Trish and Her Cheerleading Squad
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Harem,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John and Trish are father and daughter. Trish turns eighteen the summer before her senior year. Follow the escapades of the father, the daughter, and the cheerleading squad.

What's a father to do? John is thirty-eight years old and has an eighteen year-old daughter who is a cheerleader at the local high school where she will be a senior. Trish, the daughter, is the typical high school cheerleader; blonde, pretty and a body to die for.

Her mother died in a car accident a little over four months ago so Trish has to come live with her father. Her parents had been divorced for about ten years. John bought a house in Trish's school district so she didn't have to change schools or friends. Trish loved the house because it was a big two story job with a unique pool.

The pool was built so that part of it was indoors and part outdoors. There was a wall that, when closed, allowed you to swim underneath it. The indoor portion was actually an elaborate patio at the back of the house.

After the funeral, Trish and John became closer. She would cuddle up on the sofa with him and watch TV. They talked about most things including boys. When John asked Trish if she was a virgin, she laughed. She told him she wasn't but that she wasn't promiscuous. She had gone steady with a boy her sophomore year and they had sex on their six month anniversary. She said they broke up before their seventh month anniversary. She told him that it had affected her to the point of not wanting to let any boys get that close again. He told her time would heal her wounds.

Today was Trish's eighteenth birthday. Trish had asked when she first moved into the house if she could have a pool party for her birthday. John told her it would be okay. Trish had been planning it for almost four months. She originally wanted to invite lots of people including boys. She wanted to show off her body. Trish made a decision that instead of a free for all with people who didn't care whose party it was, she would only invite her cheerleading squad. Unlike most squads, all the girls on her squad were close friends. Usually there are one or more girls that all hate, but not this one.

Trish found her Dad where he normally was, at his computer in his special office alcove of his bedroom. Trish had made several comments that with all the room in the house, why did he use the nook portion of the bedroom for his office.

Most men would be envious of John's career. He wrote books. He published his first action adventure novelette just after his divorce and then another about every six months. He wouldn't say he was rich but money wasn't a problem.

When he bought the house, he set up his writing area in the nook of the master bedroom that looked out on both the indoor and the outdoor portions of the pool. The house was on the end of a cul-de-sac and behind the backyard was a wooded area. The previous owners had installed privacy fencing that kept any neighborhood voyeurs at bay. John had visions of them being nudists.

John wasn't a nudist but hated clothes. He had to wear shorts around the house ever since Trish moved in with him.

Trish presented another problem. She was sexy as hell, and with all the exercise she did for cheerleading, her body was awesome. John would be at his computer working away and she would go out to the pool and sunbathe in very skimpy bikinis. Every now and then she would forget he was there and lie on her back and let the sun kiss her breasts. He usually had to close the drapes. He had decided to not say anything to her and treat her as an adult.

John snapped back to the present and asked, "Will there be any boys?"

"No, I just want the girls here for the party."

"You need to call the caterer and plan the menu."

"Okay, but I wanted make sure it was okay for it to be a sleepover as well," she commented.

John said it was fine as long as all the parents acknowledged consent. He didn't want a dozen sets of parents wondering where their daughters were. John tried to remember how many of the squad he had met. He had flown in for a game the previous year, but only saw that squad briefly and didn't meet them. Trish said all of them were back this year and only Melinda, the mascot, was new. She said Melinda had been on the dance team the previous year.

Trish told him a couple of the girls would be coming over that afternoon for some pre-party planning.

Trish left her dad and headed to her room. She called Brittney and Misty to come to the house after lunch.

Misty and Brittney arrived around one and John answered the door. True to the typical assumptions, both of the girls were pretty teens. John introduced himself and let the girls inside. Trish came bounding down the stairs to greet her friends. John became an instant non-entity so he returned to his nook while Trish led the girls to the kitchen.

Trish began telling the girls about the pending party. She told them it was going to be a sleepover and only the cheerleading squad was invited.

"There are going to be some upset guys. Some of the girls' boyfriends will probably try to crash the party," Misty commented.

"They can try but my dad will be here and he doesn't take kindly to uninvited guests. In fact, I had been afraid to invite any of you over. He's a writer and prefers it quiet."

Brittney asked if John had ever remarried.

"No, he has dated a few women since the divorce but none of them worked out. I kinda like it because I get him to myself most of the time," responded Trish.

Trish handed each of the girls a bottle of water and led them out to the pool.

"Damn, Trish. You've been hoarding this pool all to yourself," scolded Misty.

"Yeah," interjected Brittney, "why haven't you invited us over before now?"

"I told you my dad is a writer," she answered and pointed to the windows of his nook. "He sits there most of the day working on his computer. He said he likes the serenity of the pool and backyard. Maybe after he gets to know you and the other girls, he'll let me have you over more often."

John happened to overhear their conversation and he had never realized why Trish hadn't invited anyone over before. He hadn't told her she couldn't. He smiled realizing how much Trish respected his work.

Trish had a pad of paper and was writing down the comments the girls were making about the party. Trish told them it was going to be catered.

Both Misty and Brittney suggested hotdogs and hamburgers. Trish questioned all the red meat and the girls said it was a pool party. "No pool party is complete without hamburgers."

"Well, I'm going to make sure there are plenty of fruit and cheese trays. Remember it's a sleepover and we'll be grazing all day," said Trish. "Do you want to get in the pool while we discuss this?"

"I didn't bring a suit," replied Misty.

"I have plenty. Come on, let's go change."

John heard the girls laugh and looked up to see them head into the house.

For the first time, he really looked at Trish's friends. Brittney was a blonde like his daughter. She looked to be about five-six and slimly built. She had a very pretty face.

Misty on the other hand was a knockout. She looked to be a few inches taller, around five-nine. She had long flowing brunette hair. John couldn't forget her eyes when she came through the door. They were almost see through blue. When they went inside, John noticed her legs. All three of the girls were wearing shorts but he had tried to maintain his viewing as a father would. But she had a most unusual gait for a teenager. She looked like she might have had a lot of dance lessons growing up.

John shook his head and returned his attention to the computer. He was working on a new book and had just about finished the outline. He was planning on having the setting for this book in Florida; maybe around the Daytona Beach area.

Misty commented on Trish's selection of bathing suits. "You wear these around your dad?"

"Yes, although I usually have on a wrap when not in the pool or sunbathing."

"My tits are a cup size bigger than yours."

"Don't make fun of my killer B's," Trish said laughing.

"I guess I fall right in between you two," said Brittney.

Misty picked out a black bikini that had hot short bottoms.

"What's the matter Misty? Are you shy?"

"Trish, I just met your dad and I'm not going to show the crack of my ass."

"I'll show mine," responded Brittney as she picked up a set that had a triangle top and string tied bottoms.

Trish grabbed her normal tanning suit with the skirt wrap. She then pulled her tank top over her head.

"You've got nice tits," commented Brittney and she too took off her top.

The girls had been changing in front of each other for several years at school, so modesty wasn't a problem.

Both Trish and Brittney whistled as Misty took off her top. "Cut it out!" she shouted.

None off the girls paid attention to each other as they donned the swimsuits.

"Damn!" said Brittney. "I need to trim."

"Don't you trim when you wear your cheerleading outfit?" asked Trish.

"Yes, but its summer time and I haven't trimmed in a few weeks. Do you have a disposable razor I can use?"

Trish led Brittney to the bathroom and came out shaking her head. Trish turned and told her to come down stairs when she was through.

Trish and Misty headed downstairs in their bikini clad bodies.

John looked up when he heard the patio door open. Trish walked out first and Misty was behind her. He expected Brittney to be behind them but didn't appear.

Trish grabbed some towels out of the cabinet and led Misty to the outside portion of the pool where the chaise lounges were.

"Are you getting in?" asked Trish.

"In a minute, I'm not sure if I want to get my hair wet."

"There are some scrunchies in the cabinet where the towels were if you want to put your hair up."

Misty walked back to the cabinet. John was sitting in his chair with his jaw resting on the floor. He couldn't take his eyes off Misty. His cock began to get hard. She had the most perfect ass. She rounded out the bottoms of her swimsuit as if they had been sprayed on. Her long legs were toned and gorgeous.

Brittney had made a wrong turn coming down the stairs and ended up at John's bedroom door just as he leaned to get a better view of Misty. She realized what he was doing and almost giggled. She then saw him adjust his prick in his pants. She was curious so she stepped back a little to stay out of sight.

John stood up at his desk and turned to the window that looked out on the outdoor pool area. He watched as Misty stood there and put her hair up. She then walked to the shallow end and began descending into the pool one step at a time. "Damn," he said in a whispered voice, "she is fucking awesome."

Brittney had to stifle herself to keep from commenting. Trish's dad was looking at Misty like she was lunch. But what really got her attention was the bulge in John's pants. He was wearing a pair of gray shorts and apparently not any underwear. She was impressed with the size that it appeared to be. She felt herself touching her pussy through her bathing suit. She had only experienced a hard cock once, and it had been very disappointing. She quickly came to her senses and backed down the little hallway and found her way out to the pool.

Trish looked up as Brittney came out the door. Brittney headed straight to the pool and dove in. She surfaced near Trish.

"What took you so long?" asked Trish.

"I got distracted," replied Brittney. Brittney felt she should keep quiet about what she had seen. She glanced at John's window and wondered if he liked what he saw when she came out.

The girls began discussing the rest of the party. Trish suggested everyone bring any music they wanted to play. "By the way, my dad really only likes country music."

Misty said, "There's nothing wrong with that. I prefer to dance to country."

"My dad used to go dancing all the time, although I haven't known of him going since I moved in. I sometimes think he has put his life on hold for me."

Brittney interjected, "Doesn't he have a girlfriend?"

"Nope, not since last year. He hasn't gone on any dates either, unless you consider me. We go out at least once on the weekends. He'll take me to a dinner and a movie. It's kind of fun."

"He's your dad," said Brittney.

"I know, but he's better looking and better built than most of the guys at school. Besides, he's a lot of fun to be around. He's funny and really in tune with me and my generation."

"I would never go out with my dad like that. I wouldn't think of going out with anyone over 21," replied Brittney.

"There's nothing wrong with Trish's dad," said Misty. "He's a nice looking guy and appears to be in pretty good shape."

Brittney thought to herself; if you only knew, girlfriend.

"Anyways, back to the party. What about drinks? Will your dad let you have any alcohol?" asked Misty.

"I don't know. He lets me have wine when we have dinner and I'm not going out. We'll ask him," replied Trish.

Trish swam over to the edge of the pool closest to her dad's window. "Dad!" she shouted.

John had been watching all the action in the pool but had not heard anything that had been said. He went to the window and opened it.

"Can we have alcohol at my party?" Trish asked.

"Let me think about it for a few minutes. When you get out of the pool and get dried off, we'll talk about it."

Trish swam back to her friends and said, "Well, he didn't say no."

The girls got out of the pool and laid out on the lounges getting sun. John saw that and also saw that each had undone their tops to get maximum exposure. The only problem, and it really wasn't a problem at all, was all three were facing away from him and he had a bird's eye view of three lovely asses. Trish was in her thong, Brittney's only covered a bit more, and Misty's was the most conservative and it was the one causing his cock to throb.

John was engrossed in his typing when he heard a "dad" over his shoulder. He turned to see all three girls standing behind him wrapped in their towels.

"You said to come talk to you after we dried off."

He told them he would meet them at the kitchen table.

John walked up and the girls were all combing their hair. He saw three nubile teens in bikini tops. He hurriedly sat down before his erection was apparent.

"I thought about your request. I will allow alcohol under three conditions. First, a parent of everyone attending the party must talk to me and let me have their permission. Second, anyone drinking will not be allowed to leave the house until the next day and last call is midnight. Third, if I see someone has had too much to drink, I will cut off all alcohol to everyone."

Trish looked at her friends and said, "I don't see any problem with those conditions."

Brittney said the same thing and Misty also agreed.

"And I trust no one will try to get someone else to pose as a parent."

The girls started laughing. Trish jumped up, hugged John and ran upstairs. Misty and Brittney thanked him as well; in fact, Brittney kissed him on the cheek. John turned and watched both bound up the stairs. His cock was extremely uncomfortable.

The girls left while John was taking a shower. He had to relieve himself in the shower and it didn't take long.

John had made plans to take Trish to dinner that night. He was in the kitchen when she came down. She was wearing a sundress as John had asked her to dress up a little.

"Dad, this is going to be the best year ever. Thanks for buying this house."

"You are more than welcome," I replied.

"I know you haven't finished furnishing the house yet so can I ask if you will buy a pool table for the loft area?"


"Can we get it before the party?"

"Trish, the party is in two days."

"I know, but you are sooo good at getting things done."

"I'll try."

John went back to his computer and looked on the internet for pool table suppliers in the area. He called one and spoke with the manager. He told him what he needed and asked what he had in stock that could be delivered and installed the next day. They agreed on one and he said it would be delivered by ten tomorrow morning.

Trish had been listening and ran up and jumped in his lap when he hung up.

"You are the best."

John hung up and they left for the restaurant.

While they were eating, Trish kept reaching across and grabbing John's hand. He squeezed hers a few times as well. She left the table to go to the restroom and John overheard a woman make a remark about an older man dating such a young girl. He had to stifle a laugh.

When Trish returned, John stopped her and whispered in her ear what he heard. She glanced over her shoulder and then slid in the booth beside him. She made over emphasized movements of holding his arm and playing it up like a date. John glanced over at the woman and she had a Bible Belt sneer on her face.

Trish was cracking up outside the restaurant. "I can't believe that old biddy thought we were on a date."

"What? You don't think I can date someone as young as you?"

"No, Dad. Actually I never thought about it that way. You are hot for a dad. Both Misty and Brittney made comments that you were good looking. Misty asked if you worked out a lot."

John was surprised at her comments; two high school hotties thought he was good looking.

They continued to laugh about the show they had put on all the way back to the house.

John woke up the next morning and jumped in the shower. He was having coffee when Trish entered the kitchen.

Trish looked at her dad and instead of just seeing her dad, she saw a very handsome and sexy guy. She thought back to something Brittney had said yesterday. Your dad is hot. She blew it off when she heard it and then thought about it when she went to bed last night. I think it's time to find Dad a girlfriend.

After breakfast, the pool table people delivered and set up the table. After they left, Trish and John played a few games to break it in. The extras had included everything: sticks, balls, chalk, and powder.

The phone started ringing about noon for John. Between noon and four, John talked to all the girls' parents. Two of the girls' mothers asked if they could help chaperone the party. John told them both that he would have to check with his daughter since it was her party. They each said they understood and respected his own respect of his daughter.

The phone call that shocked John the most was from Trish's school sponsor, Sidney Blair. She said she heard Trish was having a party and was curious about the details.

"Just a word of advice," she said, "if there is any alcohol served to minors, then the school district requires suspensions of all the students involved."

"What are you talking about?" John asked.

"I heard through the grapevine that you have okayed alcohol to be served at Trish's party tomorrow."

"I have talked to the girls' parents. No one will be leaving my house until Sunday," John said. John was a little put off by this woman's attitude.

"Be that as it may, I would hate for any of my girls to get suspended. Would you mind if I attended and helped chaperone?" she asked.

John was now between a rock and a hard place. Does he let his daughter have fun or does he let pressure from this woman change things?

"Mrs. Blair, I'll have to get back with you," John said and hung up.

John went upstairs to talk to Trish. Her door was open when John walked up. Trish was lying on the bed on her stomach and wearing only her panties. John made a noise and Trish looked up and grabbed her t-shirt on the bed to cover her bare breasts.

"Sorry, Dad," she said.

"I have to admit, you are growing into a very beautiful and sexy woman."

"Thank you."

John told her about Mrs. Blair's phone call. Trish said she knew the rules and Mrs. Blair was correct. John told her that not only did Mrs. Blair offer to help chaperone, two of the other mothers did as well. Trish asked who.

"The twins' mother and Melinda's mother."

"That's too funny," Trish said laughing.


"Because Mary and Claire are both single. And by the way, so is Mrs. Blair. She's been divorced for several years."

John looked at his daughter with a questioning look.

"Mary is Sherry and Terry's mother and Claire is Melinda's mother."

"Okay. So... what do you want to do about the party?"

"I guess we can do without the alcohol and since it's a pool party and you'll be here, I think it would be okay for them to chaperone."

John left to go downstairs and Trish grabbed her phone. She called Misty and told her what had happened.

"Can you believe who wants to be here? Sherry and Terry's mom is awesome. Maybe I should fix her up with my dad."

"Mel's mom is just as fine. Hell, if I were older, I'd be beating down your dad's door."


"Sorry, Trish, but he is a keeper."

"We'll talk later. I have to call Brit and a couple of others."

Trish hung up and made the other calls she needed to make.

John called the two mothers and invited them to the party. He then dialed Mrs. Blair's number. He put on his best 'nice' voice and gave her directions to the house.

John decided he would go sit out at the pool and read. It was early evening and he wanted to relax.

Trish came out and asked, "Is it okay for Misty and Brit to come over and spend the night tonight. They are going to help get things set up tomorrow."

"I don't care. I'm going to try and relax this evening."

She ran back inside and John opened his book.

About an hour later, John heard the doorbell ring and then the giggling of teenage girls.

Trish stuck her head out and asked if John needed anything to drink. He asked her for a Diet Coke. A few minutes later, Misty came out the door with his drink. She walked around the pool and John couldn't help have lewd and insidious thoughts about her.

"Here you go, Mr. Jackson," she said.

"Thanks, and you can call me John if you want. Mr. Jackson sounds too formal."

"Okay, John. Do you need anything else?"

He told her no and she walked back inside.

"I told you!" Brittney said to Trish as they watched from inside. "Did you see the way he looked at her?"

Misty walked in and said, "Well? What did he do?"

"He watched you from the time you went out until you were back inside the door!" Brittney said.

"I can't believe my dad would do that."

"I tell you he was really checking out Misty yesterday. You should have seen the bulge in his shorts when Misty was putting her hair up."

Trish looked outside to see her dad adjust himself in his swimsuit. She felt sorry for him.

Brittney started discussing the plan for the evening. "Okay, each of us has to dress as sexy as possible in front of your dad."

"That's not fair to tease him," as Trish tried to take up for her dad.

"Who said we're teasing? Misty and I are both eighteen and if we want to have sex with your father, well, we are legal."

Trish agreed even though she wasn't sure if it was fair.

The girls ran up the stairs and changed into their swimsuits. Brit had brought her own and it was skimpier than the earlier one. Misty's was definitely more revealing than Trish's.

John looked up as the girls came out the door. Trish had grabbed towels and the other two walked straight to the shallow end of the pool. They eased down into the pool and stopped when the water was just above their navels. John had to shift a bit to ease the strain off his hardening cock.

Trish tried to watch her dad and noticed he was fidgeting a bit.

Misty positioned herself so she was able to look over Brit's shoulder at John. He was reading and she couldn't tell if he was looking at her because his eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses. It was getting dark and he would have to take them off soon.

John was fighting his subconscious about his thoughts about these young girls. Young girls, hell, they were eighteen and not little girls. He couldn't take it anymore and got up to go inside. "Do you ladies want to order pizza for dinner?"

They all said yes. "Trish, call in what you want. Just make sure there is a Hawaiian pizza for me."

John didn't know which one did it but someone gave him a wolf whistle.

Trish brought him a plate of pizza after it was delivered. "We're going to watch TV in the den."

John read and ate pizza and was actually afraid to go into the other part of the house. He put his book down and went to the kitchen, which was attached to the den. He had purchased a 60" plasma TV and it was a pleasure to watch.

John grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and looked at the den. Trish was in his recliner. Misty was on the sofa against the far wall, and at first glance, all he could see was legs coming out of the t-shirt. He walked up behind the other sofa and Brittney was on it. She had her left leg up on the back of the sofa and her right on the coffee table. He saw her panties and he quickly turned his attention to Trish.

"Don't stay up too late, it's going to be a very long day," John said.

"Okay, Dad, see you in the morning."

Both of the other girls said goodnight.

John went back to his bed and read for a bit. Sometime before midnight, he turned out the light and rolled over. He began to dream. Misty was walking up to him at the pool. She asked John to put lotion on her back. One thing led to anther and he ended up making love to her on the chaise lounge.

The girls went upstairs and began teasing Trish about her dad. Misty had some thoughts that weren't very lady like. Once she realized John was paying attention, she began seriously looking at him as a man.

All the girls wore babydoll nightgowns. As part of the teasing, they planned on going down for breakfast in them.

Misty looked at the clock, it was two in the morning. She had chosen to sleep by herself in the room across from Trish's, while Brittney was sleeping in Trish's queen size bed. She was trying to get up the nerve to go downstairs. She wanted to go climb in bed with John.

Misty opened the door and saw Trish's door was open. She tiptoed across the hall and looked in to see both of them sawing logs. Misty made her way down the stairs and walked towards John's bedroom. She wasn't sneaking up; she was walking like a woman with a mission.

John's door was open and she walked up to the edge of his bed. She had already made up her mind that she wasn't turning back. John was sleeping on his right side on the right side of the bed.

John opened his eyes when he heard a noise in his bedroom. Trish used to come climb in bed with him when she was little but hadn't in years. He kept his breathing even. He didn't sense danger so he didn't move.

Misty reached for the covers and lifted the corner. She slipped into John's bed and snuggled up against him. She heard John moan in a good way. She slipped her arm around him and pulled herself close to him.

John was really in a quandary. He thought it might be Misty since Trish would have probably said something. When the hand snaked around his side, he wasn't sure what to do.

"John, I know you're awake. If you want me to go back to my bed, say so now, if not, then I want you to make love to me."

John immediately recognized Misty's voice and said, "By now you know I sleep in the nude, if you want my answer, slide your hand below my waist."

Misty slid her hand down and felt John's erection. She moaned her acceptance.

John rolled over and looked at Misty. "Why?"

"No more words," she said and pressed her lips to his. He slipped his tongue delicately between her lips and they began to writhe in a passion filled kiss. John ran his hands down her back to the fullness of her smooth ass. Misty moaned in his mouth. She squeezed his cock as she felt it throb in her hand.

John spoke again, "Am I still dreaming?"

"Why did you ask that?"

"I fell asleep and dreamed I made love to you by the pool."

"This isn't a dream and I thought about doing this while in the pool."

John started kissing her on her smooth neck and Misty melted into the bed. "Oh, John, you don't have to be gentle with me. I'm on the pill and not a virgin."

"You may not be, but I am," he said.

Misty started giggling. "You're too funny."

Misty pushed him away and sat up. She reached down and pulled the babydoll nightgown over her head.

"You have a very sexy body," John said. He reached up and caressed her naked breasts. Misty shivered.

John then laid her back and kissed her right nipple. She put her hands in his hair and pulled his head firmly to her breast. John then started kissing his way down her tummy to her belly button. A few extra kisses there and he kept going.

"Oh, John, no one has ever been down there," Misty moaned. She wasn't sure what to expect. Then his tongue touched her clit. "OH MY GOD!" she exclaimed.

John hoped the girls' door was closed because he thought the neighbors heard that.

He didn't care and began to lightly lick Misty's sweet labia. She tasted very sweet and her thighs were strong and smooth. John didn't even have to use his fingers to get Misty to orgasm.

He lightly kissed her thighs while she calmed down. "Oh, John, I have heard about that but never experienced it. Would you like me to return the favor?"

"Not tonight, I really want to make love to you now." In his mind, he was thinking that he wanted to fuck her brains out, but the softer words were better at this time.

Misty spread her legs and pulled John on top of her. She kissed him and tasted her pussy juice on his lips. "Mmmm... that doesn't taste bad."

"Misty, you taste great."

Misty reached down and positioned John's cock at her opening. "I'm not that experienced."

"Don't talk about that, let's get experienced together." John didn't know if it was because she was eighteen or just so beautiful, but no matter, he started moving his hips to begin the journey into Misty's love tunnel. She was extremely tight and extremely wet.

It took about a dozen strokes to get settled in. John knew he could cum really quick if he didn't watch it. With each down stroke, Misty spread her thighs and then squeezed him as he withdrew. She was so glad she decided to seduce John.

John made sure he thought about everything he could in order to delay his own orgasm. Misty began to breathe harder. She started thrusting up with each of John's strokes. She had never felt anything that felt that good. The two previous times she had sex were very unsatisfying events. She had already spent more time with John inside of her then in the previous sexual forays.

"Oh, John, I'm cumming again. Please cum with me."

John began to thrust with more intensity.

"OH GOD! OH, DAMN! Fuck me, John. Fuck me harder!"

She clenched his body and he released inside of her. He hadn't had such satisfying sex in a long time.

"Roll over," Misty said.

John thought he had done something wrong and then Misty moved her head down and began to suck his cock. She moaned and kept sucking and licking until he was clean. She moved up and kissed him.

"I love the flavor of our juices mixed," she said.

"Not bad, but I have a question."

"What is it?"

"Why did you do this? Don't get me wrong, I wanted you. I couldn't believe the effect you have on me."

"John, I am going to be a senior in high school. Like your daughter, I will be eighteen my whole senior year. I had sex twice last year and felt degraded both times. I wanted to find out what sex was like with someone who knew what they were doing. When Brit told us she saw you watching me yesterday, I started thinking what it would be like."

"Brit? What did she see?"

Misty told him the story and he got a little embarrassed.

"To be honest, we did our best to tease you tonight."

"Well, it worked. I rarely go to bed as early as I did last night."

"I was afraid Brit would beat me down here."

"Excuse me?"

"Misty's right," came a voice from the hallway. They looked up to see Brittney walk in the bedroom.

"How long have you been there?" asked Misty.

"I heard you scream the first time and rushed down here."

John felt like he was in an awesome dream.

Misty motioned Brittney over to the bed. "Would you like to get in and join us?"


"Is it okay, John?" Misty asked.

John nodded his head and Brittney hopped on the bed.

"John, you have to go down on her like you did on me."

Brittney yanked her nightie off and then slipped out of her panties. Misty moved toward the edge of the bed and guided Brit to the center of John's king sized bed. Unlike with Misty, there wasn't as much tender foreplay. Brittney quickly kissed John and giggled.

John nibbled on Brit's breast and she pushed his head lower. John noticed Brit's strong aroma as he neared her pussy. It wasn't bad; it was just different than Misty's.

Brit's pussy hair was finer than Misty's and John stroked her clit with his tongue. "OH MY GOD!"

Misty laughed and said, "Welcome to déjà vu."

Brit was a wildcat. Her legs were smoother and slimmer than Misty's. John reached up to fondle Brit's breast and found Misty's hand already there. John wondered if she might have bi-sexual tendencies.

Brit grabbed John's hair and tried to pull him deeper into her pussy. Only one guy had ever tried to go down on her and he didn't do anything but lap at her pussy; whereas John was teasing and tantalizing and stroking. She thought that he definitely knew what he was doing.

John noticed Brit pull a pillow over her face and began screaming. She was bucking and John had trouble staying in place.

"Oh stop! It's too intense."

John pulled away and Misty slid down and kissed him.

"Mmmmm... hers is different than mine."

John looked down at Brit and she wasn't moving. He picked up the pillow and her eyes were closed. She also had a big grin on her face. As John pulled Misty to him for a hug, he noticed a dark shape move near the door. Trish had seen him go down on Brit.

Misty laid down next to Brit. "Do you want him to fuck you?"

"Not tonight, but I definitely want him to make love to me sometime in the near future."

Misty rolled over to the lamp and turned it on. She then returned to her spot.

"John, I know you enjoyed looking at us earlier. What do you think now?"

"Awesome! Absolutely awesome."

John ran his hands all over both of them. He traced every inch of each girl's body. His cock was as hard as it was before.

Misty pushed John on his back and straddled him.

"Brit, turn off the light and sit on his face."

Brit thought about it for one second and then did it. John's tongue was so talented.

John was still afraid he would wake up and this would have all been a very vivid dream.

As Misty was riding John's cock and Brit riding his face, Trish was watching from the hall and had her hand in panties. She was feverishly fingering her clit. Her knees buckled when she came.

Brit came and then jumped off. "Be right back," she said.

Brittney went into the hall and caught Trish's arm. She pulled her into the bedroom. She put her finger up to her lips to keep Trish from saying anything or protesting.

John was in seventh heaven. His lips were getting cold from the moisture and the absence of a hot pussy on his face.

Misty leaned down and kissed him. She raised back up to see Brit and Trish at the edge of the bed. Brit lifted Trish's nightie off and slid her panties off as well.

Misty looked down and saw that John's eyes were still closed. Brit leaned over his face and kissed him. "Keep your eyes closed and I'll climb back on that sweet mouth of yours."

John moaned and nodded. John felt Brit's thighs come down beside his ears and her pussy settled down. John began to tongue her pussy but immediately noticed a difference. The pussy on his face had a sweet taste. It was sweeter than Misty's had been. John thrust up into Misty when he realized it was his daughter's pussy on his face.

John reached up and sure enough, Trish's thighs were fuller that the others. John couldn't hold back and came immediately. He had wondered over the past couple of years what Trish's body would be like and now his tongue was attacking her pussy.

Trish began writhing in a frenzy. John could tell she was stifling her screams so he wouldn't know who it was.

Misty came and she rolled off John. She again sucked him clean and she noticed his cock had not softened at all.

"Do you want the pussy on your face on your hard cock?" asked Misty.

John mumbled yes through the pussy on his lips.

"Keep your eyes closed," demanded Misty.

Trish couldn't believe what she was getting ready to do. She was worked up and she had just cum from sitting on her father's face. Misty was now pulling her towards her father's cock. As she moved off of his face, Brit took her place.

John moaned as he felt Brit settle back on his face.

Misty grabbed John's cock and held it in place for Trish to slide down on it.

Trish felt it pierce her pussy lips. Any reservations she had were gone. She loved the fullness she felt.

John couldn't stand it. His baby girl was now fully seated on his cock. Prior to the last couple of days, he had not thought of her as a sexual partner. However, when she sat up on the bed yesterday and he saw her bare breasts, he felt sexual urges towards her.

Brittney came quickly. John pushed her off and looked up to see his naked daughter riding his cock. Trish's eyes were closed and she was fucking his cock.

Misty was looking at John and had a mischievous smile. "We took a pact to tease you all night. Well, it wasn't teasing, it was foreplay."

Trish heard Misty and opened her eyes to see her father looking up at her.

"Oh, Daddy, I hope you aren't upset with me."

"Of course not, sweetness. Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Oh yes, I'll never call you an old fuddy duddy again. Make me cum, please."

John reached down and began to diddle her clit with his thumb. Trish began moaning and she came within a few minutes,

Trish rolled off and Misty again sucked John's cock until it was clean.

"Mmmm... I might just have to try to get some of that direct from the source," commented Misty.

John laughed and didn't figure the others knew what Misty was implying.

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