lethal intent. Their groans rose with their passions.

Malcolm held her tightly to his chest enjoying the feel of her breasts crushed against him and her cunt holding his cock within its depths. She contracted and relaxed her vaginal muscles; milking him in a manner that often caused him to come within minutes. She broke off the kiss as she threw her head back and screamed in orgasm. Like all women of Cassandra, Alice was able to achieve orgasm with great ease.

He started to thrust into her by lifting and lowering her body. There was a sudden fluttering of her muscles around his cock as a second orgasm washed over her. Never had he encountered such a talented lover. He wondered, even as he came within her, what he had done to deserve such a wonderful woman.

Still holding her in his arms, he made his way towards the bedroom. The door opened automatically for the couple. Reaching the bed, he climbed onto it on his knees. He adjusted his hold to her hips. She released her hands from around his neck and slowly arched back until her shoulders rested upon the bed. She came with his first forceful thrust into her.

Malcolm held her bottom off the bed and proceeded to make love to her with hard forceful thrusts. Her arms flew out to the bed. She grasped the sheets in her hands and twisted them as her excitement drove her to continual orgasm. She screamed, moaned, whimpered, and sighed without knowing which of them she was doing.

Time passed, but the lovers didn't track it or care. Nearing the limits of his strength and stamina, Malcolm thrust into her a final time. He moaned. His body shuddered. His toes curled. He released his seed deep into her. It was an orgasm that came from deep within his body and took over all awareness. Exhausted, he released her and fell to the bed beside her.

He woke several hours later to find Alice seated beside him where she had been watching him sleep. Smiling at him, she held out a small glass of restorative and said, "I've never understood how anyone can give me so much pleasure. Every time you come here I find that I am amazed."

"You inspire me," he said as he accepted the glass of restorative. He downed it in one sip and immediately felt refreshed. He threw the glass into the air and watched as it disappeared.

She giggled, "You just love to do that."

"Yeah. One of these days I'm going to figure how it does it."

It was so good to have him there beside her. Alice lay down on the bed and placed her head on his chest. He wrapped an arm around her and held her tight to him. Her small body fit comfortably against his. These were the times that he loved the most. She shifted, burrowing against his body with a contented sigh. She said, "I've missed you so much."

"A month is too long."

"It is made worse for you because you don't have a woman there on Earth. Why don't you take one?" This was a reoccurring topic of discussion and always occurred shortly after his arrival to Crossroads. The time before leaving on an adventure was the only time when they would be alone and able to relax.

Alice wanted Malcolm to take a woman on Earth to ease the time they spent separated. He knew she was convinced that he would return to her better rested and stronger. He didn't think a woman on Earth could match her. He sighed upon thinking about his past experiences with Earth women. "I'd feel guilty being with her and not you."

"You are a virile man. You need a woman," she said. She ran her hand over his chest enjoying the feel of his chest hairs. She inhaled his masculine scent amazed that a man could smell so good. It relaxed her and made her feel comforted.

"I have a woman. Her name is Alice and she's all the woman I need."

Alice giggled at the comment, but turned serious when she said, "You could have a hundred women and satisfy them all. Don't limit yourself to me."

Deciding that it was time to change the subject, he groped for a new topic. Looking around the room, he took in the fact that it was no longer white on white. There were now colors and textures. It was a major change and, after six years of living with the old look, was very appreciated. He said, "I love how you've decorated the room."

"I'm glad you like it. Ever since that new Hero suggested that we request the User's Manual, all of the Caretakers have redecorated their apartments."

"What's the name of this new Hero?" Malcolm was curious about the identity of the new hero, but wasn't all that concerned with meeting him.

"Sid Jones," she answered.

"Any relation to Gerald Jones?" he asked, knowing that it was highly likely that the last name was just a co-incidence.

"His nephew. Gerald died a couple months ago," she replied.

Malcolm stroked her hair with his hand as he thought about the news. He'd met Gerald on a couple of occasions and had liked the man. Feeling a true sense of loss, he said, "He'll be missed."

"Yes, he shall. He was the greatest of all the Heroes."

He knew better than to argue the point, particularly since he believed it as well. Gerald had taken an adventure every other week and had done so for over forty years. It was difficult for a young man to survive an adventure. The average new Hero lasted about six adventures. Someone almost seventy surviving so many encounters was incredible. Nodding his head, he said, "Yes, he was."

"He trained his nephew."

"This Sid fellow, how is he?" asked Malcolm wondering how long the new Hero would survive. The fact that Gerald had trained him suggested that he might last a bit longer than the average new hero did.

"He's good. All the damsels he has rescued are singing his praises. They say he's very good in bed," answered Alice knowing full well that isn't what he meant.

"I swear, the women of Cassandra are obsessed with sex," complained Malcolm with a grin. It always amazed him how focused Alice and the Damsels were when it came to sex. It was their favorite topic and their comments usually left him blushing.

"And you love it!"

Chuckling, he replied, "Of course. Now tell me, how is he?"

"He was wounded on his last adventure. Got cut with a poisoned knife." Alice felt that someone who was wounded that early in their career didn't really stand much of a chance of surviving long as a Hero. A good Caretaker made sure her charge was given easy missions. Early injuries suggested a careless Caretaker or an unskilled Hero; either of which meant that a hero wouldn't last long.

"Oh." That wasn't good news.

"He came back saying that the guy was the most dangerous man that he'd ever met. I researched the villain and didn't see anything to suggest that he was that dangerous even if he did manage to kill a Hero. I'm not sure that Sid's going to last long as a Hero. I feel kind of sorry for Sally Caretaker."

Hearing that a Hero had been killed, Malcolm sat up, displacing Alice in the process. Surprised that she didn't take a man responsible for killing a Hero seriously, he asked, "The villain killed a Hero?"

"Yes," she answered surprised by his sudden interest in the last adventure of Sid Jones. Normally, she would have been a little upset at the fact that he was sitting up rather than serving as a pillow, but she could sense his excitement was based on something important that she had missed.

"What is the name of the villain?"

"Chirurgen," answered Alice with a negligent shrug of her shoulders.

"Are you kidding me? He killed the Surgeon?" asked Malcolm shocked at hearing the name. There was a good reason for his shocked reaction. He had encountered the man once in the past and had seen him take apart an opponent in a knife fight. It had been a slow painful process in which the victim never had a chance.

"His name is Chirurgen and Sid didn't kill him, just knocked him unconscious."

"Chirurgen is his contact name. Everyone on Chaos knows him as the Surgeon. He got that name because he carves up his opponents with the kind of precision that a doctor would use in an operation. He's a very deadly opponent in a fight," explained Malcolm. The idea that a Hero with less than a year's worth of experience would be given a mission against the Surgeon was idiocy at the highest level.

"I looked up that mission myself to give it to you, but he took it first. I didn't see anything to suggest the man was extremely dangerous," replied Alice wondering how she could have missed the information that Malcolm knew about the Chirurgen. It bothered her that she could have missed something important.

Frowning, Malcolm wondered how a novice was sent into such a dangerous mission. In light of the news, he decided that Sid Jones stood a very good chance of lasting as long as his uncle had. Shaking his head in wonder, he said, "I think Sid will be around for quite a while."

"Well, he is shaking things up in other ways. He asked Sally Caretaker to request a rulebook and she got a list of them," said Alice with a smile. She'd spent that past week studying the rules.

"There's a rulebook?"

"Several of them," Alice answered. "It turns out that according to the rules, you're not allowed to kill a dragon."

The existence of a clear set of rules stunned Malcolm. He knew that heroes had to act heroic, but there had never been a clear definition of what that meant. "I'm not allowed to kill a dragon?"

"That's right."

"So that's why I was never allowed to rescue a Damsel from a dragon." He considered the existence of a rulebook for a few minutes, but his thoughts soon returned to the fight between Sid and the Surgeon. Considering that Alice was able to replay all fights in which he participated, he wondered if he could see the fights of other Heroes. Deciding that it wouldn't hurt, he asked, "Can I see a recording of the fight between Sid and the Surgeon?"

"I don't know," answered Alice. The abrupt change in topic reminded her of the failure by Sally Caretaker to identify the actual identity of the villain. Sally Caretaker wasn't the only one who had failed. She wanted to discover how she had missed the information. Biting her lower lip, she considered her options carefully. She had never tried to watch another Hero and wondered if there was an ethical problem with doing so. She stood up and said, "Excuse me for a minute."

Malcolm watched as Alice left the room knowing she was going to determine if she was able to comply with his request. After four years of dealing with Alice, he knew it could take some time for him to get an answer. The planet of Cassandra had a huge bureaucracy through which the women managed what happened on Crossroads.

He imagined the rulebooks discovered by Sid had caused some major problems for the bureaucrats. The selection of damsels, caretakers, and supporting staff was an integral part of the politics on Cassandra because the future of the race depended upon successful adventures in Chaos. Over time, they had discovered which traits allowed Damsels to survive their adventures, what characteristics of the caretakers enticed Heroes to return time after time, and how to select those individuals without creating riots on Cassandra.

His thoughts returned to Sid and his adventure against the Surgeon. If he was any judge of character, Sid had made an enemy for life. That was bad. The Surgeon was the kind of man who would hunt Sid down for the purpose of slicing him to pieces. He realized that someone would need to warn Sid about the Surgeon.

Malcolm was lost in his thoughts when Alice returned to the room. She was visibly upset by what she had discovered. In a soft voice, she said, "You were right. I looked up the Surgeon and discovered that he was the same man as Chirurgen. I saw that but didn't realize there was more information about him under Surgeon. I'd have sent you out there totally unprepared."

"Don't worry about it." It was very rare when a Caretaker made a mistake. The bureaucracy of Cassandra would study how the error occurred. They'd try to identify procedures to prevent it from happening again. He knew Alice and Sally would have some unpleasant days ahead of them. It was time to change the topic of conversation. "So what about these rulebooks?"

Looking up at the ceiling, Alice said, "Rulebooks for Heroes and Hero Companions."

"Hero Companions?"

"Yes. It appears that you can take an Earth woman with you to Chaos to serve as a caretaker while you are there." Alice hoped the news would prompt Malcolm into finding a nice Earth woman to take care of him while he was away from Crossroads. She knew that historically, heroes, without exception, spent their lives on Earth without the company of a loving woman. She was convinced that for men as virile as Heroes such a life would be torture.

"Why would I want to do that?" asked Malcolm. He couldn't imagine why he would want to drag a woman through a medieval world. A picture of the neighbor girl hiking through the wilderness in her 'stork walkers' flashed through his mind and he chuckled. "I'd rather wear a blindfold in a sword fight than take an Earth woman to Chaos."

Alice knelt in front of Malcolm and took his cock into her hands. She fondled it gently to make sure she had his full attention. In a voice that was as soft as her touch, she said, "You Heroes live your lives on Earth all alone. It's not right. You need to find an Earth woman to take care of you while you are there. You need to take her to Chaos so that she'll understand the importance of the adventures."

"I have you and that is all I need."

"No, it's not. You could easily spend thirty years alone." Tears started to form in her eyes at the thought of Malcolm living a lonely life. She stroked his cock and whispered, "Promise me that you will look for a companion."

Malcolm had come to love Alice with his whole being. Even sleeping with the Damsels had become a chore for him since he would rather have spent the time and passion with her. The Damsels were the price he had to pay to visit Alice and he paid it without complaint. He stroked her cheek as he said, "You are all that I need."

Tears flowing down her cheeks, she replied, "You are wrong. I may be all that you want, but you need more than just me."

"What need?"

"What need? You need someone to take care of you when you are ill. You need someone to talk with and pass the hours of the day. You need someone to give your life meaning on Earth," answered Alice resuming her attention to his half-erect cock.

Getting irritated at her continued insistence that he find an Earth woman, he said, "The meaning of my life is to be found right here in your arms. There isn't an Earth woman as feminine as you."

Alice was silent for a minute as she thought about what he had said. She smiled as an idea came to her. "You think you need a woman like me as your lover on Earth. I think you need a woman who is the opposite of me."

As if to emphasize her point, she held his cock a little more roughly. Surprised, Malcolm said, "The opposite of you? You mean an ugly old hag?"

"No, silly. You need an outdoorswoman who can camp, hike, and even fight," she answered realizing as she spoke that she was right. A lady such as herself wouldn't enjoy participating in an adventure on Chaos.

It was an interesting idea and one that hadn't occurred to Malcolm. He'd compared all Earth women to Alice and they had come up short. Perhaps he had been looking at it the wrong way. He should have looked at the Earth women and seen how they came up different. Nodding his head, he said, "Maybe you're right."

Her heart leapt in her chest at his words. Knowing that to say anything would only diminish the result she had achieved, she slipped his cock in her mouth before he could come up with some objection. Her actions at silencing his objections were more than successful.

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