And I thought I was Helping
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2005 by Alistair Acorn

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Helping a work mate home and being thanked by his wife may sound great at the time, but what are the consequences and who is now pulling the strings. Has Charlie fallen into the female trap?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual  

Why is it at work parties the most unlikely get plastered and make a fool of themselves? Five years working for Scott & Scott (Solicitors), and Samson was the most dedicated and sober minded of all my colleagues. Always punctual, tie and hair always in place, suit pressed, even in the summer heat he doesn't loosen his tie. He was my senior, by twenty-five years, easy double my age, and at times the most frustrating man to work with.

Now he was slobbering all over me, his tie off and sticking in his pocket, hair all ruffled and drunk to the state of almost paralysis.

"Samson, you have to stop drinking, you've had far too much already," I said pushing him back into his seat.

"I can't drive home in this state, drive me home Charlie, please," he pleaded in a slurred voice.

"Samson, I don't know where you live?" I answered.

When he told me, it surprised me, for it was in one of the most elite suburbs in our city, I haven't even driven through it. What would they say me delivering Samson home in my rather battered panel van, it was twelve years old. I have had it since I got my licence, but I haven't done anything to the dents and scrapes I have picked up during that time. At least I could lay him down in the back, for I had a mattress in the back.

"Come on then, I don't want to stay here anyway," I said hooking my arm under his armpit and walking him down to the lift. As I walked him out we were watched by many of the staff, who I am sure was happy to see me removing him.

Samson's house was in the leafy suburbs where all the lawns manicured by hired helps and the cars were from the top end of the price scale. As I had driven slowly looking for his house I never saw a panel van parked in any of the driveways, most had two car built in garages, yet cars parked in the driveways.

At Samson's house I knocked at the door which was opened by a woman in her late forties dressed in a housecoat, which seemed strange for nine-thirty in the evening.

"Sorry Ma'm, I am Charlie, I work with your husband, he was a bit under the weather at the office party and I've brought him home."

"Where is he?" She said peering out looking for him.

"In the back of my van, he's lying on a mattress," I added.

We walked over and I opened the doors and Samson was sound asleep spread out in the back. I tried to shake him, but I got as much response as I would get from a lump of log.

"I'll carry him in, I think," I said to her.

"Will you manage?"

How could she say such a thing? Here was I one hundred and ninety-three centimetres, with wide shoulders and she could see that I had thick arms for I was only wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Two hours a day I pump iron and have even entered a few body building contests. I once used steroids but had to stop for they were having adverse affects on me. Samson was a thin man hundred and seventy centimetres at the most and would weigh less than seventy kilos.

I picked him up in my arms like a baby, "Show me where you want me to put him?"

"Can you carry him upstairs to his bedroom, I'll lead the way," she said hurrying into the house; I followed.

Halfway up the stairs Samson was sick, all over my shirt and trousers. His wife heard the reaching and turned and saw what had happened. A pool of vomit was trapped between our bodies. "Oh my god, better take him straight into his bathroom," she cried; now looking even more worried. If there is one thing I hate is the smell of vomit, especially when it isn't mine. Without spilling any on her white stair carpet I carried Samson into his huge bathroom.

When I placed him on the toilet seat, the pool of vomit which was trapped between us spilled on to the floor.

"Can you please help me undress my husband, then you had better give me those stained items of yours and I'll put them through the washing machine. You can't leave smelling and looking like that," she said in a matter of fact way.

The shirt was the worst, so I stripped off that, then my singlet, which was stained and just wiped the top of my trousers with them, then help strip Samson. While I carried him to his bed his wife got a bowl and placed it by the single bed. It looked as though Samson and his wife had separate rooms. After I laid him on his side without a pillow, so he wouldn't choke we left his bedroom.

"Use my bathroom to take a shower and give me your trousers as well. There is a large bathrobe in the cupboard, which you can wear while I get your clothes washed." She said in that haughty taughty way the people from this suburb talk.

Her bathroom was mirror tiled, this woman must like looking at herself I thought as I stepped out of my trousers after emptying the pockets and passed them out to her. This woman didn't use soap but shower gel, which was perfumed and I must have smelt like a fairy when I finished. Even though the bathrobe was marked extra large, it was far too tight for me and it hardly met at the front. There was a pile of large beach towels in the cupboard so I wrapped one of those around me like a toga and then carrying my shoes I went downstairs.

I heard her in the kitchen so I walked in as she was preparing coffee. "I thought you would like a cup while we wait on your clothes washing." She said seeing me standing there.

"If you don't mind, I'll just have water. I don't drink coffee, but thank you for the thought."

"That's all right," she replied looking at my well developed chest and arms. Some women get turned off seeing muscle-bound men while others get all wet and excited, she was the latter. Of course all body builders love people to admire their bodies and puff up their muscles when they know someone was interested, I was no different. "You are a very well-built man Charlie," she said still staring.

It was then I caught sight of lights switching off and on in a house at the rear, through the kitchen window. She saw me looking, turned, "That's my mothers unit she stays here with us but is independent except for the main meal," she replied. There was no need to have even mentioned this fact.

After she got me a glass of water we sat down at the kitchen table and talked. I discovered that Samson was a keen sailor and spent every weekend on his sail yacht a 40 footer whatever that meant. I also discovered his wife's name was Prudence, but known as Pru to her friends. I just sat there and nodded my head and let her ramble on, it was as if she craved male company. I must have given her some sign for her to open so.

Her neighbour Elizabeth was her best friend and it was her husband who went sailing with Samson, they both had similar boats and were members of the same cruise sailing club.

Once the clothes were finished in the washing machine there was a further half-hour wait for them to go through the drier. Now instead of sitting at the far end of the table she was sitting alongside me and kept patting the back of my hand or touching my arm. There was no doubt about it, Samson's wife was almost begging for attention, but what would her reaction be once I dropped my daks. The reason I stopped taking steroids was that my penis started getting bigger and bigger until at just over 28 cms. I stopped but my penis at least stopped growing. It was as thick as my wrist and must look formidable to a woman's eyes.

After drying she ironed and pressed my trousers, "You can go upstairs to dress if you like," she said, but it sounded as though she preferred me to dress here. If that was what she wanted I dropped the beach towel and her eyes went straight to the massive bulge in my underpants. I just reached out and took her by her upper arms and pulled her to me and planted my lips on hers. It was as if I had turned on a switch, her arms came up and reached around my neck and her body pressed hard against mine.

Pru was only about 163cms so I just lifted her up and my arms went around her. Turning I laid her on her cleared kitchen table and she opened her legs wide as she raised her knees. Her dressing-gown opened and the nightdress she had under rose up her thighs revealing she was naked with a full patch of pubic hair that had been slightly trimmed. All this I saw in the split-second that she lay back, releasing her hold on my neck. I drew the top of my daks down and guided my plum sized penis crown between her puffy dark pink labial lips.

As I slowly expanded her vagina and slipped into her already well moistened love passage she gave a gasp and her head rose from the table to see what I was inserting into her. All she did was smile then lay back and thrust her hips into me driving my whole length deep into her body. As our bodies slapped together her legs wrapped around me and we were locked together as one.

One thing about Prudence she had lovely wide hips and I grasped them and pulled her into me even tighter reaching as far within her as I could go. This was some warm woman that Samson had as she revolved her hips and begged for me to start fucking her.

"You have no idea how much I've missed this, though I must say I've never been loved by such a large one before," she said smiling up at me.

Reaching down, for there was no need to hold her, for she was making sure of maximum penetration herself. I slipped my hands into her nightgown and took a handful of breast, so soft and pliable and this brought sighs from her as I worked my thumbs gently on her nipples. As I was doing this my hips were moving driving and retreating and driving again and again my cock deep within her. Each time I thrust she thrust back. Ripple after ripple flowed up and down her vagina almost massaging me. The spasms were almost continuous and I was sure she had multiple orgasms.

Then I felt mine rising and then like a jet stream I spurted my load into her, reached forward and lifted her off the table. We were standing there with her affixed on my cock and her legs wrapped around my hips as I looked into her eyes.

"You are some woman Pru and I loved every minute of that, you fit me like a glove."

"Why then don't you come round on Saturday and we can do it all again, but in more comfortable surrounds. That was the first time I have been loved on the kitchen table."

"Not loved, fucked. That was what we did, we fucked each other, pure animal instincts."

"I hope you love me a little though."

"Yes, I love to fuck you and that is the truth," I said and kissed her as we were still connected by my semi hard cock embedded inside her pussy.

"Well you are truthful, I loved being fucked by you too and want much more fucking," she said with a giggle.

"What time Saturday?"

"Oh you are going to come! Make it after three, I have shopping to do first," she said holding my face in her hands and kissing me on the eyes, nose and mouth. "Oh I just love the feel of you inside me," she said all excited.

I slipped out much to my disappointment. I let her down gently and pulled up my daks then the rest of my clothes and left with her waving at the door. Hell that was the best fucks I've ever had and it had to be with someone else's wife. Also Pru was the oldest woman I'd fucked, I found she was more comfortable with my cock than the usually younger women I take out. As for fucking them, three in the past three years and only once each, that was my tally sheet.

The next day was Thursday and Samson just sat in his office all morning, but by the afternoon he was back to his normal self.

"Come in Charlie I want to speak to you," he said in his usual authoritative voice.

When I went in he offered me a seat which he never done in the past, he usually kept his junior staff standing while he spoke to them. "Thank you for what you done for me last night. I believe I was sick all over you, for that I apologise. My wife has invited you over on Saturday to one of her tea parties, to say thank you for helping me. Now I don't usually approve of mixing home and office, but she has insisted. I have to tell you it will be all females, for I am in a race this weekend in my yacht. You needn't go if you don't want I'll understand."

"Thank you sir, I would love to go, your wife and I got on fine last night, waiting on my clothes being washed."

"Well all right then, but as I said it will be all women present as usual with her parties. Thank you once again, now get back to your desk."

Well he had reverted to his old way, but at least Prudence had got him to invite me himself, so she was covering her tracks, the crafty woman. That was great as far as I was concerned, as I had been thinking all night what a good fuck she was and it looked as though I had my feet under the table there.

I wish it had been earlier on the Saturday, for I was now eager to see Prudence again. I didn't mind if I had to wait a couple of hours or spend time while she paraded me in front of her friends. All I was looking for was to sink my cock into her wonderful body again.

There were no cars parked in her driveway, so I though we would be alone, how my wishes were dashed when I was shown in by Prudence. In her lounge, which I hadn't been in the last time here were five women, two older ones and three of Prudence's age.

"I hope you are not embarrassed by all the women here, but we won't bite I promise," she said and they all laughed. "Well I have told them that Samson approved your visit as I wanted to thank you for caring for him and that he got home safely."

"I told you to forget it, it was nothing."

"Well this is my mother, who lives in the unit out back. My neighbour and friend Daisy, Judith and Rose, my two sisters and my other neighbour Fiona," she said going round the group. Fiona was the other older women. Rose was wearing so short a dress that I had an unrestricted view of her yellow panties and someone should tell her to keep her knees together.

All there was small talk as they drank their coffee and I my water, but I did have a slice of gateau that Pru's mother had made, as well as a couple of cucumber micro sandwiches. I still felt that I was being shown off like a bull at a stud market. I didn't mind, for I would gladly slip into any of the women who were present. All of them were well-dressed and presented and all smelt so feminine. When they left I got a peck on the cheek from all of them, to even put their arms around me. The two were Rose and Fiona, who was well padded but not fat, also she had exceptionally wide hips. All of their husbands were yachties and none of these women liked sailing, I will have to check on when they hold regatta's and suchlike.

Eventually it was Susan and Prudence who were left. Susan was an older version of Pru, but I wonder if she still feels like a roll in the hay, like her daughter. Somehow I doubted it, for she was a bit straight laced and when she sat on a chair she clasped her hands together and rested them on her lap, with her back all straight. Then I thought maybe she wears a corset, which would make her sit the way she does.

One bit of information I got was that it was Susan and Prudence who had the money and she was a partner in the company I worked for. I was asked to stay for dinner, which I think was just a front for Susan's sake. While Pru washed up and prepared dinner Susan and I sat and watched TV, well the TV was on. I heard nothing for Susan gradually started speaking to me and it was then none stop. I just sat and nodded when I thought was fitting. It was just the same with her daughter on Wednesday evening.

"You and Prudence are having an affair, aren't you? You are a bit young for her, not that makes any difference, just don't hurt her or give her a bad name," Susan said after explaining how she made her cake.

"What makes you think that?"

"Don't you think I know my own daughter, since Thursday she's been a different person, happy and smiling. As I said don't you dare hurt her or I'll bring your world around your ears."

"I suppose you will find out the truth, so I'll admit it and I'll do her no harm, I promise you."

"That's fine now give me a big kiss, maybe you could even make me as happy as she is just now."

"I doubt if you mean that Susan,"

"Think what you wish, but it's up to you I won't press myself on to you," she said, then gave me a soft kiss on the lips, just lightly brushing mine. Then she got up and went through to the kitchen.

No more was even mentioned and after-dinner Susan wished us both good night and returned to her unit. She wasn't ten minutes out of the house before Pru and I were lying naked on her queen sized bed. I now had my head buried between her legs and she was trying to devour my cock in her mouth. Hell she tasted as good as she looked and I was enjoying every minute of our romp.

I rolled on to my back and Pru turned and now had my cock buried deep inside her body and circling her whole hips sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"I feel like a teenager again, you have made me this way Charlie. Oh how I wished all week for this minute. The worst thing is I feel no guilt at all about cheating on Samson, him and his stupid yacht, couldn't give me the pleasure your cock is giving me."

Like her mother, once she started talking it was continuous, the only time she said nothing was when I had my cock stock in her mouth and then all I heard were animal noises.

Prudence really worked my cock as she rode the Cock Horse, banging her body down on to mine and driving my cock deeper and deeper. What had I unleashed, whatever it was I wanted it to continue this way, for now I felt my sex life had taken a turn for the better.

It was obvious that it wasn't a woman who designed a male's body, for she certainly would have made it so we could last a lot longer than the few minutes which we had of pleasure before blowing our sperm. So as far as I'm concerned it isn't Mother Nature but Father Nature, only a man would make such a blunder.

We then lay in total bliss cuddled in each others arms, hell Samson, don't you know what you are missing I thought as I caressed her lovely firm breast in my hand.

Sunday morning I woke and just rolled over and Pru opened her legs and again I was buried deep inside her, pumping her lovely fitting body. It was as if I was pumping life back into her, still the legs tightly wrapped around my waist as our bodies made that well-known body slap increasing as our climaxes were reached.

Again she never stopped talking, telling me how wonderful it was to wake up and being fucked in the morning. I wasn't complaining either, for this was new for me also. I heard the lads at work say how great it was, but this was my first experience.

"Well Charles, I will have to ask you to go, for my mother and I go to church on Sunday without fail," Pru said as we finished breakfast.

"Will I see you again?"

"I hope so, shall we say next Saturday, you can come any time, mother will be here if I'm not, for I go shopping on Saturday and I'm always back by two at the latest. Samson has another early Saturday race start, so any time you want. Oh I'll be looking forward to then," she said kissing me on the cheek.

I left then and again she waved but closed the door as soon as I moved off. I hadn't got out on to the road when I saw Fiona on the side walk, waving for me to stop. Pulling alongside the kerb I wound down the side window.

"Would you be so kind to lift down a heavy suitcase from a high shelf, it's too heave for me. I won't detain you long if you are in a hurry Charlie," she said in her precise and clear way of talking. She hadn't the nasal affliction which suggested she wasn't raised in this country.

"I have all day, sure I can help you. I'll just pull my van in off the road."

"Pull in in front of the house."

I did as she said, and then I noticed here the van couldn't be seen from the road, because of the high hedge along the front of her property. Fiona was at the front door waiting by the time I got out and I followed her in. She was in her sixties, tall easy one hundred seventy-eight centimetres tall, extremely wide hips, but seemingly small breasts, but that could be because the blouse she wore was loose and hid any shape she had. Her hair was just turning grey but being mousey brown was hard to tell. Her skirt was calf length and one of those wide hem affairs. As I said before she was well padded but not fat, I suppose one would call her cuddly.

She wasn't wrong, I had to get a stool to stand on to reach the suitcase, but as I stretched up and got a hold of it. Fiona was rubbing her hand up and down the bulge in my trousers which immediately got a lot bigger by her actions.

"Where do you want the case?" I asked trying to ignore what she was doing.

"Just bring it down; I'll sort it out later. Do you like me doing this Charlie?"

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't now wouldn't I."

"I can feel you are a big man, not only in stature but where it counts as well."

I was just standing there holding on to the suitcase while Fiona was rubbing my cock, then she undone my zip and slipped her hand inside and into my underpants and grasped my hardened shaft.

"It would be better if I got down, don't you think." I said feeling a right twit just standing letting her wank me.

"This way I have you at my mercy."

"Don't worry I'll let you carry on once I get down."

She never once let go as I stepped down off the stool and placed the suitcase on the floor. Now she was grinning at me and then walked me into her bedroom.

"Now, I would like you now," she said letting go, hitching up her skirt and removing her panties. Getting up on to her bed she just lay back and signalled with her hand for me to come to her.

Hell I wasn't going to let an opportunity like this slip through my fingers. I had my trousers off as well as my shoes in record time and advance with my battering ram held in my hand and guided it to her shaven pussy. She was holding the lips apart as I inserted my cock into her warm and willing pussy and sunk in, in one slow stroke. She let out a throaty cry, just once and then her hips were thrusting on to me.

This was one eager and hot woman I had here and I was just getting as good a feeling as I had with Pru. Hell these older women were hotter than any other I'd met and have no reservations over accepting my excessively grown cock. My confidence was growing in leaps and bounds, for I had this lingering doubts that women didn't like being fucked by a man my size. Now I had two who loved it, all I had to do was look at her face to tell me she was enjoying the experience hugely.

She and I were soon pumping in harmony with each other. She was becoming wetter and so much easier to slide in and out of this lovely warm love-nest that I wished I could stay in it for ever. Then I exploded and I felt I had pumped twice as much as I had done just two hours ago into Pru. Fiona's body was so lovely and soft that it was a thrill to come in contact with. Now I was fancying, older and plumper women, maybe I was at last finding my cliché in women.

"That was lovely Charlie, I hope that I pleased you also?"

"You certainly did Fiona, a bit sudden, but I'm glad that we did what we did."

"Can we do it again, I knew when I saw you that you were what I wanted?"

"We sure can, give me an hour and we can."

"I didn't mean today, but let's go have a chat then we will see how we feel then."

I slid out of this lovely comfortable woman's body, redressed and followed her into her kitchen, which was as if it was something you see in a 'Good Housekeeping' magazine. I noted the panties left on the pillow of the bed where she had thrown them when she took them off.

"God I missed getting fucked," she said and it sounded strange coming from her, somehow it didn't sound right.

"And why would that be?"

"Just because I'm married doesn't mean I get any sex. The way things are going I expect it will be another five years on our anniversary that my husband will get a bit amorous." She said with a giggle. "But I didn't need to wait that long did I Charles?"

"So you miss getting your meat," I replied getting into her vein of thinking, for I think she wanted to talk dirty, so I was gradually working up.

"If I had been having your meat, I would be walking around with a smile a mile wide."

"But you are having it, so where is the smile?"

The telephone rang and she answered it, her face now serious as she just listened. Then she hung up the handset.

"Sorry, we will have to carry on sone other time, my husband is on his way home, he'll be here in fifteen minutes."

"Well I'll better be on my way, I'll be seeing you," I said as I left and got away from her house as quickly as possible. I didn't want to be caught there by an enraged husband.

It was Wednesday evening and I was doing my hours exercise of my home gym when there was a knocking at my door. This was strange, you have to wring from below so I can open the front door. By this time I was covered in sweat, for I had given myself a good workout tonight.

When I opened it and Susan was standing there. This was a total surprise for I hadn't told either of them my address and how did she get passed the front door. These thoughts only took a fraction of a second. I waved her in and then closed the door.

"It's lovely to have you call round. What can I do for you Susan?" I said without even thinking.

"You went right round to Fiona's on Sunday, don't deny it, she told me everything. What has she got that I haven't?" She said sternly.

"What's this jealous, did I hear right when you said you won't be chasing after it?"

"Well that was before that woman next door got her clutches on you. Also, I was in the city with friends and I felt like visiting you, you don't mind do you?"

"Of course not, make yourself at home, while I have a shower. There is tea and coffee in the kitchen help yourself."

If she wants to visit me unexpected then she has to take me as she finds me and make her own coffee or whatever her preferences. I was stripped and standing in the shower when the curtain pulled back and in she stepped naked.

"Mind if I join you, this is much better than making the coffee."

Hell for a woman her age she looked even better than her daughter. I picked her up and as I picked her up, up shot my cock to its full-length. It was just a matter of lowering her on to it, for she had her legs up and locked at my hips. It was like sliding into a tube of grease sliding into Susan, but a tight tube. Her arms tightly wrapped around my neck as we became one. Here was I rove up a woman older than my own grandmother and loving the feeling I was getting like no other. Her daughter and Fiona were great but Susan was fantastic the way she gripped my cock in her vagina, tightening and relaxing her abdominal muscles around my cock.

I'd heard of Asian women being able to perform like this but I never realised European women could do it also. Hell it was like being fucked without even moving, she was milking my cock with her body. Milk it she did as I spent my seed within her in a never-ending series of spurts.

"Where in hell did you learn to do that Susan?" I asked her still with the water cascading over both of us.

"You're not the only one who tones up their muscles. So you like my muscle exercises," she said with a mocking laugh.

"You can practice on me any time."

"I bet you would at that," again smiling.

"How did you get in the building, there are two sets of doors, so you couldn't have asked someone to let you in?" I asked puzzled.

"Oh I have a swipe key to let me in, I had better for I own this building," she said smiling still.

"You own it?"

"There are a few things I have to talk to you about so let's get dried and dressed and I will tell you what is on my mind."

So ten minutes later we were seated in my sitting area on opposite sides of the coffee-table.

"Firstly keep away from Pru, Samson's yacht is out of the water for a couple of weeks anyway, getting a defouling or something. Secondly, you were almost caught leaving Fiona's place. You're living dangerously aren't you?"

"Fiona said her husband would be about a quarter of an hour."

"You almost met him in her driveway, silly man!"

"So what are you suggesting, I don't think this visit was accidental, was it."

"No it wasn't. How would you like to live here rent-free?"

"I'd be lying if I said no, but there's no such thing as a free lunch, so what is the catch?"

"Leave my daughter alone. I would like to come and see you every Wednesday night instead. What do you say? I know you don't mind screwing an elderly woman, you have just proven that."

"Only one day a week?" Hell the past few years it had only been once a year, but now I was getting the feel of it and I wanted my share of pussy.

"Well I'm a bit partial to having a lovely time, maybe I can squeeze in a Friday night as well. Or I think a few single unattached friends of mine wouldn't mind savouring what I've just had, but tat will take time to sort out. Just keep away from my girls," she said sternly.

"Well Susan, you have a deal, I couldn't ask for more could I," I said smiling.

"No you couldn't, you are going to be handed it on a plate. But then women of my age find it difficult no not difficult almost impossible to find a willing young well-endowed stud like you who is willing to seduce them. Oh Charlie, you won't loose out on this deal I can assure you. One thing though, remove all that gym stuff out of your living room into a spare bedroom, its off-putting," she advised.

"I'll take your advice and move it tomorrow, now is there anything else, boss?"

"Well you can invite me to stay the night; it's too late to go back now. Maybe we should make the stay-over on a Wednesday a permanent arrangement, shall we," she said giving me a lewd smile.

So it was for the next four weeks. Susan would be there when I came home from work and I'd shag her at least twice that evening and the same on a Friday. It was something I began to look forward to, she had a meal ready for us and the flat was now spotless. All she asked for was my cock to be buried within her, hell I was glad it was only two nights a week or I'd be shattered if it was a whole week.

"Prudence is pregnant, she blamed Samson on it the night you brought him home drunk. He's as pleased as Punch, becoming a father even if it is a bit late in life."

"What if he asks for a DNA test on the child?"

"Oh he's too over the moon to ask for that. Also he trusts Prudence explicitly."

"I hope so for her sake." I said a bit worried.

"Now some more news for you, I can't come on Friday, but Hillary will come in my place. I want you to look after her and treat her as you would me. You may find her a bit shy, but she knows what she is coming for. Also take her home on Saturday, she can't drive."

"So you have talked one of your friends to use my services?"

"One, you can wish, I have six lined up for you lover boy, you're going to start working for that free rent from now on." She said laughing.

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