House for Sale
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alexis wanted that outstanding house almost as much as she wanted the promotion. Caught in the uncertainties of a merger, she realized that she might not even have a job. If she could only give an elegant party at "her" house, she could get a political advantage. Brooks owned the house. Maybe she could find a way to have her house and her party. Then, after that kiss, she wanted Brooks, too.

Alexis maneuvered up the steep driveway to the dream house she had just located on the Internet. Perfectly sited on the side of a high hill, the angular redwood and glass design took her breath away. Low resolution photos on the website minimized the drama of this architecture. She phoned to go see it within minutes after finding it listed on the website. The man who answered her request graciously invited her to come by that same afternoon. The house typified the so-called "mineshaft modern" look, having high vaulted ceilings, uneven shapes, and weathered siding that had turned evenly to gray as numerous large windows reflected the landscape. Looking in the vanity mirror, she fluffed her shoulder-length auburn hair. Then inhaling deeply, she walked onto the entry porch, and pressed the doorbell, tapping her foot impatiently.

Soon the door opened, "Ms. Watson?" a beautiful blonde child inquired from behind her freckles as her ponytail swished. A smaller girl stood behind her almost hiding.

"Right! I'm Alexis Watson. Now, let's see, you're Michelle and you're seven." Then she smiled and looked over Michelle's head, "You're Diana and you're four. I saw your pretty pictures on the Internet."

Michelle's bright smile might light up a stadium, "Daddy is on a conference call and will be through in a few minutes. Let us show you the deck and pool and then we will go upstairs."

Diana took Alexis' hand with both of hers, smiling up at her, and Michelle led the way to the deck. How long has it been since I felt a child's hand in mine? Alexis observed that Michelle's dress was too small and Diana's had a hole in it and was missing a button. But strangely both girls' hair was nicely done. The scene enthralled her--the children... the deck. The panoramic view of San Francisco Bay and huge blimp hangars at Moffett Field made the large deck a true scenic overlook. She stood by the hot tub, holding Diana's hand and appreciating the view, almost in a trance. Then she paced to absorb more.

She smiled at Michelle, "Oh, I love this view. What's next?"

Just then, Diana yelled happily, "Look, Ms. Watson! A paterkillar." She pointed to the fuzzy banana-colored worm on the deck. Then she stamped her foot, "I mean a CAT-ER-PILL-AR!"

Alexis laughed deep inside and examined the child's discovery, and then again when she deliberately corrected herself.

Michelle led them back through the house and upstairs to a hallway leading to the bedrooms, Diana's hands linked with hers all the time. They went first to the guest room where Alexis admired the tasteful decoration and comfortable surroundings. A desk with a blue Internet cable, a recent desktop computer, and a telephone made the room quite useful for the kind of guests she would have stay with her. The adjoining private bath, with skylights and colorful tile accents, made it even more suitable. Original art adorned the walls.

She felt an impatient tug at her hand and smiled at Diana, "OK, next!"

Diana led her to the end of the hall, "This is mommy and daddy's room."

The master bedroom presented about the same view as the deck, and the bay was easily seen from the king size bed. Alexis noticed that half the walk-in closet was empty and there were no woman's accessories on the bathroom counter. Where is the 'she'?

Michelle said, "That's where mommy's clothes were," she paused thoughtfully, "but she ran off to Italy with Mauricio." Then Michelle put her hand over her mouth. "Oh, I wasn't supposed to tell that." By then she was in tears.

Instinctively, Alexis dropped to her knees and hugged the little girl. As she did, she brought Diana into the hug fest. "It is OK to cry, " she soothed.

Alexis had not planned on having tears on her navy blue wool suit. She had dressed in a knee-length business skirt to favorably impress the owner. Shortly, Michelle pulled away and went to get her father. Alexis was first annoyed at the wet spot that might not come out, but then she felt guilty because the child obviously hurt.

Michelle found her father in his office. "Daddy, I just couldn't finish. I cried." He hugged her for a minute and then went upstairs.

Seeing Alexis, he offered his hand, "Hello, I'm Brooks Allen. Please forgive me for keeping you waiting, but a client thought it was an emergency." He noticed all of her and she was dramatic to see. He held her firm handshake for a moment as their eyes continued to engage. His butterflies fluttered powerfully in her presence and he inhaled deeply to regain his composure. He noticed that she wore no wedding ring. A tall woman, wearing heels that brought her brilliant green eyes level with his. She must be 5'8," he thought to himself.

She took his hand and found it to be firm and warm, "I'm Alexis Watson. This is a beautiful house. I love it." She inferred that he had been abandoned and still had his children. My God, that must have been tough. "The children must be very sad."

"We all are. We miss Sherry."

Alexis had been entranced by the online virtual tour, liking everything she saw. Now that she'd been on the physical tour, it was to be her house. She must have searched through 100 dull, featureless houses for weeks until she found this one. Like soul mates, some people and some houses are meant to be. A successful marketing director, she could easily afford it and she usually managed well enough to get what she wanted. I will have this house.

He offered, "You may have it, 'as is' with some furniture and artwork, or we will move our stuff out and you may move yours in." He contemplated, "I think we found a smaller house and won't need it all."

"I don't have furniture. I let my ex have it when we split. Since then I have rented furnished places because I'm not home much, but now I need a nice place to entertain and enjoy. I will have to buy new furniture." She looked like she was in a dream, "I won't be traveling nearly as much in my new job."

"Alexis, you have found it--plenty of parking and neighbor boys for valets. We made this place for Sherry to entertain. I don't need to do that sort of thing since she is gone. I have housekeeping services, gardeners, security people, caterers at your fingertips, and handy-folk that you can inherit," he recited without enthusiasm.

Michelle returned with red eyes, looked up, and took the woman's hand, "I'm sorry I cried. Did you finish seeing everything?"

Again Alexis went to her knees and hugged the child, "Show me your room and Diana's room."

In Michelle's room, she sat on a stool and reached for both girls. "We all cry when we're hurt. Girls do that." Diana hugged her. I feel contented here. The girls were reluctant to end the embrace. Alexis asked, "What's your bear's name?"

"Bear's name is Walrus." Michelle looked happier.

"That's a funny name for a bear." Alexis chuckled.

Michelle explained clearly so that anyone could understand, "I had a walrus whose name was Wallace. I lost him at Yosemite. We couldn't find another. So Daddy got me a bear and I named him Walrus." She paused, "He said that it was like I still had Wallace."

This time, Alexis laughed out loud, "I understand completely." That man has a strange sense of humor! She turned to Diana, "May I see your room?"

Diana looked at her, "You are a nice lady." She took Alexis' hand in both of hers again and led her across the hall. "This is my room. My bear's name is Sarah. She's a girl."

Alexis laughed at the careful explanation. "I like your room. Thank you for letting me see it."

Diana kept her hand and led her back downstairs to the family room. Alexis said to Brooks with a large smile, "Well I just met the strangest bear named Walrus, and a perfectly normal one across the hall named Sarah."

He laughed and replied, "Walrus does get his share of teasing. Keeps life interesting. I'm glad you met the whole family. Would you have a glass of wine?"

Suddenly Alexis relaxed and smiled. Although she did have a pile of work at the hotel, she did not want to leave, but she had no other reason to prolong her stay. "That's kind of you. I would." As she took the wineglass, she observed sadness in Brooks' blue eyes. You'd like to hug him, too, Alex.

She took the proffered seat on a large, comfortable leather couch, and he sat in the adjoining chair. She kicked her shoes off and sat on her feet as she made good eye contact and said simply, "I want to buy it. I have to go through corporate mortgage brokers for approval to make an offer." Then, judging that the empty closet upstairs was the reason for the sale, she asked, "How soon do you have to move?"

"I don't have to move, ever. I own the house." He waved his hand at the spacious room, "It is too large for me now." He looked away, "It's kind of empty."

If I get out of here without hugging that sad man to my chest, it will be a miracle.

"I will talk to my lending people tomorrow and see what's involved. May I come by Thursday after work and give you an update? I'd like to see the kitchen again."

"You may come as often as you like until it is sold. Just call me a few minutes ahead. I won't promise that it will be this orderly all the time. We'll have a parade of buyers this week. Houses up here go pretty fast."

Buyers? Until it is sold? Oh, no! You are not going to sell my house to someone else! "That's very considerate. When were you thinking of moving?"

"We looked at a house last week down the hill. Seems to be suitable and more appropriately sized. The owners will move in a month. If Murphy's Law still prevails, and I have no reason to believe it has been repealed, that probably means two months."

She laughed knowingly, "Murphy is with us 24/7/365! Never goes away. Two months should be manageable for me."

He refilled her wine. She could hear the children watching cartoons in the other room. When he smiled, she felt warm inside and the wine was making that feeling stronger. He asked, "What other things could I tell you? I mean, you'll have your own inspector check it out and all that."

For God's sake, Alex, ask something intelligent. "How old are the appliances?"

"Glad you asked!" He walked to the counter and pulled out a bundle of papers from the drawer, "I made this checklist of all the questions I thought people would have. All that information is on here and is easier to read than on the website."

For the next hour they discussed items on the checklist and she seemed to understand most of it. She had not owned a house with so many impressive features before.

She laughed, "Will I ever master the pool pump?"

Just then, she saw him look at the back of the couch and smile, "OK, girls you may come and sit for a minute." They crawled around each end of the couch, and Diana went to his lap while Michelle sat on the couch with Alexis. He said, "You may have a minute to tell Ms. Watson what you will be doing tomorrow."

Diana bubbled out, "I'm going to the Montessori school. I get to see my friend Melissa. Daddy takes me to school."

Michelle said, "I'm in second grade. I catch the bus at the corner. After school we sometimes go to the gym and sometimes to the media center." She sighed and cocked her head, "Then, I ride the bus home with Cindy and we play at her house for a while."

Just as Alexis was about to continue the conversation, she looked at her watch and realized that she had been there almost three hours. "Oh, forgive me. I was having a nice time and stayed much longer than I planned. I must get back to work."

Diana whispered to her father, "Can she come back and play with us sometime?"

He smiled at Alexis, "I'll just bet she will come back and play with us sometime! How would Thursday be?"

Both of the girls clapped and gave their gleeful approval. Alexis quickly picked up on his cue, "Well, Thursday it is, then!" She stood to leave and said to Diana, "Would you show me the door?"

Diana beamed and took her by the hand to the front door. Michelle went after them, followed by Brooks. The girls hugged her and went back inside. Brooks walked on the entry porch and handed her a card. "The card has my email, just in case you need to reschedule." He watched her go down the steps, realizing that he was not glad to see her leave.

She turned to smile as she opened her car door, "I had a nice time looking at your house. Thanks for the hospitality!" She started her car and slowly drove around the circular driveway and down the hill. In her gut, she felt like she was struggling mightily to escape a magnetic field with the forces surrounding the house holding her emotions inside it.

Brooks' next task was to fix dinner for the girls and get them ready for school the next day. The girls were talkative at dinner as they discussed their new friend with enthusiasm. He did not have the heart to tell them that when she bought the house, they would be moving away into their new house. Of course, it was not far away and if she wanted to continue being friends, that was easily arranged.

Michelle asked, "Will Mr. Watson come with her on Thursday?"

"I don't think so, sweetheart, I think they may be divorced."

As he lay alone in bed, he imagined Alexis lying next to him and all the sexual thrills they might share. That, of course, made him stout and upright as he stroked softly on his lonesome cock. Although he hated the memory, he recalled again Sherry's last visit.

He had waited for her at the San Jose airport as her flight from Atlanta showed "on time" on the schedule display. She had called him from Atlanta, making clear exactly what she wanted when she arrived. The drive from the airport was barely thirty minutes and she felt his crotch repeatedly as he drove. Their sex life had been outstanding. So good, in fact, that he never strayed even though he had many tempting offers. The dot com business in Silicon Valley seemed to be populated with bright, liberated women out for a good time.

Having wanted her forever, he knew how to make her his once again when she returned from her travels. After kissing at length, she stripped herself instantly and ran for the large bed. "Come on. Quit fooling around in there!"

He obeyed and went first to her inviting crotch, where he feasted on her most delicious pussy. His role was to cause her to have multiple orgasms at the tip of his tongue with little flicks on her engorged clit. He performed superbly. Although she was tired from the long trip from Milan, she revived in response to the incredible pleasure. Once she started repeated orgasms, he slowed his tongue movements to increase the pressure before her next spasms began.

After a while, he became stiff like a broomstick and began their ritual missionary fucking. He went slowly, slowly, slowly until she beat on his butt and shoulders, shouting obscenities at him to go faster. In her mind, she knew he would not quicken the pace, no matter what she said, but she was not thinking with her mind. It was not her mind that needed more speed.

He could hear her, "For God's sake, Brooks, move it! Move it! C'mon faster. Do me!"

He slowed the pace until she had a gigantic orgasm that seemed to last forever as he continued to plunge in her. He sustained his pace until she came again and again, and then he felt his own pent-up load begin its journey from deep inside. He made incoherent sounds as the pulsations in his cock repeated until they were done.

Alone in bed, his moistened hand brought his orgasm and he quietly let it squirt into a washcloth. Although he had been with a few women since Sherry left, none inspired his erotic imagination like she did. Sherry was still his woman of choice to visualize in self-pleasure. He could only imagine Alexis.

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