Auntie Meg
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Aunt, Nephew,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Aunt Meg is only 4 years older than me and better looking than any model on the beach.

Basking in the heat, soaking up the rays, trying not to get too drunk in the 97 degree sun. I had just finished an overnight and planned on meeting my friends at the beach. It was 8:30 in the morning, and I was already five beers into it. I turned the music up a little louder and put my hands behind my head.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew, a freezing cold something was on the inside of my thigh, making me jump.

"Whatthefuck?" I shouted to be greeted by chrous of laughter. Standing around me were my two friends Matt and Jake as well as a few girls I knew from the beach. The culprit, and the hottest one of them all, was kneeling beside me biting her lip and holding the cold beer that had just caused my nuts to go racing up into my neck.

"Jesus Meg!" I scowled, grabbing for the beer. She hopped back, making her ample cleavage bounce up and down beautifully.

"Ah ah ah! Ask nice, Deckie!" she said in mock seriousness, standing and blocking the sun from shining in my eyes. Her short brown hair framed her angelic face, one that I had been staring at for the last 18 years of my life. Impossible to stay mad at, especially when she did that sexy, bite her lip, "I've been a bad girl" face.

"Auntie Meg, can I please have the beer?" I said in a monotone, trying not to laugh. She giggled, handing it to me, staying bent over to bestow the beer on me, and to plant a kiss on the top of my head. The view, two large firm breasts right in my face practically made my dick shoot out of my pants.

"Hasta La Pasta Declan." she whispered to me, standing up catching my eye once more.

She turned and walked with her friends a little ways a way up the beach, three asses swaying to a sexy beat. Close enough for us to see them easily, but not close enough to hear what they were saying. Vicki and Jessie, her friends, were entirely too hot for words, and the subject of many a shower fantasy of mine, but Meg held the majority of the 'paint the back wall of the shower' beat off sessions.

Unfortunately for me, Meg, the hottest girl on the beach, was my Aunt. Yep, she was my mother's youngest sister. Definitely an "OOPS" child, she was twenty years younger than my mom, and only 4 years older than me.

"Jeez Deck, your Aunt's fucking Hot dude!" Matt said, awe in his voice as we watched all three girls bend over to spread their towels out on the sand. Vicki and Jessie could be supermodels for all I cared, I only had eyes for Meg. Her long, tanned, shapely legs were the kind that went all the way up and made an ass out of themselves. And what an ass. Her tiny white bikini covered up very little and was my favorite of the bunch that she wore to the beach every day. I'd like to meet the man who invented the thong and bow down at his feet.

The three of us spent the rest of the day drinking steadily watching the three of them do exactly the same. Taking side trips to the bathroom and to the ocean, staring in their direction every step of the way.

I had spent quite a few years during the summer doing the same exact thing, and I tell you that I would never tire of staring and fantasizing about Meg's hot tight body. She had a tiny waist and a full chest that reminded me of an hourglass. Short hair framed a beautiful, elvin face that had set the standard for my girlfriends since girls started looking good to me when I was 10 or so.

On one trip to the bathroom, I heard Jessie call from behind me. "Hey Deck, wait up..."

I turned to wait for her to jog up the dune towards me. I was standing on the sidewalk near the john admiring just how hot this girl was. Long blond hair framed her face, falling down to just tough the top of her large breasts. I liked the contrast of the dark blue bikini with the bronze skin of her boobs and told her so before I realized what I was saying.

"Oh god Jess, I'm sorry. I think I'm drunker than I thought" I said, my eyes falling and my cheeks turning red with something other than sunburn.

I heard her laugh a second before she hugged me, pressing said bronze skinned boobs against me. I was swimming in beautiful girl, her scent thick in my nose. A combination of perfume, alcohol, sun-in bleach for her hair, and ocean salt. I felt really lightheaded as she let go of me and took my hand, pulling me toward the bathroom.

I looked up at her to see her looking around. "Come on!" she whispered. I looked around to see not a soul around and allowed myself to be pulled into the guys bathroom. She pulled me into the handicapped stall, pushed me up against the wall, locked the door, and turned to face me.

Her speech was partially slurred, allowing for the combination of alcohol and sun. Nice to know I wasn't the only one fairly hammered.

"Can I see it?" she said, her voice teasingly sexy. "Jimmy's not here and he's being an asshole and I'm horny, so can I see it?" As she spoke she got closer until she finished the sentence by putting her hand on my crotch and thrusting her tongue in my mouth. She kissed me for a second until she got a good grip on my cock and pulled back suddenly.

With no warning, she pulled my bathing suit down, exposing my cock, which was of course, totally hard.

"Ooooh, it's pretty Deck... Deck's got a pretty dick!" she said loudly, giggling madly.

"Thanks Jess, I like to think so t..." I started to say before she practically inhaled my boner. She reached both hands around, gripped my ass and shoved my cock farther and farther down her throat.

What would you do if you were me? Stop her? Talk dirty? Tell her what to do?

No way. I blew my load into her waiting throat in exactly 3 seconds. She moaned each time a jet of come would hit the back of her throat, slipping her mouth up to just roll around on the tip.

"Bad boy..." she said, standing up to face me, her face a sexy pout. "You came too early!" she said, stamping her foot. I started to reach for her to try to return the favor when she yelled, "What do you think you're doing, Deck? Jesus, put that thing away. Don't touch me with that!"

I stood there with my jaw hanging open, staring at her as she redid her top and pulled up her bottoms. She slapped me in the face pretty hard, mumbling something about "taking advantage of me" as she walked by me and out the bathroom. The door to the stall swung back and smacked me lightly in the ass, bringing me back to reality.

"What the fuck?" I wondered out loud. I heard someone walking towards the bathroom, so I quickly closed the stall door, picked up my bathingsuit, and put it back on. Pausing to take a leak, I flushed, walked out, washed my hands and went out of the bathroom. Looking around outside, expecting a crowd, I didn't see a soul.

"Wow, talk about lucky!" I said to myself walking back to my towel and my friends. As I made my way up the dune, I saw that they were over talking to Jess and Meg, but no sign of Vicki. I scanned the beach looking for her, finally spying her standing near the lifeguard chair talking to Steve, the head lifeguard. She waved for me to join her, so I jogged down the beach towards them. As I got near her, she caught something thrown by Steve and grinned at me. She turned and started jogging down the beach away from me.

"Hey Steve" I said as I got even with the chair.

"Hey yourself, dude. What'd you do to my sister man?" he said, grinning like a cat with a secret.

Confused, I said, "Nothing man, why?"

He chuckled, pointing down the beach in the direction Vicki was running "Well then my man, you better catch her and do something to her. She just borrowed my key to the beach house and no one's home dude..." he said, the last part of the sentence fading behind me as I took off down the beach. I could see Vicki's long tan legs about a 1/4 mile down the beach, running with an easy stride. I poured on the speed and managed to get fairly close before she looked behind her and grinned.

As she did, she took off up the beach towards the houses that ended in a deadend at the sand. I picked up the pace and stayed about a house length behind her until she ducked into an open gate, sprinting up the steps. I stopped at the gate and stared at her. She licked her lips and motioned with her head to come in as she unlocked and opened the door.

I shut it after me, basking in the coolness of the AC that was pouring out full blast. A typical beach bungalow, it was one story with four doorways leading off of it. Three bedrooms with doors and a kitchen without one. Vicki stood in the center of the room, the silver of her bathingsuit contrasting nicely with her lightly tanned skin and her long thick red hair. She smiled at me and reached up behind her neck saying, "Sorry about Jess, Deck. She's pretty hammered right now. I don't think she was expecting to go quite so far, she just wanted to tease you a little."

"I'm not going to tease you Deck, well maybe a little." she corrected softly as she untied the strings of her bathing suit. "No bullshit. You want me, I'm yours." She dropped the strings so that the cups were barely hanging off her breasts. The bikini barely covered her ample cleavage, her breasts the size of a ripe cantaloupe. Being a big tit man, they were bigger than Jess's, but not as big as Meg's. I stared at them for several seconds before pulling gently and slowly on the ties of the top.

The sensations of the fabric dragging slowly over her nipples must have been driving her wild because she moaned loudly. I saw that her nipples were really hard, so I pulled down on the strings, dropping the top to totally expose her tits. I stepped up and cupped both breasts. Her arms went around my neck, pulling me in for a long warm sensuous kiss. She put one hand around my back and began walking backwards towards one of the doors. She opened it and led us thru without ever breaking the kiss, our lips and tongues intertwined and getting more and more urgent.

"MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm" she moaned in my mouth, followed by my own a second later. She reached around me to close the door and then behind her and undid the other bikin string, and pulled away from the kiss to pull down her bottoms and drop the top on the floor as well. The motion brought her right to my crotch, and she wasted no time in untying my string and pulling down my suit. The result of which was exactly what I had hoped, my dick slapped her lightly in the cheek.

"Mmmmm" she moaned, reaching up to wrap her small hand around it. "She's gonna love this thing..."

I was about to ask what she meant until her warm lips bathed my cock in spit. She slid the helmet around in her mouth for a while, one hand jacking my cock, the other playing with my balls. I was in absolute heaven feeling this gorgeous redhead cater to the every whim of my throbbing penis.

The feeling of cold air made me come out of the happy place that I had been in. My cock was totally coated in her spit as she lay back on the bed and started spitting between her tits. "Climb on in baby" she said, a look of pure lust in her eyes. I climbed onto the bed as she scooted to the middle of it, holding her tits and rubbing them together.

I straddled her midsection and let my cock drop on her with a satisfying splat. She pushed her tits together around my shlong and grinned saying, "Giddyap cowboy..." Needed no direction, I started pushing my dick between her big tits. They almost covered my wide dick, but not quite. The feeling though, was amazing. Her soft creamy skin was like silk wrapped around my dick. I sped up the pace in response to her saying "Come on baby, that's it... get off on my tits. Make sure you get it in my mouth, okay?"

Nodding and breathing heavily, I stroked for a few seconds more before scrambling up and putting the head of my cock in her mouth, spraying jizz across the roof of it. She licked the underside as I milked the last few drops into her waiting mouth. I fell on the bed next to her, breathing heavily.

"One quick one... don't want to totally wear you out." she mumbled to herself. "I just gotta get this thing in me, she won't mind." It seemed like she was talking to herself as she scooted around me and straddled me with her feet. Squatting down, I opened my eyes to see this gorgeous redhead impale herself on my stick.

"Ohhhh, it's nice and fat. Ohh Deck, you've got a nice big fat fucker." She kept up the ooh's and ahhh's as she forced inch after inch into her tight snatch. Putting her hands on my chest caused her ample cleavage to squeeze together, her nipples just inches from my face.

"Suck my tits while I fuck this cock... Mmmmm yeah, that's it" she purred as I grabbed both of them and began sucking on the nipples. Her hips moved up and down the length of me, her muscular thighs pushing my cock deep within her. "Oh jesus, where have you been all my life Deck?!"

I let her gain some speed, her pussy warming up and getting hot and tighter with each stroke. I grabbed her ass and added my strength to the up and down motion on my pole. She begain screaming my name at the top of her lungs, "OH BABY!!! YES DECLAN, FUCK ME!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOH!"

As she writhed and bucked on my cock, her nipples got impossibly harder. Finally she collapsed on top of me, eyes closed and breathing heavily. Once she could speak, she whispered, "You better be able to go some more Deck..."

I smiled, responding by flexing my dick inside her. "Haven't come yet." I smirked. She laughed as she disengaged herself from my dick, sliding onto the bed next to me.

"OKAY!" she yelled suddenly. As I was trying to figure out what was going on and why she had yelled that, Meg opened the door. She leaned against the door jam smiling at me, her eyes darting to my face at first, then gluing on my still hard cock. She was still in her bikini, but her nipples were very hard, so much that they tented the bikini slightly. Looking down at her snatch, I saw the white material was slightly off color, probably due to her cunt being wet. As if on cue, she reached down slowly, pulled the material aside, and showed me her bush. Even from across the room, I could see the glistening wetness.

"Did you come for her Deck?" she said in a husky low voice. Somehow I came back with a witty response saying, "No, I saved it for you..." She reached up and cupped a heavy breast in one hand, her other hand sliding two fingers inside herself. "Do you know how long I have wanted you Declan?"

I sat up, moved to the edge of the bed and stood, my hard cock standing out proudly before me. "For about as long as I have wanted you Auntie Meg."

She tore her gaze from my dick long enough to look at Vicki. "Vicki, would you excuse us? I need to bang the shit out of my nephew." The matter of fact way she said it almost made me cum right there and then. Considering how many times I had blown my load today, I had a feeling that I could last quite a bit. Vicki squeezed my ass as she walked by, stopping behind Meg. I saw the string that went behind her back loosen and drop, her breasts sagging slightly. Vicki quickly undid the top and slid her hands around Meg's large boobs, peeking at me over her shoulder.

"Deck, if you want some good advice, you eat her till she comes, and then fuck her till she comes, if you have anything left, she LOVES it in the ass."

Vicki gave Meg's tits a good squeeze, spanked her ass hard, and went to the door. She smiled and winked at me as she went out, closing it behind her.

Standing before me was my Aunt. At 23, she was dropdead gorgeous, half naked, and staring at me with a look I had been waiting most of my pubescent life to see. She took the two steps necessary to come to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me like no Aunt should kiss her nephew. I put my arms around her and pulled her ass to me so that my cock pushed into her bikini bottoms. She moaned, taking a deep breath. The effect was that her massive globes rolled around against my chest. I was amazed at just how firm they were for juggs that big. Our tongues explored each others mouths as our hands did on each other. Her ass was muscular but the skin was supple. Her hips were what I would call womanly, nice and rounded without being model thin. She backed me up a few steps and we collapsed on the bed, her on top of me mashing me with her boobs.

I rolled her over on her back, licked her ear, bit her neck, and slowly made my way down her body, paying lots of attention to her perfect tits. I longed to stick my dick in them, but I wanted to get her off at least once first. I nibbled and played with her long nipples, licked around the wide areola, dark and rough, about the size of a half dollar. She cooed and moaned and hinted with her body that her sex needed attention. I made my way slowly to it, breathing in her intoxicating scent.

I teased around the area with my fingers, lips and tongue for several minutes, causing her to whimper. "Please Declan... Please suck my pussy!!" When I finally spread her lips apart, pushed the hood over her clit, and licked fast and hard on her clit, her legs wrapped around my head, pinning me in place while she screamed my name at the top of her lungs.

I managed to force her legs slightly apart to let me breathe, but kept up the licking of her delicious, wet pussy. I felt her hands grip my hair and turn me so I could see her face. She was awesome in her lust. "Get your cock in me now!" she demanded. I scrambled up the bed as she wrapped her legs around my back. I put my hands in place on either side of her head as we slid perfectly together, her hot, wet slit literally sucking me inside her.

"Ohhh Declan!"

"Oh YES Meg, your pussy is so fucking hot!"

She sucked air between her teeth as I pulled halfway out and pushed back in. "Oooooh yeah baby... Talk dirty to Auntie Meg... that's it. Nice long deep strokes with that fat cock of yours... Oh god that feels good."

"Mmmm Auntie Meg... you should be ashamed... fucking your own nephew!" I said with mock seriousness. My hips pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her tight snatch. "Damn you have a hot pussy, tight and wet. I love the way you flex around me when I hit bottom."

"Ohh baby, speed it up, I want to feel your balls slapping me in the ass!" she her nails digging into my ass. I picked up the pace, making her moan and wail, thrashing on the bed. I impaled my dick in my Aunt's hot pussy with powerful thrusts, watching the angry red veined rod slip inside her.

"I don't know how long I am going to be able to hold off Deck... Don't cum in my pussy okay? OH god that feels good. Tell me... ooooooh, tell me when you're ready and you can cum in my ass... oh jesus but it would feel so fucking good in my cunt. Oh baby fuck my cunt... FUCK MY CUNT... Oh god I don't care it feels so fucking good... Cum in me baby... CUM IN MY PUSSY!!! CUM WITH ME! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAHHHH!" she screamed loudly.

I obliged, pounding my dick in and out of her pussy, blasting the back of her cunt with my hot fluids. At that moment I realized what might happen in the future and I really didn't care. Our hips continued thrusting back and forth even after she came down and I had finished pumping cum into her. I watched the way her tits shook as our bodies slapped together, the way she licked her lips, the look in her eye - half lust, half horror at what she had just done.

"Jesus Declan, you just came in me, and I am not protected. Mmmm what are we gonna do if you got me pregnant?" Her whole body was telling me she wasn't done, not even close.

I laid down on top of her and reached under her to grab the cheeks of her ass. The angle changed, rubbing my shaft along her clit as I slid in and out of her. "Oh god Deck, that feels so fucking good, don't stop... Mmmm" she moaned, raising her legs up higher on my back and crossing her ankles. It added to the action of our hips and had me moaning her name.

"Deck Baby?" she asked, between moans. "Mmmm yeah Meg, god damn you feel so good." I said, picking up the pace. "Don't cum in me again... Oh god. Wait Please!" she said urgently.

I stopped and looked at her. I felt a good cum boiling in my nuts and I wanted to blast it in her again. She pushed me off of her and flipped over onto her stomach. She pulled her knees in and put her head down on a pillow, reaching back with both hands.

"Not in my pussy baby... Don't want you to come in my Pussy... Now my ass? Hmmmm that's a different story..." she cooed, looking back at me, a lewd grin on her face. Her hands pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her puckered anus. Needed no further prompting, I smeared my sloppy wet cock all over it, getting it nice and slick. I thought I would need to put a finger or two in it, but she said, "Oooh god it's itchy and hot. Just put your dick in me Declan!"

I put the head at her asshole and pushed gently. After a bit of pressure and a hiss of discomfort, she took me inside her. "Oh god it's big!" she wailed. She let one hand go on her ass cheeks and a moment later I felt her playing with her pussy and my balls. Her anal ring loosened, allowing me so slide further into her. After some back and forth between both of our hips, I finally had it seated in her ass completely, my balls resting on the labia of her cunt.

She raised her upper body up and grabbed the headboard, allowing me access to her huge tits. Our hips moved in opposite directions, the slapping of our skin and out moaning getting louder and louder. "Oh god it feels so good, feels so fucking good." I said, my dick thrusting in and out of her ass, my hands full of warm soft tits.

"Fuck me Harder baby... Grab my waist and really give it to me!" she said, her voice breathless with passion.

I did as the good lady instructed and was rewarded by her wails of passion added to my own grunts and moaning.

"I'm not gonna last much longer Meg... in fact, here I COME!!!!" I said, thrusting powerfully in and out of her ass, spearing my cock into her and spewing fluid deep into her bowels.

"OH OH OH OH GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHD!! " she screamed, her hips shooting back and forth on my dick, her fingers a blur on her clit. We gradually slowed down and thrust less and finally collapsed on the bed, my dick still buried in her ass. We lay there breathing heavily until with a pop, my soft cock fell out of her.

"Thanks Meg..."

"Anytime Deck..."

"Anytime?" I said wondering.

"Oh yeah... trust me. Kevin's rich, but he's got the sex drive of an ant, and a dick to match..."

I couldn't believe my luck. "I'll wear a condom next time." I said hopefully.

She rolled over to face me. Her grin was brilliant and beautiful as she said, "Nah, I'll go on the pill and you can cum in my ass until then..." She winced suddenly. "Wow, I've never had a dick that big in my butt, damn it felt good, but did you have to cum so goddammed much?" she kissed me suddenly and went to the bathroom to clean up.

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