Caleb's Power Grows
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Humiliation, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Caleb begins to expand his authority both in business and in sex.

"Oh my head. Damn how much did I drink last night?" Caleb rose from his bed and went to the bathroom in search of an aspirin. After swallowing two tablets that he hoped would save his life he looked into the mirror. The figure that stared back at him was now a man. More of a man than most males will ever be and Caleb suspected he had only just begun an incredible journey. He smiled at himself and decided to shower before he went out to see what his destiny held for him.

Now was the time to open an office. Caleb had been running a successful Real Estate Holdings company out of his home office. After buying the office building in downtown Columbia yesterday he knew that he needed a business address. As he settled into the seat of his car he called his best and maybe only real friend, Mark Cashman. "Cashman get your lazy ass out of bed and lets go to work." Caleb ribbed his friend as his form of greeting.

"Even though it's Saturday, and I was drunk as hell less than 6 hours ago I've been awake. Hell I've already washed the truck this morning, so YOU get your own ass out of bed." They both laughed at the other one. Caleb smiled to himself; he knew that everything his friend had just said was true. "Cash" was the hardest worker he had ever met and was anything but lazy. They made an incredible team, hard work paired with brilliance. Mark was one of two people in the world that Caleb had ever trusted. Now that Pop had died it was he and mark against the world.

"What'ya got in mind this morning?" Marks voice made Caleb snap back to reality.

"Well my friend, today we begin to look for an office." Caleb's level of excitement began to rise.

"So you're finally taking the plunge." Mark knew that this would only lead to bigger and better things for both he and Caleb. He trusted his pal's business instincts completely.

"Well you're the Vice President in Charge of Property Management if you don't think you can handle another property just let me know."

"Fuck you Cee, you know I can take care of whatever you can dream up," quipped Mark using the nickname he used for Caleb.

Caleb wanted to laugh, he loved to see Mark rise to a challenge. It was also good for Caleb's ego for someone to talk to him in a way that few would dare.

"Glad to hear you're on board. Now get your ass cleaned up I'm just around the block."

" Thanks for the fuckin' notice. I'll be ready despite your consideration."

Caleb pulled up in front of the small A frame house his friend owned. He remembered how excited Mark was to be using his first bonus check as a down payment on this modest abode. Suddenly out the side door burst a small mountain. Caleb never ceased to be amazed at the size of his friend. At 6'8 and 275 pounds Mark was NOT a small man.

"Damn, you take up a lot of room. If you don't stop eating at buffets I'll have to buy a bigger ride." Caleb poked fun at his friend as Mark sat down in his car.

"You were always so jealous, let's hit the road." Mark responded to Caleb's needling.

Most of the day the two rode around the capital city of South Carolina looking at potential office space and just enjoying being friends. In the afternoon after a large lunch they saw a building that didn't look completed. It was in a decent location and seemed to be what Caleb was looking for. Caleb had Mark take down the number on the sign that had only recently been planted in the ground.

Sunday Caleb called the number and when the phone was answered it was the voice of a female. Caleb spoke to the lady for a few minutes and made arrangements to meet her at the property at 4:30 that same afternoon. Immediately after having made the appointment Caleb called Mark.

"Hey pal," Caleb spoke excitedly. "I need you to meet me at the office space we looked at yesterday. I need you to drive and I don't want it to look like we work together. When we get there I want you to tear the place apart. Point out every little thing you can find. In fact it doesn't really matter if it's a real problem or not, just make it seem like a problem. In short I want you to do what you do best, be a dick."

"That's very funny, but I get the idea. I'll take care of you just like I always do. By the way I think you need your ass well and truly kicked, you been getting a little mouthy lately." This said with Mark trying not to laugh.

"Yea, Yea just don't be late." Caleb knew that his friend could deliver on the threat of an ass kicking, not a lot of people could make that claim. Caleb also knew Mark would never raise a hand in anger against him despite the thrashing Mark often dealt him in the Karate dojo.

"I'll be there, you work you magic and make us rich. See ya." Mark hung up the phone and returned to washing his truck for the second time in two days.

Caleb arrived at 4:45, fifteen minutes after his scheduled appointment. He did this with a purpose in mind, the same way he did everything in business. He had spent some time on the Net and knew that the owner was Frank Johnson. Caleb knew that Mr. Johnson had just lost a lawsuit and now had an outstanding judgment in the amount of $150,000 dollars. After accessing the county records he knew how much Mr. Johnson had paid for the land and how big the office was according to the building permits. Caleb then calculated the cost of construction, the amount it would cost him to finish the office and an estimate on the profit Mr. Johnson expected to realize. With this information he knew everything the seller knew. A great way to do business.

Caleb stepped out of his car and saw Mark talking with a lady that he estimated to be 45; certainly no older than 47. She was still an attractive lady if not beautiful. It was hard to tell how tall she was standing next to Mark. She seemed to have smallish tits but she did have red hair and Caleb loved redheads.

"Hello Mr. Morris, it's good to see you again," said Mark. Mr. Morris always seemed so strange coming from Cash thought Caleb. He knew his friend was just playing the part he had asked him to.

"Thanks for coming out Mark" replied Caleb.

"Mr. Morris my name is Linda Johnson we spoke on the phone earlier," said the little redhead who Caleb now estimated to be only 5'2 or so.

Well, thought Caleb this was Mrs. Frank Johnson. She's trying to sell her own property in order to save the commission he mused.

"Yes Mrs. Johnson nice to meet you. I hope you don't mind that I've brought along Mr. Cashman. He's a contractor that I use from time to time and he will be inspecting the property for me and making recommendations based on things he knows I require."

"Well neither of you look old enough to be buying or inspecting anything except your first apartment." Linda said this with a pleasant tone but all the while wondering if she had wasted her time coming out to show these two young boys a piece of property. She had no idea with whom she was talking.

Caleb smiled a boyish smile all the while thinking, " I intended to fuck you on the price when I got here. Now I may just fuck you indeed". "Well thank you Mrs. Johnson for the compliment on our youth. Let me assure you we are both qualified to be here looking at this project. As the owner of Coast to Coast Properties LLC I'm confident I have the resources to make a competitive bid on this property." Caleb said this slowly so as to make sure she understood how serious he was. If she had been a little smarter she would have also ascertained that Caleb was insulted by her thoughtless comment. Mark certainly felt the change in Caleb's attitude.

"Great Mr. Morris let's begin, shall we." Linda shuddered a little bit when Caleb mentioned his company's name. Everyone in Columbia knew who Caleb Morris was. Certainly everyone in the real estate business. Linda began to think of ways to beguile this youngster out of a few extra thousand dollars. With the recent loss her husband had sustained in court she could knew the family business could well use the money.

As the tour began Mark began to find several problems with the building. Most of the problems Linda tried to explain away, but after 45 minutes of Mark pointing out the many faults of the property even Linda began to be slightly apologetic. When Caleb heard the first weak and defensive tones of Mrs. Johnson he knew the deal would be even better than he had expected. He also began to think that his real estate deals could often times have the additional benefit of satisfying his growing sexual desires, his darker sexual desires.

Abruptly Caleb cut the meeting short. "Mrs. Johnson I think I've seen all I care to see. Mark thanks for coming out, I'll expect your invoice in the mail." Linda was dumb struck, how had a sale gone so badly so fast? "Mrs. Johnson take my card and feel free to call me if you have any other property that I might find more appealing." With that Caleb turned on his heel and walked briskly away from his friend and his newest target.

When Caleb looked at his cars speedometer he realized how excited he had gotten. 105 miles per hour was much too fast for a city street. As he firmly applied the brakes his cell phone rang. He saw the number was that of Mark and he smiled to himself. "Hey Mark, what's up?"

"Dude why did you bust out of there so fast? That old bitch was ready to sell cheap after I ripped that place apart."

"You did a great job pal," Caleb laughed. "I'm just working her, we'll get the building and for a song at that." Caleb was tempted to tell his friend of the other things he expected to get from the deal but decided he'd keep some things to himself. "Just be ready to help me move all of my office shit in a couple of weeks." Caleb loved being one step ahead.

"Ok, but don't fuck this up. I really like that place." sighed Mark.

" I'll take care of it. See you in the morning. Peace. Caleb hung up the phone.

By the time Caleb had finished his evening meal it was almost 9pm. He had just settled down to watch some television when his cell phone rang. He didn't recognize the number and therefore waited for the voice mail indicator to tell him if the caller had left a message. When he saw the voice mail flash he checked to see what the message was about.

"Ahmm, Mr. Morris this is Linda Johnson and I hope you will call me back concerning the property we looked at today. I hope to make a better impression than I did earlier. I'm calling from my cell phone, please capture the number and call me back when you have time. Thank you."

Caleb made a mental note to call her late tomorrow. He also noted the change in her voice and how she was much less emphatic and more humble in her tones

Caleb spent most of the workday Monday focused on the little things that make a business successful. An ever-growing business it turned out. He had received a call from The State Newspaper. The reporter introduced herself as Jill Gerbon. She explained that the newspaper had an expose' coming up on the "Brightest Business Minds 25 and Under" in the Columbia metro area and he had been selected as a member of that group and she hoped he would allow her to interview him. He accepted knowing this would be great publicity. They set a date for Wednesday evening, Caleb explaining that it would have to be done in the evening because of his busy schedule. The real reason he reminded himself was to see if he could continue to expand his power, physically over women and perhaps it would be nice to have an advocate in the news business.

Caleb had wrapped up most of his work by 5:30 pm when the reminder popped up on his laptop to call Linda Johnson. Caleb smiled to himself, "I'm really going to make this fun."

"Linda speaking how can I help you?" the older woman answered the phone.

"Linda," Caleb used her first name and not too politely to set the tone he wanted. "I'm returning your call". Caleb left the conversation hanging.

"Uhhm yes Mr. Morris would it be possible for me to meet with you and discuss the office building we looked at yesterday?" Silence from Caleb's phone was the only response she heard.

"I have a really motivated seller and perhaps we could find a way to get a deal done." There was eagerness in her voice that Caleb wanted to hear.

"OK Linda here's your last shot at selling me that building, meet me at Martina O's at 7:15 and bring your offer."

"Great Mr. Morris I'll be there." Linda said far too quickly and with too much excitement.

"Damn it," Caleb said to himself another rude bitch that interrupts me.

"Linda I wasn't finished, if you have ever been to Martina's you know this is a very fashionable place and I have a reputation to protect so I expect you to dress and act accordingly. Do not embarrass me." Before Linda could respond Caleb said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Linda was more than a little put off by the way Caleb had spoken to her. "He can't treat me like that," she thought to herself all the while knowing she was nearly desperate to get him to buy the office property.

Linda decided she'd swallow her pride and dress as sexy as she dared and maybe Caleb's mood would swing.

Although she had to rush like never before to get a shower, do her hair, apply make up, get dressed, explain what was going on to her husband she pulled into the parking lot of Martina's with 3 minutes to spare. She was so pleased with herself she was certain things would go perfectly for her tonight.

As she approached the door she took stock of how she looked. Her red hair looked great she thought and was suddenly very glad she'd had a new hair cut only Saturday. She had worn black 3-inch heels giving her a little more height. They also helped her butt look firmer than no heels. She always loved the way the ivory colored pants looked when she put them on and a wispy black blouse that had a deep V cut bodice. She wished for the millionth time that she had bigger boobs. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard her name.

"Linda" it was Caleb coming up from behind. She noticed that she was excited to see him and her smile was not as fake as she wished it were. "God, I feel like a teenager," she thought "Get control..."

"Linda I thought we talked about you NOT embarrassing me in this place!" Caleb was outwardly upset while excited on the inside.

Linda's countenance fell, "What have I done?" she wondered.

Caleb could tell that he had shaken her confidence. "You show up here with in a pair of see through pants and don't even have the good taste to wear a thong. I could see your panty line half way across the parking lot."

"I, I'm, I'm sorry Mr. Morris I didn't realize."

"No matter, your not going in with me dressed like that." Caleb snapped cutting off her apology.

"If you still want to talk go take those granny panties off and join me at the table, the hostess will show you the way."

Before she could catch her breath Caleb spun and disappeared into the restaurant. She felt like she had been punched in the stomach. She couldn't believe his bold rudeness. Linda could see through the frosted glass and Caleb was talking to the hostess. She looked around and saw people beginning to stare. With tears forming in her eyes she decided her future was more important than her pride and started to go inside and find the Ladies room.

" Excuse me Mrs., are you with Mr. Morris?" a young lady approached Linda from behind the hostess desk.

"Well yes I am, " replied Linda.

"Mr. Morris told me to tell you that you were not supposed to perform your little task IN the building. If I can be so bold I would suggest that your car would be a place for some discretion. Otherwise I have to ask you to leave."

Linda Johnson, mother and wife stood shocked. "How does this little girl know about that?" then remembered seeing Caleb whisper to her. "Oh my God, this is horrible. Why is he embarrassing me like this?" Linda numbly made her way outside and without being able to focus her mind very clearly she walked toward her car. Once inside she began to gather her composure just a little. "Fuck this kid!" the said out loud. She surprised herself a little with her words. "Ladies don't talk like that, and I will not allow him to humiliate me like this." Linda angrily started her car determined to leave. As she pulled out of her parking spot she remembered her husbands words as she left her home. "Babe we really need this, do what you have to in order get that $125,000 dollars we need." Linda was certain he didn't mean go this far but what choice did she really have.

A new feeling of self-loathing spread over her as she found a more secluded parking spot. Tears rolled down Linda's cheeks as she reached for the button at the top of her pants. The sound of the zipper sliding down seemed to be so loud that she was afraid that it would be heard outside her car. Taking a deep breath Linda raised her ass up from the car seat and tugged as fast as possible. The tight pants cam down her freshly shaved legs at a pace that was far too slow for her liking. She was having trouble breathing when it was time to pull down her panties. As her conservative underwear pasted her knees she had never felt so naked.

"Oh please," she whispered to her self "don't let anyone see me like this. Just as Linda buttoned her slacks she heard footsteps. In a near panic she opened the console next to the drivers seat. Stuffing her now discarded panties into the console she slammed it close just as a young couple walked past her passenger side door. With a big sigh of relief she stepped out of her car and went back into the restaurant.

The hostess greeted Linda at the door and gently took her by the arm. Linda walked without thinking as the hostess led her toward the ladies room. She only returned to her senses once the young woman had pulled her inside. "What are you doing young lady" Linda said with disdain as her composure returned.

"Mr. Morris told me to make sure that you were dressed properly before you were brought to his table. You don't shave do you?" The hostess shook her head in disapproval. "I can see your bush through the front of your pants. I can't let Mr. Morris see you like that." Reaching under her very short skirt the hostess pushed down her own panties, a flesh colored thong. As Linda looked on in stunned silence she heard the hostess say " here take mine, they should cover your muff."

A trembling hand reached out from Linda's body. She felt like her mind and body were disconnected. Taking the dainty garment from the girl young enough to be her daughter she started to go into one of the only 2 stalls in the restroom.

"Linda I have to watch and make sure you do this correctly, so right were you are will be fine. Before you begin your protest you don't see Mr. Morris unless I'm satisfied you are properly dressed. Mr. Morris is becoming very powerful in this town, not to mention so hot that I cream my panties every time I see him. I will not let you make him angry with me. Let's get a move on he is waiting."

The tears started all over as Linda pulled down her pants for the second time in less than 15 minutes. Barely controlling her sobs Linda stepped out of her pants and handed them to the girl in front of her. Linda noticed the girls smile as she stepped into the first thong she had ever worn. A look of revulsion pasted over the now mortified woman as the wet crotch of the tiny panties came into contact with her own pussy.

A laugh escaped the lips of the smiling hostess. "I told you he made me wet. Now turn around and let me see if you have the string in the middle."

With head hung down Linda turn slowly. "Not a bad ass for a girl your age. Now put your pants on and fix your makeup you look like shit. Come to my desk and I'll escort you to Mr. Morris's table." With that the raven-haired hostess disappeared through the door.

Again Linda hurried through the process of getting dressed. While repairing her makeup she remembered what the girl had said about her "looking like shit". Why did that hurt her feelings she wondered. Why was she doing any of this? Not for the last time she remembered the money.

The young hostess led Linda to a table near the back of the room. She could see Mr. Morris tasting a glass of wine and nodding to the wine steward that is was acceptable. After seating Linda the hostess bent over to whisper in Mr. Morris's ear, as she did so Linda inadvertently saw the naked swell of the young girls ass.

"Thank you Amy." was Caleb's reply to whatever the hostess had whispered. Linda was shocked to see Mr. Morris's hand slide up Amy's leg and under her skirt as the girl walked away.

"I've already taken the liberty of ordering for us Linda." Caleb said that as he smiled a wicked smile at her.

"Here's the situation Mrs. Johnson, you give me your best deal on the office building. I'll either take it or leave it on the spot. I would advise you to think carefully before you offer because there will be no counter offer. However no matter what we should enjoy a great meal."

Linda looked very shaken, all that had just happened and now she could see her last chance to make a sale and save her husbands business slipping out the window. She became very quite and completely focused on calculating the offer. After stripping away all of the normal fees, expected profit and extras they had hoped to make Linda decided to offer the building at cost plus the $150,000 she and her husband needed to pay off the judgment plus a $500 bonus for herself.

After taking a deep breath Linda was ready to break the silence. She looked up and looked directly into the most piercing green eyes she had ever seen. Her breath caught in her throat and before she could make the offer she lost her nerve. Linda abandoned her $500 bonus and made a barebones offer.

Caleb had no change in facial expressions as he stared at his next acquisition. He found it funny that he now thought of women in the same way he used to regard property. This case was even more humorous when he would get both a woman and a property in the same deal.

"Mrs. Johnson, that's a reasonable deal. I like to do business with a little personal flavor. I hope you will sit here and enjoy this meal with me. I'll have my attorney begin the closing process in the morning. It should take less than a week."

Despite her humiliation and discomfort Linda couldn't help but smile. Gone was the cold and callous young man she had grown to fear. Now before her was a handsome and charming gentleman. Maybe should had just misunderstood his intentions. She was so happy she accepted to chance to stay and finish the meal and wine with Mr. Morris.

After 2 glasses of good Shiraz, a perfect Fillet and pleasant conversation Linda felt the worries of the past few months begin to slip away. She only became slightly tenser when she noticed Mr. Morris motion for the young lady she now knew to be Amy.

"Amy would it be possible for Linda and I to take our after dinner cocktails in you conference room? We have some sensitive matters to discuss." Caleb spoke as if what he had planned was part of every business deal.

"Of course Mr. Morris, I'll have your drinks waiting for you when you are ready." Amy seemed professional enough to Linda but she still had a dislike for the girl that she never expected to lessen.

"I'll have a Maker's Mark and ginger, and for you Linda."

"Oh nothing for me thank you, I'm afraid the wine has gone to my head." Linda tried to smile and be polite in light of the deal that she realized was not yet inked.

After only a few more minutes of small talk Caleb stood and held out his hand for Linda. The two of them entered a small conference room at the rear of the restaurant. It wasn't very large and had only 2 wing back chairs, a couch and small table in the middle of the 3 other pieces. Tastefully decorated, Linda imagined that many big deals had been struck in this room.

Caleb spoke up suddenly. "Linda join me here on the couch."

That seemed odd to Linda but with the many things going on in her head she didn't protest. After Linda took a seat to Caleb's right he spoke again. " Linda I have agreed to the deal you proposed, further more you should know that I have done enough homework that I know that after this sale you will still be flat busted. This will only serve to keep you husbands license and perhaps keep him out of jail. With that being said I am willing to contract with your husband to build a small residential cluster for me. He should be able to clear a modest profit. In order for me to complete this transaction I need you to provide me a personal service."

Linda was beside herself with excitement. She expected Mr. Morris to try to leverage his purchase and get a reduced real estate commission on future sales. She was certain he would want her to sale his real estate in the future given the excellent job she had done selling her husbands building.

"I'd be happy to help you Mr. Morris, may I call you Caleb." Linda tried to contain her excitement.

"No you may not call me Caleb, Mr. Morris or Sir are acceptable." Caleb spoke with such forcefulness that Linda was shocked. "However, I am pleased to hear you are willing to take care of my needs. Now get down on your knees and suck my cock to show your gratitude for saving your business."

Linda's face went hot. She couldn't accept what she had just heard. Her entire world crashed within seconds of it reaching its zenith. Her mind wouldn't work as she sat staring at her hands in her lap.

"Linda do you intend to sale this building or not"? Caleb was very direct and business like in his tone now.

"Yes of course Mrrrr. Morris it's just that, well I can't." Linda stammered.

"Yes you can and you will if you expect to sell this building." Caleb's voice was getting impatient now.

"Please Mr. Morris we need this sell but I can't do that, I'm married not a whore." Linda's voice began to tremble into a higher tone.

"We're all whores Linda, the question is what is your price. Suck my cock or we have no deal." Caleb's voice was cold and uncaring.

" Please don't make me do this Mr. Morr..."

"Kneel bitch if you want my money!" Caleb cut her off with an angry explosion.

Linda began to sob constantly as she moved to her knees between Caleb's legs. She fumbled with his zipper. She closed her eyes and said she was sorry to her husband in her mind.

Her hand fished around until she found the hot thick piece of flesh she dreaded finding. With a few gentle tugs out popped what she could only call a cock. This was not a penis or any other delicate term, this was a cock and she would do her best to suck it in order to save her husbands business.

As Linda's mouth opened to accept Mr. Morris' cock she knew she was about to become what she had worked so hard never to be, a common whore.

"Yes, that's right get that cock in your mouth. Suck me like you never have your own husband." Caleb could feel his power and strength growing.

Linda almost paniced when she felt Mr. Morris' hand wrapping it's self in her hair. He began to trust his hips up while pushing her head down. She began to gag every time the fat head of the growing cock hit the back of her throat. Harder and harder Caleb fucked her mouth until finally the head started to force it's way down her throat. She had never done more that take half of her husband's 5- 1⁄2 inch pee pee as she called it. Now over 5 inches of thick cock was being jammed down her throat.

Linda's eyes began to water and she was having trouble seeing what was happening. She became strangely aware of what was happening to her as she became blinded by the tears and her brain was starved of oxygen. Linda felt something banging into her top lip. "OH my!" she thought, "I'm taking the whole thing."

Caleb looked down and smiled at the now used woman. He stopped thrusting and pulled her chin up so that she was looking into his eyes. "Almost there you little slut."

Caleb grabbed the back of Linda's pants and pulled her onto the couch so that her head was still in his lap and her tummy was on the cushions. "Back to work cocksucker." Caleb said this with victory in his voice.

Linda felt her hair being grasped by Mr. Morris' hand. She winced, as he made sure he had a solid grip. Suddenly she felt him jerk her head up by her hair and force her back down on the throbbing wet cock. Why did she continue to call it a cock in her own mind? Ladies didn't speak like that. Ladies also didn't engage in oral sex with a man younger than her son she reminded herself.

The cock began to pulse in Linda's mouth and she knew it wouldn't be long before she felt Caleb's cum hit her throat. Her husband hadn't finished in her mouth in over 15 years and she hoped Mr. Morris wouldn't make her swallow. As she began to prepare for the inevitable she felt Mr. Morris' other hand go down the back of her pants.

"Please don't let him touch me there," Linda's mind cried. She could feel a strong finger worming it's way under the borrowed panties, pushing them aside.

She was distracted from the finger when she heard Mr. Morris' breathing change to short ragged burst. Then, as she began to taste the precum, the finger was pulled through her moist cleft. Linda was angry with herself that this had made her wet.

Then without warning hot salty cum exploded into her mouth. She felt the big balls under her hand contract, as her head was forced farther down the spurting cum hose. Linda was trying to adjust to the cum shooting directly into her throat when a brutal shove forced Mr. Morris' finger up her virgin asshole.

"Ahh' she screamed into the pipe now filling her mouth and throat. Searing pain shot up her spine, as her asshole was dry fucked by the large finger.

Linda panicked as she began to drown on the thick sticky cum. She no longer could fight the invader that she was sure was ripping her ass open. Her vision began to wane as she heard a voice far away command, "Swallow my sauce you wrinkled old cunt."

As she regained consciousness she saw that she was laying on the floor with Amy the hostess kneeling by her head.

"There you are, thought you had left us for a minute." Said the beautiful girl.

As a warm cloth was passed over her face Linda heard Amy say, "Let's get you cleaned up. I knew he was a stud but damn. There is cum everywhere, all in you hair and look some even dribbled down into your ear. "

Linda sat up and tried to figure out what was going on and as the last images she could remember replayed themselves in her mind her embarrassment became complete.

"How could I have stooped so low?" she asked herself, all the while Amy continued to clean her face.

"Mr. Morris said that he would call you tomorrow and tell you when the closing would be. He said he had left you a little bonus for the your personal service."

Linda struggled to her feet. She just wanted to go home and take a shower. As she moved to the door of the conference room she heard Amy speak. Her mind was so troubled that she had to stop and turn in order to hear and understand what she was saying.

"I'm sorry say that again please.". Linda was instantly angry with herself for saying please to the girl who had insulted and humiliated her.

"I said, I look forward to seeing you again. Mr. Morris has asked if I wanted to become his secretary. I'm sure I'll be helping to get things done for the closing. Would you be so kind as to wash and return my panties? They are my favorites."

"What have I gotten my self into?" Linda wondered as she left the room.

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