Tales of the Mansion

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Furry, non-anthro, DomSub, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Introduction - These are the stories of the Mansion, an establishment that caters to those with exotic tastes. A building where anything can be had and anything can be experienced, for the right price. The Mansion exists in a realm where elves, dwarves, and dragons are common place.

"Good morning." The woman said as she stepped into the office. "Please, have a seat."

She had slipped into the room silently, without warning; the door she entered through made no noise. Her voice caught you off guard, it was melodic in nature, but seemed to possess a taint of power. Even though you had tried to remain composed, the sudden intrusion caused you to jump slightly.

It had only been a few minutes since the young man had ushered you into the office, but it was just enough time to become accustomed to it. The room looked and felt lived in, as if someone spent a considerable amount of time here.

The young man had also suggested that you sit while you wait, but you remained standing to be respectful of the office's owner.

And here she was, Elvish most certainly, her pointed ears and her sharp, angular features made that a dead give away. Her skin was white, not inhumanly pure white, but very pale with a warm rose glow. This was offset by a long straight slope of raven black hair that hung off of her head, dangling back in forth just under the small of her back.

Not just Elvish, but High Elvish you surmised. You had always prided yourself on your powers of observation, they had become so tuned that they were more like a reflex now. Unfortunately that meant that it now took a conscious effort to not use them. Everything you encountered was visually inspected, mentally compared, and then cataloged in your mind.

"Thank you." You replied, stepping to one of the chairs that sat directly in front of the large, dark wooden desk that dominated this side of the office.

You looked back up at her just as she circled the desk, your eyes immediately making contact with hers. You felt yourself immediately being drawn into her dark brown eyes which flickered like candle flames in a breeze. You found yourself at her mercy, unable to look away. The longer you stared, the colder you felt, like you were out in the cold, unprotected.

She looked down at the desk and you felt something lurch back into place, like your spirit slipping back into your body. With the eye contact broken you felt a cold shiver run down your spine. She seemed not to notice any of this, her eyes looking over the surface of the desk and the papers that were accumulated there.

With a slight exasperated exhale of breath, she took her seat behind the desk. She disregarded the papers on her desk and the tasks that they probably represented. Following her lead, you took your seat as well, feeling a bit more at ease to him something tangible beneath you. Like the weight of your body in the seat proved that you were still among the living.

"Let me start by saying that this interview is nothing more than a formality." She said, her eyes studying you again, only this time you made it a point to look at something other than her eyes. Her mouth, her nose, her hair, anything but her eyes. "The letter of recommendation that preceded you proved that you were more than adequate for this position."

"It's not often that the Mansion seeks a scribe, these positions rarely vacate." She arched her fingers together as she spoke. "And we don't take the process of selecting a new scribe as a simple exercise. It takes a certain type of person to do this work."

"I'm very grateful to even be considered for this position." You replied, honestly meaning it. What she was telling you was not anything you didn't already know. "I am aware-"

She held up a hand, interrupting you, "Please." It was neither condescending nor annoyed, more of a logical tone of voice.

"There's no need for that." She said with a smile. "You're happy to be here. We're happy to have you. We're all happy, yes. Let's just skip the thankful banter and pretend like we had spoken it?"

You swallowed, caught somewhat off guard again. You offered a slight nod of agreement, even as your mental footing seemed to be slipping. Like a seasoned professional, she was in complete control of this conversation and she wasn't going to give an inch.

"Good." She replied, her smile a bit more satisfied now. "As I said, you have already been selected for this position. All you need do is accept it."

She shook her head now, even before you could reply. "But before you accept it; let's cover a few small details."

You nodded in reply again, even as her hand drifted down the desk, opening an unseen drawer. A moment later her hand returned, carrying in it a jewelry box covered in crimson felt. It was long, but narrow and not terribly deep either. Her fingers opened the box as she set it on the desk in front of you.

"These are your ear studs. Every one in the mansion must wear them." Your eyes looked across the contents of the box; three pairs of small metallic studs all lined up. The first pair was gold in color, followed by a silver pair, then a red pair. "These ear studs serve two purposes."

"First of all, these studs act as a mundane way for Mansion guests to tell what other guests are seeking." Her fingers reached into the box, her fingertips pausing over the first pair of studs. "Guests wearing these golden studs are expected to be open to any proposal. Furthermore, it is assumed that they will say yes to any reasonable request."

Her fingers moved on, pausing over the second pair. "Guests wearing the silver studs will consider any request, but not necessarily say yes. You will see that these are the studs the majority of our guests wear."

Her fingers moved to the final pair of studs now. "The red pair shows that the guest is not open to any requests."

I nodded my understanding as she closed the box with a snap. She reached down again returning this time with a smaller box. "You will wear this set of studs any time that you are working."

Her fingers opened the box, allowing you to see the contents, a pair of black metallic ear studs. "Only on duty staff are allowed to wear these and while on duty you're expected to perform your work and not succumb to any propositions."

She closed the second box and then placed both boxes directly in front of me. "The studs also perform a secondary function, one which you will become quite familiar with."

"Everything a guest experiences here, every sight, every smell, every taste, every touch, is recorded in the ear studs they wear. Every thought they think, every feeling they have, all of it is contained in these studs." She took a deep breath, watching you for your reaction. "After a guest has departed the Mansion, you will view the studs and record anything of note that they enjoy."

It took you a moment to think about this, to absorb what the position entailed.

"Now I ask, is this a position that you feel you would wish to fill?"

With out even a second thought you nodded, "Yes."

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