Tom's Personal SEXetary
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom hires a new secretary to help him with his prolific erotic writing endeavors, but he quickly finds out that his new lady, Samantha, is more a SEXetary than any secretary he's ever had working for him before.

Tom had an opening for a personal secretary and he had interviewed several people but he finally settled on one who was the obvious person to help him with his work, Samantha. Sam was one of the most incredibly sexy women he'd ever laid eyes on, and Sam had no sooner come to Tom's working offices and interviewed than he told her she was hired and could she start right away.

Tom had almost known that Sam (as she told him he could call her) would be the woman he'd pick to work under him. He laughed as he thought of the choice of words in his head. Sam didn't know it quite yet, but working "under her boss" wouldn't be just the description of him and her in their interpersonal relationship. He also intended to have Samantha "under him" literally as soon as he could get her out of the sexy clothes she was wearing and get his hard cock inside her pussy and start fucking her. Tom had not only thought Samantha was very attractive but he loved that she was a very nicely built woman. No young teenage babes who have little sexual experience. He pretty well knew that Samantha had the necessary years of adult sexual experience that would make her invaluable to him not only in his daily work as an erotic writer, but she also seemed to have the maturity and savvy of a mature young woman who knows how to suck cock, and fuck like she's been doing it for more than a few days. Tom was right. He quickly found out that while Sam had not had the most totally pleasurable adult sex life, she had plenty of experience and she knew not only what she liked but what her "man" liked, too.

Sam had come to the job interview which had immediately landed her a position as Tom's secretary dressed in a very attractive short black dress, and she was obviously wearing dark stockings and matching dark high heeled shoes. The dress fit her perfectly and not only showed off Sam's sexy figure and nicely built bust but also showed that she was one well put together woman. Tom was determined not to waste any time at all in bedding Samantha on her first day of work.

"Samantha, do you have any idea what working for me is going to include?" Tom asked as he stood from his desk and walked around to where Samantha was sitting on one end of the couch in his office. His cock was already nearly hard in his pants as he sat there checking his new secretary out.

"Yes, I'm hoping I know exactly what my job duties will be," Samantha smiled as she looked into Tom's face and then let her eyes wander down over his body until they reached the large bulge of hardening cock that had already started to tent out the front of his pants. "Tom, if I might be so bold," Samantha said, "I'd actually like for you to refer to me as your Personal SEXetary, because that's how I'd like our relationship to become," Sam said as she stood and walked a stop or two and met Tom in the middle of the large office.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, Samantha, I love the way you're thinking, baby," Tom said as he pulled Sam close into his arms and cinched her up close to him so he could feel the large rounded mounds of her sexy C-cup breasts pressing firmly against his muscular chest. He let one hand slide down, over her dress-covered ass and he pulled Sam's crotch close against his, letting her feel the hardness of his raging hardon pushing firmly against the mound of her horny pussy. Sam loved sex and she had actually interviewed with Tom Land, an erotic writer who she already knew about, hoping that not only would she get to be an active part of his sexual and erotic writing efforts but also so she could be a sexual and intimate inspiration for his written descriptions of all kinds of sexual adventures.

Tom could feel Sam's big breasts pressed against his chest and he could feel the hotness of her pussy mound as he pushed his hard cock firmly against her. He loved the feeling of a mature woman's body in every single way and he marveled at how much sexier a mature young woman could be than a sexy young teenager could ever hope to be. He let one hand slip up between their bodies and he cupped Sam's rounded right breast underneath the exploring palm of his left hand, kneading her erect nipple inside her bra cup and making his sexy new SEXetary moan in response to his manual stimulation of her aroused hard nipple.

"Tom, that feels so good, baby," Samantha said as she began to not only feel her sensitive nipples responding to her new boss's stimulation but her pussy had also become very wet and she could clearly tell that her pussy had already begun to soak the crotch of her sexy bikini panties. Tom loved the quick verbal reinforcement from Sam that he was making approaches to her that were more than welcome. He didn't intend to push himself on her, but if she wasn't interested in 'sex play with the boss" then he wanted to find it out on her first day than later after he'd gotten used to her other work. Tom kept stimulating Sam's hard nipples and then he reached down, unzipping his pants and he quickly had his hardon out from the open fly of his pants and Sam wasted no time in bending down in her sexy black dress and taking her new boss's hard cock into her hand and then quickly into her hot wet lips. She quickly began stroking Tom's hardon and she soon felt her pussy gushing hot sexual wetness as she thought about how hot it would be to actually fuck her new boss, Tom.

"Ohhhhhh, Samantha, I think you're going to work out just fine," Tom said as he began to move his hardon in and out of Samantha's hot tight lips around the head and first few inches of his raging cock. He didn't plan on Sam sucking him to orgasm right now, but there would be lots of hot cock sucking and pussy eating sessions in their future working together as boss and SEXetary. He thrust his hard dick in and out a few times, and then he slipped his cock from Samantha's hot wet lips and he reached down, grabbing the short hem of her black dress and he pulled it up, revealing so much more sexy hotness underneath her dress than he'd have ever imagined. He saw that Sam was actually wearing a sexy garter belt and a pair of thigh high stockings that hadn't show underneath her dress. He also saw that she had on a pair of sexy black matching bikini panties and he moved her over to the edge of the couch, flipped her around so she could brace herself against the couch's arm, and then Tom hooked a finger in the crotch of Samantha's panties and pulled them firmly to the side. In one smooth movement, he bared Samantha's sexy dark furred pussy and he positioned the full swollen head of his cock in the lips of his sexy new SEXetary's horny cunt and he pushed forward, feeling the hot tightness of her pussy opening to accept his invading erection and he heard her moaning in total lusty response to the feeling of having his cock moving inside of her tight horny pussy as he mounted her in a hot fuck for the first time. He pushed inward, feeling Samantha's hot pussy taking several inches of his thick hardon in the first inward stroke, and then he pulled out slightly, loving the sight of her wet pussy nectar lubing up the shaft and swollen head of his cock as he began pulling out and then penetrating her tight horny pussy again on the second inward stroke.

Tom quickly began to thrust his cock in and out of Samantha's horny tight pussy and she was moving underneath him, groping her tits through the material of her bra and the bodice of her dress since the upper part of her body was still fully clothed as her horny well-hung boss began to fuck his horny cock in and out of her pussy. Sam began hoping that Tom didn't get pussy juices and cum all over her sexy black dress but she felt sure he'd make sure she wasn't embarrassed from their adult sexual play there in his office when it was time for her to leave. Tom began to really throw his cock into Sam's hot pussy and she soon started to orgasm as he filled her pussy with his cock and then he bellowed that he was going to cum. She hoped that he wouldn't pull his cock out to ejaculate and she was excited when she felt Tom's big cum-filled balls spurting his hot jism load deep inside her. As Sam diddled her horny clit, she began to cum too and she collapsed against the side of the couch with her new boss's cock driving hotly in and out of her pussy as he began to fuck her to yet a second hot load of cum when he shot his seed deep inside her pussy after giving her another lusty fuck.

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