Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sarah is lead to sexual pleasure by an older woman. She learns to explore sex with both sexes and enjoy all forms of sensuality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   First   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism  

Meeting in Lucerne

This is a love story. It has convinced me after years of personal denial that Dr. Kinsey was right; we are not made all one thing or all another. Each of us is part heterosexual and each has a part that is capable of loving another woman.

The thought had never crossed my mind until I met Sarah. For Sarah was perfect. A mother would see her as the perfect daughter; a husband would see the perfect wife; a teacher would see her as a perfect student. And I,... I would come to see her as a perfect lover.

I did not plan it, not at any time was it planned. Unless,... unless there is something in the subconscious mind which plans ahead for you. But, I am far ahead of my story. To understand, we must start much earlier. It began in Lucerne, actually. My husband and I and our two children lived there for a two-year assignment for an international chemical company.

We were early, and the waiter led us to a table for eight at the back of the sumptuous restaurant amidst a sea of crisp white table cloths and crystal glassware. The walls were paneled in rich, solid, handcrafted hardwood with huge mirrors to reflect the elegance. Tasteful oil paintings in ornate gold frames graced the room.

As the hosts, Stephen and I took seats at the head and the foot of the table and I mentally organized the table in my mind. I would put the visiting American couple in the middle of the table, the local plant manager and his wife next to me and the Chief Financial Officer and his wife on the other side of the Americans.

Dinner at Eight

The others soon arrived in a group. I knew all the locals and their wives, of course, and then the two young Americans were introduced. He was tall and strikingly attractive. He held my hand while we were introduced and his eyes flashed in that exuberant American way of young men who know just how to meet and charm company wives. He turned and presented his wife.

"And this is my wife, Sarah, if I can get her away from Bernhardt." He laughed good-naturedly and his pretty young wife turned and looked at me with a slightly bashful smile and wonderfully haunting eyes framed by soft brown hair loosely draped close to her face.

"Sarah, we are so pleased to have you visit Lucerne. Please, we want you right in the middle, over here."

Her soft full lips turned up in a bright smile as she said. "I'm so pleased to meet you, my friend Mary Ann met you last year and has told me so much about you."

"Oh, yes, Mary Ann,... Morgan, isn't it? A sweet girl. We had such fun together."

"Mergen, yes that's her. You were very kind to her," she corrected.

She took her seat and held my eyes a little longer, seeing me as an American oasis in a sea of other languages. I knew exactly how she felt and how baffling it was at first.

Dinner and wine were both splendid and the conversation lively with a lot of laughs. Everyone spoke English and the good talk and laughing about shared experiences in the company flowed even better than the wine.

Heidi and Kurt, seated closest to me, were good dinner companions, but each time they were engaged with others, my eyes crept back to the beautiful girl I had just met.

Sarah was vivacious, and shared her warm smile with one and all. But still, I thought that each time my eyes turned to her, that she had just finished looking at me, and turned courteously to someone else. I didn't know why I seemed unable to keep my eyes off her. She looked beautiful in front of the large painting of a young cavalry officer. His blue uniform made a perfect frame for the girl's bright orange dress.

And the orange dress was incredibly complementary to the smooth suntanned skin of Sarah's shoulders and face. It made her eyes and hair just leap out at you, too. I caught myself staring at the perfect curves of the tops of her breasts above the frock. Tiny little straps supported the dress, emphasizing the smooth inviting curve up to her shoulders. I wrenched my eyes away before anyone caught me staring in awe at the luscious breasts so natural that she may not have been wearing a bra. She couldn't have been more than 5'feet 2" or 3. While she was slim, she also had a rounded look that made her a devastatingly good-looking woman. Her breasts were just right, large for her frame, definitely not small.

"I'm sorry, Kurt, what was it you said."

'Stunning isn't she?" he said quietly, leaning close to my ear. Kurt is a dear friend and we laughed about my being distracted.

"I was just thinking the same thing, Kurt." I admitted returning his smile. His gentle touch on my arm made me comfortable that he meant no ill for having caught me staring at our pretty guest. "What is it they say about youth?"

He rolled his eyes and smiled his agreement.

Sarah was leaning toward the man on her left, listening to his story, but her eyes were on me again, looking up through long lashes. I smiled at her. That's the thing about Sarah, she makes me smile.

The Spa

"Mrs. Simmons, you must come with us to the Spa tomorrow. It's our regular day, Jackie and I go once a week," Heidi said, leaning forward.

'Oh, I don't know much about that. Maybe I shouldn't intrude. I don't want to be a bother..." Sarah replied, a hint of concern in her eyes.

"Yes, you really must, Sarah. We'll take good care of you. It's really wonderful. Jeff, tell her she must come with us! She has time, right?" I appealed to her husband for support. He looked non-plussed and shrugged in her direction.

There was really no escaping and she agreed reluctantly.

And so, the next day found me asking for her at the desk of the hotel. My heels clicked across the marble floor of the lobby to wait by the elevator. Sarah appeared almost immediately looking smart in a very short skirt that brushed across the top of her thighs.

She strode toward me and we pressed our cheeks together and hugged briefly before hurrying out the door.

She swung her tanned legs into the car and I leaned across to help with the stubborn door. The sunlight gave her legs a golden glow and I wondered how she kept from putting on a panty show for the boys in that tiny skirt. I smiled happily that she had the chutzpah to carry it off. And of course with legs like that who cares.

"Sarah, I just want to fill you in on the Spa. It will be a bit different for you."

"Yes, Jeff warned me that it's nude. Right? Is it ALL nude?"

"Well pretty much, yes. But everyone is nude, so you get used to it. It's really quite pleasant after you get over your American nerves. OK? Besides, you're going to be the best looking person there!" I slapped her thigh playfully, then thought I shouldn't have done that.

"Oh, sorry!" I blurted.

She smiled at my discomfort and laughed.

We parked the car and found our way to the locker room of a Spa in the lower floor of a hotel. I picked up towels and robes for both of us and lead the way into the locker room. Looking into the open door of the shower, we could see two women and a man casually showering and talking together. I looked over my shoulder and shrugged at her big wide open eyes.

"Different, eh?"

"Different!" she said. "I think I'm going to like it!" she giggled and nudged me in the ribs.

Heidi was standing between the rows of lockers in just her panties and greeted us with a hug and a brush of cheeks. It was a little awkward with her in her panties, but that's the way she is. It's wonderful that she is completely and totally natural any time you see her.

"I'll go see if I can find us some chaises." She slipped into her robe and then took her panties off and stuffed them into the locker shelf.

We found a locker to share and I unbuttoned my blouse and hung it up. I followed with my skirt and stood unclasping my bra. Turning, I saw that she had not moved. I left my bra hanging from my shoulders and reached to unbutton her blouse with a quiet giggle.

"You are going to enjoy it; I promise."

My fingers brushed the opulent curves of her breasts as I continued unbuttoning her blouse.

"OK?" I said, looking up.

We stood looking into each others' eyes, both smiling. Slowly, she stripped off the blouse and I hung it up for her while she slipped her short skirt down her long legs. She stood looking beautiful in panties and a French cut bra that made her breasts look splendid.

She unsnapped the bra and her breasts slumped only a little bit. Just enough to give a lovely under curve swooping away from crisply delineated brown areoles capped with nipples like cone-shaped candy kisses from Hersey.

"Here goes nothing!" she murmured, her hands poised inside the sides of her panties. She pushed them down over her hips, stepped out of them and pushed them into the locker.

We stood naked facing each other. I slipped into my robe and held hers for her. Mine hung still loose and open, framing the rather large forest of dark brown hair at my mound. My 36C plus breasts have the natural shape of a forty year old.

"You look beautiful!" she said, her eyes having reached to the triangle at the tops of my thighs.

"You're being kind, but,... thank you!" I said sincerely.

"And you, my dear, look absolutely beautiful!" I exclaimed, and then held the robe for her to slip into. I noticed the pert, trim tuft of black hair on her prominent mound. The curly patch veiled a neat little slit promising full lips swooping back to the shapely buns of her bottom. I could not remember looking at a woman before with so much attention to detail.

One finger traced self consciously over a barely visible light brown birthmark just under her left hip bone. (See what I mean about attention to detail? It's a character flaw.)

I touched it with the tip of my finger. "Pretty little beauty mark!"

She wrinkled her nose at me and turned to step into the robe I held for her.

I regretted pointing it out and tried to recover. "You know, your beauty spot is just the size and color of a famous 50 Franc coin here. It was made for the 2003 Alpine Ski Championships. I had in pierced to hang on a gold chain, but I never used it that way. Now when someone asks about your mark you will tell them it's your 50 Franc Piece and tell them about the naked lady who gave it to you as gift! I myself have no such story to tell about it, so it is silly to wear it! "

I dug into my purse and slipped the gold coin and chain around her neck and it rested nicely above her cleavage.

"Oh, you musn't! Really! I do love it. I may never go home, you know?"

I pulled the robe closed around her and suggested we leave.

"There you are, nice and snug?" I said reassuringly. "We're off!"

Heidi was waiting for us with three chaise lounges in a row.

Sarah got comfortable a lot faster than I had when I first came here. Before I realized it, she was up from the chaise and striding toward the pool, bottom jiggling prettily and boobs nicely curved beneath nipples betraying the excitement she was feeling and trying to hide.

A lot of jaded eyes which took pride pretending not to notice everyone was naked swung along the top of their magazines to watch her cute figure bounce past.

She cut an arc through the air and sliced into the pool with hardly a splash, then began doing laps as the eyes returned to hide behind their magazines.

I slipped off my robe and stepped cautiously into the hottest hot tub I had ever been in. I could almost feel my skin turning red as I lowered myself slowly through the steam.


We came out into the fresh autumn afternoon feeling wonderful the way only a massage and steeping in incredibly hot baths can make you feel.

"I feel limp!" she said, "and wonderful!"

"Isn't it an amazing feeling? Heidi and I do it every week."

"Sometimes twice," Heidi chimed in with a smile. We stood for a moment together in the sun, and then said goodbye to Heidi and hurried off to my car a block away.

"My husband demands that I buy some sexy European underwear before we leave." she said, an embarrassed little smile crossing her lips.

"I know the perfect place. And I know just the kind of husband - same mold as my David. But aren't they wonderful?"

We laughed and joked as I made my way across town through the busy traffic and found a carpark near my favorite lingerie shop.

The sales lady was very helpful. She was an older woman who knows her business and understood the situation immediately. She began laying wonderful lacy garments in front of us and then standing in the doorway of the fitting room as Sarah tried on bra after beautiful bra.

Bra shopping is one of those hateful chores, finding just the right fit and something pretty at the same time. But doing it with a friend is sometimes much better.

I realized at that moment that we had become friends, Sarah and I, as she asked my advice and turned one way and the other to give me a good view.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute!" I called. "You have to have this one!"

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed and hurried to loose her big breasts from a pretty one whose cups just wouldn't accommodate her anyway.

It was a froth of lace and showed off her all-over tanned body like a beautiful French dessert. The panties were similar. Not a practical thing about it, but the effect was devastating. She could have walked right onto a photoshoot for Elle in that.

"I envy your 'usband, Madame." the sales lady said. "Or your lover! Who can say, after all." She grinned devilishly.

We all laughed together about her comment, but it troubled me that the same thought was on the tip of my tongue.

Looking at the way the white lace let her dark nipples show through, "I could only say, "Honey, you look as good as a French Éclair on one of those lace doilies at the restaurant!"

"You have to have one of these too! It will look wonderful. Your husband deserves it too, don't you think," She was bubbly and happy with her purchases.

"I don't think I'll look as good as you. I don't think so!" I laughed.

"You must. Do you have one for my friend, too?" she said urgently. How could I resist. Before I knew it, she was pushing me along toward the booth and unbuttoning my blouse. We became like giggling highschool girls in the tiny booth.

I reached behind to unclasp my bra and felt my 36C bust release as Sarah slipped her hands along my arms to scoop up the straps. I felt the trace of her fingers barely skimming my nipples as the bra came away in her hands. I felt myself blush and my nipples crisp.

She shook the bra out in front of me and let me slip into the straps, then went behind to fasten it for me. Sarah smoothed her hands along the silky band of the bra and turned me around, her hands barely touching the sides of my breasts. Or perhaps I was imagining it.

"Oh, Jackie, it's pretty. Look how pretty you are!" I stood looking in the mirror, but my eyes were drawn instead to the pretty brown eyes looking over my shoulder. She smoothed the band under my breasts and I loved having her touch my breasts.

"He'll love it. And you too!" she added.

"You said the magic word! I'll take it! but not the thong, I'll take the full panty." I said to the knowing sales lady.

"No, no, at least take the bikini,... or the hipster! Or one of each?" Sarah burbled.

Just briefly, she put her hands under my breasts and lifted gently.

"Gosh you're big!" her face crinkled with a confident smile.

We said a reluctant goodbye on the steps of the hotel. And I gave her a small gold box of Swiss Chocolates for her trip home.

There were happy tears as we embraced one last time. And she turned and swung through the revolving door carefully tucking her packages close to her body. Her skirt, rucked up by one of the packages, let her taut yellow panties over that lovely little bottom wink at me.

I slipped the car into gear and said to myself, "Yellow, yellow is your color, kid!"

It was a fun shopping trip and it would be the last time I would see my new friend for more than a year.


I thought back to that pleasant meeting over the next few months. Occasionally Steve would come home and mention talking to Jeff and say that Sarah said 'hello.'

"Oh, that's nice of her. I really like her. Do you think they'll ever cross paths with us again?" I said.

"Oh, no doubt they will. Don't know when, but you know how they keep us on the move. I'll see Jeff pretty often at meetings."

He went back to his paper, but I found myself staring out the window into the darkness and thinking of Sarah's haunting brown eyes and her bright laugh. I suddenly realized that my reminiscence had gone further. From her eyes, I had relived the sight of Sarah's breasts undressing together in that locker room; the smell of the spa and the sound of showers in the background and slamming of locker doors returned to my ears. And my eyes,... my eyes drifted down to her firm, prominent mound with its cute little tuft of hair hiding that neat looking slit between her legs. I remember watching as she slipped into that lacy French bra and how the cups had seemed molded just for the shape of those wonderful breasts and... I shook my self and looked guiltily over at Steve. What a strange daydream, I thought.

It must have been prophetic because the very next morning, out of the blue, I found an email from Sarah. It was tentative in tone, thanking me for the day at the spa and "that wonderful shopping trip!" Again, my mind's eye conjured a picture of her bright red sweetheart lips breaking in a smile as she shrugged her arms into the lacy bra and settled her breasts into its clinging lacy cups. My vision was strangely detailed and I couldn't imagine why the entire day came flooding back as I read her brief note.

"Do you remember how I practically forced you to buy the same set? I was so pushy I think I even fastened it on you, to make you take it! I apologize for being so pushy. However, Jeff goes wild every time I put mine on and Jeff and Steve have talked about those bras, so I know you have attracted a lot of attention. So maybe it wasn't such a bad Idea."

It was true, though I didn't know it had been discussed by the boys. I stopped and enjoyed the thought of it.

"Life has gone back to ordinary here after my adventure with you. Go to the grocery store. Come back and check my e-mail. Do laundry. See if anyone is chatting online. Pick up the cleaning. Work on an outline for a story. Really kind of weird, I guess. It makes me wonder what the women I see buying groceries at Wal Mart are really thinking beneath their "normal" exteriors. I think it's really fascinating to ponder that. It seems that we all lead fairly normal lives, while at the same time, carrying around all this sexual energy. Makes you wonder why we don't explode sometimes."

That was the end of her note and I reread the last lines quizzically. The sexual energy was certainly true, but I hadn't thought of Sarah feeling it too. Or was it just an accidental reference? Maybe it was not even referring to our shopping trip. I printed it out and clamped it between my lips as I toted a basket of laundry upstairs.

As I folded things away in my panty drawer, I took out the lace bra and on a silly whim, stripped off my clothes and cupped the lacy bra over my breasts and stood grinning guiltily into the mirror with my arms craned behind my back for the clasps. I leaned forward to let my breasts settle into the cups and my mind flew back to the way Sarah's pretty breasts had looked. I pulled the lacy panties up over my hips and imagined Sarah in her thong style and how she had argued for me getting "at least" the bikini.

I lay down on the bed, propped the email against my pillow and let my mind flood with memories of that single day in Lucerne. I slipped my hand under my stomach and into my panties. I fondled the thick forest on my mound as I read. I realized that my fingers had found my slit very wet and I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow as my finger gently manipulated my clitoris. My whole body began to feel good and it became very sensitive. I could feel the satin duvet of the bed and wriggled around against it with sensual pleasure as my finger slipped into my vagina. Gently at first, my hips moved in tiny circles against my hand cupping my furry mound and centering on the two fingers swirling deep into the dark, moist haven between my legs. I pressed tight against my clitoris as the fingers danced a beckoning motion inside my love tunnel. Every nerve in my body seemed focused on worshipping my pussy as I fondled it and thought of my friend Sarah. It was the first time that I admitted my affection for Sarah had a sexual aspect to it. And I didn't know quite what to make of such an idea.

It was half an hour before I replied to Sarah's email, thanking her for thinking to write. I thought carefully before finishing it with tongue in cheek.

"Yes, I think I know what you mean about sexual tension being everywhere. We'll certainly have to keep from exploding!!"


We became occasional email correspondents. An email would arrive from Sarah every two weeks or so. Sometimes just a note, sometimes a long newsy chat about her life and, more and more frequently, her thoughts and questions about life.

Over the months we shared our own intimate thoughts, insecurities and problems, just like best friends living next door. She told me her symptoms in one letter and I hurried to tell her it sounded like a yeast infection and hustled her off to her doctor. I commiserated with her discomfort and told her what it was like when I had one.

"What causes it?" she asked in a reply. I could sense the concern in her question.

I grinned as I typed:

"Usually excessively forceful sex!!!!!" I replied, adding a smiley face and a giggle to the Email.

Then one day, she said she was gathering experiences for a story she might write. "I'm asking friends the story of their first orgasm." She continued to tell me about hers with a female cousin in those wondrous, scary explorative pre-teen years. I had never told anyone about mine, but it paralleled Sarah's and I found it easy to relate my own first surprising orgasm and the astonishing way it made me feel.

"I've never told anyone, Sarah, but I kind of like telling you:

My earliest experience was similar except more accidental than yours.

I must have been 10 or 11 years old and not very knowledgeable at all. It was one of those lovely, warm summer evenings and a large group of neighborhood friends were out after dark. We were playing those kid games like tag or statues, things like that. There were lightning bugs everywhere and cicadas chirping in the background. I was tackled by a girl who was a couple years older and we lay giggling on the ground, her on top. We continued tickling each other and wrestling around until her leg was between mine and mine hers. It felt comfortable and warm. I felt her moving against my mound and then a warmth that I hadn't experienced before, centered between my legs. I found myself moving in response to her snuggling little moves. I did not know what was happening, but it felt lovely and I parted my legs a little and enjoyed the way Janet humped against me.

Janet put my hands on her breasts, pretending that it was something funny to do, more than anything sexual. She apparently thought I would know more than I did. We both got awfully quiet and I lay there puzzling over the nice warm feeling along with some tingling going on between my legs. Finally someone came close and she rolled off me. My head was spinning a little and I had that warm glow for the longest time. I thought about it all the way home and then explored myself when I got into bed. I think I had a tiny orgasm lying on the ground and then when alone in bed, I felt the beginning tension and then the intense tingling just behind my clitoris until my nipples began to tingle until a slow shudder coursed though my body and sped up until every muscle in my body seemed to go limp.

Not long after that, a cousin came to visit for a week and we

slept together.

Jennie was my age, but a little more advanced, so I could bring the subject up when we were in bed. On the second night, Jennie suggested we take off our nighties and sleep just in our panties. It was the most delicious feeling I had ever had to feel her naked skin against mine as we pressed between each other's legs.

One thing that has occurred to me is that masturbation has the advantage that you don't have to be concerned with what the other person is doing. That simplifies sex a little bit. :-) I still enjoy it regularly.

Thanks for the neat letter."


And so by long distance, our friendship continued and grew. I looked forward to her cheerful letters and eagerly responded with mine.

It came time for us to move back to the USA and we bid a fond farewell to Lucerne. No matter how long you stay away, it is still true that there is no place like home. While we were sad to leave, we were eager to be back home. This time we would be living in Michigan. We would have a few weeks for a longish vacation and then the inevitable trouble of meeting our furniture again and moving into a new house.

As we were packing up in Lucerne, an Email arrived from Jeff asking if we would like to join them on some kind of houseboat trip at some big lake in Utah. I had only heard vaguely of houseboating, but thought a week or two on a lake sounded appealing. Besides, I looked forward to getting better acquainted with Sarah and Jeff. Meeting them in Utah sounded wonderful and Jeff and Steve made the arrangements.

"I'll need to get my fishing gear out of storage!" he bustled eagerly.


A month later we met at the airport in Phoenix and drove to Page where we would go aboard a houseboat about 50 feet long and begin our adventure. Sarah and I jabbered happily all through the drive as the men planned their assault on the fish in the front seat.

On board, Sarah and I went up to the top deck while Steve and Jeff were instructed on how to take care of the boat. It was hot in the desert of course, but we were sitting on folding chairs under an awning, so our talk continued excitedly. After a few minutes, Sarah clasped my hand and squeezed.

"I'm so happy you agreed to come!"

"Listen, this was the most welcome invitation I've ever had! And I'm delighted to have some time with you!" We smiled into each others eyes and once again I was struck by the soft brown eyes surrounded with a cascade of brown hair that was almost shoulder length and looked like silk.

I relaxed my grip, but she squeezed my hand again and held it, swinging between the chairs.

"I mean, I'm really happy to be with you!" she said warmly.

The Lake

Two engines rumbled quietly to life and the boat lurched slightly backwards, then slowly turned and pointed out into the lake. Amid a lot of conversation and shouting back and forth we were adrift and we looked down on Steve at the bow gesturing to Jeff, who must have been our pilot, as the boat smoothly picked up speed and headed out. The air movement immediately made the temperature more comfortable.

We went below and began locating things in the kitchen and bedrooms. There were two master bedrooms each with a large bed and lots of windows, so each of us moved into one and then we began preparing a simple dinner.

Lake Powel is a large lake backed up into the canyons of the Colorado River and so the landscape is like being on a barren planet. The canyon walls are bare shades of brown and gold rock eroded for centuries to form beautiful jagged landscape.

We were warned that the sun went down early and abruptly because of the canyon walls and so we were hurrying to our first campground. The Guys pored over the map and selected one of the recommended anchoring points. This first site had a little bit of beach and so we grounded the boat and set anchors for safety. Dinner of grilled hamburgers was ready just in time for the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen.

We went ashore with blankets and built a small fire; we were soon happily sitting folded in our husbands arms staring off into the rapidly disappearing sun. The sky went from deep gold to black as if a current were dropped and we were afloat in a sea of stars we had never seen before because there were no city lights to blank them out.

Steve's hand cupped my breast and I nuzzled against his neck and purred contentedly. Drinks were made on board and brought out and we eased into a comfortable routine. Before long murmured, "this lake air is making me sleepy." We were soon packing up and dousing the fire. Lights out came quickly as we went off to our rooms.

Later, Steve woke me to feel the movement of the boat.

"What is that?" I asked sleepily.

"Them!" he laughed.

I craned my head out from under the blanket. Sure enough, Sarah and Jeff's activities could be felt as a steady vibration in the boat. I giggled a little and thought about the handsome couple fucking happily in the next room, oblivious to the telltale waves they were making. It brought a smile to my face and I turned toward my eagerly waiting husband.

"How long have you been listening? You dirty old man!"

He moved forward and I felt his hard cock bump my mound. A thrill ripped through my nipples.

"Not long." he said innocently.

"Liar!" I giggled.

I put my hand around his cock and pretended to be dragging him toward me. Both his hands came under my nightie and squeezed my breasts as my nipples jumped into life.

I lead the head of his cock between my legs and purred in his ears as it nuzzled under my mound against satin panties.

"Ohhhh," he groaned and pushed harder against my pussy. I kept my fingers circling his cock and we listened to the sounds of Sarah and Jeff moaning happily in each others' embrace. The pace and sound level got even higher and more intense.

"Shhhhh! Honey!" I heard Sarah caution the excited animal humping between her legs. But the sexily urgent sounds of thumping increased and increased until finally there was silence.

Steve grasped eagerly at my panties and I felt them rip slightly as he struggled to get them down my legs.

"Shhhh," I begged. But it was almost as it it were one of those macho thing to outdo the first couple. He flung the panties across the room against the wall and I quickly unsnapped my bra and tucked it under my pillow. As he opened my legs and pressed his tongue into my wet pussy, I was tense with the knowledge that they would be listening to the sounds of us fucking wildly and increasing the lapping waves under the boat as it set in the absolutely smooth lake. It was funny I guess, but I was too tense to enjoy his noisy tasting and licking of my pussy. Quickly he had enough of my flavorful juices and his cock was bumping desperately against my pussy lips searching for entry. I grasped it and slipped it up and down my moist slit and then centered it for him. He lunged quickly into me and I felt the hairy bush at the base of his cock mingle with mine in a wet reunion.

Slowly I relaxed and decided not to worry about Sarah hearing us. I relaxed and spread my legs for him as he poised over me supported on his hands. I found his little nipples with my fingers and squeezed tightly as his cock filled me and began playing in my vagina. I put one hand between us and found my clitoris and rubbed it along with fondling the slippery sliding cock as it plunged deep and then withdrew wet with love juices.

I moved my hips to meet him and the bed springs complained loudly under out thrusting, fucking bodies. Again and again he thrust it into my welcoming pussy. I began shuddering under him and felt my orgasm begin. Little ones at first and then bigger waves of pleasure flowed over my pussy and breasts. I put one hand on his waist caressing and guiding his urgent fucking. My orgasms were not huge but they were nicely satisfying.

"Cum, honey, cum in me!" I whispered. "You are so BIG!" I said quietly in his ear. "You're stretching me!" I murmured and felt him tense and then go rigid with pleasure as he shot spurt after spurt of his sperm deep, deep into my pussy. His weight felt good on top of me when he collapsed satisfied.

We lay there with his cock slowly relaxing inside my snug pussy. I felt very good, lying there and soothing my exhausted lover by smoothing my hand up and down his back and his tight ass. I tickled across the crease in his body and toyed with his sweat moistened body hair.

The Boat

"Good morning!" she said brightly.

I turned from the stove and greeted Sarah in her bright pink little bikini suit.

"Good Morning, Sarah! Ready for a swim, I see!"

"Oh that sounds good. What can I help with?" she stood next to me and her arm slipped around my waist.

"You can do the eggs, how's that?"

She whispered in my ear, "Did we make too much noise last night? Did we wake you?"

"No and Yes," I giggled. "It's OK, though, we enjoyed it and it made my husband a little on the wild side."

She still looked a little sheepish. "I heard you, too, so I guess it's just part of the charm of boating." She pressed a little kiss against my cheek.

We had breakfast with two very satisfied and relaxed-looking husbands and they eventually had us launched and headed on our voyage once again. We explored the lake a bit, trying a couple of canyons. The time flies by and before we knew it, it was time to tie up. We beached the big boat bow first against a tiny beach that was overlooked by a shallow cave a few yards up the wall of the canyon.

Sarah and I climbed up and had a few minutes alone in the wide mouth little alcove and watched our husbands fiddling with the boat and lighting the grill over the side of the boat. We opened wine and shared two bottles as the sun was shut off and the stars appeared like diamonds in the space between the walls. Again a fire warmed us in the cool desert night air until we were pleasantly soothed by the wine and ready for early bed once again.

"Why don't we sleep on the top deck, in the open?" Jeff suggested. It sounded brilliant and we got blankets and climbed the ladder and spread them on the roof. We had a nightcap of brandy sitting in our beds and staring romantically at the stars. Conversation was hushed and wandered quietly over the events of the day until we fell asleep one by one.

"Is Steve asleep? she whispered. We laughed together that he had dropped out of the conversation, but Jeff was soon to follow and then Sarah. I was left staring at Sarah's sleeping face next to me until I contentedly drifted off to sleep.

Very early in the morning something woke me. It was still dark, but the moon was bright now and cast an early gray light in our little canyon. I slowly opened my eyes and looked more closely. In the moonlight, I I saw her eyes. As my eyes became accustomed to the light, I could see that it WAS her eyes. Those dark soulful eyes that had been burned in my memory from the first time we met. We lay looking into each others' eyes for what seemed minutes.

She had her hands balled up and pressed up under her chin. I could see her moisten her soft full lips and the moonlight modeled her high cheekbones gracefully. I smiled in the darkness, and pushed her hands down so I could see her face better. Instead she caught my hand and held it, smiling back at me.

Slowly, she pulled my hand lower and clutched it between breasts so soft yet firm that it took my breath away. I decided it didn't bother me and relaxed my hand between her breasts as she gently fondled my hand against her body. It was really very pleasant lying like that. It felt softly naughty lying between our sleeping husbands as my hand opened and became a lover's caress. I held my breath, but she only smiled. We said nothing hoping to let the men sleep on while we enjoyed this tender moment.

Sarah struggled a moment without disturbing anyone else and pulled her t-shirt up and replaced my hand underneath it on her breast. She seemed to sigh silently with pleasure. Again we lay quietly, each thinking our own thoughts.

I raised my own nightie for her and then put both my hands on her lovely breasts and felt her nipples probe my palms. Her hands found mine and cupped under my heavier breasts as if she were examining them with awe.

Gentle fondling, soothing stokes made our pleasure exquisite. She glanced up at the stars and we lost ourselves in them for a few moments, still caressing each other. No one, I thought, had ever treated my breasts so tenderly nor made them glow with pleasure.

Finally, I saw her move her lips toward me, perhaps because I was staring at them, wishing for them to come to me. It was just a tentative movement, but I mirrored it and leaned closer, still trying desperately not to disturb the men.

Our lips met and I moved mine to nibble against hers. She still had some lipstick on and the sweet taste made me flick my tongue over my lips to taste it. Her lips parted and her tongue touched mine. It was a lightening stroke like your very first French kiss and I didn't want it to end. I hurried forward and pressed my tongue between those luscious lips and felt her close on my tongue and suck me gently.

A flood of shudders emanating from the kiss flowed down over my breasts and deep between my legs. We parted a bit and I breathed her breath sweet from between those lovely lips. We stayed that way sucking each others' breath and breathing quietly. The light snores of our husbands continued.

She moved closer and her hand touched the soft cushiony hair over my mound and all my sex nerve endings leapt with joy. I was trembling and so was Sarah. We grinned like conspirators as I moved one hand over the round globe and slipped down between her tits, then along over the pouting little tummy, smooth and soft. I found the little tuft of hair and pressed my long fingers against her curls until just the tip of my middle finger touched the fold that marked the start of her pussy slit. It was thrilling.

Sarah pressed close, trying to avoid moving too much.

"What?" Steve groaned slightly.

"Nothing!" I whispered, "don't' wake them!"

His breathing returned to an even hum and became heavier.

We smiled at our success and I felt the little tuft of her mound press against mine and her breasts nuzzle my own. Very carefully, I put my hand around her and pressed my hand over the crease between her firm little bottom; pressing our pussies together. Sarah's hand was on my hip, caressing me lightly while our nipples strained tightly against each other.

"Ohhh!" I heard her moan.

Her kiss on the slope of my breast was lovely and then when she sucked my nipple a little, I was afraid I would moan out loud. Stifling it, I urged my nipple into her mouth. There was no way I could nibble hers without a lot of movement that would have wakened the men. Tensely but full of pleasure we allowed our tender caresses to continue. I was wet between my legs and my groin tingled with anticipation.

I slipped my hand between her legs and felt the moisture forming a little pool under the thin strap of the thong she was wearing. Because it was so tiny, I could feel the soft folds of Sarah's pussy lips on my fingers. I slipped one and then two in to feel her moist wonderfully soft tunnel. I had never explored another woman's pussy before and touching Sarah thrilled me.

Sarah looked wide eyed at me for a moment, then put her lips back on my nipple and sucked hard as my fingers played inside her vagina. I found the firm little bump and gently beckoned my fingers over it. She tensed and tightened her legs on my invading hand. Her lips suckled me more gently making my breast wet all over the globe. Her hips moved involuntarily a little thrust but I held her still to quiet her. Again I soothed her G-spot and felt my hands getting wetter and wetter with the creamy flow of her pussy. The soft lips were moist and lay under my hand full and beautiful. Sarah tensed again and her face contorted trying to stay quiet. But her shuddering body could not be denied, as an orgasm swept under my hand. Both men were moving restlessly beside us and we lay quiet and still, looking into each others eyes in the gathering light of sunrise.

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