Forever Yours...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Safe Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An unusual mystical love story. Who knows the power behind their meeting. The ending will raise the hairs on your neck, so if you have the habit of reading the ending first, DON'T. This story will be subject to a review to correct errors when Pursuit of the Older Woman concludes.

Free falling that's what I used to call it. It was me, full of stress, sadness and grieving, sitting on a bench in Central Park and meditating until I felt relaxed, then walking aimlessly through the park not caring about which direction, or how long, I took. I'm an old man now, but I remember that year, long ago, when I first started free falling. It was autumn, 1976, I was forty years old, and I was lonely. Let me tell you how it all started:

The air was cold and it took some time to relax and meditate deeply. When my mood was right I rose from the park bench and walked down a path that I had not used before. After walking for about ten minutes, I came to a fountain at the intersection of my path and another path that crossed it at right angles.

Fountain water sprayed from a central tube that shaped the water like an umbrella, from there, it fell in to a large irregular dish, overflowing from this dish the water cascaded down two more levels in to a large pond. It would have been a spectacular sight in sunshine but in the subdued light of an autumn dawning, it was simply pleasant to watch. Fountains do something to me and I stopped when I was the right distance away and that distance was where I could see the whole of the fountain and hear the splashing water.

In my languid state, I was mentally floating when I felt rather than heard somebody next to me. I glanced sideways and our eyes met. She smiled and I smiled gesturing at the fountain looking for the right words to say but none came.

She was in shorts with a thin top and she wore running shoes, her light brown hair tied in a ponytail, her neck long and elegant. She was absorbed in the sights and sounds of the fountain, just as I had been moments before.

"It's beyond description isn't it?" She remarked, smiling at my lack of words.

"Well you heard how many words I could conjure up."

She laughed a little and I wondered if she too was free falling.

"Do you come here for relaxation or for the exercise?" I asked.

"Oh... Both! It seems that I need vigorous exercise to get rid of my tensions."

"You work under pressure?" I struggled searching for more words, hoping to delay her departure.

She was not beautiful but she obviously kept in shape, her body was angular not curved in the way I prefer my women. Her face was red and sweat lined from running but it was her eyes that were special, the shape of her eyes and her way of holding her head slightly to the left. She seemed not know that they were her most prominent feature. I felt my excitement rising, I couldn't understand why because she evoked feelings of peace in me, those feelings you get from a long-term friendship. It was just as if we had known one another for a long time.

"Yes, I work for a New York publisher, in Advertising, I've survived there five years and that makes me an old hand in the department."

"Sounds to me that you either like the job or you enjoy the pressure. Which is it?"

"Oh, it's a bit of both I guess."

She glanced at her watch and I knew that she was about to leave.

"I must go, it's been nice talking with you. See you around sometime." She rose onto the balls of her feet and started running towards Fifth Avenue.

"Bye." I muttered, she might have heard me if I had spoken louder. I walked past the fountain and headed for the quaint old kiosk further up the path hoping to get a hot coffee.

I felt that if I had been a little more fluent, a little more assertive, I might have found a new friend.

I returned to the park each morning at the same time for three days hoping to see her again but each day I had left the park disappointed that she had not appeared. On the fourth day, I wore an overcoat and gloves against the cold. With my gloved hands stuffed into my overcoat pockets, I walked to the fountain and stopped to enjoy the scene. I heard the sound of running shoes slapping against the pavement and looked around to see her slowing down to join me.

"Running the pressure off again?"

"Afraid so! Oh, isn't it cold!"

"I don't know how you can put up with the cold with such little clothing. If you want to warm up I can recommend the kiosk for coffee."

"No. I have to keep going but thanks anyway. Bye."

She ran in an easy lope down the path to the street.

The next morning it snowed lightly as I walked to the fountain, the water had been turned off for the winter and icicles now hung from the edge of the first level dish. On the path, the last of the autumn leaves were sodden and disappearing under the frosting of the snow. The fountain looked strangely lonely and desolate. I heard boots clomping along beside me. I didn't bother to look until I felt a gloved hand slip between my arm and body.

"Good morning!" It was her voice and I was delighted.

I turned "Good morning to you! Too cold for running today?"

"Yes. It's too cold for running and too cold for a rostered day off, but then I remembered a stranger, a person that I met in the park yesterday; he was going to buy me a coffee. I thought that if the offer of a kiosk hot coffee was still open I would love one."

"The offer is still open and it will be my pleasure to have coffee with you." Her hand tightened around my arm as we walked to the kiosk. Again, the feeling settled on me that we had known one another for such a long time.

In the warmth of the kiosk, we shed our outer clothing; I found a small table and ordered coffee.

Waiting for our coffee I looked at her and her eyes held mine, I tried to think of a cool way to start the conversation. Instead, I thrust my hand towards her "My name is Paul." I felt clumsy.

"Yes, you look like a Paul."

She smiled at me, she didn't take my hand, and she didn't reveal her name. I pulled my hand away, I felt my face redden, and I was embarrassed not knowing what to say next. All the while, she was looking steadily into my eyes and smiling at my discomfort.

"I'm sorry Paul, I shouldn't play these silly games with you, I'm Anita."

She watched me as relief spread across my face and I started breathing again.

"Paul, I have something to tell you but I feel a little foolish talking about it. Ah..."

"Keep going, tell me..."

"Well, I keep getting this strange feeling that I have known you for a long time. I'm embarrassed to say this, but it's more than a long time... It's that I have known you intimately... I don't believe I'm saying this. I felt this on the first day I saw you and it has been nagging me ever since. In fact, I was relieved to see you standing near the fountain today; I mean I was glad to see you. Nevertheless, I don't understand my behaviour because normally I would never come up behind a stranger in the park and slip my hand around his arm as I did with you today. Deep inside me, a voice was saying to me 'This man is safe, you know him so have no fear, you know him.' This has never happened to me before and frankly, I'm bewildered."

"That's uncanny because the first morning I saw you near the fountain I also had that same feeling. I went back each morning, waiting near the fountain hoping to see you again. I wanted to understand why I had this feeling; it's unusual because it makes me feel like we are lovers who are settled and satisfied in a long term relationship."

"Oh my God! That's the feeling precisely, Paul. I had it before I spoke one word to you. I haven't met you before have I?"

"Oh no. I would have remembered you!"

"This is the strangest conversation I have ever had, I feel confused, lost for words. I wanted to see you today because I'm leaving New York in two days and taking up a job on the west coast. I felt that if I left without talking to you..."

"... it would be unfinished business?" I finished for her.

"Precisely. Oh, this is too weird for words, frankly I'm a little spooked."

"I find it a pleasant feeling but what confuses me is I don't know our common ground, so why do I have this feeling that we have so much in common."

"You're not an American are you Paul, you have a foreign accent, is it English?"

"No not English, I'm an Australian, but I haven't lived there for twenty years."

"You don't sound Australian."

"I had an accent once but it changed as I shuffled between jobs in Europe and the U.S."

"A true international, very interesting. What do you work at if you don't mind me asking?"

"I work in the chemical industry."

"You're a chemist."

"No, I'm a marketing manager; let's not talk about me, where did you grow up."

"In Chicago and that's probably why I don't feel the cold so much, it gets very cold there during winter. I moved to New York when I was twenty-two, about fifteen years ago. Oh, that's giving my age away." Anita smiled wryly.

I smiled and kidded her, "I thought that you looked under thirty, maybe twenty-seven or twenty-eight and I'm guessing that you're not married."

"You're such a smooth talker, under thirty indeed! Are you guessing or hoping that I'm not married."

"Hoping... "

"And you, I'm guessing that you're married, you don't have that desperate look of a 'single' about you."

"No, I was happily married until three years ago..."

"So you're divorced."

"No, my wife died; cancer." I felt my diaphragm jump as I thought about my wife. I thought that I had finished grieving but now in my first intimate conversation since her death, I realised that the sadness persisted.

Anita grabbed my hands and held them tightly, her face showing sympathy, "I'm sorry Paul, and I didn't mean to pry."

"Please, no you weren't prying."

"You know we've been talking for such a long time..."

"... would you care to have lunch with me." It felt quite natural for me to cut her off mid-sentence.

Anita had not released my hands rather she strengthened her grip, "Isn't this unusual, you knew what I was going to say!"


"Yes, I would love to lunch with you."

"We can't leave here just yet, because you have some unfinished business with me..." she interrupted me before I could explain.

"... am I married?" her smile deepened and I could see her wondering whether to tell me and then her face clouded, "Well I was married once, it was a long time ago, I was twenty-one and it only lasted eight months; he beat me, he was a real bastard. Since then, I have never given myself completely to another man because I became fearful of making the same mistake again. The short answer is that I'm divorced and... and I'm lonely most of the time. I don't believe I'm telling you this!" Again, her hands tightened around mine.

"Now I'm sorry to be prying into your private life."

"Not at all, perhaps it's good for me to talk about it. However, it just occurred to me that maybe loneliness is what we have in common. Maybe this is nature's way of propagating the species. Get the two 'lonelies' together and let nature take its course."

"That wouldn't explain the feelings I have for you." I said the words without thinking of their impact on Anita.

"Oh Paul, you're getting up close and personal and I'm not sure that I want to go there."

"Please don't misunderstand me, what I said wasn't meant to be sexual; it was more than that, I was trying to explain something deeper..."

"Don't explain, I understand. You really are someone different, at least different to most men that I meet."

Somehow, I knew that Anita wasn't being cagey with me. "It's a little early for lunch would you care to walk, the snow is very light." I asked.

"I have a suggestion, there's a new private art gallery near my apartment. It opened two days ago and I promised myself that I would have a look before I left New York. They're showing my favourite art, early American, frontier stuff. Would you like to visit?"

"I would. You may be amazed or even startled but I have a collection of early American art."


"So help me God." I raised my hand as if I were taking a solemn vow. Again, her hands reached for mine.

"Amazing, don't you see how unusual... Would you show me your collection?"

"Why don't we do it all, have lunch, visit your gallery, have dinner and I'll show you my collection?"

"Do you have enough time to do all this, I didn't plan anything and I'm not dressed for a dinner date. This is more than I imagined that I would do today."

"Me too, but let's do it anyway!" I could see the excitement in Anita's eyes.

"Are you sure, Paul? Because if you are, we could lunch then visit the new gallery, stop off at my apartment and I could dress for dinner..."

"Let's go."

Anita was effervescent as we strolled toward Fifth Avenue. The snow was still light but it was transforming the landscape. Everywhere I looked the scene was grey or white; the colours had vanished.

"Do you like Italian food, Paul?"

"Don't tell me; you have a little place near where you live, it's owned and run by an Italian family and the food is delicious."

"You're making fun of me aren't you... but it's true the food is delicious."

The strange series of coincidences continued in Anita's favourite restaurant. We both chose Cannelloni for the main course; it was delicious, and we learned that we both favoured it.

We left the restaurant; it was still snowing lightly as Anita led me in the direction of the new gallery. As we walked, she was explaining that her apartment was nearby. When she let go of my hand and put her arm around my waist, her closeness aroused me, and the comfortable feeling persisted. 'She's right for you. You've known her for such a long time' the voice deep inside me kept repeating.

The art gallery's pictures were average, I knew that my small collection had better pieces and I could see that Anita was not impressed. She took my hand and led me onto the street and we walked to her apartment on Clements Street off Fifth Avenue.

"I hope you don't mind coming with me while I change for dinner?"

I didn't answer but leaned down and kissed the side of her head; she turned and her soft full lips brushed mine. Her eyes looked fiery and I wondered if they were showing anger or desire until her hand squeezed mine. My longing for closeness with her intensified and I felt tremors in my groin. I had not been this aroused for years, I felt the stirrings of an erection, and I was glad that my heavy clothing masked my craving for her.

We rode the elevator to her apartment on the seventh floor and as we approached her door, I couldn't help remarking, "This building reminds me of a hotel."

"Yes, it was a grand hotel seventy years ago, I think the developers gutted it and made quite spacious apartments on each floor but they kept the old image alive in the corridors and even within the apartments. Here we are... go ahead." She unlocked her door and ushered me inside.

I entered into a small foyer where we discarded our outer clothing then Anita led me into her sitting room.

"See the ceilings they kept the old pattern work that was fashionable when it was a hotel, do you like it?"

"Very grand. Lovely and you've furnished it tastefully too."

"Thank you, care for a drink? No let me guess you're a vodka drinker, true?"


"Vodka with... ?"

"Whatever you have as a mixer."

I stood looking out of her window at the street below when Anita returned with the drinks and set them on her low coffee table. She sat on her softly cushioned sofa and patted the space alongside her. Handing me my drink her hand brushed mine, giving me a pulse of feeling, it was electric. Raising her glass, "Here's to us!" then sipped her drink and leaned her head back. What she did next surprised me, she lifted my left arm and placed it across her shoulder, and then she edged closer to me. It felt so good and natural that I cupped her shoulder in my hand. She smiled up at me, "Comfy?"

"Oh yes, very!" We drank in silence neither of us feeling the need for small talk, when I leaned to place my empty glass on the table she quickly placed her unfinished drink on the floor and as I leaned back, her hands seized my face and her soft sensual lips squashed mine. The surprise and the speed of her movements caused me to become erect and I held her enjoying the moment.

"Oh, Paul you excite me, I don't feel nervous or inhibited with you, I love this deep feeling that I have of being your lover. Another drink?" she broke away and served me another drink. Placing it on the table, she sat and settled back into my left side.

This time I took the initiative and placing my hand on her neck, I drew her slowly to me; impatiently she held my face and kissed me then her head cuddled into my neck and her hand dropped to my lap and my erect penis jumped. Surprised, she gasped and quickly pulled her hand away.

"I hope I didn't hurt you."

Many answers came to mind but I took the easy way, "I hope I didn't shock you."

She giggled and ran her hand along my erection and it jumped again. She stood, "I think I had better get dressed for dinner."

I grasped her hand preventing her moving away, "And neglect me, us."

"Paul, this all too much for me, I never thought this would ever happen. It's heady, exciting and I'm trying to understand what's happening to me, I'm out of control. I haven't given myself to a man since I was divorced and now I feel like a school girl on her first date who wouldn't dare touch a man like I just did."

I pulled her down alongside me and put my arm around her shoulder, close to her ear I whispered, "I understand, I really do. But whatever you do don't reject me." Then I kissed the hollow of her neck, I felt her quick intake of air, and she started panting. She turned and looked at me, her eyelids half closed, her cheeks flushed, she kissed me urgently and her hand strayed back to my erection. She rolled across my lap and fell to her knees in front of me, her breathing was more ragged as she pulled my zipper down, and reaching in she released me. She looked up at me and shyly smiled as her mouth started caressing the crown of my penis.

I jerked with the feel of her warm mouth as she moved further down then I tried to pull her up to me but she was strong and resisted me; again, her shy smile melted me. Her hand squeezed the base of my cock and then moving up she started stroking me in time with her mouth. She released me from her mouth and brought her other hand to rub my precum in circles into the head. Then with one hand squeezing the base of my cock, the other hand jacking me, she placed her mouth on me and sucked forcefully.

Within a minute I felt my perineum tensing, and I panted heavily, I knew I was close to climax, "Anita I... mm cumming." I warned her. I thought that she would remove her mouth but she continued with increasing fervour with her mouth firmly locked on the head of my cock. I tried to hold back hoping to hold on to the feeling but out of control I slumped and then my pelvis pushed up as I came with heavy spurts of cum depositing into her mouth. She slowed knowingly and swallowed as she jacked me in time with my ejections.

I wasn't sure whether I had passed out for a moment with the impact of what had just happened, but my libido was soaring. Anita's head lay sideways in my lap, her fingers played idly with my softening prick.

I gripped her shoulders and lifted her; she was light in my arms as I manoeuvred her onto the sofa. Placing her head on an armrest, I lifted her legs and placed her lengthwise on the sofa. She looked at me with anticipation as I unbuttoned her blouse.

Fortunately, her bra opened from the front and I released her small but full breasts. Nibbling her skin, I moved from the hollow of her neck down to her right breast, I licked the underside where it met her belly, causing her to look at me, imploring me to continue. Her hands undid the top clasp on her skirt then her hand moved to my head where she slowly ran her fingers through my hair. Taking her cue, I grasped the top of her skirt, hooked my thumbs into her panties, and slowly removed them. I don't remember where they fell as I moved back to her right breast and circled her nipple with my tongue. She closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying my attention to her needs but her eyes flew open when I lightly bit her nipple.

"Never in my whole life have I been this brazen, never... I hope you don't think that I'm like this with..."

I didn't answer but kissed my way to her navel.

"... with every man that I meet... I can't help myself... Oh please don't stop, it's heavenly, I want you." I kissed lower and then licked slowly down to her mons. Anita didn't stop me so I moved my hand to her thigh and started stroking her inner thighs. I massaged my way to the plump part where her leg met her abdomen; I moved my thumb and let it gently rub her swollen outer lips. Her body jumped with the newness of the sensation.

"Oh God that feels wonderful." she muttered as I cupped one hand over her mons and with the other I played with her stiff pubic hairs. On my knees, I moved her legs and with her feet on the floor, I kissed her knee; moving my lips slowly up her inner thigh she gasped, "Oh, heaven, darling I want you. I need you."

I felt my cock stiffening again as I continued making love to this unusual woman. Slowly, I uncupped her mons and as my lips came closer to her vagina, I could smell her arousal. I moved my finger between her outer lips and her wetness told me that she did not want me to stop. My mouth tracked through her bristly hair, my tongue found her outer lips as I slipped my finger, moistened with her juices, into her vagina. I gripped her swollen lips with my mouth and let my tongue play. Her clitoris was erecting and it pushed into my lips where I held it and gently rolled my lips over it causing her to plead, "Fuck me!" in a guttural voice.

I arched my finger in her pussy, found the rough spot just behind the pelvic bone, and massaged it with the ball of my finger. "Unh." she grunted and then through half closed eyes she begged, "Please, come inside me."

I stood and disrobed quickly, throwing my jacket and jeans on the floor; my erection, engorged with blood had never felt so hard as it projected forward. As Anita moved her body, she spread her legs; I moved closer as she grasped my prick and guided it to her pussy, urging me to enter her. As my head touched her outer lips, I resisted and taking control, I wiped the head of my prick up and down her wet slit feeling her enlarged clitoris.

"Please Paul, I want you, fuck me please... please," she begged. After thoroughly wetting the head of my prick, I placed it at the entrance to her vagina and pushed forward slightly, Anita's legs wrapped around mine with such force that I unintentionally fell forward driving my prick deep into her. "Oh... you're so big, it feels so good... don't move yet, push into me harder... yes harder..." she threw her hands around my neck, "harder, yessss... Oh, I'm cominggg."

She held my head tightly in the hollow of her neck. She was breathing in short shallow breaths and I could feel the heat from her that intensified the intimacy of our union. Clenching my pelvic muscles slightly I caused her to jump involuntarily. "No not yet, don't move," her voice, heavy with feeling, "I'm still coming..." I felt her vagina clutching and rippling around me. "It feels so good; it's not stopping..."

Slowly Anita came down from the high, I had been quietly enjoying her pleasure, my prick still hard, I felt her pull back and then she drove her pelvis forward, urging me on.

She lifted my head and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue lightly exploring. She stopped kissing and I saw her look of concentration as she moved with me eager to reach the pinnacle again. She started breathing through her mouth, her eyes were glazed, and she grunted "Unh... Yes, oh yessss..." I was too far out of control and slowed trying to prolong her pleasure, "No harder... faster... Unh. Oh God." She was climaxing driving me on to my peak, I pushed deeper into her spurting hard, I stopped deep inside her and she hugged my head, "Oh fill me... it feels so... I'm coming again. Unh." Finally, her pussy clenched one last time then her legs and arms flopped away from me, and I could hear her softly sobbing.

Alarmed, I asked, "Oh, Anita did I hurt you?"

"You took me to heaven... and I wanted to stay there..." She was still high and she did not want to talk, " just hold me close."

I let my weight slowly ease onto her, and still she pulled me closer. A few minutes later, my muscles tiring, I eased away from her and dropped onto the carpet and she rolled to the side of the sofa and ran her hands through the hair on my chest.

"I am not a very experienced lover, I've only known three men, and none of them gave me a vaginal orgasm. You're a very tender person and you have given me a gift that I will always remember. I have never cum so quickly but it was not sex or technique that I felt but love." Her eyes filled with tears again, "I'm not crying, I'm just so overwhelmed by you."

I pulled her from the sofa down on top of me, she smiled down at me, "What time is dinner? I'm famished, feed me or I won't have enough energy to make love with you," she said wiping her tears away.

"What's your definition of blackmail?"

She slapped me playfully, "Look at us, me with my blouse open, bra undone and nothing on below the waist; and you with your shirt open, nothing below the waist but you've still got your socks on. Oh, very stylish!" she giggled at me.

I quickly took my shirt and socks off and stood naked in front of her without any inhibitions. She reached forward and held my cock and kissed it, asking it, "Would you like to shower with me? Paul can come too."

I laughed as she towed me all the way to the shower stall. I took the soap and a wash flannel and applied it to her back then down the back of her legs. Turning her around I soaped the flannel and washed her neck moving down I slowly washed her breasts, her nipples hardening into dark pink marbles. I couldn't resist the urge and I took her left nipple into my mouth, her hands moved from my shoulders and pulled my head against her breast squashing it into my face. I poked the cloth into her pussy and she let me go allowing me to continue washing her. After washing her navel, I moved down to her mound. She pressed hard into my hand and I let a finger out from behind the cloth to penetrate her vagina, she was wet and I invaded her easily. She ground against my hand, raising her pelvis up and down, keeping constant contact on her clitoris. She suddenly grasped my shoulder, buried her head into the hollow of my neck, and cried out, "Oh my God I'm coming again... I'm coming don't stop please. Oh yessss" and she groaned a few times then she held me tightly as my feelings of closeness with her increased.

"I have never been so emotional, you only have to touch me and I'm on fire," she whispered. In a few minutes she recovered and grabbed the flannel from my hand, and soaping it, "I think this could be called tit for tat," she made a flourish with her hand, "turn around, back first."

I turned and she vigorously washed my back then she tapped the inside of my leg with her foot, "Spread 'em," she commanded. Washing my legs from the bottom up she finished with my inside thighs, gently handling my balls and teasingly with her finger, massaging that special place between my anus and my scrotum. Reaching her hand around my body, she grasped my cock and started to jack me off. With no progress after a few minutes, she turned me around to face her, "Give him another hour or two and I'm sure I could breathe more life into him."

We dried one another after the shower and I went to the living room and dressed. Anita departed for her bedroom and soon she emerged elegantly dressed in a black after-five gown that fitted her like a second skin, with her hair swirled high on top of her head, she looked like a model on a catwalk. Now I could see how attractive she really was as she walked towards me.

"You look superb, darling."

Anita smiled; her eyes told me that she was happy, contented.

I rose from the sofa and as she came into my arms, "What or where shall we eat for dinner?" I asked.

"Your treat you decide, I don't have any major dislikes, and I eat most things."

"Ok, there's a little Spanish restaurant near my place, I recommend it. They have a trio of Spanish musicians and a beautiful senorita, a dancer who is full of energy."

In the taxi, on the way to the restaurant, we held hands and occasionally I held her close. Inside me the voice kept on '... you have known her for such a long time and she knows your needs.'

In the dim light of the Spanish restaurant we each agreed to have garlic shrimps and Anita had a Spanish omelette, I decided against another course and opted for a dessert called Spanish Main.

The Spanish girl dancing on the catwalk that ran down the centre of the restaurant, sensing that we were having a special night, sent her troubadours to serenade us at our table. Their love songs were so melancholic that Anita broke down and sobbed on my shoulder, as I tipped them for their music.

After a few more drinks, we left the restaurant and walked to my apartment building. At the entrance to my building, the door attendant informed me "A small wooden crate arrived for you during the afternoon and I took it upon himself to sign the delivery receipt. I left the crate in the kitchen. I hope that this was the correct thing for me to do."

I reassured him that he had done well and slipped him twenty dollars for his trouble.

In the elevator on the way to my apartment, I pressed Anita against the sidewall, kissing her passionately; her hand strayed to feel my erection and she was delighted with the evidence that she felt in the left leg of my trousers. The elevator stopped at my floor, level fifteen. Using my key to open the elevator door I ushered her into my apartment.

"Oh, My God Paul, this is your apartment?"

"Ah, yes it is."

"It's a furnished ballroom, my gosh look at the view of the bridge. How many rooms do you have?"

"Twelve, I've closed most of them since... well since... ah, I live in just three plus another room for my collection." I could see that Anita was overwhelmed and regretting that it was happening I acted as her butler "Your coat Madame?"

I helped her slip from her coat and hung it in the lobby dresser. I shed my outer garments and my jacket, walked her into the sitting room, and seated her with a view of the river "What would you like to drink?"

"I'm so impressed with... all of this and I hope you don't mind if I ask for a white wine."

"Of course not, I'll have one with you."

We sat sipping wine for about twenty minutes, not talking but we were communicating. She, with a tilt of her head, us smiling over the edge of our wine glasses, me with a squeeze of her hand, Anita running her hands over my chest and I could not resist kissing her and arousing her nipples.

"You know, I feel a little inhibited in all this lavishness. Is this what a marketing manager in the chemical industry can afford?"

"Well, not exactly, I also own the company. But it's only a small to medium sized corporation."

"Oh dear, I think that I'm outside my league here Paul."

"Anita, that's crap!" I feigned anger, "I don't want to hear you say that again."


"Not ever!"

"I'm sorry Paul, I won't."

"Another drink?"

"Yes please, I need one."

"Make yourself comfortable, kick your shoes off." I watched smiling as she prised her shoes off and parked them against the sofa. When I returned with fresh drinks Anita was standing playing with the top button on the back of her gown.

"You're not comfortable yet are you?"

"I need you to help me with the zipper." She smiled at me and tilted her head; I hurriedly set the drinks on the table. Facing one another, Anita tearing at the buttons on my shirt as I reached behind her undoing the button and easing her zipper all the way down, she shimmied and the gowned slipped off her shoulders and piled around her feet. She threw my shirt on the sofa and pulled at my belt, undid the catch at the top of the zipper and quickly she pushed my slacks down then her hand reached into my underpants.

"Uh, uh, I think that way might be painful," kneeling she hooked her fingers into the top of my underpants and pulled it forward releasing my cock which springing out hit, her chin, " Oh my, do I have a job to do here."

She grasped my cock and speaking to it with her lips only an inch away, "You see, I said I could breathe some life back into you, you clever darling." Whereupon she kissed my prick, and her tongue snaked out and lapped the sensitive underside of the head.

I gathered her up in my arms and she kissed me eagerly, I turned, crossed the sitting room and headed up a short wide hall to the master bedroom. I placed her down, kicked off my shoes, tugged at my socks, and kicked them away. Anita's smile grew wider as I was taking my socks off.

"What's the opposite of 'not stylish?'" I asked.

She giggled and threw her arms open as I eased myself down beside her. As I turned, my cock poked her in the waist, she grabbed it quickly, "You've lost your way, little fella," she said to my prick. She inched down the bed and I felt again the magic of her mouth. With room to spare, I turned toward the end of the bed until my face was level with her pussy. Anita was wet with anticipation and my finger penetrated her easily, I followed quickly kissing and then licking her engorged clitoris. I pulled back a couple of inches, "There's a little fella looking for you, you adorable little pussy," I joked.

Anita releasing me from her mouth, her head dropped back on the pillow and she laughed. I turned on the bed and tried to kiss her but her lips were spread thinly across her teeth and she kept giggling.

When the laughter wore off "What a great guy you are," she hugged me tightly then spread her legs in invitation. As I moved to get on top, her hand reached and grasped my cock pulling it into position, rubbing me on her wet slit. I felt her guiding me into her vagina, I eased slowly an inch at a time, then withdrew, then pushed in again; her head rolled on the pillow. When I had fully penetrated her, she hooped her legs around my thighs and looked at me, her eyes on fire with longing. She pushed so hard against me that I thought I felt the roughness of her cervix as her arms locked around my shoulders.

She moaned into my ear, "Please don't move, I love you... don't move." After thirty seconds "Push harder... yes that's it harder. Stop..." I felt the muscles in her pussy jumping, "I... don't want to cum yet but you feel so good, oh, yes faster... faster." She bucked wildly against me and I started moving quickly, then faster, her arms locking more firmly around my shoulders, "I'm... I'm cominggg..." I felt the ripples in her cunt as she kept furiously bucking against me. Then her arms fell from my shoulders she looked at me with those beautiful eyes that told me she was deeply moved. I thought that I had heard her cry out that she loved me but if I did it was too much for me to confront. I was still hard within her and I was happy and content that I was not near a climax. My awakening earlier in the day was allowing me to hold back, I started to withdraw when she grabbed my shoulder.

"No please don't. I want you in me, hold me tight." On my elbows I lowered my weight onto her and she sighed, "Oh yes." I heard her catch her breath and she sobbed softly.

"What's wrong darling?"

"Nothing is wrong, I'm so happy... so very happy. I've been to heaven twice today and I don't know what to do to make you as happy as I am," she said with a little catch in her voice. Now I could not stop the tears brimming in my eyes but my arms were tiring so I rolled to my side and pulled her close against me and held her tight. She reached up and wiped the tears from my cheeks and I licked her cheeks savouring the salty taste. She moved her pelvis toward me and I pushed against her but her hand pushed against my hip, "No this is my turn to take you to heaven."

With a speed and strength that I did not expect she rolled me over, I slipped from her but she rose on her legs gripping my slick shaft with her hand she started from the head and slid down positioning me correctly as she took me deep within. I started to thrust and she came down near my ear and whispered shyly, "Lie still, I want to give to you."

With exquisite slowness, she moved back into position then balancing with her hands on my chest, she moved up then slowly she moved down again. As she repeated this, I lost all sense of time. I felt every ripple of her inner pouch, and I felt every nerve ending in my prick. How long this lasted I can not say, I had never experienced this slow ascendency to heaven but soon the accumulated sensations had me heading towards my climax and I thrust up. Anita stopped and sat down on me, trapping me, from above me I heard her whisper, "Lie still darling, take pleasure from me." When she returned to the steady slow movements repeatedly, I was in a time warp, she did not break her rhythm, and I felt my consciousness soaring to a new level. I started spurting my seed within her. She did not speed up but kept moving, after four ejaculations, I could not stop myself from twitching, and I cried out, "Please slow down." She didn't seem to hear me and speeded up and I felt another orgasm quickly following. Now she wouldn't stop and I just kept trying to ejaculate but I was dry.

Anita fell onto my chest puffing from the exertion; she burrowed into the hollow in my neck and the heightened sensation was like the onset of another orgasm. I breathed deeply trying to slow the hyper-sensitised reactions that I was having. Her hand roamed over my chest and tweaked my left nipple, I felt the shock in my curling toes and the soles of my feet were burning.

I don't remember dropping off to sleep but when I awoke the covers were over us and Anita was sleeping, breathing softly. I started to ease out of the bed when her hand grabbed my cocked and in a sham motherly voice, "Are you leaving me little fella?" She laughed and fell back against the pillows.

"Would you like a drink or a coffee darling?"

"A coffee sounds great. Let me make it for you?"

"C'mon then, I'll show you where everything is kept."

I took two towelling robes from my wardrobe and helped Anita into hers and then I led her to the kitchen where we discovered the small crate where the doorman had left it. While Anita made coffee, I went to the broom closet, where I kept a small jimmy and started easing the lid off the crate. I retrieved the documents from the lid of the crate; they where from my art dealer. A small note told me that he had sent me two eighteenth century American paintings on approval.

Anita joined me with my coffee, I sipped but it was too hot and I placed it on the table. I grasped the frame of one of the paintings and eased it from the box; the artist's notes on the back of the canvas described the painting as a prairie fire. I turned the painting so that Anita could view it with me; it was magnificently rendered, the prairie grass on fire, smoke billowing over the plains and in the distance buffalo stampeding ahead of the fire.

"My that's a beautiful painting Paul."

"It certainly is. Let's see what the other one is like."

I eased it out of its slot with the back of the canvas facing us. The artist's notes read 'Paul and Anita Morton, a mid-western family.'

"This is a joke, somebody is sending me up." I spoke loudly.

"What's wrong Paul? Let me see. Hmm. Just coincidence, two first names. That's all."

"But you don't understand; my last name is Morton."

Anita's hand covered her mouth in shock as I twisted the painting around and there, in front of us from two hundred years ago, was a portrait of Anita and I and the voice within me saying 'She's yours forever.'

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