Weekend at the Lake
Chapter 1: The Arrival

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Arrival - Two young couples first experience with swapping.

James looked into the backseat of the forest green Chevy Lumina and watched the two teenagers. Thinking about it, they weren't both teens, Shawn, the young man, was twenty. Hillary however had just turned nineteen. They looked young and very much in love. Shawn was smiling and looking out the window with his arm around Hillary. Hillary, on the other hand looked slightly nervous. She had been very friendly at the airport when the young couple had arrived in Virginia but James had heard some things from Molly that made him wonder about the younger girl.

James turned back and looked at his wife, Molly. She was smiling, happy that she had finally met her online friend. Molly and Shawn had been chatting on the computer for almost four years. They had discussed everything from love lives to sex lives to family and friends. This was Shawn and Hillary's first visit to Virginia. James turned his eyes back to the highway. The four were on the way back to James and Molly's place from the airport where Molly had met with Shawn and his long time girlfriend, as they got off the plane.

James still hadn't heard the full story of how Shawn had ever convinced the younger girl that his relationship with an older, married woman, Molly, was nothing for her to worry about. James had no doubts in his mind that Molly would never leave him for Shawn. From everything James knew of him, Shawn was a very nice young man but much too young for Molly. James wondered how well he and Shawn would get along. Molly was ten years younger than he was and Shawn and Hillary were younger than Molly. James worried slightly about the generation gap.

It was almost an hour drive from the airport to the house. Molly and Shawn talked freely. James did his best to comment occasionally but otherwise allowed Molly and Shawn to lead the conversation. Hillary, except to respond to a direct question, chose to remain silent. James could see in her face that she was following the conversation and watching both Shawn and Molly's faces to catch any sign of them making eyes at each other or giving any kind of signs that her relationship with Shawn was in trouble because of this "older woman."

The two didn't broach the subject of the reason Shawn had wanted to come to Virginia. James wondered if Hillary had really agreed to the plan or if Shawn had just said that and hoped that when the time came, that Hillary would fall into line not wanting to embarrass herself or her boyfriend. On the other hand, maybe Shawn thought she would do so simply because she was so hot and bothered. James really hoped Shawn had been telling the truth on the phone and computer the last few weeks. Shawn and Molly had been discussing this, at different levels of seriousness, for almost three years. Up until only recently, Hillary had refused wholeheartedly to the idea.

Suddenly, about two months before their arrival in Virginia, Shawn had come on the computer and stated that Hillary was now more than willing to follow through. It worried James why Hillary would suddenly change her mind. James could only think of a few reasons for the sudden and drastic turn around; 1) she had become more secure in her relationship with Shawn that she no longer worried about loosing him, even to an older more experienced, more willing woman. 2) She had suddenly realized that Shawn's desire to follow through with this plan was a sign that the relationship was already in trouble and was looking for a really good reason to break up with him or 3) Hillary had decided that she wanted to try "something different" than her normal cuisine. James wondered which it was. James was forced to leave the subject alone as they got into busier traffic as they neared home.

Molly and Shawn were still talking, animatedly, as James pulled the Lumina onto the off-ramp and headed down Main Street towards home. "Only be another ten minutes," He told the other occupants of the car. In the rear view mirror James noticed Hillary sit up a bit more, she had slumped down in the seat, her head resting in the crook of Shawn's arm. His hand had been lightly tickling Hillary's arm. James recognized the movement, he did it to his own wife often to comfort and relax her. James smiled and turned onto North Franklin heading for the Mall and home.

When they arrived at the house, they all got out and immediately stretched their legs and backs. After an hour in the car, the muscles had all bunched up. James went to the back of the car and popped open the trunk. James pulled out Shawn's overnight bag, handed it to the younger man, and then pulled out Hillary's suitcase out. Hillary tried to take it from him. "I've got it," James told her with a smile. Molly led the way to the front door, still chatting with Shawn about how they had met through a mutual friend that neither continued to speak with. Molly opened the screen door and then had to wait. James had the keys. When James unlocked the door, Molly led the group up the stairs and into her parents' living room.

"This is actually my parents' place," Molly explained. "Both of my parents are out of town though. My mother had a nursing conference to go to in New York and my father went with her." Noticing the disapproving look on Hillary's face, Molly continued. "Don't worry. They know you're here and have given their permission. You will be staying up here and James and I will stay downstairs in our own place. Shawn's been telling me what you all like to eat and drink and James is a pretty good cook so he'll be doing that but will have to do it up here. Don't worry; we'll yell if we're coming up to make sure everyone's decent. Unless you want a cat," Molly pointed to the ball of black and white fur curled up on the far end of the couch that, when it was awake, was her parents' cat, Jake. "Sleeping with you, you might want to keep your bedroom door closed at night."

"If you two want to sleep together, it's fine with us. You're both adults. But if you don't, there's the couch here," Molly stated while pointing to the couch that James and the cat were on. Hillary and Shawn had taken a seat on the matching love seat near the steps. "And there's another one back in my father's den. You're welcome to use either one. There are no other beds around. We've stocked the refrigerator with snacks and sodas that Shawn told me you both liked; you're welcome to whatever you can find. The neighborhood is reasonably nice. Going outside is pretty safe, even at night. Umm, did I miss anything?"

"Yeah," Shawn spoke up. "When are we going to the lake?"

"Tomorrow," James announced before Molly could. "We've got directions and enough gas to get there and back. I hope everyone brought their swim suits. We didn't think you all would be up to going today. It's kind of late to be going out there and we figured you would be tired." Shawn nodded, seeming to accept this explanation. Hillary just listened.

Molly spoke up again. "Come on, I'll show you the bedroom and we'll let you all get settled." Molly circled the love seat as Shawn and Hillary stood up and followed. Molly scooped up Shawn's overnight bag and Shawn got Hillary's suitcase. James remained where he was as Molly led them down the hall to her parents' bedroom. "There are no drawers free, sorry, so you're going to have to live out of your suitcases." James could hear Molly explaining to the visiting couple. "There's a bathroom through there but I don't recommend using the shower. Use the one out in the hall instead. My father's den, with the other couch is right across the hall and the other bedroom is all storage. You shouldn't even need to go in there. Now, you two go ahead and get unpacked or whatever and we'll wait for you out front. James should be starting dinner." As if this was an order, James rose from the couch and went into the kitchen to start on the three cheeses stuffed shells that he intended to make.

The night went by reasonably quickly. Shawn and Hillary remained in the bedroom for about half an hour, after about fifteen minutes, the bedroom door closed and James and Molly gave each other a questioning look. "What do you think?" Molly asked. "Are they arguing or making out?"

"Who knows," James responded with a shrug. "Maybe both." He winked at his wife and turned back to the dinner.

Fifteen minutes later the two young lovers joined the couple in the kitchen/dinning room. Molly and Shawn continued talking as James finished dinner and they all sat down to eat. During dinner, James finally managed to engage Hillary in some conversation; Shawn was too wrapped up in his conversation with Molly to notice Hillary's discomfort at being left out. Hillary slowly started to relax and by the time dinner was over Hillary, Molly and Shawn were all involved in one large conversation and Hillary and Molly were becoming more friendly and Hillary was glaring disapprovingly, less and less. James got up and stepped out onto the back porch for a cigarette.

The four watched a couple hours of television after dinner, during which time James explained to Hillary about the "Jeopardy" game he had created for one of his stories. Shawn already knew of the game because he had read the story. This was the first Hillary had heard of James' talents at writing, what James liked to think of as, erotic fiction, but what most would call pornography. Hillary smiled but James could see the disapproval in her eyes. "A little too conservative for my tastes," James thought to himself as he went out for another cigarette.

Jeopardy had just gone off and, considering it was summer, there was nothing but reruns on during prime time. The rest were carrying their sodas to the dinning room table for a few games of Hearts or Gin. James leaned against the deck railing and looked in through the sliding glass door. Hillary was a cute girl, brown hair, just a little lighter than Molly's, small brown eyes, a sweet face with a nice smile and pink cheeks. She was full bodied, not a little girl but Molly was much the same so that didn't bother James in the least. When she turned, James had a chance to check out her ass. "Not bad," James thought with a smirk. She was wearing a light blue shirt and James got the feeling that she had picked it specifically to hide whatever shape she might have so he couldn't tell what her breast size was, but he had seen pictures and guessed they were just slightly smaller than Molly's tits. James couldn't help but wonder about Hillary's legs. James had been watching Hillary since their arrival and had decided, while her hands and fingers were a little longer and bonier than Molly's, whose cute little baby-like fingers and toes James absolutely adored, Hillary's were the hands of a young woman but still pretty and they looked very soft. He couldn't help but wonder what her feet and toes looked like without the tennis shoes.

Once finished with his cigarette James rejoined the others at the kitchen table and found out that they were playing Hearts first and that he was to partner with Shawn. "I'll warn ya right now, Shawn," James said as Molly dealt the cards. "I'm not nearly as good at this game as my wife is."

"Don't worry about it," Shawn said with a smile. "Hillary isn't that great either."

They played until James and Shawn had lost by more than a hundred points. "Now that you women have thoroughly embarrassed us at Hearts, let's change games, shall we?"

"What do you wanna play?" Molly asked as James re-shuffled the cards. "Gin? Poker?"

"Strip poker!" Shawn almost shouted, a huge grin growing across his face.

"I don't think so!" James stated.

"No!" was Hillary's quick response.

They played a few hands of Gin and then Molly pulled out the poker chips and they played a few hands of Poker. Molly tapped James' foot with hers to get his attention and smiled. James could read her eyes and knew what she and Shawn had in mind. James folded three good hands to make sure that Hillary won. By the time James was out of chips, Hillary had three quarters of all the chips on the table. Shawn and Molly were both down by more than half. James had made no secret of the fact that he sucked at Poker and luck just didn't seem to be with him tonight. Hillary was smiling big. "Are you just going to sit out?" Shawn asked, almost as if working from a script.

"I have nothing else to bet, unless you all wanna play strip?" James looked around. Molly shrugged, Shawn didn't respond at all and all three turned to Hillary. James could see the wheel's turning in Hillary's young mind. She had been winning all night long. The other three had made sure of it, wanting to boost her confidence for just this moment.

Hillary stared down at her chips for a moment and then looked around at the other piles of chips. Then she looked at Shawn, then at Molly and finally looked at James. James couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about him. Then she nodded. "Okay." James smiled quickly but hid it. Shawn smiled also but didn't hide it in time. Hillary caught him smiling and kind of glared at him for a second. Molly just shrugged.

"Okay, strip poker it is then," Molly announced. "James, you'll have to bet clothes. The rest of us will bet money. How do we determine who loses?"

James spoke up. "The lowest hand loses. If you fold three hands in a row, you lose either a hundred dollars in chips or an article of clothing for being a coward." No one argued the terms and Molly dealt the first hand.

James, Molly and Shawn no longer allowed Hillary to win. Within five hands, thanks to Hillary making some rather foolish bets on a whim and a prayer, her chip stack was back to where it had started while Molly's was growing steadily and Shawn's was also growing although not quite as large as Molly's. James had managed to win a few hands, thanks to some cheating by Molly and Shawn and had only lost his shoes before regaining some chips to bet. Within ten hands, Hillary was getting very near the bottom of her chip stack. The majority of chips were still on Molly's side of the table and Shawn had most of the rest. James' pile was still small but he still had chips.

Over the next three hands, Hillary, having lost confidence in herself, folded all three hands, having apparently forgotten the "Coward rule." When, during the fourteenth hand, Hillary folded again, James couldn't help himself and pointed it out. "That's four hands you've folded, Hillary." Everyone seemed to look at him for a few seconds. "Coward rule, remember?" Molly figured it out immediately, it took Shawn an extra second and Hillary still looked confused. "When we started playing, the rule was that if you fold three hands in a row, you're a coward and lose either a hundred chips or an article of clothing," James explained. "This is the forth hand in a row you've now folded."

"I didn't have a good hand."

"Doesn't matter," James told her with a shrug.

"He's right, Hill. He did say that rule," Shawn told her, reaching out and taking her hand. "How many chips have you got there?"

Hillary peeked over at her stack. "One hundred and twenty."

"Toss a hundred into the pot," Molly told her. "It's no big deal." Hillary slowly, hesitantly pushed her last fifty-dollar chip and then five ten dollar chips into the pot, which had been small until then. Hillary was now down to only twenty dollars in chips. It's not as if the amount really mattered since there was no real money backing up the chips they all had in front of them, it was just for fun.

In the next hand, Hillary was forced to go all in. If she had folded, that would have cost her another one hundred chip dollars and she didn't have it, which would have meant sacrificing a piece of clothing, which, it was obvious; the young girl really didn't want to do. James smiled as she pushed the chips in. He was very much looking forward to seeing the young girl get naked. James was also quite sure that Shawn was anxious to see Molly naked but James wasn't too worried about that happening, not with Molly's skill and luck in poker. James was actually more worried that he himself might be driven to nudity before Hillary or Shawn. Shawn's chip stack had remained pretty much even for the last few hands. He would lose some then, within a few hands, win it all back just to lose it again. James himself was holding on to chips by only a hairbreadth.

The cards were laid down and James was surprised to see that his three queens, natural, had won and that Hillary had, to no one's surprise, lost. Hillary was now out of chips. Shawn dealt the next hand. Hillary sat there, very quiet and just stared at the table. James could tell that she was trying to figure out a way to end the game. James almost took pity on her but decided not to act quite yet. James and Molly exchanged quick smiles as Shawn finished dealing. "This is where it gets interesting," James thought to himself. The next hand, Shawn seemed to be the one playing on a prayer and lost good portion of his chips to Molly.

James almost felt sorry for Hillary again when she dejectedly picked up the cards to deal. "She's being forced to deal the hand that might force her to strip. Poor girl." James smiled to himself though secretly hoping she would choose to remove her shirt instead of her shoes or socks. He knew it wasn't likely but there was always hope. As expected, Hillary lost the next hand and, much as everyone expected, removed her shoes.

They moved on to the next hand, it was James' deal and he called low card wild. When he picked up his hand, James found he was holding four of a kind already. James went all in immediately. Shawn folded. Molly chose to stay and Hillary, out of fear of the coward rule James suspected, chose to stay hesitantly. When the cards were laid down, James had won with his four kings and Hillary had again lost with only a pair of Jacks. Hillary thought carefully before rising from the table. For the first time, James was able to look down and see her bare feet. "She isn't wearing socks," James realized, having not noticed earlier. Hillary stood up and with her head bowed, stripped off her shirt exposing the pale blue bra beneath. She sat back down and James couldn't help glancing at the girl's breasts. They looked to be smaller than Molly's but not by much, only a few inches at best separated the two although Molly's seemed fuller somehow. "That may just be the bra," James thought to himself.

"I think that's enough for tonight. I think it's safe to say that Molly wins and Hillary lost."

"Aww come on, I wanna win some of my chips back!" Shawn protested. James smiled. He had no doubt that it was a blatant lie. Shawn couldn't have cared less about the chips, he wanted to see Molly lose her shirt like Hillary had lost hers. Shawn had seen both Hillary's and Molly's tits. He had seen Hillary's in person and Molly had sent him pictures of hers. James knew this because he was the one who had taken the pictures and Molly had made sure to ask if he would mind before sending them. Shawn now wanted to see Molly's tits in person.

"If you want to keep playing, Shawn, you and Molly can fight it out. I'm done and I need a smoke." James looked over at Hillary. "You wanna keep playing?" Hillary looked from James, to Shawn and down at her half naked torso, then shook her head no. "Didn't think so, get your shirt on, you can come keep me company on the porch while these two sharks fight it out." James smiled and, without waiting for someone to protest, Hillary grabbed her shirt and slipped it on over her head. James led her out the back door and onto the deck.

"Thank you," Hillary stated as soon as they were outside and the door closed.

"No problem. I'm not much better at poker than you are. You think I wanted to get naked in front of you and Shawn?" Hillary laughed. James was sure she was becoming more relaxed with him each time they talked. James lit a cigarette and led Hillary to the porch swing that was setting outside. They both sat down and James pushed with his feet to the get the swing to slowly sway beneath the dark sky and stars.

"It's nice out here," Hillary said.

"Yeah, it is. It's nice being able to come out here. Especially at night when it's cool and the sky is clear. You can see a million stars sometimes." James was smiling up at the stars as he spoke. "I like stars. Stars and birds." Hillary looked over at him and wondered but chose not to speak. "You should hear this place in the mornings. It sounds like ten thousand birds are sitting up in the trees over there," James pointed to the trees that ran along the back of the property. "Every single one of them will be singing. It's awesome to hear. You have to get up pretty early to catch the show though."

The two sat in silence for a few minutes. James looking up at the stars and following the lights of a plane as it crossed the sky east to west. Hillary seemed to be looking anywhere but at James. "Can I ask you a question?" Hillary finally said, breaking the moment of silence.

"You just did. But I'll let you ask another one." James looked over at her and nodded.

"Doesn't it bother you that Molly and Shawn talk?"

James didn't even think about it. He shook his head. "Nope, not a bit. Shawn isn't the only guy she's ever talked to online. Hell, I met her online. Molly wouldn't cheat on me. She tells me everything." James laughed. "She even asked my permission before she had cyber sex with a guy. That was after we moved in together."

"Did she ask if you would mind if her and Shawn had cyber sex?"

"If she did, I don't remember it," James lied. He wasn't real sure whether Shawn had told Hillary about having cyber sex with Molly and, if he had, James wasn't sure Shawn had mentioned the frequency. James decided it was better just to lie and say he wasn't sure if the two had ever had cyber sex. James guessed right about the very next question.

"Have they had cyber sex?"

"I don't know. Molly doesn't ask anymore. As I see it though, I'd rather she had cyber sex with anonymous strangers than have real sex with some other guy. She can't catch a disease or get pregnant through a computer." James smiled at the younger girl. She smiled back but didn't seem to approve of his sense of humor. "Relax Hillary," James told her. "No one's holding a gun to your head. You're supposed to be on vacation. No one's going to make you do anything and, don't worry, Molly is not going to run off with your boyfriend. She's already married and she isn't the cheating type."

"You do know what they have planned, right?"

James nodded. "Yep. Molly brought it up to me more than a year ago. At the time, I was a little hesitant. Just the thought made me a little upset but as time went on, I kind of grew to like the idea. We all have something in common, ya know?"

"What's that?"

"We were all virgins before we met our present girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife."

"You were a virgin?" Hillary asked, her shock being apparent on her face.

James nodded. "Yep, pretty sad, isn't it? Me, A virgin at twenty seven years old." James shrugged and turned back to look up at the stars. "It's part of the reason I agreed to this. We all know each other's pasts. There's almost no chance of a disease. It's not like one of us has had a dozen partners. The only people we've been with is the person we're with now." This logic seemed to soak in to Hillary and she seemed to relax just a little more.

When James and Hillary returned it was just in time to watch Molly take the last of Shawn's chips with a full house to Shawn's three of a kind. At that point, the poker game ended and they cleaned up. James and Molly said good night and headed downstairs while Shawn and Hillary, who both said they were extremely tired, headed into Molly's parents' bedroom.

"So? What do you think of them?" Molly asked, once the door was closed that separated the two parts of the house.

"Shawn's nice enough. Hillary seems a little nervous but seems to be relaxing the more time she spends with us." Molly went and sat down at the computer while James took a seat on the recliner.

"What do you think of Hillary?"

"She's cute enough. Pretty face."

"That's it though?"

"I'll tell you more tomorrow maybe. Did you notice how conservatively she dressed? She was trying to hide herself."

Molly nodded and logged onto the Internet.

"Do you think she'll go along tomorrow?"

"Done right, yeah, I think she's just as curious as the rest of us." James smiled at his wife, stood up, went to her and gave her a kiss and then headed into the bedroom after grabbing a new cold soda. "Don't stay up too late, remember, we do have company."

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