Captive by Night
Chapter 1: Strike While the Iron Is Hot

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Strike While the Iron Is Hot - A magic man in the dead of night shows Light what she's been missing

Kami crept through her house, her senses straining to detect whatever had caused the muffled thump just minutes ago. Her heart was pounding, the house was eerily quiet, the electricity gone. Looking out the window only made her worry more, she could see that other houses were still lit up. There was a shadow where she thought there shouldn't be one, but after several intense moments of staring she shook it off.

She tried to shriek as a hand covered her mouth, but it was too late and barely anything passed the large palm. Another hand quickly took hold of her wrists, rendering her helpless in expert fashion. She tried kicking, but somehow his legs were always moving, deflecting her blows. A braided cord loop tightened around her wrists, binding them together, the long end pulled around her waist, restricting her movement further.

His voice was low and menacing in her ear "I'm going to uncover your mouth, do anything foolish and I'll hurt you bad, understand?"

She managed a panicky nod as the hand came away and asked low "what do you want?" fearing the answer.

"You. And I'm going to get full enjoyment from my little catch."

"Please. Just go away."

"It's too late for that," and then his lips were sucking at the back of her ear, in a surprising soft move. One of his hands dropped to his side, something clicked and she was left blinking as the lights came back on. His hand slid back around her before she could react, pulling her back tight to his chest.

His hand stroked her arms as he whispered in her ear "you're going to remember tonight for a very long time," at the same time pushing her through the house toward her spacious bedroom. She kept struggling, but not making much noise, her strength no match for his.

Now begging, Kami pleaded with her captor "no, don't hurt me."

"That's all up to you, you'll only get hurt if you do something dumb." Some of the harsh edge in his voice was gone, but the threat was still present.

He flipped on the light as he pushed her through the doorway into her bedroom, giving her the first glimpse of her assailant in the mirror on the far wall. It somehow made her feel better that his face was not monstrous. Just a plain featured man who would blend into a crowd of three. His body though was a different matter, massive shoulders and arms like tree trunks. She knew the rest of him had to be just as solid having been held so tight to his chest.

She tried resisting as he kept walking her toward her bed, but with her hands tied and his constant shifting it was no use. His lips were on her neck as he forced her to lay down, leaving her on her stomach for now. He whispered to her again as he untied the loop around her waist, retying her hands stretched out above her, close to the headboard. "I like how you dressed up."

Kami shivered hearing the lust entering his speech. And the truth was she had dressed up tonight in a pair of high cut panties and a snug fitting chemise that hung just above her hips. It was the annual Night of Passage. Any unclaimed female over 23 was up for taking tonight. Through young men were theoretically in just as much peril it was much less common for a male to be targeted. The practice was by now centuries old, and many customs had arisen over that time, including the requirement that the captor register his target with the central government and a single elimination tournament if several men entered the same name. It was one more way for an up and coming fighter to show his dominance in the hostile land of Kyseeme.

Even though she knew it was hopeless Kami was determined to put up some resistance. She tried to turn away as one of his hands slid down the back of her leg, but there was nowhere to go. "What... what happens after tonight?"

"You'll be leaving here with me. Your old life is over." His hand eased under her stomach, lifting her, forcing her rear against him, his lips kissing along her arms. For a moment his words brought her to terror, his slow caressing bringing her back to reality. She tried fumbling with the knot holding her wrists bound, but he had tied her well, there was no way she'd be escaping that way as long as he were there.

He made no effort to stop her, Instead kissing along the back of her neck, his hand sliding out from under her and pushing her hair to the side. His fingertips danced down her spine, the slick satin flowing against her skin. He brought his hand back up, and after licking his fingers, ran the moist tip in a tiny circle on the small of her back. He nipped at her with his teeth as his hand slip down cupping her rear then a light smack sending a quiver through her.

He moved down some, licking at her shoulders as his hand sneaking between her legs, stroking her soft creamy thighs. His voice was teasing in her ear "You're going to be so much fun to train. Are you going to give in to the helplessness, unable to resist the pleasure being forced upon you?" His hand was moving up again, tugging the strings on her panties, pulling the material tight against her.

"Do what you came here for, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I enjoy it." Though determined the words sounded like a lie even to herself. Her hips rocked back against him with a slight nudge as his hands continued their slow caress. He was sucking at her neck as he forced her to turn over, tugging her body down to take away the slack near her wrists.

She tried to hold her legs closed against him, but his hands were easily able to spread them apart, his body moving over her, his hips between her legs keeping them that way. "Keep fighting, I like a challenge." His hand bunched up her hair, drawing her head back, his tongue licking along her neck, his body pinning her helpless in her own bed. His other hand was on her stomach, tracing the waistline of her panties as they crossed her hip.

She growled, trying to fend off the warmth rising through her but it was no good, a moan escaping as he brushed her thigh again.

His lips closed around her chin for a moment, sucking with an odd tenderness. "So tasty, and I haven't even reached the best parts yet. How many licks will it take to get to /your/ center?"

"Nuhhhhh" almost incoherent now.

"That's what I thought." He was rolling the chemise up now, his chest rubbing against her nipples as they were exposed. He kept tugging, crumpling the cloth loose around her tight-bound wrists. "Do they ache to be sucked? I bet they do. Look at them sticking out, all puckered waiting for my lips to suckle."

She wiggled against him as his tongue traced over her ear, but all it did was send little jolts of pleasure through her. His lines were so, corny, was the only word that came to her mind, but even so they were beginning to relax her. This realization brought out more struggle "Please, no. I've never..."

'I know, that's why I chose you. Soon enough you'll feel the fire inside that only I can quench. Or perhaps it has already begun?" His hands slid between them, pulling his shirt off, his bare chest now rubbing against her protesting nipples. His mouth closed over hers cutting off any more protest as his hands slid under her lifting her closer against him. Several moments of this and his lips withdrew, "are you going to tremble as I look on you?' His lips covered hers again before she could answer.

She moaned as one of his hands slid down, teasing her back with its passage, his palm pressing against the small of her back before continuing on. She moaned deeper as his hand covered her rear and began squeezing, for now staying to the outside of her panties. His hand slid out over her hip, pulling the string down a little, her skin shivering at the touch.

He kissed down her neck a little before asking "Tell me, do you feel the flame kindling? Don't lie, soon I'll know the truth."

She stammered out a small "Yes" and in that moment knew she had lost.

"Good. See, it's getting easier to be honest, now kiss me like you mean it." His lips once more descending over her mouth, but this time there was a difference, she was trying to lift her head to him for more, her teeth opening allowing his tongue to explore within. His hands meanwhile switched places, now tugging the string down a little on the other side. His hand next traveled over her stomach, sending little quivers through her before moving up her body.

His hand inched along the side of her chest, stroking soft and slow along the curve of her taut breast. A soft whimper of frustration escaped as his lips departed again.

"You have such lovely skin. I think it's time to savor some more of my sweet little catch. Soon I will know all of you, inside and out." Then very quiet and right next to her ear "I can feel how warm you're getting, Rub yourself against me and feel how much your want to surrender. Feel how right your legs are, spread around me."

"Master?" She knew it was true now, at least for the two years her could keep her by custom.


"Please... take off my panties, I want you to see what else I did... in case someone came for me. When I did it, I wasn't sure which I feared more, some stranger taking me, or not being wanted. Not being wanted would have been much worse." Many young women went lonely on these nights, there being so many fewer men.

"You were one of the most popular entries this year, over 30 men put in for you. And I know what you did, I was watching even then. But I still want to see." His hands ran down her stomach as he sat back, holding around her waist for a moment admiring her beauty. Leaning down he licked her stomach as he began to tug off the last piece of cloth hiding her from him. Raising her legs and bringing her feet together, he tugged with slow determination drawing out the moment. Finally removing the damp cloth he set it aside, holding her legs in position a little longer, his hands rubbing down the front of her thighs.

Easing her legs apart he licked and kissed his way down the inside of her left leg. His hand slid down his thumb stroking her hot moist slit as he drew closer. She bucked against him as he took a bite at her thigh, more out of surprise than hurt.

Her lip trembled as he sat back again, watching him gaze upon all of her, waiting for his judgment.

His hands brushed over her thighs and a little up the side of her chest as he said "You are beautiful and you are mine."

"Yes, Master," a short pause and then a whispered "Master?"

"Yes, my eager little captive?"

"In my dreams... I've always been sitting on my lover's lap the first time. Always looking over his shoulder at my face, I've never seen his face in my dreams and even the back of his head has been clouded, but my face is always clear and always flushed with happiness. Can we do that?"

She felt his eyes on her, watching her as she spoke, knowing the choice was his, always his. "We cannot start that way, you must feel how total your bodies acceptance of me is. But yes, we can finish that way."

It wasn't an offer, and she knew that it never would be. "Thank you Master." Ger breath caught as he leaned down, his hand slid under her back lifting her toward him. Kami moaned feeling his hot breath on her quivering flesh, his lips now inches from his prize.

"Oh my, you /are/ an eager little vixen. I can smell your desire, and I must say, it's wonderful."

She gasped as his lips and tongue touched her hot sensitive slit exciting her fresh shorn lips in a way she had only dreamed of. His tongue ran up and down between her lips, going places she had only barely explored herself. His hands went under her legs and then up along her sides, his fingers dancing quick little circles around her swollen nipples.

Making a conscious decision to join in her possession Kami closed her legs around his head as his tongue delved into her, trying to hold him in place. His palms opened over her breasts, squeezing them as his tongue teased the very core of her newfound need. She shuddered in pleasure, her legs wrapping tighter as his tongue flicked at her exposed clit.

No matter how hard she tried though, he never quite let her over the edge, she could feel it so close yet unreachable. She let slip a small moan of disappointment as his lips pulled away. His fingertips danced lower, teasing across her stomach, then lower still, one thumb brushing through the small tuft of short trimmed curls she had left above her clit.

His hands moved on, stroking her thighs as he forced them open again. His tongue swirled over her sensitive little button as his fingers danced on her skin. And then he began moving up, kissing over her stomach, and then around her swollen nipples. finally pressing his lips over hers. She had never tasted herself before, and was surprised that it wasn't unpleasant and also wishing she could hold him. He was laying nearly flat on top of her, dominating her with his weight.

And then she was afraid again for a moment, afraid that he would continue, afraid that he would stop.

He slid his hands up along her arms, stopping at her elbows, his chest rubbing against her as he watched her eyes. "As much as I'm looking forward to this, I'm finding it much more enjoyable holding off just now. I think I'm going to take you home first." And then soft in her ear "I've never had a virgin in my bed."

Her frustration peaked as he nibbled at her ear, his hands undoing the knot that held her wrist to the headboard, rebinding them close against her waist. "Master, please, this is torture."

His hand lingered on her thigh for a moment, "of course it is, it's supposed to be. You have to be shown the rewards of being a good little slave before I give you the chance to be a bad one."

He helped her stand up and then pulled a very large cloak from... somewhere, one moment his hands were empty, the next he had the garment. He slipped into then pulled her in against his chest, her face buried against his hard muscles then engulfing her in darkness when he closed it up behind her. He mumbled a few words and she felt dizzy for a moment, but his arms held her from falling.

He unbuttoned the cloak and Kami gasped as she realized the trip was already over. "Master? What trickery is this?"

"No tricks, this is my bedchamber, your prison until I decide to let you roam more."

As he shed the cloak, she was startled by the realization she was clothed again, though not exactly sure what in, while he no longer wore anything at all. She could feel his hard shaft pressing against her and wanted to look, but he kept her face turned toward his with a hand on her chin.

Whatever she was now wearing, it didn't stop his free hand from caressing her bare thigh and then giving her rear a little squeeze. She was wearing panties again though, she could feel them growing damp against her. He continued to hold her chin as he made her step backward, not allowing her to see where she was being led. And she was getting to the point of not caring, all the little touches adding up to a huge exciting itch, an itch she couldn't scratch.

His hard shaft was a rod of heat pressing against her stomach, throbing and vital. She managed to bring her hands up some and brush against him, intrigued by the soft suppleness of the skin surrounding the rigid core. And rhen she was pushed backward onto a new bed, allowing her a glimpse before he covered her again.

A fleeting thought of "how can that possibly fit inside me?" was banished by his lips moving up her neck as his hands released her wrists. The relief was short lived however, as he rested her hands on the bed above her head, and when she tried to move them found she was bound again, in some form of magical restraint. He moves lower, brushing his hands over her legs as he bound them as well, her feet flat on the bed and her knees bent some. She struggled against her bonds testing their range, knowing she couldn't possibly escape.

He watched her for a few moments, then smiled before taking a gentle bite at her right calf. Though she could move her body, her head was locked in whatever trap he had set, unable to lift off the bed and watch. As long as part of her head touched the bed though she seemed to be okay. He nibbled his way up, his hands so alive on her, as if memorizing everything about her. He went past her nectar laden mound without pause, his chest rubbing against her as he went.

She felt almost ticklish as he spoke again, her excitement was so great, "I like this method a lot more. You know, my pretty little captive, someday your spirit will be as much mine as your body shall be tonight, though I'll never bind your spirit."

He kissed her, preventing any reply, his tongue easily piercing her lips. His manhood was pressed against her now, kept away by one thin layer of cloth. She surrendered to his kiss, her knees squeeing around his hips. She met his tongue marvelling at how right it felt to be with him. Her nipples were stiff again, and being set on fire by the ultra slick cloth of whatever he had put on her. He shifted lower and she felt his lips on her neck. She felt a tug on her skin as he sucked at her neck, and she knew he'd just marked her.

His hands slid under her back, untying a knot there as his mouth descended over her chest, sucking first at one hard nipple, then the other. The cloth rubbing against her as his tongue swirled brought a deep moan from her, Her chest rose to meet him as he pushed the cloth up, his lips and tongue finally feasting on her succulent mounds.

She cried out in pleasure as he tugged at her swollen nipples with his teeth, the tip of his tongue flicking over her. His hands massaged the sides of her chest as he kept at it, his stomach resting on her molten core.

He reached over beside the bed and showed Kami a small knife, brushing her stomach with his other hand as her eyes opened wide. He set it beside her before sliding the top up off her arms, the magical restraints loosening enough to allow it to come free, the locking her tight again. Taking the knife, he ran the dull side along the edge of her sodden panties, a smile on his face. A quick motion and one of the waistbands was cut. His fingers brushed over her now unfettered hip. Then he cut the other side.

Putting the knife away first, he bent down and took the cloth in his teeth, tearing it away and leaving her helpless to hide from him. For the second time that night he had his prize unwrapped, waiting for him. Knowing anything he didn't do now would never be quite the same later, he leaned down, breathing in her aroma. Then closer still, his lips touching her most secret places, his tongue flicking around the exposed nub of her clit, but never enough to push her over.

Just as she thought she could stand no more he eased his way above her again, her hard nipples digging at his chest as she arched against him. He settled his hips against her and she gasped as his rock hard shaft pressed against her soft flesh. She could feel him become slick with her fluids as he stroked lengthwise against her hot muff. She tried to rub herself against him, but now her hips were held motionless too. She waited, trembling, for him to continue, for him to complete the rite of passage the night was named for. Hit hands slid up her arms, then twined between her fingers his eyes gazing deep into hers. Kami felt as if her soul had been bared to that gaze, no secrets left.

He whispered in her ear, the words barely seeping through the fog of her pleasure, "I don't like causing pain, but this once is the exception."



"I won't ask you to be gentle, Master, I know you will be. I beg you to possess me, to make me yours."

He squeezed her hands before answering, "When I'm done, there will be no doubt." He held her there a long moment more, letting het anticipation build. He released one of her hands, stroking his way down her side. His hips retreated some, giving him space to align himself with her soft vulnerable mound. He held her gaze, his will somehow compelling her to meet his eyes as her pussy openned, ready to accept him.

She whimpered, knowing the pain was next, as he paused there for a long moment with his tip poised against her. He pressed forward and she let out an involuntary squeek as the last of her resistence fell apart. There was pain and it was real, but there was also happiness. And that too was real. As soon as he was well seated his hand took hers again, now slick with her fluids.

As he pressed deeper she felt something new, there was the stretching inside as he impaled her, but at the same time she could feel the warm embrace as he was enveloped. With one more push he slid home. The warring sensations only got worse, able to feel both sides of their joining. Possessed and possessing, taking and giving, stretching and squeezing. And then his lips found hers again and the rest of the world vanished. She opened her lips and his tongue entered, the dual senses becoming stronger. Now she could feel her nipples poking at him at the same time feeling them drag across her /his!/ chest.

His hips rocked against her in slow motion as his tongue roamed her mouth, each new action adding to her overload of pleasure. He held her tight for a moment, then broke his hold on her hands, lifting under her back. He brought her up onto his lap, the magic restraints finally letting go. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to pull closer, but he pushed her hand between them, stroking her fingers over her slick folds. Even after everything else he had done to her, this one touch seemed the most intimate of all. His other hand slid down her back, pulling her tight to him, trapping her hand between them.

She wraped her other arm around his neck, hoping he'd let her, and he did. His lips went to her neck again, just pressing against her skin as he tipped her backward some, once more showing how much her pleasure depended on him. Kami nibbled a little at his broad shoulder as she ran her fingers over her mound again, amazed at how perfectly she conformed to his impaling manhood. She could hardly believe how right it felt to be part of him in this way.

She wiggled, trying to get some relief, but he gave her no room. She moaned as he tipped her all the way to her back again, his hands supporting her shoulders. His lips teased across her earlobe, "and now, it's time to put out the fires I've started."

Kami found herself unable to move her hips again, though she still had control of her legs and the arm wrapped around his neck. The other hand, she could only move her fingers, feeling her hot pussy try to pull with him as he withdrew. There was no pain this time as he drove into her again, only pleasure.

Kami was shocked again as the link between them expanded more, now she could dimly sense his very thoughts. And what thoughts they were! Not the frenzied half-mad juggernaut she would have guessed, but instead feasting on her pleasure making it his own, just as his pleasure was becoming hers. The fires kept burning hotter as he began the ancient cadence. She pulled herself against him with her arm around his shoulder as she clutched at the invader withen.

The realization struck her that the magic holding her helpless, unable to release would break the instant his essence pumped into her. The powerful serum somehow binding her to this man for all time. And she knew that the choice was hers, she could accept, and be his, or not. And if she chose not, he would have to respect that, why she did not know. But there was more, he would be bound to her just as much.

It took no time to decide, she had already chosen long before the enormity of her situation became clear. She arched herself against him, her will crying out for that one little piece of him that would complete them both. He collapsed above her, trapping her tight against the bed as he speared into her, his fiery seed cutting the bonds holding her immobile.

Her limbs grasped at him, her breath coming in great gulps as the crashing release poured over her. She quivered and convulsed, a new energy engulfing her as his spend mixed with her flesh, changing her as it absorbed away to nothing. She blanked out for a moment, and when she came to she was sitting on his lap, still wrapped tight around him. She kept her eyes closed a moment, holding herself to his broad chest, feeling safe against him. She looked up, her eyes brimming with tears not knowing what to say.

A foreign thought invaded her brain, 'I think you should be called "light".'

'Wha? How are you in my head?' It didn't occur to her to object to being renamed.

'Feel inside yourself, and you'll know.'

It took some doing, but she finally found the changes, the most dramatic being a sense of connection to a vast untapped power that flowed through her. She found herself a moment later withen his mind, and he was everything she could hope for. Strong yet gentle, stern or mischievious, steadfast friend and dreadful enemy. And she belonged with him.

'Wha... how did you do this?'

'I didn't, I only helped shape what was to be. In time you'll understand.'

'Thank you, Master.'

'Of course, precious little one.'

'As soon as I saw inside you I knew what a huge risk I had taken, accepting you the way I did. I would be bound just as much even if you had been an awful person.'

'Maybe even more, I gave as much as I accepted. Someone else may have given the worst of themself while taking the best in return.'

Light buried her face against his chest, the tears flowing again.

He let her cry, the tension of the night draining away, his hands caressing her back as she wept. Soon enough, she started giggling, rubbing against him unconsiously. 'Master, may I use the bathroom? You told me I couldn't leave this room without permission, and I'de hate to disobey you so soon.'

'You can use the secondary bathroom, through that door, ' pointing at one of several along one wall. 'The larger bathroom is something I'll show you later.'

He gave her another deep searching kiss before letting her get untangled, She walked over to the door he had said to use and tried the knob, it openned for her. Beyond was a small but comfortable room in light tan tones. She reddened a little when she tried closing the door and it wouldn't. He smiled and then to her relief the door closed. She did the nessicary things and then turned back to the door, reddening again when she realized she'd have to walk back to him.

She openned the door and seeing his back to her, tiptoed out, trying not to draw his attention. She hadn't gone more than half a step before he turned and faced her. Caught unprepared his gaze froze her in place trying to use her hands to cover herself, but they kept getting pushed away, only increasing her plight.

Her predicament was finally resolved with an unspoken command, 'Come here.' Spurred into action, light fled to his lap pressing herself tight around him again.

'Oh Master, that was so mean.' Hard as she tried though she couldn't make herself believe it.

'You'll just have to get used to it. I like how you press against me the bits you wouldn't have me see."

Light giggled more, realizing the truth, she was in fact spread open against him when moments before she had tried in vain to hide. She snuggled in closer, the feeling of safety returning.

Soon he was teasing her again 'I know how to make sure I can see. All moist and glistening, taut little nipples.'

'Master? I found out something about myself tonight, I loved the way you controlled me. It wasn't mean, it was to make it better for me, wasn't it?'

'And me, I enjoy that too, don't ever think I don't.'

'Master? You seem so familiar, do I know you?'

'You almost certainly know of my brother. There aren't many two time victors in the Ninety. He put in for you as well, to avenge my defeat if that came to pass.' Though most could not withdraw after placing their life at stake on Passage night, a victor from the Ninety could, having no need to prove anything more.

'I've heard stories... I guess they must be true. Tonight was better than any story.' She found herself unable to stay awake, the night's activities leaving her no reserve. The last thing she remembered that night was him tucking some blankets around her and then snuggling in behind.

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