Las Vegas Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is based "loosely" on events in Las Vegas. It is fiction, for the most part. You can guess which parts are real and which parts are not. Bri has given me written permission to use her real name and web address. I have changed the names of everyone else and any similarities to actual persons are simply a coincidence. I have also changed the name of the strip club and any similarities to the real club is also a coincidence.

I was bored on Tuesday night. I had just finished my business deal that day and needed something to unwind. I didn't feel like gambling. I didn't feel like going to a show. Clubbing on a Tuesday night? No way. So a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I headed down to OG. I grab my ID and my plastic, stuff it into a small billfold with cash and head down to check out the place.

A buddy of mine has been there a few times and highly recommended it so I just HAD to check it out.

So I head to OG all by my lonesome self. This is a weird experience because I'm used to heading to a strip joint with a bunch of friends. Well, I thought to myself, there's no time like the first time! I get there and discover that it is practically empty. Damn... Tuesday night REALLY is dead. No matter, that means more girls for me.

My buddy told me to look for a Flip/Hawaiian girl (Much to my chagrin, he later told me that it was Hawaiian/Japanese) so I ask the hostess to seat me and look for that girl... if she was still there.

During the meantime, I got myself a Corona and sat back and enjoyed the sights. This hot blond girl then sits next to me and we start chatting. I ask the usual "what are the rules" question. Since I didn't want to have an arm broken by Guido, it's always good to ask.

Bri, the hot blond with natural C cups, replies, "The boobs and kooch are off limits, especially the nipples, but everything else is ok"

We actually chat some more and I find the she's kind of like a gypsy; She likes to travel, so she only stays in a city for a short time. She was actually scheduled to leave in 3 weeks. So you guys better hurry to go catch her. After chatting for about 10 minutes, I ask her for a lap dance. I give her my $20 and she gives me a nice dance. Full contact and plenty of grind. Oh oh... Guido is heading over. I'm thinking... shit.I didn't touch her boobs! Guido taps her on the shoulder and whispers in her ear... Bri backs off. She leans over and tells me that the Vice squad is around so management is telling her to back off.

I reply, "Dang... of all the nights, they pick a dead night to do this to you girls, that's just plain wrong."

Bri gives a strained smile and says, "Yeah... we really need the customers tonight too."

So Bri backs off and finishes the song. I give her an extra $5 for the effort. She sits back down again and we just keep chatting. Soon we're joined by another girl, blond, hot, etc... she has bolt-on's though, too bad. So now I'm just sitting here with two girls and chatting, because everyone is afraid of being busted by Vice. Soon a third girl joins us, brunette, hot, bolt-on's, etc... (there are no ugly girls at OG).

Bri laughs and says, "Wow David, you're the mack daddy tonight."

The two girls giggle at that comment. So here I am, alone w/ three gorgeous girls, downing Coronas and shooting the bull at OG. Not what I planned... but it was still fun.

Bri decides to go check with Management about Vice. Sadly, while she was talking to Management, she sees Vice leading two girls out. They don't even let the poor girls change since they were led out wearing their lingerie. Bri comes back and says that management still thinks there may be one or two left so they have to back off the customers. I told her to go to other customers who don't want any grind because I don't want her to lose money. She says thanks and starts walking to another table. Meanwhile, I chat with the other two girls for a bit until they have to leave to dance the next set.

Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"I heard you were looking for me," said the mystery speaker.

I turn around and stare into the most beautiful eyes belonging to one of the hottest Asian American girls that I have ever met.

"I heard you were looking for a Hawaiian/Filipino girl," she says.

I suddenly realize that I'm gaping at her.

"My friend told me to look for a girl of Hawaiian-Filipino descent," I reply. I invite her to sit down and we chat a bit.

She introduces herself as May. I introduce myself as David :) May is a 5'4 walking wet dream with natural B cups. Her legs are killer and she can shake her butt like no tomorrow. After chatting with her a bit, she gives me a dance. She dances with the beat, swaying from side to side. She presses her breasts together and gives both nipples a good pinch. She turns around and gyrates her butt. I'm like... daaamnnnn!!! Baby can move it! She sticks her g-stringed butt in my faces and gives it a good shake. I cheat and blow on it and stroke her legs... she giggles and turns around to face me. She straddles me and gives me a good grind.

I ask her, "Did Vice squad leave?"

She replies, "Yes, management gave us the all-clear already."

I reply back while stroking her back and neck, "Good, then I'm allowed to do this then."

I start stoking her thighs while she's give me a good hard grind. She moans a little and just kind of sits in my lap. She has a twinkle in her eye and starts to gyrate her hips again, give me another good hard grind. Then she gets up and finishes her dance.

"You like that?" she asks?

I reply "Oh yeah, I loved it!" "Did you like it too?"

May giggles a bit and responds, "Yeah, not many guys return the favor."

She kind of cuddles in my arms and tells me that there's a VIP room that's available in the back. I ask her how much is the damage and she replies that its a 2 drink minimum at $20 per drink and its $100 for three songs. Talk about heavy damage. May then says that you can also get an hour at $400 plus the two-drink minimum. She told me that's more worthwhile and she can be more liberal than out in the main lounge. Now that tweaks my interest. Did I mention that this whole time her breast is rubbing against my arm? Talk about persuasion!

She continued to rub her breasts against my arm while I was thinking. It was very hard for me to concentrate! Then she started to stroke her hand on my thigh. SchwingSchwing O.k. made my decision.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Ok, I'll go to the back with you. Just let me get some more cash."

May replied "Great! Thanks, I'll make it worth your while." I certainly hope so I thought to myself.

I reach into my pocket to get my ATM card and to my horror, it wasn't there! Then I remembered that I had only brought $300 cash with me to limit myself! Somewhat sheepishly, I told May, that I had forgotten my ATM card and that I would have to go back to my hotel to get it.

She looked disappointed briefly, then replied, "That's ok, I'll give you one more before you go."

I leaned back against the couch and spread my legs as she started dancing again. She shook her ass a bit and the slapped her butt with one hand, while sticking her thonged pussy in my face. I practically drooled at the sight of her pussy, puffed up, in my face. She shook it some more, then sat on my hard-on. She trapped it between her legs and slowly moved up and down on my slacks. I lifted my arms out and caressed the side of her breasts, and then her thighs, gently stroking them and pushing them up and down with the beat of the music. May let out a soft moan and shuddered a little when my hands reached up and stroked her earlobe. Perfect, I thought to myself, I found an erogenous spot.

May then turned around and then did a slinky dance. The way she waved her long hip length hair from one side to the other was mesmerizing. Her hips swayed from side to side as her hands caressed herself. Then she hugged her breasts and pressed them together. She licked her lips and then rubber her nipples with her fingers. At the same time, she gyrated her hips from side to side. She leaned forward and flicked her hair in my face and at the same time came and straddle me my lifting one leg up and onto the couch. She rubbed her breasts against my chest and stared into my eyes. My hands were lightly stroking her back during all this time and I could see her eyes flutter a bit each time i caressed her neck and stroked her ear. Unfortunately, the song ended and she got off my lap.

"Thank you, that was incredible." I told her.

"Your welcome." replied May.

I handed her $25 with tip and told her that I'll be back. She kind of nodded her head and said, I hope to see you later. I could tell by her eyes that she didn't think I'd be back. But after that dance, I'll definitely be back!

I got up and looked for Bri to say goodbye but I found her with another guy, so I headed for the exit. I asked the front hostess to stamp my hand so that I won't have to pay again and then headed for my taxi back to the hotel.

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