Life Flashes By

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Aunt,

Desc: Sex Story: Discontinued - This is a coming-of-age story of a teenage boy who finds himself starting a new life at a private co-ed boarding school along the California coast.

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Chapter 1

Nathan "Nate" William Preston - Main character of the book. From Morgan Hill, California.

Gregory "Greg" William Preston - Nate's father. Lives in Morgan Hill, California.

Melissa Marie (Decade) Preston - Nate's mother. Lives in Morgan Hill, California.

Tyler Mick Prichard - Nate's first roommate in the summer of 1988. From Evansville, Indiana.

Bristol "Bry" Osmond Hanley (Mr. Hanley) - Dean of Men. From Turlock, California.

Shaunna Marie Preston - Nate's older sister. From Morgan Hill, California.

Lana Kristen Preston - Nate's younger sister. Lives in Morgan Hill, California.

Phillip "Phil" Bartholomew Vanderzee - First freshman that Nate meets. From Frederick, Maryland.

Carter Henry Moseley - Second freshman that Nate meets. From Burlington, Vermont.

Chapter 2

Martin Nathan Preston (Grandpa Preston) - Nate's father's father. Lives in Modesto, California.

Sullivan "Sully" Barret Rhodes (Mr. Rhodes) - Maintenance/Grounds Manager. Lives in Aptos, California.

Austin Granville Parnell (Mr. Parnell) - Nate's Maintenance Supervisor. Lives in Soquel, California.

Seth Robert Crandle - Nate's friend who also works maintenance. From Lancaster, California.

Hannah Lorene Kercher - Nate's girlfriend. Works in the laundry with Nate's roommate, Tyler. From Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Susan Christine (Renault) Preston (Great Grandma Preston) - Nate's father's father's mother. Lived in Modesto, California.

Arthur Gregory Preston (Great Grandpa Preston) - Nate's father's father's father. Lived in Modesto, California.

Lori Ann (Decade) Pierson (Aunt Lori) - Nate's mother's sister. Lives in Gilroy, California.

Leila Christine Basinger - Hannah's friend. From Pasadena, California.

Juliana Ysabel Pilcher - Hannah's friend. From Jefferson City, Missouri.

Linette Raeford - Juliana's cousin. Lives in Augusta, Georgia.

Ryan Leonard Decade - Nate's mother's brother's son. Lives in Salinas, California.

Michael Louis Pierson - Aunt Lori's ex-husband. Whereabouts unknown.

Chapter 5

Mary Lana (Spiedel) Preston - Nate's father's mother. Lives in Modesto, California.

Samuel Arthur "Art" Preston (Uncle Art) - Grandpa Preston's older brother. Lives in Milpitas, California.

Luellin Katherine "Kathy" (Bader) Preston (Aunt Kathy) - Uncle Art's wife. Lives in Milpitas, California.

Elroy Robert "Rob" Preston (Uncle Rob) - Grandpa Preston's younger brother. Lives in Freemont, California.

Linette Mary (Koontz) Preston (Aunt Mary) - Uncle Rob's wife. Lives in Freemont, California.

Lincoln Theodore "Ted" Preston (Uncle Ted) - Grandpa Preston's youngest brother. Lives in Stockton, California.

Margaret "Margie" Patricia (Ryan) Preston (Aunt Margie) - Uncle Ted's wife. Lives in Stockton, California.

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