Coping With An Open Wound
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The fifteenth story in the Caddymaster saga. Jackie makes the mistake of going against the wishes of his wife and his mother. His father and brother think he's crazy to be fighting this battle.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Pregnancy  


In June of 1964 I thought my life was going to settle back down. Joan was off in California, pregnant and soon to be divorced. Ray had met his future wife, Sandy, and was starting to settle down. Janos and Annie were married with one son already, and another on the way. My mom and dad were in one of their quiet periods, probably just gaining strength for their next confrontation. Billy and Theresa were doing well and Cousin Lenny and Clara had just celebrated the birth of their third child, their first daughter. Ellen and I were about to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary in August.

"Jackie, do you remember Gloria Porter?" I remembered Gloria and her sister Glenda from high school. They both were raised by their grandmother and lived over close to us in Groton. I hadn't seen or heard from either one in at least three years. Glenda had a reputation of being an easy lay and had at least two kids that I knew about. She'd never gotten married and was still running around all over the place, party time was any time for her. I hadn't heard anything at all about Gloria. I remembered she had a crush on Ray, but I didn't remember it going anywhere past a little verbal flirting.

"I remember her. She was a lot quieter than her mother and sister. Cut school a lot, but always kept up with her studies and her homework. What made you ask about her?"

"Ray called me today and told me Gloria's grandmother passed away last week and Gloria needs a place to stay until her college starts up again in August. We have the spare guest room, so I told him she can stay with us until she heads back to school. That's all right with you isn't it?"

"Why isn't she staying with her mom or her sister? You know I don't like it when you go off taking in strays and stuff. It always comes back and bites me in the ass when you do it. Remember Tony? Remember Megan? How about Joan?"

"This time is different. We'd be doing good for a family friend who really needs our help and it's only for two months. What could go wrong in two months?"

"Gloria's not a family friend. I barely knew her. Did you ask my mom if she'd take her in? She's got as much room as we do, and she lives right by Gloria's grandma's house."

"Ray asked I think, but your mom didn't want to do it for some reason or other. It'll only be for two months, Jackie. She can keep me company while you're out working all the time." I had been working a lot of hours, since business was good and I now had four drivers and five trucks. I was making a good living and was looking around for more ways to expand into something that was a good fit with my current business. Billy was talking about us doing some small custom logging for some furniture people in North Carolina. We'd looked at some possibilities, at least on paper, but hadn't gotten the numbers that made the whole thing work out financially for the extra work and risk we'd assume. We had begun looking at supplying some local cabinet makers with a variety of hard woods. Because the shipping costs were so reduced, the numbers were looking pretty good. We had to do more investigating before committing, but it did look promising to both of us.

"Ellen, if you already told Ray to bring her over, why are you checking with me now?"

"Because I want you to at least pretend to be civil to her when she gets here, that's why. You have a way of making people feel unwelcome sometimes."

"Only the ones that are unwelcome. Things never go smoothly when we have long term company."

"What you mean is, that I don't have the time to cater to your every whim when there are others around that need some consideration."

"That's another way of putting it, yes. If I'd wanted to marry someone that took in every stray she ran across, I'd have married one of the nun's from the House of the Good Shepherd."

"Jackie, knock it off, Ok? Gloria's coming tonight and I won't have you making her feel unwelcome." I felt pretty good, at least this time she'd let me have my say. Usually she would let me know when the door had just been knocked on and the company was already up on my porch. Maybe I was finally starting to make some progress. Five minutes later I heard Ray banging on the door and yelling for me to come give him a hand with Gloria's stuff. Well, five minutes was an improvement over no warning.

The first thing I noticed about Gloria was that she'd gotten a whole lot better looking in the four years or so since I'd seen her last. The second thing I noticed was that she and Ellen gave each other that look that women share only among themselves. It is a silent communication code that men can't decipher and just aren't privy to. If you've been married for some time, you learn to be aware of that look because it means that you're being schemed against. As soon as the two of them disappeared into the guest room, leaving Ray and I alone to schlep in the luggage, I gave Ray the men's version of the look. When men do it, it means, 'we're in trouble, do you have any idea of what it is we'll be up against'? Ray gave me a little different look that meant, 'not we, only you'. Then the creep took off out of there without a single look back, not pausing, or saying his goodbyes to anyone. I reminded myself right then to never interfere again when he was getting his ass handed to him. Ray had a motto that went something like: 'If I have a problem, we have a problem; If you have a problem, good luck.'

Fifteen minutes later Ellen reappeared with Gloria and the two of them sat down together on the sofa.

"Gloria, I was sorry to hear about your Granny. I know you and her were close."

"Thanks, Jackie. She had a hard life and mom and Glenda didn't make it any easier for her, that's for sure. Did you know she was watching Glenda's two kids when she had her stroke?"

"No, I didn't. How is Glenda by the way? I haven't seen her since high school."

"Still the same I guess. Putting the make on married guys now. Says only the married ones are worth chasing. She thinks the guys who made it to their mid twenties, and still aren't married, would be unlikely to want to settle down with her. Problem is, neither do the married ones. She's a good time and that's about all. She's so like mama in that way."

"So let's talk about you. Where you going to college?"

"Connecticut College."

"Right over in New London?" I looked over at Ellen. Gloria's campus was a half hour or less ride from my front door, and less from her grandmother's house. When she nodded yes, I knew that something was up. "Do you live on campus?"

"No, I was still living at my grandmother's. I couldn't afford to live on campus, you kidding?" Right on cue, Ellen breaks in.

"Jackie, Gloria's had a long week. Why don't we let her get settled in for a bit before we get into her plans for the future." The two of them got up and headed out to the guest room, leaving me twiddling my thumbs and fearing the worst. I knew Ellen, and I knew she had another scheme in mind. Either she was planning on using Gloria to get a baby for herself, or else she had found another guy like B.D. Poynton and wanted to plot another successful campaign using Gloria as the bait. Gloria was good looking, but nowhere near being in Joan's class for looks. That left Ellen having brought Gloria in as a breeder. I saw some upside here, but it just went against my grain to be tricked into fucking someone else just to get her pregnant so my wife could have herself a baby. I had no interest in raising a baby that wasn't ours, mine and Ellen's. I didn't want a baby much anyway. I started thinking this little plot might go deeper than just those two. I decided to go over to visit my mother that next morning. Damned women.

"Hi ma. I just wanted to come over and say hello. I also needed to ask you what you thought of Ellen's little plan for getting us some children?"

"Hello son. What plan is that? You don't mean that Ellen's finally pregnant?" My mother could lie with the best of them when she decided to bother with it. Usually she told the truth because she prided herself on being able to talk people into accepting the unacceptable. More of a challenge I guess.

"I don't guess you'd much care for it ma if I decided to quit coming over here anymore because I couldn't trust you to look out for me the same way I look out for you? You know I don't like Ellen always scheming like she does. If you're in it with her, well, I guess you've made your choice about what's more important to you."

"Jackie, you stop that right now. You know I'd never intentionally do anything to hurt you, Ellen, or your marriage. This time Ellen's right though, you need a child, or maybe three or four of them. You've got the money, why not give her what she wants and needs? She went to a lot of trouble finding someone that you'd enjoy making babies with. Gloria's a nice girl, not like Glenda or that whore Jeannie. Did you know that Jeannie made a move on your father ten years ago? Of course, he fell for it too, the bastard!"

"Ma, there's no way I'm getting Gloria pregnant so that Ellen will have a baby to raise. I told her that before when she had Megan come stay with us and I've told her that since. The only way is if she gets pregnant herself. If I have to, I'll get one of those vasectomy things so there's no chance of anybody getting pregnant from me."

"If you do that Jackie, you'd be sticking a knife in both Ellen and my hearts. I've never made any secret about wanting to hold a few of your children in my arms before I die. What happens if something comes between you and Ellen and then you remarry and want some children. You forget that vasectomy idea, you hear me? Forget it!"

"If you don't help me put the kibosh on her plans ma, I'll be up in New Haven by next week having myself clipped, and that's a promise. So you decide." I left before she had a chance to get in any more arguments. I knew my mother was a very powerful person in my life. I had been conditioned from early on to do her bidding. It wouldn't be easy to go against her stated wishes. I went over to Billy's and the two of us stayed outside all afternoon, drinking beer and talking about how hard it was to understand women. It was very late out, maybe midnight before Ellen and Gloria drove over to get me and 'drag my drunken ass back home'. Theresa had called her. Women all stick together when one of them is plotting against a poor man. The next morning I woke up feeling terrible. I took four aspirins and got showered and shaved and left to make a run up to Springfield, Massachusetts. Ellen gave me a bunch of angry looks but she didn't say anything. I knew my mother had phoned her and told her about my vasectomy threat. Ellen knew me well enough to know that I'd do it too. I knew Ellen well enough to know she might divorce me if I went ahead with it.

I got back late that evening, tired and sweaty and ready for a good night's sleep. Ellen had stayed up and waited for me. I knew she was loaded for bear, and I was the bear. "Jackie, your mother told me that you had threatened her, is that right?"

"I told her that if I found out that she had aided you in any way on this baby scheme, after I told her not to, that I'd probably stop going over there to see her. Is that what you mean by threatening?"

"What baby scheme?"

"The one where you have Gloria spread her legs and get me to fuck her so that she gets pregnant and you get the baby. That baby scheme."

"Is that what you really believe? That I'd let you screw somebody else just to have a baby?"


"Would that be so hard for you to do? Gloria's a good looking girl. The two of you would make great looking babies together. Everybody I asked said that, even your dad and Ray. What's so bad about that? If anybody should mind, it'd be me, not you. What's wrong with her?"

"She isn't you, that's what's wrong with her. I don't love her. I won't ever love her. I won't do it, not with Gloria, not with anyone."

"Would you do it with Faye Watford? If I can arrange it, will you make me a baby with her?" Ellen was crying. I hated seeing her desperate and vulnerable like that, but she'd forced it by her actions, not mine.

"Not with Faye Watford, not with anyone else but you. If you need a baby so bad, you'll have to divorce me and go find someone else who'll go along with your plans. I won't. Ever."

"I just might do that you selfish bastard. I've tried everything I can think of to get a baby and still keep us together. You've been successful in keeping me from having the one thing I want and need most in this world. I hate you for doing that to me. I want you to leave right now. I'll give you two weeks to change your mind, after that I'm getting a divorce lawyer and this time I won't change my mind."

"I'm going to bed, Ellen. Why don't you go in and sleep with Gloria. Maybe you can get her pregnant. As for the two weeks, don't bother waiting on my account. I told you I wasn't going to take any more ultimatums. You go ahead and get your divorce, that's what my parents really wanted anyway. They want some grandkids from me. You made your mistake by playing right into their hands. In a month they'll have a new wife all picked out for me, and they'll make sure this one has all her plumbing in good working order. Good night, and good luck."

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