New Company Policies
Prologue: With no end it sight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Coercion, Lesbian, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue: With no end it sight - New laws are put in place abolishing a person's ability to declare bankruptcy. Instead a person in financial difficulty signs up for a term indenture contract. See what happens to Susan when she does not properly research where she is agreeing to work to pay off her debts.

Susan came home after another long fruitless day looking for a new job. She opened her mail with dread. Sure enough it was another overdue bill notice. Hoping to distract herself she opened the other envelope. This one was interesting, it was rather dilapidated looking, with no return address. She looked at the post mark date and saw that someone had tried to send it over a year ago, before it finally made its way to her. She read the short letter. That fucking son-of-a-bitch!

Hey Susan,

Just thought I would write and thank you for the good time me and Bambi are having here in Rio. Bambi loves the bikini and clothes you bought. The hotel is great. Too bad you can't try the food! I have included a picture of us on the beach. This camera is great!

Well gotta go, we are going scuba diving. I love tour packages.


Something fell out of the envelope. She saw a picture of her ex-boyfriend pawing some fake titted floozy, barely covered by the $400 dollar bikini she was wearing. Susan crumpled up the letter and offending picture. Screaming in impotent rage, Susan threw them across the room.

Paul or 'The Bastard' as she liked to think of him had suckered her into putting his name onto her credit cards. It was too late to do anything when under the guise of going on a business trip, Paul had wracked up thousands of dollars in charges and took off, leaving her stuck with bills that she could not afford to pay.

Susan was actually worried at first when Paul didn't return when he told her he would. In a panic Susan called his employer where she was told that he had quit his job. No they had no idea where he might have gone. It was a few days after that, that the first bill came. She was at wits end how to budget herself out of the sinking hole of debt Paul had left her in. Calming back down, Susan took the bill and put in into the envelope with several others just like it. Unwillingly her eyes were drawn to a very different letter held in place by a refrigerator magnet.

Susan Prescott,

Your name has been forwarded to us by Credit Check Inc. Records indicate you are currently in arrears for amounts totaling $40,398.32, no significant payment has been received for 12 months. In the interest of saving millions of dollars a year laws have been amended eliminating bankruptcy options. New options are now in place.

Many companies around the world have agreed to pay off all monies owed in return for an indenture contract. The minimum period of the contract would be based upon the total amount owed. Please visit the web site listed at the bottom of this letter for more details and a list of companies participating in this exciting new program.

There you will find terms and conditions further explaining the program. Please note you are free to pick any company available but openings fill fast. Please note you will still be required to qualify for the offered job and the company has final decision on who they take.

If you can not make arrangements to start paying back total amount owed by the end of this month you will be required by law to register. All activity is logged on the web site and if you are found to be not making a best effort to find a job, jail time will be issued. There you will work for the federal government to pay off all remaining debts.

That letter had arrived in the mail three weeks ago and Susan knew that she was now out of time. She was thankful that included with the rent for her apartment was high-speed internet when she walked into the living room and booted up her computer.

Susan quickly regretted not signing up earlier when she saw that the one job, that had looked interesting to her the last time she was on the site, was now gone. With a sigh Susan went back to the front page and started looking through the list of companies again.

With a sinking feeling in her heart Susan spent the next 15 minutes scrolling dejectedly through the list. She glanced down at the bottom corner of her screen when a new pop-up appeared.

New listing:

Only one position available.

Pay debts up to $50,000 only five year commitment.

Sales accounting-3+ years experience required

Full health benefits included

Generous living expenses included.

Susan clicked on the provided link and quickly scanned the particulars of Silva Corp. Health and Beauty products, in business for 10 years, many subsidiaries with lots of opportunities to move within the company. Hey their corporate offices are local. I won't even have to move!

Not wanting to miss out on another plum job opportunity Susan quickly went back to the job listing page and clicked ACCEPT. The screen blinked for a few moments before it refreshed and told her to be at the office 8:30 the next morning for an interview.

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