The Society
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sondra, wife and mother, discovers a secret society which offers to fulfill her every sexual fantasy, but at what price?

The eye catching honey blonde sat at a small table at the outdoor cafe sipping coffee. Her shoulder length hair fell in soft curls, the eyes of azure, cool and piercing which, when teamed with the shapely, tailored pantsuit and heels, gave her an even more self confident and sophisticated appearance.

She eyed the passersby with disinterest. She was looking for someone in particular, someone she knew came here frequently. Their meeting would be no accident, even though she must make it appear so.

The waiter appeared for the third or fourth time obviously infatuated with the attractive woman who sat alone.

"Anything else I can bring you?" he asked.

"No, nothing, thank you," she replied, dismissing him yet again.

Disappointed, he turned and disappeared back into the cafe.

The woman consulted her watch, noting the time, then shifted in her chair impatiently. She had done her research carefully, delving into every aspect of the private life of the woman whom she awaited. One of her predictabilities was always stopping by this cafe after dropping her kids off at school and before attending her daily workout at the local gym. The woman was late. Well, perhaps something had held her up, maybe traffic was a bit heavier than usual today or any one of a number of other things which could have delayed her making her daily stop for a bit of caffeine before continuing with the routine of housewife and mother.

The woman allowed herself a slight smile. Although she had not seen Sondra Cramer in several years, she probably knew more about her than if they had lived as next door neighbors and best friends. She had collected some of the information herself as well as being provided a voluminous amount of data including videos from hidden cameras which revealed the most intimate secrets of the Cramer woman's marriage and sex life.

The lawyer husband and the children were of no consequence other than as the usual negative factors in recruitment, but having developed the profile on the mother she was quite confident they would ultimately not prove to be a deterrence. Sondra Cramer fitted the profile nicely. She was vulnerable and she was ripe. A college educated housewife and showpiece for her husband to exhibit at parties and corporate socials, the thirty-three year old was experiencing the restlessness of a woman who has begun to question if fulfilling the role of Barbie at cocktail parties, attending endless school committees with other mothers who seemed to have nothing other than their children to talk about and playing chauffeur for her own kids' multiple activities was to be her destiny. Add to that a husband totally engrossed in his career and spending less and less time with wife and family, a sex life decreasing in both frequency and intensity and you have the ingredients for a woman susceptible to recruitment. Yes, thought the woman, if I am patient, I will soon have my recruit.

Sondra Cramer had run late because of a huge construction traffic jam near the school and so almost decided today to forego the coffee and drive directly to the gym. She had accustomed herself to her morning shot of caffeine, however, and besides she could always work out on her own if the aerobics class was already too far along. And too, she enjoyed the combination of quiet time to sip a cup of steaming java and sometimes converse with the other patrons. So she pulled the mini van into a spot around the corner and walked toward the bistro.

She allowed herself a slight smile as two young men gave her the once over then turned to follow her swaying hips with their eyes. She worked hard to maintain her looks and figure. Sometimes she questioned why. The answer was always the same -- Brad, her husband. He had made it plain when they were married that he wanted not only a wife and mother to his children, but a beautiful, charming woman who could woo his law partners and potential clients as well. As Brad had risen up the corporate law firm ladder, she had maintained her end of the agreement -- she still wore a size two, as she had done in college, and her measurements were those of a centerfold -- Brad's focus, however, had turned more and more to the law firm. Even the births of Cindy and then Ginger did nothing to moderate his overwhelming desire to become a full partner. Now, with that accomplished, she had hoped he would ease off a bit, take more time for her and the kids, but such had not been the case. He was the criminal trial lawyer at the firm and intent on putting his and the firm's name on the map as the very best. So more and more time had been spent on cases and less and less with family. Oh, there were the occasional cocktail parties and a night out now and then. She loved the time they spent together -- dinner and dancing or even drives along the lake shore, but they were becoming fewer and farther between and their intimate moments even rarer as he often returned home exhausted from a hard day at the office or in court. She caught herself doing what she had become so accustomed to these last few years -- blaming Brad. She hated to admit it, but a great deal of his reluctance was her fault. He had wanted to experiment, try new positions and techniques. He had even encouraged her to wear outfits more becoming to her face and figure which he considered both knockouts. She had been the reluctant one, however, content with home and family, sex a secondary consideration. As such she realized that perhaps she had pushed him away from the bedroom which had helped build a wall between them. Oh, they were still very much in love, but with the pressures of being a thirty-something it was now she who was beginning to feel that Brad was becoming content with his career while she was growing restless.

She paused momentarily to look in a store window at some cute girl's dresses. Cindy had a birthday coming up in a few weeks and Sondra wanted to find something really special for the thirteen year old. Clothes didn't yet matter to Ginger who, at four, was content to wear a gunny sack. Cindy was beginning to blossom however and had recently acquired her period as well as having been asked out on a double date. She and Brad had said no, of course, but they did allow the boy and the other couple to come to their house for an evening of games, listening to music and watching a comedy video.

Starting to move on, Sondra noted her reflection in the window. Her face was still that of a woman in her mid twenties, radiant and youthful, her slate gray eyes sparkling, her cheekbones prominent yet smoothly blending with the flawless complexion, her short, jet black hair glistening in an always stylish do.

Yes, she was still a beautiful woman, but while she remained capable of turning the heads of strangers, she couldn't seem to attract the interest of the one man she wanted most. She wondered, as she did more and more these days, if Brad still found her attractive or had she put off his advances too many times. He still complimented her from time to time, but his lack of sexual interest made her pause to wonder if she were still desirable. After all she had had two children and even though she had worked religiously to maintain her looks and figure, perhaps she had somehow lost her ability to provide sexual pleasure, both visually and in bed.

Noting that she would return later to consider the dresses, Sondra turned the corner and started into the cafe when a mere glance caught the eye of an attractive woman seated at one of the tables on the patio. She glanced away then back again, something -- something familiar. The other woman's eyes lit up and a sudden half smile, half laugh filled her face.

"Sondra -- is that you?" the woman cried.

"Brenda? Brenda Wallingford?"

The woman stood and the two shared a warm and enthusiastic embrace.

"How long has it been?" asked Sondra.

"Let's see. I guess it was our junior year of college when I transferred to NYU. Let's see, that must make it about twelve..."

"Never mind!" laughed Sondra.

Brenda offered a seat and the two women began catching up as the waiter appeared and took orders for coffee.

"So how have you been? What are you doing now?" asked the blonde, not revealing that she knew the answers already.

"Married. Two girls, Cindy, thirteen and ginger, four," she replied pulling the photos from her wallet and sharing.

"Darling kids. How about hubby?"

"Brad is a senior member of a law firm. He's a trial lawyer -- criminal cases mostly."

"And a big house in the suburbs I bet," grinned Brenda.

"Of course... and a mutt named Rufus," laughed Sondra. "And what about you, Brenda? What have you been doing these past twelve years?"

"Oh, the usual American shattered dream -- married and divorced."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Carl was an okay guy, but after a while married life became really humdrum for both of us. He seemed to lose interest in me and so I lost interest in him as well. He had an affair and I... well, let's just say I found what I've always wanted."

"Another man?"

"Not exactly."

"A... woman?" asked Sondra, remembering Brenda's college reputation of trying anything and usually more than once.

"Sort of," smiled the blonde coyly.

"Oh, come on, don't be so secretive. As I remember you used to love telling about your bedroom exploits."

"I'm sorry Sondra, I can't. The society has strict rules..."

"The society?"

"Uh, yes. A group of men and women who..." Brenda looked around, conspiratorially, "... well, let's just say they have afforded me more excitement and pleasure than I ever thought possible."

"But how? Tell me more."

"No. I'm sorry, I've said more now than I should have. Just forget what I said and tell me about your family."

Sondra was intrigued. What could her friend from many years ago be talking about? What was this society and what kinds of excitement and pleasure was Brenda alluding to?

"You've got to be kidding. You tell me about some society and arouse my curiosity then tell me to forget it?"

"I... I really am sorry, Sondra, but the society, its membership and its... activities are a secret. Just telling you what I already have is enough to get me disciplined, maybe even expelled."

"But you can't just leave me hanging like this."

"I'm afraid I have no choice. Now, please let's talk of other things."

"Oh, all right... for the moment, but I want you to know I intend to drag it out of you eventually."

"I am sorry I even mentioned it. I shouldn't have." The attractive blonde seemed intent on changing the subject. "Hey, remember that night at Wossley lake?"

"Do I ever!" replied Sondra, giggling. "That was the night of the infamous strip poker game."

"As I recall," smiled Brenda, mischievously, "that was the night a certain coed lost her..."

"Let's just say," interrupted Sondra, a bit embarrassed even after all those years, "that I went to Wossley Lake a virgin. By the end of that card game I no longer was."

"You were a good sport, Sondra. We were all a bit surprised to see you strip, let alone let Donnie go down on you."

The black haired woman's hand came up to her mouth in embarrassment. "I... I didn't want to seem like a prude, especially in front of all of you. I know I was tipsy from all the beer we'd had, but standing there naked like that was mortifying. Then when I lost that final hand, I started to back out, but all of you were sitting there expecting me to..."


"Yeah," giggled Sondra. "I mean, I had steeled myself to maybe doing a little naked dance, you know, just to tease, but then the boys took my clothes and told me I'd have to walk home naked and you and the rest of the girls went along with it..."

"I guess it was a bit mean of us, wasn't it?" chuckled Brenda.

"Then when they told me I could play one more hand to win back my clothes, I was ready to jump at it then they told me the price if I lost. I must not have been thinking too clearly to have agreed, but I thought sure I would win. After all, I had lost -- like nine hands in a row."

"You mean you didn't figure it out?"

"Figure it out? Figure out what?"

"That the guys were cheating. Bennie had three or four aces hidden in his jacket."

"Why that little..." laughed Sondra.

"So you see, you were destined to lose more than your panties that night."

"And you all knew he was... ?"

"Sure, we even traded cards when you weren't looking, and when you went to the bathroom we..."

"Wait!" laughed Sondra, "I don't want to hear any more... So you were in on it too?"

"Of course, we all were. Oh, it wasn't like we didn't like you or anything, it was just that we all knew you were a virgin and we wanted to see miss "Goody Goody" get hers -- or should I say, lose hers."

"Then that last hand was rigged too?"

"Sure. We knew you'd be so embarrassed at being naked in front of all of us that you'd try anything to get your clothes back."

"Well, it was bad enough when the boys cut cards for who would get me, but to have all of you stand and watch..."

"Hey, it was great fun. Now I know you were uptight at first, but..."

"I closed my eyes so I didn't have to look up at all of you laughing at me as Donnie..."

"Yeah, but then you got into it. Actually you were lucky that Donnie won the draw. He was the campus Romeo and had had lots of girls."

"Wait a minute, was the card cutting..."

"On the level? Let's just say every one of those guys wanted the first piece of you."

"And you're telling me that it was mere coincidence that Donnie, the most experienced guy there, was the one who drew the high card?"

"Well..." smiled Brenda, knowingly.

"God, I can't believe I was so naive."

"Naive or not, all we girls knew what Donnie could do. He'd had every one of us and never failed to please, if you know what I mean. So, when Donnie got you hot, you really put on a show. With the noises you were making it's a wonder that old man Barlow didn't call the cops."

"Oh, Brenda, his cabin was almost a mile away," laughed Sondra...

"Well, honey, the way you were screaming for more and howling, it's a wonder you didn't wake the dead."

Further embarrassed, Sondra broke eye contact and looked down at her cup.

"I was shameful, wasn't I?"

"Not in the least. Once you lost that last hand, you were just making the most of losing your virginity and the rest of us got an interesting show."

"You know, Donnie put me in some positions that night that I still haven't had the courage to try with Brad."

"Hmmmm, too bad, because you really enjoyed the reaming Donnie gave you that night."

"Wow, you can say that again!" giggled Sondra. "By the way, whatever happened to Donnie?"

"Last I heard he was starring in porno movies." Sondra gasped, then realized she was being put on. "No, actually," laughed Brenda, "he has his own business out on the coast -- some kind of defense contracting."

"And Julie Saunders, whatever happened to her?"

"Why do you ask about her?"

"Well, for a while, you and she..."

"Ah yes, Julie was the first woman I ever had," said the blonde reminiscing. "She and I..."

"Uh, I'm not sure I want you to share that," smiled Sondra, a bit uncomfortably.

"What's the matter, a little lesbianism too much for you?"

"No! I mean, Julie seemed nice, but after you and she broke up..."

"Hmmmm, as I recall that's when I made a play for you."

"Did you ever. I practically had to fight you off."

"I would have had you too if that little drip Angie hadn't come barging into the dorm room that night."

Sondra laughed. "I have to admit, the wine, the candles the music and the way you touched me was absolutely..."

"Seductive?" smiled Brenda.

"Yes. I don't think anyone's ever touched me so sensuously."

"Ever tried it with a... ?"

"Not really. A couple of years ago, Brad and I were at a cocktail party and everyone got a little smashed. Brad had told me to smooze a bit with one of the law firm's major clients. Nothing serious, just flirt a bit and keep him happy. Turns out I'm the wrong sex for him so he hands me over to his wife who also bats from the other side of the plate. She talks me into taking a walk. There was a gazebo and she insisted I dance with her. That's when we kissed and she began feeling me up. Even though I was pretty well lit, I was still a bit uncomfortable, but she somehow maneuvered my dress off me and was working on my panties when we were interrupted by two couples looking for the same kind of recreation. I hurriedly dressed and we went back inside. I never saw her again."

"A pity you didn't get to..."

"Oh, I don't know. After all, I'm not lesbian."

"Neither am I honey, but when helping yourself to a buffet, there's no sense in sampling the goodies from only one side of the table."

"You are shameless!" laughed Sondra.

"And also late for an appointment," added the blonde. "It's been great to see you again. Perhaps we could..."

"Now you aren't getting away until you tell me about this society of yours," smiled Sondra, her curiosity burning even brighter since their mention of things sensual.

"I wasn't kidding, Sondra. The society is only for those who want the ultimate pleasure and are willing to pay the price."

"What price?"

"Like I said, I've already told you far more than I should have. It's been great seeing you again. Call me," she said, handing a card to her former college friend.

"But Brenda, I want to know more about..."

But laying down money for the coffee and a generous tip, the mysterious Brenda arose, hailed a cab and was gone.

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