Double Vision
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BDSM, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young history professor, spending the summer working at a house high in the Rockies, encounters two most unlikely backpackers: a pair of beautiful twins. They spend several days in intense play and sex.

It was getting on to late afternoon. Not that you could tell from the sun because at this time of year - the last week of June - the sun didn't go down until quite late. But it was nearly five thirty and I had been clearing the trail in back of the cabin all day. During the morning I had taken the chain saw and ax all along the trail until the point it left my property - nearly a half mile - and cut any fallen trees which were blocking the path. After lunch I started back, cutting the fallen trees nearest the cabin into fireplace length and stacking them alongside the trail to be moved later. Now I was hot, tired and only wanted a shower, supper, and some time to goof off. Well, maybe I also wanted to get laid, but that didn't seem a very likely prospect.

Let me explain a little. I'm a new - very new - assistant professor of history. I had just completed the my third year and, as everyone knows, had to write and publish to get promoted. Last year and this I had come up to a mountain place which I had inherited from my grandfather. It's fairly high up in the Rockies but still has electricity, a well for water, and a septic system. There are other cabins and cottages up here, but not many. My closest neighbor is almost a half mile down the road - and he's not there very often. My place is about four hundred acres but is located deep in forested land. The Little Divide hiking trail passes within two miles of it. Anyway, the isolation lets me get a lot of research and writing done. Research, you ask? Remember all it takes today is a computer and a cell phone. I had been up in the high country for about two and a half weeks and had made one trip to town for supplies three days before. Otherwise I hadn't seen another person and had the whole world, or so it seemed, to myself. I spent some of the time - like this day - clearing and tending the land, and the rest in my academic work.

As I stretched and picked up my shirt and other stuff, I thought I heard voices coming from down the trail. I put the chain saw back down and peered along the shaded path. Suddenly I saw a backpacker round a turn, coming towards me. She was looking over her shoulder and talking and all I could see was short blonde hair, a large green and black backpack and a long, bare pair of legs emerging from cutoff jeans. She turned back in the direction she was walking and I could see she was about twenty or twenty-two - several years younger than my own twenty-eight. She was very pretty with dark lashed eyes and a wide smile and she waved and called a hello as she kept on coming. As she neared I could see she was tall, about five nine. Then a second hiker came around the turn. I did a quick double take and decided I was right the first time: this second hiker was identical except that she was wearing a blue and black pack and had a blue striped tee shirt instead of green.

As they came up, the first girl said, "Hi. Maybe you can help us. I'm afraid we may have made a wrong turn somewhere. We're supposed to be on the Little Divide trail and I thought we should have gotten to the Lodgepole Campground by now."

I smiled back at them - they were definitely worth smiling at. Now that they were close I could see both had deep green eyes and very white teeth. They also filled the tee shirts nicely and it was obvious neither wore, nor needed, a bra. Full, firm breasts and hard points of nipples pressed against the stretched fabric of their shirts, both of which ended several inches before the tops of their short cutoffs, exposing tanned, flat stomachs. Long, smooth legs seemed to stretch forever before ending in small hiking boots. Before I made a fool of myself staring, I said, "Hi. I'm Dave Ryan. And I guess you must have missed a turn. The trail is about four or five miles back the way you came. And the campground would be another four or five from there."

They looked crestfallen. The first girl turned to the second and said, "That's too far to make it today."

She nodded and turned towards me. "I'm Kristie and..."

"I'm Katie," the first girl put in. "We're hiking the whole trail. This is our third week."

"Since we can't get to Lodgepole this afternoon," the second continued, "we were wondering if there's some place around here where we could camp until tomorrow."

I wasn't sure how she could say they both were wondering - maybe telepathy - but no matter. "I suppose you could camp somewhere, but I've got a better idea. The house over there" - I pointed - "is mine. How about I let you have a room for the night. I'll even give you supper."

"You don't have to do that," Katie said. "We probably smell too bad to even come inside."

"No worse than I do at the moment. Tell you what, I'll throw in a hot shower and you can use the washer and drier."

"In that case, Dave, we would probably consider you a lifesaver," Kristie said. "We were hoping there would be a laundry at the campground."

I picked up my tools again and said, "Then let's head over there." They moved so one was on each side of me and we started to walk the couple of hundred yards to the house. "Let's see. I'll bet after a couple of weeks on the trail you might feel up to a steak and salad and some fresh fruit."

Kristie looked across at her sister. "He can't be for real, can he? He must be a..."

"Mind reader," Katie finished. "After two weeks of freeze dried we'd love it. I doubt if we can repay you enough."

"Or maybe," Kristie added, cryptically, exchanging a look with Katie.

This day was definitely looking up. Dinner and conversation with two beautiful young women. Even though, with two it probably wouldn't go any further than maybe a kiss or so. But that seemed pretty good, too.

I set the tools in a shed out back and led the girls up onto the screened back porch and through the back door. We went through the kitchen and I pointed down a hall to the right. "You two can use the room on the left down there. There's a bathroom next to it and I think there's a hair drier in the closet with the towels. You can go ahead while I get cleaned up, too. I'll use the bath in my room." They thanked me again and disappeared into the spare bedroom while I went on into mine.

Twenty minutes later, dressed in a clean pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt I went out and started the grill and then back into the kitchen to begin getting some of the meat from the refrigerator. Because it had only been a couple of days since my trip to town I didn't have to thaw any and I still had fresh lettuce and stuff for salads. I had been working about five minutes when the twins appeared in the doorway. They were now dressed in different matching shorts and sleeveless shirts, except the shirts were once again two different colors, yellow and light green this time. Their neck length hair had been washed, dried, and brushed so it shone in the sun coming through the windows. "Anything we can do to help?" Yellow asked.

"If you'd like to eat on the porch I guess you can carry out some plates,... Katie?"

"I'm Katie," Green said.

"Unless I am," Yellow added.

Still not sure who was who I handed plates and tableware to the girls. I took the steaks out and put them on the grill and then returned for glasses. I had a bottle of zin in the refrigerator. Normally I might have a glass every other day or so, and now I was glad most of it was still there. I took the glasses and wine, along with a pitcher of ice water, out to the round table on the porch. The girls had set three places where I added the wine glasses. I walked out to the grill to turn the steaks with them following me.

"Do you live up here?" one of them asked.

"Just during the summer. I teach history at Northeast State the rest of the year. Where do you two live?"

"We're seniors at the U. Business majors. Both of us," Yellow (Kristie?) said.

"We almost always take classes together," Green (Katie?) added. "Confuses our professors."

"I'll bet," I said somewhat dryly. "I'll bet it plays havoc with your boyfriends, too."

"Sometimes," Green smiled.

"Some times that can be fun," Yellow said. Then she exchanged a look with her sister.

I had never had much association with twins and, although I had heard how they were reputed to act together, this was my only firsthand experience. Some of the looks the girls exchanged seemed to have more information than a lot of conversations. Maybe they really did read each other's mind.

The steaks were soon ready and I piled them on a plate and the three of us went back to the porch. The two girls took places opposite each other leaving me the place between them. As we ate, the conversation ranged over several topics but gradually became more personal. Somehow they managed to get me to tell them that I was single, had no steady current girlfriend and expected to be here alone all summer. On the other hand the two girls talked about their personal lives with little hesitation. Neither was aligned with any particular guy and admitted to sometimes dating the same man.

Maybe it was the wine, but I doubt it as we had only had a little over one glass, but I suddenly asked, "Is what I've heard about twins true? Do you two ever switch identities and date the same guy?"

The exchanged quick glances. "Of course," Katie said.

"Sure," Kristie answered. "Sometimes several times. Remember Bob?" Her sister nodded vigorously. She looked back at me. "I dated Bob a couple of times. He made some cracks about 'Of course he could tell us apart, ' so the next date Katie went out with him. We can kiss the same way and he never noticed the difference. Then over the next four dates we switched off. He slept with both of us and never knew."

Katie said, "And what about Roger?" Both girls laughed. Katie went on, "I had gone out with Roger several times and once we came back to our apartment. He didn't know I had a twin then. Anyway, we went to bed and afterwards I got up to go into the bathroom and met Kristie in the hall." She giggled again. "We agreed to switch and Kristie went back in to him for a second round. I think we switched off three more times that night. By morning poor Roger was exhausted. When Kristie came in at breakfast you should have seen Roger. I don't think he was ever sure if we had switched or not."

These girls seemed to have no inhibitions against talking about their sex life at all! Not that I was complaining. I finally said, "You do look an awful lot alike." I looked at Yellow. "You're Kristie, right?" She smiled and nodded. If you're not wearing different colored shirts is there any way to tell you apart?"

Again she glanced at her sister and held a silent conversation. "Let's find out," she said.

"Take a good look at us," Katie said.

This wasn't hard to do. Both were extraordinarily beautiful women. I studied each for a few seconds and then, almost as if at some signal, they stood and Katie said, "Wait here a second."

They disappeared inside and I expected they would come back out, either in identical shirts, or, possibly, they might or might not exchange shirts. I remained seated, partly to keep the bulge in my shorts out of sight. In a few seconds one of them called out, "Close your eyes. We'll tell you when you can open them." I closed them and waited.

I heard them coming close and in a few seconds one of them said, "OK. You can open your eyes now." I did so.

I had expected to see two identical outfits and in a way I did. But not exactly what I had anticipated. Standing there in front of me were the two twins - wearing only the very short cutoffs. The bulge in my shorts became a mountain. Two feet in front of me were four perfect breasts, nipples hardened and pointing directly at me at face level as I sat there. The smooth skin of their bellies disappeared into the tops of their cutoffs and reappeared again as beautifully tapered legs only a few inches lower. For several seconds I stared without making a sound. Then I tried to speak and only a small squeak came out. I cleared my throat and tried again. "You are two of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen."

They smiled and one of them said, "But can you tell us apart?" She placed her hands behind her head and her sister did the same at almost the same instant. Then, with their hands clasped behind their necks, backs arched, and breasts thrust forward, they slowly turned in front of me.

I'll admit I gawked. Any man between ten and one hundred would have gawked. Somehow I noticed that neither had any white showing on her breasts and if there were any tan lines by the shorts, I couldn't see them. These girls had been hiking and carrying packs for the last couple of weeks and their muscles were finely toned with not a gram of excess fat. But they were definitely feminine. There was no extra fat but their bones didn't stick out so far as to bruise a man. Some women look as through you might cut yourself if you hold them too close. Still, there was no mistaking the shape beneath their skin. The flesh looked firm and toned and it was all I could do to keep from reaching for them.

Finally I managed to say, "I can't see a thing that's different. You both look perfect. I give up. There is no way to tell you apart."

"Oh, there is, if you know where to look," one of them said. She glanced at her sister. "Should we tell him?"

"Let's wait a little," the other replied.

They moved apart and around the table to stand on either side of me. Then together they each took hold of an arm and tugged, trying to pull me up. I hesitated because of the protrusion now showing in my shorts, but they pulled harder and I came to my feet. The one on my left reached over and began to unbutton my shirt while her sister pulled it from my shoulders. When she let it drop to the floor, the first turned me and pulled me against her. Her hard nipples felt like they were burning into my chest. Her lips clamped over mine and my own opened to hers almost of their own accord. Our tongues tangled as I felt four firm hands stroke down my bare back Two of them continued on and firmly cupped my ass cheeks and then slid part way round to the fronts of my thighs.

After thirty seconds - or maybe it was two hours - she pulled back from my lips and said, "I'm Kristie." Then she pulled a little more away and both girls turned me around so I was facing the other way.

Now the kiss was repeated, identically as nearly as I could tell, while Kristie's hands squeezed my ass and slid onto my thighs. After another eternity the second twin broke the kiss and said, "I'm Katie."

To say I now had a hard on would be like saying a redwood tree had a stem. Suddenly a hand reached from either side and grasped me through the material of my cutoffs. I moaned as Katie began to unfasten the waist while Kristie started to work her hand inside.

I'm not a bad looking guy. I stand just over six feet and I work out. And the last couple of weeks I had worked pretty hard around here. Unlike a lot of men living alone, I don't let myself go. I shaved every day and took showers as often as needed, which could be a couple of times a day in this weather. And my equipment, which the twins were busy examining is OK. I'm not going to win a contest among porn stars but I have between seven and eight inches and just then my balls felt like they each must be two inches or so across.

Katie had the cutoffs loose and both of the girls began to pull them and my briefs down my legs, freeing my cock which now seemed considerably longer than usual. As they worked the cloth over my swollen shaft and down over my feet, each took time to grasp and stroke my cock and then each gave a lick and a large wet kiss to the head. I groaned as they once more stood up beside me. I wrapped an arm around each and kissed first one and then the other.

During the summer the weather can vary up in the mountains. It can cool off enough at night that you want a fire even in July and August or it can remain hot and sticky throughout the dark hours. The last few days and nights had been quite warm and I had dragged a mattress out onto the screened porch to sleep. It was over in one corner made up with sheets and a single blanket and now the twins started to move me towards it. When we got there they released my arms and stood facing me, my cock still sticking straight out. "Your turn," one of them said.

In almost a daze I reached for the waist band of the nearest twin. A snap, a zip and I slowly began to slide the material down her narrowly rounded hips. A skimpy pair of bikini panties followed. Another surprise. Her mound was completely shaved. Bare rounded flesh and damp pussy lips met my eyes as I knelt and pulled the clothing away as she lifted her feet. I turned towards her sister and it was an instant replay. I could even swear the drops of moisture seeping from their swollen lips were the same.

I stood again and the three of us embraced. This was a first for me. I had never even kissed two girls together like this, much less been naked with two of them. And these were some of the most extraordinary women I had ever met. They also seemed to be two of the most aroused. Both of them were all over me. I wasn't just standing there myself, mind you, but they seemed to be feeling me everywhere. Then, once again as if at some unheard message, they lay down on their backs, side by side. Then the one on the left - it may have been Katie, but I had lost track by this time - guided my head downwards and I soon was applying my tongue to her very wet pussy. As I slid my tongue from the very back of her opening up the center and swirled it all around her protruding clit I suddenly felt another tongue, long and pointed, begin to slide around my buttocks and up and down the crack of my ass. Katie, if that's who she was, arched under me, pressing her mound hard against my mouth as the second tongue touched my anus and darted hard against the tight hole. I nearly lost it right there. But somehow I managed to hold on and in a couple of minutes moved atop Katie as she guided my hard member into her soaking slit.

I started to see how slowly I could slide into her. She was soaked and the only resistance was the hard clamp of her internal muscles. But suddenly I felt a wet and slick finger press hard against my anus and I lost it. I shoved into Katie, hard, as she pressed back. Simultaneously Kristie's finger, wet with her own juices, pushed its way into my rear. I felt her nipples brush my back as we began to set up a rhythm, me stroking in and out of Katie, she arching rhythmically in response and Kristie moving her finger in and out in sync with our thrusts.

It had been over two months since I had had sex. Up here, especially, I did jerk off frequently, sometimes several times a day, but I hadn't been with a woman for over nine weeks. Needless to say this time we didn't set a record of longevity. I don't think I lasted more than a couple of minutes and, even though Katie came before I did, she still pushed me towards her crotch and had me eat her to two more orgasms after I had spurted my load into her. Kristie kept up her assault on my rectum the entire time.

Then we fell back onto the bed with a girl on either side of me, each stroking my cock and balls. In a surprisingly few minutes I was hard once more and shortly after, the entire scene was repeated with Kristie under me and Katie fingering my ass with abandon.

As we lay recovering a second time one of the twins looked at the other and said, simply, "eight?"

The other nodded and responded, "Maybe even eight and a half. Remarkable."

I had the feeling I had just been rated, but if they rated like I did, eight out of ten for the first time was exceptional. Personally I would have given them a nine or more, but I also had never been had by two girls at once, so I couldn't really compare. My guess was confirmed when one of them said, "Don't get us wrong. We don't do this all the time. In fact I think this is only the fourth time, but none of the others have rated over a five. You are definitely hot."

"I couldn't begin to be as hot as either one of you. And I still can't tell you apart."

They laughed and the one on the left said, "Let's tell him."

The other one nodded and said, "I'm Katie. Take a close look down here." She pushed against my head until I was once more between her legs, but this time I looked around a little. Besides the beautiful smooth skin - and I had been right: no tan lines - and the hairless mound, there was a small rose tatoo. This was only about a half inch across and was located on the inside of her right thigh, just below the crease, near her pussy lips. I kissed it gently.

Then Kristie said, "And I'm Kristie." She pushed my head in the direction of her crotch and I again looked at the perfect flesh. It looked identical, even another of the same tatoos which I also kissed, but then I noticed that Kristie's was on her LEFT thigh. She giggled and said, "We didn't want to forget which or us was which so we had them done in different places."

We snuggled some more and they talked a little more about themselves. Both of the twins loved sex. As they had said, they had traded off a couple of times with the same man and, also as they had said, had three other times had a threesome with some guy. They also admitted they sometimes enjoyed each other, but neither had ever tried with any other woman. "We're not in the least bit gay, but with each other it's sort of like masturbation," Kristie said. "Maybe we'll give you a demonstration later, if you'd like." (If I'd like?!? She had to be kidding.)

After a while we stood and I said something about clearing the dishes out of the way. I picked up my clothes and their shorts and started to hand them over. I guessed their shirts were inside somewhere and sort of hoped they'd leave them off. As I handed Katie the shorts she said, "If you don't mind, we'll stay like this. Then we can wash all of our clothes at once."

"If I don't mind! You may remain nude around me whenever you want. Or maybe even if you don't want."

Kristie looked around. "Oh, are you into making girls do things they don't want?" she asked.

I felt a little embarrassed and managed to stammer, "Of course not. I'd never make anyone do something they didn't want to." The problem was they had hit a little close to the mark. I really didn't make anyone do something she didn't want to, but I liked bondage and discipline games with a willing partner. In fact, the previous summer I had brought one girl up here for a week and we had played BDSM games the entire time. I even had some of the toys still stored in the closet.

Katie looked over at me. "We didn't really mean 'make.' But sometimes it's fun to pretend you're being 'made to do something.'"

"Or," Kristie added, "pretending to get what you have coming for doing something." The two girls gave a knowing glance at each other and, still naked, started to carry the dishes into the kitchen.

We stacked the dishes in the sink and then the two women started asking about what I did up here besides "ravishing young women."

I talked a little about the research paper on which I was working and they wanted to see where I worked so I led them into a front room I used as a study. There really wasn't much to see except a desk with a laptop and a cell phone sitting on it and a stack of notebooks. But I had decorated the room over the last three years in line with my work. On the walls hung a collection of a couple of swords, several daggers, a mace and a couple of pieces of armor. There were some pictures of castles from Europe and some interior shots of weapons rooms, what would now be called a war planning room, and a couple of dungeons. Near the pictures of the dungeons I had hung an old reproduction pair of medieval manacles, a chastity belt, and a cat of nine tails. This later was actually one I had purchased and used in my BDSM games, but it seemed to go with the other objects so I had hung it there.

The girls looked around the room and seemed to hesitate when they reached the dungeon display. Again glances were exchanged and I had the feeling they spoke a language totally unknown to me. Katie turned towards me and said in a teasing voice, "Is this the dungeon where you torture beautiful young women before ravishing them?"

And Kristie immediately followed this with, "If so, we think we've been cheated. You ravished us without the torture."

I wasn't sure what this was all about. Were they trying to tell me they also played those games or were they just bantering about my decorations? "I told you I never did anything to anyone if they didn't want it. And that includes young women."

"Suppose," Kristie said, "the young woman wants to be tortured?"

I held my breath. After what seemed ten minutes, I finally said, "Even if she wanted it I'd never do anything that would really hurt someone. And I think torture would class as really hurting, don't you?"

"That depends on what you mean by 'torture'," Katie answered.

"Yes," Kristie said, "torture doesn't always have to do any real damage."

All of us were breathing a little fast now. Finally I looked from one twin to the other and said, "If a young woman really likes getting her ass whipped or some such, I certainly wouldn't mind." Than after another long pause, "Would either of you like that? Are you into those games?"

Now the barriers seemed to come down. Katie answered for them. "We do like spanking games. Bondage and paddles, straps and so on. Nothing that would do any real damage. No scars or blood or anything. Do you play those games, too?"

"Yes, I like them. As long as no one gets really hurt or even wants to be really hurt. But I'm not really into that lifestyle. No slaves or anything."

"Neither are we. Not really into it. Are you," Kristie inquired, "a top?"

"Usually, but sometimes I like to be on the receiving end. Actually there have only been two or three women with whom I've played them. What about you two?"

"Sometimes we play with each other and then we switch off. We've only played with one guy and then only with one of us at a time." She gave her sister another glance, then she turned back to me. "Would you like to 'torture' us and then ravish us some more?"

What an offer! "I think I'd like that. But then you might not feel like hiking tomorrow. Would you like to stay a little longer? Maybe a few days?"

Both girls smiled. Katie said, "We're not on any schedule. Would you keep us captive and torture us? Maybe keep us naked and tied up a lot."

Hardly able to speak, I managed to get out, "Certainly. Female captives should always be naked and usually in bondage. Makes them more available. Would you like that?"

Kristie answered, "As long as we can call a halt if we want to."

"Of course. You know about safe words?" Both girls nodded. "Very well. I use 'red flag' to mean stop now and 'yellow flag' to mean go a little easier. OK?" Again both nodded.

"You say you have played together. I may use one of you to punish the other sometimes. And maybe sometime I'll even let you have a go at me also. How does that sound?"

Another of those glances. These two said more with a half second of eye contact than most people did in ten minutes of talking. "All right, Sir," Kristie said. "We would love to be your captives for a few days." She crossed her wrists behind her back a split second before her sister followed suit.

Katie said, "Our bodies are yours to use, Sir." I hoped my blood pressure could take the next few days.

I stood looking at these two desirable nymphs for several seconds and then finally came back to the present. "All right. Let's go into the other room and see what toys I might have up here." I indicated the direction of my bedroom and the two girls started along, still holding their wrists behind them. I followed, lost in the delightful view of two pairs of tight buttocks swinging along ahead of me.

Inside my room I headed over to a large storage closet while the girls stood to one side. As I was digging out the box of toys left over from last summer I said, "Remember. If at any time you don't like something or want me to stop, just say so. It doesn't turn me on unless it turns you on, too." They nodded their agreement.

I finally found the box and turned to place it on the bed. When I had brought Suzanne up here last summer I had gone a little overboard on buying things. That week was the first time I had played these games for more than a night, or at most a weekend, at a time and I guess I over anticipated what we could do in a week. Anyway we never got around to using quite everything. I started placing the contents on the bed and the three of us looked over them.

Fortunately I had had some idea last year of finding some way to tie Suzanne and myself together and, to that end, had purchased two sets of wrist and ankle cuffs. That never happened, but now it looked as if I would find use for both sets. I had a number of short lengths of chain and a bunch of harness snaps, a lot of soft rope, and several leather belts. There was a set of handcuffs, but we had rapidly found that these tended to bruise more than we liked. There was a wide leather strap, rather like an old fashioned razor strop. I had two more multi-tail whips besides the cat on the wall in my study: one with ten inch tails and another with inch wide, soft lashes about two feet long. There was also a long and a short riding crop.

I set a stack of six paddles out. There was a story with these, but I didn't know it all. What had happened is that one day after my lecture I had found a paper bag left in the room. When I looked inside I found two of the long and narrow wood paddles with the school name - hazing paddles for the Greeks. There were two more, the same three inches by eighteen inches long, but with half inch holes drilled all over them. I also found a rubber covered ping pong paddle and a foot and a half by three inch leather paddle. This last was nearly three eights of an inch thick and seemed to have a thin, flexible metal core - a very serious paddle. I suspected these were to be used for one of the Greek initiations and in the next class made an announcement that someone had left a paper bag of "items" and could claim them. No one ever did, perhaps because physical hazing is forbidden on our campus, even though everyone knows it still goes on. When no one had asked for them by the end of the semester I added them to my own personal collection.

In addition to the binding devices and the whips and paddles I had several vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and three different kinds of nipple clamps. There were a few more small things and when I had them all spread out on the bed, the twins were looking at them like the proverbial "kids in a candy store." But these kids were going to be eaten as well as doing the eating.

"Like what you see?" I asked.

They exchanged another quick glance and then one said, "I think the next few days are going to be a lot of fun, Sir." The same thought had been in my mind and was clearly shown by the state of my hard cock.

I gave each of them a set of wrist and ankle cuffs and helped them put them on. These were sturdy leather, well padded, with metal D rings attached. Before we started anything else we stopped for a couple of minutes and discussed ground rules. We went over the safewords again to make sure they were really understood. We already had the idea that none of us was into any real damage and I had made it clear that I wouldn't participate in any of that stuff even if they did want it. We found that we were all pretty much in agreement about what we did want: bondage, some pain, but no broken skin or serious bruises. I also told them that I found humiliation a turn off and they looked a little relieved. I don't care for gags and told them I'd rather hear them scream. They grinned and shivered delightedly at this and said that in general they didn't like gags either. I asked if there were things they wanted to avoid sexually and they told me a few they had heard about but of which they wanted no part, none of which interested me anyway. But for the most part they were willing - very willing - for most sex: oral, vaginal, and anal.

I picked up several of the toys and said, "Why don't we go back out to the porch to play?" The porch on my place is quite large: about thirty five feet wide and fifteen deep. It has one wall against the back of the house and one end wall is also wood. The other two are fully screened and it is located on the back of the house. The house itself is set well off the road so even the front is isolated: the back porch is even more so. Nothing visible except woods and mountains. The house is log construction and the porch is made with exposed log beams and a slanted shed roof. As I said, in hot weather like this I slept out there and in addition to the small round table we had used for supper there was a long picnic type table with benches and several chairs of mixed types.

I clipped the twins' wrists together behind their backs, taking the opportunity to stroke ass cheeks and breasts and to gently pinch some nipples. Both of them were already aroused and reacted favorably to this.

When we arrived back on the porch I looked around deciding where to begin. My stiff cock had its own idea about how to begin, but I wanted this play to last a long time. I knew it would be even hotter if I could wait and overrode my initial impulse to rape either or both of these lovely creatures in any and all holes.

The story of the old bull and the young bull popped into my mind. It's an old story but in case you haven't heard it, it goes like this: The two bulls were standing on a hill and looking down at a herd of young heifers. "Let's run down there and have a couple of those nice things," the young bull said. "No," the old bull replied. "Let's walk down there and have them all."

So, anyway, I wanted to take my time. I took a couple of short pieces of chain and fastened each to one of the exposed log beams at two places about four feet apart. Then I led a twin over to each and reclipped her hands in front and raised them to attach to the hanging chain. The two girls were now standing with their hands high above their heads, not stretched, but with only a little slack. They were facing each other and I could see both appeared to be nearly as excited as I was myself.

I moved a straight chair over to a point between them but back about three feet, the point of an isosceles triangle. I looked over the toys I had brought out and selected one of the frat paddles and the ping pong paddle. I stood, holding the frat paddle, looking from one twin to the other. I tapped the paddle against my hand and said, "All those times you traded off and the boys didn't know which of you they were with. I think maybe you should be spanked for that."

I moved to the twin on my left. I pushed her feet apart and looked between her thighs. The rose was on the right leg. "Ah, Katie. I think you can be first this time." I unfastened her cuffs from the hanging chain and then refastened her wrists together behind her back. I moved over to the chair, beautiful twin in tow, and stood in front of it. Before sitting down I pulled Katie against me and kissed her deeply, pressing our naked bodies together, squashing her full breasts against my chest. Both of us worked at that kiss and when we finally broke apart, a little short of breath, I sat down and moved Katie around to my right. I helped her to lie across my lap, my hand stroking her ass, my hard cock pressing up against her. As I stroked she wiggled and settled herself against me.

I used my right leg to trap both of her legs and let my hand rest against the taut globes of her ass. Then I raised my hand and brought it down just hard enough to feel a small sting. Katie sucked in her breath, but didn't cry out. I repeated the blow a little harder. By the sixth stroke I was getting small sounds from her, but it was also obvious she was becoming even more turned on.

A pink color was beginning to spread across her smooth rear and I decided it was time to introduce a new instrument. I picked up the frat paddle from where I had placed it on the floor next to the chair. The first contact of the smooth hardwood with her warm bottom sounded like a shot. Katie jerked and her legs tensed against mine. A small cry escaped her lips. A second blow brought a louder cry and left a red stripe across her pink skin. The fifth resulted in a loud cry and I had to really hold her legs tightly to keep her on my lap, but she never gave any indication of wanting me to stop. I noticed that tears were beginning to run down her face and when I ran my hand over her abused rear I could feel the heat.

I gave her a total of seven strokes and then switched to the rough rubber surfaced ping pong paddle. When I applied this to her already sore bottom, she cried out at the first stroke. I gave her seven, all hard and each bringing tears and a cry. At last I stopped and began to gently stroke her hot posterior. I let my fingers trail between her legs and up the crack of her ass. She was soaked! And she could hardly keep still, wiggling against me constantly.

I picked up a tube of lubricant I had placed next to the chair and began to apply some to my finger and her tight rear hole. As I began to penetrate her rosebud and work the slick substance around the inside, she sighed and pushed back against my finger. I knew she had said she had had anal sex before, but she felt unbelievably tight back there. For several minutes I played with her rear passage, finally removing my finger and placing the end of a small butt plug against the tiny opening. I began to press the device into her and I could feel her muscles relax - she had good control over them and obviously was no stranger to rear penetration. Still, I had to spend a couple of minutes loosening her up, pressing the plug forward until I felt she was about to stop me and then allowing it to retreat only to push farther the next time. Finally I gave one long, steady push and the bulge popped inside her tight ring of muscle as she let out a small yelp.

Katie let out her breath with a sigh and I asked, "Like that?"

"I love that," she replied. "But I still need more."

"You'll get more - but not just yet." She moaned in frustration as I stood her up again. I moved her back over to the dangling chain and said, "Now you get to watch your sister."

After fastening her wrist cuffs to the chain once again I went over and lowered Kristie's hands. I fastened them together behind her back and moved her over to the chair.

Things went pretty much the same way as they had with Katie. I kissed her and placed her across my lap. After warming her up with my hand I switched to the frat paddle and then later to the ping pong paddle. The only real difference was that Kristie was more aroused to begin with, having watched her twin receive her treatment. She couldn't hold still and constantly rubbed herself against me, almost making me cut short a little bit. But somehow I managed. I also noticed that Katie was a lot more turned on now and couldn't hold still below her chain. She was constantly squirming, clinching and unclinching her buttocks around the plug and trying to squeeze her legs together.

When I finally had a similar plug ensconced in Kristie's ass, I returned her to her own chain. Then I spent twenty minutes teasing and feeling up both of them. I sucked on all four of those hard nipples, fingered both pussies, licked and kissed an awful lot of beautiful, smooth skin. I knelt in front of each and used my tongue to excite them, finally bringing an orgasm to each as I sucked hard on her clit.

Then once again I lowered their arms and repositioned them behind their backs. I moved a padded lounge chair over and lay down in a half sitting position. "Now it's your turn." I said to them. "I want the two of you to stimulate me, but don't let me come yet."

I didn't know what I was asking. One twin knelt on each side of me and they began to use their tongues. In less than a minute I was ready to shoot my load, but they could sense just when to stop and let me cool off. Even with their hands bound behind them, they both seemed to have perfect control over their actions and worked together as if each move had been rehearsed a dozen times. They gave an entirely new meaning to the word teamwork.

They brought me to the brink over and over for nearly thirty minutes. The sun had set and it was getting dark but there was still enough light to see their lovely bodies. They continued to lick and suck me: running their tongues in unison up and down my rock hard shaft; each sucking one of my balls into her warm, wet mouth simultaneously; even one of them using her tongue to tease the sensitive skin between my anus and balls while the other flicked the tip of her pointed tongue into the small opening on the tip of my cock.

Finally on one of the synchronized tongue trips up my overheated member I could stand it no longer and began to convulse, spurting load after load in a series of spasms. Even here the two worked together, Katie catching and swallowing one spurt and Kristie the next and then alternating again and again.

I dropped back on the longue exhausted and it was a minute or so before I could sit up. I looked at the two girls, still kneeling beside me and smiling at each other. Small trails of my juices dribbled from the edges of each of their mouths. "You have come on your faces," I finally managed to say, sounding somewhat stupid even to myself.

The two looked at me and then at each other. Together they said, "Oh." and then leaned forward across my crotch and began to lick my juices from each other's face. This continued until both faces were clean and then they came together in an open mouth kiss while I watched their tongues busy exploring the other's mouth. I found myself already half hard again. These two were incredible!

When at last they broke the kiss, both were a little short of breath as was I - and I hadn't even been doing anything except watching. Kristie leaned forward and whispered into Katie's ear. I guess they couldn't say everything with just eye contact. Then Katie turned towards me and said, "I know we weren't supposed to make you come. We're sorry." I started to say something - I can't remember exactly what, but I certainly wasn't going to complain about it - when Katie went on, "Maybe you should punish us for it."

My cock got a little more hard. I put on a somewhat stern look - How stern can you be, totally naked, and having just experienced what I had - but I tried to look stern and said, "Perhaps you're right." I managed to stand and then picked up the cat with the wide, soft tails. I turned to the two girls and said, "Stand up."

They stood and then looked at the instrument in my hands and shivered in what I took to be delighted anticipation. I led them over to one of the chains and unfastened Katie's wrists. I fastened them together in front of her and then pulled them high over her head, stretching her onto her toes, and clipped them to the chain. Next I loosened Kristie's wrists and clipped them together in front of her also. I moved her to face Katie and pulled her up on tip toe also, clipping her wrists to the same link as Katie's.

I stood back and looked. The two beautiful women were both stretched taut, front to front, their breasts pressing together, their thighs and legs meeting along their length, and their mouths almost touching. Definitely a lovely and extremely sexy sight. The only problem was that it was beginning to get dark and I couldn't see them as well as I wanted. I thought about turning on the lights, but somehow that seemed like it might break the mood. Instead I moved several candles over and lit them. Now the golden light washed their equally golden skin which seemed to glow with an almost oiled radiance.

I moved over alongside them, carrying my whip, and let my hands begin to explore, sliding between them in the front, cupping and squeezing buttocks in the back, sliding and teasing everywhere. Several times I tapped on the flared surface of the plugs embedded in their asses and was rewarded with aroused trembling. I let the soft leather tails slowly drag across their skin, across their shoulders and bottoms, up between their squeezed breasts, between their legs. I could see moisture running down their legs and I could tell they were in a very high state of arousal.

Finally I stood back and suddenly brought the lashes across a defenseless bottom in a hard snap. One twin cried out and the other also reacted as if the blow had been to her. As I began to whip them, I found this was frequently true. They were so attuned to each other they really did feel each other's pain - and each other's arousal. As the beating continued with more and harder strokes, their arousal continued to climb. Occasionally tongues would dart out for a quick lick or kiss and they rubbed and pressed against each other even harder.

Then the strokes became hard enough to really sting and each brought a cry, sometimes one from the other sister as well. They were obviously reacting to each other's strokes as well as their own. I continued to increase the severity of the lashing to try to push them a little harder. At last I reached a level where most strokes brought screams instead of just cries, but there was never even a hint at one of the safewords. After a particularly hard series of lashes, Katie began to convulse into orgasm and within only a second or two her sister also started.

I continued to whip them as they strained through a long - and loud - climax and then began to ease the severity of the blows as they started to filter back down to earth. At last I stopped applying the cat and moved up to embrace the two of them where they were suspended together. They both turned and kissed me and we clung together for a minute or two before I began to release them.

As we stood there, my arms around each of them and my hand tapping against the base of the plugs, Katie said, "That was hot, Dave." She looked at her twin. "Ten?"

Kristie nodded back. "Maybe ten and a half." Then she looked at me. "But I hope you're not finished with us yet."

"I am definitely not finished yet," I replied. "In fact, you shouldn't count on getting much sleep tonight at all."

The two of them glanced at each other and smiled. "I hope not," they said, almost together.

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