Like Cats and Dogs
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Furry, First, Oral Sex, Size, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - Sharesh, the cat woman, accepts a tough contract that calls for fast thinking and adaptive behavior.

The wind howled over the eaves of the rather run down looking homes that fronted the main avenue through Vilkbin. A cloaked shape walked the street, wrapping it tightly to their body against the wind and driving rain. Finally the figure turned into a lit doorway, its glass-enclosed lantern swinging wildly in the winds. A hand emerged from the cloak and banged on its door. A moment later, the door opened and the cloaked figure entered the doorway. The door banged shut after the figure had passed in.

Inside the entry hall, the figure opened the cloak wide, sloughing from her shoulders. It was a female, but not a human. She was human sized, or very nearly so. Short, soft fur covered her, from head to the tip of her long tail blue-gray in color. She had a feline face, with huge luminous green eyes, and a permanent smile under her inverted triangular nose. Her ears twitched through her shaggy mane of hair, also blue-gray, and just as soft as the shorter hair on her body. Her oddest feature were her lower legs, they were very cat-like, with powerful haunches, and a stance of being on the tips of the toes.

A short man took the cloak from her and carefully hung it on a hook in a small alcove, along with others. He looked at her appraisingly. "You are more lovely than people say." He said, his Ghantian bearing a heavy Eastron accent.

Sharesh, the rakasta looked back at him, regarding him with her large eyes. "Thank you." She said, smiling with long canine fangs. "You're very kind." She was wearing a abbreviated half-top, that terminated just under her rather sizable breasts, and a short skirt that only covered from just above her pubic mound to just below her crotch, perhaps eight inches high. A silken loincloth poked out from the upper hem of the dress front and back, its length considerably longer than the skirt's own, and it hung to nearly her knees front and back.

He let his beady brown eyes wander up and down her excellent figure. Muscles played under her fur, softly moving whenever she moved, causing the fur to shimmer slightly. She regarded him in return. He was only just barely five feet tall, and rounder than she preferred men to be. His head had a shock of white hair around its fringe, with a large bald spot. He was not at all her type, but if the pay was right, she wouldn't complain. He smiled at her. "Your price was very high, but you look more than worth it."

She extended one claw from her index finger, and touched it to his chin, gently dragging it over his skin. "Oh, I am." She crooned at him. "I sex better than I look." She said, smiling. "And I look amazing." She started moving toward him, her hips gently swaying side to side, and her tail swung around to caress his thigh just below his groin and wrap all the way around it.

He suddenly looked very nervous. "Uh. I. Uh. I was sent to collect you, actually, I am not Victor."

She stopped advancing, but her tail still slid up and between his legs. "Oh?" She said. "Well, I'm not above the occasional free sample, to keep the fans happy." People would one day learn that once Sharesh was in 'forward' mode, there was seldom a reversal.

He said. "I sincerely wish I could, Miss, believe me." He said, smiling nervously. "But Count Vilkbin said you were to be delivered right away, and NOT recently used."

Her pretty, but alien face showed disappointment, but relented. "Very well. What is your name, then?" She asked as her tail slipped from his thigh.

"I am Alexei Davinov, The Count Victor Rocherko of Vilkbin's personal assistant." He said. "We will be with the Count shortly." He led her to an enclosed stable where a coach and team awaited. She was driven across the town and out into the surrounding mountains, after about twenty minutes of observing the charming countryside, which appeared to be mostly stunted trees, rock formations, and muddy fields, she entered into another enclosed garage. Throughout the trip, Alexei simply watched her from the seat across the coach. He opened the door for her and led her through a large manor house to a beautifully appointed sitting room. Wood-paneled walls contrasted with lovely paintings of castles hung upon them. There were several ornate suits of armor on stands about the room, and a large number of weapons mounted to the wall.

"You are Sharesh?" A voice asked from the doorway.

She turned languidly toward the door, her reflexes told her to do so quicker, but her professional senses told her that this was the customer, and startling him with displays of her feline capabilities might be less than a good idea. She looked over at the man, tall, well-built, with broad shoulders, strong arms, and stout legs. He was wearing clothes very similar to Alexei's, but more finely tailored and of better cloth, very subdued, black and gray. "I am." She said to him, giving him a small smile and slinking toward him. His hair was slicked back, as so many men in the Eastern Realms did, and it was black as jet. The thing that she most noticed, however, about him was his eyes, they looked black as well, and they had no whites. She was used to that, in her own eyes, but not so with humans.

He watched her approach. Her long legs and the tail swinging slowly behind them seemed to catch his attention. "I did not know you were not human." He said, looking again at her emerald eyes.

She slowed more and struck one of what she thought of as her best poses, her arm on the back of a high-backed chair and her hip out, with one hand on it. "Will that be a problem?" She said, softly. She had run into racism before, but it was rare, and usually could be overcome, especially in a bedroom.

He regarded her a long moment. "No, not for what is being asked of you." He said, smiling slightly.

She grinned slightly, allowing her long fangs to show, and stood again and finished closing the distance between them. "You're Count Vilkbin?" She asked, looking up into his eyes. He was very tall, she noticed, especially for a Eastern Realmsman, who tended to run to the short side.

"Yes, I am he you were contracted for." He said. His face rather embarrassed for one who had promised so much payment.

She stepped closer, and inhaled deeply. He was a dog lover, she decided, he had the smell of a hound upon him. Many men loved their dogs, and the dogs were good friends to them, and unbelievably loyal. She liked dogs, to a point, herself, though the ones who did not know her tended to bark. "You seem ashamed to have hired me." She said. Giving him a hard stare. "Does my chosen profession seem less than honorable to you?" She had crossed this road before, as well, and it was a tougher nut to crack than simple racism.

He regarded her with those black eyes. "No. I am embarrassed by whom you were contracted." He looked down the hall, its walls were lined with paintings of men who were all handsome, all large-shouldered, and all looked a lot like Victor. "If those great men could see me now, they would laugh." His eyes were sparkling, and she thought there may be tears in them, but they did not fall.

She smiled softly at him, softening her expression. "And by whom was I contracted? All I know is that half my fee was received by Mr. Undertoe, and the traveling expenses, which were considerable, as I came from Ghant." She let her tail slide along his leg, moving upward.

Victor sighed. "You were contracted by the men of my village." He said. "Oddly enough." He chuckled humorlessly.

Her eyes widened in honest surprise. "I was?" She said. "You must be one well beloved noble, that your people pay to have your needs tended to." She smiled wider. "It's hardly something to be embarrassed about."

He grinned again, a predatory grin. "No." He said. "That they did it, bothers me not in the least." He said. "As you said, it would be a kindly gift from one's people." Then he inhaled deeply, letting the air out in a long sight. "It is why they did it that causes me to be ashamed."

She liked this man, despite his apparent discomfort with her. She noted his Ghantian was flawless, better even than hers, with only the slightest trace of Eastron accent. "And why did they do that, since it seems the root of your discontent?"

He smiled bitterly, then looked at her again, meeting her emerald orbs. "Because I have been hurting their wives and daughters." He said. "Badly." He added.

She was a bit taken aback. "Milord, I do not work with pain artists." She said, taking a small step back. "I have a friend who specializes in such..."

He shook his head. "No. I'm no sadist, Miss Sharesh." He said, smiling sourly. "I am simply voracious in my lusts. And I am untutored in the ways of women." He continued. "And they wish for you to 'train' me how to love a woman and not hurt her so badly as I have been."

She nodded, and stepped back. She did not like sadists much, and some of them could not take no for an answer. But she did not get that feeling from the large man before her. He spoke the truth. She said. "As a noble of the Eastern Realms, to take any woman in your land is your right." She said. "And their lives are yours, so far as I know."

"I love my people." He said, defensively. "I try hard to be a good leader to them." His shoulders squared. "They are good folk, and do not deserve the pains I have inflicted upon them in exchange for their loyalty and hard work."

"Is it so hard to not hurt the women you take to your bed?" She asked, her face a mask of concern. "I mean..."

"It is when you are a werewolf." He said. His eyes flashing at her. "That is what they would not tell you, and why you may wish to reconsider your contract." He smiled at her, that predator's smile again. "For even though I try, I often hurt my partners, a few nearly to death." He said.

She did not back up. "I have taken the contract, and you do not violate any of my requirements to fulfill it, as Mister Undertoe would have spelled out to whoever made the arrangements with him." She looked at him with eyes hardened again. "I will try to 'train' you then, werewolf or no, you are a man first." She said, grinning. "And if you know much of me, you would know that animals do not daunt me either." She looked at him playfully. "You are male in all your aspects, are you not?" She asked.

"I am sure that whomever sought you out knew that." He smiled. "Very good, I wish to be a better leader, and if I could quit hurting my people, that would be a good start." Then he said. "And, yes, I am quite male in all my guises."

She walked up to him, and put her hands on his chest. "Shall we begin then?" She purred.

He was handsome, she decided, and that usually made her job very easy. He put his large arms around her, and bent down to kiss her. She looked up and let him do so, opening her mouth slightly. This was usually the first point in which men balked. Her tongue was very unlike a human tongue, it was very thin, compared to a human's, and very rough, with tiny combs on its surface for grooming herself. His tongue ventured into her mouth and seemed to be fascinated with her fangs. Finally, he moved past them and deeper into her mouth, and touched upon her rough tongue's surface. She pinned his tongue between hers and the roof of her mouth and pulled, taking his tongue deeper, and pulling if from him a bit, and the kiss grew a bit tighter, their lips pressing together with more force. Then she let it go, causing him to draw back and break the contact.

"You are aggressive with me?" He asked. "I thought you were to teach me to make love gently."

She smiled and moved her hands to his sides then back. "I plan on it, but first I need to see what you are doing wrong." She said, purring into his chest. "And tongue lashing, even from a werewolf, is rarely harmful." She giggled gently.

He looked at her. "I believe these shall be a very interesting few days, will they not?" He asked as she caused rather remarkable sensations to move outward from his chest with her purring.

She smiled up at him, and he felt her tail between his legs, sliding over the tight cloth of his pants and over his genitals. "I am sure it will." She said. "It is the real reason I am in my profession, you know, the money is strictly secondary."

He grinned widely. "It is good to see people that enjoy their work." He said, then gasped as the tail slipped up the back of his shirt and traced along his spine with its very soft fur.

She liked getting that reaction, he was not made of stone, she decided. "Let us go somewhere more comfortable, Milord." She said.

"Victor, please, for the intimacy we are likely to be sharing." Said the Count of Vilkbin.

She smiled as he took her hand and led her down the hall and up some stairs. "Victor, then." Sharesh said, Purring the name.

After climbing the stairs, up two floors, they came to a massive ornate door. Gargoyles and Dragons twisted and twined in the woodwork. Several hundred hours of skilled work went into this door alone, she figured. He opened the door and ushered her in. Beyond was a huge bedroom with a massive four-posted bed. There was no canopy on it. That would be too effeminate for a man like Victor, she decided. There was very little furniture, save the bed. There was only a large padded chair, and a small table beside it, and a small couch near the window, that looked out into the darkness. As they entered a flash of lightning lit the room in startling black and white for a brief moment, then the colors of wood and gold and red came back. The bed linens were silk and incredibly expensive-looking. She touched the bed as they moved toward the couch with her free hand.

"You have good tastes in room decor." She said. "It is very masculine, yet beautiful in here."

He smiled to her. "Your abrasive tongue is quite smooth with words, Sharesh." He said, grinning. "This will be the classroom, I suppose, for your lessons."

She smiled brightly, her fangs gleaming, and her emerald eyes glinting. "I have taught in far less beautiful surroundings." She said.

She reached up to him both hands and took hold of his neck. He bent over to her as she pulled him down, kissed him deeply, and slid her tongue into his mouth. She gently used it to drag over his tongue, flipping hers upside down to do so. He moaned at the sensation that it provided him and put his hands around her waist, the soft fur under his fingers felt good, and the taut muscles under that felt even better.

He suckled upon her tongue gently, then she felt his hands move to the fastenings on her half-top. He untied them and the top fell to the floor in two pieces. His hands then moved around to her chest, and squeezed the thinly-furred breasts.

She gasped as he put pressure to her chest, and she felt her nipples stiffen under his attentions. She put her hand around one wrist, and kept the other on his neck. He started to squeeze her well-shaped breasts harder, then harder still. She slowly extended the claws on the hand outward, with the whisper-soft kiss of a razor's sharpness, the claws wrapped about his thick wrist.

He tightened the pressure on her already compressed breasts, and she winced. Suddenly, the pressure was gone from them. He leaped back and held his wrist.

"What did you just do?" He demanded.

She waved her hand before him, the claws still extended, and gleaming. They were not simply a normal cat's claws, things of clear sharp bone-like material. He then saw they had plating over them, gleaming like steel, and sharp as a razor's edge.

"If you hurt me, I hurt you, Victor." She said. "Else how am I to 'train' you?"

He started laughing. "I see now the fullness of my people's wisdom." He said, grinning wide. "They found a woman who could tame my lusts by besting me in sheer deadliness and guile."

She smiled, relieved that he was not wroth. "You said you wished to learn. I will teach you." She held up a warning claw. "But if you try to hurt me for administering a sting to you, then I leave."

"I will not." He said. "At least I will not on purpose." He added.

"Good enough for now." She said. "Okay, where were we?" She reached out with the clawed hand and pulled him to her again. "Lets try that again, without quite so much force, breasts are sensitive things." She smiled up at him. "And you were doing well up until the pain."

He began squeezing them again, and was obviously mindful of the claws that rested on his skin this time. He squeezed tightly, but not enough to hurt, but more than enough to do the job. She purred into his neck.

"Very good, Victor." She said, her breathing now faster, and hotter. "You're a quick study."

Her tail now reached around to his back again, and slipped up his tunic. He arched his back and she started unbuttoning the front. He held the pose, to let her finish, then she slid the shirt off of his shoulders. He was muscular, and widely-built. She liked that in a man. She licked his chest with her serrated tongue causing him to gasp.

"Again, you play roughly with me and I must restrain myself." He said.

She grinned and licked his neck. "Do you have a problem with village women hurting you by being overly aggressive?" She asked him, letting her whiskers tickle his chin.

He shook his head, and groaned as she bit his neck gently. "You make me wish there were female werewolves, Sharesh." He said. "Those teeth are magnificent."

She kissed under his ear. "I am sure the village women think highly of yours until you use them too hard. Note I did not break your skin, and I wager mine are sharper than yours."

He grinned. "You are likely to see very soon if they are." He said.

She took half a step back from him and reached for his belt. He watched as she unbuckled it and pulled his tight trousers off his legs. He was indeed well-built, she saw, and she let her tail slide up his bare flesh and up to his groin, and wrapped the tip about his erect shaft as she lifted one foot, then the other, to remove his shoes and pants. He was moaning in pleasure before she had finished the second shoe and pant leg. She leaned in and put her tongue to his leg, sliding upward in one smooth motion to his groin, and releasing his manhood with her tail as her hand took over. She then moved her tongue to his shaft, and gently lapped at it, up the side to his cock's swollen head. He twitched at the amazing sensation of combined roughness, wetness, and the vibration of her purring. As she stood back up, she released his manhood with her hand, and put her arms about him, pressing her entire furred body against him.

He believed that it felt quite wondrous. Her soft fur was warm and incredibly soothing, but the woman's form beneath it aroused him. She turned her feline face up to him.

"I hope you are not overly fond of fellatio." She said, bluntly. "I cannot perform that act." She opened her mouth and displayed her very sharp fangs. "Someone would get hurt." She giggled as his face registered what she meant.

He smiled. "During that particular part of love-play, I have yet to hurt a woman, so I think that we can bypass that lesson." He said, stroking her blue gray hair and enjoying the loud purring that his petting elicited in her.

She grinned up at him. "You do know human women like being petted too?" She asked.

"I did not." He said. "But I will keep it in mind in the future." He moved his hand down her back to her rump, and the sleek fur there. "I never thought I would find fur quite so erotic." He murmured.

"I'm fond of it." She said, and stroked his pubic hair with her hand, then wrapped her fingers about his girth again.

She sat upon the bed and beckoned him to her, and he followed. "You've not been so rough, Victor." She commented.

"I am still human." He said. "The training will be mostly for when I am, well, other than human."

Sharesh grinned, then laughed. "I have to deal with being other than human at all times." She said, then thought a moment. "Can you control the change? Or must it come upon you?"

He said. "I command the change." And as she watched he grew, hair erupted from his flesh, the fine hairs, that human arms sported, lengthened and thickened, filling in the gaps between them.

Soon Victor was covered in fur, his head had changed shape, elongating and stretching into a long, narrow, streamlined form, with a long muzzle and ears atop his head, pointing alertly toward her. His eyes stayed the same, two massive black orbs. His already large chest expanded. And his legs drew up, twisting about like her own, with the backward knees and based upon his padded and clawed toes.

She was fascinated. "I am impressed." She said, eyeing his massive muscular chest, then slid her hand down that chest.

Sharesh reached down and found that his manhood now was encased in a softy furred sheath, like that of an animal, and like the men of her own species. She was suddenly extremely wet.

He looked at her. "The women of my villages usually start to be afraid about now." He said.

"Because your reputation proceeded you. I am sure." She said. "If you've gone about hurting them with this thing."

She wrapped her fingers about his sheath. Her other hand grabbed one of his now thicker wrists.

"And these, as well." She said, losing her hand from his organ and pointing at his own claws. "Trust in me, these must be used sparingly. Even by myself. They are for fighting and killing, not for loving, except possibly with extreme care."

She extended one of her own metal-sheathed claws and caressed his chin with it, scratching it gently. He growled deep in his throat, and her eyes widened again with arousal. This job may have some serious obstacles to overcome.

She turned toward him, and moved her face very near him. "Open your mouth, let me see your teeth." She said, and he did so. She looked at them with a critical eye. "As I thought, they are not terribly sharp, though I reckon the jaw is more than strong enough to back them." She added, dragging a claw over the tensed muscles that worked his long jaw. "Do you use that magnificent tongue on the women you take?" She asked, her smile widening in hopeful anticipation.

Victor shook his head. "It had never occurred to me." He said, his voice now guttural and raw sounding.

"Extend it fully, if you would." Sharesh asked him.

He obliged, sliding his tongue out between his fangs, it reached out well over a hand's breadth.

She looked at the tongue with longing eyes. "Indeed, you should consider it, for a tongue such as that is a work of art."

"Welwe?" He asked, then pulled his tongue back into his mouth, and repeated. "Really?"

She smiled mischievously. "Certainly, I will show you how." She laid back and opened her legs. "Please, smell me, Victor." She said.

He leaned over her and placed his cold wet nose up to her entrance.

He inhaled deeply, then said. "You smell of a woman, only with a touch of cat." His long lips turned up in a smile.

She grinned. "Does the smell displease you?" She asked.

"Not at all." He said. "I like the scent and taste of both." He added, giving her a long stare.

She extended her long claws on both hands. "So long as we are referring to the taste of our entrances, then we are agreed." She said. "I hope you do not eat felines, they are not good food animals." She said, then added. "And humans are worse."

He nodded. "No, I only jest." He smiled again. "Though I do occasionally find pleasure in the chase with a cat."

"As do I, Victor." She said, looking wistful for a moment. "Back to the lessons at hand." She said, getting her mind back to business. "And this will be the last of the night." She opened her legs farther, "Taste me, but do not bite, or I will sting your muzzle."

He snorted a little. "Sharesh, I should warn you, that a majority of weapons will not harm me in this form, only silver and..."

She let one claw rake along his nose, only a minute scratch, but enough to draw blood, he drew back with a startled and amazingly dog-like yelp.

"And magic." She finished his sentence, grinning. "Do not worry, milord, I can handle you." She said then used two fingers to open the lips of her opening. "Now, apply that wondrous tongue, if you please."

Victor leaned down to her crotch and placed his long muzzle up to her opening. He began to lap at it, as a dog would when drinking water. She inhaled a long breath.

"Oh, my." She said, curving her back and lifting her pelvis to give him better access. "By the One, that works very well, indeed." Already, she was gasping for air. "If you did this with the village women, they would hope and await your coming to them. Good word passes faster than bad, in some cases." She looked down at his lapping maw and his black eyes. "Try sliding your tongue inside."

Sharesh almost squealed in delight as his long tongue slipped into her well-moistened opening, then more deeply into her. Her claws skittered over the surface of the silk as they extended involuntarily. She started growling herself, and pushed her pelvis up at the penetrating muzzle and tongue that was filling her. Victor smiled up at the her, enjoying this very much. He took a playful nip at the swollen lips that surrounded her entrance, and she gasped and grabbed his head in both hands. Then moved her fingers to grip him about his ears, pulling him to her and grunting as she neared a climax. He again chewed them gently while his tongue filled her hole and lapped at her tasty juices. She extended her claws and gently touched his neck with them and scratched them ever so slightly, not breaking the skin, just enough to get through the thick layer of stiff fur that covered his entire body.

Finally, she let the scream out that had been building for the entire act. Like herself, the cry sounded as animal as human, and was very feral and intense. It started his wulfen heart to pounding mightily in his chest, and he lifted himself up to all fours over her. She reached up and caressed his jawline.

"Well done, my lover." She said, rising to a sitting position.

He sniffed her neck and she felt hot puffs of air from his nostrils and she saw a rather alarming look in his eyes, a look not entirely controlled.

"Victor." She said, eyeing him dubiously. "Calm yourself." She added, leaning toward him and extending the claws of her right hand in warning.

She looked down and saw the pink head of his pointed penis protruding from its soft sheath, already dripping precome. Sharesh looked him in the eye, and his fangs were bared.

"Victor." She repeated his name. "You don't want to do this." She said as she heard a deep rumble start in his throat.

He slowly moved his head forward and his jaws started to open and she backed away. Long strings of saliva hung from his rear teeth, and his ears flattened to his head.

"We have much to learn, don't we?" Sharesh said, getting into a position of fight or flight, her own ears flattening and her fangs baring.

He lunged for her, opening his massive jaws wide to take her by her long, flexible neck. When his powerful jaws came together, she was no longer there.

From the wall he heard the sound of steel on marble, she was landing against it on all fours, and was already pushing off from it, her powerful legs flexing like uncoiling springs. As he realized she had flanked him, her body slammed into him with amazing force, sending the two falling sideways. They both rolled across the floor tumbling out of control. As they came to rest, her catlike speed and grace had her on her feet first.

She crouched low, offering him little but back, teeth, and claws to go after. He stood up, bellowing in rage and lust. His head nearly touched the nine-foot ceiling, and he must have massed six hundred pounds, she thought. He howled at the rafters overhead, and the windows in the panes reverberated with the discordant sound.

He started reaching for her with both his huge, powerful hands. She shot forward, moving straight for him. As he shifted his aim and tried to target her again, one of her hands lanced outward, and the claws extended from her thick fingers. She encircled his testicles with them, then pierced the soft flesh with the very tips of the enchanted claws. He suddenly and completely stopped moving, realization coming to him with extreme clarity.

"If you had asked or even tried slowly to seduce me, you might well be between my legs right now, Victor, but here we are with me between yours." She purred. "Turn back to a human. Now." She commanded.

Her emerald eyes held no fear of him and he backed down.

In an equally impressive show of metamorphosis, he shifted back into a human man, standing naked with her claws around his now smaller testicles.

"You cannot let yourself go like that, Victor." She said. "That's why you are hurting the women." Her claws retracted and she licked the wounds gently. "I am sorry to hurt you." She said, caressing his scrotum with her rough tongue, and his ego with her soft voice. "I want to please you, my lover." She purred into his groin, then licked backward, rotating her head around and moving between his legs, soon, she was sliding her rough tongue over his anus, then beyond it.

He groaned as her tongue passed over his rectum, and his breathing slowed. "I am sorry, Sharesh." He said, deflated. "I don't know how to control that."

She stood before him and let her tail move over his groin, sliding between his legs, and over his moist sphincter. He shivered at the touch.

"Do not worry, we will work on it. Tomorrow." She said. "Now, if you would show me to my room?"

He looked about. "I had thought we would be sharing a bed, given the intimacy of our task." He said.

"No." She replied. "Given the nature, and more importantly the cause, of our task, I must ask for separate rooms until you can show you are in control of yourself, Victor." She said. "I hope you understand."

Victor nodded dejectedly. "I do." He said, smiling weakly. "I hope you understand my intense desire for you at that moment."

"Of course I do." Sharesh said. "That is why you're not now a gelding. And why there will be another lesson tomorrow."

As he carried a candle down the darkened hall of the manor, he smiled at her nude form. "You are incredibly graceful." He commented.

"Do you ply your other conquests with complements like that?" She asked as he opened a door for her.

He thought for a moment. "I suppose I don't." He said. "At least not often."

She took the candle and lit one that was just inside the door to the guest room. "Do, in the future, then." She smiled. "You will find that the oil of compliment lubricates many things."

Victor grinned at her. "I am beginning to believe this will be a very fruitful endeavor." He said.

Sharesh pushed the door almost closed and said. "I agree, with time." And shut the door.

The following morning, she awakened to a light rap upon her chamber door. A chambermaid brought in food at her quiet hello. She sat up and watched the girl bring in the platter of food and set it on a small folding table over her lap. "Oh, goodness." She said as the girl set it before her. It was laden with various foodstuffs, as the host was unsure yet of her preferences. "Thank you." Sharesh said.

"You are welcome, milady" The girl said smiling. She turned to leave.

Sharesh stopped her by saying. "Wait, please." The girl turned, she was a very attractive girl, perhaps seventeen or eighteen. With long black hair, so common in these parts, and olive skin. The cat-woman asked her. "What is your name?"

The girl forced a wide smile. "My name is Vannah, milady." She said, looking up with nervous eyes.

The cat said. "I am Sharesh, and I am pleased to meet you." She said. "Can you stay with me for a bit?"

The girl looked confused a bit, but then said. "I can stay a while, yes." She said, her Ghantian, pretty good, had a heavy Eastron accent.

Sharesh patted the bed beside her. "Then sit and eat with me." She said. "I do not like fruits and breads, and I would not have them wasted." She pointed at the questionable delicacies on her platter.

The girl nervously sat on the bed's edge and said. "You do not like fruits or breads?"

The cat shook her head, and handed her the toast, and slid the bowl of diced fruit pieces toward the corner closest to the girl. The girl began to eat them.

"I would speak with you, though, I have many questions about the Count." The cat said, quietly.

The girl got a fearful look on her face. "I will tell you what I can." She said, looking at the door nervously. "Though I know little of him."

"Have you ever had his... attentions?" She asked the girl.

Vannah nodded slowly, and looked rather upset. "Yes, he has taken me several times." She said, looking upset. "It always hurts me."

"How does he hurt you?" Sharesh asked, very interested. "I'm here to help stop that, you know."

The girl nodded. "We are glad you came, perhaps you can stop his hurting us women folk." She said, smiling nervously. "Usually, it is just his huge size that hurts, but it can hurt mightily. Then there are his teeth, his claws, and the massive bulk and weight. He is unbelievably strong, too, and sometimes does not seem to realize it."

The cat nodded. "Have you any wounds from him now?" She asked.

Looking rather embarrassed, the girl stood up and lifted her dress, she wore no undergarments, and she lifted it high enough to see her womanhood. Her opening was bruised severely, and she had deep claw marks on one leg. They looked as if they had been tended fairly well. Sharesh leaned close and looked at the wounds. "It does seem rather much." She said. "How long ago?"

The girl had a tear in her eye. "Last night." She said. "After you took to your bed."

Sharesh looked at her with wide eyes, her large triangular ears slowly folding back to lie against her head. Then she carefully lifted the tray from her lap and sat it aside. She stood up and told the girl to wait there. Then she started running for Victor's room. By the time she reached the door, she was on all fours, and moving at incredible speed. The door was closed, but its small latch broke under the shock of her landing on it at high speed. As the door opened, she bounded at an angle off toward the wall opposite his bed. She shot through the room like a gray bolt of lightning. The nobleman was lying on the bed and eating his own breakfast, as he brought a large piece of steak up to his mouth she rebounded from the far wall and somersaulted, landing with her spread and claw-extended hands upon the tray. Food and drink flew about and the tray buckled under her inertia. Her feet were splayed wide on either side of his legs.

He looked quite stunned and she did not intend him to recover from it just yet. "If you ever go from my lessons and maul another girl in frustration, I leave. Do you understand me?" She wailed into his face at a range of about one foot. He cringed with the words and sat stunned a moment longer.

Then his face twisted in anger and he shouted back at her. "How dare you tell me what to do in my own lands and home!" He screamed back, rising from his supine position. "I am a noble of these lands, cat, and I will not be ordered about! You will do my bidding, not I yours."

She backed off a bit, but then gave him an icy look with those oversized emerald eyes. "You will do as I say, or I will leave. And eventually, when you kill a few girls, the villagers will come up this mountain with their torches and pitchforks and you will die!" She said, spitting the words.

"I will have you cast into my dungeons, you furred whore!" He yelled back, his fists smashing down on the tray before him, further scattering debris about the fine silk sheets.

"You will do no such thing, you arrogant mutant." She said. Moving toward him menacingly. "I am a Ghantian citizen and protected by agreements between your liege lord and our cities. I am not subject to your petty whims."

He laughed. "Only merchants are protected by those treaties, you stupid wench."

"And just what the hell do you think I am?" She said cooly. "I am a registered merchant with the Gevanni Guilds, and my goods are me." She reached up to her neck and pulled a tiny pendant from her tawny coat, it was so small and on such a fine chain that it was nearly invisible when she simply let it lie in her fur. It bore the seal of the Gevanni Guilds and proved her words true. Short of a proven high crime, she could not be touched by anyone short of the King himself.

"I am corrected." he said, his voice quieting to a much lower tone, and far more civil.

She smiled gently. "I should perhaps have approached you more diplomatically, but I see now why your people wish to curb your appetites." She crawled up his lying form and kissed him softly. "I will ask you to please not go from me to another woman until your lessons are finished, you only dally with me, unless we arrange otherwise." She looked at him critically. "I would not have my hard work undone by your lusts, milord."

He nodded. "Much more diplomatically put." He said, a smile crossing his face. "You are a remarkable woman, Sharesh." He said grinning widely. "I look forward to more lessons."

She kissed him again, more forcefully and took his tongue and gently suckled upon it. When they parted lips, she said. "I do to, to tell the truth." She said, and slipped off the bed. "Sorry to interrupt your breakfast, and please do not be angry with Vannah."

"I will not be." He said. "She did not know to not tell you, and I would have been wrong to have told her not to."

Sharesh went back to her room and Vannah was waiting there. "I have spoken to him, and there will be no repeat of that type of activity." She said to the girl. She stroked the girl's raven hair gently and knelt upon the bed. "I would ask that you serve me for the duration of my stay, please. Who do I need to speak to?"

The girl smiled and said. "I have been commanded to serve you, Milady, as I am the only serving girl who speaks Ghantian well." Then she giggled. "My former master served at the embassy in Ghant, and I was there for six years." She smiled widely. She was really quite lovely when she smiled, and Sharesh decided she would do quite well as an assistant for this lesson course she had embarked upon.

"You will stay in the room with me." Sharesh said, smiling. "I need a friend here." Her tail whipped around and brushed the girl's hair from her face, causing the girl to giggle again in wonder. Sharesh stood up again, and walked to the door, she waved down a passing lad, who was rather startled at her appearance, nude in the hall. "Vannah, please tell this lad I wish to have him bring my clothes from the Count's chamber." The girl rattled off something in Eastron and the boy hustled off.

The girl said. "Your luggage was taken to the closet, there, milady." She pointed to a door on the right wall. Sharesh opened that door and looked. Her clothes had been unpacked and hung upon hooks inside the huge closet, and folded on shelves, and her various other personal items stacked carefully with them. She selected one of her more conservative outfits and slipped the dress on. She returned to Vannah, who was holding her clothes from the Count's chambers. "Thank you, Vannah." She said, smiling. The girl was not really built like her, but she had some outfits with a lot of forgiveness to them. She took the girl's hand and guided her into the closet.

She asked pretty lass to undress and watched with interest as she did so. It was rather a perfunctory stripping, but she liked to watch people disrobe in almost any situation. The girl stood before her, covering herself slightly with her hands. She had a very well built body, she was a person who worked hard for a living, and it had toned her nicely. Her bush was compact and very dense with black hairs, and her breasts were smallish, but very well shaped, forming cones on her chest with pointed nipples. Sharesh walked to just before her. "You're very pretty." She said to the young woman. "We will dress you as my friend, if you don't mind." She purred gently as she selected one of the more forgiving outfits, a straight dress with large panels cut out of the back and that only hung to just above Sharesh's knees. The sides featured slits well past the hip, almost to the waist. She slipped the dress onto the girl and smoothed it, enjoying the feeling of the young woman's body beneath the sheer material.

The girl looked down at herself. "It is quite revealing." She said nervously, tugging at the hem.

"You will grow accustomed to it." Sharesh said, standing behind her and holding the girl by her shoulders. "It looks very good on you, Vannah." She said. And let her tail slide over the girl's bare thigh, making the lass gasp. The girl followed her from the closet.

"Milady, you seek a friend, and not just a serving girl?" She asked.

Sharesh nodded. "Indeed, I do." She said putting her hand on the girl's thigh as they both sat upon the bed.

The girl blushed. "Some of the noble women have serving girls who are 'special' to them." She looked at Sharesh. "Is what you propose?"

The cat looked at her seriously. "Only if you want to." She said. "I believe very much in people making up their own mind about such matters." She looked at the girl's dark brown eyes and said. "But I would like it very much for you to be a 'special' friend."

"I do not know if I can pleasure a woman." She said frankly. Then smiled brightly. "But I would like to be your friend, Milady."

"You can be one without the other." the cat said, smiling and squeezing the girl's thigh gently.

The girl sighed at the touch and said. "I think it would not be quite so objectionable." She said, eyeing the hand on her thigh.

Sharesh felt her breath tighten. "I will await your convenience in this, Vannah." She said, and kissed the girl on the cheek, then gently licked where she had kissed.

The girl blushed again, a deep crimson, then stood up. "Allow me to clear up the breakfast, Milady."

The cat nodded. "I need to go speak to Victor." She said, then said. "The Count, that is." She corrected herself in front of the 'hired help, ' as it were.

She padded down the halls and came to the chamber. Victor was just finishing dressing when his man opened the door. "Come in, Sharesh." He said, smiling at her in the mirror. Sharesh walked in, sliding her tail over the butler's wrist as he held the door. He stared after her a moment, then shut the door as he left. "You will have my staff all tied in knots." Victor said, smiling. "There are already rumors among the pages that you like to answer your door unclad."

"I cannot change what I am." She replied, bowing to him.

He grinned as he turned about. "Nor would I have you." He said.

She walked up to him, and looked up at him. "Are you ready for another lesson?" She asked quietly.

He swallowed. "Always, but in the middle of the day?"

"Do you only get aroused in the night?" She asked him running her hands up and down his sides.

"Of course not." He said, grinning. "Especially when faced with a beautiful woman." He added, putting his hands on her waist. She let him pull her to him, and then they kissed. She felt his hands move up to her breasts again, and grip them through the thin silk of her dress. He was careful with them and she thoroughly enjoyed the strength of his fingers through the soft caress of the silk. She still scented the vague hint of dog, and this thrilled her more, as it was very hard to resist the urge to either flee or attack.

She smiled. "But you just dressed." She said, straightening his collar. "I would hate to make you undress so soon."

He slipped her shoulder straps off her arms, and they both watched the dress fall to the floor, and she stepped back from it. "Then I will stay clad." He said, and picked her up by the waist, and laid her upon the huge bed. His lips kissed his way down her body and he lapped at her opening again. She loved the sensation, though not as intensely as last night, with the monstrously huge tongue of the wolf-man. She squirmed as he licked into her slightly and then sucked upon her clitoris. She watched as he took off his tunic again, and then unfastened his belt, and let his pants fall to the floor.

"So much for staying clad." She giggled, as he kicked off his boots and pants.

He smiled from between her long thighs. "Sorry, but I thought you enjoyed it more this way." And dove back between her legs. She gasped as he changed. His snout extended and his tongue grew long inside her, she could feel his stiff bristled fur through her own soft, tawny covering, and she grabbed the huge wolf head with her thighs. His hands became taloned claws again, and gripped the cheeks of her rump. She could feel the heat coming off of him now, he was huge, she realized, perhaps really noting it for the first time. His arms were at least as thick as her trim thighs, and his own thighs were more massive than her waist. She once again petted his ears and neck while he lapped at her womanhood. And she heard him growl as counterpoint to her own gentle purring. This growl was soft and quiet, and did not alarm her, quite the opposite.

As she felt her climax building up, he started lapping faster, perhaps in response to her own production of fluids. The icy black eyes stared up at her. His massive shoulders forced her thighs apart, and he forced his tongue deeper into her and she opened to him. She gasped for air as a shuddering and slow orgasm worked its way through her, and she actually whimpered as it left, leaving her weaker and well satisfied. Once again he stood up, having tasted her climax and smelled it, even more so. She looked down at the thick pink knob protruding from his sheath. She pushed him gently back and turned over, crouching low with her reversed knees back, then lifted her rump and twitched her tail aside. He accepted the 'presented' opening, mounting her from behind with a deep growl in his throat.

She felt the thick head pass her labia and begin to stretch her. Then he grabbed her around her waist with both arms and held her fast as he pushed forward with great force, sliding many inches into her wetness. Then she felt a solid lump of flesh at her entrance. "What is that?" She asked him. "You have a knot like a dog?" She smiled over her shoulder.

He grunted and nodded at her, an expression of contentment on his canine visage. She pushed back against him as he pushed forward again. With what felt like an audible pop, it went into her, slipping him in another hands breadth, and filling the space just inside her opening well beyond its normal capacity. "Oh, by the One!" She exclaimed as he opened her farther than she had ever been, at least by half a hand. Her upper body came up off the bed and she felt massive and powerful jaws around her throat, though he did not bear down.

She enjoyed the sensation of the possibility of danger, and she encouraged him. "That's it, my lover, take me as you will, but make your will gentle." He slid the thick organ a few inches each way, making sure to leave the massive knot within the ring of her opening's muscles. She felt her legs trembling and she would have lain back down with her upper body, but his teeth dug in every time she moved to lower herself. A low rumble started in his throat, and she knew he was near to orgasm.

"This once, if you wish it, you may take me as hard as you can, so I can feel your limit." She said.

Suddenly she was being pounded mercilessly, his huge organ ramming into her to its full length and then pulling out until the knot was just barely within her, then back in. She felt the jaws tighten on her lovely throat, and knew she was being made into this dog's bitch for now. She let him ride her, and she enjoyed it immensely. As he came, his jaws tightened still more, but not enough to break skin or even be really unpleasant, but well over enough to know if he wanted, at this moment, he could decapitate her. She felt his thick seed fill her insides and some of it squeezed out around his plugging organ. He stopped suddenly, ramming it deeply into her, and holding it there, and she felt more semen fill her womb and vagina.

Finally, it stopped, and his knot began to shrink, a tiny bit at a time. She also felt the jaws loosen on her neck and the hands did not grip her ample hips so tightly. "There, my lover, you managed that without major hurt to me." He laid on her back, and she bore the weight he put to her. "Now, we must talk about that huge knot you have." She said as the object in question slipped finally from her stretched and well-used opening. She felt up inside herself with two long fingers and said. "That wickedly shaped tool is one of your problems." She said, caressing the red shaft of his manhood with her hands. "You must prepare a normal woman for something with a girth so large." She said, smiling at it. "Luckily, I am a professional."

He grinned down at her with his massive set of teeth. "I see." He said, in that guttural growl of his. "And the licking will do that?" He asked.

"Partially." She said. "It will do a good deal of the work for you." She thought a moment. "Is changing back and forth difficult for you?" She asked him.

"Not really." He said. "No harder than thinking a moment, though there is some discomfort."

"Enough to make you loose your erection?" She asked, her mind clinical even while standing with a werewolf perched on her back and her tail sliding up over his scrotum, gently tickling his hairless balls.

He chuckled and it was half growl. "No, not even close." He said.

"Good." She said. "I wish you to try something this evening." She said. "You will enjoy it."

He lifted himself off of her, and helped her to stand. "You have already taught me much, with the tongue lapping." He said, smiling. He changed back into a man and picked up his clothes. She excused herself and headed back to her chambers.

Later that day, as she prepared for this evening, she turned to Vannah. "Do you think you would be able to have sex tonight?" She asked.

The girl turned to her. "Milady, I do not know how to pleasure a woman, but if you command, of course, I will do as you say." She said.

Sharesh looked at her a moment, then said. "Oh, no, not for me, but for Victor."

The girl looked frightened for a moment. "I, of course, also will do as my lord commands." She looked at the cat's emerald eyes. "I would rather lie with you, Milady, than be hurt again so soon." She admitted.

"What if I said it would only hurt a little?" Sharesh offered.

The serving girl looked at her askance. "Are you sure of this, Milady?" She asked. "I have been taken several times by Count Vilkbin and it has always hurt me greatly."

The cat girl smiled to her. "Trust me, and I will make it up to you after, even if it does hurt. I know some tricks that will make you forget pain for a while." She let her tail slide completely up under the dress she had the girl wearing and she felt her hairs on it grow damp as she ran it over her entrance. She brought the tail out and licked it clean, saying "Many techniques."

Vannah blushed then said. "I find myself desiring to do this, simply to find out what those 'techniques' are, Milady."

Sharesh grinned at her, revealing all her sharp teeth. "I will show them to you, as many as you care to have me demonstrate, beautiful Vannah." She crooned, and her voice had a purr under her soprano vocal tones.

At ten, when most of the staff is gone from the manor to their small quarters behind the main house, Sharesh guided young Vannah down the halls to the Count's chamber. The girl was understandably nervous. Victor was rough with them, but not cruel, he took long pauses before using a girl again to sate his lusts, and gave them plenty of time to recover and engage in their own sexual pursuits, if they were so inclined. To be called upon twice in two nights was unheard of, lest in the case of punishment, when he would bed a girl for up to a week straight, leaving her wrecked and bedridden for a week or more.

The two ladies waited outside the door, Sharesh having already knocked. The Count opened the door and looked rather surprised. "Vannah?" He asked, and looked at Sharesh. "Is she not providing good service?" He asked the cat woman, a look of minor anger crossing his face.

"She provides exemplary service, Victor." Sharesh said, smiling. "She is here to assist me tonight." She said, placing her hand on the girl's arm gently.

The girl was trembling slightly, but managed a smile. "Yes, Milord, Mistress Sharesh has asked me to help with her lessons this night."

Victor gave back and beckoned the two of them into the room. "Very well." He said, and closed the door behind them. He surprised both of them and said. "I apologize, Vannah, for using you so roughly last night." He looked down at the floor. "I will not do so again."

She smiled. "I am your right, Milord, to use as you will." She bowed low, but he caught her arm, and lifted her upright.

"Not tonight. If you assist Sharesh, you shall be, for this one night, not a serving girl." The large man said.

The girl looked a little confused, but nodded. "Yes, milord." She said.

He smiled gently. "For tonight, Victor will do." He said to her. He liked the way Sharesh was regarding him with fond eyes as he was kind to the girl. Vannah was a good lass, he thought, and she was quite fetching in that dress. It showed her legs to great effect and the slits up the sides just made him want to see all of her, though he had many times before. "So, what is our lesson tonight?" He asked, suddenly eager to be on with the proceedings.

Sharesh looked at him levelly. "Tonight is a test." She said. "You will take Vannah and you will not hurt her."

"Surely she is still sore from last night." He said, trying to protect Vannah, in a rather round about way.

The cat woman shrugged. "I'm sure she is, you were rough on her." She agreed. "But you may find yourself at some point, favoring a single girl, and will need to be able to make love to her on more than one night in a row." She looked at him somewhat sternly. "That is your test, to make love to her, and leave her no worse for wear than she is now."

He looked at the girl, and she at the floor. She finally looked up, and her eyes were very nervous. Sharesh caressed her shoulders with her softly padded fingers. "You need to be able to do this, Victor. Girls like Vannah do not deserve to be left in agony when you have finished with them, she is a good girl and very sweet." Her tail slid around the girl's thigh again, and up between her open legs, the girl inhaled deeply as it slid along her labia and over her clitoris, her eyes shut and she let out a tiny moan. "And she is extremely responsive, so you should not need to ravage her to have a very pleasurable time of it." She stepped back a pace and lapped at her tail, enjoying the taste of the girl on her fur.

Victor did not even know how to begin. He stood for a moment, then looked almost helplessly at the cat woman, who had just finished cleaning her tail. His black orbs implored her to assist. "Ask her to come to you." Sharesh said. "Ask very nicely."

He turned to the girl, who was still looking at the floor. "Vannah, I would take you in my arms, were you willing."

The girl looked up and smiled a little smile, Sharesh had told her to play coy a bit. "I do not know, Victor, I hesitate to give myself to such a rash man." She inhaled deeply, working up her courage.

He smiled and glanced over at Sharesh, then looked back to the pretty girl. "I cannot force you, lovely woman, but I promise I will be most gentle, and make it well worth your embrace."

Vannah, looked up and smiled wider. "Very well, since you promise to be gentle, and offer me reward." She said, and walked to right before him, looking up at him. He put his arms around her, and kissed her, consciously being gentle with the kiss, and she responded, putting her arms about his neck and kissing him in return. He almost came when she moaned as he kissed her, and felt her press herself to him. He did not know if she had been coached to behave this way, and really did not care, he was really enjoying her responding as if she wanted his touch, and liked the feelings it gave him.

He continued kissing her as he felt her back for the hem of her dress, when he found it, he started to lift it, but felt his hand stopped by hers. "No, Victor." She said quietly. "Not yet." She added.

He visibly resisted the urge to overwhelm her, and fought it back. "Very well, lady. I await the time eagerly." He said. And resumed kissing her. He then started to kiss her neck and shoulders, using his kisses as an excuse to move the straps over her shoulder off of them and to her arms. After another minute or two, the dress fell softly to the floor and he felt her warm flesh with his arms. The girl sighed as the dress fell, and pressed to him the harder for it. Then he felt her small hands on the shoulders of his tunic, and he raised his arms for her to remove it, which she did.

They embraced again while he felt her hands moving, fumbling with his belt, after a moment, it came open and she knelt before him as she pulled his tight pants down to his boots. Slipping off the boots, she finished pulling the pants off, and smiled up at him. She started back up. As she passed his manhood, standing out from his body, she gave it a quick kiss, and then looked up at him, her face staying at that level. She seemed to be asking a silent question.

He moaned as she kissed it, then looked down expectantly. "Only if you wish." He said to her, quietly.

She placed her lips around his manhood, taking over half of it into her warm mouth. Then she started to move her head back and forth. Few women had done this for him, and those mostly at his demand. She was willingly taking him into her mouth, and he was thoroughly enjoying it. He moved his hands to her head, and pushed on the back, the girl gagged and her eyes opened. Sharesh scratched the table she stood beside with one claw while looking at the Count with warning eyes. He eased up and let her pleasure him at her own pace.

She stopped, finally, and kissed her way up his muscular chest and then his neck, as she stood fully, he embraced her and kissed her deeply, turning as he did so. Her back was to the bed and he gently urged her back with kisses, until she was fully reclined, with him kneeling between her long legs. He bent down and kissed her belly, then drew a trail down her stomach through her black patch of hairs, then between her legs. She gasped as his tongue slid over her clit, then her labia. He shoved his tongue into her, and lapped at her juices. She moaned loudly and he smiled. Then he shifted, slowly. She moaned more loudly as his tongue lengthened and thickened inside her vagina, and as his breath heated to that of a massive Wulfen beast. She looked down and smiled at him, and he slipped more tongue into her, she gasped and tensed her legs. He could taste her fluids growing more musky as he worked into her, and knew she was becoming very aroused. He started to growl deeply in his throat, as he felt his own arousal grow, alongside his organ.

She arched her back, the young girl not used to such pleasure, and screamed as she climaxed, unthinkingly grabbing his ears as she did so, and he smiled as she did this. She was welcoming him to her and was enjoying it greatly. This enhanced his enjoyment of the act and brought him closer to his own desired release.

As the shudders in her well-curved body died down, he lifted up and stood at the side of the bed. Sharesh said, very quietly from right beside him. "Now shift back to a man." He did so and looked down at the lovely girl still writhing a little in the pleasures he had just given her. "Take her." The cat said, purringly into his ear. The Count climbed down and between her legs. The girl welcomed him, and put her arms around his waist, and smiled gently at him, as he entered her, she pushed up to meet him, a new sensation to him from any of the women he frequented. He slid into her easily and she measured his full length. Slowly, he moved in and back out. He felt the fur of Sharesh's arms on his shoulder as she leaned over the two. "Now, as you make love to her, shift as slowly as you can to the large form." She whispered into his hear. The girl moaned softly under his body and he enjoyed the sensation of her actually pushing back and inviting him to do more.

He slowly shifted, his brow furrowing in concentration holding the shift at bay as much as he could each little step of the way between forms. With delicious slowness, the girl felt him swell inside her, his organ lengthening from just under two hands almost three and the girth swelling almost double. Then the knot began to take form, slowly and steadily growing, it filled her entrance, but already past the entry muscles that would have been harmed in its passing. She groaned loudly as it grew, and he worried that she was in pain, but Sharesh said. "Vannah is not hurting now, finish the change." And he continued, the change was done a few seconds later, and Vannah felt the stiff bristles of his sides tickling her legs, and the massive swelling of his knot filling her opening, and pressing on places that it was quite pleasant to feel it against. Soon, she was on the verge of another climax, and she told him so, and requested that he go faster. He happily obliged, letting himself loose his control over himself some and start to pump harder and deeper into her. She crested the climb to her orgasm and moaned out her release to him, a joyous sound to his ears. She then looked up at him and said. "I never knew such pleasure, Victor." She said, kissing his arms as he held himself over her. "I think you can now go as hard as you like, I am past pain this once." She invited him.

He stood up, grabbing her shoulders and lifting her from the bed. She grabbed him with hands and legs, wrapping both around his massive furred flanks. She lifted herself up and impaled herself onto his upright organ and shouted in pleasure as new places were found within her by his massive pole. "Victor!" She shouted, and repeated it each time he lifted her and let gravity impale her again. He could feel his own release taking hold of him, and soon would loose control of it. The girl leaned forward and kissed him, taking his wulfen tongue into her mouth, and running her own over his sharp teeth. He was close now, and his mouth opened to take her throat in its powerful grip. She leaned her head back and gave her neck to him. As he bore down with his sharp teeth a little, she screamed in release again, squeezing his cock inside her, the muscles of her vaginal opening clamping down on him and causing him to finally come as well. He howled at the ceiling and was joined in the song by her yelling in released pleasure. Then they slowed, the final jets of semen filling her inner places. She pressed to him and he held her tenderly. She was gasping for air, and he was panting like a wild dog on a chase. Her hands touched his face and ears, and rubbed his fur, and her legs, still about his thick waist, slid over the fur as she took pleasure from the bristles tickling her.

Sharesh had to stifle a small laugh when she saw that Victor's long, thick tail was wagging happily. His panting slowed and the girl regained her breath. He laid her gently back onto the bed, and shifted back to his mannish form before pulling his limp organ from her womanhood. She laid there and moaned softly as it slid loose, and he looked at the girl with amazement in his black eyes. She had taken his full measure, even in his largest form, and seemed happy and content, rather than frightened, resentful, and hurt.

He smiled as he turned to Sharesh who applauded silently, and walked to them. The girl giggled and closed her legs slowly. "You're hurting?" Asked Victor.

The girl smiled up at him, and her eyes were half lidded. "This, my lord, is a good pain, and I would bear it any night you wish." She said, crossing her arms over herself and almost purring herself.

Sharesh said. "Well done, both of you." She said, kissing Victor hard and with much exchange of tongues. Then she bent over Vannah, and kissed her as well, and the girl, still overheated by her recent passions, enthusiastically responded with kisses of her own. "You've passed your first test, Victor." She said, smiling at the man, who was still somewhat stunned by his being accepted and enjoyed by this girl in his service.

She goaded Vannah up and out of the bed, and took her soft hand in her furred one. "On the morrow, my lord, you shall be taught about restraint, and the rewards to be garnered from it." She said, and the two girls walked out.

The Count laid upon his bed and thought about what had just happened, and was long in falling asleep.

The two women, however had other plans. As they walked into Sharesh's room, Vannah grabbed her in an embrace and kissed her, passionately, pushing her gently toward the bed. As the cat allowed herself to be pushed over onto the mattress, she looked up at the girl. "Only if you are certain." She said quietly, caressing the lass' cheek with her soft padded hand.

The girl kissed her furry neck and bit at her corded muscles there. "Do I seem uncertain, milady?" She asked, using her tongue to lick the fur of her neck as if she were a cat. Sharesh purred with that contact, and said. "Have you loved a rakasta before, Vannah?" She asked as the girl did one of the most effective things a person could do to turn her on fully, grooming her.

"No, milady, but I have two cats at home, and they seem to take great pleasure in licking one another." She said, and resumed grooming the cat girl, licking her way to her tawny furred breasts. Sharesh ran her razor-tipped claws along the girl's shoulder, watching the red line follow its path, then slowly face. The girl squirmed under the touch of the cold metal, and moaned. She took the finger, and lifted herself up holding it in both hands. Sharesh was suddenly very interested. No one had ever taken her by the hand like this, lest to move it to a swollen cock or, less often, a wet slit.

The girl brought the finger to her chest, just beneath her collar bone, and right in the center. She looked Sharesh fully in the eyes, and locked gazes with her. Sharesh was almost mesmerized with the unbelievable intensity that this girl was showing with her brown eyes. The girl pressed on the back of her thick finger, and doing something no one had ever done, which was forced her claw out of it's sheath with their hand. Fascinated, she watched the girl drag the claw down her chest, to her navel, drawing a tiny bead of blood the entire path, her breathing was short now, the erotic display of the girl cutting herself with her claw was incredibly arousing, and she felt her moisture flowing down the crack of her rump. The cut was not deep, nor in any real way injurious, but it was surely painful.

"W... why did you do that?" She asked the girl, smiling as the girl released her captive hand and bringing it back down to her side.

Vannah regarded her gently. "You saved me much pain in the future, and many other girls, too, I am sure." She said, an almost angelic smile crossing her face. "I simply wished to take back just a little of it."

Sharesh was a carnivore, and the sight of even a little fresh blood set her mouth to watering. "May I?" She asked the girl, pointing at the little drops of blood forming along the cut line.

The girl raised up and moved her body over the cat's reclining head. She brought her navel just over her mouth and slowly started to move back down. Sharesh extended her abrasive tongue and lapped at the blood, her rough tongue stimulating the raw flesh of the cut itself. When she had reached the top, the girl turned and faced head downward to her, smiling down at her furred face.

"Are you trying to make me fall in love with you?" She asked Vannah. "First the grooming and now letting me taste your blood." Vannah smiled and kissed her, letting their different types of tongues slide over each other and both of them moaning at the interesting sensation of it.

The girl started to kiss her way down Sharesh's neck again presenting her long string of blood beads to the cat girl, who happily lapped at them, She worked downward, licking the soft fur and nuzzling into it and then, as the cat lapped the last of the blood from above Vannah's navel. Suddenly, she felt the girl's tongue exploring the soft folds of her vagina and gasped. "I suppose you were sure." She purred as the girl lapped and kissed her labia and clitoris. She opened her eyes, and saw the girl's soft, and well-used opening over her face. She looked down, still purring, then buried her muzzle in it, lapping hungrily at the girl's exposed and tender cunt and plowing her tongue into it to stroke gently on the walls of her vagina.

The girl gasped at the harsh sensation, then said. "Milady, the lord's spend... it... oh dear." She said, as her sphincter of her vaginal passage opened to Sharesh's tender ministrations, and the semen began to trickle out. She tasted it and lapped harder and deeper, sucking and swallowing all that came forth. The girl dove back between her legs and worked her nub furiously.

"Squeeze your muscles, Vannah, let me finish." Sharesh said, lapping at the mix of Vannah's and Victor's fluids. The girl bore down with her internal muscles and squeezed out a great volume of the werewolf's semen, enough to cause the cat girl to have to pause to drink it wholly in large mouthfuls. Sharesh reached her orgasm while finishing that liquid that the girl fed to her, and felt all her muscles tighten as the girl continued lapping at her, and burying her tongue between her fur-edged folds.

Sharesh, as soon as the flood of semen had stopped, redoubled her assault on the girl's opening, rasping her rough tongue over the girl's clitoris with some force, and the girl groaned, she continued, repeating the motion, and accelerating to high speed, like she was drinking water. And the girl screamed out an orgasm of her own, pushing her groin down onto the cat's face, and even forcing part of her muzzle into her very well used opening. When the girl finally let up from the tearing and agonizing climax, she looked down and realized that Sharesh could not breathe, and lifted herself. The cat inhaled mightily and smiled down at her. "I though I might be about to die in a most wondrous way." She said, grinning widely.

The girl giggled down at her. "I apologize, milady, I got carried away." The two women stretched out on the bed beside each other, facing opposite directions. The girl said. "I thank you for teaching the Count to go a little easier on us." She smiled at cat girl.

"You are most welcome, but I am not done with him yet." She replied, smiling at the girl in return. "I plan on staying at least ten days."

The girl groaned softly. "I hope you plan on retaining me to keep performing the examinations that you will be giving him." She said, giving the cat a very licentious look.

"You think I'm going to let you out of my sight, my love?" Sharesh asked the girl. "You've been assigned to me, and I plan on putting you to good use daily."

The girl sighed and caressed the cat's thigh. "I love my job." She said, petting the soft fur of Sharesh's hip.

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