Beautiful Blonde Audrey
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom becomes good friends with Air Force friends, Ed and Audrey. When Ed goes away on temporary duty for several months, Audrey and Tom become very very good friends.

Audrey and her husband Ed were good friends of mine. They lived down the street in the upstairs (second floor) apartment of a house that their German landlord owned and where he and his family occupied the main floor and basement. They were a very attractive couple, Ed being very athletic and very good looking. Audrey didn't seem like she could possibly be the wife of a young captain in the Air Force. She looked younger than her real age of early 20-something, and Ed was the same age. Audrey was both cute and sexy beyond imagining. She had pretty short blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a nice shapely petite figure, and a nice set of B-cup breasts that look almost out of place on a face and body that looked more like a budding teenager. I often found myself staring at Audrey and wishing she had larger, fuller breasts but anything even more mature would probably have looked out of place on her frame.

Audrey and Ed had been married for four years and they seemed to be very much in love. I had often been invited up to their apartment for a delicious hot dinner and Audrey always showed off how well she could cook. Ed had just put on his new captain's bars when he got orders for a 6-month temporary duty assignment to the Persian Gulf. I remember the night I was sitting at their dinner table with Ed and Audrey and she told me about their upcoming separation. She tried to put a good face on it but I could tell this young attractive wife was lost as to how to deal with the situation. We sat talking and I could see tears beginning to glisten in her eyes, and then one tear after another began to fall down over her pretty cheeks. I hated to see Audrey crying like that and it wrenched my heart as I could see how she was already struggling with the forced separation from Ed. I wanted to get up and go over to where she sat and hug her but I knew that was totally inappropriate with her husband there to comfort her. Finally, Ed did get up and go over to Audrey and he leaned over and hugged her and kissed her on the head as the tears began to stream from her eyes. I felt a bit uncomfortable in this very tender vulnerable moment but then I was flattered that they considered me their friend and could show these deep emotions with me present.

Far too soon for all three of us, Ed shipped out to the Persian Gulf. I started to accompany Audrey to Base Operations the day he climbed on the large cargo plane to head off, but I felt that was really too personal and too tender a moment between a husband and wife for me to intrude on their very last moments together for six months. That night, however, I did venture to call Audrey and just ask her how she was doing. I was being totally honest and caring for a good friend when I offered that she could call on me if she needed anything while Ed was gone. I never envisioned what she'd be needing.

I stayed away from Audrey's house (her apartment) for the next few weeks. I did call her every few days just to check up on her. I would occasionally ask some of the other Air Force wives who knew Ed and Audrey if she was doing OK, and I was confident that they were checking on her, too. I thought the weeks and then the six months would pass uneventfully and Ed would be back before we knew it. Then, when Ed had been gone a full two months, I got a phone call from Audrey one night, the first time she'd ever called me instead of the other way around.

"Tom, this is Audrey. How are you doing tonight?"

"Hi, Audrey, I'm doing fine. How are you doing, lady?" I asked, totally surprised to hear my good friend's wife calling me after 10:00 at night. "I'm serious, Audrey. How are you doing?"

"Oh, I guess I'm doing OK, Tom," she said and I could definitely hear a sadness and a need in her voice that was much worse than I'd expected or that I'd ever heard when I'd called her earlier.

"I don't believe you, Audrey," I said. "I want to really know how you're getting along while Ed's away," I said in a more insistent and hopefully caring voice.

"Tom," Audrey tried to answer as I could hear the trembling in her voice and I could tell she was on the verge of breaking down into tears. "I'm not doing good at all; I miss Ed so much in more ways than you'd ever imagine," Audrey tried to say as the tears began and I could hear her starting to sob. "Tom, I am soo lonely and I miss Ed so much. I don't think I'm going to make it the whole six months..."

"Wait, Audrey, you're gonna be OK. Really. Ed's been gone two months and you're almost a third of the way through this TDY. Audrey, I'm right here if you need anything. You understand?"

There was silence on the other end of the phone line, and then I heard Audrey tearily say, "I hear you, Tom, but there are just some things that you can't possibly give me that only Ed can," and as I heard the sexy young blonde wife of my good friend Ed say those words, I began to feel an opening into the emptiness she was experiencing that I'd never suspected before.

Then, Audrey said, "Tom, could you possibly come over tomorrow night and let me just fix you dinner? You've tried so hard to be my friend and I want to show you how much Ed and I appreciate your friendship by giving you the nice dinner I'd give Ed if he was only here."

I hesitated for a moment, thinking that going to have dinner at Audrey's was a potential minefield. "Tom, did you hear me?" Audrey asked. "I'm serious; can you come over for dinner?"

Before I thought further, I replied, "Sure, Audrey, what time and I'll be there." She told me 6 P.M. and I told her I'd be there right on time. Sure enough, the next night after work, I showered, changed out of my Air Force uniform and I walked down the street and up the private stairwell to Audrey and Ed's upstairs apartment. When I buzzed the doorbell, Audrey came to the door. I felt a hot flush come over me as I saw Audrey standing there holding the door open to invite me into her home. Audrey had on a rather bust-emphasizing dark blue sweater and a matching skirt that came just above her knees. Her hair was fixed nicely and she'd obviously put in a bit of effort to not only prepare our dinner but also to dress in anticipation of my coming over. In response to how Audrey looked, I felt my cock growing hard in my pants and I felt embarassed that I was actually getting turned on by my friend.

Audrey treated me like a king that night. Her dinner was luscious and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her gorgeous face and sexy body. Her nice blue sweater gripped her sexy rounded B-cup breasts just right and I found myself wondering if she had on bikini panties or a thong of maybe no panties at all underneath her skirt. We finished the delicious meal she'd prepared for us, and then I helped her clear the dinner table and put the dishes into her dishwasher. Audrey told me to go into the family room and she'd join me there shortly. I went in and turned on the television and when Audrey came into the room, she stood looking at me, acting like she didn't know quite what to do next. I was sitting there, looking at Audrey and almost undressing her with my mind and with my eyes. She let her eyes meet mine and then I stood, walking over to where she was standing. I felt a huge wave of guilty desire wash over me in realizing that I'd already had a wonderful evening with Ed's beautiful young wife and that she was at the most vulnerable position I'd ever known her to be in before. I stood looking at Audrey, then I walked over to her, and pulled her into my arms, her head falling onto my chest and her body pressing against mine. I could smell Audrey's perfume wafting into my nostrils, and I pulled her body closer to me, feeling her rounded bra-encased breasts against my chest.

"This is wrong, Audrey, we shouldn't be doing this," I said in as insistent a voice as I could manage. "We really shouldn't be doing this," then Audrey's hand slipped up to my mouth, covering it and stopping my words. She looked into my eyes, and she told me without saying a word that I'd offered to do anything she needed and that what she needed tonight was for me to make love to her. I wish I'd heard her say those words but she didn't need to. I could see it in her face.

I reached down, scooped Audrey up into my arms, and I carried her back to where I knew her master bedroom was. Without even asking, I set Audrey on the side of the bed, and then I leaned down, covering her lips in a kiss as both of my hands cupped her breasts underneath her sweater.

"Ohhhhhhh, Tom," was all Audrey could say as she felt my hands caressing and touching her body for the first time, even if it was through her clothes. "Touch me, Tom; touch me, caress me and make love to me, Tom," Audrey begged. She reached down, grabbed the bottom of her blue sweater and pulled it off over her head. When she got the sweater above her bra, I could see that she had on a matching blue lacy bra underneath and I could instantly see the dark nipples of her breasts through her sheer bra. Then, Audrey stood up, unfastened her skirt and slipped it down over her legs, revealing that sure enough she had on a matching thong panty underneath it.

I felt my cock fully hard inside my pants and pressing out tight against the crotch. I hadn't been this turned on in a long time. While I had Audrey standing there now in front of me in only her dark blue bra and thong, I found myself coping with the reality that Audrey was a sexy married woman in her 20's and not the older teenager that she actually appeared to be. Her seductive bra and thong reminded me that this was a woman who'd been married a few years and had been pleasuring her own husband for four years or since they'd started their relationship. I felt myself flushing as I began undoing my pants, getting my shirt off, and then I shrugged out of my T-shirt and my briefs. When I was standing there fully naked in front of Audrey, I lifted her chin with my hand underneath it and leaned over to kiss her sweet soft lips. Audrey met my kiss with a hot lusty intensity that took my breath away. I really hadn't expected the kind of sexy response from Audrey at all. Then, I let both my hands venture down over her bra-encased breasts and I caressed the rounded mounds, feeling her nipples harden and struggle to poke free from the confinement of the cups. Audrey's chest was starting to rise and fall with her increased breathing, and then I reached in between her breasts, deftly undoing the snap that held her B-cup bra fastened together, and peeled both cups back off of her breasts at the same time. I quickly lowered my lips to Audrey's exposed left breast. The nipple was dark and about the size of a quarter. Very sexy against the paleness of the skin of her chest. Her right breast was equally sexy and my left hand covered it as my lips locked over the hard nub of her aroused nipple. I could hardly believe all the obvious signs I was picking up that Audrey was very sexually aroused and more than ready for a fuck.

I continued suckling Audrey's left nipple and my hand slid down between her legs. I found her panty -covered pussy and was also instantly greeted by the fact that she was very wet and her thong was soaked with her natural pussy juices. I moved my hand up, slid it down underneath the front of her thong, and then found her pussy slit and rubbed my fingers down across it. Audrey's hot lusty moans were very sexy as she felt free to let me know how wonderful it felt to have me touch her in her most intimate parts. I finally couldn't wait any longer and I lifted Audrey to her feet, hooked my fingers in the waistband of her thong and peeled it down from her body. Now she was naked along with me. I pulled her into my arms in a very lusty embrace, wanting to feel the young horny and very sex-needy wife of my friend Ed naked in my arms. I was about to fill the need that Ed wasn't there to meet. My cock was jutting up hard and thick and ready to fuck between our naked bodies.

"Make love to me, Tom," Audrey begged as she felt her pussy juices seeping down the inside of her thighs. I lifted her onto the bed behind her, and I climbed up alongside her nude body. I could see that Audrey's pussy hair was a sexy golden blonde just like her hair on her head, and I reached down again between her legs, caressing across her pussy lips and then over her clit and ran my fingers through her pussy fur. Her pussy was sopping wet from her sexual desire. Audrey's sexy swollen pussy lips were very pink and coated with her pussy nectar. I stroked my fingers across her hot horny pussy and took the wetness to the head of my hardon. I lubed my dick up good with 2 or 3 additional swabs across her pussy and then I moved on top of Audrey, looking down at her gorgeous naked body lying there underneath me. I was about to engage in an adulterous fuck with the sexy young wife of one of my best Air Force buddies and I couldn't stop myself.

Audrey's shapely thighs were spread, her hands were cupping her breasts and diddling across her nipples as I aimed the hard fullness of my cock straight into her waiting pussy. She moaned and said, "yeesssssssssssssssssssssss," as I felt my cock spreading her pussy lips and then I pushed forward, spreading her pussy further and actually penetrating her tight young pussy. I pulled out slightly, aimed inside her pusy again and then pushed forward strongly, burying my long thick 8 inch cock nearly two-thirds inside Audrey's pussy. She moaned and squirmed underneath my forceful penetration but I didn't feel anything but hungry desire for me to take her even more fully.

"Give it all to me, Tom," Audrey moaned and I lifted myself up above her, moving my ass back and forth and began thrusting my big thick hardon in and out of Audrey's hot young pussy. She took every inch and acted like she wanted even more of me inside her. She was quickly moaning and thrashing around on the bed under me while she was impaled on my hard dick. In only 5 minutes of fucking her, Audrey began to orgasm, and then I lifted both of her legs up and put them onto my shoulders as I kept driving in and out until she orgasmed a second time, and then I buried my cock inside her and filled her pussy full with my hot cum as I ejaculated 5 or 6 large thick globs of my semen deep into her young pussy.

When I'd finished cumming, I lay inside Audrey for quite some time, and then my cock started to grow into another hard raging hardon and before we knew it, both Audrey and I were moving together in rhythm in our second fuck together. When that sexual coupling finished, I kissed Audrey and she helped me clean up and saw me to the door of her apartment after I'd gotten dressed.

Audrey looked me in the eyes as I turned to leave and said, "thank you so much, Tom. I might make it after all with your help," and I closed her apartment door, walking back down the street to my place.

I hadn't even gotten home that night from Audrey's apartment and our first illicit fuck together when the answering machine was blinking and she'd called my number as soon as I'd left and given me a message: "Tom, can you come over for dinner again tomorrow night?? Please?" That was all she had to say but I knew that the message went far beyond just inviting me over for dinner. Audrey had been without her husband of four years for nearly two months now while he was in the Persian Gulf with the Air Force and we had both just mutually seduced each other and shared two fucks together there in her own marital bed. I'd spewed two thick loads of my babymaking cum into Audrey's young horny pussy and now, even before I got home from her seductive arms, she'd called and invited me again for the next evening. I'd definitely be there.

Having Audrey not only seduce me and fuck me twice in her own home had made me hornier than I'd been in a long time, but having her call and ask me over the next night before I even got home was so hot I could hardly stand it. I went straight to my bedroom, stripped naked and headed for the shower to clean up before going to bed. When I got inside the shower and got the water regulated just right, I could feel a huge hardon growing between my legs again from just remembering how hot and sexy it had been to fuck Audrey only a few minutes earlier. She was so sexy and so hot in bed; far sexier than I'd have ever thought possible. Audrey was quite a minx in the sack.

I quickly realized I had a hardon that needed to be taken care of and I quickly had my hand wrapped around my hard cock and began stroking myself up and down as I remembered how Audrey looked that night from the first moment she'd opened her apartment door through getting undressed and fucking with me until she showed me out at the end of our sexy adulterous evening together. I was quickly beating my meat and before I even realized it, I felt my balls pumping a third jism load out on the wall of my shower stall.

The next day I could hardly wait for my daytime work to finish so I could hurry home, get cleaned up and head to Audrey's place for dinner and whatever followed. Five minutes before the arranged dinner time, I walked down the street and buzzed the doorbell to Ed and Audrey's apartment just as I had the night before. I had felt a bit guilty that day in the aftermath of having fucked Audrey the night before for what we'd done. Here her husband was off doing his Air Force duty in the Persian Gulf and I was back in Germany, living down the street from his young wife Audrey and then last night I'd fucked his sexy young wife like she was the most wanton cheating wife in the world. Well, I was realizing that Audrey was considerably sexier and more hot for sex than I'd thought a few days earlier. I knew one thing -- that day I couldn't get out of my mind the hot intense feeling of having my big thick cock buried inside Audrey's sexy hot wet pussy and when I was fucking her, it was as good a fuck as I'd ever had with any woman before. Audrey was very cute, nicely built and she was totally sexy in the bed.

I almost held my breath as I waited for Audrey to come to the door of her apartment. When she did, I wasn't disappointed by any means. Tonight Audrey had picked out a button-up blouse that was very nice and fit her snugly along with a pair of matching pants. I could tell from the way her B-cup sized breasts pressed out against the blouse inside her bra that she'd picked out a bra intended to showcase her nice rounded breasts. I'd found out the night before that Audrey wasn't nearly as innocent as I'd thought and then i asked myself why I thought a married woman of 4 years should be innocent at all. She'd surely been fucking Ed in every way they could find for at least that long or longer.

Audrey had indeed made dinner for us, but when i walked through the door to her apartment, she said, "Tom, I enjoyed our lovemaking session last night so much that I want us to do it again. But, tonight, I'm so horny for your big cock to fuck me that I want to do that first and then we'll eat."

Audrey didn't even wait to see if I'd agree. She took my hand, led me down the hallway to her master bedroom, and when she got me there, she bent down and started undoing my belt, my pants and began undressing me. Audrey didn't even slow down until she had me down to my briefs and then she stood and let me start caressing and kissing her while I got her clothes off as well. I quickly had her button-up blouse undone, and had it off onto the bed, along with her pants. Then, as she stood there in a black demi-bra and matching thong, I slid her thong down and off and I backed Audrey up against the side of the bed, then I knelt and started licking and kissing her pussy to eat her out to her first orgasm. The biggest surprise when I pulled Audrey's thong off was that instead of the blonde-furred pussy I'd seen and fucked the night before, tonight she presented me with the smoothest freshly shaved pussy I'd ever seen. Her pussy was shaved baby smooth. Either last night or this morning, Audrey had shaved her pussy smooth just for me.

With Audrey's pussy lips clearly visible without any pussy hair at all, I reached behind her ass, cupped her asscheeks in my hands and pulled her pussy firmly against my face as I quickly ate her pussy to a strong lusty orgasm. Then, with her still breathing hard from just climaxing, I stood up, undid Audrey's bra in the front between her sexy B-cup breasts and then I closed my lips over her right nipple while I diddled and played with the nipple of her other breast. Audrey was so hot for me that she started moaning and she quickly pulled me onto the bed with her. I pulled my briefs down and off, joining Audrey and she spread her thighs, pulling her feet back until they nearly touched her ass as she prepared for me to mount her. Audrey's pussy was every bit as swollen and hot for my cock as it had been the night before and I aimed the full hard head of my cock into her tight young pussy, shoved forward and heard her let out a lusty moan as she realized I was inside her again. Audrey spread her thighs, letting me fill her hot pussy with my big cock, and she quickly started moving in rhythm with my hot energetic thrusts into her pussy as I quickly took us both to the heights of orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Tom, ooooooooooo fuck me, fuck me," Audrey said. I hadn't heard her say anything too sexy or naughty the night before but I guess she'd thought out our fuck together as much as I had and she'd decided to let her true colors show more with me. I leaned up over Audrey's prone body underneath me and as I really started power-fucking her, Audrey's sexy rounded B-cup tits were jiggling hotly up and down on her naked chest. She began to cum again and I kept pounding in and out of her pussy until I felt my own orgasm exploding from my balls. I kept drilling her while I came and when we'd both finished cumming, Audrey kissed me and told me to go wash my face and join her in the dining room for our dinner. She picked up a nice sexy robe she'd laid out for that purpose and Audrey padded off down the hallway to get out dinner out while I freshened up a bit. The night was young and I'd already enjoyed some dessert with Audrey. Now the main course and then more dessert to follow.

Later that evening, I let Audrey demonstrate how desperate and hot she was to get off sexually with her husband being gone. Just letting me fuck her up to that point hadn't taken my initiative on her part. Audrey had basically surrendered to her own sexual needs and desires without the conscious recognition that she was cheating on her husband and actually fucking one of his best Air Force buddies. I wanted Audrey to at least deal with what she was doing with me. Yes, she obviously was a willing and active participant in the illicit affair we'd started, but I wanted her to become aware of her own sexy wanton behavior. I wanted her to take control of one of our fucks by mounting me and riding my cock. then, Audrey would know for sure that she was desperate for some hard cock to fuck her horny pussy.

After Audrey had let me fuck her before we ate that night, she'd stayed naked after our fuck but put on a wrap-around robe that she was buck naked underneath. Her sexy B-cup breasts pushed out nicely against the top of the robe and I knew very well what other sexy things were covered up by that skimpy suggestive garment. When we'd finished eating the delicious dinner Audrey had prepared, I walked over, standing beside where she was sitting and I slid a hand down between the folds of her dressing gown, finding her right breast immediately and I began stroking her naked breast underneath it. Audrey was as ready for our mutual dessert following dinner as I was. I wanted her for my dessert and she wanted me for the same reason. I leaned close against her, covering her naked right breast, and flicking my hands over the already aroused nub of her nipple. I love it when a woman's nipples harden and Audrey was as arousable as any young woman I'd ever been with. Her tits made her hot and very ready to fuck whenever I touched them, especially when I touched her naked breasts. I reached down, pulling Audrey to her feet and then I unfastened the tie holding her gown closed, pulling it open and then back off of her body, making her totally naked and available for me again.

I took Audrey by her hand and led her back to her marital bedroom again where she normally slept and made love with her husband. It seemed that for the next few months while he was gone, Audrey and I would be the ones using her large bed to mate in. I had a huge hardon jutting from my groin as Audrey accompanied me to her bed. I stopped and embraced her, holding Audrey's sexy naked body against mine as my hands moved over her naked body. I leaned over, licking Audrey's sexy left nipple, flicking my tongue across the hardened nub, and then I said, "Audrey, it's time for you to control this fuck, lady. I want you to climb on my cock and ride me until you bring us both to orgasm," and I moved over on the bed, lying naked on my back, my hard dick sticking up thick and hard, waiting for Audrey to decide what she was going to do.

Audrey acted for a moment like she didn't know quite what to do next. She stood there beside the bed, looking totally hot. Her sexy B-cup breasts were jutting proudly from her sexy chest, her petite figure was looking so good. Her shaved pussy was wet and swollen from our earlier coupling in this same bed. Then, Audrey leaned over, taking my hardon in her hand and stroking me as she opened her sexy hot wet lips and took the head of my cock into her young luscious lips. Audrey immediately let her tongue move hotly over my swollen cockhead and then she bobbed her head up and down a few times as she sucked me in promise of what was coming. I loved it. Audrey's mouth felt so good on my cock. I had to remind myself that this wasn't some babe I'd picked up at the O'Club and brought home for a one-nighter. This was the wife of a fellow Air Force officer, and she and I were fucking getting it on while he was off to the Persian Gulf. I felt a momentary twinge of guilt but then put it aside and reconciled that if it wasn't me preparing to dick his young wife, some other horny guy probably would be.

I finally decided to get a bit more assertive and naughty with Audrey. I was lying there with her sucking my cock, and I said, "Audrey, I want you to get on top of my cock NOW and fuck me, OK?" I didn't really want to be dominating with her but I wanted to see how far Audrey would let me push this little act I'd found myself assuming. I wanted to see if she'd cooperate or if she'd balk and show me the door. I knew I'd be the worse off if she called my bluff and threw me out, but the excitement and the eroticism of actually making another man's wife do my sexual bidding was getting me really hot. One thing I'd never asked Audrey was whether she was on some kind of birth control. With her and her husband probably making love on a regular basis, I certainly assumed that Audrey was on the Pill if she hadn't wanted to become pregnant. I didn't feel I had to even mention the subject to a married woman.

Audrey finally finished sucking my cock and she climbed up on the bed with me. I would normally have moved over and put her on her back or her stomach and fucked her but I wanted the pleasure of letting Audrey get on top and assume control of this fuck. I love it, actually, when the woman's on top and she can delight and pleasure herself by control the angle and the speed and the hotness of how she moves up and down on my cock inside her pussy. Audrey threw her leg over my body, leaning down again and kissing my cock before she stroked me a few more times and then she moved up, leaning up on her knees and taking the hard thick shaft of my cock in her hand and aiming the full erect head of my cock into her waiting pussy lips. I reached up just as Audrey was preparing to mount me, and I cupped both of her sexy rounded tits on her chest, playing with her hardened nipples while she allowed herself to move down onto my cock, impaling herself quickly on the hard length of my dick.

From the position, Audrey once again looked much younger than her actual age as she took my cock inside her pussy. Audrey was already very wet and very aroused from our first fuck and now she slid down onto my cock smoothly, taking me nearly all inside her on the first stroke downward. I let go of Audrey's naked breasts, moving my hands down smoothly to her waist and I grabbed her firmly there, at first letting her control the fuck but steadying her on top of me with my hands on her body as well. Audrey was far more erotic and sexy on top of me than I'd have figured. I could tell she'd done this before and I was obviously learning much more about the relationship between Audrey and her husband than she'd have imagined.

Audrey began to ride up and down on the hard thickness of my cock, and then within only 10 minutes, I could tell she was approaching an orgasm. I began to help Audrey stay on top of me and continue riding harder and faster on my cock as she approached her climax. When she began to cum, she threw her head back and moaned hotly in sexual release and it was then that I grabbed her firmly by the waist, actually keeping her thrusting up and down and also beginning to lift her up and down on my hardon as she momentarily lost control while she was in orgasm.

I actually lifted Audrey up and down on my cock, basically jacking myself off with her in my hands as her sexy tight young pussy was clasping my cock as she moved on me. I loved the firm snugness of her pussy on my cock and after Audrey recovered from her first orgasm, she resumed the control of our coupling again. She was even hotter after her first orgasm, her pussy was so wet and so hotly lubed up from her natural arousal and pussy juices. I began to let her move up and down but after her first orgasm, I also gave her subtle guidance as I wanted her to bring me off to a thundering orgasm, too.

In about 15 minutes after Audrey came, I felt my orgasm approaching rapidly. "I'm going to cum, too, baby," I moaned and Audrey moaned that she was getting close again, too. She kept on riding my cock, her strong leg and thigh muscles helping her move on my upthrusting cock and helping her to tightly grasp my hard cock inside her horny young pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Audrey moaned and then I felt my cum start to shoot up the shaft of my cock and my jism splattered hotly against the mouth of her womb, deep inside one of the sexiest young pussies I've ever fucked. Shortly after I started spurting my jism inside her, Audrey moaned that she was cumming again. She quit moving and sat on top of my cumming dick, my jism spurting up inside her. We lay there in each other's arms, kissing and caressing each other as our orgasms waned, and then, finally, Audrey lifted herself off of my cock, moving down and licking my balls and cock clean before I finally got dressed and headed home for the night.

Audrey and I not only continued to get together on an almost daily basis to fuck and play with each other sexually, but we actually began to spend the night together. First, Audrey asked me to stay with her one night after we'd been fucking regularly for nearly two months, and then she'd come over to my place and end up staying all night in my arms as well. It was becoming a very comfortable situation but both of us knew that it had to come to an end when Audrey's husband would eventually come back home.

Three nights before Audrey's husband was scheduled to return from his six month TDY to the Persian Gulf, we'd actually spent the entire afternoon together out just shopping and being with each other. We didn't much care if others knew we were spending a lot of time together, but we did try to be discrete to the fact that we'd become passionate lusty lovers. Audrey realized she had a repuation to try to preserve and we hoped it hadn't become common knowledge that many of our evenings and early mornings were spend naked in each other's arms.

Audrey has dressed pretty hotly for our afternoon out in public. I loved how sexy she looked in a nice pair of dress pants and a blouse that buttoned up in front. She was obviously wearing one of the sexy new demi-bras she'd bought to titillate and tease me. I loved how much sexier Audrey had become in the nearly six months her husband had been away. She'd definitely transitioned from a very proper and innocent seeming wife to a sexy young woman who was so hot in bed with me that I found my breath taken away by her eroticism and hotness on a continual basis. I realized that Audrey and I had pretty much enjoyed sex in every conceivable place in her house and we'd also gone out late at night sometimes and ended up parking down a dark lane, and climbing in the back of my cock and fucking there in the backseat. I found myself wondering if Audrey was actually living out a hot lusty teenage experience that she'd never really had when she'd gone through her teen years. I didn't ask her because I just wanted her sexually and I didn't want to spoil the mood of those hot moments.

We finally headed back to our place with some carry-out food since she didn't want to spend time cooking when we got back to her place. She said she wanted to spend time making love with me, not cooking, and I certainly wasn't going to argue with that logic. I got Audrey safely inside her apartment, put the carry-out food where we could eat it when we were both ready, and then she came into my arms, and we started kissing and caressing each other all over. I soon had my hands playing with Audrey's tits through her blouse and bra, and she quickly had her hands all over me as well. Then, I took her to the family room, and I stood her in front of the couch, reached down and pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her dress pants, and began unbuttoning it from top to bottom. I soon saw that she had on a very sexy see-through black bra and matching thong underneath her clothes as I undressed her. When I had Audrey down to just her bra and thong, she returned the favor, getting me down to only my briefs.

Once I had Audrey in only her underwear, I moved her over on the nearby couch, got her lying on her back and then I began licking and kissing her breasts and her pussy through her bra and thong. I quickly had the cups of her bra wet from my lips sucking and kissing her tits through them, and then as I moved down between her legs, I kissed and sucked her baby smooth pussy lips through the thin material of her pussy until her thong was sopping wet and her pussy was dripping wet with my saliva and the pussy nectar from her own arousal. then, I reached up to Audrey's thong and pulled it down off her body, getting her naked from the waist down. I then moved back up, reaching in between her sexy rounded tits cupped by her bra and unfastened the front closure holding her bra closed. With the clasp undone, I peeled both cups back, revealing Audrey's sexy hot young B-cup sized tits underneath. I quickly peeled her bra off her body and then I removed my briefs, standing there in front of Audrey, stroking my hard cock and letting her know I was about to mount and fuck her. Audrey got positioned and then I moved over on top of her as she lay back on the couch. Her pussy was hotly exposed and I could see her pussy moistness very visibly.

I leaned down over Audrey, aiming the swollen head of my hardon into her pussy and then I bucked forward, feeilng the hotness of her tight pussy lips giving away in front of my rampaging cock impaling and starting to fill her pussy. "Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me, Tom," Audrey moaned. She bucked her ass up, taking my cock deeply inside her as she moved with me. Audrey and I had learned a lot about fucking together in the months we'd been lovers, and it almost seemed like we'd been fucking for years instead of only a few months since her husband had been gone.

I got my cock fully inside Audrey's tight pussy and I loved how hot and tight she felt, her pussy clasping my cock securely inside her body. I leaned down, sucking her sexy aroused left nipple into my lips as I began moving steadily in and out of her body. Audrey had become very comfortable with me as her lover, and I had become very satisfied with knowing that there was this gorgeous horny young blonde wife living just down the street whose sexual favors I could enjoy whenever I wanted her. I'd become very used to that convenience and I felt myself growing hotter and hotter as I began to pound my cock in and out of her pussy faster and more strongly.

"Yes, fuck me, Tom, give me that big hard cock," Audrey encouraged me and then within only a few minutes of rutting with me, she began to moan and buck underneath me as she exploded in an orgasm. I kept on thrusting in and out and then I pulled out, telling Audrey to get up on her hands and knees on the couch in front of me and to let me fuck her from behind doggy style. Audrey loved doing it that way too and she quickly complied. I re-mounted her, slamming my cock up inside her tight clasping pussy doggy fashion and I cupped her sexy rounded breasts under her chest as I used my grip on them to steady her as I penetrated and filled her horny hot pussy over and over again.

When I began to cum, I slammed my cock inside Audrey's pussy totally, and she collapsed onto the couch underneath me as she felt my cock spurting my hot babymaking cream inside her horny young pussy. I finished cumming and when I'd pulled out, Audrey asked me to go with her and shower before we ate supper. We fucked a second time in the shower, and then as she put her sexy dressing gown on to get our supper out, she looked me in the eye and said, "Tom, before we finish tonight, I want you to know that I'm pregnant. I found out yesterday that I'm 3 months pregnant so the baby is yours, Tom."

I felt my cock growing hard again as I realized I'd knocked up my buddy's young horny wife and then I sat there talking to her, trying to figure out how we were going to deal with this new, unexpected reality in our lives. I was going to be a daddy; Audrey's was going to be a mommy, and her husband hadn't had a part in any of it.

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