Naked Holiday With My Mother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Slightly prudish mum finds a new side to herself after a booking error on holiday

"Oh for God's sake, you can't be bloody serious"

Mum was mad, spitting mad and I almost felt sorry for the little clerk behind the reception desk,

there'd been an almighty cock up and I don't really think it was his fault, but he was the one getting it from mum.

After she and dad split up, she'd decided to go away for a holiday and asked me if I wanted to go with her as I'd just split from my girlfriend after three years.

"Yeah why not?" I agreed and we went on line to find somewhere quiet where we could both relax and think about the future.

We settled on a little known island in the Indian ocean with accommodation for only three hundred couples, that was our first mistake, we didn't take the word "couples" literally!

The flight out was great, complimentary champagne put us both in a lovely mood and mum as usual, got giggly, it was when we checked in that things went pear shaped.

Each apartment had only one bedroom and one double bed, but it didn't stop there as she soon found out.

Eventually, she calmed down enough to agree that I would sleep on the couch, the resort was temptingly beautiful and neither of us would get chance for another holiday this year so it was this one or nothing,

She found out what else was wrong when we'd unpacked our things and gone for a stroll round the little resort, the notices spaced around all the beaches were in half a dozen different languages, but basically, they all said the same things, "Nude beach, no cameras and no clothes allowed"

"That's it" she said in exasperation, "We're packing and going home"

"Aw mum" I said with a grin, "Come on, chill out, it's not as if you'll be the only one naked"

"I won't be bloody naked at all" she said angrily, "I'm going home"

But we weren't because there was only one flight a week out of the resort, so like it or lump it, we were there at least for a week.

"Let's go down to a bar mum" I said trying hard not to grin, "We'll have a drink and things might look a bit better then"

"Yes, but they won't look bloody pink though"

I sat out on the private balcony whilst she changed and I only peeked once or twice, she had a lovely little bottom, small and firm, at least it looked firm as she stepped into a light summer dress with buttons all the way down the front,

"Hey mum look" I called out, "They're not all naked look"

She came out to me and we saw a young couple walking hand in hand along the beach, both might as well have been naked though, because they wore matching yellow thongs, his was bulging at the front with what looked like the beginning of an erection and the girl's barely covered her sex,

"Huh" mum said, obviously not impressed, "I don't know why they're bothering, they're showing everything anyway"

I sighed and got up to change into my shorts and we went into the village,

It was searingly hot and we were soon sweating, but at least mum's temper seemed to have improved a bit, we found a nice little bar where we could sit at tables on the pavement and watch all the tourists strolling by,

"I must say it's a beautiful little place" she said, "It's just a pity that the cocked up"

"It was our fault mum" I said, "We were in too much of a hurry to get away"

"Yes, I suppose you're right" then she giggled, "But I just can't go naked like them there" and she nodded towards a couple on the sand playing with a beach ball, the girl's breasts were huge and bouncing up and down deliciously as she ran for the ball,

"She'll lose an eye if she doesn't watch it" I said and she giggled again,

"At least I'll never have that problem"

"You've got nice breasts mum" I told her, "Just right, any more than a handful is a waste"

"Anthony!" she sounded outraged but she was blushing and grinning too, "What a thing to say to your mother"

"Well it's true" I laughed, "You've got a great body for a woman your age"

"I'm only thirty four you know, you make me sound about fifty"

"It was meant to be a compliment mum" I said, "You'd look far better than most of that lot in a bikini"

She looked to where I'd indicated and seemed to come to a decision,

"Right, I'm going to buy a bloody bikini, are you staying here?"

I shook my head, "No I'll come with you and get some more shorts"

As we got up I noticed that she unfastened the top two buttons of her dress and she giggled when she saw me looking,

"Might as well get some sun on them"

"Don't forget some sun tan lotion mum, or you'll know about it in this heat"

It was far too hot to hurry, so we strolled leisurely around the shops, it felt good when mum took my hand almost as a reflex action when we crossed the road and instead of letting go, we carried on holding hands and grinned at each other,

"I've calmed down now" she laughed, "That poor man in reception, I bet he thinks I'm a right witch"

"Well I must admit you were a bit hard on him"

We saw a little shop in front of us selling nothing but beach ware and mum dragged me in, I bought sandals, shorts and sun glasses, all before mum had started to look at the bikinis, finally though she settled on two, a lovely little white one with full back panties and the other one was pale blue with thong panties, she bought sunglasses too as well as a little wrap around loin cloth to wear over her bikini and we strolled back to our hotel for lunch.

"Well how do I look?" she walked out to where I sat on the balcony and I gulped,

"Bloody hell" I gasped, "Where's my mother?"

That pleased her and she giggled again, she was wearing the white one and she looked fabulous in it, except for one little thing,

"You look great mum" I told her, "But you need to shave"

She looked confused for a minute, then realized I meant her bikini line,

"Oh, I forgot about that, I haven't got a razor"

"Use mine, it's in the bathroom"

"Ok" she said and blushed a bright red, "You weren't supposed to look down there"

"Everybody else would mum, I was just letting you know"

It took her about fifteen minutes and then we were all set and off we went to catch some sun complete with towels, sun tan oil and a cool box with some cold orange juice,

We found a nice little spot that wasn't very crowded and lay down on out towels,

"This is the life" she said happily as she slapped the lotion all over herself, "But I can't reach my back, will you do it darling?"

"Oh if I must" I laughed and took the bottle from her whilst she turned onto her stomach, I filled my hands with the oil and spread it over her narrow back,

"Oh Anthony" she said with a sigh, "That feels so good"

I dug my fingers into her back and kneaded as I rubbed the lotion in, I did her shoulders and neck too and even unclipped her bra strap which got another little giggle from her, then I slapped some more into my hands and moved down to do her legs, she parted her thighs slightly at my request and I complimented her on them,

"You've got great legs too mum" I told her and she giggled again,

"For my age"

The white bikini panties were stretched tightly across the globes of her bottom and I felt myself stirring as I massaged the oil into her skin, I went as far as I dared to go up her thighs then just slapped a bit round the edges of her panties,

"There you go" I said and hurriedly lay on my stomach to hide my erection, at that moment a light plane flew low overhead and everyone sat up to look, mum forgot her bra top and I forgot about the bulge in my shorts until she said softly,

"Sorry Anthony, did I do that?"

I looked round at her and saw her breasts, they were full and soft looking, each one tipped with a rosy coloured nipple and they looked absolutely delicious,

"You're still doing it mum"

She realized that she was topless and shrugged,

"Oh sod it" she giggled, "You've seen them now, what the hell"

She lay on her back then and said softly that she wished she'd had that effect on my father,

"Dad was a bloody idiot mum" I said, "I bet he's wishing he was still with you now"

"I doubt it darling, don't forget his girlfriend's only nineteen"

"Yes mum and don't you forget that in ten years time, dad'll be about forty and he'll be struggling to get it up"

She snorted at that and laughed out loud,

"He struggles now darling" she giggled, "I had to promise him the earth for two weeks beforehand if I wanted, well you know"

"It's his loss mum believe me it is"

"Aren't you nice?" she said and leaned over to kiss me on my cheek, I felt her nipple brush against my shoulder and then felt her slapping some sun oil onto my back,

"I've got to do this, or you'll burn"

"Mum, for God's sake you're not helping things are you?"

"Sorry darling" she giggled again, "I'm going for a swim, coming?"

"Not just at the moment mum, it's a little bit obvious isn't it?"

"Oops" and she ran down to the water,

I concentrated on everything I could to make my bloody erection go down, but it was useless everything came back to mum in the hotel room wearing just her little white panties.

In the end I thought "sod it" and got up to run like hell into the water, mum saw me coming and urged me as she laughed, thankfully I made it without any obvious mishaps like my penis leaping out of my shorts and it was with some relief that I dived in and swam lazily for a minute or two.

The water was lovely and warm and we splashed each other for a while and generally fooled around, mum was laughing like I hadn't seen her laugh for a long time and when we finally left the water, I put an arm around her waist and kissed her wet hair,

"Are you glad you stayed now mum?"

"Yes, I always intended staying darling, it was just a bit of a shock at first"

We walked back up the beach and gathered our belongings, before going back to the hotel for dinner and a shower, it had been a long day, so we sat on our balcony overlooking the beach until mum yawned and suggested we retire for the night,

"You can't sleep on the couch darling, we can share the bed, after all, I am your mother!"

We did share and I kept pretty well to my own side, but she certainly didn't help matters by sleeping in just her panties, i was awake at first light and sat up to admire her breasts again, she was lying on her back but they still stood up pretty well without flopping to either side of her chest, I really did think that she was a lovely woman.

I put the kettle on for a coffee and had a shower, a quick trip down to reception rewarded me with the English newspapers and although they were a day behind, I read them avidly on the balcony with my coffee. The next thing I knew was mum shaking me awake and telling me I should have stayed in bed,

"What time is it?" I asked still half asleep and groaned when she told me it was ten thirty and we'd missed breakfast,

"I'm starving mum" I moaned, "I'll waste away to nothing if I don't have breakfast, food, I need food!"

"Come on you fool" she laughed, "We'll find a café somewhere just to save your life"

We did find a café and it did save my life, mum watched in amazement as I wolfed down six croissants and three cups of coffee and then hurried me back to the hotel for a trip to some old ruins which bored me rigid, we took a few photographs and generally joined in the "Fun" but I was seriously bored and mum knew it.

"Let's hire a boat" she said on the way back afterwards, "We can find a little cove somewhere and just chill out, a bottle of wine, a little picnic, it'll be brilliant"

"Hey yeah" I said excitedly, "I'll show you my sailing skills" although if the truth were known, I didn't have any and she knew it,

"Ok Horatio" she giggled, "I'll wear my other bikini if there's no one else around"

After some lengthy negotiations we settled on a little motor cruiser that had definitely seen better days, but the price was right and we went up to our hotel to get some things for our little adventure,

She looked gorgeous in her little thong bikini, but wore a dress over it for the short trip down to the harbour,

"Cast off astern" I shouted although mum was standing right beside me,

"Aye aye Cap'n" she giggled and slipped the mooring rope off the capstan, thankfully the island was visible from our own island so I could hardly have missed it, I think a couple of sea snails overtook us on the way there, but eventually we chugged sedately up to the beautiful little beach,

"Anchors aweigh" Mum giggled as I pressed the button to secure the craft and we stepped down into the shallow rowing boat with all our goodies,

The beach was completely deserted and a leisurely stroll around the whole island confirmed that we were it's only inhabitants,

"This is what I call paradise Anthony" she said as she stripped her dress off and thought for only a second before unhooking her bikini bra, I laid our towels out and uncorked a bottle while she opened our picnic basket that we'd brought from the hotel reception,

"Oh nice" she said referring to the contents and I agreed with her as I looked down over her shoulder to see the chicken portions, the cheeses, the bread and the tips of her lovely pink nipples,

"Yes" I grinned, "They're lovely"

She looked back at me and blushed, "Get used to it buster, I'm going to even my tan out"

And saying that, she skinned her panties off and ran down into the sea, we swam, we ate, we drank and we slept, it was a magical day made even better by mum asking me to rub some more lotion all over her back and bottom, I'd been right about her bottom, it was firm and of course I got an erection,

"It's a pity Sandra isn't here" she said referring to my ex-girlfriend, "She could take care of that for you"

I laughed, if a little bitterly,

"I've seen more of you than I ever did of her mum"

"Rubbish" she snorted, but I didn't want to talk about Sandra so I got up and ran into the sea again, it took her only a few seconds to join me and we hugged in the surf as she apologized,

"I'm sorry darling" she said softly and kissed my neck, "I didn't mean to upset you"

I felt my erection against her stomach as we hugged and tried to pull away, but she held me and whispered that Sandra didn't have a clue what she was missing,

"Neither does dad" I smiled and pulled away, this time she let me go and we went back to lie on our towels again,

"Let me put some oil on you" she said with a smile, "You're starting to burn"

She started on my back and quite unselfconsciously straddled me a knee in the sand on either side of me, but it was the heat of her sex that I couldn't get out of my brain, with every little movement she made I felt it, I even felt the slight moisture from it as she pressed down to work the oil into my skin.

She massaged me everywhere on my back, even the cheeks of my bottom got her rapt attention and then she told me to turn over, easing herself up slightly as I did so.

I expected her to kneel beside me, but as soon as I'd turned, she squatted again and unbelievably my penis was pressed flat against my stomach by her sex, she smiled lovingly at me but there was something in her eyes that I hadn't seen before, an excitement, a gleam of what I took to be lust, as she ran her oil filled hands over my chest, she sighed and wriggled on me,

"I think we both need this Anthony" she said very softly "And what better place than this, there's no-one around to see us, just me and you darling"

"Mum" I whispered, but her mouth came down onto mine in a kiss, probably unlike any other kiss we'd ever shared, the heat on my groin was intense, then suddenly she eased up and I felt her hand gripping me and guiding me into the source of her heat,

It was unlike anything else I'd ever experienced, it felt like a heavily oiled hand, but it wasn't because she had both hands on my chest now, I moved upwards and realized that it was true, I was inside my mother's body, I was fucking her!

She lay her head on my shoulder, her lips were next to my ear, I felt the feather like brush of her breath and heard her whisper,

"You're inside me darling, we're doing it"

"Yes" I heaved upwards, the whole scenario was new to me, new and wonderful, I felt her sex gripping me and suddenly my brain exploded, I shouted, I roared, I bucked and heaved myself up off the sand, I heard mum squealing and felt her nails in my shoulders, I heard her shouting that she was coming, we jerked together and convulsed in our release, then she collapsed on top of me and shuddered,

"Oh my God Anthony" she was sobbing and couldn't look at me, "I'm sorry darling, I'm so sorry"

In spite of having just cum, I was still hard and still inside her body,

"Mum" I said softly, "Don't be sorry, it was wonderful, the most beautiful thing in the world and we've just shared it"

I realized that I was moving again in spite of her tears,

"No darling" she sobbed, "It was wrong, so utterly, utterly wrong"

"It was beautiful mum, you've just made my holiday complete"

She shook her head but still wouldn't lift it so I could look into her eyes and she wasn't strong enough to stop herself from moving with me,

"We mustn't Anthony, we mustn't, you can't do this to me, you can't fuck me darling"

Her words excited me, I gripped the cheeks of her bottom and heaved us both up and over so she was on her back,

"I've just given you the greatest gift I could give anyone mum, I've given you my virginity"

Her eyes opened and she stared at me for a moment through tear filled eyes,

"It was wrong" she said but I shook my head,

"Who can we love if we can't love each other?"

"But I'm your mother" but even as she spoke, she began to thrust her hips back up at me and I felt her legs parting, going round my back,

"For the next two weeks mum, you're a beautiful, sexy woman and I'm your lover"

"If you're my lover" she hissed, "Love me, come on do it, fuck me"

I was the dominant one now, it was my lips that crushed hers, my tongue that snaked between her teeth and it was my penis that she was enjoying,

"No one must over know Anthony" she hissed into my mouth, "No one"

"They won't mum, I promise"

That seemed to settle the issue, her lips parted and we exchanged saliva in a searing hot kiss, I felt the walls of her cunt gripping me and I felt her arms around my back, her nipples were hard little pebbles against my chest, she licked the sweat off my neck while I licked inside her ear,

"I'm going to cum again Anthony" she whimpered, "Oh my God, you're making me cum again"

I moved faster and faster, my hips a blur as I ploughed into her, she squealed, the squeal became a scream as she came, she writhed, heaved and bucked, her face contorted with pleasure, I felt the spunk boiling up from my balls and suddenly I erupted my prick jerking of it's own accord, I felt like a rutting dog as gradually I emptied myself and we rolled apart gasping.

"Wow" I gasped trying to catch my breath as she rolled into my arm, "That was incredible"

Her hair was clinging to her head with sweat and she was breathing heavily, but she was smiling and that was very important to me,

"I can't believe that was your first time darling" she giggled, "You're something special, you really are"

"I was with a special lady" I said and she kissed me again,

"Let's go back now darling, there's a dinner dance at the hotel tonight, I want to go on your arm"

She disappeared for an hour on our return telling me she needed to get something suitable to wear, so I used the time to soak in the bath and reflect the turn that my life had taken, there were so many things I wanted to do with mum, things I'd only seen on the internet or read about in books, I was excited about life for a change and I was really looking forward to taking her to the dance.

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