Doctor Me!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Light Bond, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My Allergist is hot; I must go to the bathroom at her office after we meet to whack off. Once my blood pressure, usually 120, was 180. She asked me if it was getting higher, or, if was just seeing her. I missed that potential meaning until later (I'm not too quick). I tested her sexual orientation telling her a story about gays/lesbians. She answered using "them", so I knew she wasn't Lesbian.<br>This is in progress I am undecided where it will go from here sexually.

I was always totally captivated by my Allergist. I love older, mature, intelligent women, all atributes she has in abundance... On top of that she's petite, in perfect shape, and wore very expensive clothes that made her look even more irresistible.

I always go to see her for prescription refills, rather then getting her to call them in. I save $10 AND get to luxuriate in her aura.

I spun the appointments out as long as possible. I heard Very little of what she said, I just watched her nervous habit of tucking her hair behind her ear. That is so sensual, that for that alone I would become her love slave.

We became friendly over the years. Finally one day she noticed me eying her. I was taken with everything about her, from her hair, to her feet. She is smart, quick, and straightforward. I always fantasized about her. Since there were so many elements of her to enjoy, she never noticed me checking her out before, as I was checking out different facets of the myriad of her charms. One day she left the privacy curtain in her office open and I could watch her in the mirror. What I didn't know was that there was another mirror where she could see me.

After I dressed, I sat down in her chair.

She made medical notes, and then looked up at me, and said "I saw you pining for me like a schoolboy through that other mirror. Do you think that is proper?"

"No" I said, "but you are so completely irresistible to me that I don't care."

"I am?", She was very surprised.

"Yes, more than you could possibly guess"

"Why? I am old, starting to get wrinkles, crow's feet, and have virtually no tits?"

Ah, women.

"Those are just two of hundreds elements about you that I find irresistible enough for me to be your love slave."

"Would it matter if I were a lesbian?" She asked.

"No' it wouldn't change a thing, you would still be the most beautiful woman on the planet to me.

"Is it that, you are a man who is turned on by 2 women making love?"

"Yes, but that alone can be just one element of a woman's appeal, not the only one. Lesbians who are confident, happy being who they are, and obviously sexually satisfied are very attractive. I am glad that they have found who they are, happy being that way, and not afraid to have sex." I feel a slight pang that they would not be open to me, but there are so many beautiful women in the world it is OK, although there not many who are happy in their own skin, and with sex. When I see one, I try not to gawk, too much. Besides, I am too inept at recognizing the signs from women, and knowing how to 'close the deal' for anything happen anyway. Once I had a lesbian come on to me, and I didn't know what to do."

"Would it surprise you that I have a "girlfriend"?'

"No, in fact I think I know who she is."

"You do?", she was shocked.

"Yes, she is the petite blonde Doctor that works at the Hospital clinic with you."

""Why makes you think that?" she asked with her head slightly cocked, and her mouth slightly askew.

"The similarity between your bodies, the way you both move, the way that you are so standoffish together, over compensating for something, the way you are so "separate from her at the Hospital, and a sad look in her eye that she is not quite happy about something."

"In fact I almost didn't recognize you at the hospital, you were so formal, and proper. So different from how you are in your office. You didn't recognize me. You wouldn't want to do that in front of a "confused" girlfriend. Plus, it looked like you were having a stressful day, and you were focusing on some wild sex at the end of the day to keep you going, and would not need to go far to get it."

"Wow, you got all of that from one Morning? I am fascinated with what else you might think you have picked-up on."

"I can only fantasize. I used to think that people could never be what I felt from them, that they must have been playing a trick on me. If I saw a woman whom I imagined would like an affair, I just thought it was just I projecting. Then one day a new company moved into our building, and the women had to walk by my office to go to the john. The first time I saw Victoria, I thought there is a woman who not very far down inside of her likes sex. I thought I was unfair to think this and never did anything, fearing harassment, etc. But one day we were in the elevator, and when I opened the door, she wrapped her hand around mine. This continued for several months, but I never knew how to take it to the next level. Then I looked at the woman next door at home, and immediately thought she was a frustrated Lesbian, even though she had a husband and 3 boys. She just left her husband for another woman she met at a school council meeting last week."

"Wow, you are perceptive. Yes, the other Doctor is my "girlfriend". She is very confused, but is happy to be with me, and keeps me very satisfied. She is also someone I can talk with, something most men are not good at. I am not a dyed-in-the-wool dyke. I am happy with the relationship; we both get a lot out of it. We just fell into it. We both lamented how lousy men are at having an intelligent conversation, and eventually coupled. She is a Lesbian she has no interest in men. She is in the closet with everyone else in the world (especially her family who can't understand it and want to have grandchildren, as she is now their only child. Their son died in a hit-and-run when he was 15), I have been her only lover, ever, Male of Female. It is less important to me whether a lover is a man or a woman, just how they are as 'lovers'. Over the years I have had male relationships, I enjoyed some of the sex, some of them were OK, as people, but I think that they were a little scared by me. So I drifted more towards women."

"Are you a submissive? You talked about being my love slave?"

"No, I am mostly just horny. I take whatever comes up that turns me on. I can be submissive, dominant, or just cuddly. I prefer to think of D/S in give and take terms. In a true D/S relationship the sub is there only tofor the dom's pleasure, that's not me. I wouldn't be a "submissive" forever, but I often love being one for a while. Although for the right woman, in the right situation I might take on a more prolonged submissive posture. I get horny and want to be dominant too. But being dominant takes too much energy to be that way all the time. I guess I am what is called a 'switch'. "

"What would make you more submissive?"

"In a way it is a dominant thing. If I get what I want out of the relationship, then I would be happy to give back submission, if that was the quid pro quo. "

"What would you like out of the relationship to be submissive?"

"It depends on the woman. In university one of our group was a short blonde BBW. At Halloween she dressed up as a dominant. Her cleavage was well displayed, and she had my favourite kind of tits, small hangers, like big fluffy pancakes. I would have gladly been submissive to her for as long as it took to satisfy my lust with her tits, as long as she didn't exceed my limits."

"You are surprisingly fascinating. What are your limits as a submissive?"

"They are much much broader than my conservative demeanor would suggest. After all, I have already admitted to being a switch."

"So, are you into pain?"

"That would be giving away too much at this point. Also, remember that what I am willing to endure is balanced by what I get. Like with the BBW's tits, it might not be completely obvious. For instance I would never had let on to the BBW my desires about her tits, and that I wanted her to sit that huge round ass of hers on my face, so I could give her a good rimming. To be a submissive is be there for the sole pleasure of your dominant. I can do that for a short while, then I want some of my share of the excitement. If a true dominant finds out what you want you will never get it. It'll become like rabbit greyhounds chase in races. I get tired of that quickly. Just because I wanted to luxuriate in the BBW's tits, and ass, does not mean that is what I want to with every woman. Every woman's sensuality is different, what I would want in a sexual exchange is different with each one."

"Women have no idea what turns men on, or at least me. I know some women whose collar bones turn me on so much I would be their slave for a couple of days if I could watch it all the time. Longer, if I could caress it and love it, and they were fun to be with. Women focus on their hair, tits, (size especially) and having small bums. When I was younger, some friends and I met a woman in a bar. She claimed to be 28. My friends commented, look at those crow's feet, uhg, she must be more than 28. I didn't eve know what corw's feet were. About a year later I figured it out, and remembered that was the sexiest part of this woman. To think of the Billions that women spend on creams to make themslves think their corw's feet are lessened, when there are men like me who can find it ravishing. In the main, I find that small tits turn me on much much more that huge ones. But, sometimes huge tits turn me on too; it just depends on the woman as a complete package, inside, and out."

"I have never heard a man talk like this before. "

"And I've never found a woman I could talk like this with before. Most women are quite closed minded, and have expectations of a man is, most of that I 'm not."

"What about your wife?"

"She is a nice person, and probably about average in the sexual adventure and desire departments, not nearly as adventurous as me. I love her, and our kids, and have no intention of leaving. But, I am so horny, so much of the time, she could not imagine."

"So, what is it that you like about me?"

"Without giving away too much away, everything."

"Could you be more specific? I promise not use it against you."

"OK, I trust you. In no particular order, and I am purposely placing them out of the order that I think of them so they'll be random: YOUR collarbone, your ankles, your ability to think fast, the tailored clothes you wear, the ever-schmaltzy sense of humour, your teeth, your haircut, the way younrevously tuck your hair behind your ear, your wide mouth, your jaw, your voice, the way you talk, what you talk about, your petite body, the way that you are mostly at home in your skin, your seemingly lack of hang-up about big breasts, your ass, your mature face, especially your crow's feet, the list goes on."

"I am stunned. I never knew a man would think of all of those things like that."

"Many probably do", I said. "Just they are afraid to admit in front of other men, and are afraid of slapped in the face by women if they said anything."

"Why aren't you afraid I will slap you?"

"Partly because it doesn't matter. I have no hope of having any other relationship with you other than sitting in your chair and drinking in your beauty like a puppy-eyed school boy. I am too inept to figure out how to make the first step, and, you are so incredible that you must have many more exciting, about better-looking prospects than me."

"So, you want to Fuck me?

"Yes, No, Yes, Maybe."


"You are so you beautiful, ordinarily I would. Then, I think about all the things I love about you and want to spend a long time learning about who you, and softly adoring all the physical bits of you that drive me wild. After that I would be so horny I would have to make physical love with you. The maybe is that there are lots of ways to enjoy passionate sexuality, that "Fucking" may not be one, OR might be only one of many."

"What if I don't meet your expectations?"

"I have had 10 years to set my expectations. When I see cute, sensual women, I usually want not to them speak, lest it spoil my infatuation with them. We've talked for over 10 years, it makes you more stimulating."

"What about my girlfriend?"

"You are, therefore, completely safe from failing my expectations, aren't you."

" Plus, When I get put in the spotlight I start to perform, and act a more typical male."

"What if I wasn't so 'safe' as you put it?"

" Ah, then my ineptness would set in. You would continue to be safe, on a pedestal."

"What if I was equally engrossed by what you have said?"

"To what end?"

"How about this. You are my second last appointment of the day. Let me take care of that last patient who is now an hour overdue for her appointment, then we can go for a coffee, to talk. Would you accompany me?"

"Do you anticipate any answer other than yes?" I asked.

"Actually I have no idea. Everything that we have already talked about has me in a fog, so no, I have no inkling about what your response would be."

"It would be the happiest day of my life."

"So, that is a yes?"


"So, are you free to go for a drink with me after I finish work today?"

"Yes I would!'


I sat in her waiting room flabbergasted by what had just transpired. Even to have one small intimate time with her was beyond my wildest dreams. I had a hard time not imagining all the fun we could have together in some crisp, cool ironed white sheets.

In about seven minutes she re-appeared saying "I toyed with the idea of letting you pant out here for a while to tease you, but I can see why you could be quite likeable, so I didn't."

"What about your girlfriend, won't she wonder where your are?" I asked.

"No, she is away at a conference this week. What about your wife?"

"I'll call her and say that you have sent me to the hospital for some tests."

"Let's go." She said as she fumbled with her keys to lock the office.

I felt some hope, and much trepidation. She was nervous about this too. At least I would get to gaze into her eyes for a while, and not need to hide my lascivious desires.

Since neither of drank coffee we went to a posh smoke-free restaurant. She said that she didn't drink very much, because of her allergies. I suggested that she try Sake, as it is made from rice, without all the additives of regular wine, or spirits. It worked. She was pleased she could find something alcoholic that was potable to her, and not a German Beer. We spent an hour probing and thrusting, orally (not that orally of course). She learned much more about how beautiful I thought she was. I learned more about why she became a doctor.

Finally she said, "OK, here is a deal that I suggest. I am concerned about your weight and health. So, for every five pounds you lose you get a real nip of that proverbial rabbit, each one bigger than the previous. Fives nips are guaranteed, how much more satisfying each is, is dependant on how much you meet my expectations. Plus, for every 2% increase you make in your oxygen intake, you get a bonus nip."

Anything sounded good to me, but I thought I should check the parameters of the offer. "What would be the first "nip"?", I asked.

"A long sensual kiss, a chance for me to see if I am right about what I suspect about you."

"What is the maximum level?"

"You get to Fuck me."

This was an incentive laden deal I could not refuse. It was like joining last year's intact World Series winner, with a backend loaded (no pun intended) contract. "I agree", I said, not wanting to leave any doubt.

"Great. Lets go back to the office and we'll have an official weigh-in."

When we got there, she said, "No cheating! Strip completely naked so you can't hide any weights anywhere." 199 lbs. I saw her go to where the supplies where while I played with the scale to see if I could get it up to 200, one less pound to lose.

All of a sudden I felt two of her petite, but welled lubed, fingers, rammed up my ass.

"Just checking to make sure that you aren't hiding weights in a body cavity."

"Do that it again?" I panted.

"Uh-uh. You have to wait for that. Anyway, I always wanted to that to a man to see how they reacted. See, we both have something out of relationship already."

"How did I react?" I asked?

"Better than I anticipated" she replied.

I turned around; she stopped, ogling my fiery red bush. "Do you know how rare it is to have that colour of pubic hair? I've seen thousands of pubes, male and female, in my day, you are only the 2nd with that true red colour. Most redheads don't have red bushes." Her frankness turned me on even more. Plus, she admired something physical about me. That appealed to my male ego.

I left on a huge high. Even if all I got was the kiss, I would be ecstatic. I signed up at the new 24 hr gym on the way home.

About 10 days later she called my to ask how I was doing. "A pound and a half" I replied.

" A small step in the right direction. Would you like to meet for lunch, just to chat?"

"Yes", keeping to my resolve to be clear. "How about Sushi?"

"Just what I was thinking of", she said. "And maybe a little Sake too." She continued.

We met. It seems hard to remember what we talked about, but I came away feeling better than I had in 10 years, and with a redoubled resolve to get that first "nip of fur" faster. We hugged gently. I tried to pour into her some of the love I felt for her, and to try to peer into her to find what emotional needs she had. I couldn't find much, other than just being there. I must have been right; we gently hugged for over a minute. I was like a year of pleasure for me. I can lose two pounds a week when I am exercising and watching my diet. In another two weeks I was ready for another weigh-in, to see if I qualified for the first level. Six pounds. I qualified. We gently kissed. I wanted nothing more than just to kiss her. It went on for a long time. How long I had no idea, although my penis was getting the idea. I started to get dressed.

"Wait" she said, "Let's see if you qualify for a bonus, to go with that boner."

I blew, into the breathing machine.

"Wow. That was good work to qualify for a bonus so fast". Later I found out that I hadn't, that she was looking for an excuse to continue to explore. "Sit on the floor." Said firmly, but overly demandingly.

I looked a bit apprehensive.

"Don't worry", she assured me, "I promise that it won't exceed any limits that you have."

"Its not the limits I am worried about, but being able to perform well enough to get to the next level."

"A man who is willing to admit he is nervous is a turn-on. I never though I would meet a man who would be." She responded. "Don't worry about performance, you are backsliding into being a typical male." She kicked off her expensive shoes. I resisted the urge to smell them, not wanting her to think that was a fetishist.

"I know you want to smell them, go ahead, I think it is so wonderful how everything seems to excite, you, yet you have no expectations. Besides you told me you liked my ankles "

I gathered up the shoes, and stared up at her. She was short with her $300 pumps. I smelled, she watched in fascination.

The she picked up one of my shoes. "I don't think that that will smell very good." I said.

"It smells neither good, nor bad," she said. "It just reminds me of you."

She spread a white sheet from her examining table, on the floor. Then she started to remove her pantyhose. I watched in rapture. She gently took them off without any affectation. That made the performance even more sensual. I wondered what the 'bonus" would be.

"Don't get your hopes up as high as your cock is" She said, "It isn't going to be that good."

She sat down sitting with her legs drawn up under her skirt. I tried to get a glimpse of what was under there.

"Good try, but you are definitely not going there today." She said, noticing my not very hidden glances at her crotch.

She pulled me up so that were intertwined, legs wrapping around each other. She made me sit on my cock. "While I impressed with your cock, I though it might be a lot smaller, when I saw it flaccid, it doesn't figure into today's bonus."

Then, she wrapped her mouth around mine. Our legs were warmly softly rubbing skin against skin. We smooched like teenagers for almost and hour. She saw the freckles on my back. "I think freckles are cute." She said.

"To me, freckles are the number one thing that turns me on most about a woman. They make almost any woman hot to me."

"Well, well, you could be in for a pleasant mottled surprise."

"You have freckles?" I asked.

" Knowing where the freckles are, would make it not a surprise." She retorted. "Anyway, I had fun. I am on my way home to visit Liz to get some relief from the frenzied state I'm in."

" And I am on my way to the nearest washroom, have my cock visit with my hand, before I go outside and try to hump every woman in sight, like an over-active dog"

" I thought it was me you liked" she commented, looking puzzled.

"Of course it is you I want," I said, "But right now I can't have you, and I am so horny that a sidewalk garbage can will look good."

"You ARE horny" she said.

I started to dress, and she said "leave those underpants with me. "

'Are you taking them home to smell them?" I asked.

"That is one potential use. Another is up the adventure level to send you home without your underpants, to make you wife wonder. There are others you can only guess"

She was just my sort of woman.

"Then can I have your nylons? Tit for tat"

"No tit for you. BUT, if you wear them, you can have them. It'll might make Liz wonder, and if you are as infatuated with me as I think you are, you'll wear them home, and that will add another level of daring to our escapade."

Well, I hate the feel of nylons. I prefer silk stockings, or bare legs. But this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Oh, and give me your socks." She said upping the ante even more. "Maybe someone you know will see you on the commuter train home."

God, I needed to get my hand on my cock, fast. The panty hose were a bit small. I made a hole in the top, and she tied them firmly to my hard cock. Then, in a final bit of daring, broke my pant zipper.

I headed to the nearest washroom. Between how horny I'd become, and the tightness of the knot on my cock she make with her beautiful, strong, hands, I couldn't cum. Now I was stuck with a boner, tied in nylons that I didn't like, but couldn't undo, and my fly open. Well, stuck is not exactly right. I didn't care. I was well above cloud nine. Being arrested and thrown into jail with a bunch of bikers, would not dampen my spirits.

Thinking carefully, I reached into my pocket for some cash to buy a newspaper to cover up my perdiciment. All I found was a quarter, and a note; "Gotchya".

Later, I'll fill you in on what happened on the way home.

I want to meet your girlfriend" I said.

"I don't think that would be appropriate" She responded.

"Why not, she adores you, and I adore you, we are your fan club."

"Remember she's a Lesbian."

"Oh, I remember you saying that. But you also said that you were her only lover, ever. Looking at her I think I see a lot of confusion. It is hard to make choices, without experiencing the options, at least to some degree. I only want to meet and chat. Not have an orgy."

"I'll think about it., Are you doing this because you lust after her too? "

"Of course I lust after her. She has a beautiful petite body, must be at least somewhat intelligent, being a doctor, and if you like her, and I like you, I think that I would like her."

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