Patriotic Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, Oral Sex, Fisting, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - His wife will do anything to support the troops.

All excited, Ruth readies herself for her husband Jack who will be arriving home today from Iraq. All she knows for sure is that Jack has a small hand injury and will be home for a few weeks. Wearing a short red dress, Jacks favorite, Ruth looks at herself in the mirror and picks a tall pair of spiked heels. At 6' tall, she turns and can see her bottom if she bends forward even slightly. Jack had always loved her in short sexy clothes and she knows that he will just love this. Ruth still has 3 hours to kill and sits on the side of the bed and gently shaves her pussy until it is completely smooth, resisting the urge to play with it further.

Finally its time to leave and Ruth is locking the apartment door when the neighbor whistles his approval at her dress causing her to smile playfully saying, "Jacks coming home today and I am so excited." Ruth can feel his eyes on her as she walks towards the stairs, looking back at a glance to make sure. She walks with confidence knowing that her slender body, even at 40 can draw such attention. Her brunette hair falls about her shoulders playfully as her braless chest bounces proudly with her walk. She is stunning, and knows it.

The people file from the airplane unceremoniously as she waits. Jack finally is in her sight and she hugs and kisses him to everyone's amusement. In his uniform, people from everywhere shake his good hand and thank him. This gives them both quite a feeling of pride in their country. At the baggage claim a man sees his hurt hand and goes out of his way to carry his duffle bag out and to their car in a show of respect.

Ruth holds him tightly in the car and he tells her about his wound and that its not really a big deal. Letting her dress ride up, Ruth shows Jack what he so desperately has dreamed of and has only seen recently in the pictures she has sent.

The rest of the day and night they fuck like bunnies while Ruth makes sure to do anything to please her man. At one point, after sucking him clean she lets him watch as she masturbates for his viewing pleasure.

The next morning after breakfast, Jack tells her of his best friend David. Ruth has known David for the duration of their marriage as he was best man at their wedding. Jack and David were the same age, 28 and both considerably younger then Ruth. Ruth had taken a lot of jokes over the years about her "Robbing the cradle" but she had always loved pleasing her younger man.

It seems David, who had enlisted with Jack, was seriously hurt in the explosion that had hurt Jack. He had been transferred to the VA hospital in their home town only days before Jack had arrived.

It was still early but they decided to go and visit David. When they arrived he was in a ward with about 10 other soldiers who were all in various stages of repair. Finding him, they were happy to see he remembered them and acted in his somewhat outgoing manner. David was always quite the talker and always very outgoing about anything he did. Joking with David it was obvious that he was not himself but still it was a relief to see him in good spirits. David, it seems, had also noticed the dress that Jack wanted her to wear and kept stealing glances at her body.

When Ruth caught him looking at her legs she smiled letting him know it was OK. Looking around the room, Ruth noticed the other men who could see, were trying to see. This excited Ruth and she looked to these men and smiled also. The man in the bed behind Ruth, dropped an ink pen causing her to turn and pick it up for him. "You sure are beautiful." The young man said as she handed it back to him. Smiling at him brightly she extended her hand saying, "My name is Ruth and thank you very much." This left the young man speechless and still smiling as she turned back to David.

They spent quite a while but only left when a nurse decided they had been there too long. Walking down the hall slowly with quiet reverence, they were in awe of just how many young men were laying in these rooms injured.

The next day, even before Jack asked, she had dressed to go and visit David again. This made Jack smile and he told her, "David will love the outfit you have on. He sure loved the dress you wore yesterday. I noticed him checking you out yesterday as well as everyone else in the hospital." Ruth blushed and replied, "I certainly don't mind all the attention."

David was happy to see them and tried to straighten up in bed to no avail. Laying on his back at a slight incline he had his right arm bandaged and in traction while his left arm was completely bandaged and laying next to him. Ruth walked right up to him and gave him a light hug with a small kiss on the cheek saying, "You look a little better today." This caused David to laugh as he replied, "A beautiful woman just hugged me. My life is definitely looking up."

They are all laughing as Ruth turns to see who got the best view up her skirt during her hug. Several men have their eyes glued to her and she knows that they have seen something they wanted to see very badly.

Jack and David talk while Ruth talks to the young man with the ink pen from the day before. Looking around the room Ruth goes and talks to another young soldier who has obviously lost both legs. He smiles and accepts her conversation while trying to sit up.

From looking into these men's eyes it is clear that talking to her brightens their spirits as she moves about the room. The men are all polite but obviously look at her as a beautiful woman and their desire fuels a fire within Ruth. The mood turns playful when she hears an ink pen fall in the center of the room and turns to see ink pens flying in all directions as everybody wants her to come and talk.

The men all laugh as though they haven't laughed in years and a nurse comes in to see what has happened. Shaking her head, the nurse leaves with out saying a word. This causes the men to laugh again until Ruth walks to the center of the room and begins picking up pens. The room goes quiet as she walks about bending at the waist and picking up these pens, while making sure that everyone has gotten to see what is under her skirt. Smiling she hands the pens back to these brave young men.

On the way home Jack keeps smiling at Ruth while Ruth acts as though nothing has happened until jack says, "You sure are making those men happy by flirting with them like that." Ruth could only smile and say, "After what they have been through, they certainly have earned it."

Time went by way too fast and before long Ruth was at the airport crying as Jack was waiting to fly out again. She had made sure to pleasure him in all of his favorite ways in the last days before his departure. Now as they waited he took her hand in his and whispered, "I want you to promise to visit David and the other troops at the VA when ever at all possible. When David is well enough to leave the hospital, invite him to live at our house while he recovers. I want you to take care of him as long as he needs it. I trust you completely so if you feel that he needs something special from you, don't think twice about doing it for him. The only catch is that I want to know all of the details."

Stunned, Ruth looks into his eyes as he speaks and kisses his lips saying, "What about those poor men in that hospital room?" This causes Jack to hug her as he whispers in her ear, "You have to promise to make those soldiers happy. Some of them will not get to go home."

Her world was suddenly empty again as she found herself sitting alone on the ride home. That night Jack called to tell her he loved her as he was boarding a transport to the Middle East.

Keeping her promise, Ruth struts into the hospital ward the next day in a short dress causing the men to express their approval. David is happy to see her and she leans in to hug him letting the room see her ass. Staring at her chest David says, "You sure look stunning today." Ruth lifts his chin and replies, "I'm up here and thank you." Jokingly he responds, "It's just because you are so tall." Several guys around her laugh at this as she looks down to see that her hard nipples are poking at her dress visibly.

"I'm sorry that Jack had to go back but I'm glad you still came to see me." David said rather serious. Ruth laid her hand gently on his chest and asked, "Do you know when you will be getting released?" David replied solemnly and slightly depressed, "It will probably be quite a while." Hearing this Ruth smiled and said lightly, "You will come and stay at our house until you are fully recovered. It will be like old times with you around all the time."

David was not expecting this and sat rather quiet before he looked to her and motioned for her to come closer saying, "Would you do something rather personal for me?" Ruth says, "Certainly." Causing him to smile and whisper, "My dick is pointing downward and is tangled in the sheet. Would you please point it towards my stomach? It's really killing me."

Ruth looked into his eyes and slowly reached under the covers to find his hard dick just as he had said, tangled and pointing the wrong way. Slowly she brought it to his belly and laid it down causing him to smile and say, "Thank you, you have great hands." Smiling Ruth replied, "You say that to any woman with her hand on your dick." They laugh and David tells her, "Well maybe so but this sexy woman has been coming in here every day, getting me all excited and I don't have one good hand to jack off with." With her hand still on his hard cock Ruth quietly says, "Yes you do." And proceeds to caress him only a few times before he unloads onto his stomach in a tremendous orgasm.

Ruth retrieves a hand towel and wipes the mess from his stomach while David watches with satisfaction. Calmly David says, "I think you may even be better than Jack has said." Not stopping Ruth asks, "What has Jack told you?" David then became a little more reserved and Ruth had to ask a few more times, prying the information from him. David then played along and told her, "Jack used to tell us stories about how you were the best fuck on earth. One time while we were showing each other pictures, he handed out some pictures of you in various poses and completely knocked our socks off." Ruth began to blush and David continued, "We heard the stories about you and then saw the pictures. We just knew it was true and nobody could top his stories."

Still blushing Ruth asked, "What pictures did you see?" "They were all nudies of you in different poses and in one I think you were masturbating for the camera with a giant dildo." David replied bluntly. Ruth felt light headed and thought she would pass out when she looked around to see everyone listening.

Turning to leave, she hears the man with no legs calling to her and she looks to him before walking over to him. In a serious tone he says, "I hope this doesn't sound wrong but could I please have one of your pictures?" A tear begins to well up in her eye and she takes this young mans hand saying, "Yes, I'll make sure you get one." Then she turns to leave and points at David saying, "You are nothing but trouble."

At home Ruth prints several pictures on the home computer and puts them in an envelope. She decides that she needs a shower and finds herself masturbating wildly under the running water. When the hot water is gone, she exits to find that it is now dark. A sudden decision later, she is on her way back to the VA with her pictures in hand. Visiting hours are almost over as she arrives and makes her way to the ward. Several of the guys are asleep and she quietly walks over to the man with no legs and hands him the envelope. Smiling the young man says, "Thank you." Ruth looks at him in a lustful way, taking his hand and replies, "I hope that these pictures make you feel better." Ruth directs his hand under her skirt and he is noticeably shocked when his fingers feel her bare pussy.

Parting her legs for him she lets him explore her private parts for his pleasure. This young man could be no more than 19 with his hand exploring this 40 year old beauty. This erotic scene goes on for quite some time before Ruth leans forward and kisses his cheek telling him, "Thank you and anything I can do to make you feel better you just ask."

She sees the need in his eyes and with out him asking she reaches slowly under his sheet, taking him in hand and begins to stroke him slowly. His eyes close and she knows he will cum any second. Leaning forward, her mouth envelopes his hard cock causing him to cum immediately. Ruth milks him lovingly, swallowing all of his juices before rising off of him and covering him back up. Licking her lips she whispers to him, "Your country thanks you for your service and so do I."

When she goes to walk away she notices his hand on her ass and she smiles at him, before he releases. When she checks on David, she can clearly see his cock pressing against the sheet and she shifts him slightly making sure he is covered.

The next day the room is happy to see her but subdued. When she inquires as to why she is told that one of the men in the room had died last night. This causes her to cry lightly not having even known the young man who had died.

Hugging David, Ruth lets her dress ride up completely to her waist showing the nice young man behind her, all of her secrets. She holds the hug longer than usual and makes sure that David sees down her dress. Standing she pulls her dress down over her ass and sits on the side of David's bed and talks with him. After a while she turns a little more towards him causing her right leg to bend at the knee while her left leg was still on the floor.

David now has a clear view of her pussy but can not look down without her knowing. Ruth makes it easy for him and looks to the young man in the next bed and says something to him giving David the chance to see her pussy. When she looks back David does not notice but continues to stare at her bare pussy. Her left hand slowly reaches down and strokes her pussy lips along the entire length. David is completely mesmerized by this and finally looks up to see Ruth's smiling face looking at him.

In a hoarse low voice David says, "I've seen your pussy a million times but this is the first time I have ever seen it up close and in person." Still touching herself Ruth whispers, "You've seen my pussy a million times?" Chuckling David says, "I talked Jack into giving me some of your pictures and believe me I looked at them a million times while touching myself."

At this point David is watching the show as he talks and the mood is only broken as the doctor comes in to visit the room. Ruth is asked to leave and she complies reluctantly. From the hall, Ruth looks into each ward with sympathy and enters the last ward before the elevator.

The men all look at her when she walks in but nobody says anything. Walking slowly from bed to bed she sees that all of these men are young and some hurt worse than others. To one side is an older black man missing an arm and possibly an eye. When she approaches the man he looks her over and says, "You're the pretty lady entertaining the men in ward 3 aren't you?" Shaking her head yes Ruth says, "Yes. Yes I am."

Moving to his bed side the man continues, "We sure wish you could stop in here and see us from time to time." Smiling Ruth tells him, "I'll see what I can do." Looking directly at her he says bluntly, "Can I have a picture too? I still have one good arm." To this Ruth only smiled and quietly left the room.

At home Ruth had been writing Jack every day about her escapades and the letters just kept getting longer. She could only hope that they would reach him.

That evening Ruth returned and gave the black man an envelope. He did not wait and opened it right in front of her saying as he looked at the pictures, "You have one fine cunt. Oh man, I could fuck you all day!" This stuns Ruth for the moment and she does not respond or leave. He continues looking through the pictures and stops when he sees one of her on her hands and knees from behind saying, "I just know your holes need a nice hard black cock to make you scream."

Ruth is blushing as he pushes the sheets back far enough for her to see his cock. He grabs it and strokes it roughly as she is light headed and tells him, "I'm sorry but I need some air."

Outside in the hall Ruth composes herself and walks into the ward where David is and goes to his bed side and sits on his bed watching him sleep. Her hand finds his hard cock and strokes him through his sheet. Within seconds she can sees his fluid soaking into the sheets and strokes him until he begins to soften. Ruth slowly pulls his sheets back and can see the mess she has caused. Looking around she can see a couple of guys watching quietly but still decides to suck this cock clean. When she is finished licking up the mess she covers David gently and turns to leave. She can clearly see another young man stroking a hard cock and she goes to help him. No sooner does she grab his cock when his hand finds her crotch and she has to part her legs suddenly to allow his access.

She had not even stroked him yet when she could feel his fingers working into her pussy. Lifting her right leg up, she puts her foot on the bed, completely exposing herself to this younger man. He aggressively begins fucking her with his fingers and hand. After a hard orgasm Ruth looked down to see only his wrist sticking out of her pussy. His hand was not moving but she could feel him flexing his fist. It had been a while since Jack had fisted her and she loved it so. Eyes closed, she steadied herself by holding onto his cock. His hand began to move again and she soon was lost in orgasmic bliss.

An empty feeling swept her body as his hand was withdrawn slowly and she smiled to him while putting her foot back on the floor saying, "You are a great lover." Ruth's mouth then dropped onto his hard cock and began to suck him in earnest. Soon she felt his hands on her head, pushing her down further with each stroke of her mouth. As she new he was close, he grabbed her hair and began to pull her face off of his cock. Her mouth still gaping open when she looked to him, he said, "Jack me off and lick up my cum."

This caused her to chuckle and smile while stroking him lovingly until he erupted at her touch. When he had finished she looked to his face smiling. Cum was dripping from her hair onto her face as she moved to begin licking the cum from his crotch and stomach. When she had finished he laid there with a smile on his face and drifted off towards sleep while she whispered to him, "Thank you for your service to your country. We should all try and give in our own way."

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