Can Matt Return Home?
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mathew left his hometown in unhappy circumstances, now he is going back after 12 years. There are old enemies and new friends. Will he be glad he returned or not?

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Mathew Harrison was relaxing in his seat on Delta flight 441. He thought about how strange it was to be going back to his hometown after 12 years. Shaking his head slightly he wasn't sure he wanted to call it his hometown. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was 12 and he went to live with his only living relative, Aunt Judy. She was a nice lady whose husband had run out on her. She had two kids of her own. A boy, Jason that was two years older than Mathew and a daughter, Carol that was a couple of years younger.

His life up until then had been pretty average; He was a scrawny kid but with a sponge for a mind. Thinking back on it he decided he was pretty happy until the tragedy. From the time his aunt took him in Jason tormented him constantly. But only when he was sure his mom wasn't watching. Jason was a big burly boy already playing football for the high school team and he seemed to love bullying his cousin, verbally and physically, Oh but he was careful not to leave any telltale bruises.

Mathew many times wanted to tell his aunt what was happening but he couldn't prove anything and he figured she would believe her son over him anyway. By the time he entered high school he figured the way to get out of this situation as quick as possible was to graduate school early, so he dove into his studies, took all the classes he was allowed and worked hard. His social life was nil. For one thing he didn't have time for much socializing and for another he was extremely skinny and only about 5' 7". The girls didn't seem to look at him much. His only friends were the other 'Nerdy' types that stayed to study after school. They kind of formed their own little social club but the only time they got together was at school.

Matt had enough credits to graduate in three years, he was almost seventeen. He had grown a couple of inches but he was still extremely skinny. He was in the same graduating class as his cousin Jason, only because Jason had been held back in the fifth grade.

Anybody looking at Matt sitting in the plane seat wouldn't know the inner turmoil he was feeling at the memories coming back. He had a calm serene look; he had learned how to control his emotions over the years. He was remembering how mad Jason was that they were going to graduate at the same time. He tried to humiliate Matt at every turn. He got one of his cronies to tell Matt that Melinda Harkins thought he was cute and wished he would ask her out. He was a naive fool. Melinda was a cheerleader, all long blonde hair and big bouncing boobs and cute as a button. He went up to her in the hall between classes, he didn't know that Jason had told everyone and they were all just hanging around to see the show.

"Uh Hi Melinda" he stammered.

She just glanced at him and went back to changing her books at her locker.

"Uh I was wondering if you might like to go to the movie's this weekend?" He continued a little less confident now.

She turned and looked him up and down slowly with a disgusted look. "You must be kidding nerd." With that she left him standing amid the laughter of the crowded hall. He calmly turned and went to his class room, face beet red and inside dying of embarrassment. Jason rode him mercilessly.

A little smile creased the corner of Matt's mouth; he was recalling how much Jason rode him about the size of his dick. Matt had never thought about it, he didn't pay much attention to things like that but his dick was larger then all the kids in his gym classes but it wasn't anything he dwelled on. Jason kept telling him he was wasting all that meat, looked like a railroad spike but he only had a tack hammer to drive it with. He wasn't ever going to get to use it since no girl wanted anything to do with a skinny little geek like him.

After the Melinda incident Matt knew he had to get out of this town. He had full scholarship offers from several schools but even then he didn't have the money to buy books or food, any of the things he would need to live everyday life. His parents had left a substantial insurance but for whatever reason they had it set up so that he only got it after he turned twenty-one. He couldn't wait he had to get out and away from Jason now.

Matt figured the best way to go was join the Military. He went to the recruiting center and ended up joining the Navy for a three year hitch. His scores on his test were so high he could have entered any field he wanted to, even the nuclear field. He was tired of being the bookish type, he chose the Seabees. Working construction was about as far as he could get from his present life. The day he left for the Navy he and Jason got into a fight. Jason was ragging him about how all the guys were going to enjoy sucking his big dick. Matt had taken all he could, he shoved Jason.

Again if people were looking they would have seen a little smile curl Matt's lip in his plane seat.

Jason was 6'3" and weighted about 230. Matt was 5'9 and weight maybe 120 soaking wet. There wasn't much movement of Jason's body from Matt's efforts. Jason swung a big fist at Matt's head. Matt ducked and hit Jason on the jaw. Jason smiled "I don't have to be careful anymore you little twerp, you're going to get a beating now." Matt was quick and got in some pretty good shots but Jason was just too big and he blacked both of Matt's eyes and bruised up his arms pretty good.

Matt was sore for a week and that made it a little harder in his training but he quickly found out that he liked doing physical things and he made some friends pretty easily. One because he was smart and he helped them in the classes whenever he could and two just because he was a nice guy.

When he finished boot camp several of his buddies told him they were taking him to get laid. They also teased him about his dick but it was a good natured ribbing. The weeks of hard training and good eating had put some weight on Matt, his chest was defined with some muscle now and his arms and legs weren't just skin and bones.

He remembered being nervous and excited at the same time. They took him to a nice three story house a couple of miles off the base. The front room was a big parlor and it being only about four in the afternoon there weren't too many customers there. The madam was only in her thirty's and was pretty nice looking, beginning to get that extra flesh that made her pleasingly plump. Her name was Martha and she clapped her hands and all the available girls lined up along one wall.

There were all types and races; Black; Asian, White, Indian, Nordic types and Latin Types. There were tall girls, short girls, slim girls and plump girls. Something for everyone. One of the guys told Martha they were getting rid of Matt's cherry. She smiled and looked him over; she walked up to him and cupped her hand over his crotch. As to who was more shocked it would be a toss up. Matt because no female had ever touched him there or Martha at the handful of cock she encountered.

"I think I have just the one for you baby, you go on up to room 20 and wait." She gave him a pat on the ass to send him on his way. As he made his way nervously up the stairs she turned to oversee the selection for the rest of his little band.

Matt found room 20 at the end of the hall on the second floor. It was a nicely furnished room of medium size with a queen sized water bed. A small bathroom off one wall and Mirrors placed strategically around. He sat down on the bed and waited. In about five minutes Martha came in.

She gave him a pretty smile "I don't usually do tricks anymore but that handful of sausage was just too good to pass up, besides you need someone with experience to start you out right." All the while she was talking she was taking off her clothes to reveal a nicely rounded body with full plump tits and a neatly trimmed brown bush sitting at the junction of her full fleshed thighs.

The sight of her nude body had Matt's cock hardening in his pants. "Stand up baby and lets get you out of those confining clothes. "Oh my" she exhaled when she had his long dick exposed. "You are a horse aren't you baby."

Matt's eyes were closed as the plane cruised along at 30,000 feet lost in the memory of that first time. Martha taught him many things that night. She kept him long after his buddies had their ashes hauled and left. She sucked his cock driving him to heights of ecstasy he never thought possible, she sucked his balls and his nipples, licked his neck and drove her tongue deep into his mouth. She showed him how to suck her turgid nipples and how to please her heated pussy. She showed him how to fuck as he pounded his long dick into her welcome wet channel. She fucked him doggie style, she rode him like a stud horse. He lost count of the times his hard cock entered her slick cunt or how many times he feasted on her breasts and cunt. He reveled in the times she sucked the cum from his solid balls. Being a teenager he was recharged quickly and Martha savored every delicious drop she worked to get.

Matt didn't leave until around six the next morning. Martha giving him a long lingering tongue teasing kiss as she left him at the door. "There was no charge for anything baby. I haven't had that much dick in ten years. I will be sore for a week." When he got back to the barracks all the guys wanted to know every sordid detail. When he told them she said he was a horse it broke them all up laughing. His new friend Stan allowed that she was right so from now on that's what they would call him.

The next day he shipped out for his advanced training. There were five in the class that went with him. They became his best friends for the next three years. By the time he had finished his advanced training Matt's body had filled out more than just adequately. He worked out when he got the chance and the hard labor of a Seabee made him like a rock. By the time he was 20 he was 5'11" and 200 lbs of muscle. He enjoyed running the heavy equipment and building things. He studied all the manuals and took his advancement tests as soon as he could. By the time his enlistment was up he was a three striper and led his own crew.

Matt saved all the money he could; he had decided he wanted to go to college to become a structural engineer when he got out of the navy. He needed more money to go the full four years so he reenlisted for the bonus and college fund. He didn't want to touch his inheritance until he decided what to do with his life. He wanted to try new things so when he reenlisted he applied for the Navy Seals. With his intelligence and physique they accepted him. The Training was really tough but after putting up with Jason's bullying for all those years having his instructors yelling at him was a piece of cake.

During those three years Matt saw action in various parts of the world, mostly hush hush missions that the public never heard about. He was wounded twice and received the Navy Cross but nobody ever knew but him and his unit. He enjoyed the challenge and the adrenaline rush the actions brought him but he really enjoyed building things so he didn't reenlist when his time was up. He took his money and went to get his engineering degree. With the practical experience he had in the navy it really wasn't hard for him and when he graduated he knew what he wanted to do.

Matt took his inheritance and the money had saved while in the Navy and started his own construction business. He bid on several projects and made sure he only bid enough to get the job done with very little profit. He could only afford a few pieces of equipment and he figured the cost of renting what he would need in the bid. When he was awarded a contract to build a new factory he was elated. It wasn't a big factory but it was a start. He worked from dawn to midnight making sure the men he hired were doing the job right and the clients were well pleased. For the first two years he had to bid on contracts but his company's work was so good that clients started calling him to see if he would do a job. He called his company C. B. Construction. Just a little play on words being a former Seabee. Now after six years his personal income alone was over two million a year and he had over six hundred people working for him. He had contracts for jobs to cover the next two years and clients that were willing to wait until he could do the job for them.

Matt never liked sitting in the office, he enjoyed being at a site, working a dozer or backhoe. Running the Crane or even driving a dump truck. He kept his laptop with him and every night checked on each construction site. He had looked up people that he was in the Seabees with, people that he knew could do the job and they were scattered out among his crews mostly as site foremen. He made sure the people he had working in the main office were competent and the construction crews were the best money could buy. He paid top dollar and he expected top work. A slacker or shortcut artist didn't last long in his employ.

Now he had a contract to start work on a shopping mall in his old hometown. At first he decided he would let his crew handle everything and he would oversee one of the other projects but at the last minute he changed his mind so here he was on his way back to the old hometown.

His reverie was broken by a gentle shake of his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw one of the flight attendants bending over and smiling at him. She was a pretty thing with wavy brown hair and a bright smile. The way she was bending over her uniform hung down enough that he could see the creamy tops of two very nice tits enclosed in a lacy white bra. "I am sorry if I woke you Mr. Harrison but would you be more comfortable with a pillow or blanket, maybe something to drink."

She was very attractive and the sight of that fine cleavage had Matt's cock stiffening in his pants. He shifted trying to get more comfortable, he saw her glance down at his lap. "No thanks I am fine, well maybe a soft drink, do you have Sprite?"

"Yes sir we have, I'll be right back." She stole another glance down at his lap where the attention she was giving him made his cock continue to lengthen.

She brought him his drink and leaning in gave him an even better view of her lace covered breasts. "If you need anything" she whispered "anything at all just call me, ask for Beth." Once again her brown eyes flicked quickly to his semi hard cock outlined by his pants.

It had been almost a month since Matt had any sex; he guessed that was why just the little attention she was giving him made him hard. But he didn't figure there was much he could do about it on the plane. "Thanks I think I am fine but I sure appreciate the offer from such a pretty lady." Beth gave him a strange little smile and told him she would check on him later. The flight was an early morning run. He wanted to get a quick start when he reached his destination so he took a redeye flight. Most of the people were sleeping, reading, or watching a movie with their headsets on.

About fifteen minutes later Beth stopped by again, leaning in to whisper in his ear. "Mr. Harrison I need you look at something, would you follow me please." She beckoned with her finger and started down the aisle toward the back of the plane.

Matt didn't know what she wanted but he got up and followed that cute ass enclosed in her tight uniform skirt. When they reached the restrooms she looked over his shoulder to make sure they weren't being observed then motioned him into a restroom quickly following him in and closing the door.

Once again a hand cupped his crotch and Beth gave a little "ummm" of pleasure.

"I saw you didn't have a wedding ring on and the sight of that bulge in your pants really got to me. I had to find out if it was as big as it looked." They were crowded close in the small space her breasts pushed up against his chest and her hand gently squeezing an increasing hard dick. She looked up with big brown eyes "I will quit if you want me to." She said softly.

Matt chuckled "Now Beth what man in his right mind would want a pretty lady like you to quit fondling him." He leaned slightly forward to kiss her red lips his hands coming up to enclose those nice tits though her uniform. She was busy working his zipper down and reaching inside finding the opening to his boxers and fishing out his hard cock.

Running her hand up and down its length she couldn't believe what she felt. Breaking the kiss she looked down between their bodies. "My Gosh that thing must be a foot long." She exclaimed.

"Don't know, might be" Matt chuckled again. He knew exactly how big it was hard and soft. After the mission where he was wounded in the leg a pretty little dark haired nurse took him under her wing so to speak and she wanted to know how big he was so she measured him fully hard and completely soft. Although with her around he didn't stay soft long. Fully hard he was 13 and 1⁄4 inches and soft 8 and 1/8 inches. She told him those were precise measurements; well at least that's what he thought she said, her mouth was full of his dick at the time.

Beth sat down on the commode and watched with awe as she ran both hands up and down the smooth light brown shaft. Matt watched, just enjoying the feel of her soft hands around him. She held it up and started licking right where his ball sack met the base of his cock and stroked her tongue up the full length then engulfed his bell shaped head in her hot oral cavern.

He gave a soft "uh" of satisfaction as she worked her mouth down as far as she could.

"Oh man" Matt thought "she sure knew what to do with her lips and tongue. She sucked him for a few minutes and he could feel the cum rising in his balls. It would have been easy to let her suck him off but Matt liked to give pleasure as well as receive it. She was concentrating on getting as much of him in her mouth as she could, he gently took her head in his hand and pulled his pulsing cock from her mouth.

She looked at him questioningly, smiling he eased her up and kissed her wet glistening lips, "My turn now."

He helped set her on the sink and worked her skirt up to her waist uncovering a pair of white lacy panties to match her bra. He knelt between her knees. He was glad to see she wasn't wearing pantyhose, he hated those things, instead she had midthigh elastic stockings. He started kissing the inside of one hot thigh right above her stocking and worked his way up to her heated core. The musky smell of aroused woman and the perfume she used wafting in his nostrils. Using one hand to pull her panties aside he delved his tongue into her labia and then up to tease her clit drawing a pleased "Ohhhh yes" from her. He didn't figure he had time to do the job he wanted to do but he was going to bring her to climax just because he enjoyed watching and feeling a woman go through her pleasure. His other hand was running up the outside of her thigh and around to cup her fine ass.

Beth was lost in the excitement of having this handsome hunk eating her pussy. She never even thought about or expected that. She wanted to see if he was as big as he looked like, maybe suck him off or if he was of a mind to sit on him and take his long pole for a ride. To say she was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. His lapping wiggling tongue was making her pussy gush its juices to smear his working tongue and face. Her knees were closing in around his head as the wonderful tension built in her loins. Her head was thrown back against the mirror, eyes closed and mouth open in a little O of pure pleasure. His talented tongue triggered her orgasm and she flooded his face with her woman cum. To her surprise he lapped up every bit he could.

Matt rose between her knees his long dick emerging from his pants like an iron peg. "Now Beth are you ready for me" he grinned. She looked at that long smooth rod, and wanted it but was afraid of it at the same time; she didn't know if she could take all of that. But she knew she was sure going to try. She gave a quick grin and a nod spreading her legs and scooting her ass out so she was just sitting on the edge of the sink.

Matt placed the head at her seeping entrance and they both watched as inch after inch slowly moved up inside her welcoming core. He had about 9 inches or so in when the head encountered the back of her pussy shoving up against her cervix. They both gave a little groan at the sheer pleasure of it. Matt backed out and then started a slow steady in and out.

Beth's whole body was flushed with sexual heat while she watched inch after inch reappear from her totally stuffed cunt only to stop and slide inch after inch back in until he shoved up against her cervix, and she could see she didn't have near all of it. It was much thicker then it looked also she guessed because it was so long it didn't look that big around but oh it was, so big around she was stretched more than she ever had been before. A delicious little pain that quickly became nothing but pleasure.

Matt enjoyed watching her watching herself get fucked. Of course the slick hot feel of a wet cunt caressing his cock was more than quite enjoyable also. Looking down he saw what she was seeing from a different angle. About 10 inches of juice covered cock sliding out drawing the lips of her pussy out a little until just the head was seated then shoving the lips back in as he slid slickly back to bounce against the back wall of her now pulsing channel.

To Beth it felt so good as he started moving faster, now he had one hand between her legs using his thumb to roll her clit around while he thrust in and out. She had to have his mouth on her tits. They throbbed with need. She quickly unbuttoned her uniform jacket and white blouse, whimpering with building passion and need she shoved the bra down below her hard nipples.

Matt took the que and lowered his head to capture a brown rubbery tip in his mouth and bit down gently.

"OHhhh... Yessss, like that... Ummm chew it, ohm make me feel it." She gasped. He worked first one then the other his pumping ass causing her legs to jerk with his thrusts until she clasped them around his ass and had the best orgasm she thought she had ever had. She was biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out her pleasure as she clamped and rippled all up and down his still thrusting pole.

Matt felt that flush of pleasure he always got when his partner climaxed and he drove quicker and harder in her extremely wet sleeve until with a groan he stiffened and shot his white cum hard against the now slightly open cervix, firing some straight into her womb. She clasped his head to her breasts and gave another passion filled groan when she felt the hot liquid bathing her insides. They were both panting ragged breaths and they stayed frozen in position for a minute as their bodies calmed from the orgasmic high they had reached.

Matt slowly pulled his cumcoated dick from her still throbbing channel. He was watching her all the while. She was enthralled as inch after inch emerged from her swollen vulva. "Where did I put all that" she asked her self.

Matt picked her up and sat her on the commode; it took a bit of doing to get maneuvered around in the cramped space. He ran some warm water and washed the inside of her thighs and was going to clean her rosy red vulva but she stopped him. Re-adjusting her panties she told him she wanted to feel him in her and remember this. Then she leaned over to run some more warm water and wash his now sticky cock clean before kissing the head and putting the semi hard rod back in his pants.

Straightening her uniform and getting everything back in place she touched his cheek with one slim finger. "I sure wish I was laying over at this stop but I am scheduled to be on the long hop this time. It sure would have been fun though." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and opening the door sticking her head out to make sure no one was looking she stepped out gave him a wink and headed up the aisle. He followed in a few seconds and as he settled down to get a little shut eye before they landed he grinned as he ran his tongue around his lips, He could still taste her.

Matt was met at the airport by Stan Kolwaski; he was the site foreman for this job. Stan had served nine years in the Seabees and knew his stuff. He was the first one Matt looked up when he started his business. He talked Stan into not reenlisting in the Navy, had to wait three months before his enlistment was up but he was the best site foreman Matt had.

"Hey Horse how goes it?" Stan bellowed at him. Matt just laughed and shook his head, "fine Stan, just fine", the name Horse had stuck with him throughout his naval career. The guys Matt served with never called him boss or sir they always called him horse although there was never any question who was in charge. The other employees could never understand how they got away with it.

Stan was part of the advance team that got everything set up before actually starting work on the site. Matt only purchased the specialized equipment, dozers, backhoes, trucks and other vehicles were usually leased from a local dealer, and Matt figured that helped the local economy and him too.

"So everything ready to start in the morning Stan" Matt asked?

"Yep all the equipment is either here or will arrive sometime tomorrow, the ground crew is here and all have found housing so we won't need any of the living quarter's trailers yet, might when the full crew arrives. The office trailer is set up and fully operational. All the permits are signed sealed and delivered, we are ready to rumble." Stan replied.

They had reached a White crew cab Chevy Silverardo with a magnetic sign on the door that read C. B. Construction with the company logo and phone and e-mail address on it. They threw Matt's three large suitcases in the back and Stan got in the drivers side. "Didn't you say you were from around here Horse, I leased the trucks from a dealer named Jason Harrison, any kin?" Stan inquired.

Matt thought "well it's a small world after all." "Yeah he's a cousin of mine" and he left it at that. He wasn't sure he wanted Jason to make any money off of him but Stan didn't know and the contracts were already signed.

"I think I found you a place to live Horse, pretty close actually, a lady is renting out the upper floors of her house, three pretty good size rooms and a bath. Husband is dead and the son is married and moved away or something, anyway it was pretty reasonable so I told her you would look at it today. Beats a motel room for sure. You want to go on over there this afternoon?" Stan looked over at Matt. He had the half chewed stub of a cigar sticking in the side of his mouth.

"Yeah sure Stan, you know those things are going to kill you someday." Matt grinned at him.

"Nah, I won't live long enough for them to kill me, bad booze or bad women will get me first." Both men laughed and went on talking about the preparations for starting the project. They went to the site and Matt got his desk squared away in the office trailer, he hooked his laptop up and checked on the daily reports from his other projects, every thing seemed to be going smooth so he shut down and they walked over the property deciding what they needed to do first thing the next morning. Matt looked over all the equipment that had been leased and had arrived, he started every dozer, backhoe and dump truck listening to the engines and checking the pressure gauges, all seemed to be in order.

He and Stan had lunch at the local Arby's and then went to the house Stan wanted him to look at. It was a nice two story frame house in a quiet neighborhood about a mile from the work site. They were greeted at the door by an attractive women who looked to be in her late thirty's, very classy looking. Shoulder length dark hair carefully groomed. She had dark brown eyes set in a classical face, high cheekbones, aristocratic nose and slightly pointed chin. She could have had that haughty look very easily but the warmth of her greeting was anything but haughty.

"Hi gentleman, I'm Andrea Jackson, please come in." She glanced out into the drive way at the truck. "I can see you must be the one's that called about the rooms. Which one of you is Stan?" She held out her hand to Matt who was the closest one to her. He took it and found a firm little hand shaking his. "I'm Matt Harrison mam and this is Stan Kalwoski, he is the one who contacted you." He smiled at her "I am the one that needs a place to stay while the Mall is going up."

She gave him a smile "Well do come in and look the place over." He saw her give him a quick once over, trying to size up what kind of man she thought he would be. They looked at the upstairs that had its own outside entrance. One room was a bedroom, one a sitting room and one had been made into a kitchen. The bathroom was off the bedroom. All in all it was perfect for what Matt needed. He and Andrea settled on a price and he signed a lease for six months with an extension for another six if both parties were satisfied and he needed it longer. He went and got his bags from the truck and sat them in the bedroom. Thanking her he said he would try not to disturb her by his comings and goings and he and Stan went back to the work site.

That evening Matt got his clothes squared away, One bag contained only work clothes, heavy weave Kaki pants and matching shirts, although all were clean a few were stained with grease that just wouldn't come out. Three pair of comfortable waterproof work boots were in the next bag along with his personal hard hat. It cost him way to much but he ordered it special from the company that furnished Kevlar helmets for the military. It looked like a regular hard hat but was made of way better stuff. The other bag had what he considered civilians clothes. It was almost 8:00 before he got all that done and he was hungry. It was early May and still kind of cool in the evening and mornings so he put a light jacket on and went down the outside steps. He was just about to get into the Chevy Blazer that Stan had got for him to use while he was here when he heard a cheery "Good evening Mr. Harrison."

Turning he saw his landlady coming up the walk from the mailbox. "Good Evening mam, how are you doing this evening?"

"Fine and you can call me Andrea, mam sounds so formal." She smiled.

"Okay Andrea but I call every one mam or sir just out of respect until they show me they don't deserve that respect" he grinned.

"That's a pretty good philosophy Mr. Harrison, I like that." She stopped at the first step up to the front porch.

"Well Andrea how about you calling me Matt instead of Mr. Harrison and where is a good place to eat around here?" He inquired.

"There's a pretty good steak house a couple of miles down the road toward town and a nice family owned restaurant on route 7, maybe five miles away. But I was just getting ready to fix a little something myself; I was working in my flowerbed and let the time get away from me. I have some ribs in the crock pot been slow cooking all day, I thought I would fix some corn on the cob and maybe a salad if you are interested." She gave him a questioning look and one raised beautifully trimmed eyebrow.

"I don't want to put you to any trouble Andrea; I can just go get something." He said.

"Oh it's no trouble Matt, one more plate and glass is all, come on join me and I can find out more about my upstairs tenant and you can learn more about your landlady." She laughed.

He laughed with her, "Okay Andrea, I would love to join you for dinner."

They had a very pleasant dinner, she was a good cook and warm conversationalist, He did learn about her husband's death from cancer and her son marrying his high school sweetheart. They lived in the upstairs for a few months until he got a good job offer in California and they moved there. He told her about his work and moving around the country, he left out any mention of his being from here or his time with the Seals although he did tell her about his experiences with the Seabees. It was almost 10:00 by the time they said goodnight. It had been a very pleasant evening.

Matt was on the job by 7:00 the next morning. He climbed on the big dozer and started leveling a small rise. It was a challenge he enjoyed. To try and see exactly how level he could get it by eyesight before they shot it with the transom. He was hot and sweaty by 10:00; he hadn't stopped for a minute. All around the place was a beehive of activity, he saw when Stan arrived a few minutes after Matt, he waved then went in the office. He needed to refuel the dozer so he headed for the 2000 gallon tank that had been brought in to hold diesel fuel. He stepped down to stretch his legs while they were refueling. Stan came out of the office and headed over toward him, he saw a shiny black Cadillac come tooling in to stop by the office. A big burly guy in a tan suit got out and looked around, spotting Stan he started over.

Matt recognized him immediately, the big gut and balding head didn't change him that much, it was Jason. Matt decided he was going to let the past be the past, maybe Jason was one of the reasons he was a successful businessman now.

Stan had arrived and was just about to say something when Jason shouted. "Hey Mr. Kalwaski, just thought I would stop by and see how the trucks are working out and if you needed anymore." He kept coming being careful where he stepped, didn't want to mess up his shiny shoes.

Stan looked at Matt, Matt looked back. "You can handle it, you're, the site foreman."

Jason shook Stan's hands totally ignoring the working stiff standing beside them. "Now we can upgrade those vehicles anytime you want."

Stan shook his head "No they're fine as they are, Oh by the way this man's name is Harrison and he's from around here, are you any kin."

For the first time Jason looked at Matt. "Why no I don't th... Wait a minute, Matt is that you?"

"Yeah Jason it's me, how have you been." Matt said.

"Why just fine Matt, own the biggest car dealership for a hundred miles." He looked Matt up and down. "Guess the Navy taught you a trade after all." He gave a big laugh "Looks like you put on a few pounds, a little more hammer to drive that railroad spike huh."

Matt just nodded. Stan was being called from the trailer. "Well excuse me, I have to go. Horse don't lollygag to long, you have that rise to level, time is money don't you know." He turned and headed for the trailer a grin on his face. He enjoyed pretending Matt was just an employee, he had embarrassed several stuffed shirts that way when they found out he was the boss. Matt always went along with it, he found it amusing also.

Jason looked at Matt with that superior smirk he always had. "Looks like the boss isn't too happy with you Matt, Say why don't you come over to the house for dinner one night next week. I'm sure Melinda would love to see you. I married Melinda Harkins, prettiest girl in school, you remember Melinda don't you Matt?" The last said with a voice laced with sarcasm. "I don't think so Jason, I am going to be pretty busy." Matt replied.

"Oh come on Matt I insist, I'll have Melinda call the office, if that won't get you into anymore trouble." Matt could tell he was hoping it would get him into trouble. Up until this moment he just wanted to avoid Jason and let the past lie but he changed his mind. If Jason wanted to play games then he would oblige him.

"No I don't think it will get me into more trouble, Stan is a pretty understanding guy, just a little abrupt sometimes." Matt nodded.

"Fine, fine, I'll have Melinda call, see ya cuz." And with that he turned and carefully picked his way back across to his car. He never offered to shake Matt's hand once.

The next day Matt was working a backhoe digging a trench for the footer for one of the buildings. Stan came up when he took a break.

"We need some framing lumber, I talked to the lumber yard and they think they have what we need to start with and will order whatever we need. We have to set up an account with them, you want to do that or you want me to."

Matt knew Stan was pretty busy. Actually when Matt was operating one of the machines, the normal operator got to just sit around and do nothing. "I'll do it" he motioned for the backhoe operator to take over and got into the blazer heading for the lumber yard.

He talked to the manager and they started loading the trucks for delivery, he told Matt to set up an account with the financial officer in the office. He entered the open door of the office and was very pleasantly surprised to see a pretty fiery red haired woman sitting on the other side of the desk. A quick once over told him she was more then pretty, she was beautiful. She reminded him of someone, one of those actresses. Oh yeah that redheaded one on a show something about an Angel. What was her name, Roma something other?

That red hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung down past her shoulder. Her eyes were a dark green and she had a sprinkling of light freckles across a cute little nose. Full red smiling lips and dimples gave her a cheery look.

"Can I help you sir" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm from C.B Construction, I need an account set up" Matt told her all the while his eyes took in the woman before him. He could only see from the waist up but even with the loose blouse she had on he could tell she probably had a good figure. He didn't see any wedding ring on her finger either.

She stood up and offered her hand "I'm Kathy Marsh." She also was checking out the man across from her. Nice looking she thought, even in those dirty work clothes he was a handsome man. Her eyes traveled up big muscular arms to broad shoulders and wide chest. Narrow hips and big thighs were visible beneath his grimy pants and surely that big lump lying up along his left thigh wasn't what she thought. With a start she brought herself back to what was going on.

"Well uhh Mr..." She prodded.

"Harrison, Matt Harrison mam." He replied liking way her rosy cheeks were getting even rosier.

"Yes Mr. Harrison, do you have the authority to open an account from your company." She inquired.

He laughed "yes mam the foreman trusts me a whole lot, that's why he sent me over."

She studied him for a second or two more and decided he did look honest so she sat back down and started the paper work He watched her work liking the look of concentration and the biting of the edge of her lower lip while she typed.

Kathy finished the forms and Matt signed them. He reached across the desk to shake her hand again. Dark gray eyes staring into dark green eyes. Their fingers stayed clasped just a little longer then a usual handshake. With a quick grin Matt turned to go.

"Come back anytime you need anything." Kathy called after him. "Nice tight ass" she thought as she watched Matt walk away.

Matt was working a front-end loader a couple of days later when his cell phone vibrated; it was a patch through from the office phone. He moved to a little quieter place and answered the phone. "Mathew Harrsion speaking."

"Hi Matt this is Melinda Harrison, Jason and I want you to come over Sunday for a little barbeque, Jason can't wait to talk over old times and catch up on what you have been doing." Her voice was like syrup, that phony sweetness that made him want to tell her where to go, but he had a plan of his own. "Sure Melinda what time do you want me to be there."

She told him around 2:00 and gave him the address, didn't bother to give any directions. That was alright he would get a map off the internet. He figured he knew most of the roads and wouldn't have too much trouble finding it.

Everything was going pretty smooth so he left work about six, he was going to clean up and hit that steak house. He had eaten there a couple of times, as a matter of fact Stan and several of the crew along with him had dinner there the night before last. He pulled into the drive and got out seeing Andrea bent down on her knees beside one of her many flower beds. The sweatpants she was wearing were pulled tight over a firm looking ass. On the spur of the moment he had a thought.

"Hi Andrea how's it going?" He hollered.

She turned to see him getting out of the Blazer. Giving him a smile she answered "fine Matt I've just about got all my spring flowers planted."

"Say Andrea I was just going to get cleaned up and go to dinner, have you had dinner yet?" He asked.

"No I haven't I was just getting ready to go in and fix something." She looked at him questioningly.

"Well why don't you join me and I'll buy you a big juicy steak." He grinned.

She thought about it for a moment. She hadn't gone out with a man since her husband had died three years ago. At that time she didn't think she would ever want to go out with another man. But Matt seemed like such a nice friendly guy and this wouldn't be like a date. So she thought why not. "Sure Matt, let me get cleaned up, just come on down when you are ready and wait for me in the living room." With a smile she continued "I'm sure you will be ready before I am."

He was waiting when she came out of her bedroom. She was the kind of woman that always exuded class. She was dressed in a simple black dress that while it didn't hug her slim figure it outlined it in a way that let you know she was pure female... A single strand of pearls around her neck and black three inch heels completed the outfit. It wasn't dressy and it wasn't casual, she would fit in for just about any kind of occasion.

"You look very nice Andrea" Matt told her.

"Thank you Matt, you look pretty good yourself." She grinned. And he did she thought; Black slacks around his narrow waist seemed to draw a person's attention to the nice yellow knit shirt that hugged his wide chest and arms. She felt the first flutter of something she didn't think she would ever feel again. A warm little tingle deep down in her belly.

"So let's go tackle that big steak." He took her arm and led her out to the Blazer.

While they were eating and chatting each discovered that the friendliness they felt for each was heading for a different level. Matt was funny and attendative, Andrea was beginning to feel a sexual attraction that she thought had long disappeared.

Matt had no thought of trying to seduce his pretty landlady. Being a man he couldn't help but enjoy the vision of her loveliness across from him and be a little excited by her nearness.

They chatted and laughed through the whole meal and Matt thought they had a pretty good repore but Andrea was very quiet on the way home, he wondered if he had said of did anything to offend her.

Andera was trying to decide a very serious matter. She hadn't made love to anyone since her husband had passed away, hadn't even wanted to although quite a few men had asked her out. But this man sitting next to her seemed to stir something deep down inside. She knew it wasn't love but that more primal urge to mate with a prime specimen of the species. Did she dare go with her feeling or try and shut it off. With an inner sigh she made her decision. It had been three years and she needed some physical loving.

As they got out of the Blazer Matt was going to say it had been a pleasant evening and go upstairs. Before he could do that Andrea placed a soft hand on his arm. "Why don't you come in for while Matt, I'll make us some coffee?"

He could see a soft glow in her eyes that he didn't think was coming from the porch light. "Okay Andrea, I would like that."

He got settled on the couch while she made the coffee. Sitting down on the couch next to him she gave him a little grin. "Matt do you find me attractive."

Matt set his cup down and turned to her answering her truthfully. "Yes Andrea I find you very attractive."

She let a soft finger glide along his arm. "Matt I haven't had a man in several years, for some reason you seem to have turned that urge back on. Would you make love to me?"

Now what's a gentleman to do, you can't turn down a lady in need. For an answer Matt caressed one smooth cheek before bending forward to touch her lips with his. They kissed gently for a minute but the feel of Matt's lips on hers woke the wanting deep inside Andrea and she pressed closer to his body and her lips took on a more demanding pressure. Her tongue extended through her parted lips and sought entrance through his sliding lips. Entrance that he gladly gave.

As they kissed Matt let his hands wander over her slim body, down her back and up the front to gently cup a covered breast. She moaned into his mouth at the first touch of a man's hand on her breast in a long time. She was unhurriedly in a hurry. Breaking the kiss she stood up quickly and reaching around behind her unzipped her dress. She watched his eyes when she lowered the dress down to pool at her feet. She saw them cloud with rising passion as he took in the sight of her before him in her black bra and panties. She slipped the straps from her shoulders and let the bra drop from her breasts. The brown nipples were already standing out, but got even harder at Matt's heated gaze upon them. She bent forward as she slipped her panties off and let them and the bra drop at her feet also, her breasts dangling and swaying enticingly before Matt's face.

She was pleased and flushed when she heard the soft "beautiful" from Matt. She stood before him wearing nothing but a string of pearls and her black heels. She instinctively knew that a little something added to the practiaclly naked form of a woman, it heightens a mans visual pleasure considerably. A necklace, noticeable earrings, ankle bracelet. Just a little something that catches the eye.

Matt ran a calloused hand along the smoothness of one sleek leg drawing her between his spreading legs. He leaned forward to kiss her belly and tickle her belly button with his tongue. A sharp inward drawn breath at the feathery touch of his mouth and tongue to her body. But it was mostly caused by the long lump that lay down his pants leg. Andrea just got a glimpse when she looked down at his head working at her middle.

Matt worked his mouth down her lower belly his lips nibbling and kissing. He pulled the soft brown tendrils of hair covering her mound with his lips then moved out to her legs. She had goosebumps of pleasure, enjoying feelings that had to long been unused.

Matt guided her down to lay on the couch, he spread her knees and licked his way down one thigh and then the other before settling in her wet center. He didn't hurry, his lips and tongue slowly tantalizing and teasing her core. Delving between her labia and deep into her creaming channel.

Andrea's head was thrashing from side to side, strangled little whimpers coming from her throat. She had both hands griping his head tightly. Her husband was good at eating her but it had been so long that Matt's expert efforts was making her body soar higher and higher in ecstasy.

Matt's wet smeared lips were smiling at the pleasure he was giving this classy lady. He knew she was quickly reaching her orgasm and he intensified his efforts at pleasuring her pulsing womanhood.

With a gasping moan Andrea's whole body tensed up and her thighs trapped Matt's head as a heavy load of woman cum practically gushed from her throbbing core. He stayed with her through it all, he didn't' have any choice she had him trapped with her thighs. He gently licked the swollen vulva and lapped up all he could of her copious fluid. When he felt her body relaxing he eased his way out of the smooth legs that had him trapped and stood up to remove his clothes.

Andrea was lying with eyes closed basking in the afterglow of a wonderful orgasm. She heard the rustling of clothes being removed and opened her eyes, then she really opened her eyes. There before her was the biggest penis she had ever seen. It stuck out from the forest of black hair like a long flesh pike. From the middle out it had a slight downward curve like it was just too heavy to stay straight.

She was never one to use profanity, thought it was vulgar and unladylike but she couldn't help the exclamation that escaped her lips.

"Damn Matt I'll never be able to take that monster" she husked.

He just chuckled "Maybe so, maybe not, you won't know until you try. You take what you can, I know I will enjoy it immensely and I think I can promise you will also. Just look at how much he likes you. Watch him throb." And he made his cock twitch the bell shaped head rising up, expanding then settling back down. Andrea sat up and took the shaft in her hand her fingers just barely meeting around the barrel of the shaft. She gently stroked outwards drawing the loose skin to roll just over the pronounced ridge of the head. The heated skin felt good in her hands after so long. Like a hard oak branch covered in soft velvet. She put both hands around him and still plenty showed at both ends. Making her hands a gentle vise she started jacking him off. She leaned forward wondering just how much she could take in her mouth.

She let her tongue rove over the rose colored head hearing him sigh with pleasure. She opened her mouth and slid him in closing her lips behind the ridged head. She worked a little more in but he filled her mouth completely and she still had both hands wrapped around the shaft.

Matt enjoyed the show before him, this pretty classy looking lady with her ovaled lips sliding up and down part of his cock and beautifully manicured hands working back and forth. She was doing a very good job of making that old wonderful tingle start in his balls.

Andrea was enjoying this as well as he, she forgot how good it was to have a man filling her mouth, the feel and taste of a man, knowing she had him in her power was like an aphrodisiac. Her cunt wanted to see how much of this long pole she could take.

Taking her lips from his saliva wet head she continued to jack him as she looked up. "Matt I want you in me but I don't know how much I can take. Please be easy, it's been a long time."

Matt once again laid her back on the couch and proceeded to flick her still engorged clit lightly with his tongue. "A nurse friend of mine once explained this to me. A woman's vagina is like a man's penis in reverse. Now while normally the channel is only 3 to six inches long on average, when the woman is excited the blood flow causes the channel to lengthen pushing the uterus back up into the body cavity. A woman can accommodate more then she probably thinks, even more if the cervix is coaxed open and the penis can enter the uterus. Not very romantic I know but good information. Now lets see just how excited and long I can make your pretty little love muscle." he went about this endeavor with a lustful passion.

When Andrea was once again quivering with throbbing pleasure Matt took one slim leg and placed a black high heel on the back of the couch and the other black heeled foot on the floor. He settled on his knees between her legs and with one hand under her tight ass he drew her up. The other hand he used to guide this cock. He made the head start at the top of her slit rub her clit then down that slick groove and back up a couple of times. When the head was shiny with her excitement he started easing the head in just a little at a time until the ridge disappeared inside her labia. He held it there and then pushed in an inch bringing a groan from Andrea's gasping mouth.

To Andrea it felt like she was being opened by a hot telephone pole but so slowly that it didn't cause much pain just a dull aching pleasure. It just seem to keep coming and coming and coming in. She thought she had it all but when she looked down there was still a lot of cock showing.

Matt saw her looking, "You tell me when you have had enough, I won't hurt you I promise."

They both felt the blunt head shove into her cervix. Matt stopped. He slowly pulled back out. That sensuous feel of wet flesh sliding within wet flesh was exquisite for them both. He had put about nine and a half inches in her. They both had the same thought. She must be pretty excited.

Matt thrust slowly at first, long sensuous strokes, then he went to short hard strokes banging against her cervix. Then medium quick strokes. He was looking down at her flushed face and realized he hadn't sampled those pretty looking rolling tits. He bent down and took a hard nipple in his lips just nipping it with his teeth. Then he engulfed as much as he could, sucking licking and chewing.

Andrea was already quickly climbing that peak to another climax, when he ravaged her tit she arched her back to shove more into his mouth, her leg on the floor shot up to wrap around his waist and the one on the couch came down to cross the other at the ankles.

"Ohhh Matt... UMMMM SO GOOD... SO GOOD" she cried out and flooded his big bone with her slick essence.

Matt loved the feel of her tight muscle squeezing and massaging him. He slowed down to just gentle small in and out movements while she rippled through her orgasm. They were giving him that wonderful tingle that preceded the more intense ball emptying waves of pleasure. He started pumping longer and faster battering against her cervix on every stroke, not hard enough to cause pain but hard enough that they both felt it. He was caught in the throes of passion now his cock in complete control of his body.

Andrea was constantly moaning as the big invader slid in and out faster and faster, her body soared straight up to that pleasure filled mountain again and another orgasm was fast upon her. She felt Matt's hard body tense between her thighs, the head of his cock hard against her cervix. She could feel the expansion of the shaft as the sperm flowed through its tube and the swelling of the head as it spat the hot white liquid hard against her cervix to bounce back and flow out along his pulsing shaft.

They stayed locked together joined by that impaling pole of flesh that was now only occasionally twitching out its last drops. Matt was gently kissing her neck and cheek, then a soft kiss on her wet lips.

He was softening she could tell but he still felt like she was stuffed full. He slowly pulled out leaving her with a strange empty feeling. Matt snuggled down beside her on the couch, a curious look in his eyes as she didn't say anything for a while.

With a sigh she started talking. "Matt that was wonderful; I have never in my life experienced anything like it. I thought William my husband was a wonderful lover but never anything as intense as what just happened. I don't know maybe because it's been so long for me. Please I don't want you to get the wrong impression. I wouldn't have missed this for the world but it can't be an ongoing thing. You are only going to be in my life for a little while and I don't want to fall in love with you." She was caressing the side of his face while she was talking, looking into his dark eyes hoping for understanding.

He gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I do understand Andrea; I am very flattered and privileged that you shared something with me that is very special. I value the friendship that seems to have developed between us in this short time and I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that." With a lopsided little grin he continued "However pretty lady if you should decide you wanted to share with me again I would be more then willing."

Laughing she gave him a shove rolling him off the couch to sprawl on the floor. "Yeah I bet you would, I won't be able to walk straight for a week now." Sitting up on the couch she opened her legs enough that he could see her matted hair and the white pearls of cum dripping from her satisfied core. "Come on I'll fix us some more coffee I think yours has gotten cold." She rose and walked to the kitchen her tight cheeks flexing making Matt's now soft cock want to fill with blood again. They had their coffee naked and talked mostly about what had just happened and what it meant for Andrea's future. She said maybe she wouldn't be so quick to turn down the next request for a date if the guy was right. About 10:00 Matt gathered his clothes and went upstairs giving her a tender kiss on the lips.

On Friday they needed some more lumber delivered, Stan was getting ready to order it over the phone when Matt stopped him. "I need a break, how about I just go order it myself, make sure they get it down right."

Stan gave him a raised eyebrow shifting the chewed unlit cigar stub from on side of his mouth to the other. "Now just why do you think it might not get ordered right, they were fine on the first two deliveries. You know something I don't know."

"Naw nothing like that, just need to get away for a few minutes." Matt assured him. He jumped in the blazer and headed out leaving Stan scratching his head. That wasn't like Matt he hardly ever took anymore time away from the site than he had to.

When Stan said they needed more lumber the image of the beautiful redhead in the office flashed through Matt's mind, he figured this would be a good excuse to see her again.

Matt placed the order for the lumber, and actually did make sure it was taken down right. When the salesman finished Matt asked him. "I need to check on a couple of the orders we already had delivered just to clear up some paperwork you understand."

"Sure no problem just go on in the office Kathy should be able to help you." The man answered and gave matt a little wave as he went to help another customer. That was the answer that Matt was hoping for.

He eased into the office seeing Kathy intent on entering some information on the computer.

"Uh Hi, the man outside said maybe you could help me." He stated.

Kathy looked over to see the handsome hunk that had come in a couple of weeks ago. "Sure come on in Mr. Harrison wasn't it?"

"Yeah that's me, I just wanted to check on a couple of the invoices we had. I thought I had ordered something but we didn't get it. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't ordered." He couldn't think of any other excuse for being here.

"Okay if we made a mistake we will be glad to rectify it." Kathy smiled at him.

Man she had gorgeous smile he thought. "Oh I am sure you didn't make a mistake, probably my fault, just want to make sure. The site foreman gets pretty grumpy about things like that."

She started looking up his account "That's C.B. Construction right", not waiting for an answer she typed it in and brought his account up. "You want me to print them out." Those green eyes looked across the desk at him.

"Uh no that's all right if I could just come around there and look at them, that should be fine." He gave her a little grin.

"Okay come on around" she said.

Matt moved around behind her leaning over her shoulder to see the screen. He wasn't paying any attention to the screen he was inhaling the sweet perfumed smell of her red hair and taking in the outward swell of two nice sized hills under her blouse.

At first Kathy was looking at the screen trying to see what he was looking for. She was very aware of his presence as he leaned forward over her shoulder. She could feel the heat emanating from his body and smell the aftershave he had used mixed with the sweaty smell of a working man. On some men that was an unpleasant smell but for whatever reason it wasn't unpleasant to her with this man. She glanced up to see he wasn't looking at the screen but down at her. He blushed and cleared his throat "Umhhhhh, uh well I can see it was my fault." He beat a hasty retreat back around the desk. "Is there anything else I can help you with Mr. Harrison." She asked.

"Uh no,... well maybe, Do you like Steak?" he queried?

The question caught her by surprise "Sometimes, I am not much of a meat eater other than fish but I like an occasional steak. Why?"

"I thought maybe I could buy you one some evening if you would like to." He answered.

He seemed kind of unsure of himself right at the moment. Not at all like the confident man that had come in to open the account. Kathy wasn't dating anybody seriously at the moment, she thought about it. There was something about him that interested her. "Okay Mr. Harrison maybe I am about due for a good steak, When were you thinking about?"

"You will, I mean, I'm booked up this weekend, is a week night okay or do you want to wait until next weekend?" He asked her

He now seemed like an eager little boy wanting to go to the ballgame. "Oh a weeknight would be fine, I am free Tuesday night."

"Good... Uh Then Tuesday night it is. Where do I pick you up?" He wanted to know.

Kathy wrote down her phone number and address giving them to him.

He turned to go "Thanks for looking up those invoices for me, my name is Matt by the way, you can dispense with the Mr. Harrison please."

Kathy looked him right in the eye. "You didn't really need to look at those invoices did you?"

"Oh... Weeeeellll no I didn't but I couldn't think of anything else." He confessed.

"Uh huh I see," she said giving him a serious look.

Matt thought he had blown his chance until she grinned "See you Tuesday Matt."

With a sigh of relieve he gave her a wave and went out. She watched him go; he really does have a tight good-looking ass she thought.

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