Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cyborg Eric Falstaff and his partner ship, CCS-14 are on a mission when something goes horribly wrong! Eric and his ship are thrown into an alternate universe, lost and damaged! Join Eric and his ship in their struggle for survival in a strange reality!

The raid had gone off as projected, to a certain point. Extrication did not go as it should have, though. The paired cyborg and ship had accomplished their mission goals, and were on their exit trajectory when the plan went sour.

Intelligence had told them that the planet would have only a class C battle fortress, with two light cruiser, and 15 fighter elements guarding it. Most of the ships that were stationed at this planet would be gone, in response to a feint that had been engineered just for this purpose.

Cyborg, Eric Falstaff, and his ship were tasked to insert a slow gestating, but highly contagious virus into the planets atmosphere. Their cover mission, was attacking the shipyard circling the planet. The ship was new, and was one of a very few of its type. It was loaded with the most advanced weapons that the Coalition had.

The ship was only 600 meters in length, but had as much weaponry as any heavy cruiser three times its size. It also had weapons that outclassed anything up to the size of a dreadnought. The reason the ship was able to carry all this, was that there was only one crew member aboard the ship. All other space was devoted to weapons, the 'jump' and 'space normal' drives, and the advanced electronics. Life support for one human cyborg took hardly any room at all.

Eric and his ship, CCS-14, (Coalition Cyborg Ship) had accomplished the primary mission. It was during withdrawal that things went to hell. He had severely damaged the battle fortress, and had destroyed both the light cruisers and most of the fighters. He had even taken out a large chunk of the shipyard circling the planet. This all went according to the plan.

What was not expected, was a Federated battleship, with a three cruiser escort. They jumped in-system, at about the time Eric was trying to leave. They were headed directly for each other, and there was nothing Eric or his ship could do to avoid the confrontation.

CCS-14 had been charging its jump coils, and was ready to make the jump. It just had to wait until it was out of the gravitational influence of the planet it had just infected with the virus. Unfortunately, the enemy was between CCS-14 and its jump point. At the speed they were traveling; there was no possibility of stopping, or changing to a new vector, before making contact with this new enemy force.

Eric was having coffee in the galley when CCS-14 informed him of the new battle situation. He dropped his cup, ran back to the control room, and buckled himself into his command chair. He attached the contacts to his temples, where subcutaneous leads were buried. As soon as the outer contacts were aligned over the skin where the internal contacts were buried, they locked into place magnetically. He was now in mental contact with his ship. His awareness changed. He could see what the ship saw.

It had taken him months of training, and an internal computer added to his brain, to get him used to this perspective.

As Eric watched, the battleship ponderously turned sideways. It presented a 3-kilometer side view, filled with missile and beam weapons. The three cruisers moved themselves in front of the battleship as a screen.

Eric checked the status of his ship, and noted that the battle screen was already in place. He did not have his ship turn sideways, as he wanted to present the smallest target possible. His ship was firing torpedo's from the forward tubes.

Already his anti-missile defense was working as fast as it could. If he turned his ship to present a broadside, he could employ more weapons, but would present a larger target. He felt his ship buck as a missile impacted and blew with nuclear fury against his battle screen.

Again and again, his screens were hit. His Ion canon was working as fast as it could recharge. It shot every 15 seconds. When it did, it smashed through the defenders screens, and inflicted damage. Unfortunately, smashing through those screens diluted the full effect of the canon's power.

The ship bucked and shivered as his battle screen deflected direct hits. Finally his screen started to fail, and enemy beam weapons of a weaker, but still deadly ability started to chew into his hull.

It was still thirty seconds until he could jump, and the enemy had figured out where his jump point would be. That area of space would soon be full of missiles, according to computer projections.

Missiles were already on the way to that location, and his battle screen was almost gone. More and more beam weapons were inflicting damage to his ship. Sensors were damaged, and back-ups came on line. A forward torpedo tube was hit and put out of action.

With only 3 seconds to go, he ordered the ship to jump. His battle screen had totally failed, and missile impact was imminent. Despite still being in the gravity well, the ship jumped. As his ship jumped, the small gravity effect from the planet, coupled with the missile's nuclear explosion, caused a radical change in the jump field as it formed.

As CCS-14 came out of the jump, alarms were sounding. The computer sent repair bots to several of the damaged areas. The computer started reporting a litany of damage. It also reported the fact that they had not come out of the jump where they had intended.

Eric disconnected himself from the ships sensors. He closed his eyes, just listening to the damage report. Not good. The jump coils had burned out, and there were no replacements on board. He was effectively limited to normal space drive. On top of that, they were lost!

While they still had faster than light communication, there seemed to be no one to talk with. There were no relays reporting their existence, no communications had been intercepted or detected at all! This was unheard of!

For three days, Eric worked until he was exhausted, helping with what repairs he could. He ate, worked, ate again; and worked until he nearly dropped from exhaustion. He put his entire purpose of existence into fixing his ship. It took his mind off the fact that there was no place to go.

The ship was performing sensor sweeps of the surrounding systems, in hopes of finding an inhabitable planet for Eric. It had also launched 5 of its 8 remaining jump capable probes. Eric was just existing, on a day-to-day basis. He was numb with the knowledge that the universe he had known all his life was effectively gone.

"Eric. Probe V-233-1 has discovered a planet that is habitable. At present I am changing course for this planet. At best possible speed, it will take 10 years, 3 months, 12 days, and 2 hours to reach the planet.

"I suggest you prepare yourself for an extended cold sleep cycle. I do not have enough supplies to last for more than a year. Even going on emergency rations, that would extend your awake time by only 4 months, to 16 months," the computer said tonelessly.

"Why can't we use the drive coils from the probes? I am sure you told me why we can't, but I can't seem to remember," Eric asked his computer.

"Jump coils for probes are not compatible with the ship. They are too small, and are shaped wrong to fit into the jump chambers," the computer responded. "Also, you are suffering from shock. While it is not deadly to you, I suggest that you ingest the contents of packet S-3 from the pharmacy. Afterwards, you should start preparations for extended cold sleep," the computer told him.

Sighing, Eric did as he was told. He swalloed the meds, and went to his cabin and slept. The next ship's day, he awoke feeling more like his old self. Safeties that had engaged in his body had been released. He had never realized that they had been tripped! The internal machinery that had been placed in his body was very sophisticated.

"Have you started preparing the cold sleep pod, yet?" Eric asked the computer after he'd had breakfast.

"Affirmative. All systems for cold sleep have been checked and rechecked. All primary and redundancy circuits are operational at ninety-nine point nine nine percent. When you are ready, you may begin the process for cold sleep," the computer replied.

Eric started the preparations for cold sleep. First, he got a container from sick bay called skin conditioner. He stripped and took a long hot shower, causing his pores to open. While still wet, he applied the greasy gel like substance to his entire body, including his face and scalp, between his toes, and on his private areas. While he let his skin soak this up, he picked up the suppository, and did what your supposed to do with that. He really hated cold sleep. Finally, after 20 minutes of waiting, he washed the excess skin conditioner off of his skin.

The skin conditioner and the suppository were loaded with vitamins, and a substance that would prevent cell damage and crystallization from cold sleep's near absolute zero temperatures.

He drank a solution that would have to be absorbed by his body from the inside, through his stomach. After his stomach absorbed it, he could move to the next phase, which was cold sleep itself.

In the meantime, as he waited for the internal medication to take effect, he looked over the damage list. Not good. Thousands of systems were still damaged. A lot of those had been taken over by back-up systems, but both Eric and the ship preferred to have the primary systems functioning. With a few exceptions, the ships computer assured Eric that all systems would be repaired by the time Eric was awakened from cold sleep.

Eric asked again about their position, and where they were in the universe.

"Eric. There is no match anywhere in my star charts, that relates to us, even remotely. Nor would a shift in time explain anything, as I have allowed for up to a 1 million year time difference in our existence either forward or backward," the computer stated.

Eric was startled, as he had not even considered a time shift. Once again his ship had covered all the bases for him. But he still felt such a sense of loss! All of his friends... gone. They thinking that he was dead, perhaps. The only logical answer left, was that they had shifted to an alternate reality of some sort. That there was no known star pattern or configuration anywhere in CCS-14's data base that remotely matched the existing star fields, was incredible. Eric still found this hard to believe. His ship had thousands upon thousands of known (and thousands of not so well known) star maps in its data base.

Eric was starting to feel sleepy from the assorted treatments he had given himself, in preparation for his upcoming cold sleep. He made his way to the sleep pod, which was located next to sickbay. The pod was little more than a coffin shaped container. It had its lid up and seemed to be waiting for him.

He got into the pod, and attached the remote leads to his temples, chest, and thighs. These would monitor his body while he was in cold sleep. They would be instrumental in reviving him when he came out of cold sleep, also.

His final action was to drink a small half-ounce drink that basically slowed his heart to almost a stop, rendering him totally unconscious. As the ship monitored Eric's biological stats, it finally gave the command. The lid slid shut, and Eric's body was flash frozen. The ship monitored all the readings, and concluded all had gone well. It set secondary systems to monitoring Eric, as it concentrated on repairing itself. It also pumped the air into storage for later use. It shut down the living quarters it had maintained for Eric. There was no longer any need for life support to be maintained, with his human cyborg now in cold sleep.

Eric was dreaming that he was back at central command. He was being offered the chance of a lifetime.

"Lieutenant, I have to say we are pleased with the preliminary test scores. I think you are a good candidate for the CYBORG program. Understand, once you undertake this process, you can't back out," the civilian in front of Eric said.

"I understand, Sir. Just to be considered is an honor. To be chosen is almost beyond comprehension!" Eric exclaimed with excitement.

"Understand what we will do. We are going to do very invasive things to you, medically. Very strong threads of mylar will be woven throughout your musculature. There will be some very small, and some microscopic pulley systems installed inside of you.

"Your nervous system will undergo an extreme change. A micro-computer will be installed into your brain. Once these are in place within you, it is virtually impossible to get them out safely.

"You will be enhanced in ways you can't begin to understand, yet. Tailored microscopic nano-bots will be introduced into your system. They will maintain your internal health and the infrastructure that we will build into you. They will be fueled from your very blood," the man went on.

"Eric? Eric, wake up," the man was saying to him.

"Wake up, Eric. CCS-14 requires your presence," Eric heard as he opened his eyes.

"I'm awake," Eric replied with a raspy voice, but only after two tries.

"Drink the fluid next to you. I have hydrated you, but your throat is dry at this time. That is a side effect of the cold sleep drugs," the ship's voice told him.

Eric sat up and experienced a dizziness, momentarily. As the dizziness passed quickly, he reached for the flask and drank it off in a single gulp. He felt better almost at once.

"Where are we?" Eric asked, his voice much firmer in his ears. He got out of the cold sleep pod as his ship partner answered.

"We are currently in orbit around the planet that was determined to be capable of supporting human life. As it turns out, life is already here," the ship told Eric.

"What do you mean?" Eric asked curiously.

He was trying to work some kinks out of his body. He still felt tired and very stiff, from his long cold sleep.

"There is human, or beings that closely resemble humans, living on the surface of the planet. Until I can do a full medical examine on one, I will call them human," the computer said.

Eric was stunned. How was this possible? No humans had been found outside of old Earth. Earth had colonized a portion of the universe and in all the time that humans traveled space, no other human (nor even humanoid) life had been found.

Oh, they had come upon old colonies, long forgotten. But no group had evolved, as had the humans from Earth. To find humans here, gave him hope, little though it was!

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