Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Light Bond, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Emma and Jackie were roommates in college. Now several years later, they reunite on the internet and find that both are thinking they have bi-sexual tendencies. Husband Dan is headed for realization of one of his longest held fantasies. As the weekend arrives, he wonders if he really wants what he has asked for for so many years

Emma and Jackie

Dan Williams sat at his desk looking out over the car park.

"Anything you need before I leave, Mr. Williams? Remember I asked to take an early start on the weekend?"

"Uh,... what? Sorry, Janet, what did you say?"

"What's wrong, you've been a little spacey all day?" she said with a smile. "Something on your mind?"

"Oh, nothing,... nothing really. Just something my wife said. No, you're good to go. Have a great weekend. And who's the lucky guy?"

"Same one... Richard," she said and Dan watched her cute little tush swish out the door, the mini skirt dancing over suntanned thighs. "See you Monday, boss. Don't think too much, you'll bust a vein!"

He laughed quietly and continued swiveling the big leather chair as if pondering something weighty.

"Is this really what I want?" he thought. "Really want? Because this may be hard to turn back"

The realization had crept over him since two weeks ago at dinner. Emma had planned one of their periodic 'hot sex' evenings. Mildly pornographic films ran on the big screen TV, candles flickered on the tables. The dining room was candle lit and the love seat pulled up to one side of the table. It was a scene conducive to a long dinner spent fondling and caressing between bites of rack of lamb and sips of white wine. Through the dining room door, they could glimpse film images of two beautiful girls sinuously making love, bodies glistening and succulent. The scene turned from close-ups of tongues in moist French kisses, to an overhead shot. One slowly slipped a double dildo between the clean-shaven folds between her legs while the other watched attentively, and then joined her on the other end.

Dan and Emma turned to kiss, their lips smooth with grease from the lamb still on their lips.

"Here's to us!"

They toasted and peered through tall, stemmed goblets filled to the brim with golden white wine from Australia. His eyes had looked longingly at the film, even as Emma's hand slipped under the table to find his firm partly aroused cock. The clinging autumn colored dress of yellow, gold, and brown flowers made her darkly tanned complexion and white teeth sparkle. Its neckline displayed lovely globes in a French-cut bra her breasts didn't require.

"God, you're beautiful!" he muttered, looking down her dress. The separation of her breasts looked inviting and he could see between the perfect curves the firm band of the fuchsia bra. He had kissed each breast just above the neckline while she found his cock and squeezed. "God you're beautiful," he moaned again.

It was one of the rituals of their 10-year marriage. Dan never tired of searching for one more idea to make it more exciting. A little later, with her skirt pulled up to show the bright colored panties curved over her mound between golden thighs perfect in shape and firmness, he asked the question.

For the 400th time in the last eight years, he murmured in her ear. "Honey, don't you think it would be fun to have a threesome one of these nights?" He knew the answer of course, but it had become a ritual, he asked and she gave a firm "no." While it was just a ritual, Dan really harbored a fantasy that someday she would say "yes." Always that wish, that glimmer of a secret desire.

"Well,... uh,... that might... not be all bad, you know?"

He nearly missed her answer; already into another nuzzled, loving entreaty, he stopped short.

Emma got up to get more wine from the kitchen.

Dan sat with a stunned expression. The wine had lulled him into a mild haze. He cleared his head as much as he could. The girls in the video were in a perfectly proportioned 69 position and the sounds of wet tongues on wet pussies seemed quite loud in the room.

Emma came back, put one pretty knee on her seat, and leaned close while she filled his glass. The warm scent of perfume and Emma filled his nostrils as she pressed her breasts close for his kisses.

"Honey, did you just... just say... 'yes?' Did you hear what I asked?"

"Yes, I heard. You want to have a threesome with me."

"And... " he said, incredulous and flushed with cautions excitement.

Emma pressed his lips to her breasts and his hands explored her thighs just inside her short skirt.

"Oh, that feels nice, Dan..." she sighed. "I answered... maybe... ohhh honey, suck them..."

Her nipples were before him and his forehead wrinkled as he suckled the erect cones surrounded by perfect dark brown areoles.

"What do you mean?" he said quietly, then returned to loving her breasts.

"I mean,... you keep asking, and I've been thinking,... do you remember my friend Jackie?"

Dan's reverie cleared and he shook his head in puzzlement.

Now it had come time to act upon the dream. Tonight; not some safe time in the future, but tonight! Suddenly the tables were turned and Dan had to search his being for an answer. It was easy to dream of taking two attractive women to bed and thrilling to imagine them making love as he watched. It was quite another to actually walk up to it with your lovely wife and... do it! This had kept him preoccupied for two weeks and Emma had insisted on him picking up Jackie at the airport. She was landing this afternoon. He looked at his watch.

"Christ, right at this moment!" he muttered, then swung his jacket over his shoulder and hurried to his car.


Dan replayed conversations about Jackie's visit as he turned out of the car park and toward the airport.

"It's going to be all right. You'll like her, she's... she's terrific, everything you like, intelligent, pretty,... big tits!" Emma laughed at his discomfort. "But she's not just going to sleep with us because she is bi. Why should she do that? She's like anyone else, if she goes to bed with someone it is because she likes that person. Why would it be any different?"

He had never, ever, considered that aspect of finding someone to have a threesome.

"How can you be such a whiz at understanding people at the shop and such a putz when they come near a bed?" She smiled kindly at him and tousled the hair on his troubled head.

"But what if she doesn't like me? What the hell are we going to do all weekend?"

"Hey,... this is my friend. We were roommates. We have simply been separated since school. We'll have a great time talking. And perhaps we'll have... perhaps... we'll make love." her voice trailed off.

"And you didn't do it when you were in school?"

"No, never! Didn't... consider it." Emma paused, looked away thoughtfully. "Maybe a kiss,... now and then."

"Why now, then?"

"Oh,... we got back in touch on the internet. She sent me her picture as she looks now and... we talked and talked. We were comparing notes on life and marriage. She said she had turned out to be Bi-sexual. I had to have it explained to me, for heavens sake. But then, I was looking at her picture and I found I was... enchanted or something. Something about her eyes,... I don't know. I realized that what I thought back then was 'really liking her'... was,... or might be,... LOVE! That's all, I can't explain it. It never occurred to me. We talked, and she said we should get together because... because she had... some of the same thoughts."

Dan had a nagging worry in the back of his mind that he rarely admitted. That thought was that he was not good at first meetings. It took time for people to like him. They usually, eventually, came to like him, but he was a little too logical and perhaps too quiet at first. It bothered him and he worked on the problem in his work relationships, but he ruefully admitted it was a weakness. The fact that he really wanted this weekend to work made this concern troubling.

He couldn't keep the fantasy scene from playing across his mind: The tall, beautiful girl threw her long graceful leg over him and he watched as her shadow crossed his face; then he was looking up at a beautiful, clean-shaved pussy with a little patch of dark hair over the mound. She smiled down at him and teased his chin with her beckoning finger. He smiled at her and then looked at his pretty wife poised over his cock. The two girls were holding hands and smiling down at him. As if by signal, they lowered themselves, Emma onto his cock and the stranger onto his face. His breath came in a gasp as her shadow passed over him and her scent filled his nostrils.

Dan shook his head with a start, realizing that the shadow was actually the canopy of the airport garage. He found a parking place on the second floor and hurried toward the entrance. The board showed her flight had landed and the baggage was on Carousel B.

"Oh, my god!" he muttered.

The bags had begun arriving, and a crowd of people grabbing bags surrounded the carousel. But, there was no question which was Jackie. He stopped, turned away and took a deep breath.

"Oh, my god, so fucking obvious!" he grimaced with disappointment.

Steeling himself, he faced the problem. She was tall all right. The stiletto heels on her black boots and the severe straight black skirt screamed 'Dyke!' to Dan, who was after all, a conventional Midwesterner. The mustard yellow jacket draped over one shoulder and the impatient tapping of a very pointed toe clinched the identification. She was beautiful, but had inconspicuous breasts compared to the dream girl who had just lowered herself toward him in the car.

"How can this be a long lost best friend of my wife" he mused, ruing the day he had asked for a threesome. She must have changed a lot over the years. Her makeup was heavy and severe, it seemed to him. Her matching luggage was a hot pink shade and he strode up to grab it with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

"Hello, you must be the famous JACQUI!" he said, pronouncing the Q as hard.

She turned and glared at him and then at last, a bare trace of a smile came with a questioning look, and his heart sank. "Oh god, this is going to be harder than I thought." he thought.

"Dan, I'm Dan!" he tried again without the witty comment.

"Dan? Dan? Are you Dan?" the voice called from behind me and the dyke looked irritated and turned away, looking for someone.

"I'M JACKIE!" he heard in his ear, and then a throaty laugh.

A woman with short dark hair stood struggling with a large bag and looking for another rushing past on the carousel. She pulled down her skirt, caught up with the second bag and smiled at him, all at the same time. She seemed a bit tousled, but at last stepped toward him, hand outstretched. She looked wonderfully feminine; a longish full skirt with slash pockets and a tailored blouse of deep autumn shades made her look sophisticated and stylish. The blouse was snug but not tight, over prominent breasts that looked like they longed for motherhood. Her smile was natural and inviting with a subdued but distinctly red shade of lipstick. Dan was thunderstruck over his huge mistake.

"Do you pick up strange girls with that line often?" she said with a laugh.

He recovered a bit and took her hand. Feeling emboldened by the friendly greeting, he said, "And am I talking to the BJ Queen of Sibley Hall?" with his best smile. Her face fell slightly.

"Uhmm, excuse me?"

"Sorry, look, I'm pleased to meet you at last. Emma has been talking about you for days. She's dying to see you and I had better get you there in a hurry." He knew that he had screwed up, but thought the joke was between the two of them.

They hurried off toward the garage, conversation stiff and uncomfortable now. As they got to the second floor, she said, nervously, "I hope it's big enough."

He was searching for the car and said distractedly, "... oh, I haven't had... complaints..." Dan tried to swallow that reply as he realized she meant she hoped the car was big enough to hold her huge suitcase.

"Excuse me?" she said for the second time.

"Oh, it will be fine. We can put one in the back seat if need be."

He was trying desperately to get on the subject of the weather, anything to lift the huge cloud he felt bearing down on him. She walked a little ahead and he noticed the panty line stretching across an attractive bottom: perhaps with a pound extra, but not much; nicely rounded and just wonderful in his agonizing mind.

The lid sprang open and the taillights winked as he touched the button on the key. She swung the lid up for him, took the smaller bag, and waited silently by the door.

He paid and turned toward the expressway for the short ride downtown.

Dan suddenly hit the brakes, turned into the service area, and pulled to a stop far from the building. He bit his lip with a bashful grin and looked at her for a moment. There was a question on her face of course, but she tried to smile.

"Just a minute," he said and looped a finger under the door handle to get out of the car. He strode to the front and looked through the windshield at her. He pulled the corners of his mouth downward and then turned slowly, in little steps, completely around until he faced her with an upturned smile. He strode back to the car and slid in with his confident smile.

"What,... ?" she said quietly, a half smile gracing her pretty, open expression.

"I needed to turn around and come in again! I am so sorry for my bumbling first impression. I KNOW that we are going to like each other! You are Emma's favorite person, Emma is my love; how could it possible be otherwise? So let's start all over! I'm not good at first impressions,... but, I don't have to tell you that."

She unlocked her door and got out, the split skirt exposing a smooth golden thigh and glistening stocking just for a moment.

"Let's both try again."

That made it certain in his mind that they would get along fine, and he joined her in front of the car.

"Now. Tickatickatickatickaticka," she muttered as they stutter-turned in a circle.

"Hello, Dan, I'm Jackie." she said, kissing his cheek and holding both his biceps. He pulled her gratefully into his arms.

"Great to meet you, Jackie."

Dinner at Giorgio's

Giorgio's was busy and Dan was glad he had a reservation. Not a big place, it was a comfortable, friendly place but with an elegance that lifted it above most of the restaurants in town.

"We'll be ready in a very few minutes, can I put you in the bar for a glass of wine?" he said, smiling and nodding to Jackie.

Dan turned a stool around for Jackie and she hopped up onto it with a confident show of thigh as the slit opened over her leg. "Chenin Blanc?" she smiled to the waiter, and then turned a beaming smile on Dan.

"Emma will be along soon, she had an appointment and thought she might be delayed. We can get acquainted." he said, a little nervously.

"Yes, that will be good; you know, she just dominates the conversation when she starts! Or have you changed her?" she laughed. Dan liked the throaty way she laughed and his eyes traced the white teeth and then back to that lovely thigh. She noticed and scratched the nylon with long bright red fingernails, then pulled the slit closed briefly before it stubbornly parted and left the glistening nylon of her thigh looking beautiful.

By the time Emma smiled across the crowd to them, they were feeling comfortable with each other. Dan was in awe of the dark haired, flashing-eyed girl who had confidently filled the minutes with a close-packed exchange of fun and information. She had not let him feel that he was being lead; but he realized that it had happened anyway. He was glad to have Emma come and take the pressure off a little bit.

Emma hugged Jackie for a long minute as they started a continuous stream of overlapping conversation. Not able to wait for the other to finish a sentence, both eagerly raised yet another reminiscence to rake over the fresh coals of a rekindled friendship. Dan silently looked from one to the other with shocked awe, occasionally offering a nod of agreement.

They were half way through dinner before they leaned back in their seats and invited him into the conversation.

"And what has she been telling you, Dan, about me, -- the liar!" Jackie said "Dan" in a way that made him enjoy his own name more than he normally did. He almost preferred Daniel, but the nickname clung, and she made it feel good as she rolled it around those soft inviting lips.

"For example, Emma,... Emma, what is this about being the BJ queen of the dorm?" she laughed, turning once again to her friend.

"Oh, he said that did he?' the laughter rolled and Emma leaned her head back in pleasure. "Oh, I'm sorry, honey, that was just something I made up. I hoped you would ask her." They continued their laughter and Dan shushed them quietly as he smiled apologies to the table next to them.

Jackie touched his arm to emphasize a story and then her knee touched his. Dan thought about that glistening nylon taut over her thigh and knee and lost track of her story. He wanted to keep their knees in touch but as she finished the story, it moved away.

The laughing conversation continued in the car as he drove them home. Jackie sat in the back and Emma turned in her seat. Jackie leaned forward, arms around both front seats. Dan glanced down her cleavage with appreciation, then looked again as she giggled on.

"See, Dan, didn't I tell you she had great boobs?" Emma laughed and punched his arm. "Keep your eyes on the road!"

"Look who's talking! You know, I think you are even bigger, Emma, you look so gorgeous. I'm so glad to see you've hardly changed! And neither have I, of course!" They laughed with self-deprecating modesty, while Dan took another longing look between Jackie's ample breasts.

Home At Last

"I love your house, Dan!" she said, coming back from a quick tour.

"Thank you, Jackie, I put your things in the room at the top of the stairs." He pointed to the stairs curving up to the upstairs hall.

"You probably want a shower after the trip, why don't we put on our PJ's and talk like old times, Jackie?" That was easily agreed and the two girls went upstairs, still recalling things they needed to talk about. '

"I found your Pj's too, honey," she giggled. "Not just your boxers if you want to join us!" she said nudging her friend's bottom as she went ahead.

Dan poured a glass of scotch and let the tap run to cool the water. He looked out into the dark night bewildered at the swirling conversation. He smiled, taking pleasure that Jackie had decided she liked him. It was equally clear that Jackie had charmed him. He rubbed his bulging front and ruefully admitted that the two women had had him semi-erect for the past three hours. His groin had that dull ache of need he hadn't felt since he was a teenager sent home unsatisfied from a date.

"No matter, this... is going to be... something!" he said aloud to the reflection in the darkened glass over the sink. Am I really going to sit around in pajamas with those two? He wondered. He took another drink and headed up the stairs two at a time.

"Yes!" aloud again.

Both showers were running and he thought of what a sight the two of them would be, then shook it from his head and went downstairs to open some wine. He fingered the front of the unfamiliar pajamas; like all pajamas, they constantly threatened exposure of an erect cock.

Jackie came down the stairs first, still smiling that 'new friend' smile. She wore a short nightie that came below the crotch of her panties, but not so much that he couldn't glimpse the full panel of satin as she paused at the top of the stairs, then came down toward him. She held the gown in the curtsey of a little girl.

"You look cute in Brown, Dan!" she giggled.

"Oh, right!" he returned feeling decidedly self conscious.

Emma bounced down in her full-length gown with the pink ribbon tied in a long-ended bow.

"OH, good the gang's all here!" She said and the two girls floated past him in a cloud of feminine scents. Dan closed his eyes and made an exaggerated inhaling gesture.

"Oh, godddddddd, you smell good."

They stopped and pressed against him and he momentarily felt four lovely breasts pressed loose and free against him. He held them close as they smiled up at him and let him smell great wafts of soap, perfume and woman scent.

"I done died and gone to heaven!" he said.

As it turned out, he only lasted an hour or so. Mostly, he just served the girls little things to eat and offered more wine from the green bottles They went on and on, re-telling the stories of their long ago life on campus. At last, he said goodnight, leaning over to kiss Emma he paused, unsure, and then kissed Jackie's smiling upturned lips.

"Good-night, Dan."

Jackie was sitting with her legs Indian-fashion with her hands pressing the gown between her legs for modesty. As she reached up, she let go the gown and Dan leaned into the kiss, his eyes on white panties and the shadow of her dark bush. Emma was sitting on the hassock facing Jackie in the same position. He reluctantly left them alone to their reminiscences and hoped for more participation when they wound down tomorrow.


Dan awoke and felt the bed beside him to find it empty. The clock gleamed in large red numbers 3:22. Hearing no sound from downstairs, he got out of bed and padded silently to the door. Quiet voices still drifted up. He could only hear if he held his breath. Quietly, he slipped down the hall. With only a single candle burning in the living room, he was in deep shadow.

The two friends were on the couch and Jackie was reading quietly. Emma's head was in her lap and strangely, there were feathers lying around on the table and floor. 'They had even had a pillow fight, ' he thought, and laughed soundlessly. Dan slid down the wall to sit on the floor and watched them. Her voice drifted up to him soft and throaty

"I just loved this part, Emma:"

She read: [ '... sharp desire and need to touch her bra, to find a way inside her blouse... to touch, oh to touch so lightly under her dress. Dreaming what she must look like in just her panties.

Wondering how menacing that new cock would be as he stood tense before me pushing my legs aside; what would it be like, would it feel bigger? Will he be tender if I let him enter me? What will HE think; does he want to see this big strange cock slip into me? Do I want to see HIM slip into someone else?']

She paused, sounding as if her mouth had gone dry. She looked down at Dan's pretty wife and they smiled breathlessly for a moment. Then she went on:

['How will it be to take her bra off and see her breasts for the first time? Will I be a disappointment if she lets me part her legs and slip into her? How will she smell when my face is close between her legs? I want to smell her pussy! I want to know her new and different scent; I long to taste this lovely stranger's moist pussy, I know I will like its taste dripping down my chin; is she going to let me let me -- letmeletmeletme letmeletme? -- The question drums in my veins, pounding in my head. I can imagine how pretty her pussy will be... how new and exciting.

Does she want me too?

So many questions; So much softness she has; and I am all hard, my nipples crisp... my clitoris..."] Jackie stopped reading and there was silence for a minute or so.

"I thought that was so pretty when you sent it." she said, and leaned down and pressed her lips to Emma's. Dan realized his cock was rigidly jutting through the gaping open front of his pajamas. His eyes were wide open staring at the kiss between his wife and her friend.

"Thank you!" he heard Emma say as their lips came apart, then waited inches apart.

Emma said, "You have feathers on your..." she said giggling quietly.

"You did it! Jackie said with a smile.

"You're right." and Emma lifted herself up and removed a feather that clung to the breast pointing through the thin gown. "I'll get it." Then another, but this one was imaginary and Dan felt his cock swell as his wife pressed her mouth against Jackie's ample breast.

Jackie silently struggled to open some buttons and Dan's mouth watered. Jackie's silver dollar sized dark pink areole peaked into view and Emma's lips kissed little pecks onto it; and then just rested there, the corner of her lips against the nipple and her cheek nuzzling the globe under the soft silken gown.

"... mmmmm, feels,... so,... so... nice!" Jackie said and Dan could almost hear the soft moist sound of her lips parting.

Emma turned her head toward Jackie again and nuzzled until the nipple popped out into her mouth and she slowly suckled her friend's breast.

Dan slowly stroked his rigid cock, slowly,... slowly,... squeezing,... Imagining the soft breast..."

Emma drew back and looked at the breast then kissed once more and lay back down to stare up into Jackie's eyes.

"Read to me?" Jackie said quietly, kissing with soft lips and a tongue that tasted her friend, perhaps for the first time.

Emma sat up and reached under the cushion of the couch to draw out a few pages of computer paper. She pulled Jackie across her lap and pulled her close so their breasts were snuggled and mixed together. Dan's cock jumped as she pressed her breasts against the soft girl in her arms and began reading.

"Do you remember when you wrote this to me?"

["Mmmm, how lovely. You already know where looking into your eyes led us; and I love that it did.

I would love to sit next to you and have you lean against me for an evening. That is such an appealing thought that I have trouble expressing it deeply enough.

We are probably neither actually lesbian, but it would be so nice to sit close so I can feel your warm body against me and talk and touch you, that I have to ask where the feelings come from and what the difference is between this and completely lesbian emotions."] She stopped reading.

They were quiet for a long moment. Then Emma continued reading from the computer print-out.

["Maybe there are no differences. Enchanted by your eyes and charmed with the series of letters we exchanged, it is clear that we would quite naturally turn and press our lips together. And your tongue, being the first to touch, would make me bolder.

My tongue would find yours and twist and turn to explore all the aspects of it. I would taste the soft underside, reaching deep along the side of it, pulling it gently into my mouth and holding it. And dying inside with the frustration of not being able to pull more of you inside my mouth... just aching because I reached the end of that part of you."]

Jackie gasped and raised her lips to Emma and Dan could see the glistening tongues tasting and dueling between soft eager lips. She raised her gown and while her arms were raised, Dan saw the perfect crescent curve under her breasts and the long elegant sweep from shoulders to hard nipples jutting bluntly from dark pink areoles. She tugged urgently to raise Emma's gown, leaving it rumpled around her breasts and urgently pressed their breasts together.

"Ohhh!" she cried.

Emma took a deep breath and continued reading from the printout:

["And looking into your eyes would melt me. And I would turn just a little toward you so that I could feel you press close against my breast and the side of my body as you crept into my arms and put your arm around my neck. I imagine tasting your lipstick and feeling your breast against mine and then brushing against your hair with my cheek and nuzzling back and forth against that silky hair, then pressing it between our cheeks.

I'd like my hand to feel your cinched-in waist, just the thought of holding your waist and lingering there comfortably aware and in touch with you. Mmmmmmmmm. and then pressing your head on my shoulder where I can blow your hair and kiss it and feel it tickle my nose and see how it falls slowly in the air when I stop blowing against it.

How could it fail to be lovely... I probably have you in a position that you can't recover from, but... it's what I long for just at this moment, Emma."]

Emma looked up from the ragged prose of their e-mail message.

"Gosh, I talk too much, don't I?"

They giggled at that. ""Not really, you thrilled me."

"Maybe we should... go to bed? Tomorrow's another day, and I'm looking forward to it."

They stood up and Dan watched as Jackie dropped her gown back in place. He hated seeing the crisply white, lace panties disappear. The snug hipsters cupped Jackie's buns, and then the curtain went down. Quietly, he retreated to his bedroom and listened to the whispered conversation coming up the stairs.

The red numbers declared it to be 4:14 AM and dawn would soon be upon him. His mouth was dry with the emotional eroticism of the scene he had watched. He struggled with the thought of his wife having a female lover/friend, unsure how to feel about it. Jealous? Perhaps? Nevertheless, the scene had also been very moving, very simple and rife with expressions of love and friendship.


Dan retreated to his bedroom, laid down in his bed, and peeled his ear to hear their conversation. They stopped in front of Jackie's door and he heard whispered words and giggles. Then he heard Emma's voice.

"Did I leave clean towels on the dresser?" Then silence.

He waited, lying in the dark for Emma to slip into bed beside him. But she didn't come. He lay a little longer, holding his breath to hear better. Only silence.

Finally, he got out of bed, listened at the door to find the hallway silent and empty.

He stepped though the door,... crept down the carpeted hall,... and peered into the guest bedroom where the door was ajar. Inside, the single, tiny, "boutique-y" lamp lighted the scene. A lamp no more than 10 inches high with a lace shade and a tiny bulb that cast a warm creamy light dimly around the room. A movie could not have set the scene better from his vantage point.

For Jackie lay before him diagonally across the light yellow bedspread. Her legs were open toward him as she lay on her back; the patch of dark pussy hair cascaded between her thighs into shadow. Her nipples stood up from large round mounds now flattened a little, but still remarkably shapely.

The astonishing sight dropped him to his knees. Emma was in a push-up position over Jackie's beautiful body; as he watched, she lowered herself in the best athlete's form,... down,... down,... down, until her nipples touched Jackie's and her bush touched and mingled with the dark, curly triangle extending between Jackie's legs. She repeated the move as Dan had watched so often in the daily calisthenics that kept that taut body in such good shape.

He had never watched her work out nude though. She used her strength once again and her body squeezed out the light between their bodies. Her mound pressed the hair-covered mound of her friend. Emma partially trimmed her triangle, especially between her legs, and the sight of the two pussies poised one above the other re-invigorated Dan's cock.

"Come here." A whispered request from Jackie drifted softly across the room to his ears.

Dan watched as his wife pushed up once more and walked her legs forward. She formed a round and glorious vee towering high above her friend. Slowly she bent her knees and lowered herself to a squatting position over Jackie's face with her hands still providing balance on either side of Jackie. Dan looked straight at the yellow/gold lampshade lighting a path between the two lovers.

Back lighted sharply by the small lamp, Emma's pussy posed close above Jackie's lips. Between the lovely soft bodies, Dan could see little curls of her bush standing out against the light and below that a mouth-watering, upside-down 'W' formed by the soft lips of her pussy. Jackie smiled up at her and Dan heard her voice, broken and sensual.

"Let me, Emm."

Emma responded with something he couldn't hear.

Jackie raised both hands and long tapered fingers parted Emma's pussy lips very gently so that the upside-down W was a little wider, but just as deliciously exposed.

Dan stopped breathing as he watched Jackie raise her head and brush the pussy with her lips. Her tongue was back lighted as, glistening, it touched the center of the pussy's center. The tongue withdrew and the pussy lowered again, resenting it's abandonment. Jackie kissed quickly, four or five times, her head bobbing up and down to reach the offered sex folds of Emma's secret place.


He recognized Emma's gasp of pleasure, sounding like a plaintive little cry, a weeping joy. The tongue reappeared and Dan saw his wife's pussy kissed and licked as the tongue continued nonstop movements of pleasure. Slowly, excitement took Emma's strength and she lowered herself, squeezing the light from between their bodies.

Dan looked at the shadow of his wife huge and round against the wall as her friend sucked her pussy. He couldn't see, but Jackie's hands seemed to be playing with Emma's breasts as Emma rocked and moaned with pleasure, very softly.

"Ohhhh!" a tense little cry again and the shadow leapt up the wall.

Emma reversed her position and he watched Jackie struggle to regain contact between her legs once again. Emma's head tilted down and tucked between Jackie's legs. Arms slipped around each other and lips and tongues eagerly tasted soft moist pussy folds; the two rolled gently back and forth, lost in each other's arms and bodies.

They rolled onto their sides and continued loving each other noisily.

Dan stroked his cock. As he pulled back the foreskin, heavy precum coated his palm and scent of male sex rose warm to his nostrils. He began stroking, with eyes glued to the humping, hugging bodies. He could wait no longer and he felt the hot sperm boiling up the length of his cock and splashed against the door. He moved one hand to catch the next spurt and then another and another as his hand moved back and forth rapidly. His eyes never blinked and never left the erotic site of his wife and Jackie fucking on the bed before his eyes.

He wiped blindly at the dollop of sperm on the door and stumbled away to the bathroom clutching his wilting cock and trying to keep from messing the carpet.

The image in the bathroom mirror was a shaken man, looking unsure of what he had unleashed with his request for a threesome. Wearily, he slipped under the sheet one more time and rolled heavily toward the center of the big bed. He lay awake, staring into the night, unable to find sleep.

The door squeaked a little as it swung in. With no other noise at all until her hands swept over the sheets, Emma quietly crept into the bed. She sat on the edge and paused; listening for his regular breathing, then swung her legs onto the bed and crept closer. She curled into a ball facing him, looped her fingers inside the brown pajama shirt and brought her lips against his chest.

Dan felt her warm breath and her fingers toy with the hair on his chest, but said nothing. In minutes, her breathing became regular and he realized she was sound asleep.

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