Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man begins to realize the power of his economic position.

Caleb sat waiting in the office of his attorney. His state of mind was torn between excitement and disbelief. Was it really possible for a man of only 22 years to be closing on a 14,000 square foot office building? It seemed almost surreal to Caleb, although he had almost single handidly done all the work necessary to arrive at this milestone in his young life. Born into a family of the "working poor" Caleb certainly had none of the advantages normally associated with early professional or financial success.

As he waited for the final paperwork to be prepared he began to think of individuals or reasons that might help to account for his current station in life. Only his high school Economics teacher Mr. Anders came to mind. Caleb smiled inwardly when he remembered his mentor whom he privately called Pop.

What an odd couple they must have made. A tall skinny white kid with no money, little guidance and almost no hope of being anything but just another factory worker in his little north Georgia town. That contrasted with a small, portly teacher from Holland who was of African decent.

What had Pop seen in him that caused the elderly scholar to befriend and tutor the boy? Why had Pop spent his own money to take Caleb to Atlanta and Charleston, South Carolina so that he might have access to museums and libraries unequaled in sleepy little Lavonia, Georgia. Kids at school were whispering that perhaps Mr. Anders was "teaching" Caleb a few things all right, perhaps at the end of his black cock they would giggle. Caleb never did anything to refute such charges and never dating any of his young classmates only added to the rumors.

"Mr. Morris, Mr. Rubenstein will see you now." Caleb snapped out of his musings and looked at the incredibly hot paralegal that was now speaking to him. "Thank you Keasha" was his smooth reply as he lifted himself from the loft leather sofa. As he entered the richly paneled office of his lawyer an elegant white haired man drew himself up from behind an ancient desk. With a beaming smiling came "How are you Caleb my boy?" "Fantastic Ruby, I hope you are." "Yes just fine thanks, sit down and lets do business."

" Caleb as we look through these documents and you will see that everything is relatively standard with the exception of the notations concerning the Federal Grant money and the South Carolina State tax credits; and by the way let me congratulate you on having the tremendous vision to redevelop such a forgotten old building. With the leases that are already in place you should realize roughly $70,000 dollar per year and that should swell to $90,000 before the end of this year. When the new appraisals come in you will see a little more than a 1 million dollars in equity added to you companies balance sheet." Instantly, Caleb added these new totals in his mind and realized that when added to his residential investment properties he would earn in excess of $115,000 per year and now had a net worth of almost 2 million dollars.

After the papers where signed and Caleb was ready to leave, Rubenstein stretched out his hand. As they shook he spoke in measured tones and said " Don't forget what our mutual friend John Anders always advised us both... Enjoy your success to its fullest measure."

Caleb smiled to himself as he sat down into the supple seat of his new BMW 745. Would anyone in Lavonia believe he could afford to drive a $90,000 car? Certainly not his mother or family. Then he decided it was time to temper this indulgence with some work. Caleb had been successful in part because of his natural intellectual talents but, also because he KNEW his business and remained hands on. Now it was time to collect some past due rent.

The Hanson's, Paul and Kathy were becoming a problem. They were behind 1 full month and within a week of making it 2. As Caleb pulled into 14 Deep Ford Way he wondered what the excuse would be this time. Kathy welcomed Mr. Morris, as she knew him, into her well-maintained ranch style house. Caleb could see that the woman was upset. He studied the 35-year-old mother of 3. She was maybe 5'6 and 150 lbs. Not a bad looking red haired wife with C cup titties Caleb guessed.

"Kathy I'm sure you know why I'm here, so if you could get me the rent money I'll be on my way." "Mr. Morris." Kathy almost sobbed. " We don't have the rent just yet." Then trying to smile she added, "But Paul has just taken a second job and with this extra check we should be able to pay you next week and then begin to pay on time again." Kathy sniffed back a sob "Please down be angry Mr. Morris." Seeing this older woman in such a vulnerable position gave Caleb a rush of excitement much like closing a big deal did. With the advise from his attorney still ringing in his ears Caleb decided to gamble.

"Kathy you have already been served papers and you realize that I can have you evicted." "PLEASE don't throw us out Mr. Morris" Kathy interrupted in a desperate tone. "Shut your mouth!" Caleb interjected this before Kathy could finish her plea. "Never interrupt me again." Caleb stood and it seemed his 6'4 frame towered over the now openly weeping woman. "You owe me money and you will pay me or you will sleep in the street for all I care." Caleb's head seemed to spin with this newly found power. He had always played hardball in business but he had never used this kind of tone or tried to impose his will on someone this way. He noticed that all this excitement had caused his neglected cock to begin to swell.

"Kathy, I'm not an ogre but this is business. I understand that your children have just started back to school and it would be a big embarrassment if they were sleeping in a shelter. You say that Paul is now working a second job to pay me. You have never lied to me so I will take your word for it. Now we reach a new problem. How will I be compensated for the loss of the interest I would have earned on the money you owe me? Now you may speak Kathy."

Kathy wiped tears from her eyes and looked up at the man she had always thought of as a boy. " I haven't anything to give you Mr. Morris but perhaps I could work off the interest. Maybe clean your house, do your laundry or even wash your car. Would that help?" She was almost pleading at the end. "No Kathy. I have all that taken care of it already. However, there is something you are able to do for me." "Yes Mr. Morris I'll be glad to help." The anger boiled to the surface again as Caleb was cut off in mid thought by this sniveling woman. She saw his fist clench and realized her mistake. "Mr. Morris I'm sorry I cut you off." Caleb could see the fear in her eyes; he'd seen it before in the eyes of his opponents when he sparred in the gym.

Caleb struggled to regain control. Thankfully his martial arts training was paying off. "Kathy now we have a second problem. How will we deal with you inability to learn?" Only silence was allowed to exist in the room for what seemed like forever to Kathy. Finally Caleb spoke," First we must deal with the problem you have with obeying me. As a child when I disobeyed my mother SPANKED me! It seems to have worked well with me and I trust it will with you." As Caleb looked down and into the eyes of the older woman he could see both fear and humiliation.

"Stand up Kathy and lets begin your punishment." Kathy's lip began to tremble. "Mr. Morris you can't be suggesting that You spank me."

" You are correct. I'm demanding it, and it will only be made worse if you delay." Caleb was beginning to feel the power his money and position afforded him.

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