Anne visits New York
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Author invites reader to meet wife.

I have been reading stories for more than half my life and one day decided to write. I thought I would write what I felt was interesting in a many ways to many people who may have had some of the experience I have thought about.

I wrote many stories of my experience and what have been my fantasies.

I like many other married men would like to experience watching his wife with another man or maybe even another woman. The thought of that makes me warm and situations come to my mind that had occurred and the thoughts of what may have been.

It wasn't long ago when I received a response to one of my stories that caught my interest.

Now I have had many readers writing to me and expressing their likes and dislikes of my work.

This particular letter that I received gave me a feeling of sincerity and interest.

Anne wrote to me a told me how much she liked my stories. When reading her response to me I felt something and wrote back to her.

After a few e-mails back and forth she sent me pictures of herself.

I enjoyed her pictures and felt so close to her that we did exchange many thoughts through instant messaging.

I showed the pictures to my wife and noticed she showed some interest in what she seen.

I knew then that there might be something there where I can find out how interested my wife may be in another woman.

My mind had many thoughts and I put a fantasy story together for what I hope may happen very soon.

Anne lives in the Central time zone and I am here in New York but we keep in contact with each other. Anne wants to go to New York and visit the Village like so many tourists wish to do.

What a better way than have a native New Yorker to show you around.

So plans were made for Anne a married mother of two grown children will come to New York and visit with Sam and his wife.

Leaving her husband home to tend to the pets and plants Anne boarded a plane to New York and was met by Sam and Gloria at the airport.

Anne has a very nice shape for her 50 plus years. Her breasts are 36C that had slight sag and her legs were long and shapely which made her look taller than her 5'4". She walked slowly through the welcome area to look for Sam.

Sam spotted Anne walking towards them and couldn't help notice the way she walked and how her breasts looked pressing against that very tight sweater. He noticed that her body was exactly like his wife Gloria and if it weren't for the face he would think it was his wife walking toward them.

As Anne approached Gloria smiled with an approving look on her face.

That smile made all the difference in the world to both Sam and Anne.

Now Sam knew the weekend would be a success for all involved.

Anne walked up to Sam and kissed him gently on the cheek as Sam welcomed her to New York then turned and introduced her to Gloria his wife.

The women looked into each other's eyes and you can tell there was a connection there.

Anne felt comfortable immediately when she met Gloria.

As they walked through the airport the women chatted about so many things that Sam just walked ahead to retrieve the luggage.

On the ride back to Sam and Gloria's house Anne marveled at the way New York looked so different than what she had expected. Pictures can be so deceiving as to what is real.

Traffic and people crammed the streets, Anne thought she would never fit in even only for the weekend.

When they reached the house it was like back home, suburban area, quiet streets and beautiful homes.

Gloria showed Anne to the guest bedroom and told her to make herself comfortable and will meet her in the den for a drink.

Anne didn't know what she meant by getting herself comfortable so she just freshened up in the bathroom and put some of her clothes away then went into the den to meet Sam and Gloria,

When she walked into the den she found Sam sitting in a recliner wearing shorts and a T shirt and Gloria serving him a drink wearing shorts and halter.

Anne looked at Gloria and noticed how nice her legs were shaped and the halter just barely covering her nipples of her large firm breasts.

"Sit and have a glass of wine" Gloria said to Anne.

Anne sat on the couch and Gloria handed her a glass of white wine the sat down next to her.

"I thought you would be more comfortable if you changed out of your travel clothes" Gloria said to Anne.

"Yes you are probably right about that" Anne had said in return as she looked Gloria in the eye. As their eyes met Anne felt something inside her that was warm and inviting.

Gloria leaned closer and kissed Anne on the lips. Anne kissed back and felt that warm feeling travel throughout her body.

As they kissed Gloria ran her hand up from Anne's waist to her breast. Anne felt her nipples getting hard and put her arm around Gloria and pulled her closer to her.

The women's tongues were lashing together in each others mouths as the kissed prolonged.

Before long Anne felt her sweater being pulled over her head and Gloria's hands all over her bra covered breasts.

Letting herself go Anne reached around Gloria and unhooked her halter to free Gloria's breasts and into the view of Anne.

Both women broke free of their kiss and reached forward to fondle each other.

It didn't take long for Anne to remove her own bra and offer her breasts to Gloria's waiting hands.

Gloria took Anne's breasts and gently squeezed her nipples until Ann let out a little moan of excitement.

Both women enjoyed each others breasts as Sam sat and watched getting more and more excited as the two women had completely disrobed each other.

Neither women have had experienced a lesbian affair but both were curious and knew at first sight that they were attracted to each other.

It wasn't long before they were on the couch in a 69 position and enjoying the taste of each others wet pussies.

Licking and sucking each other as they enjoyed when their husbands would go down on them made for a good time for each of them.

It wasn't long before they each reached a climax and then laid there in each others arms.

They kissed like they were longtime lovers and played with the others tits while they rested.

Sam couldn't believe the sight from across the room and wanted to get into the action also.

He rose from his chair and removed his shorts before walking toward the couch were the two lovers were relaxing.

Gloria seeing Sam coming towards them reached out and took a firm grip on Sam's hard cock.

Pulling him towards her she leaned up and put her mouth around the head of his cock and sucked the precum off that had leaked from the head.

Anne wanting to get in on the action reached around Sam and ran her hand over his butt until her fingers found his butt hole.

She gently pushed a finger in his hole as Sam fed his cock into his wife's mouth.

As Gloria sucked her husband off Anne's face was right there and was kissing and licking his balls while she fingered his asshole and as Gloria sucked his cock deep into her throat.

Sam's legs were getting weak and his cock was throbbing.

Both women felt Sam's body stiffing and they worked harder as he was about to come.

Anne put two more fingers in his ass and fingered him deeper and faster and sucked his balls harder.

Gloria sucked deeper and harder and waited for the exploding cock to fill her throat with hot cum.

Sam shot load after load into his wife's throat and Gloria swallowed what she could then released his cock so Anne can finish taking his last short burst.

Anne swallowed what was shot into her mouth then her and Gloria's mouth's met and shared the taste of Sam's cum.

All three collapsed in a heap of bodies on the large couch.

When morning came Anne realized she was not home and was laying naked next to Gloria and Sam in their bed.

The memories of the night before were so vivid that her nipples were hard and she felt wet.

With Gloria and Sam on either side of her she reached out and held them both.

Sam's cock was soft and Gloria's pussy felt warm.

She couldn't wait for the day to begin.

Sam woke and smiled at Anne as she smiled also.

"Come here" Sam said as he patted the bed beside him.

Gloria had already gone down stairs to get breakfast ready to start the day.

Sam took Anne into his arms and gently kissed her.

Taking her breast into his hand he rubbed her nipple until it was hard like a stone.

Her hand went to his cock and stroked him until he was hard and erect.

Pulling her body over onto to him Anne straddled his cock and took him inside of her.

She rode his cock like she was riding a bucking bronco.

He was deep inside her as he fucked her real good. Her breasts were swaying over him as he pulled her nipples and made her moan with pleasure.

As he came deep inside her she kissed his lips and buried her tongue inside his mouth.

She kissed him and moved her mouth down his body as she moved her body down until she was between his open legs where she can take his cock into her mouth. He was limp now but her mouth and tongue cleaned their juices from his soft cock.

"Wonderful" he moaned as she took his cock into her mouth.

Anne finished cleaning his cock then went to the shower to make herself ready for the day ahead.

When she arrived in the kitchen Gloria had breakfast made and came to Anne and kissed her good morning.

Anne returned her kiss and felt that warm feeling again just being near Gloria.

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