Curse of the Blue Spirit
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2005 by hammingbyrd7

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of love, courage, and adventure. Perhaps it's my attempt to write a sexy version of Steven King's "The Stand". This is a direct sequel to my posted story "Path of the Blue Spirit". There is an overlap of a few days, in the timelines of the two stories. Hang onto your seat, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Humor   Uncle   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Violent   School  


Aina time: sunset, 9:00 PM day 285 of year 1406, four days before summer solstice and the new year 1407

Mark finished his long day of work at the science lab complex and finally headed over to the dining lodge just as the sun was disappearing beneath the western horizon. He was very late for his planned dinner with Kara, and he was wondering if she had perhaps just eaten without him. But as he approached the lodge, he saw her standing by the door waiting for him in the twilight, and he was delighted to see a large beautiful flower woven into her hair.

"Hi gorgeous! Thanks for waiting for me! I was tuning the inverters on the main power grid and didn't want to stop before everything was balanced. You look beautiful!"

Kara gave him a beaming smile and kissed him. "So how did it go?"

"It's in great shape now. Nice clean sin waves at a full nominal load of 90 kW and even at an emergency pull of 130 kW with the fuel cell. The solar arrays and batteries, the wind towers, and the underground water turbine are all singing in perfect 60 Hz harmony."

They were soon sitting down in the community hall and eating a dinner of egg and potato salads, with a large assortment of local Aina fruits, nuts, and vegetables from the spring harvest. "Wow," said Kara, "this is great! The goats and chickens we brought over last year really make a huge difference. I love the goat cheese with these local fruits. Try it; it's fabulous! Ha! I remember the milk we used to get from the six-legged version of a plow oxen. It was really strange stuff..."

"Yeah... I think my stomach never could figure out how to digest it. Don't remind me..." They ate their meal in silence for a while, and then Mark commented, "You look very thoughtful tonight. Been thinking about things?"

"Oh yeah... I was thinking about the new year. What a year this one's been! It's hard to believe we first came to Aina just one Earth year ago! Va'an joined our marriage. Amy was born last spring, just before 1406. You started dating Anuhea a few days later, and now she's a part of our marriage too! Mayoni is growing up... So many changes..."

"You're right... And now we have the tribe deeply involved with Jumpstart. Big changes for everybody..."

"Another big change is all this light at the summer solstice. What do we get, eighteen hours of sunlight?"

"Yep," said Mark. "Eighteen hours of sunlight, out of a 23-hour 38-minute day. Uh, do you know about civil twilight?"


"It's an Earth term, for when the sun less than six degrees below the horizon. We get forty minutes now, around each sunrise and sunset. There's only about four hours of real darkness each night. You're right, it's a lot of light... Say! Do you know why there's so much light?"

"Well, I would assume because it's almost summer and we're at high latitude," laughed Kara.

"It's not just that. I've been working with a teenage girl named Nalani using the Meade telescopes."

"Nalani? I know her! A really sweet and smart girl. And?"

"We've made some observations. Our latitude for the village is a bit less than forty- seven degrees, about what Bismarck, North Dakota is on Earth. I have cousins I used to visit there as a boy."

"I didn't know you'd have eighteen hours of sunlight in North Dakota."

"You don't. Bismarck gets a little less than sixteen hours at the summer solstice."

Kara looked puzzled. "I don't understand. What's going on?"

"Well, try to figure it out. What causes seasons and the light shifts?"

Kara thought for a moment and then smiled. "The Earth's tilt! Of course! So I take it Aina has more tilt? That sounds dangerous..."

"Aina does have more tilt! Earth is about 23.5 degrees, Aina has over ten degrees more. It gives us a huge amount of light now. Of course we pay the piper at the winter solstice... Why do you say dangerous?"

"Won't it make for more extreme climates?"

"Well, more extreme lows at the winter poles, sure. But it also broadens the tropical area, diffuses the maximum concentrations of heat. And each pole gets a burst of real warmth at summer. Net effect on the climate in the middle latitudes is probably very complex. And the faster year smoothes out the effect of the tilt. I wonder if this is why we're getting such good performance from the wind turbines. Maybe more tilt causes more wind..."

"I don't know Mark. It seems counter-intuitive, that a more extreme tilt would moderate the global climate..."

"Well, yeah... But consider Earth. It has a tilt that varies from 22 degrees to 24.5, over a 41,000 year cycle. The glacial periods occur during the minimum tilt, not the maximum. Maybe the summer burst of polar warmth is critical to prevent ice ages..."

As they were finishing their meal, Mark was somewhat surprised at how many of the tribe were stopping by their table to smile at them and wish them goodnight. He remarked to Kara, "Boy, everybody is so friendly tonight! The leap-day orations are just three days away. Do you think they're trying to show support for you running for tribal leader?"

"Well, I've gotten a lot of very supportive comments recently, from both men and women. But it's not that. I think it's my flower."

"Huh? Oh... It is very beautiful. Unusual to see a single flower like that, with so many different colors in it."

"Believe it or not, it's from the green-pepper bush. It's bizarre how that plant has so many diverse characteristics. It produces totally different flowers and vegetables at different times of the season. This flower is called * Pokole * Pua * It blooms for a single day. It's traditional for a Hopewell woman to wear it right before trying to conceive."

"Oh... All the guys and a lot of the women were winking at me." Mark blushed and whispered, "This is a little embarrassing."

"I'm too aroused to be embarrassed! I felt my left ovary twitch this morning. I'm pretty sure it ovulated. It's exactly the right day in my period cycle for it. Anuhea agrees it would be perfect timing if we tried to conceive tonight. Feeling frisky, big guy?"

"Oh, I just might! Will Anuhea be with us?"

"Ah, interesting question! I've come to enjoy sex just with you or with my sister wives joining us. For tonight, both Anuhea and Va'an will be with us. It's more than just sexy though; they'll both be helping us to conceive. Hah! I can see a look of puzzlement in your eyes. It's a Hopewell tradition that men learn about this through experience. Do you promise not to tell anyone about this who isn't a father yet?"

"Huh? Okay... I am intrigued. I can feel myself getting aroused just thinking about this!"

"Excellent! I'm anxious too. Mayoni and Amy will be with Anuhea's parents tonight. Why don't we just head home?"

A short time Mark lay down with Kara, also cuddling with Va'an and Anuhea. "Here," said Anuhea to Mark, handing him a large flask of liquid. "Drink this."

"Okay. What is it?"

"Just water. You'll see why later." Anuhea said with a smile. A short time later the four of them began to lose their clothes as they continued to caress each other. Kara was Mark's center of attention, but he was also dimly aware that Va'an was stroking and exploring Kara pubic, and Anuhea was covering his penis and scrotum with feather-light kisses. Mark lost himself in his love for Kara. He found himself suckling her breast, his head cradled in Kara's arms as she softly sang him a Hopewell love song. He then felt his penis suckled into Anuhea's mouth. It was very arousing and his erection started to throb. He felt Anuhea's lips lift to the head of his penis, squeezing the head to pop open his urethra slit. Mark gasped as Anuhea's tongue began to explore the super sensitive tissue inside the slit. Mark opened his eyes, and noticed that Va'an had taken the flower from Kara's hair and was grinding it into a paste in a bowl.

Kara and Anuhea exchanged glances and nodded to each other. Then Kara said, "Mark, come inside of me, but pull out before you get close to climaxing."

"Okay!" In a few moments Mark coupled to her, lying above her and supporting his weight on his hands and knees, delighting in the image of how eagerly Kara was bending her knees and hips to raise herself up to submit to him. They kissed and thrust with each other, building their sexual tension, and Mark almost forgot to stop as he felt his growing need to orgasm. He pulled out and remaining poised above Kara, panting in his deep desire for her.

"Excellent Mark!" whispered Anuhea. She was sitting in a squat behind Mark, and her hands came up from beneath him to grip his stiff erection. Mark dimly noticed Va'an was also by their side, separating Kara's labia and stroking the flower paste high up into Kara's wet and open vagina. Kara was in a deep pant, and Mark could sense she was very near an intense orgasm. Then he felt Anuhea pop open his urethra again, and lubricate the slit with a slick oil.

Anuhea whispered, "Just a simple oil Mark, to make the insertion easy."

"Huh?" Mark remained still in complete trust as Anuhea began to thread a thin hollow grass into his penis. Mark felt overloaded by his senses. His desire for Kara was overwhelming everything, but he could also smell the super-sharp mint aroma of the flower paste, and the grass tube sliding up into his penis felt very strange.

"Heading for my bladder, Anu? It is a bit full." Mark said with a kind smile.

"* No, * dearest * love. * Just most of the way into your penis. I'm there now. This will feel a bit warm, but not painful." Anuhea squeezed a bulb at the end of the grass tube as she pulled the catheter from him, coating his penile urethra duct with the bulb's contents. Mark felt a deep heat inside his erection. "Return to her Mark" whispered Anuhea. "When you orgasm, be high and tight inside of her."

Kara was whimpering with her desire. Mark coupled immediately and began to thrust. His emotions were overwhelming. The desire for procreation, of impregnating his precious wife rolled over him like a thunderous river. Mark thrust forward and buried himself into Kara, dimly aware of Kara crossing her up-stretched legs behind him to lock him into the mating. Kara started to orgasm, and Mark felt Anuhea slip an oiled finger deeply into his anus. He released in an explosive orgasm, awash in his emotions and his physical pleasure, bursting an ejaculation against Kara's paste-covered cervix as Anuhea vigorously pumped his prostate.

Mark lay panting, lying on his side still coupled to Kara. Kara was softly weeping in joy in his arms. " * Beautiful * Mark * " sang Anuhea, "Your timing was perfect. There's just one thing left for you to do. Here, take this empty flask. Urinate, as much as you can."

"... Okay," Mark said sleepily as he got up and started to pee. "Why?"

"The urine is very effective for flushing the green-pepper oil from your urethra. It'll start to burn if you don't."

"What?! You put green-pepper oil into my... ?!"

"Hush Mark!" said Kara, "Lie down with me and let us pet you!"

Mark was soon snuggling with Kara, held in her arms while being caressed by both Va'an and Anuhea. The outpouring of love began to put him to sleep. "It's not the same oil we normally use as the hot spice," Kara whispered to him. "It's made from one of the special bulbs that grow on the root, the white one."

"Oh..." said Mark sleepily. He lazily began to stroke the soft pubic fur above Kara's labia. Kara drifted for a moment, floating in the joy of her own emotions and the silky caress. She blinked in a start and realized she had intended to say more, but Mark had drifted off to sleep. Kara sighed in bliss and joined him.

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