Quenching the Thirst
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Brother, Sister, Lactation,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When mom and dad divorced I moved in with my sister and her husband with the judges approval. My life changed for the better dispite my sisters repeated sexual teasing like when we live with mom and dad only it got better.

I was seventeen when mom and dad divorced. Because of my age I was allowed to decide which of them I wanted to live with. My answer was neither of them. I chose to live with my married sister, Peggy. She was three years older than me and the judge agreed with my desire. Peggy and her husband Ted were in the court room along with their four month old baby. After answering the judge's questions and admitting they would love having me live with them the judgment was rendered in my favor. I'm certain the judge would never have agreed had he known how life living with my sister would turn out.

Before Peggy had gotten married and still lived at home she used to tease me constantly. Most of the time it was her verbal teasing that always centered on sex. From when she realized I'd reached puberty she ragged on me for not having a girlfriend. A year later she began flaunting her body around the house often walking around wearing tiny panties and a too small bra. I had to admit she had a body to flaunt and be proud of. Just like any young boy just beginning to like girls I had to sneak into her room and check out her sizes. Finding a pair of panties the unopened packaged said it was for women with a waist of 30 to 36 inch hips. Her bra label said 36D and I had no reason to doubt it although I thought she was larger from how much flesh was exposed over the tops of the cups. I decided in my mind she was really closer to a 38D.

I'm sure you guys with older sisters can remember how they would tease and taunt you with their almost nakedness. It also goes without saying that when they caught you looking they would admonish you severely. Peggy was no exception to that plain and simple rule of siblings. I swear she would wait until she heard me walking toward my room and pick that time to casually walk across the hall and go into the bathroom slowly enough that I got an eyeful of her scanty under things.

Then there were all the times she would come into the front room while I was watching TV and decide it was time to do a little cleaning. Seldom did she ever begin this task without wearing a loose top. She would walk casually into the room making sure I would know she wasn't wearing a bra by moving her body and making her breasts wobble. She would always find a reason to bend over in front of me allowing her top to fall open and expose her naked boobs. Peggy would glance up at me and give me a little smile knowing she was giving me an erection. It also follows that every time she did these things I would quickly retreat to my room, close the door and abuse myself.

I guess you can say I was happy when she finally got married and moved out. I would like to say that but I quickly began to miss her teasing and flaunting of her extremely sexy body. That was also about the time mom and dad began having their problems. I was sixteen at the time and by the time I turned seventeen the divorce was final and I'd made my choice as to where I was to live until I was eighteen.

Living with my sister Peggy and her husband took a little time making adjustments but we soon worked things out. Their house had four bedrooms and was quite large so we weren't cramped for space. Their bedroom, being the master bedroom, had its own bath. My room was quite large itself but I had to use the bathroom next door. Since that was the way I'd grown up it didn't bother me. The only thing different was there was no more of Peggy teasing me as she crossed the hall and go into the bathroom. Oh well, life can be tough sometimes.

Ted was on the fast track of becoming upper management so his income easily allowed my sister to be a politically incorrect stay-at-home housewife and mother. They had discussed between themselves before getting married that they valued a full time mother in place of daycare. Shortly after I moved in with them we talked about me occasionally babysitting so they could have a night out. Right after I began living with them sis patiently helped show me how to take care of my nephew Timmy. I learned how to change diapers and give him a bath. She carefully explained how to heat the bottle, test it with a few drops on my wrist and how to hold him while he filled his tummy. Time and again she would have me do all these things while keeping a watchful eye making sure I did everything just the way she wanted. Before long I was considered an old hand and taking care of a baby and they decided I could be trusted enough for them to go out. I was filled with pride that very first time and made sure there were no mistakes.

I guess it was about a month later when I thought to ask Peg about Timmy's milk. I knew she nursed him but never saw her filling any bottles for when they went out.

"Ted and I decided before he was born that Timmy would have only natural milk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving a baby cow's milk but we wanted everything to be from nature. To answer your question I express milk from my breasts, put it in a bottle and into the fridge."

That seemed logical and I decided not to ask further since I was becoming flushed. For some reason it seemed sexual to me and I felt myself becoming aroused. I figured it best to leave well enough alone.

It didn't take Peg long before she was back into teasing me again just like before. She would find some reason or other to leave her bedroom wearing her robe but without closing it. Underneath she wore panties and bra flashing her almost naked body in front of me. It was just like when we living at home except now her breasts were even larger and she still wore bras that had to have been too small. Then there were the times she would be doing something around the house, bend over in front of me and allow her top to fall forward. It was like time had stopped and I would get a real good look at her boobs without quite seeing her nipples. Just like a few years before she would do that and not be wearing a bra. On more then one occasion she would be wearing a short skirt that exposed half her thighs. Peggy really had nice legs. Her blouse would be extremely tight with two or three buttons left undone exposing a lot of cleavage. When she did that it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra because I could see the nubs of her nipples standing hard against the material. Most of the time when she did this the front of her blouse would be damp and I knew it was the milk from her breasts leaking. Just like it had been a few years back I would find a reason to disappear, close my bedroom door and do what was needed to relive the pressure between my legs. While I enjoyed her teasing I was beginning to wonder if maybe moving in with them had been a mistake. My constant sexual arousal was really becoming awkward and I did my best to keep Peggy from seeing the bulge in my pants.

School was out and I had finally graduated. I could now count myself among those holding a high school diploma. My pride was self evident as I grasped the paper and exited the stage. Mom and dad didn't attend, not that I expected them but Peggy and Ted were there to cheer for me. I made my way to them, Ted shook my hand like a man and Peggy gave me a very tight hug. Having Ted treat me like an adult was exciting but feeling Peggy's huge breasts pressing firmly against my chest was even better. I had to hold my hips away from her so my nearly instant erection didn't touch her.

I wanted to take the summer to just relax and enjoy life. Ted and Peggy agreed that just kicking back would be good for me. It would allow me time to think and decide if I was going to college or just get a job. To me finishing the rigors of high school was a great accomplishment and I wanted time to explore life a little. I would sleep late and get up only to find Peggy happy to fix breakfast no matter the time of morning.

Eight o'clock and I sleepily got up, drained my bladder and found Peggy in the kitchen. She was cleaning up and fixed my breakfast. After setting the plate in front of me she said Timmy needed her and left me alone. I ate and put the dishes in the sink. I'd offered to wash dishes but Peg had refused claiming it was her duty to take care of her man, or men as was our case. I was going to my room and had to pass the nursery. Inside Peggy sat in rocker with Timmy to her breast. She was nursing him with half her blouse open. One thing I had learned from the first is Peggy didn't use nursing bras with the fold down flap. She wore normal bras with the clasp in front. While she had opened the clasp her other breast was still covered by the cup and part of her blouse. I stopped and stared feeling the tightness of my growing erection in my pants. She looked at me and smiled as her fingers moved and manipulated her breast exposing even more flesh and helping Timmy to nurse. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better she began to remove Timmy from her breast. I had been watching his tiny lips as he suckled and obviously his belly was full. The beast between my legs lurched as Peggy moved her son and fully exposed her wet nipple. It was my first sighting of her fully naked breast and finally my brain activated my feet forcing me to race to my room.

My door was hardly closed when my pants hit the floor. The fingers of my right hand firmly gripped my turgid organ and began pumping as if there were no tomorrow. Only three minutes later I felt the familiar tingling in my testicles as the seed stored in them raced up the hidden tube and erupted only to spill uselessly on the carpet. I gasped as my climaxed slowly came to an end and my knees wobbled weakly. Carefully so as not to trip with my pants around my ankles I made my way to the nightstand and the tissues I kept in the drawer. I cleaned myself and then set about removing the evidence of my excitement from the carpet. Fortune smiled upon me in that the carpet was a dark color and would likely not show a stain. The rest of the morning was spent secluded in my room as I wasn't willing to see my sister. I knew she understood my hastily departure and I didn't want to face her.

Hunger finally forced me from my room. Poking my head out I checked and didn't hear a sound. I figured Peggy had gone out and ventured towards the kitchen to search for something to eat. Peggy was relaxing at the table sipping her tea when I came in. She smiled but didn't say anything. Her hand waved at the counter and the sandwiches on a plate. I took the plate and sat across from her.

"You OK?" she asked with a sly looking smile.

"Uh, of course, why?"

"No reason except you don't normally stay in your room with the door closed."

"I felt like taking a nap."


In the following weeks I found myself often seeing my sister nursing my nephew but I didn't stop to watch. Then came a sudden revelation, Peggy wanted me to see them. Finally one day I decided to take matters into hand so to speak. I stopped in the doorway of the nursery and watched as Peggy nursed Timmy. Like so many other times she had opened her blouse, unclipped the front of her bra while keeping her unused breast covered. Her fingers were manipulating her breast assisting his feeding. Peggy saw me and smiled. I returned her smile and didn't realize my hand was rubbing the front of my jeans. Inside I was rock hard. Her tongue slipped from between her lips and I noticed she wasn't looking at my face but where my hand was rubbing. I almost ran but something about her expression kept my feet rooted in place. Finally it dawned on me she was enjoying watching me.

"Take it out," I saw her lips moving and forming the words.

I hesitated not sure if that was really what she wanted.

"Take it out and let me see," she again silently mouthed.

"Are you sure?" I whispered not wanting to disturb my nephew.

"Yes. Take it out and let me see it," she whispered back.

It was like my fingers had become thumbs as I tried to open and unzip my pants. Finally I managed pushing my jeans down leaving her to look at the throbbing bulge in my shorts. Her tongue licked her lips and I forced my underwear to my knees. I was exposed from the waist down before my sister with my rampant erection bobbing in the air.

"Stroke it for me," her whispered voice croaked.

My fingers gathered around my turgid shaft firmly. On the first stroke the leakage that had oozed from the tip was coating the entire head making the shaft slick. With ease my fingers glided over the skin moving up and down my hard flesh tube. I felt the breath catch in my chest as I realized I was masturbating in front of my nursing sister. Sexual excitement coursed through my body and I had to grip myself to stop from having a premature ejaculation.

It looked like Timmy was finished and sleeping. His lips slipped from her nipple as he head rested comfortably in the crook of her arm. I saw the breast he had been nursing fully exposed and the hard wet nipple he had vacated. Peggy slowly moved aside the rest of her blouse taking the covering bra cup with it. I stood slowly stroking myself and seeing my sisters naked milk filled breasts.

"Watch," she quietly whispered.

Her hand moved to her unused breast, cupped it and her fingers circled around the large firm globe. From her chest she squeezed and moved her fingers towards her distended nipple forcing thin streams of milk from inside her breast. She repeated this action as her eyes remained glued to my slowly pumping fist.

"Make it squirt for me," she again whispered still expressing her milk.

I knew what she wanted and my body desperately wanted to comply. My fingers curled more firmly around my throbbing shaft and began moving faster. I felt my testicles bouncing as I spread my legs giving her a better look. Her lips constantly wet her lips as her breathing grew faster. Her chest was heaving as soft quiet moans escaped her parted lips. I knew from the few porno flicks I'd seen she was very close to an orgasm and I wanted to see it. Boldly I shuffled closer giving her a better look. My fist was moving rapidly up and down my turgid shaft and I felt the tingling that signaled my growing need for release.

"Yes, now let me see you shoot," Peggy gasped knowing just how close I was. Her thighs were tight as she moved and forced them to rub together. Her fingers gripped her breast more firmly and expressed her milk in constant streams.

I felt my orgasm coming and cupped my full swinging testicles. Thick white streams of my young seed erupted from the tip of my pulsing organ. With a force I'd never felt before I was in awe to see it come very close to her partly exposed thighs even though she was five or so feet away. I had to stifle a groan so as not to disturb my nephew but still I couldn't fully contain my feeling of sexual lust and release. As my climax slowed and began to ebb my fingers tightened to stroke and force the last of my seed from inside. I looked deeply into Peggy's eyes as the last drops exited my still stiff organ. Her eyes were half closed and she was tightly squeezing her breast. Her breathing was ragged as her body shuddered.

"Thank you," she managed to whisper between gasps of air gulped into her lungs. With each gulp her breasts lunged upward threatening to again renew my sexual arousal.

I chose that time to pull up my pants and exit. My lust had been sated but I felt shame for doing it in front of my sister. I fled to my room and remained there without even having supper. I felt extremely guilty but after several hours of thought I changed my mind. It would never have gone that far if Peggy hadn't wanted it. Finally I fell into a night of fitful sleep.

Morning came and I awoke my morning woody evident. Sleep still fogging my eyesight I left my room headed for the bathroom. I caught just a glimpse of Peggy as I entered. She was coming down the hall with a huge grin. I closed the door, forced my stiff organ to relax enough to piss. Feeling better and without the boner I went back to my room. Having my sister see me first thing in the morning sporting and erection had never been a problem when we growing up, it was just a natural thing with us. This morning I felt different, though. Today I was remembering Peggy's look of lust as she squirted her milk watching me masturbate. I felt a renewed stiffing of my organ, pulled on some shorts and headed to the kitchen.

"Good morning," she greeted me. "I would call you little brother but after yesterday I don't think that fits," she grinned.

"Yeah, well I think we need to talk about that," I said solemnly as I sat down. Food was before me and I ate but without any real appetite.

"Something wrong with my cooking this morning?" Peggy asked.

"No. It's just great like always," I smiled.

"Bullshit. You're down because of yesterday."

I looked deeply into her eyes. "Right."

"Look, I teased you over the years when we were growing up and I loved it. I began teasing you again when you moved in with Ted and me. I still love it especially when you get flustered."

I must have given her a glare that was more intense that I thought because she stopped smiling.

"Come on, Jim, get real. I teased you all those years because big sisters always tease younger brothers. I've been teasing you here hoping it would make you feel more at home. Yesterday was different and I think we both know it."

"It was different alright. I still can't believe I jerked off in front of you." I felt my face burn with shame.

"That makes two of us. I can't believe I asked you but I sure as hell am glad it happened. Tell me, Jim, what were you thinking then?"

I dropped my fork and stared at her with shock. "I wanted to suck the milk from you." The words were out of my mouth before I could even think.

"Wow. Really?" Peggy asked.

"I know you gotta think I'm some sorta pervert but that's what I wanted. I wanted to suck and feel your tits just like Timmy."

Timmy chose that moment to start crying. Peggy got up and pulled at my arm. "Come help me with Timmy," she firmly said pulling my arm. I followed her to the nursery.

Peggy changed Timmy's diaper and sat in her rocker. She gave me a long look as her fingers opened her blouse and unsnapped the front of her bra. Her fingers pulled aside the cup and exposed her breast and then she brought Timmy to her dripping nipple. I rapidly grew hard and my organ tented the front of my loose fitting shorts.

"Come closer and watch your nephew suckle," Peggy asked.

My legs felt like wood as I did as she asked. I was standing only a foot away when her hand softly began to caress the outside of my left thigh. My organ lurched inside my shorts moving down towards the hem of the leg. Peggy's hand moved up and down my thigh coming ever closer to the wide leg opening of my shorts. Without voluntary knowledge my hand pulled the blouse and bra cup that covered her opposite breast. I felt her fingers inching up my thigh until she touched the swollen tip of my organ. She didn't stop there but kept moving her hand higher until she curled her fingers around my rapidly growing erection.

"So soft and hot yet so very hard," she sighed gazing intently into my eyes. Her fingers curled around my now throbbing shaft and squeezed firmly. "Yes, so very hot and firm."

To an observer it would seem like we had practiced or at the least shared telepathy. I opened my shorts and they dropped to my feet. I hadn't bothered with underwear this morning so I was left with my organ nakedly exposed. Peggy gazed with longing as her fingers once again curled around the hot shaft. As she held me my hand cupped and gently caressed her exposed unoccupied breast. Her skin was so soft yet the breast itself was firm. I felt the nipple harden and press in my palm. My fingers took hold of her flesh and squeezed enough that milk squirted from her distended nipple and coated my palm. Repeatedly I squeezed and each time received my warm reward. All the time I expressed her milk her tight fingers stroked my heated organ. Time and again she brought me so very close to orgasm only to tight pinch at the base and stop my climax.

Timmy finished nursing and was quickly asleep. Peggy released my throbbing organ and sat up. "Don't move," she whispered as she rose to lay him in his crib only a few feet away. She turned and face me so very nearly naked to her waist.

She stepped closer, firmly gripped my dripping organ and pulled me towards the door. "We'll use your room so we don't wake him." I had no choice but to follow.

Peggy lay on my bed her still full breasts standing firm on her chest. I would have expected them to separate and flop towards her sides but they didn't. Both nipples were hard and one was leaking a thin white liquid. She pulled me to lay beside her.

"Suckle me," she breathed heavily. "I want to feel your lips nursing from my full tit. Put your lips to my nipple, suck on it and suck the milk from me."

Her hand held the back of my head and pulled my lips to her turgid swollen nipple. I touched her skin and felt the heat on my lips. Opening them wide I pressed my mouth to her jutting breast. I tasted the warm sweet milk even before I began to suckle. Firmly grasping her breast between my lips I began to nurse. My reward was hot sweet milk filling my eager mouth. Peggy's fingers were still firmly gripping my organ and she squeezed them as she moved her hand up and down my throbbing shaft.

I grasped her other breast and began playing with it, squeezing and feeling the warm milk coating my hand. She was still firmly gripping my organ and began pumping it more quickly. I shifted my body putting me on my knees giving her better access to my sex. She seemed to like my idea as her other hand quickly cupped and caressed my swinging testicles. I felt somewhat disappointed when she release them but quickly knew what she was doing. She pulled my hand from her breast and I felt her skin as she slid it down her body and into her shorts. I touched her hair and then her hot dripping sex. My long middle finger easily slipped deeply inside as she returned to cupping and playing with my heavy sack. Her hips hunched to my hand and invading finger as she gasped for air. I felt her hand pumping my organ faster and faster as she groaned. My lips suckled her breast drawing forth her sweet milk. Her body tensed and I felt the hot liquid of her release soaking my finger. My palm was covered with her release as she tightly gripped my organ. Peggy gripped my sac just enough, pulling it down as her other hand pumped hard and fast. Her breast turned dry as I lifted my head and groaned loudly. My body rose and I saw her looking at what her stroking fist was doing. Long thick gouts of my hot white seed gushed from my twitching organ coating her breasts, her nipples, her face and belly. I had removed my hand and slick finger from her shorts. Bringing it to my nose I inhaled and smelled her orgasm. She was watching as I sucked on that sex coated finger and licked off her juice.

I was spent and fully drained. We lay quietly side by side not speaking. No words could describe what we had just done or felt. A bit later I got up and dressed. I left my sister laying half naked on my bed and went for a walk. My real concern at that moment was what would happen if and when Ted learned of our afternoon delight. I guess I should have known it would be much better than I feared.

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