Unexpected Seasonal Help
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife turns Groundskeeper into more than just handy man.

My wife and I have been married for fourteen years. She is now 34 years in age and I the same. We dated in high school for a short time and then reunited again at age 19. We have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful fourteen year old daughter. My wife's name is Michele and my daughter's name is Tammy. My name is Steve, I am a very successful Manager for a company that supplies the auto industry. Over the fourteen years of marriage my wife and I have had a very good sex life. She has always been quite adventurous when it comes to sex, and I have always considered myself lucky for this. Until about seven months ago when it got out of hand and changed my whole world.

During the spring, summer, and fall months I have hired a caretaker for around the house, mainly for chores outside. We have a 4,500 square foot home sitting on three and a half acres of property. Beautiful landscaping and a big in-ground pool requires much up keep and I do not have time to handle such chores. So over the last four years, since we bought the house, I have hired seasonal help in order to keep up. We have a guest house in the back and this last year the man I hired, a black gentleman by the name of Thomas, agreed to use the guest house and receive a bit smaller paycheck in return for rent and board. This arrangement started out great, until one night it turned sour and has been in full force ever since.

My wife and I had been out for a company function that I had to attend. It was, as usual, a bit ritzy and so my wife was dressed to kill in one of her more glamourous yet very sexy dresses. This always makes me very horny and this in turn get's her very hot, seeing me eyeing her like the big bad wolf all night through dinner. She has a body to die for. $6,000.00 set of breast and an ass that would make any ass loving man cry. By the time we got home we were ready to tear each other apart. We grabbed a couple drinks and went out to sit around the pool and finish the night off. Within no time I was hiking her dress up and fucking her with everything I had. The lighting around the pool was set very dim and therefore we thought ourselves to be alone, little did we know our love making was being watched.

We were going at it hot and heavy. As I had her bent over the head side of one of the lounge chairs she was giving me the dirty talk that I love so much and telling me to fuck her harder than I ever had. Suddenly a movement to the left caught both of our attention. There was Thomas, sitting in another lounge chair jerking off while watching us. In the heat of passion, and both of us being the more adventurous type, we kept going for a brief minute. That is until both our eyes adjusted in the dim lighting and we seen the size of his cock. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I think it could be the biggest cock, on a man, in the entire world.

I have always had some what of a fetish or attraction if you will, to watching girls take on huge cocks. Though this has never gone further than simply watching this type of big dick sex in porn, my wife and I have always enjoyed watching it. While it started out to be my fetish she has rather enjoyed our lovemaking while watching huge dicks in action as well. Typically the porn I have bought over the years dealing with this has always been with black men. That has never bothered me and I think secretly, it has been and added turn on for my wife. So here we are fucking out back by the pool, and looking over at the biggest dick we have ever seen. Bigger than even all the big dick porn we have ever watched.

After we had both noticed Thomas and his huge member, my wife simply gasped out loud. "Oh my God," she said while almost giggling.

She turned her head back to look at me and without even asking simply said, "I've got to try it." With that she didn't even wait for a response from me. She simply stood up, as my now small looking six and a half incher, plopped out of her pussy.

She walked over to Thomas, who was now naked and sitting with at least a 14" black cock in his hands, and said the same thing, "I've got to try that."

Thomas grabbed her hand and she threw a leg over the top of him and the lounge chair and tried to position herself down on this unbelievably huge cock. I watched in amazement as my wife, without even asking me, was getting ready to try and fuck this huge black cock right in front of me.

She struggled with trying to get the head of his huge cock at the opening of her pussy. With her dress and the height of his cock it just wouldn't line up.

She calls to me, "Honey, help me with my dress."

In shock, and trying to look like this was with my approval for the sake of trying to keep my upper hand with Thomas, I walked over, unzipped the back and helped her pull her dress off. With that she grabbed my arm, leaned over to stand on one leg for more height, and started to lower herself down onto his massive cock. I watched in amazement as she started fucking him and stroke by stroke, at her own will, slowly lowered herself down further and further until she was finally taking all but about 2" of his massive erection.

She would stop for a second here and there and pat her belly and make remarks of amazement. "I want to get it all, every inch of your cock up my pussy", as she started fucking him now with more of a rhythm.

"His cock is so fat, it's stretching my pussy and rubbing my clit honey, this is amazing!!!" Within 5 minutes over steady fucking she was already having an orgasm. She has never had an orgasm while fucking me, not unless her or I have a hand down to rub at her clit. And here is Thomas, no hands needed, stretching my wife's pussy so far that his cock is a constant friction at her now swollen clit. Due to this continuous friction my wife is sent into another orgasm that doesn't seem to stop. She goes into multiple orgasms screaming and fucking harder by each stroke. After a few moments I notice that my wife is now slamming down all the way to the hilt of Thomas's cock. Every bit of this huge black cock is inside my wife as she screams into orgasm after orgasm fucking like a wild person.

Finally after about 20 minutes of the most intense orgasms I've ever seen my wife have, Thomas starts to grimace and states out loud "Oh shit baby, I'm about to cum".

My wife replies, practically yelling in ecstasy, "fuck yes, fill my pussy up, cum deep inside me with your huge cock!".

I sit and watch as Thomas finally groans loudly and shoots a massive load of cum inside my wife's pussy. Thinking to myself, thank God, due to some premature woman problems a few years back, she can not get pregnant anymore. She collapses on his chest as they both lay catching their breath, with his cock still fully buried in her pussy. Finally she reaches out to me and I help her dismount this, still massive despite going soft, huge black dick. She climbs off, moving like a new born deer with weak legs, bends down and kisses Thomas, says thank you, and walks in my arms toward the house.

We get upstairs to our bedroom and I am still in shock, while surprisingly turned on, and she is acting like nothing is wrong.

Before I can even say anything she starts. "Wasn't that amazing! That was insane!".

I look at her and sternly ask, "what the fuck was that?"

"Oh honey your not mad are you? You have always fantasized about it, admit it. Now I had the chance to give it to you. You got to watch your wife get fucked by a huge, massive black cock. Just like we always watch on those movies you buy. Now you got to see it in real life and with your wife. It was the greatest fuck I've ever had, and you know how you get turned on by me receiving pleasure and being sluty."

"Yes but we have never openly discussed you fucking another man, let alone our black groundskeeper!"

With that she pushes me back on the bed and starts crawling toward my head.

My wife has always used my love for eating pussy against me to some extent. During arguments or small fights that we have had, she has on plenty of occasions, simply shut me up by squatting on my face or shoving her pussy in my face and making me eat her. And she has always been quit successful with this tactic, I simply can not turn down sucking her sweet cunt. She seen this argument as no different.

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled my face and said, "hush and eat my pussy baby. Suck me while I'm full of another mans cum. Clean my stretched out pussy with your tongue. You've always tried to stretch out my pussy lips, look how big they are now from that big black dick. You know this has always been your fantasy."

Though I faintly tried to fight it, her words while talking like a whore turned me on to no end and I dove my face into her swelled pussy. I sucked like I have never sucked before. My cock straining unbelievably, trying to taste and suck on every crack and crevice of her well fucked pussy.

She seen and sensed my complete turn on by this and kept talking dirty.

"You know you liked seeing me fuck his huge cock. It was the best fuck I've ever had. He fucked me with the equivalent of four of your dicks. Did you see me take every inch of his big black cock. He made my pussy feel ten times better than you ever have. Now be a good boy and clean my pussy. Suck every bit of his cum out of my pussy. Eat my pussy honey."

And I did, after she came a final time on my face, she finally leaned down and took my cock into her mouth. I came in about five seconds.

We both caught our breath and she crawled up into my arms and kissed me about a hundred times and told me she loved me more than anything else in the world. I told her I loved her as well and she thanked me for a terrific night and we fell asleep.

The following Monday I came home from work to find nobody home. My wife's car was in the garage but I couldn't find my daughter or my wife. I figured they must of went some where with her sister, though she usually always drives when they go places. I looked out back by the pool and seen no one out there as well. So I went upstairs and got in the shower.

I finished up and was drying off when I heard her come into the bedroom. I walked out of the bathroom as she flopped back on the bed, dressed in nothing but a garter belt and nylons. I looked in between her legs and seen her pussy dripping with cum and the most swollen I have ever seen it. I knew instantly, with a slight twist of rage, while at the same time feeling my dick starting to stir, that she must have been out back in the guest house getting fucked by "Mr. Mega Cock Thomas."

My eyes drew up from her beautiful looking pussy to meet her eyes and I asked, "what the fuck are you doing?."

She smiled and replied, "Oh my God honey, I'm sorry you weren't here to watch but I couldn't help it any more. I was still turned on thinking about Saturday night, and I got dressed up in the most inviting lingerie I have and let Thomas fuck me all day. My pussy is raw from him shoving that monster of a dick in me all day. He came in me five times honey. He shoots the biggest load I've ever seen. Before we fucked, I sucked him off outside where I met him while he was working, and though I tried my hardest, I couldn't swallow all the cum he shot in my mouth. I don't think anyone could swallow that much cum at one time. And then he put five more huge loads in my pussy. Are you ready to clean me up?"

I yelled, "what are doing. You can't just start fucking this man any time you want. Saturday was quite risky enough. Your lucky I let that go. Now I come home to find out my hired help has been fucking my wife all day while I'm at work. This is bullshit, I can't believe you!"

"Honey stop yelling at me. You know I love you. I'm not cheating on you, if I was I would be sneaking. I'm here in front of you, asking you to eat my pussy. I'm sorry if this is more than you bargained for, but you have been putting this in my head for years. Now we finally, by pure luck, have a perfect set up for both of us to live in a fantasy world and your going to be mad about it. I'm sorry to tell you, but from now on I will be fucking his huge dick every chance I get. I love you and you love me, but this is the sex that I never even imagined I could have. While at the same time you know your turned on by it. Look at your towel around your waist right now. You have a raging hard on underneath it at the thought of me fucking that man, and now your yelling at me about it. Get over it. Your turned on by it, and it's the best sex I've ever had. This pussy is as much his pussy as it yours from now on. Either your on board with this or not. I'm not stopping now."

"Here," she spread her legs and continued, "you can eat my pussy right now and enjoy our new sex life or you can get the fuck out of our bedroom and go sleep on the couch!"

With that, I took another look at her big sloppy beautiful pussy and knelt down in front of her and buried my face in her soaking wet pussy.

I have never seen my wife so aggressive and so demanding over something. I was still mad, but she was also correct. I was completely turned on by her turning into a whore slave to Thomas's big cock. I sucked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She finally let her anger settle and was back to talking dirty to me about me cleaning her pussy from his cock juice, while telling me how I could never fuck her as good as Thomas fucks her. After she came I asked her to let me fuck her and cum inside her just like Thomas had been doing all day.

She sighed, looked down at me and said, "do you really think you'll be able to feel anything with my pussy being this stretched out right now?"

"I don't care honey, it turns me on and I want to see what your pussy feels like while it's this big."

She said, "alright, if you want to."

I laid back on the bed and she crawled on top of me. We lined up and I stuck my dick in her and could barely even feel the walls of her pussy.

She looked down at me and said, "I told you, your, um, little dick isn't going to do anything after I've been fucked by his massive cock all day."

I couldn't believe it, and it was like she sensed it, but her talking about me being comparatively little, and not doing anything for her was doing a hell of a lot for me. I was so turned on, fucking her while her pussy was so stretched that she couldn't feel anything and I could barely feel the walls of her pussy. She just sat there with a straight, almost bored look on her face, on top of me while I pounded away at what felt like nothing. I came even harder than I had that Saturday night prior.

For the next few weeks this continued, and as crazy as it may sound, my wife and I seem to fall even deeper in love by the strange effects that our new relationship had on us. Thomas was fucking her on a daily basis now, anywhere, anytime, and everywhere. Over the next month her pussy and pussy lips became huge. I would come home and my wife's pussy lips would be dangling between her legs about two plus inches. And I loved it. She also no longer had any problems taking every bit of his massive over sized dick. She chuckled and would say that it felt like he had arranged her insides to accommodate his enormous cock.

This story takes on even more twists over the course of the next seven months. Twists that I would have never seen coming, and in my right mind am somewhat ashamed of. But I am now living in sexual bliss with the unexpected turns my sex life has taken and I got to admit, I hope it never ends.

If requested I will continue my story, until then,,,

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