Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, Spanking, Sadistic, Anal Sex, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pair of lovers, a post doc and an engineering professor, encounter a prof who uses his position and power on female students and set about trying to do something about it.

Kelly Madison dropped the wires she was holding onto the lab bench, sat up straight, and began to make sounds of extreme frustration. Across the lab, Donald Jefferson looked up from his own work and stared at her. That wasn't hard to do. Kelly -- DOCTOR Kelly Madison - was a lovely young woman. She had just turned twenty six but looked more like twenty two. Her deep blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair drew attention to her face while her excellent figure and slim build tried to draw attention in the other direction.

Kelly was an Electrical Engineer who had received her PhD the spring before at a university half way across the country. She had read articles by Professor Jefferson and found herself excited by his work, which was in the same field - semiconductor development - as her own dissertation had been. The more she read of his work, the more she decided she wanted to work with him and began to consider how she could obtain a post-doc position in his lab. She approached this much as she did everything else: directly. She e-mailed saying she was going to be in his area during the next couple of weeks and was very much interested in discussing his work with him. She added a couple of hints at her own work and asked when it would be convenient to meet. She knew nothing about him except from his articles and hoped that by signing herself as Dr. Madison he would be intrigued enough to talk to her. As it happened, her plan worked and he suggested a time. Kelly immediately made arrangements to travel to his school at the specified time and e-mailed him back that then would be fine.

Kelly carefully selected what she would wear. She didn't want to try to come off as too sexy - after all, this was a professional meeting. And she didn't want to look too young. She was well aware that she was often mistaken as several years younger than her actual age. On the other hand, she was keenly aware of her own attractiveness and didn't want to ignore the possibility that it might help her. After all, she reasoned, most men under the age of ninety (and some above that) seemed to have an interest in a pretty, young woman. Finally she selected a plain skirt, close fitting, but not skin tight. It was cut just above her knees and she wore it with a simple blouse and a blazer. She added plain low heels and carried a small leather case in which she had her resume and examples of some of her work.

When she arrived on the designated day and entered his office, she was pleasantly surprised to find that Professor Jefferson was only about three years older than she was herself and, to top it off, he was what most women would classify as a hunk, or to use the term Harvard women had made famous in the scientific fields, "a real stud muffin". (Kelly had actually had one of their "Stud Muffins of Science" calendars on her lab wall during the previous year.) Don, as he quickly asked her to call him, was just under six feet, had light brown hair cut in a neat conventional style, and one of the few pairs of eyes Kelly had ever seen that were even more blue than her own. Not to mention, Kelly added to herself, one of the best asses she had seen on any man, bar none. Don didn't seem to notice her inspection of his physical appearance, perhaps because he was so intent on examining Kelly's own fine form. The woman was about five eight and held herself erect which displayed her firm young body perfectly. Don tried to observe her without making a complete fool of himself. Her waist was narrow enough he thought he could almost circle it with his two hands. Her breasts were not huge, but were firm and round and her hips and bottom rounded into what he considered a perfect feminine form before tapering into long, well muscled legs.

Their scrutiny of each other lasted only seconds before both realized what they were doing and almost together looked up into each other's face. "Well," Don began, "just what can I do for you."

A number of thoughts - not all of them professional - flitted through Kelly's head, but she answered, "I've been reading your articles and find your approach fascinating. It seems to mesh very well with my own work." Kelly had decided to be straight forward about her actual experience and went on to explain how her work was actually her dissertation research and that her doctorate was only three weeks old. "Frankly, Professor Jefferson - Don - I'd like very much to work with you as a post doc." There, she had said it. She held her breath as Don seemed to think over her suggestion for several seconds.

At last he slowly said, "Do you know anything about my lab or work except for what you have seen in those four articles?" Kelly slowly shook her head. "Do you have some idea that there might be a research position here at all?" Again Kelly moved her head back and forth, a little of her hope fading. "Then," Don continued, "you are unaware that two days ago I received a grant with funding for a full time researcher?"

Kelly looked stunned. "No, I had no idea." Then she quickly added, "If you just received it, then you couldn't even have known about it yourself when I e-mailed you two weeks ago."

Don smiled. "No, I was totally surprised yesterday when the notification arrived." He was silent for a moment while he studied her intent look. "Do you, by any chance, have a resume with you?" Kelly reached for her case and he added, "Of course. That was a silly question. Why don't you let me look over it for ten minutes or so. Take a look around the lab or get a cup of coffee or something and then let me buy you some lunch while we talk a little more shop."

Kelly handed over her resume, her transcript, and some of her own papers, explaining what each concerned. Then, while Don began to read, she left his office to spend the most tense fifteen minutes of her life. When she knocked at his door again, she was happy to see he was smiling and thought that was a good sign. He rose and suggested they go to the Union for lunch. Another good sign: he hadn't asked her to leave right off.

Over lunch, which Kelly was almost too nervous to eat, they discussed his research and how Kelly's work might fit in with it. When at last they had finished their meal and were sitting back sipping at their iced tea, Don suddenly said, "You will find that I often make snap decisions. Thankfully, I rarely have cause to regret them. If you would like, the job is yours, beginning in three weeks."

Kelly sat frozen for a couple of seconds. Had she heard right? Yes, damnit, she had. "I'll take it!" she exclaimed.

Don laughed. "Don't you even want to know what it pays first?" Kelly looked slightly embarrassed at her eagerness, but before she could say anything, Don went on to name a sum that was several thousand over the most that Kelly had dared to hope for as a post doc. Later that day as she headed back to the airport, she decided that all in all, life was very good sometimes.

That had been a little over six months ago. Kelly had managed to find an apartment and move in three weeks and had begun work the beginning of July. Now it was a Thursday in the first week of January and for the past half year her work had gone quite well. Kelly loved her work and loved working with Don. For his part, Don was happy to find his judgment had been right and that Kelly had turned out to be a highly competent and professional researcher. Like any research there were ups and downs, but mostly they were making steady progress, even though sometimes - like today - the frustration factor seemed awfully high. Now as Don looked in her direction, he queried, "Having problems?"

"Nothing that divine intervention won't solve. I keep trying to get this bridge balanced to make the measurements and every time everything seems set and I start the process, something starts to drift again. Sorry, Don, I'm just getting uptight with this setup."

Don moved over beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Kelly glanced around the lab to be sure they were alone and leaned slightly towards him. During the last six months something besides good research had happened. Kelly and Don had become lovers and generally spent a couple of nights a week together. Right away they had found they had a lot of interests in common and Kelly had been there only three weeks before Don asked her out to dinner. On their third date Kelly had invited him into her apartment and before he left - some ten hours later - they had made love four times.

They seemed to fit each other perfectly and not just in the physical sense. Kelly had had several other lovers, but none had ever excited her like Don did. For his part, Don could never remember a woman who aroused his so quickly or so much.

On their next date the following Friday, both assumed they would end up in bed and Kelly brought a small bag of clothes she expected to wear home on Saturday morning. She didn't: it was two more days before she left. When they had returned to Don's house - an older farm house set on six acres about eight miles from the school - they had begun to undress each other as soon as the door closed. In only a few minutes Kelly found herself in his bedroom, naked, on her back on his king sized bed. When he lowered himself over her and his hard member began to penetrate her soaked slit, she stretched her arms over her head and arched her back to meet his thrusts. Don noticed her arms and let his hands close over her wrists, pinning them to the bed. The sudden restraint seemed to go through Kelly like an electric shock. She arched harder and clamped her legs around Don's waist, locking her ankles together.

When they had calmed down, Don asked about her reaction. "You seemed to like it when I held your arms. Have you done that before?"

Kelly felt herself become warm with a blush which she was sure went down to her waist and would be bright red it there was enough light to see it. "A few times," she admitted.

"Good," Don responded. "I like that." Then, when Kelly thought he had dropped the subject, he said, "Are you into a little kinky sex? Do you like bondage games? Sometimes, I do."

Kelly was startled. "You mean you've played them?" she asked.

"Some," Don answered. "Nothing heavy, if that's what you're thinking. But I like to add a little excitement that way sometimes."

Kelly found herself staring at him in the dark. Slowly she said, "I found I liked being tied up when I was about eighteen, but I've only found a couple of guys who didn't think there was something wrong with me. I love being restrained and teased. Sometimes spanked. You don't think I'm sick or anything, do you?"

"Not at all. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you don't get too carried away, it's just a fun game. Frankly, I've never wanted to spank an ass as badly as I do yours." Before morning he had gotten his wish several times.

From this the couple easily began to describe their likes and dislikes and things they'd like to try. They found they had even more in common that they had ever expected. The long and short of it was that Kelly stayed the entire weekend and didn't wear the clothes in her bag until Monday morning. Since that time the couple had played a lot of bondage and spanking games and it was a rare week that went by without Kelly getting her bottom warmed by Don's hand, a paddle, strap, or crop.

Now, as Don rested his hand on her shoulder, he said, "Suppose I take you to dinner tonight then we can go back to my place and I can help relieve some of that tension."

Kelly smiled up at him. "Just what did you have in mind?"

Don put on his best professorial tone. "I thought we might examine the results of mechanical kinetic impulse functions and their conversion to thermal energy."

Kelly's face changed and her voice with it. Don had seen this change before, but it still surprised him, especially the rapidity of the alteration. Almost instantly, Kelly changed from a serious post doc, to a young girl of perhaps sixteen or eighteen. "Gee, Professor Jefferson, that sounds awfully complicated. Could you explain it in simpler terms?"

"It means," Don said, "that I intend to strip you bare and then beat hell out of your bottom with a nice paddle."

"Oh," Kelly replied. Then she changed back and her voice and appearance changed to that of the professional lecturer. "I could agree to that if afterwards we examined the transformation of simple harmonic motion and friction into thermal effects on entropy progression."

Now it was Don's turn, although he didn't do the transformation nearly as well as Kelly had. "I'm sorry, Doctor Madison, but I'm not sure I completely comprehend what you said."

"It means," Kelly slowly said, "that afterwards I want you to take that nice seven inch cock of yours and fuck the daylights out of me."

Don looked at her. "Oh."

Then both of them broke up laughing. "OK," Kelly said. "I'd love that."

"Then think what you'd like for dinner while I finish the measurements I'm making. I should be about another ten minutes."

A short while later Don stood up from the bench and looked over at Kelly. "That does it for me. Ready to go?"

"Definitely. How about Jose's? That is, if you feel like some hot, spicy stuff tonight."

"Oh, I definitely feel like that," Don replied as he walked over by her. "And I also think Mexican sounds good for food." He gave her a quick, light slap on the ass, then turned and started to the door with Kelly beside him.

They stopped at their offices to get coats and in another fifteen minutes were pulling into the restaurant parking lot, Kelly's compact right behind Don's SUV. Another five minutes and they were sipping at Margaritas while their order was being prepared. "I'm sorry I was being touchy this afternoon," Kelly said. "It just seemed that nothing was working quite right with the tests."

"You weren't touchy - just frustrated. That happens sometimes. And remember, we've been away from it for a couple of weeks." Over Christmas break, both Kelly and Don had gone to spend a little time with their families and this was the first week back at school. Classes wouldn't start for another two weeks, so Don had a little more free time for his research. Kelly, as a full time researcher, would have no classes. "We haven't even had a full weekend together to unwind yet," Don added with a leer. "How about you come over tomorrow night and count on spending the entire weekend naked?"

Kelly's face showed she thought that a great idea, but she said, "Remember I said I was going to meet my younger cousin Saturday? She called home over break and I talked to her for a while. She started here as a freshman last year and I expected her to still be here this year. She wasn't and I'd heard she had transferred out of state, but I hadn't talked to her. She's going to be traveling back to her school so I'm going to meet her in the city. She sounded a little down when I talked to her on the phone and she has always been so much the opposite. I really want to talk to her and see if something is wrong. I'll be back here Sunday."

"Well, it's not as good as a whole weekend, but then what about dinner Sunday. I'll cook."

"I'd love that. And I'm sure I'll need a little abusing - and a lot of loving - afterwards."

Just then their food arrived and they began to eat. Throughout dinner both of them continued with a little verbal teasing and double meanings. By the end of the meal, Kelly had forgotten her frustration with the lab work and was finding herself aroused and eager to get to Don's house. They paid the bill and soon Kelly was following Don along the well known route to his place.

The weather was clear, but it was already dark when they arrived. Kelly pulled her car into the garage along side Don's and both of them got out and went through the door leading into the house. Once inside Don hung up both of their coats and then, taking her by the shoulders, turned the young woman towards him. He pulled her against him for a deep kiss which Kelly returned with enthusiasm. When they broke the kiss, both were breathing a little fast. "Know what I'd like to do?" Don asked.

"I expect I have a pretty good idea of the general thing, even if not the specific," Kelly answered with a catch in her breath. "And as long as it involves us getting naked and me getting tied up, I'm all for it."

"I'm glad you're for that," Don replied. "I've got a little surprise for you. Come on downstairs and see what I put together in my spare time." He took her hand and led the way to the basement stairs. At the bottom she followed him over to a far corner where he had appeared to have roughly framed in a small room. The two walls he had added were just cheap paneling and mounted to bare framing lumber, but it closed off a space in the corner about twelve feet square, leaving only a small doorway.

When Kelly followed Don inside, she suddenly stopped. Don had covered the concrete floor with a piece of thick carpet. There were a couple of small indirect lights and Kelly saw some candle sconces attached to the walls. The two outside walls were just the old poured concrete and the ceiling had the joists exposed, but still it gave the impression of a closed room. Kelly also noticed several other things. Several eyebolts had been attached to the ceiling joists and to a couple of points along the walls. There were two pieces of home built "furniture": One was a large, X-shaped frame of 2x6 lumber. It had been padded and covered with an imitation leather material and had a number of eyebolts in it also. The other was like a tall carpenter's saw horse, also with the horizontal beam padded and covered in the same black material as the X-frame. On the wall hung their collection of paddles, straps, and the crop, along with something new: two pairs of padded leather cuffs. A small set of drawers also sat in one corner.

Kelly and Don enjoyed their games, but neither had any interest in getting really deeply into the lifestyle. Neither wanted any kind of a real master-slave relationship and had no desire for real pain. They had talked about someday getting a little more equipment to play with and maybe making some kind of dungeon, but until then they had always played in Don's bedroom and Kelly had usually been bound either to the bed or to one of the chairs. Now she stared around the space and her breathing picked up. "Surprise," Don said.

"I'll say!" Kelly responded. "You've been busy."

Don smiled. "Just a small engineering project. But you know all engineering needs to be tested and I haven't been able to try this out yet. Want to help?"

Kelly threw her arms around Don. "You know it, Lover. We don't have to be in early tomorrow. Let's give it a good test."

Don moved directly in front of her. "In that case, I think you are definitely overdressed." He reached forward and began to unbutton her shirt.

In less than a minute Don had removed his own shirt and shoes, leaving him in only his jeans. Kelly was completely naked. She stood breathing rapidly as he fastened the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. The touch of the leather sent shivers up Kelly's spine which seemed to instantly transform into heat between her legs.

Don led her over below some of the ceiling eyebolts and then went to the set of drawers to return with some pieces of chain and harness snaps. He clipped each wrist cuff to the end of a short piece of chain and then pulled each arm up and out until he hooked the other end of the chains over S hooks on two of the eyebolts. Next he took a piece of dowel with two more eyebolts through the ends and fastened it to her ankle cuffs. Kelly was left with her arms and legs spread, stretched to the point where she couldn't get her feet quite all the way down on the carpet. She had never felt so exposed and she could feel her juices beginning to escape her slit and start down her legs. Kelly felt especially exposed because just before Christmas Don had persuaded her - not that it took a lot of persuading - to shave her pubes and now there was nothing to hide her puffy lips.

Don ran his hands over her, letting them slide down her shoulders and over her taut breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and aching and she could feel her heart pounding in anticipation of... she wasn't sure exactly what she was anticipating, but she had never felt this turned on!

Don continued to let his hands explore and joined them with his tongue and lips. Soon Kelly was moaning in a different kind of frustration than she had felt in the lab. Don stopped long enough to remove his remaining clothes and his hard member stuck straight out in rigid readiness. He picked up one of the wood paddles they had found in the school bookstore. This was polished oak, eighteen inches long and three inches wide. He moved beside Kelly and let the surface slide over her ass. "Ready?" he asked.

Was she ever ready! "Yes! Do it, Don. Please." Don brought the paddle against her rear with a stroke just hard enough to sting. Kelly let her breath explode as she shook and strained against her bonds. Don delivered another, harder this time. The third brought a cry and left a red mark across Kelly's white skin.

From the first time, Kelly and Don had set up safewords, but they had never used them. Now, as the spanking got harder, Kelly didn't even consider trying to stop it. The sharp stings seemed to go directly from her ass to her pussy, arousing and stimulating her more and more. After a dozen swats, Don suddenly stopped and moved back. Kelly made a sound somewhere between a groan and a cry. "Don't stop," she pleaded.

Don let his hand slide over her hot, red bottom. "Oh, I'm nowhere near done with you yet. Tonight I'm really going to take you higher than you've ever been." His hand slid around to her front and he rolled her nipples back and forth between his thumbs and forefingers, bringing more cries and moans. Then he stopped and said, "I bought a couple more surprises."

Don went back to the drawers and returned with two items he held up to show Kelly. The first was a set of nipple clamps, fastened together with a short, light chain. A couple of times Don had placed clothes pins on Kelly's nipples while she was tied on her back and she had found she loved the pain they caused. Now he approached her and squeezed the first clamp open. She stared at it as he moved it over her hard right nipple and held it there as he looked up into her eyes. She sensed he was waiting for permission and gave her head a quick nod. Don let the clamp close over the tight nub and Kelly sucked in her breath sharply, but she just managed to avoid crying out. The clamp hurt, but quickly she realized the hurt was dropping to a bearable level. Don repeated with the second clamp and then spent a minute tugging on the chain and playing with the clamps.

At last he stopped and held up the other object. Kelly stared at the object in his hand, holding her breath. Don had a multi tailed flogger, a cat of nine tails. At least Kelly assumed there were nine. The whip had a polished wood handle about a foot in length. The tails were of soft, oiled leather and hung down for nearly two feet. Kelly shivered at the idea of those strands snapping against her defenseless ass. She let out her breath and then sucked it back in sharply as she suddenly realized that those tails would probably be used on other parts of her body besides her ass. For nearly a minute she stared at the instrument as Don held it before her. Another thought struck her. That polished wood handle looked the right size and shape to penetrate her. At this idea a wild shiver went through her body.

Then Don slowly moved closer. He moved the handle and let the soft leather tails trail over her bare skin, across the taut globes of her bottom, over her shoulders, and over her breasts and clamped nipples. He repeated this several times and moved behind her. Suddenly Kelly heard the instrument moving through the air and before she had a chance to consider what was happening she felt the small sting as the nine strands landed on her bottom. Seconds later another blow, somewhat harder, landed, striking her ass at a slightly different angle.

Several times Kelly had made some remark about wanting to be whipped, but she had assumed that Don was happy with the paddles, strap and crop they had been using. Now she was getting her wish and she found the stimulation even better than she had dreamed. Don continued to strike harder until she was crying out at each lash and her bottom was turning pink and becoming criss crossed with darker red lines. Still, she trusted Don not to do any real damage and gave herself over to the sexual arousal the whipping was causing. Then, as she had anticipated, Don began to strike her elsewhere: her stomach, her thighs, her breasts. He spread some blows around her body, but still most of the strokes, and definitely most of the hard, stinging strokes, landed on her firm ass. Don continued the lashing for several minutes. Then Kelly was suddenly caught off guard as she felt herself begin to approach orgasm. Before she had fully comprehended what was happening she had begun to convulse in the throws of climax, crying out and straining against her bonds as she did so.

Don was caught as off guard as Kelly had been, but when she started to climax, he eased back on the flogging and finally stopped altogether. He stood transfixed, his hand lightly grasping his own cock, as the lovely young woman shuddered through a series of convulsions. As she began to slow down and come back to earth, he moved around in front of her and knelt between her open legs. Kelly was almost hanging totally by her wrists in near exhaustion when Don brought his mouth to her dripping pussy. The contact was electric, and she threw her head back and strained her muscles as he began to excite her orally. He continued, running his tongue up and down her slit, plunging inside as far as he could, and licking and tugging at her clit with his lips. After a couple of minutes of this, Kelly screamed and started to come again.

This time when she calmed down Don began to release her wrists. "I don't want to stop yet," she pleaded. "And you haven't had a chance at all."

Don laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not finished. In fact I think it's going to be a long night." He released her, but left the clamps on her nipples, and then, after letting her loosen her tight muscles, moved her over to the X-frame. "We do want to try out all of it, now don't we?" he commented.

Now Kelly saw that he had also gotten out one of their other toys, thus she was not surprised when he indicated for her to bend forwards and spread her legs, although she did not anticipate the tug of the chained clamps as they assumed a different aspect. In a few seconds she felt Don's finger, slick with lube, touch and penetrate her anus. Kelly had had other men put a finger up her ass before, but until she started going with Don, no one had done anything else to her there. The first night they made love he touched her there and discovered she responded very well. The next time or so he provided her anal stimulation with his fingers and tongue and Kelly discovered she was even more sensitive to these activities than she had thought. Soon he introduced her to the anal plug he now held. Kelly was still extremely tight there and Don had to take several minutes to loosen her up and to work the plug in and out, each time deeper, until he could pop it inside. It still hurt a little going in and Kelly cried out, but the pain disappeared almost immediately and was replaced by the wonderful full feeling which seemed to raise her arousal to a higher, quivering edge.

"Now let's see how we can use this," Don said as her backed Kelly against the padded X-frame. He quickly fastened her ankles and wrists to the eyebolts and she found herself once more spread open and available. Don began to run his fingers lightly over her body. He tugged at the clamps and stroked her clit and penetrated her pussy with his finger. Then he started using his tongue again. Suddenly he stopped everything and Kelly pulled her head down to see what he was doing. What he was doing was holding a small feather which he began to use to tickle her. With the feather in one hand and the fingers of his other hand, Don drove the girl into fits of uncontrollable laughter. Then he suddenly stopped this also. He reached up and abruptly removed the clamps and Kelly screamed as the blood flowed back into her tortured tits. Don immediately leaned forward and sucked hard on first one nipple and then the other. Then he picked up the cat and began to lightly lash her front, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. The blows were not hard enough to really hurt, but did sting. They also brought Kelly to the brink of orgasm again. This time Don moved directly in front of her and shoved his cock deeply into her hot and willing pussy. Don drove in and out at a fast pace and soon could hold back no longer, shooting his load into the struggling girl.

This time when they calmed down, Don released her and pulled her into a hard kiss. "That was fantastic!" Kelly exclaimed when they stopped for air.

"I didn't hurt you too much, did I?" he asked.

"No, I can always stop you if it gets too hard. I loved all of it. But you did say we wanted to try everything here and we haven't done anything with that horse yet."

"Not yet," Don laughed. "I may have to recover a little and probably I should let that nice ass of yours recover a little, too, so I can whip it some more. Want to go up and snuggle in front of a movie first?"

Kelly knew he meant for them to stay naked and that he meant more than snuggle. They had done this a number of times before and found they loved it. Don had a TV room with heavy blackout drapes so it was dark even in the daytime. In there was a large screen TV and a leather covered love seat where they could sit or half recline while they watched. Now she nodded and gave him a quick kiss. Then, with an arm around each other and the plug still firmly in place, they headed upstairs.

Two hours and four orgasms - one for Don and three for Kelly - later, Kelly was ready to play some more in their new game room. It was just after midnight when they entered the room for the second time that night. Don went around and lit the candles in the sconces and then turned off the electric lights. The effect was decidedly erotic Kelly noticed, as the flickering yellow light made ever changing shadow patterns on the walls, floor, and their bare bodies.

Soon Don had Kelly fastened over the horse. Her ankles were spread and anchored to the legs at the two ends. She was bent over the padded cross member and her wrists pulled tightly to the legs on the other side. This left her stretched tightly, her ass her highest point, and both her pussy and anus fully exposed. By the time Don finished with the last of her bonds, she was already hot and dripping. "Feel like a really good spanking?" he asked.

Kelly sucked in her breath. "I think I'd like that. Really warm my ass, Stud."

Don began with five fairly light swats of the paddle. Then he switched to their second paddle. This one had a series of half inch holes drilled all over its surface and hurt a lot more. When the first stroke of this device landed on her unprotected rear, Kelly could not hold back a scream. Don waited long enough to be sure he hadn't gone too far and then delivered another. Four strokes left Kelly gasping for breath and with a pattern of white circles across her red cheeks. Don then switched to the strap. He and Kelly used a leather strap about an inch and a half wide. It was well oiled and although it was of thick leather, the edges were rounded to prevent cutting the victim. He gave her ten strokes with this, each bringing a loud cry and each leaving a darker red mark across her already rose colored bottom.

Don stopped for a minute to allow her to catch her breath and also to remove the plug from her ass. As he slowly pulled it from her bottom, Kelly groaned and pleaded, "Don't stop now, Don. I'm almost there. Whip me again and then fuck me."

"Don't worry. I'm not done." With that he picked up the cat and began to lightly flog her all over her exposed body. None of these were as hard as the strokes of the strap, but all were hard enough to sting. He struck her already tormented rear as well as finding new places on her flanks and breasts. Then he put down the cat and took up their riding crop. This was a fine instrument, two feet of bamboo covered with soft leather with a small triangular flap at the end. But before he began to apply it he moved up close and began to tease her with his hands. He stroked her hot cheeks, slid his hand between her legs and pushed first one and then two fingers into her dripping slit. He reached under her and squeezed her breasts, pinching and rolling her hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs. His rigid cock slid back and forth along the outside of her slit while he lightly pinched and tugged at her clit.

The he stood back and raised the crop. Kelly heard its whistle a fraction of a second before she felt the line of fire cross her abused ass. She screamed and might had tried a safe word if she could have taken a breath before the second stroke landed across the first. Then she was lost in arousal and the pain didn't seem to be something she wanted to stop. Don delivered a third stroke, diagonally crossing the first two, bringing the loudest scream so far. Then he dropped the crop and moved up behind her. The head of his cock pushed against her swollen pussy lips and slipped inside with almost no resistance. He pushed himself into her as deeply as possible, until his pubic hair was rubbing against the tender, tormented skin of her bottom. Three times he slowly withdrew and then pushed in to the hilt once more.

The last time he slowly withdrew until finally the head of his cock popped free of its warm accommodation. When he pulled free Kelly cried, "No! Don't stop now." But Don had no intention of stopping. He placed the swollen head of his rigid member against the still distended opening of her other passage and pressed slightly forward. Kelly's rectum was still slick with the lube from the plug and this combined with her open state and her own juices soaking his cock allowed him to push until the head was part way inside her anus. There he froze.

Don and Kelly had never had anal sex, but had talked about it. Don had introduced her to the plug and more intense anal play than she had previously experienced, but Kelly was afraid anal sex would hurt too much or stretch her too badly. Still, she found the idea exciting and had been thinking about letting Don try it. Now she didn't know what she wanted. "No, Don. Stop. No, I mean don't stop. Just be careful and go slow. I don't know. Just be easy."

Don was having a hard time holding himself in check, but he was still able to control himself. "I'll go slow. Tell me if it's too much, but let's try it now. All right?" Kelly didn't say anything, but nodded her head and bit her lip. Don pushed slowly forward. Kelly felt herself stretch, more than the plug or his fingers had ever stretched her. It hurt and she wasn't sure she could take it, but decided to hold off on a safe word as long as she could. Don seemed to sense when he was nearing her limit and held still. Then as she relaxed a little, he pressed forward once again. At last, with a slow push, he seated himself as deeply as possible, his pubic hair pressing against her hot ass cheeks. There he held himself until he could feel Kelly relax. The pain had diminished and Kelly was finding being stuffed here with his cock was more intense and more exciting than she had ever imagined. As Kelly let her muscles lose some of their tenseness, Don began to slowly pull out. He continued until just the head remained inside and then slowly started back in. By the third trip Kelly was pushing back as he entered and clasping him with her anal ring as he started to withdraw. Don began to speed up slightly and suddenly Kelly cried, "Oh, that feels wonderful! Do it, Don. Fuck my ass. Yes, fuck my ass."

This was more than Don could handle and he suddenly shoved all the way in. Another few strokes, harder and faster now, and he could feel his juices boiling up inside, the pressure building. Kelly was also climbing to her peak and suddenly she started to climax, her anal ring clamping down with incredible force around his swollen member as he shoved fully in. Then he was spurting his hot juices deeply into her bowels and both of them were crying out in loud but not understandable exclamations.

Don grabbed her hips and held himself fully embedded, his upper body dropping down onto her back. He held like that for several minutes until they both began to recover and he could feel himself begin to shrink. As he finally popped free, Kelly once again gave a small moan at the new empty feeling. Don released her from the horse and she threw her arms around his neck, pressed herself full length against him, and kissed him hard. "That was incredible! I wish we had tried it sooner."

"Don't worry, I'm sure we will again. I loved it! You are so hot and tight there." He pulled her against him once again and kissed each of her eyelids. "But I think now we had better take a quick shower and get some sleep." With their arms around each other they made their way to the shower in Don's bedroom and, after drying each other, slipped into bed. They always slept nude, but this time it felt slightly different as Kelly's still hot and red ass pressed back against Don as they cuddled, spoon style, and drifted into sleep.

In the morning they made love twice more before showering again. Don examined Kelly's body and decided that there had been no real damage. Most of the marks were gone already and the others had faded quite a bit. Kelly assured him she wasn't too sore. "I wish I could take you up on that weekend offer. I'd love to play downstairs some more, but I really do need to see Jan. Suppose we reserve next weekend and you can have all of it to use and abuse me."

"I can't say that I've ever heard a better offer. It's a deal. And, Kelly, if you'd like to try some of that stuff out on me, that's OK, too." They had switched off a few times, but generally Kelly enjoyed being the victim and Don was happy to keep it that way most of the time.

"I just might, at least some. But I love having you do stuff to me." They moved to the kitchen and found some breakfast. At last Kelly said, "I suppose we had better get to the lab so I can get a little work done today. I have to get to bed early tonight because I'm leaving about four in the morning. I should be back late Sunday."

"Then we can have dinner here when you get back. I'll cook something nice and you can tell me about Jan. Maybe we can even find some other things to do."

"I'm sure we can, Lover, but I doubt we'll have time for a lot. Monday we'd better be back at the grind nice and early."

Sunday came and Don was expecting Kelly to arrive about five. He had an Italian dish baking in the oven and a salad chilled in the refrigerator and was thinking about possible ideas for their "dessert" when he heard Kelly's car pull into his garage. He went to meet her as she came into the house, but even as he kissed her hello he noticed she seemed to be a little upset, or at least preoccupied. "Something the matter?" he asked.

Kelly gave him a strained smile. "Does it show that much?"

"Actually, yes," he replied. "Want to talk about it?"

"I guess maybe. It's nothing serious about me, but Jan has had some problems. It's been a long time since breakfast and something smells very good, so why don't we go ahead and eat and I'll tell you about it."

When they had their food and had started eating, Kelly seemed to be relaxing a little. Don let her take her own time and finally she said, "You know Jan was here last year. She planned to major in whatever that program Sociology has that they use for pre-law here. I knew she was all hyped up about the program, so I was kind of surprised when she didn't come back this fall. Anyway I found out why."

Don raised an eyebrow in inquiry and she went on. "Her first semester she took SOC 110 and had Professor Randall. She thought that would be great because he is department chair and has a really good reputation in the field. Everything started all right, but right before the first exam she came down with flu or something and even though she was mostly over it when the exam came, she hadn't really studied. Anyway, she flunked it."

She decided to go in and see Professor Randall, mainly to show she was interested and hadn't just sluffed off and blown the test, so she made an appointment for late one afternoon after her class. When she showed up at his office he was in but no one else seemed to be around. He asked her to come in and shut the door."

Don interrupted, "I'm afraid I see where this is going."

"Do you know anything about Randall?" Kelly asked.

"Not really a lot. I know he has a good professional reputation, is department chair, and is married to the school president's daughter. At a private school that can mean a lot. I believe he is very well off financially. I think there was some kind of rumor about him and a coed a few years ago, but nothing ever came of it."

"Well, something definitely came of it this time. By the way, it's his wife who has the money, but they've given some really big donations to the school and that, of course, has him in even more solidly. But to get back to Jan. He told her straight out that he didn't think she could make more than a C- in the class after that first test and with a grade like that in the intro course, she would never be accepted into her program. Jan was, of course, very upset at that. She asked about extra work or maybe an additional exam, but Randal was very curt with her. She was almost in tears, seeing her whole future going down the drain, when he said something like, 'There might be one way you could reclaim yourself'. Well, Jan guessed he meant sex - she'd heard other girls talk about a few professors who 'could be bought, ' but she didn't feel it was worth it to her. He pushed her, telling her that either she cooperated with him or he would see that she received the C-. Jan had been thinking about retaking the course over the next semester, but to do that you have to have a D or F. There was no way she could get a C- off of her record, but it would keep her out of the program. Finally she told Randall she would think about it and he said to come see him the following week."

"By the next week Jan had convinced herself that maybe she could tolerate a quick blow job if that would buy her a good grade. She went back to see him in his office - late afternoon again. He didn't wait for her to say she would go along with him. As soon as the door closed he grabbed her and began pulling her clothes off. It was obvious he had more than a little oral sex in mind. Jan started to fight him and told him she didn't want this. She'd take the bad grade. But he didn't listen and, in short, he raped her. When she threatened to go to the school authorities or the police he laughed at her and told her no one would believe her. 'After all, ' he said, 'you came to me to try to get a grade changed.' He said he'd just say that she had offered sex in exchange for a better grade, but he turned her down.' He'd used a condom so there was no physical evidence. Jan was a new freshman, scared and upset, and he was the department chair and in line to become dean. She decided he was probably right. At least she thought that now her grade would be changed, but as she left he stopped her and told her to meet him back there the next Friday afternoon and expect to be gone overnight. Otherwise she would not only lose her grade, but he'd get her thrown of school for propositioning him."

"You're sure Jan is remembering this right?" Don asked.

"I've known her since she was born and I'd trust her with my life. She's telling me the truth. Besides it gets worse. When she came back on Friday he told her his wife was out of town and he was going to take her to a place he had in the country. He blindfolded her so she wouldn't know where. Anyway when they got there he treated her like a sex slave: he kept her naked, used her orally, vaginally, and anally. When she begged him to stop, he tied her up and used a strap on her. This wasn't play like we do, Don. She didn't want any of it and he beat her. Not badly enough to cause serious damage, but enough so she was bruised and a little cut. He's a true sadist."

"Anyway he took her out there again four more times during the semester and each time was at least that bad. Once he had another girl with them and he forced the two of them to have sex with each other as well. After the first time he also told her he had pictures of her and would see that they got out to her parents if she complained."

"At the end of the semester she thought her ordeal was over and he did give her an A- in the course. But then she found that to enter her program she would also need to take SOC 311 and he was the only one who taught it. He made it clear that when she was in his class again the next fall that he intended to pick up the relationship where he left off."

"During the spring Jan talked with some other girls and found that he has done something like this a number of times. In fact, it seems he picks a girl in his class every semester and uses her like he did Jan. I'm sure his wife has no idea what he does and she does travel a lot, so he has plenty of free rein. Jan talked with three other girls who had had the treatment, but all of them agreed that even with all four of them, no one would believe a story like that about the great Professor Randall. I'm afraid they're right. Jan decided she couldn't face him again and transferred last fall. I just wish there was some way to stop him."

Don had become very serious while he listened. "Everyone knows there are a few professors who pressure some of their students into sex, but he sounds worse than any I've heard of. Also remember that a lot of the time when there is an affair between the professor and a student, the student makes the initial offer. But this doesn't sound like that at all: he definitely needs to be stopped. However, I'm afraid you're right. No one would believe them without some kind of proof. They don't even know where this place of his is, do they?"

Kelly shook her head. "No, they were always blindfolded and never even saw the outside enough to get an idea. All they know is that it's somewhere in the country, no more than forty minutes from here."

"If we knew which girl he was going to pick, we might be able to get some proof," Don mused. "But I have no idea how we could tell which one."

Kelly suddenly sat up straight. "Maybe. Maybe I do. He seems to like blondes, especially ones with long legs." Kelly looked down at her own long legs. "Suppose I registered for his class this semester. Think I could pass as a freshman?"

Don looked at her with his mouth open. "I'm sure you could pass for an undergrad, but, Kelly, I'm not sure this is a good idea. In the first place, you can certainly look and act like a freshman, but the Registrar's Office will have you listed as a post grad. Besides, this might be dangerous."

"I don't really think I'd be in any real danger. He never has hurt one of the girls seriously. He just likes causing pain and dominating them. I think he has more sense than to get violent. But I agree I'd have to find some way around the records office. I'll think about it."

"Well, don't do anything without talking to me about it, OK?"

Kelly promised. They ended up just sitting on the couch snuggling that night. Neither felt like playing any of their games. At one point Kelly said, "Hearing what he did to Jan almost makes what we do seem sick or dirty."

Don looked at her. "You don't really feel that way, do you? What we do is no more like what Randall did than s birthday spanking is like assault and battery. We never do anything unless we both want it and no one is ever really hurt, are they? Don't let him spoil something we both love."

Kelly smiled up at him. "I know you're right and, truthfully, I'm sure we won't stop playing our games. It's just that I'd like so much to get that bastard."

Don could tell the state of Kelly's emotions by her unusual language. "I agree. We'll find some way to stop him. There are, of course, professors who take advantage of their female students and probably even a few women profs who hit on the men. But it's not often as bad as you describe. If we could prove what he's doing, he'd be gone in no time. We'll just have to think about it."

Tuesday afternoon Kelly came into the lab, a look of excitement on her face. "I've found out something interesting." Don looked the question at her. "Not here," she said. "Let's get a pizza and take it to your house and I'll tell you all about it."

When they sat down to eat Kelly couldn't wait. "I talked to one of the girls Jan told me about this afternoon. She confirmed that pretty much everything Jan described had happened to her, too, and she would like to get him as much as we do. But what makes it so good is - guess where she works."

"I give," Don answered. "Where?"

"In the Registrar's Office." Kelly sat back and smiled. "In data records. She handles their computer files." Understanding slowly came across Don's face. "That's right," Kelly continued, "she can arrange for me to be a freshman in the computer. I registered for his class this afternoon."

Don sat back. Slowly he asked, "Are you really sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yes! I want to nail that bastard!"

"Just how are you planning to get the proof?" Don asked.

"I haven't figured that out yet. We don't have enough evidence to get a court to let us record him, do we?"

Now Don smiled. "No, but we don't need to. In this state a conversation may be recorded if one party to it agrees. You can record anything someone else says to you."

"Really? Now if we can find someway to wire me."

"We're electrical engineers, Kelly. We can build our own."

"All right. Let's do it. I'll have to attend his class for a while and look like I'm really worried about my grade. That'll give us several weeks to get the hardware ready. Let's play spies."

They continued to discuss exactly what they were going to build and how they could use it. Don reminded her that any evidence they obtained had to be conclusive, not just suggestive. But by the time an hour and a half had passed, both were beginning to believe they might actually pull it off. In fact, the confidence buoyed them so much and elicited such an upbeat mood that their spirits really rose. Before the evening was over they were lovers again and spent a good two hours in bed before Kelly left.

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