Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Spanking, Light Bond, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sneaking around on her parents to have sex.

I sat on the bench waiting for her. The rain was falling and the strong breeze blew droplets onto my already sodden shirt and hair. I couldn't move because I needed so badly to see her to touch her. It was half an hour after we were supposed to meet and I could see no sign of her.

Where was she?

I was worried that her parents intervened again and stopped her from coming to meet me. You see, we were running around their backs they didn't know about me and wouldn't unless I managed to knock her up then they would have what they did not expect a new son in law. Then my phone trilled, surprising me. This woke me out of my slumber and my worry deepened as I looked at my phone and saw her cell number prominently displayed under her name. Then her sexily husky voice crossed the air to me saying,

"Where are you? I'm upstairs, waiting on you. Hurry, before I start without you." At that I threw away the rest of my lunch and ran through the rain across the courtyard to the building up the stairs to her. It was in a friend's apartment we met and as I reached I held the handle to find it open.

In front of me was her skirt well organized with her panties discarded on top of them. Stooping, I picked them up to smell her vital scent while hurrying to her command in the living room where she sat her legs wide open riding the arm of the couch, her hands running rapidly on her breasts. Taking one last gasp of her fruit-filled spicy scent I tossed her panties aside for the real thing aside just as I nearly tripped on her blouse and bra that sat directly in my path to her cunt.

I grabbed her leg and flung her over on her back and dived in tongue first. Licking my way from top to bottom of her slit sucking up the juices that seemed to gush from her like a fire hose on full blast. The scent overwhelmed me as the hunger engulfed me. It took all my concentration to get all that flowed out of her and breathe at the same time. Sucking and licking her sweet mango flavoured honey with that spicy tang that was so unique to her. Lord, she was sweet!

I began to hyperventilate as my body tried to keep up with my rapidly increasing heart beat that beat to a rhythm that was set by her loud and almost deafening moans, shouts and screams. The ecstasy was too much I fell over gasping as she began to shout, bawling out my name in a never ending crescendo reaching incantation that prompted me to get a grip on myself. She reached around her hand shaking her voice still unsteady and rough from the shouting trying to touch me. Her small fingers passed trough my hair as she was able to get out the words, "Baby... more, please. I'm raining honey, help please... Her voice led me to take the only action possible to plug this leak.

I stuffed my dick in her, shoving it, as she begged me to, hard. I held it deep in her, for a second, before proceeding to drive that lust demon out of her, stroke by stroke. I began hitting, every inch of her insides that I could with every drive that I could strain from my loins, back and dick. On and on pounding her over and over till we both felt raw fucking her within an inch of her life and even closer for me just hanging on to life by the slimmest of lines as long as this went on I could die. It couldn't last. I felt like super man but then my strength began to tell she was screaming and for once her voice sounded illegible. In between I could hear and understand words but she was stammering and stuttering so hard that words could not cross her lips.

Then, I could hold it no more. I felt her beginning her third or fourth or tenth orgasm each as explosive as the other grasping me, clenching me, pulsing, vibrating like my own earthquake. I could not tell when but I lost it and came. Everything drained out of me. I remembered my childhood for the first time in my life, even being born as life poured out of me. I felt so relaxed; life could end now as I fell on her breasts hugging her close and fell asleep.

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