Girlfriend Makes Three
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam and Sharon bring a new partner into their sex life -- Sharon's girlfriend, Ann, and Sam gets to find out what it's like fucking two horny babes at the same time.

Sam and Sharon had been married for a few years and they were very happy in their marriage. They'd met in school and been sweethearts ever since. They lived together for awhile and then got married and now they were loving life and enjoying being with each other and being hot sexy lovers as often as possible.

Sharon was a very attractive young woman in her late 20's and her husband, Sam, was the same age. She had a very pretty face, nice hair and her breasts, B-cup in size, were just right as far as Sam was concerned. He and Sharon thoroughly enjoyed fucking and enjoying all kinds of sexual play in bed. Sharon delighted in the ways that Sam lavished attention and lots of hot sexy caresses and kisses on her and she always loved it when they'd make love. He could fuck her and make her cum so good that it was overwhelming.

Several months earlier, Sam and Sharon had begun a little game after they'd be lying in bed following making love. They would talk about their personal sexual fantasies and then one evening Sharon asked Sam if there were any of her girlfriends that he'd ever fantasized about fucking. Sam answered, "No, none that I can think of," and as Sharon went through her different girlfriends, he'd always tell her that he didn't really ever fantasize about them.

Then, Sharon thought of one of her closest girlfriends, Ann, that she'd known for quite some time. She asked Sam if he'd ever thought about fucking Ann, and he immediately said, "No". Sharon noticed how quickly Sam had said, "No" so she decided to press him on the subject of her girlfriend, Ann. She was a very attractive young blonde about the same age as them and she was single. Ann and Sharon shared long walks together almost daily and they'd gotten to where they talked about every kind of subject that women share on. One thing that had come up were their different sexual experiences and Ann had shared in detail with Sharon how she'd had several threesomes where she'd been the only woman with two guys having sex with her. Eventually, Sharon got Sam to admit that of all her girlfriends, he had thought about and considered fucking Ann. He just hadn't been sure she'd appreciate him sharing those sexual thoughts and desires with her.

"Would you like to actually fuck her sometime?" Sharon asked Sam as they lay there in bed, thinking and fantasizing about bringing another girl into their sexual experiences.

"Yeah, Sharon, I really would like to see if she'd be interested in playing with us sometime," Sam said as he felt his cock grow hard from just imagining what it would be like to see Ann naked and to have her there with them when they wanted to play around sometime. Almost as soon as Sharon actually got Sam to admit that he'd actually fantasized and thought about what it would be like to fuck Ann, she began to come up with a multitude of inner questions about what actually having Ann in their lives in an intimate way might do to her and Sam's loving sexual relationship. She began to ask Sam questions and he began to give her his honest responses so that she soon felt it was worth the chance to approach Ann with an invitation to join her and Sam in bed one evening.

Sam and Sharon finally agreed on a Friday night when they hoped they'd be able to pull off a sexy hot threesome with Ann. That afternoon, Sam had called Sharon's cell phone repeatedly, asking her sexy intimate questions about what their threesome would be like and letting her know that he was so hot to actually be with her and her blonde girlfriend Ann at the same time.

Sharon had arranged with Ann for the three of them to go out for dinner, and then to go to a friendly neighborhood bar where they could drink and dance. They met at the restaurant and the three of them enjoyed what seemed to be a normal dinner out with a husband, wife and one of the female friends along, too. Later, at the bar, Sharon had told Sam she'd "let him dance with Ann" and while she danced with some other men there, Sharon kept watching Sam and Ann to see how they were getting along. Sharon felt an occasional pang of doubt and concern as she saw clearly that Sam and Ann were hitting it off very nicely. She wondered if she'd made a big mistake in their taking what were normally harmless sexual fantasies much further than they'd ever planned.

Sharon felt her pussy grownig wet and her nipples hard and very aroused as she saw how Ann and Sam danced together very closely, and she knew from having danced with Sam many many times exactly what he was doing to Ann. Sam was getting his hands all over her ass and her body and she was getting the chance to feel how hard his cock was inside his jeans. She knew that unless Ann really didn't get it, she had to know that Sam wanted her sexually and that he was very aroused from being out there on the dance floor with her.

Finally, the three of them headed back to Sam and Sharon's house where they could be alone after their dinner and dancing at the bar. Sharon left the room to go get them all something to drink and when she walked back into the family room, she saw that Sam was actually already in the process of unbuttoning Ann's shirt to take it off. He already had her shirt over half unbuttoned when Sharon said, "OK, guys, I think we all need to stop right here and make sure that everyone's OK with where this is going.'

Sam said that he was more than OK with it, Ann looked into her girlfriend's eyes and said, "Sharon, I'm OK with it too as long as you are," and then Sharon said, "Well, I just wanted to make sure we're all in agreement because we're about to do someting that the three of us have never done before."

Sharon looked straight in Sam's and Ann's eyes again to confirm that everyone was in total agreement. It was very obvious that Sam had already taken the initiative with Ann to start undressnig her and Sharon had also seen Sam kiss Ann one time on the dance floor and she knew they were all at a state of sexual arousal and tension that wasn't going to be denied.

"OK, guys, then let's have fun with whatever happens tonight," Sharon said, as she watched Sam resume unbuttoning Ann's shirt, and her girlfriend started unbuttoning Sam's shirt and unfastening his belt and his zipper, too. Sharon removed her own shirt and pulled her jeans off and when she got those off, she was only wearing a sexy demi-bra and a very hot thong panty that she'd bought that afternoon. She'd bought Ann a similar thong and the two girls were only wearing their bras and thongs as they helped Sam go ahead and get out of his clothes as well.

Then, Sharon took the initiative in getting Sam's cock out of his briefs, and she got her husband's totally hard cock in her hands and looked over at Ann, "Girl, you want to share some of this too?" and Sharon opened her mouth and began licking Sam's cockhead and up and down along the shaft of her hardon. Ann immediately moved to join Sharon, and she got her mouth right down at Sam's cock, licking it and taking the head in her mouth whenever Sharon didn't have it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, you babes are so fucking hot," Sam said as she sat back and let both his sexy wife, Sharon, suck his cock as well as her attractive girlfriend, Ann. "Ohhhhhhhhh, wow, oh, mmmmmmmmm," Sam moaned and he wanted them to suck him but not bring him off before he got a chance to fuck both of them.

Sharon and Ann both sucked and played with Sam's hard cock and then it was obvious that they were all so fucking worked up that it was definitely time to move on to the next level. This was the moment that both Sam and Sharon had fantasized about and that Sharon had wondered about when it became obvious that they were going to seriously consider including Ann in a threesome with them.

Everyone was totally naked and Sam's cock was raging hard. Both girls had sopping wet pussies from the evening's earlier events, and now from sharing the pleasure of sucking and jacking Sam's big hardon.

"Which of you babes is going to let me stick my cock in you first?" Sam asked as he sat there stroking his cock for a few moments.

Sharon was the first one to answer, "Ann, you're our guest and we invited you to join us tonight, so I'm going to let Sam fuck you first if that's OK," she said as she tried to sound as positive as she could. Inside, Sharon struggled with the thought of actually letting Sam mount Ann and slide his cock inside her pussy and fuck her. She really didn't want to share her husband's cock with Ann or any other woman, but they'd agreed that this was where they were going to go. At first, Sharon struggled with the realities of what was about to happen even though she thought it had all been pretty well settled in her mind.

Ann laid down in the middle of the bed, and Sam moved over onto the bed with her. Sharon was right there with them, and she actually found herself kissing Sam and then turning and kissing Ann as she watched Sam stroking his cock and then moving in between Ann's legs to get his cock inside her for their fuck. Sam was in heaven; he couldn't believe he was actually living out one of his fondest sexual fantasies. He'd often thought of fucking Ann and now he was about to do it with his wife's approval. Sam looked towards Sharon again, leaned over and kissed her hotly, and said, "I love you, Sharon," and then he turned back towards Ann lying naked there underneath him, and he positioned the head of his cock in her sexy wet pussy lips and pushed forward, feeling the hot tightness of her pussy spreading to let his cock move inside her body. Ann's pussy felt really good and Sam could feel how wet and turned on she was. He quickly had his hard thick cock seated fully inside her pussy and then he began to buck his ass back and forth, driving his horny cock in and out of Ann's pussy over and over. Ann loved the feeling of having Sam deep inside her. She couldn't believe how erotic this was actually being totally naked with Sam and Sharon and now here she was on her back, taking Sam's cock deeply in her pussy. Ann reached up and wrapped her arms around Sam, letting him feel her sexy large breasts against his bare chest as he was hotly shoving his cock in and out of her snug pussy.

Ann fought the temptation to be vocal at first; not sure how Sharon might react to her letting them know how much she was loving the feel of having her husband's cock fucking into her pussy. Then, as Sam really started to pick up the steady rhythm of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, Ann couldn't hold back from letting it be known.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss, Sam, fuck me, fuck me," she moaned and Sam reached down, placing his arms below Ann's knees and he pulled her legs up at an angle so he could fuck his cock into her pussy even more deeply than he alread had been. As Sam was really swinging into a hard rapid fuck of Ann's pussy, Sharon was right there with them. She leaned down, kissing Ann's lips as she was sharing her husband's cock with her, and then she'd kiss Sam as his tight naked ass was flashing up and down in between Ann's hotly splayed thighs. He had Ann in one of the favorite positions that he often fucked Sharon in and she knew that her girlfriend was feeling the full benefits of Sam's big thick cock slamming in and out of her horny pussy.

Sharon didn't know if Sam was going to cum first in Ann's pussy or hers, but she soon knew that her sexy blonde girlfriend was cumming from the hot fucking that Sam was giving her. Ann was still moaning and letting them know how wonderful it felt to have his dick buried in her pussy and then she began to moan and sigh as she felt her cum arrive. Sam kept thrusting in and out and then as he knew Ann's orgasm was waning, he pulled his pussy-wet cock out of her body and sat back on his heels for a moment or two to catch his breath. Then, as she recovered from her climax, Ann got up and Sharon moved over onto her back there underneath where Sam had just been rutting with Ann.

"Mmmmmmm, you guys were so sexy fucking together," Sharon said as she laid there underneath her husband, wating for him to come inside her and fuck her good and hotly like he always did. Sharon reached down, rubbing her fingers up and down over her aroused clit and her wet pussy that was so hot for Sam to come inside her and do her good. Sam didn't waste any time; he knew how lucky he was to have a beautiful young wife like Sharon and to have her be wiling to share him with her girlfriend. He wanted to fuck Sharon as good as he'd ever done her before, and he moved in between her legs, rubbed the head of his wet cock up and down on her pussy lips and then he slid inside her and buried his cock all the way in her pussy on the second in-stroke.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm," Sam moaned as he felt the hot wet snugness of Sharon's pussy taking all of his big hardon inside her pussy. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssss," Sam moaned and then he reached down like he had Ann, anchoring her legs over his arms at the knees and then Sam began to thrust his cock in and out of Sharon's pussy and he quickly got her into the rhythm and movement of their fuck together.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Sam, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee," Sharon moaned and she let Sam ride his cock in and out of her, fucking her and filling her pussy with his thick cock on each stroke. Ann was right there with Sam and Sharon just as Sharon had been earlier. He kissed Sam and Sharon both and played with Sharon's sexy breasts as they bobbed up and down as Sam threw his cock in and out of his wife's tight pussy.

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