Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, TransGender, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A short story about a young man and his bout with amnesia.

I jumped awake and sat up. I was in a scrubby desert area, I was naked and my chest hurt like fire. I looked around and found blood under me. I felt around and I had a hole in my upper chest. I was as weak as water.

It was just after sunset, and cooling off, I was getting cold. I stood up and looked around, nothing but more desert. I guess one direction is as good as another, so I picked a star and walked toward it. A desert is not just sand, it is rocks, scrub brush, and cactus. Everything there bites, sticks or stings.

I had walked for about an hour and my feet and legs were in terrible shape. I don't think I had actually walked very far.

I looked over to my left and noticed a light. I decided to walk to it, if I could make it.

I was weaving a bit, and walked to the left a few steps and the light went away. I moved back to the right and saw it again. I moved a few yards to my right and it disappeared again.

I thought, ' If I hadn't looked within that few yards I would never have seen that light.'

I don't have any idea how far I walked. I do know that I woke up in the shade with someone trying to get water down my throat.

I opened my eyes and saw a dream. A beautiful face surrounded by curly brown hair. I know I smiled.

She said something. I didn't understand. She said something again, I understood I that time, "What is your name?"

I thought a minute and shrugged. "Ouch."

She said something else, then "Be still, you have been shot."

I tried to drink some water, and then I went out again.

The next time I came around, she was trying to get some food into me. I ate some beans and meat; it was pretty good.

"Thanks," I said.

"De Nada", she answered.

I was in a single bed and had been bandaged up from the gunshot and also from several pretty bad cuts on my lower legs. My feet hurt and I figured they were probably bruised.

I felt like my head was on fairly straight, so I asked where I was.

'"You are in Sonora on my fathers ranch." Her accented answer came. She spoke English very well, she just had a Spanish accent.

"What is your name, Senorita?" I asked.

She rattled off six names, but added, "My American friends call me Sunny, for my smile." She did have a pretty smile.

"And your name Senor?" She added.

"I can't remember."

She looked at my arms and asked, "How do you feel?"

"I feel beat up, and I need the bathroom."

She helped me to the bathroom. This girl was strong and nearly as tall as I was.

I took down my shorts, and used the restroom. I guess the shorts were a loaner.

When I finished and washed up I asked for a little help back to bed.

I went back to sleep.

That evening, I sat on the bed and had some more food. Sunny changed my bandages, and gave me a shot in the butt.

"Penicillin for the horses," she explained.

"Thank you for helping me."

"You're welcome."

After another few days I was feeling much better, not as good as new, but better.

Sunny left some clothes and a pair of sandals on the bed.

I put the clothes on and went into the kitchen where I heard her making cooking noises.

"May I help?" I asked.

"Si, you may set the table."

I set the table for us.

We sat down to a good breakfast of hamburger and eggs.

I asked, "Where is everyone else? Surely you have help for your ranch."

"I am here by myself until my daughter comes home from school for the summer. Papa died last summer, and I have been taking care of things since."

"I think I know how to patch up a few things, if you have a list of what needs to be done," I offered.

I got a list three pages long, and went to work. I knew how to do simple carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.

I was very interested in her electrical system. It consisted of batteries, solar cells and two wind generators.

While I was looking around, I found out why I could only see the light from a certain angle. This place was set in a valley with a very narrow mouth.

It had a pretty good spring, and stream to go with it. The stream had been dammed up to make a stock water hole, the spring had been fixed up to provide water to the house.

I patched roofs and hung doors. I worked pretty hard for about 5 hours and then hit the wall. I bathed in the stock tank and went back to the house.

I had gotten a look at myself a time or two and knew that I was around thirty years old, short blonde hair, green eyes, around six feet tall and maybe 190 pounds. I wasn't handsome, but I wasn't homely either.

I still didn't have any idea who I was, or how I got there.

Sunny was a totally different story in the looks department. She was tall and slim, around 5' 10", and 140 pounds. She had Latina good looks, dark brown hair and eyes, beautiful dark skin and flashing smile. If I had to guess an age I would say 40.

That evening we talked about the ranch and Sunny told me that it consisted of 2000 hectares (4400 acres). The only dependable water was here near the house so stocking was somewhat limited. She ran 300 brood cows, 12 bulls and 6 horses.

"This is a nice, well equipped house for a ranch of that size," I commented.

"Before Papa got sick, I was in movies and the theatre. Then I got too old. I am living mostly on the ranch's production, but I am sending my daughter to school with some of my savings."

During the next week I worked on her two trucks. She had an old Ford ton and a half flatbed with stock bodies, and a 96 Chevrolet one ton pickup. The 96 had been fixed up so it didn't meet pollution requirements. It ran fine, and with no brain, it was much easier to work on. The old Ford needed a major repair, so I tore into it and fixed the head gasket. Sunny had all the parts.

"When did you plan on fixing the big truck," I asked that evening at supper.

"Papa bought the parts to fix it with before he died. I hadn't really planned on fixing it."

"Well it's fixed now, and runs pretty good, if I do say so myself."

"Thanks, Chico." (She had started calling me that. I knew it meant boy, but I didn't really care.)

The next morning, Sunny said, "I am going to go to town today. Do you want to go?"

"Sure, why not. I need a few things to fix up the waterer for the chickens."

We got an early start for town. While we were traveling I said, "Sunny, I know that I am a burden on you and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I will see if I can find a way to America, if you would like me to."

"Chico, you were drugged, shot and left for dead. The drugs probably saved your life by keeping you from going into shock, but I know they were not meant to. If you go back before you regain your memories, you will be an easy target for the same enemies."

"What you say is true, but I can't just flop here forever," I said.

"You have pulled your weight since your recovery. I need the help, and you need for whoever shot you to keep thinking that you are dead."

"Thanks, Sunny. I really like it here anyway. It is a quiet, beautiful place, and the company is very pleasant."

She smiled and nodded.

We arrived in town in another hour and a quarter. It was a small town, but it had what we needed. We bought supplies and materials. Sunny bought me some clothes that actually fit me, and she bought a pair of work boots for me. My sandals were fine, but did not offer a lot of protection for my feet.

My Spanish was improving, and I could actually keep up with some of Sunny's conversations.

We had a simple, but filling lunch in the town, filled the fuel tanks in the truck and headed for the ranch.

"Thanks for the clothes," I said in my halting Spanish.

"You're welcome," she answered in her good Spanish.

We got home before sunset. I unloaded our supplies, checked the place out and found everything in order.

We had a nice supper and discussed what we had planned for the next day. Sunny said, "I bought you those boots for a reason. I need you to help me move some of the cattle tomorrow."

I nodded my agreement and we both went to bed tired.

The next morning, Sunny moving around in the kitchen got me up. I put on some of my new clothes, jeans, a lightweight long sleeved shirt and my boots.

I went outside and caught up a couple of the horses. I had been shown which one was Sunny's horse. I saddled them and fed them.

I was a little surprised that I knew how to saddle the horses, but I did.

Sunny called me for breakfast then.

We ate and then got some food that Sunny had prepared and put it in some saddlebags. Sunny handed me a canteen, and an old pistol and rifle. She said, "These guns were my Papa's. They belong to Maria (her daughter) now, but I am sure she won't mind you using them."

These guns were collector's items (How did I know that?) an old Smith and Wesson revolver in .32-20 caliber and a model 92 Winchester rifle in the same caliber. The ammunition looked to be in good shape, so I guess it was still made.

Sunny said, "Some weapon calibers are not allowed for the general public, but these old gins are no trouble."

She had an identical pair.

I put the holster on my belt and slid the rifle into the scabbard on the saddle. Sunny checked behind me, and pronounced my saddling "perfect".

We went and wrangled up the small herd of cattle and moved them to another pasture area. The pastures were huge. Sunny said they had to be to provide enough feed for the cattle. Every pasture had water that would last until summer got here in full force. Then we would have to haul water until it rained.

"Have you thought about drilling wells?" I asked.

"They are too expensive," she answered.

We ate lunch and then moved a second herd. Sunny said, "This goes so much easier with your help."

"I didn't even know I could ride a horse," I answered.

I obviously could ride and I knew about cattle.

We had a fairly hard day, but I guess I had healed up enough that I was not dead from the exertion.

"Chico, you are pretty good help, for a gringo," Sunny teased.

"Gracias, Senora," I answered in my poor Spanish.

I took care of the horses while Sunny went inside to fix supper.

When I finished with the stock, I washed up and went inside. Sunny had also washed up and was fixing supper. She was wearing a light dress that really showed off her figure.

"Sunny, you are going to have to start wearing sacks. You are taking your life in your hands dressing like that around me."

"You are very kind, Chico. An old woman needs to hear things like that from time to time," she answered.

We both chuckled at our exchange, and I went and helped her with supper.

The next few weeks went smoothly and pleasantly. I worked to the end of my repair list and Sunny was very pleased.

"Chico, I am going to take your picture and send it to Maria," she said. "She is in school in Tallahassee, Florida. I am going to ask her to look at the missing persons web sites and see if she can find you."

"Please ask her to be discreet," I said. "I don't need any more pieces of lead passing through my body, or yours."

I posed, and Sunny took my picture with an old Polaroid camera. I didn't even know they still made film for that model.

At the beginning of June, we had to begin hauling water for the cattle. Having the big truck fixed was a real bonus now. The tank for hauling water could be left in the truck, instead of being unloaded from the pickup when it was needed for something else. The big truck would also haul more water per load than the pickup.

All in all hauling water was a pain in the ass, but we did it every other day, like clockwork.

"Chico, I need to go to the airport and get Maria at the end of the week. Would you like to go along with me?"

"Sunny, I think it would be better if you went to get Maria without me. You would both have more room for the trip, and I can take care of the water hauling in case you want to stay in town for a night or two."

"Thank you, Chico," she said and kissed me on the cheek.

"Don't tease me Sunny. It has been a long time since I have been with a woman."

She laughed and said, "If you need me, just come for a visit some night."


"Chico, don't you think I need a man sometimes too. Besides I really like you, and trust you."

"Don't you think you waited a bit too long to say that. With Maria coming home, I will have to move out to the barn."

"Maybe," was all she said.

We got her all packed up and I worked on the air conditioner in the truck and got it working, with only a tightening and a recharge.

She left for the airport, and I stayed and hauled water.

They got back in three days. Maria was a younger version of Sunny with bigger boobs.

I got introduced to Maria.

"Sunny, he is much more handsome than his picture," she teased.

"Not another one, I may not be able to stand the teasing all summer," I laughed.

I got Maria all moved into my room, and I had already moved myself into the workroom in the barn. There was a bed and chest there.

We had a pleasant supper and visit.

After supper, Sunny asked me to come and sit with them in the living room.

"Chico, Maria found you on the Florida missing persons web site."

Maria nodded and handed me a few pages of printed material.

There I was, a bit heavier than I was now. It seems my name is Gerald "Gerry" Wayne Potts, Jr. I am 33 years old and lived in Clewiston, Florida. I was a partner in a construction company (That explains how I knew about the building stuff.) My father is offering a reward for information regarding my whereabouts. The address is the Rocking GWP Ranch at Clewiston. (That explains how I knew about horses and cattle.)

After I finished reading everything twice. I asked what they thought I should do.

"Do you think I should go to the local authorities?"

"Chico, I don't know. The bullet you were shot with is the same caliber that the police use. I don't know that it means anything, but there is that possibility."

"Maria, do you have a room mate," I asked.

"Yes, I have three suite mates."

"Do any of them live close enough to Clewiston to take a letter you might send for me to them?"

"Sarah lives at Immocolee, about seventy-five miles from Clewiston."

"Do you think she would be willing to do that?"

"I think she would"

"I will write a letter tonight."

I got the photograph from Maria, and wrote a letter to my dad telling him what I knew and telling him where I was. I also told him that I was still in danger because I was suffering from amnesia and I didn't know who was trying to kill me.

I asked him to be particular about whom he talked to about this since everyone was a suspect until I could remember something. I gave him the address to send a message to.

Maria wrote a letter to her suitemate, and asked her to deliver the letter discreetly.

We made a special trip to town the next day to get it sent.

We picked up a few supplies and got fuel.

The next day we were back to hauling water

We had our normal life and activities for the next three weeks and then we got a letter from my dad.

He wanted to come to see me. He said he had all my things loaded up in shipping containers, and would bring a bull for the ranch as cover. He has already applied for the necessary papers to bring the bull. He wrote that he sold purebred Santa Gertrudis bulls all over the country, so this would not be an unusual trip.

We went about our business hauling water and moving the stock for another month and a half.

Sunny took Maria back to the airport, and she headed back to FSU for her senior year.

Four days after she got back a five-ton truck drove up to the ranch. A man got out. He ran up to me and hugged me. "Rooster, it is surely good to see you."

After a few introductions and pleasantries, "Are you my father?" I asked him.

Sunny said, "Of course he is your father, you look just like him."

"Help me get this bull unloaded," he told me.

We got him out of the truck and let him walk around and get some water.

Sunny said, "Gerry (my dad) that is the finest bull I have ever seen."

"Senora Mendoza, he is a gift to you for saving my son."

"Dad, I need to stay here for a while. I don't remember anything, and I don't know who shot me."

"I figured as much, so I brought your clothes and some furniture."

I didn't know what he meant or why he would bring me any furniture. "Huh?" I brilliantly answered.

"You really do have a memory loss. I will show you the furniture when we get it unloaded."

We unloaded my stuff from the truck, and put it into the room I was staying in.

I hung up my clothes that needed it, and placed my chest of drawers along one wall and a coffee table went in the living room. It actually fit nicely with the décor.

Dad said, "Rooster made that furniture himself. He is a good finish carpenter."

Later, "Take a look at it, son."

Sunny was watching us quietly.

I looked at the table, and saw the fine workmanship. I also saw a hidden catch under the table, it was hidden in the hardware that held a leg in place.

I tripped it, the top raised up a little and I removed it. Under the tabletop in a narrow storage space there were three guns. As I looked at them. Dad said, "I researched what ammunition was available here in Mexico and brought guns you would be able to supply."

I looked them over. There was a Browning A-Bolt rifle in 7mm/08 caliber. It had been fitted with good iron sights, a large rear aperture and a silver bead front. There was a Benelli 12 gauge shotgun. It was very plain, but very functional with its 26-inch barrel and screw in chokes. Finally there was a Colt steel frame Commander in Super .38 caliber with three magazines. It had been fitted with a Bar-Sto barrel which headspaces on the case mouth, and good sights. They were all fitted in foam which held them tightly; no rattles.

I put the top back on the table.

"Any other tricks?" I asked.

"Lets look at your chest of drawers," he answered.

I looked it over closely, and found another hidden catch inside the bottom drawer. In this narrow space there was a hideaway shoulder holster with a Charter Arms revolver in .32 H&R magnum, and a Tanto fighting knife. I slipped it on and it fit with the revolver under my left arm and the knife upside down under my right. The gun was loaded.

This rig would not be noticeable under a light jacket.

"Dad, did you have to buy these guns?"

"No, son, they are a part of your collection. It is your only hobby, since you left the service. Probably why you never found a permanent woman. All you ever did was work and fool around with your gun collection; mostly work."

"That is what he does now," Sunny said. "He works hard all day, and sleeps all night."

"Some things never change, I guess I will never see any grandchildren," Dad commented.

Sunny said, "Let me get started on supper."

Dad and I visited while Sunny worked in the kitchen. "What about your business and house?" Dad asked.

"Do you own them now?" I asked him.

"You still own them, Knothead."

"Do you have a power of attorney for me?" I asked.


"Sell my share of the business to my partner, not too dearly, and sell my house. Keep what money you need, and send a money order to Sunny here, for a quarter of what is left. I want to pay my way for everything she has done for me. When I get my memory back, I plan to straighten out this shooting business, and probably help you on the ranch if you will have me."

"Rooster, I have been trying to get you to do that for 10 years," he answered.

Sunny called us in for supper and we had a pleasant evening.

I asked Sunny if I could stay here until I got my memory back. "Chico, you can stay as long as you wish. You are good help and I enjoy your company."

Dad smiled.

Dad stayed for a week and we visited and decided to wait for a while to have me go to the doctor to be evaluated about my amnesia.

I felt fine in all ways except my specific memories. Sunny's good cooking had filled me back out to around 200 pounds. Dad said all I needed was a good hat and a haircut.

Dad got ready to leave. His visa was running out. He hugged me and told me he would take care of my business.

Sunny gave dad some food for the trip and we packed his cooler with ice and water. We waved and he drove off.

Over the next month it started to rain. I was very glad to be able to stop hauling water.

The next week we went to town, Sunny got three packages from Dad. He had sent three hats. A summer straw hat for each of us and a felt hat for me. He didn't believe in "cowboy" hats, these hats were functional and had wide flat brims and Montana crowns.

Sunny said, "These hats are beautiful."

I said, "The old fart probably spent 600 dollars on them." (How did I know that?)

I asked, "Sunny, will you buy me some ammunition?"

We stopped into the hardware store, and sunny bought me a couple of boxes of ammunition for my pistols and rifle and half a dozen boxes for the shotgun, all birdshot.

When we got back into the truck, I kissed her cheek and said, "Thanks, Sunny."

She smiled and we went back home.

This part of Sonora had abundant game animals and birds. There were quail and turkeys, as well as deer and little wild hogs they called javalinas. Sunny and I went hunting for part of several days when we were moving the herds. The days were cooling off, so the meat would not spoil.

Sunny was a good shot and killed two javalinas one afternoon. She helped me clean them and showed me how to fix them so the musk glands did not spoil the taste.

I was impressed with the effectiveness of the old caliber, but good shot placement had a good bit to do with it.

I was getting to the place where I really loved Sunny. I came to find out that she was only 38 years old. I was getting up my nerve to visit her bedroom, when she came and lay down with me one night.

"Chico, aren't you ever coming to see me?" She asked.

"I was coming tonight, Sunny."

She smiled. "I really care for you, Chico, but I don't want to take advantage of your amnesia."

"Now that I know that I am not married, I need to tell you that I am in love with you, and care for you very much," I said.

She smiled bigger, but sat up and said, "Chico, there are several things you need to know about me, before I can feel good about us having a relationship."

I sat up and waited for her to speak.

"I told you that I was in the movies and the theater. The movies and theater were pornographic. I worked as long as I could, because the money was very good. Papa raised Maria, and she thought she was my sister until after Papa died. I told her the truth then. That is why she calls me Sunny instead of Momma."

I nodded and smiled. The past was the past as far as I was concerned; I told her that.

She took my hand and said, "Chico, this is the hard part. I am not a woman, I had surgery and hormone treatments in the early eighties, a couple of years after Maria was born. I had gotten a girl pregnant while I was still exploring sex. She was going to give Maria up for adoption, but Papa said he wanted his grandchild to be raised in a loving family, so we kept her. I have never been sorry."

I was trying to be calm. "I would never have guessed."

"I have been a woman so long now, I don't know how to act any other way. I am what is called in the trade "passable".

"I would say beautiful," I interrupted.

She smiled again, "Passable means that I can pass for a woman, even without a ton of makeup."

I don't think I have any homosexual tendencies, but there were no clues that this girl was not a girl.

"One other thing, Maria really likes you, Chico."

"Sunny, I love Maria too. She is very sweet and giving."

"This spring she will be graduating from FSU with a degree in international business and wants to come back and help run the ranch," she said.

"I know you are very proud of her. That is what my dad wants very much. He said he has been trying to get me to come into the ranch business for ten years."

"Chico, she thinks she loves you and wants to marry you."

"What about you and I, Sunny?"

"That is the answer I wanted," she said. "I hope that we can all live together as a family."

"You come here and snuggle with me for a while, I need to think about it for a couple of weeks, and talk to Maria about it also."

Sunny laughed and stripped and snuggled with me. I was already naked. I kissed her neck and said good night.

We slept closely and had no trouble on the single bed.

I woke up when Sunny started moving around in the morning. I had my hand on her breast. It felt really good, if a bit on the small side for a girl her size. I caressed her nipple and kissed her ear. "Good morning, Sunny."

"It is very good, she said as she wiggled her butt against my erection."

"Sunny, do you think we should do this without talking to Maria first?"

"Chico, I don't think I can wait until she comes home."

I kissed her lips gently and said, "Send her a letter and tell her to fly home for her Christmas break."

"I will do it today," she said. "May I have another kiss?"

I kissed her and hugged her to me. "I love you, Sunny."

She picked up her clothes and went to fix breakfast. I got dressed and went out to take care of the horses. We were supposed to move a herd today.

"Chico, I want to write this letter and have it be just right." She said when I came in to eat.

"I will move the cows. You write the letter. I will try to get back in time to go to town and mail it. If not, you take the truck and mail it. It is too important to wait."

Sunny smiled and kissed me gently.

I caressed her cheek and sat down to eat.

I went to move the cattle. I took a canteen and something to eat. I had my Colt in a holster and my Browning in the scabbard. Extra ammunition was in the saddlebag.

I moved out at a good pace and got the herd moved into the next pasture by noon and hustled back to the house. I was eating in the saddle to make sure that I was ready when I got home. My horse shied at a snake, I pulled my pistol and shot its head off before I thought about it. I didn't even aim. I thought about it while I went the rest of the way home.

When I got there Sunny asked what I shot at. I said, "I had to kill a snake that spooked the horse." I let it go at that.

We left for town right away to make sure we beat the mail truck.

We picked up the mail while we were there. There was a letter addressed to Sunny from the Potts Cattle Company.

Sunny opened it and found a letter to me and cashiers check for One Hundred Thousand Dollars made out to her.

I read the letter. Dad wrote that he had sold the house for a quarter million dollars, and my share of the business to Carroll (my partner) for $140,000. Carroll said that it was worth twice that, but he couldn't afford that much, so I sold it to him for what he could afford. I knew that is what you would want.

He wrote, "I didn't need any money, we have had a good bull sale for the last two years, so I sent more than a quarter of what you are worth, just for even money."

Sunny said, "Chico, this is a lot of money. What do you want to do with it."

"I want to drill six wells on the ranch. I am tired of hauling water." I chuckled and then said, "Really."

"What about the rest?"

"I think our business manager should have a say in that. Maybe while we are on a Christmas vacation to somewhere nice. You two choose."

"You really mean to stay, don't you?"

I replied, "Yes, Sunny, I mean to stay with both of you if Maria will have me. If not I hope you will want me anyway."

"I already want you. You have a place with me until I die."

After we got home, Sunny came into my room again and we slept together.

"You are making it hard on me, Chico. Your body feels so good and I love the feel of your hands on me."

"Do you want to sleep alone?" I asked her.

"Not while we are together. I want you with me."

Then wiggle your beautiful ass into the kitchen while I take care of the horses.

After breakfast we were going to locate the well sites. We located 10 suitable sites.

Sunny and I went to another town, where the well drilling company was located, and met with the owner. Six four inch wells with accompanying windmills and some piping would run $3500 each. We would show him the sites and he would help us select the best ones for drilling and access purposes. We would pay for each well as it was finished.

We bought supplies, and headed home.

We got a letter with Maria's travel plans. I was getting excited and Sunny was too. We had two wells finished by the time Sunny had to go pick up Maria at the airport. The windmills easily pumped enough water to keep the cattle and some local wildlife in what they needed.

The pastures were large and the wells were sited to place two wells in each pasture. The plan was to make sure there was water near enough that the pasture would be as fully utilized as possible.

Sunny got home and she and Maria both were acting like they had ants in their pants.

I told the well driller that I needed to take care of some important business.

I went to the house and asked the girls if they had time to talk to me a bit.

We all sat in the yard under a tree and had a life changing discussion.

Maria blurted out, "Is it true Chico?"

"What, Maria." I asked with a big smile.

"You know what I mean. Did you tell Sunny that you love me?"

I put my arm around her shoulders, "Yes, I do love you, Maria." I kissed her cheek.

"How much?... I mean are you serious enough to talk about more than just kissing and loving?"

"Yes Maria, but you need to know that I also love Sunny very much."

"Sunny, told me that she loves you very much also."

"Maria, I want to marry you and take care of you, but you have to know that any family that I am in will have to include Sunny. She has a part of my heart that no ones else can have, just as you do."

Sunny said, "Maria and I have been talking about our family possibilities for the entire time that she has been home. I have come to the conclusion that I will give you up for Maria if she asks."

"Sunny, I would never ask that of you," Maria said.

"Thank you, Darling," Sunny replied.

"Where does that leave us?" I asked them.

"What do you want?" Maria asked.

"I want to be selfish and have the two most beautiful women in Mexico for my wives."

Maria looked at Sunny.

"He knows, Maria. He wants me anyway."

"Good, because I want both of you, too," Maria said.

I walked up to Maria and hugged her close and kissed her cheek and lips. "Will you consent to be my wife, Maria."

"Yes, Chico. I love you."

I hugged Sunny, and kissed her lips and asked her to marry me, also.

I thought she would faint. "I never dreamed to ever hear a man ask me that. Thank you Chico."

"What is your answer, Sunny?"

"No, Chico, I will not marry you. I will live with you and be your woman, but I will not marry you."

I was very hurt. "Why not, Sunny, don't you love me enough?"

"Chico, Maria and I talked about this. Business wise it will be much better if I am not married to you. Any children that you and Maria have need to inherit this place and your Dad's place in Florida without any encumbrances from me. I still love you very much, and I want to act like your wife, just as Maria does. She needs to be your wife. I need to be your lover."

I looked at Maria; she nodded her agreement.

"I need to think for a while. You may stay with me if you like," I told them.

They both stayed and hugged me.

I thought for a while and then decided to agree with them, since it was probably the most workable idea anyway.

"How will this arrangement work?" I asked out of the blue.

They both kissed my lips and then Maria said, "Sunny and you will continue to live here as you have been, except she will be your lover, as I hope she will be for the rest of your lives. I will return to school and graduate and we will be married in the summer. One caveat, I am getting to make love with you starting today."

"What if you get pregnant over the holiday?" I asked.

"The baby will not come until August. We will be married."

"But I will miss the time you are carrying our child," I argued.

"If I get pregnant, I will come home at Easter and we will marry."

"I think you should plan on coming home at Easter anyway. I will be dying from missing you by then," I whined.

They both smiled very brightly and said they would make plans for her Easter trip.

We held hands and smooched and visited all afternoon.

After supper, Sunny said, "It is time to go to bed. I am going crazy for my man. I teased and begged him to make love with me, but he wouldn't until he talked to you about our family arrangement."

"Sunny, he really loves me, doesn't he?"

"Yes I do," I answered. And I really did.

They caught my hands and pulled me into Sunny's bedroom.

Sunny and Maria started stripping me while I started stripping them.

They were both very beautiful. They both looked very much alike, with the exception of Maria's significantly bigger breasts. They both had large nipples and areolas, with Maria's being bigger in both cases.

I said, "You are both so beautiful, I don't know where to look."

Maria said, "I am very glad you think I am beautiful."

"I know you are beautiful. You look even better naked than with clothes on," I told her seriously.

Maria saw my scar from where I was shot and started tearing up. "Chico, I am so sad when I think that you were nearly killed before I ever saw you."

"Thanks to Sunny, I am still here." I pulled Sunny down for a hot kiss, and said, "Thank you, Lover."

Sunny reached down and felt my erection and balls, and said, "Oh, Chico, I am so glad that I was able to save you."

We climbed on the bed and kissed and hugged for a short time and I started kissing Maria's breasts, and feeling her body. She was moaning. Sunny began feeling my body and kissing my penis. I could tell then that I would not last long.

"Sunny, I am going to come very soon."

She slid my penis into her mouth and into her throat. She started swallowing and I blasted down her throat. She swallowed the first three spurts and then pulled off a bit to catch the last in her mouth.

"Did you save me any?" Maria asked.

Sunny nodded and Maria said, "I want to taste my man."

They kissed and I could see Sunny giving me to Maria.

She tasted and swallowed. "He is so good I may never get pregnant. I may swallow it all."

Sunny said, "I know what you mean, he is very good."

I knew they were teasing me, but it worked. My dick got hard and Maria said, "My turn."

She straddled me and slid me inside her. She was very tight, but did not have a barrier. I didn't really care. It meant that I wouldn't have to cause her pain.

She was wet enough to begin moving right away. She moved and I moved. She felt wonderful. Sunny moved over me and kissed me and slid up until I could nurse her breasts. I did my part and she moaned.

Maria was getting there pretty quickly. She screamed and shook as her orgasm washed over her. She lay down beside me and said, "Chico, I love making love with you."

I kissed her and hugged her.

Sunny noticed my erection waving like a flag and she straddled me and slid down.

"Oh, Chico, this is good, my man."

We moved together for a few minutes and it started getting good to me, so I rolled over and picked her feet up and began to move strongly inside her. "I love you,. Sunny."

She began to get an erection as I pounded into her. I reached and felt her erection and fondled her. "Oh, Chico," she said as I started coming inside her. She had an orgasm herself and had a small ejaculation.

"Thank you, Chico. I didn't think I could do that again."

"I thought you did that for me," I said.

"I did Sugar, Maria did too. We both only come for one man."

"That's right my sweet fiancé. You are ours and we are yours, no others ever," Marie said.

My half-erect penis was still in Sunny. "Chico, as bad as I want you inside me, I can't leave you there. I will get sore."

I slid out and groaned with the loss. "I am sorry, Sugar," Sunny said and went into the bathroom and brought a warm washcloth and cleaned me up.

"Is he big, Sunny?" Marie asked. "He seems big to me."

"Yes, baby, he is big. That is why I can't leave him inside me. He stretches me so good, but it would make me sore after a long time."

I listened to them talk, and wondered about the differences between men and women, inside their heads not their bodies.

I dozed off and had pleasant dreams until I had a terrible nightmare. They were being beaten, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I woke up screaming and sweating.

They both hugged and kissed me. I calmed down a bit and told them about my nightmare.

Marie said, "This could be a good thing, Chico. I read up on amnesia at school. Some doctors think that when the nightmares start it is a good sign. They think you are feeling safe enough that your mind is starting to try to look at those things that gave you the amnesia in the first place."

Sunny went and got another cloth and wiped the sweat from my body. "Thank you, my lover."

We all went back to sleep.

When we woke up, Maria asked, "Can you do it some more, Chico? I want you."

Sunny got up and went into the kitchen.

I pulled Maria into a warm kiss and we both knew we were really in love. I nuzzled her breasts and sucked her nipples. She was groaning and talking nonsense.

"I love your body. You are very beautiful and feel so good," I said.

I was feeling her ass. My erection was steel. "Maria, I can't wait any more."

She pulled me on top of her and guided me inside. I was as gentle as I could be. "Chico, I need you. Go faster."

I moved harder inside her and she began squeaking with each stroke. Out of the blue she came really hard and pulled me over with her.

"Oh, Maria, that was wonderful. Are you alright?"

She was still shaking with aftershocks, but managed to nod that she was okay.

"Are you through raping my man?" Sunny asked sticking her head through the door.

Puffing, Maria said, "Not yet, but I will take a break for sustenance."

I laughed and hugged and kissed both of my women.

We had a nice breakfast, and began our workday. I went out to check the stock and Sunny and Maria began trying to decide where we would go for Christmas.

I returned in the middle of the afternoon.

Both girls were hugging and talking softly. I came in and kissed them both hello.

"Chico, we are gong to stay here for Christmas," Sunny said with a bit of finality.

I got the message and said, "I will be happy anywhere, as long as you are both with me."

I could tell from their faces that the old country boy had given the correct response. "You aren't disappointed?" Maria asked me.

"Sweetheart, I could never be disappointed to spend time with the sweetest and most beautiful women in Mexico. Especially when they let me make love to them," I answered the best way I knew how.

"Do you want to know why?" Maria asked another question.

"I already know why. You are worried about me."

They both nodded. I hugged and kissed them and said, "Thank you my lovers."

I had nightmares more often while I was sleeping with both of my women. I guess there was something to what Maria read.

I asked Sunny and Maria to give me some money from what my dad sent to buy Christmas presents.

"How much do you need?" Maria asked trying to wheedle out how much I was spending on them.

"Two thousand dollars."

"No, Chico. That is too much for you to spend on us." Sunny said.

"You two are worth a thousand times more than that to me," I protested.

Maria brushed my hair out of my face and said, "You are not buying us, my lover, you are getting a present for us."

"Alright, one thousand dollars."

They could see that I was a little frustrated and gave in.

We went to town the next day and Sunny got me my money. It was in pesos, but I didn't care.

I sneaked off from them and bought them both diamond rings and earrings. Then I went to the leather store and bought them both fine leather luggage. The storeowners wrapped them for me for a small fee.

I had a little bit left, so I looked around the hardware store and found a rifle I liked in .260 Remington caliber. I didn't have enough for it but I liked it and remembered it for later. I did buy some 32-20 ammunition for the girls' guns. It was Mexican made, but seemed to be all right.

I found the girls at a café, and sat with them and had a nice meal. I liked Mexican food and this was the real stuff.

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